Season seven ended last Sunday in the U.S. I don’t care. 😛 It might still be a year until Rainbow starts promoting season eight, and who knows when World of Winx is gonna premiere. (April’s halfway over, so so much for that rumor.) Plus, Nick Jr.’s re-airing season seven weekdays at 11:55 a.m. EST. I still have time to talk about it before it becomes old news.

Speaking of Nick Jr., kudos to them for airing the whole season in three months. Say what you will about the move — I’m still not 100 percent on board with it — but they’ve treated Winx Club better than Nick ever did. Remember how long it took Nick to finish season six? Oh, wait — they didn’t. Nick Jr. did.

On the last episode (that I reviewed), Brafilius stole Roxy’s Stone of Memories, which means he can now travel through time. Roxy thinks the animal from the Digmoles’ riddle is a Cry-Cry, the most ancient Fairy Animal species. The Winx go to prehistoric Magix (without her) to see if she’s right.


1. Roxy’s upset about losing her Stone, but the Winx cheer her up. (Um…that’s it.)
I could have skipped this scene, but I brought it up because I didn’t like the way some fans reacted to it. The word “crybaby” started floating around. Yes, she’s sensitive. Yes, she overreacted. But can’t we be a little more sympathetic? 😕

Winx or not, she’s the youngest member of the group. She looks up to her friends and wants to prove herself, but that dopey dog got the best of her. And to be fair, this causes a lot of headaches for them for the rest of the season. She probably thought the Winx would be mad at her. (Of course they weren’t.)

2. After lying to his sister about how he got the Stone of Memories, Brafilius goes back in time to prehistoric Magix. The Winx’s Stones activate when his does. Roxy tells them what he overheard from her: the Cry-Cry is the oldest known species in Magix, so it may be the animal from the First Color of the Universe. She and the guys wish the Winx luck on their mission. Aisha assures Nex she’ll be back before their date tonight.

Ugh! Every time Brafilius is on-screen, all he does is waste run-time! I know he’s supposed to be comic relief, but he doesn’t have to do a full clown act every episode. I can’t stand him! He has a few interesting moments, but 90 percent of the time, he’s just annoying. Even Knut was more bearable than him! 😕

I’m not gonna talk about Roxy being demoted again. It is what it is. If she’s somehow still a Winx, she’s clearly not one in this season. (There goes my theory.)

As for Aisha and Nex, it’s official: they’re dating. I guess that explains how they greeted each other last episode. Maybe he didn’t say “hi” right away because he knew he was gonna see her later. 😛

Is it just me, or do the couples not go on dates much anymore? Tecna and Timmy had their “first date” (yeah, right) in season five, and Stella and Brandon had their makeshift pizza date at Alfea in season six. That’s…it. 😕

What’s happened to the romance in this show? So what if most of these couples have been together for years? That doesn’t mean Rainbow can put their relationships on auto pilot for the rest of the series. We need to see they’re still in love. They need to act like real couples.

Isn’t that why Daphne and Thoren’s romance was so awkward? They went from “just met” to married in one season, we never saw them date (“The Anthem” doesn’t count), and the first time we saw them kiss was at their wedding! That’s not enough for convince us they’re in love.

Aisha and Nex definitely need more development. I’ll talk about that when I get to their date.


3. As soon as the Winx land, Musa spots three dinosaurs circling overhead. Stella has an idea for how to protect themselves: she disguises everyone as — what else? — dinosaurs. It doesn’t work. Turns out Brafilius is controlling the dinos! The Winx manage to evade their attacks, but he shoots holes in their costumes with the stingers of a large hornet he’s riding. He flies away as the fairies fall from the sky.
What do you know? Stella Couture makes useful outfits, too! Yes, the Winx looked silly, but at least Stella had good intentions. Next time, she might wanna try a more realistic look. 😛

I noticed a couple “old-school” moments in this scene. (At least to me, they were.) The first was with Musa and Stella. Musa snapped at her about the costumes, then later, when the costumes were helpful, Stella delivered a comeback: “Anyone wanna make snarky remarks about my outfits now?” They used to do this to each other more often. I miss it, and I hope we see more of it next season.

The second moment was brief. Whenever the Winx are in danger, Bloom’s first instinct is to bark an order to transform and fight. In the Nick seasons, her friends almost always obeyed her. But this time, Stella had a better idea — at least it seemed like it — and she wasn’t afraid to speak up.

I like it when the others think for themselves. Bloom may be the leader, but that doesn’t mean she always has the best ideas. Her friends should challenge her now and then. They used to do that more often, too.

4. The Winx land on top of a dinosaur egg. A cute baby T-rex pops out and follows them around while they look for his mom. Eventually, they find her in a place where a bunch of animals are hiding in plain sight, blended in with the environment. They all run from a small, bright blue animal who sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s the Cry-Cry! When Stella calls him ugly, he washes the Winx away in a river of tears. The baby T-rex gets swept up in it, too. The girls transform and save him, then they leave him with his mom so they can look for the Cry-Cry again.
I don’t have much to say about these scenes. The baby T-rex was cute. I smiled when Aisha played with him to calm him down after he figured out the Winx aren’t real dinosaurs. (Why is she so good with babies?) I even laughed when Stella kept failing to conjure drinks for the group.

That’s…it. I didn’t care about Squonk’s first appearance. The show didn’t make a big deal out of it, anyway.

Stella was the first victim of the “don’t call him ugly” gag. (Yes, it was supposed to be funny.) Hate me if you want, but…I agree with what she said. He is tacky! That doesn’t mean I don’t like him, though.

Sigh. I talk more about him later.

5. Brafilius finds Squonk, but because he’s so stupid — and all the Fairy Animals have teamed up against him — he doesn’t catch him yet. Eventually, the little guy wanders back to where the Winx are. So does Brafilius (or rather, he gets catapulted there). He turns a spider into a monster to distract them while he grabs the Cry-Cry and tries to head back to the present. The spider catches everyone except Aisha. Thankfully, Dino Mommy and her baby save them, while the Fairy of Waves chases Brafilius.
Confession: I laughed at Brafilius in these scenes. Especially when he was riding the alligator. You got me, Rainbow. Shame on me. (I still hate him, though.)

A couple things about the spider scene bothered me. First of all, we know that’s the same spider Roxy and the Winx fought in Gardenia in season four. I wish Rainbow wouldn’t reuse character models for a different character. It feels lazy. (They did it a lot in season four, especially with Duman’s transformations.)

Second, wasn’t it convenient that Aisha was the only Winx who got away from the spider? Writers do this kind of thing way too often. If you wanna give a character a moment to shine, you don’t have to put the others out of commission first. Just focus on her!

6. Brafilius scans Squonk to see if he’s the animal he’s been looking for. Nope. Angry, he calls him ugly and gets soaked in a bath of tears. Aisha catches up to them. Using her Butterflix special spell, she creates a waterspout from those tears and whirls the silly dog away. Squonk is afraid of her at first, but she manages to coax him over to her. The two form a magic bond. Aisha’s suddenly able to hear him speak, and he tells her he’s not the animal from the Digmoles’ riddle. Oh well. Time to go back to the present. Unfortunately, the little guy’s already attached to her, so she decides to take him with her.

Waterbending! It’s about time!

Seriously, it is. Why hasn’t Aisha done this before? She’s the Fairy of “Waves,” isn’t she? A spell like this should be easy by now, but all she ever does is shoot water beams out of her hands. What happened to, “I wanna control all liquids?”

I think the problem is Rainbow focuses too much on her Morphix. Yes, it’s unique and useful, but it’s not the source of her power. Water is. If Bloom can absorb fire, and Flora can make plants grow out of nothing, Aisha should be able to manipulate her element, too. I’m not saying she should ditch her Morphix, but I hope she uses it less from now on and starts “waterbending” more.

I loved the bonding scene. Believe it or not, it was one of my favorite moments in this episode. What I liked the most was despite being a baby — or acting like one, at least —  Squonk suddenly sounded so mature. The way he talked — his words, not his voice — made you feel like he’s wiser than he looks. Maybe that came from his guardian form.

Now to the problem with this episode: Aisha taking him to the present. In episode two, Faragonda warned the Winx to be careful not to change the past. Doesn’t this count? It would erase everything Squonk was meant to do for the rest of his life! That should have had some impact on history.

Aisha admits in a later episode that she shouldn’t have done this — Nex says Squonk shouldn’t be there, and she says it’s temporary — but nothing changes while Squonk is there. I think that’s what bothers me the most. Rainbow knows the Winx broke the rules — Musa and Tecna do the same thing later — but we don’t see the consequences. That sounds like once again, the writers didn’t plan this out. It was another fake threat to make us think the Winx’s mission was dangerous.

7. Aisha goes on a date with Nex. Just as they’re about to kiss, Squonk drops in (literally) and lands between them. The Paladin kisses him instead! Oh, well. Time for introductions: Nex, meet Squonk.

Like I said earlier, this couple definitely needs more development. Rainbow hasn’t handled them well. Their love story was ruined from the beginning, thanks to the love triangle, but it’s still hard to tell they’re in love.

I think I know why. What’s the word people overuse when they talk about couples? Cute. “They’re so cute together! They’re such a cute couple!” Etc. Cute moments mean romance.

Aisha and Nex haven’t had many cute scenes together. They held hands and made goo-goo eyes at each other a few times in “Legendary Duel” (6X24), but that’s it. The rest of the season, they were just playing sports together. Their relationship can’t just be about that.

I think that’s why some fans were surprised they ended up together, saying it felt sudden or random. When we picture two people falling in love, we think of — well, cute stuff: staring into each other’s eyes, the lovers’ embrace, gentle music, the first kiss, etc. (Think Disney princess movies.) Except for staring into each other’s eyes, that didn’t happen with these two. It feels like Rainbow hasn’t confirmed they’re a couple yet.


This date could have been confirmation, but the writers botched it, too. First, Nex came off as rude to some fans (again) for not listening to her story. They thought he only called her beautiful to stay on her good side — or because he only loves her for her looks (which isn’t true, according to his character description).

I think Rainbow meant for this to be a lovestruck daze moment. You see these in other shows and movies, too. He was mesmerized by her beauty, and before he snapped out of it, he said the only thing on his mind: “You are really beautiful.” I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s because most fans don’t think of Nex as romantic.

The other problem with this scene was Squonk interrupting their kiss. No, it’s not because I wanna see them kiss (even though I do 😛 ). It’s because we expect to see couples kiss, and now these two haven’t yet — at least not on screen.

I hope Rainbow develops this couple better in season eight. Better yet, I hope they developed them more in WOW (if the guys are in it). Since it’s aimed at an older audience, the romance might be more typical for the Winx’s age range. Seeing a more “mature” side of Aisha and Nex’s relationship might help us believe they really love each other.


Quick Thoughts About Squonk

Fine. Squonk is cute. There, I said it. I just don’t like his teeth, his weird mane, and the loud color scheme. But he’s so innocent, you can’t help but love him.

Plus, he’s a great match for Aisha. He’s associated with water (tears), and he’s a baby (because she always gets the babies, for some reason). We get to see more of her motherly side, and we believe he really can enhance her magic. They make a good team in the Mini-World episodes. (I’ll save my thoughts about his guardian form until then.)


I liked this episode more than I thought I would. I can’t say I loved it, but I liked it more than the last one. I give it points for the bonding scene, but I have to take away points for Aisha’s questionable decision to bring Squonk to the present. (Unless the writers explained it somewhere and I missed it.)



As you can tell from the title, the Winx head to Flora’s home planet. They meet up with her parents, Rollos and Alyssa (we saw her last season), who tell them the Magiwolf species is in danger from an unknown threat. I remember hearing people gush over this episode (and the one after it), so I went in with higher expectations. Were they met? I’ll tell you in the next review.


  • Nex is a Specialist now. I bet they’ll never call him a Paladin again.
  • Roxy’s crying on Bloom’s shoulder. This is familiar.
  • I was just thinking, “Yeah, Bloom, it kinda is her fault,” but Roxy said it for me.
  • “It can’t get any worse than this?” Is it really that bad? 😕
  • Was that supposed to be an evil laugh? XD
  • KALSHARA: “You didn’t find the animal with the Ultimate Power. But you did find a rock. Wonderful.” Pretty much. 😛
  • Sure you did, Brafilius…
  • I expected him not to know how to use the Stone, and we’d have to sit through another five minutes of him bumbling around trying to figure it out. Thank goodness, no. Time travel time!
  • I forgot the guys don’t know about the Stones of Memories.
  • Both Sky and Brandon sounded awful right then. 😕
  • Is Roxy sure the Cry-Cry is the oldest species?
  • You’re worried about doing something without Roxy? That’s different.
  • I like the way Nex encourages Aisha. 🙂
  • Did she say date? 😀
  • Tecna’s sick of being a Stella Couture model!
  • AISHA: “It’s almost more fun than flying with our own wings!”
    That was cute. 🙂
  • BRAFILIUS: “You fairies all have such a cute widdle positive attitude!”
    I shouldn’t have liked that line, but…I did. 😛
  • That bug he’s riding reminds me of Flymon.
  • That’s not a rock, Stella.
  • Why not keep the costumes on? You’re no safer than you were before.
  • I didn’t notice those were new outfits at first.
  • Aisha’s playing ball with a baby T-rex. Never thought I’d write that in a review.
  • The baby T-rex think Aisha’s his mommy now. 😛
  • The Winx found mommy, and Mommy found lunch!
  • Most of the Winx fanbase disagrees with Stella about Squonk.
  • Are the other animals scared of Squonk because of his looks — or because he causes floods when he’s sad?
  • Did all of you have to transform to save the baby T-rex?
  • What’s with Aisha and babies? I guess she’ll be the best mom in the group.
  • Squonk’s face said, “Forgot this. I’m out. Peace.”
  • Did he lead Brafilius into that trap on purpose? Bad Squonk!
  • Animation error: Flora’s wings were purple.
  • Villain delivery service?
  • That escalated quickly.
  • I’ll hand it to Bloom. She’s good at making plans on the fly (no pun intended).
  • Dino backup squad!
  • Brafilius is gonna leave Squonk behind now?
  • Poor Squonk.
  • “Magical Water Hug?” Weird name.
  • Aisha bent water! Awesome!
  • SQUONK: “I think you are a sweet thing as well!”
    That was so cute! Awwww, Squonk! 😀
  • Squonk’s voice is adorable. I guess I see why people like him so much.
  • Why do the Cry-Cries look like rednecks? 😕
  • Aisha and Nex are the most dressed-up diners in this supposedly fancy restaurant.
  • Aisha’s doing all the talking on this date. I bet most fans thought it would be Nex, and he’d just be bragging on himself.
  • He didn’t hear a word she said, did he? He was in lovey-dovey La La Land. 😛
  • NEX: “But nothing could stop you from conquering my heart.”
    Even I never thought he would say something that sweet. 🙂
  • Aisha’s gotten three, cute compliments today.
  • It’s official: Nex has permanent “jerk face.” No matter what he says, he still looks scary.
  • They’re gonna kiss! ♄
  • Why, Squonk? Why? 🙁
  • NEX: “Okay, what the heck did I just kiss?!” Ha! 😛
  • Flora’s dad looks like a hippie version of King Radius.
  • MEE-lay? It’s “mee-EL-lay!” Get it right, Narrator!

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28 Responses to “My Thoughts on Ep. 7X05: “A Friend From The Past”

  1. I enjoy Squonk. Especially when he does that ridiculous yell/bullhorn noise. (And yes, they do kind of look like rednecks, now that I think of it.)

    Overall, a pretty OK episode. I can’t really think of anything that stuck out to me except for the end, which I plan to discuss right about now.

    First off: Nex. Was. Adorable.

    Maybe it’s because I’m younger than most Winx fans on the Internet (I’m thirteen), but I enjoyed Squonk’s random pop-in. After I stopped laughing (rather loudly), it hit me: 1) Aisha and Nex STILL have not kissed and 2) How did Squonk even get here? Couldn’t the other Winx have watched Squonk for a bit, instead of him being a date-crasher?

    I have no other thoughts/concerns, so…yeah.

  2. Thoughts: Worried about doing something without Roxy…don’t lose hope OP, that’s an indicator for something in the finale pertaining to both her and Daphne. Obviously Bloom wants Roxy in (like the rest of us) but the writers keep putting Bloom “Roxy’s big sister” in the awkward pushing her away from them position.
    This episode’s 90’s PBS reference pertains to Stella’s fashion choices so in the tune of Yankee Doodle regarding a and Flora and Tecna’s color schemes (specifically the exact arangments of them) and the fact that dinosaur rescue was a hot magenta colored t-rex: “The Winx are dinosaurs from our imagination and when they’re tall their what we call dinosaur sensations. The Winx friends are big and small and come from lots of places after school they meet to play and sing with happy faces, the winx teach lots of things like how to play pretend, ABC’s and 123’s and HOW TO BE A FRIEND! The Winx come to play with us whenever we may need them, the Winx can be your friends to if you just make believe them!” Somehow that show’s themesong describes how a lot of fans feel about the recent seasons, although i think Rainbow did a lot more work in season 7 than we’re giving them credit for. When people say how bad season 7 is i say “think like a butterfly to enjoy it.” That is they camouflaged season 7 as something dull but it’s actually really cool when you go in with a butterfly’s mindset (insert Levar’s sign-off here), especially if Rainbow’s done season 6 and this 7th season as if it was on PBS in the 90’s when PBS was cool (Butterflix, the fact that the Winx have been reading like crazy lately,made a rainbow with their powers for the heavy Reading Rainbow, the legendarium last season being wishbone-esque, the overall plot of season seven being a typical Carmen Sandiego type mission with Kalshara “stealing” her voice or did she “steal” Kalshara’s body, i’m not sure which is correct there because no one knows where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? If she’s even in the world, now if they’d do a Zoom reference we’d have the whole lineup to get the old fans back! Clever strategy especially since Arthur voices did the rai dub, now Rainbow’s following through with more.)

    • You keep saying that Roxy and Daphne. I haven’t watched all of the last two episodes yet, so I’m not sure what you mean. I’m curious. Maybe there is still some hope. (Although I only want Roxy in the club, but Rainbow does seem to be pushing Daphne in, too.)

      You’re saying this was a Barney reference? I grew up with that show, but I didn’t think of it that way. Maybe I need to watch the episode one more time.

      • Flora’s color scheme placement on her dinosuit is purple spots on green like Baby Bop’s and Tecna’s always had the barney colors but it only counts with the dino outfits because their clothes are exact inversions of each other in this outfit.

      • Also Remember how this season is overall sorta like Carmen Sandiego’s games. Think of the Winx as ACME with Roxy as “The Player” and Daphne as an agent that’s retired the last four episodes pretty much do what we’ve been waiting for but you can’t become an agent until after a certain amount of cases and capture Carmen a certain amount of times according to an old Carmen comic by DC. The only reason that Roxy and Daphne wouldn’t go on Trix missions right away is because you’ve got to learn on Carmen type enemies first especially if you’ve been out of commission for awhile (remember that Daphne didn’t do so well against Icy last season) The Trix are Superman-level villians (or at least they’re supposed to be) you have to take on Carmen before you can take on Lex because just as Superman is the most powerful hero, Lex is the most powerful villian.

  3. I didn’t really care for Squonk that much.

    As for Brafillius…gosh, he annoyed me so much. Even the part where he’s exaggerating and lying about how he got Roxy’s stone to his sister, it just felt as if it was being dragged on and on! Even Kalshara knew it when she said, “GET TO THE POINT!!!”

    I really love it when they finally animated Aisha “waterbending”. About time! The closest thing I saw was when she created a pink river back in season 3 during the Golden Kingdom episode, but still, it was still made out of her pink Morphix. What’s strange is that she “waterbends” Squonk’s tears and called her spell, “Magical Water Hug”. Sorry, but not the best sounding spell out of her…I would fell better if she had said, “Magical Water Embrace” instead.

  4. So, I told myself I wasn’t going to bother this season, but I did… I cracked and decided to watch it. xD I just felt like it.
    I’m only up to this episode at the moment, but so far season 7 hasn’t been so bad… honestly. And it has some fun interactions that feel more natural. This episode was better than the one before it, though, like you said.
    My favorite part of the episode was Squonk’s bullhorn noise. Oh my gosh that was funny… I hope he does that more! And though I didn’t like him initially because of his looks, I think I like him a lot more in action. ^^

    Concerning the way the romance is handled… Eh, the current style isn’t at a place where I like it (I’m not sure how to describe it), and I’ve just accepted that. I think some fans tend to over-analyse some things, though. Speaking of romance, this is going back to WOW but… I am really curious as to what Rainbow is going to do. It would be an odd girl-targeted show if it didn’t have romance, but with how the relationships have changed over time, how would it go in a spin-off, I wonder…

  5. Thoughts:
    -I like the snark around Stella’s costumes. Everyone’s sort of gotten the edge back on their personalities that was blunted in the past few seasons.

    -I also liked the interactions with Roxy, When Roxy tells them about the cry-cry the girls say how helpful she’s being, indicating that you don’t have to go toe-to-toe with evil to make the world a better place. I think that’s a good message for the show to put in there every now and again.

    -Squonk’s design is silly but by the end of the series he was one of my favorite fairy pets– mostly because most of the others have quirks that annoyed me even more than his fountain crying. Consider that for a moment. More annoying than fountain crying. -_-

    -Aisha’s attack, “Magical Water Hug” was so very Sailor Moon! I approve of the newly gorgeous attacks this season, it kind of makes up for the basicness of the transformation sequence.

    -There may be a reason that taking Squonk out of the past doesn’t have repercussions for all of history– but you’ll have to wait many episodes before you find out, and at any rate the girls couldn’t have known that it was safe to take him out of his own timeline. Be nice if the Stones of Memory could tell them stuff like that!

    -I wonder if they aren’t allowed to show kissing for some kind of ratings reason? I sort of semi-remember other times when the camera pans away just as the couples are about to kiss.

    • Quick responses:
      – Yes, I agree. They have gotten more of their sass back in this season, and I love it. The dialogue’s better overall than in the Nick seasons.

      – I see what you mean about Roxy. Personally (since I still want her to be a Winx), I’d rather see her out on the field fighting alongside them, but she’s still helpful to them this season. And you’re right: it’s a good message, especially in a season like this. Our animals need our help, too, after all.

      – Yeah, I hate Sqounk’s design, but he’s okay. He’s definitely not my favorite Fairy Animal, though. (I love Amarok.) Personally, the others’ quirks didn’t bother me much, except maybe Shiny’s and Elas’s.

      – I absolutely agree with this! The attacks and spells this season are gorgeous, much better than the ones in the Nick seasons.

      – If there is a reason it’s okay, then I guess I did miss it. To me, it seems like a breach of the rules.

      – Bloom and Sky kissed last episode, and there was a lot more PDA in that episode, too (compared to in the Nick seasons). I just think Rainbow doesn’t realize Aisha and Nex haven’t kissed yet.

  6. Dinosaurs in Winx Club…

    When I was in elementary school, first getting into Winx Club, I would have killed for a story arc like that. Obviously, I was in my eight-year-old boy dinosaur phase back then!

    Anyway, I hope that Season VIII is better than this one, although I hear that this season gets better towards the end…

  7. About that issue with Miele’s pronunciation in the next episode segment at least the Narrator’s closer to it than when Flora and Bloom (of all people) say it in the next episodes (ME-L, it’s most irritating when Flora does that). If Rainbow knew the difficulties DuArt had with this they should have said “You can also call her Rose.”

    • Ugh, the next episode. I wanted to scream every time Flora said her name. 🙁 Yeah, maybe they should just call her Rose.

      The same thing happened with Amore in a later episode. Chatta pronounced it like the French word amour. DuArt needs to work on their Italian.

      • There’s an episode where they call Cherie “Sherry.” They got it right in a different episode, though.

        • With “Sherry” and Cherie it’s not that bad Cherie is the French spelling and pronunciation. Sherry is the English pronunciation as both are derivatives of Sharon.

  8. I honestly think season 7 isn’t as bad as most fans say. Even though I can agree Butterflix is pretty… terrible.

    This episode was alright for me. I quite like Aisha and Nex as a couple- I hope we see more of them in WoW and season 8. Tbf, I wanna see more of the couples in general in season 8.

    Finally, I really enjoyed the episodes where Flora and Musa got their fairy animals :p

  9. 1. When I got to the part where Stella creates dinosaur outfits for them, I made a quick point in my mind to mention how I loved Stella and Musa snapping at each other. And then when I read further, I was so surprised and pleased to see that you mentioned the exact same thing. Also, I feel Musa is treated much better in this season. She has almost regained her importance she had in Season 1 (back when I thought Flora and Tecna were the ‘ignored’ ones and Bloom, Stella and Musa were the leading ones with proper backstories). But sadly, I don’t think Tecna is treated any better this season, although some people do seem to think so.
    2. I absolutely adore Squonk. And the thing I really like is that the writers don’t pretend that he’s undeniably cute. They do realize that some people might find him ugly and have characters say so. It’s like they they designed him like that on purpose. I find him really cute but I also perfectly understand how some people find him ugly. So kudos from me to the artists to create a character who is cute and ugly at the same time.
    3. I hate Brafilius and his stupid way of talking. He wastes so much time. And sadly, he is the one the Winx get to fight most of the time, not Kalshara (I even find her disappointing but I will talk about that later).

    • I definitely think Squonk is supposed to be what TV Tropes calls “Ugly Cute.” Like you said, he’s not undeniably adorable, but some folks think he’s cute and some don’t. The Squonk is an actual mythical creature (Rainbow didn’t make it up), and in the stories, it’s supposed to be grotesque (covered in warts and whatnot). But this is a show aimed at kids. They couldn’t make him that ugly.

      • Yes and I wish they established his species to be a ‘squonk’ (rather than a cry-cry) and named him something else. Just like Elas is simply a unicorn. I like the other animals’ species names, at least they are somewhat imaginative and not so stupid. I cringed every time they said, “We need to find the cry-cry”. It was worse when I was watching it in Italian when I didn’t at first realize that something I kept hearing to be sort of like, “Klups-klups” was actually Squonk’s species name!

  10. I love all the points you made and brought up! And even though it really doesn’t feel “Real” yet, I love how they’re trying to show that Aisha/Layla’s moved on and is happy with Nex.

    I really miss the couples relationships though, and the raw emotion so core to the series. I hope they find that again soon.

    As for bringing the Fairy Animals back to the future, maybe it’s a sort of time paradox. This is the way I see it, tell me what you think.

    It’s either….

    1. Squonk, as one of the Guardians of the Ultimate Power, was already outside of time,
    2. Squonk was meant to come forward in time, so he didn’t exist after they took him back. It didn’t change time, because he was never meant to stay in that time. He was meant to be bonded to Aisha/Layla and come forward. This, I think, is probably the way rainbow thought of the Fairy Animals coming forward.

    • Since the show (mainly through Roxy) kept hinting that the Winx were meant to meet these animals, I think you’re right. I like both of your theories. I think the first one sounds the most like something Rainbow would do. The Winx have encountered beings before who said they were both part of time and outside of time. If the Fairy Animals were born to guard the Ultimate Power, the same could be true of them.

      • I actually think there is something explains and takes account of this later on, but Im not sure how far you have seen so I think I should wait to explain that .

    • But don’t you think it still doesn’t explain why Layla would take Squonk with her? I mean at this point, she doesn’t know Squonk is one of the guardians of the ultimate power, to her he’s just another critter. She just took him because he bonded with her. So shouldn’t she at least consider the fact that taking Squonk with her might mess up the timeline?

  11. I haven’t watched the episode, but the way you described Squonk dropping in on Aisha and Nex’s date, Nex kissing him instead, it sounded EXACTLY like how Chibiusa was introduced in Sailor Moon, literally falling from the sky on Usagi and Mamoru, interrupting their date and thus ending up kissing Mamoru by accident.

    • LOL, you’re right! Winx Club was inspired by Sailor Moon, so maybe it was a reference to that scene. Not to mention, Chibi-Usa was also from a different time period (the future instead of the past).

  12. Decent episode, but I really hate Brafilius’s attempt of humor, though I have to admit I kinda laugh when Kalshara insults him. Also, to be honest, I am of the minority of the fanbase which agrees with Stella about Squonk, I just don’t like it, neither his look nor his personality, I like him in his guardian form, though.

  13. Brafilius taking the stone is just an excuse not to include Roxy. Rewatching episode 2, before the time chairs sequence, we see that the original stone was still next to Faragonda, so they could just ask her to made another stone to Roxy.

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