Tritannus Reaches the Pillar of Light
That’s more like it! Dare I say it, this was the best episode of the season! Better dialogue, lots of action, and a surprise ending. And for once, Tritannus did something that harmed the whole Magic Dimension, not just Earth or the ocean. Eleven more episodes like this, please!

Next episode: “The Eclipse.” Stella must fix the Pillar of Light before her father dies, and Aisha must use her uncle’s sword to break Tritannus’s curse on her family. Sounds promising!

Here are my thoughts while watching episode 5X15, “The Pillar of Light!”

  • Three gems, now three seals. I guess three really is the magic number. 
  • Tritannus didn’t take the Pillar of Light’s seal last episode! Silly announcer! 😛 
  • Stella doesn’t know how to shine? That’s never happened before. And why does it have to be “The Light of Sirenix” (whatever that is)? Her own light’s worked before.
  • Yep, she messed up, all right. Way to be honest, Bloom! 😛
  • Will we ever know how it’s possible for a fairy to be related to a merman? 😕
  • Liked the Sword of Neptune scene. Looks like Aisha’s gotten her confidence back. You can do it, girl!
  • Yes, Darcy and Stormy. There’s no place for you in Icy and Tritannus’s kingdom. Time to rebel!
  • Tritannus: “You too!”
    Darcy: “Wow. Thanks for including us.”

    I love how the writers are lampshading how Darcy and Stormy are just tagging along. 😛

  • New Selkies! I guess they’re the keepers of all the realms, in a way, since the pillar support the whole Magic Dimension.
  • If the Winx have to train to use Sirenix, why can the Trix use it so easily?
  • Is it the lighting…or did they make Tritannus’s model uglier for this episode?
  • …And as usual, Stella’s guardian is totally useless.
  • Why do they keep leaving Roxy out of student crowd scenes? Stop pretending she doesn’t exist! 😡
  • For a second, Queen Luna forgot they were divorced! Awkward! I wonder if Radius’s pride was the reason they split. But she clearly still cares about him. Poor Luna. 🙁
  • …That water animation looks so fake. It moves like a quilt. 😕
  • Aw…and poor Aisha has to transform by herself. She handled it well. 😛
  • Only the Winx could make “hair changes color in water” look epic. 😛
  • Yes! No talking, just straight to the fighting! Go, Flora!
  • Aisha: “Still letting Icy do all the fighting, cousin?”

    Good one, Aisha! 😉

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa! What? Icy protected Tritannus?! She actually loves him?! I’m with Bloom — “That did not just happen!”


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49 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 5X15: “The Pillar of Light”

  1. I agree with everything you said and I will add:
    why are mermaids crying about getting tossed around by waves and huddling behind rocks? They’re mermaids!

    • That’s what I was hoping for! I stayed positive all through the first half of S5, knowing that, even though the first half of S4 wasn’t that great, it brought us the really epic Earth Fairies arc at the end. And now it seems like it’s going to pay off!

  2. Stella’s sirenix guardian wasn’t totally useless she did show stella how to fight the monsters without hurting them and how to make her inner light shine

  3. Definitely the best episode of the season! I loved it! I love how Darcy and Stormy are actually becoming smart enough to realize that they’re just the sidekicks. I would love to see them totally rebel at some point. Seeing sisters vs. sister would be very interesting.

    The sword of Neptune is pretty awesome. I’m interested to see how Aisha uses it.

    The new selkies are awesome because they don’t have the same high-pitched voices. And they could actually fight! So cool! 😀

    “That did not just happen!” I nearly said this at the same time as Bloom. Since when does Icy do something for anyone else? It must be true love!

  4. As I said on another post, one thing I liked about this episode was Stella was much more mature. I wish Luna had a bigger role, but it was still nice to see her.

    Yes, please! More episodes like this!

    As for a fairy being related to a merman…uh? Cross-genes?

  5. Yeah it was a mind blower to actually see Icy saving Tritannus! Maybe our Queen of Ice really is melting for someone!
    I think that the Trix can use their Sirenix so easily is because they are actually not. The Winx seem to make an attempt at reaching into deeper magic whereas the Trix are only using superficial magic. In the fight scene with Darcy and Stormy attacking Flora, when Flora was being overpowered Tecna jumped in and easily destroyed Darcy’s swirly attack thing her own beam. This shows that you must train to reach your full Sirenix power potential, otherwise you will still get a major power increase but if you train you cans make it more concentrated. 🙂 (in theory)

  6. I also thought this episode was the best of the season! I hope the rest are like this! I’d like to see Darcy and Stormy rebel too. It’s nice to see that they are starting to notice that they are basically becoming minions themselves. I also really liked the short 3-D Sirenix transformations, I thought they were pretty cool! Also, I loved when Icy jumped infront of Tritannus! I was not expecting that! For all we knew the whole “I love Tritannus thing” could have been Icy faking it but I guess we have pretty solid proof she’s not joking! Now if the rest of season 5 is like this, I’ll be really happy!

  7. Things are finally starting to improve. Stella’s early problems seemed weird, but I’m going to guess it’s a loss of confidence caused by the whole fashion thing. Other than that, the episode was pretty good. Nice to finally meet Luna and get those cameos. The Magic Dimension is starting to feel like it’s made of tinfoil. Tritannus still manages to cause actual damage and yet still be really weak. He really does let the Trix do most of the heavy-lifting for him. Something is building up for Darcy and Stormy, and I suspect that it’s just going to be them breaking off from Icy and doing their own thing. Icy does seem to care for Tritannus, which is definitely odd. Bloom was right about Icy acting weird. I’m curious as to if this will have any long-term repercussions.

  8. I agree with everyone else here, I cheated and watched the epsiode on youtube because it won’t be here until St. Patrick’s day. This has to be the best episode of season 5. It was definitely better than the Emperor’s throne.

    I loved seeing a more mature Stella although I wanted to sock Bloom in the face for being so tactless. My 8 year old was watching with me and she said ‘That wasn’t a nice thing of Bloom to say’ I really think Musa should go back to short hair though and both her and Flora should stop with the pigtails. There just comes a time in your life when you are too old for high pig tails.

    • I once saw a short elder woman with pigtails and a backpack. But they were low and small. Still looked childish.

      I personally think 25 is too old for pigtails. A friend of mine thinks 20.

      • To be fair I’m 31 and have worn pigtails, but that was at the gym because my hair is too short for a real ponytail and I needed to keep my hair off my neck.

        I think 25 is too old to wear anything but low pigtails except at the gym. When you become old enough to retire, then you really should stop wearing them.

  9. I think the reason why Aisha did a solo transform is the same reason Bloom did it in the specials, she’s a leader. Now I wonder if Radius’ Pride will be his undoing. Luna was doing what any normal person would do, despite the reason they split. She probably also used the I don’t care about the rules i’m still the queen.

  10. Best episode of the season yet !
    This is what i’ve been waiting for action and drama.
    And the last fighting scene was soo cool in 3D.
    But its still kinda weird that stella’s mom ran to king radius imideately , i mean they broke up years ago she probably lives on another planet and then she go running to her ex man.. kinda weird

      • It does seem that Radius called it off. I loved the interaction between the two of them though because it seems that something did drive them apart, but no ideas what it was. I smell plot bunnies.

  11. if the sun is out doesn’t flora’s power also get weakened since she is the fairy of nature and it needs sunlight to survive, lots of plot holes. it doesnt make any sense..
    but i liked this episode, the best part of this episode is when icy secriefed her life to save tritannus. 😉

    • Yeah, they’re really inconsistent about power sources. There was a scene in season three where Valtor trapped Flora in some kind of vacuum where there was no light, and she just fell to her knees. So, yes, the lack of light should have affected her, too.

      For that matter, Stella should have barely been able to stand up. She almost died when she was in Downland in season two because no sunlight could reach there. *Sigh* Plot holes. 🙄

      • Stella got weak because she was down below for hours, while so far the eclipse has gone on for maybe half an hour at most. Besides, there’s still a little light getting through. As for Flora, she’s been able to use her magic without sunlight under most circumstances. What Valtor probably did was actively take away any light energy she had to prevent her from growing plants. It was Valtor, the guy was strong enough to do a bunch of stuff. Besides, they’ve gotten stronger since then, so they can work under bad conditions better now.

      • I also noticed that Tritannus just Left her body there. WTH?

        I’m wondering if the reason Stella isn’t extremely weak now is because she is a rather powerful fairy and of course canon inconsistancies. Maybe that whole sun and moon fairy thing still exists?

  12. Definitely the best episode of the season! Stella was showing signs of her old self, and Luna was a pleasant addition. I really believed they’d mess up her character.
    Happy to also see Aisha gaining back some of her old confidence and like Stella, showing signs of her old self again.
    Darcy and Stormy were awesome throughout the episode and was I surprised when Icy did what she did for Tritannus, maybe she is in love with him after all.
    I’m beginning to get the feeling that Nick doesn’t like Roxy very much…
    The selkies are awesome.
    Here’s hoping that the rest of the season progresses as well as this episode did, and that it only improves so that hopefully, by the end, we’d have our old Winx back and not Nickelodeons manufactured clones.

  13. Definitely the best episode.
    I’m guessing that since Darcy and Stormy are being dragged along, they might turn against Icy and Tritannus. They end up battling it out, but Icy and Tritannus easily overpower Stormy and Darcg and trap them with Daphne. The two ask Daphne to help, but Daphne hesitates to help….
    That’s just one idea…

  14. Honestly, I think the reason Stella is still going is because with a eclipse, the sun may be covered but light still shines from it around the edges. In Downland there was no sun at all so it makes sense that she would be less affected in this episode. Not to mention, from the way they speak, Radius is even more directly tied to the sun than Stella is.

    In the Rai dub, Stella got her powers from light. Sun light, moon light, reflected light (hence the mirror jewel for her charmix in season 2). Feragonda also told her in season 2 when they were doing convergence practice that her powers burst forth to illuminate, give clarity, and shine the way for others. Changing Stella to the fairy of the Shining Sun was as bad an idea as changing Aisha to the fairy of Waves. They should have switched sun with Light for Stella and waves with Fluids for Aisha because that is what morphix is.

    Anyway sorry to have gone off on a tangent there. Those are just some of the things that annoy me about the changes in Winx Club.

    I have to give this episode an all round personal rating of 8 of 10. This is the highest rating I have given since the season started. I hope it get’s better as the episodes progress. Aisha has always been the most physical and dare I say angry character of all the girls. I’m glad to see she seems to be returning to her old fighting self and I love the whole inner turmoil thing they have her going through with her extended family.
    I flat out believe Luna is still in love with Radius.
    Stella did a good showing this time. Nice she can pull out the maturity when she is needed most. What Nick needs to do is have her show that maturity all the time.
    As for the Trix, this is way beyond the Phoenix or Valtor. Icy is gone for the merman. OMG I’m still trying to process the fact that she took a hit for him. Also this is the first time I’ve seen the Trix so divided. Even when they were fighting over Valtor, they were still united enough to get over it.
    Could this really be the end of the Trix?
    To make the rest of this season even better they need to bring back Princess Krystal as an Antagonist, Time to shake up Flora’s world. 😀 😛

    • The Fairy Dress me up Game on has Aisha’s power listed as water, not waves. I know that was a tad off topic, but ah well.

      I agree that renaming Stella’s powersource was dumb, as a fanfic author, I’m pretending that didn’t happen.

    • In italian Aisha says fata de fluide so she calls herself fairy of fluids there, how can nick screw up language cognates? Stella being the fairy of the shining Sun actually makes more sense than fairy in the Sun and the moon because any natural light we see is reflected from the sun which includes moonlight and natural light not artificial is the light that stella draws her power from, the mirror was jst her personality of being a fashion nut

      • It’s not that they translated “fluide” wrong; remember, Nick’s working with Rainbow. They probably decided “fairy of fluids” sounded weird — at least I think it does — and “fairy of water” doesn’t work because she can control more than just that. “Fairy of waves” doesn’t work either (sound travels in waves, too, but that’s Musa’s department), but they probably used it because it sounds “cooler.”

        • Well it does sound wierd but the could have went with a dub merger by calling Aisha fairy of the tides, it sounds better than water and fluid for english and just as cool as waves but it stays in just her department without crossing into Musa’s or anyone else’s

          • “Crashing waves and shifting tides”
            Maybe 4kids had the right idea.

            (Is that what ya meant by dub merger? Innovative.)

          • The idea was pretty much from the fact that Cinelume did a dub merger by calling Bloom’s planet Sparks and her kingdom Domino Empire which is actually a better fit of how Bloom can be both Domino and Sparks’ princess, so I decided why not do it with Layla/Aisha by having her power called Tides, like her planet was in 4kids which the lyrics were Magic Shapes and Shifting Tides, also look at Aisha/layla’s believix wings, their moons so that was also a Tides factor

  15. My thoughts exactly. I think this is the first genuinely good episode of the fifth season. And Stella is finally acting more like her old self, as I keep in mind that Stella has passed on important missions earlier this season for more frivolous reasons. I would have totally understood if Stella stood behind with her parents if she chose to, but Stella actually understood the gravity of the situation and knew she’d be helping her dad and the world much more by going out to battle.

    I loved seeing the awkward exchanges between Luna and Radius; we’re finally seeing glimpses of why they divorced in the first place. This was a great way to formally introduce Luna into the series, too. And the scene with Aisha and her parents was equally awesome. I totally didn’t recognize that sword was King Neptune’s; shows how memorable the majority of season 5 has been for me. 😛 Still, I look forward to Aisha making use of that sword next week! Having her make a stand here was brilliant.

    And I swear they laced some foreshadowing in with that lampshading, during the “You know sister, if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up doing the dishes.” “And taking out the trash.” Yeah, Icy and Tritannus must look like trash to Stormy and Darcy right now. XD Wow, I hope they end up turning on them eventually.

    But yeah, I too was with Bloom on Icy actually taking a hit for Tritannus. I guess that removes any small trace of doubt that Icy could’ve been stringing Tritannus along that we got last week. Still, that was certainly an interesting cliffhanger to leave off on.

    Really, I’m glad this is lasting two episodes. I knew it would when I skipped through the schedule and saw “The Eclipse” as the next episode title, but still, this is the kind of plot that couldn’t have been contained in one episode well at all. Yeah, let’s please have more episodes like this for the rest of the season!

    I swear though, the Selkies are the most worthless things ever. The Winx’s are becoming useful in the most minor way by being their charge-up batteries, but those guardians at the Pillar of Light? HAH! What a joke. Why are these things guardians of anything again?

    • Well, those selkies in particular did put up a stronger fight than the ones that bonded to the Winx. They were able to hold their ground until the Winx arrived.

  16. Wait, I have an idea. You know how before we were certain Stella was going to use her Sirenix wish on becoming fashion designer? Since Luna is back, we can shed some light on the idea that Stella would use her wish to get her parents back together. Although that would be badly manipulative, Stella seems like the kind of person to do something like that.

    • There are rules in magic, if you haven’t read the wish post,i suggest reading it. I don’t think Stella would sink that low,even if she tried to play,matchmaker in season 2,leave that to Aisha please, she knows how to go about it thanks,to Amore,Stella’s pixie who along with,the others seems to have vanished

      • I don’t think that would be low of Stella. Manipulative, yes, but I could understand her feeling and wanting to do that. Divorce of parents can have a lasting effect on some people.

  17. Wow, not much I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said. It was the best episode this season, with some of the old personalities of characters showing again (ie Stella and Aisha), an epic 3D Sirenix battle that actually featured all the characters, and then Icy…there is some serious character development going on with her!

  18. I’m scared they’ll kill Radius off so STELLA CAN WISH HIM BACK!

    Wait, that would be vair vair sweet.

  19. Canada gets this episode in 2 weeks! Next week is The Emperor’s Throne on TYV (Nick Canada aired it yesterday)

  20. The moment when they transformed looked like they were up for some aerobic, really…
    Aisha, why you no use the sword?
    and Stella, why do you need your “mother’s and father’s” power?

  21. Why don’t they use their Enchantix power: Fairy Dust to heal Aisha’s family? Have they forgotten they have that?

    • They only have access to fairy dust in Enchantix and Believix, not in Harmonix or Sirenix and although they can choose which form they must be in Sirenix to get to the infinite ocean it is logical that the Winx will pick the transform that is the most useful for the season i.e their most recent transform, Sirenix at this point is more useful against Tritanus than Enchantix or Believix because Believix is not just their own magic but the trust of the public which can easily slide, Enchantix wouldn’t help either they’d be too heavy to swim and fight, Each fairy form after Enchantix is more powerful than it but there are only certain situations where it works. Also Aisha was still too shocked to use the sword

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