This episode mainly tied up loose ends, but it was decent overall. After Bloom’s short adventure in Shark Eye Mountain — where she almost got crushed — the last nine minutes belonged to Stella, her parents’ drama, and her fashion show.

But this was a different Stella than we’ve seen throughout this season. She showed a lot of maturity and humility by sharing her feelings with her parents and admitting her mistakes to Brandon. I think she redeemed herself. Do you? 🙂

Next episode: “Saving Paradise Bay.” Tritannus attacks a lush island for no reason, and the Winx must find a stone called The Breath of the Ocean to restore it. Ready for some bad news? We’ll have to wait two weeks (May 26) to see this. Nick is airing the movie Cats & Dogs on May 19 during Winx Club‘s time slot.

The good news: we’ll still get our weekly dose of Winx magic! Winx Club: Magical Adventure premieres Monday (yes, MONDAY), May 20 at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Here were my thoughts while watching episode 5X23: “The Shark’s Eye!”

    • Narrator, those weren’t “androids.” Androids look like humans; those looked like eyeballs.
    • Tritannus’s tantrum isn’t over yet, huh?
    • You know, Daphne, if you hadn’t mentioned Politea, none of this would have happened. You talk too much! 😛
    • Stella, your clothes are unwearable. That’s why no one likes them. 
    • “Faraway Reflections?” Why didn’t they use that name for this episode?
    • Do the Winx have their own classes?
    • Use their Sirenix powers to see the past? They could already do that in Believix with their Tracix wings.
    • Chrono magic? I wonder if we’ll see it again.
    • This version of Daphne’s story seemed different than the one we saw earlier this season.
    • So you won’t put the Winx in danger, Bloom, but you’re taking someone 1/20 their size with you?
    • “Mini-Bloom?” That’s a good name for Serena. 😛
    • Gasp! Is this the end of the Trix?
    • Darcy and Stormy actually took Politea’s power. Hats off to them for acting alone.
    • That was very brave of you, Stella. 🙂
    • Roxy’s standing with the boys again! Is that a sign? (Probably not.)
    • And Stella’s made her wish. (I’ll talk about what I think of it in a later post :).)
    • Has Wizgiz been drinking?
    • Stella finally appreciates Brandon!
    • Riven, you realize you’re stealing Stella’s show, right?
    • Secret guitar lessons? Someone owes him an apology!
    • Roy’s in the band, too? I guess he really is joining the Winx Boyfriend Club.
    • How does Musa know the song Riven wrote for her? 😛

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50 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 5X23: “The Shark’s Eye”

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw the photo linked to “Poor Roxy. They’ve ignored her all season, and she finally snapped”
    I can totally see her screaming “I’m here, you guys!”.
    And by the way, the photo linked to “Demutated again?” is the Wizgiz photo.

      • That was the best part of the entire episode. I burst out laughing for a few minutes.

        The second-best part was me realizing that, with its white, almost bow tie-shaped spot, Timmy’s guitar looks suspiciously like a tuxedo. If they intended that, then I’ll have to say that that is a nice design idea.

  2. I’ll have to wait until someone loads an English version since Nick Canada isn’t showing this until the 25th and I’ll be up at my MIL’s with no Nick Canada that weekend .

    That synopsis sounds interesting, though I can’t say I’m fond of Stella’s clothes again.

  3. I was thinking the same thing! Why in the world would Bloom take a weak selkie with her instead of the oh so powerfull Winx?! and since when has she been a ‘lone wolf’ usually Bloom is the one intiating battles or whatever. And when they were talking about seeing the past I immediately thought about the Tracix wings. It’s like girls why is this such a shock to you? you’ve seen into the past before! Also, I agree, If Daphne never opened her big mouth about Politea, none of this would have happened.

    • I agree! The rest of the Club has more than proven itself, yet Bloom insists she must handle the problem alone. To me, this just seemed like an opportunity for the writers to needlessly assert her as THE indisputable main character who’s supposed to be braver and better than everyone else. Honestly it was annoying, and really, I didn’t get the point of this episode. I mean, with Poletia, there was clearly a goal for both the sides of good and evil, but on that same note, it felt like a random filler. Poletia had never once been mentioned or relevant before this episode, and she won’t be again in this season. As I said, I think it was really another excuse for the writers to be “all about Bloom.”

  4. Oh hey, Tritannus finally noticed that he lost Darcy and Stormy. He and Icy just shrug it off. Daphne is an idiot to tell Tritannus about Politea if her power really can power the Emperor’s Throne. I know she pities the moron, but still. As usual, Icy is left to do the hard stuff.

    Stella is still an idiot. Bloom needs to be harder on Stella if she wants Stella to be successful. It still feels like Stella takes Brandon for granted.

    More secret rooms in Alfea. Hooray. What does Sirenix have to do with time magic? So Daphne and Politea were companions fighting the Ancestral Witches. Then Politea stopped helping Daphne because she’s either a jerk or lazy. Didn’t earn her any brownie points with the Ancestral Witches. Where did this take place? Daphne supposedly died on Domino, but this hints that she was cursed on Magix or in the Infinite Ocean. No clarification or attempt to make it work with established canon.

    Bloom is an idiot. She really should bring the others. They can handle themselves perfectly fine, and there’s no indication this is any more dangerous than anything else. Convenient how Serena is alone when Bloom enters the Infinite Ocean. Apparently Politea is famous there. Pity we never heard of her until last episode. Bloom versus Icy. That’s not going to last long.

    Oh hey, Darcy and Stormy are already here ruining Politea’s day. I like how Politea is hyped up to be some big scary monster, and then she’s immediately killed by those two. Actually I don’t like it, but at least Darcy and Stormy got something out of it. An interesting plot that was never followed up. Bloom gets beaten because she has no backup. Way to go. Pity no one bothers to finish her off. Icy still prioritizes the mermaid over them. Nice to see Darcy and Stormy be fed up with that. Hopefully there’s some good follow-up on their power-up.

    So Stella’s goal isn’t necessarily to reunite her parents, just to get them to listen to each other and not fight the instant they see each other. Not too bad I suppose. The fashion show itself was alright. Stella’s wish is okay, not a waste like Tecna’s was. Roxy ended up being entertaining background fodder, though I’m surprised Artu is there. Stella/Brandon drama is done for the season. Thank goodness for that, since all it did was make Stella look bad.

    Then Riven suddenly hijacks the whole thing for his own purposes. Not cool dude. As expected, the mystery fairy was just giving him music lessons. Musa/Riven drama finished. It was stupid, but at least it didn’t drag on. Roy is hanging out with the other Specialists now. Even more blatant evidence Aisha is going to end up with him. Song was alright.

    Disappointment is all I have to say. The Politea stuff was introduced out of nowhere and swept aside just as quickly. She was called evil, but all she did was smirk, then get cursed. The Ancestral Witches cameo was nice at least. The fashion subplot and two romance subplots ended. Radius and Luna will presumably fight less from now on. We’ve got 3 episodes and 4 wishes left. Just something to note.

    • Riven didn’t hijack anything. Stella had her moment, the crowd was still there and everything was winding down. He decided it was a good time to show what he had done for Musa.

      Sheesh, Riven can’t even do something nice without anyone finding fault with it!

    • I agree with pretty much everything here, except for really Tecna’s wish. I don’t think it was a waste; if you remember, the Sirenix Guardians said that in order for the Winx to gain their wishes, they have to “please destiny,” and their wishes do as well. In other words, they must wish for something that benefits more than just themselves and their personal interests. When I finished the season [in Italian] I thought that Stella would wish for her parents to remarry, but instead she found a rational middle-ground and just wished for them to get along and see eye-to-eye. With Tecna’s wish, she asked that all the people of Zenith feel welcome and at one with the rest of the magic dimension. Which is fitting seeing as King Cryos believed that Zenith needed no one’s help, and was better off alone and reserved to itself.
      As for the episode in general, I agree. I think it felt like a random filler that was just an excuse to give Bloom more solo-screen-time. I mean the Winx have more than proven their worth as fighters, and yet Bloom just says “nope! they’re not ready!” and goes in alone. Again I say it was a filler, for the same reason you just gave; the whole Poletia thing just kind of…happened. There was no lead-up to it, and not to spoil anything, but she doesn’t become relevant again, not once, after this episode…

      • Tecna’s wish was a waste not because it did nothing, but because for us, nothing changed. We never saw how the people of Zenith were disconnected from the rest of the Magic Dimension. In fact, the only person we really know from Zenith opened up pretty quickly. Cryos himself changed his mind once he saw the Winx help him. If we don’t see the difference, it’s a waste.

        As for Riven, I was mostly joking. I don’t mind it too much, mostly since Stella didn’t complain. Still, he should’ve asked her to make sure she was done before going up on stage. I do like Riven, but it’s easy to make fun of him, just like Bloom and Sky.

  5. Sorry but there won’t be a Winx Club episode on May 26th either according to Michael’s News page 🙁

    Now Nickelodeon is just being mean. I wish I understood Italian. Better yet, I wish they’d sell the rights to season 5 and 6 to some GOOD network.

      • I don’t count on much anymore. They’re very slow on updating lately. They STILL don’t show “Magical Adventure” on the 20th. We’ll see.

    • The sad truth is, that in all likelihood, no network in America will do as good a job as Rai. Cartoons and redubs in America are incredibly watered down and re-packaged as something very, if not completely different from the original.
      In some regards I agree with this, but at the very least Nick is a huge step up from 4Kids. If anything, I wish that Nick could just share the rights to the Rai/Cincelume English dub instead of rewriting and redubbing altogether.
      Also, American cartoons make adult characters, like the Winx appear/act more childish than they’re intended to. For example, in Magical Adventure, Bloom is said [by Marion] to be 18; a legal adult. And Sky asks her to marry him. I’ve seen the commercial and read the synopsis for the Nick redub, and the new pitch is Sky asking to be Bloom’s escort to her Princess Ball. See what I mean? Nick assumes that the child-audience can’t “handle” the idea of a marriage, even if it’s at adult age. Not sure if you can recall this far back, but in S2, when Bloom, Sky, Stella and Aisha are venturing into the under-realm, they’re discussing marriage [in the 4Kids dub] and Bloom remarks that she’s not getting married until she’s 30. 30 isn’t an old age to marry, but this being said, 18 is legal adult age, and though the maturity level is different, 18 is no less adult than 30. It’s just that the American culture is regrettably very conservative and sheltering, and thus, most content we get from other countries gets ruined.

  6. Meh. It was an okay episode, what I really liked was Stella’s wish. Throughout this season, we’ve seen a serious drawback in her character development that left her acting childish and spoiled, often out of self-interest without the consideration of others. I’ve already finished the season [in Italian] and when I first saw it, I guessed that Stella would use her wish to make her parents remarry. This is something she’s made clear several times that would make her happy, but, that isn’t what would be best for her parents, and she recognized that. She used her wish to make her parents see each other’s points of view and be civil with one another. She though about it, and found a mature, middle-ground that could satisfy everyone, and I love that it went in that direction
    On the other hand, Just some things about the episode that I didn’t like; in the beginning when Bloom goes back in time and sees Daphne’s past in the mirrored chamber, she states that Daphne and Poletia were Nymphs who were guarding the Infinite Ocean from being taken over by the Ancestral Witches…Earlier in the season, Faragonda stated that Daphne was “the last Sirenix FAIRY,” not Sirenix Nymph. And also, even in the Nick version, Daphne was “killed” on Domino, rescuing Bloom from the Witches when they destroyed the Realm. The story just loves conflicting itself, doesn’t it?! >:( Also, part of me really thinks that this whole Daphne being a Sirenix fairy [or nymph?] was a last-ditch choice just to have the season finale end in her favor. [I won’t spoil it!] Daphne is in her fairy/nymph form, which is supposed to be her Sirenix transformation. If this is so, then why does her Sirenix form look completely different from the Winxs’ and why is she shown wearing an almost identical outfit as a human in the first movie? [shown in the Book of Fate on Domino.] It’s things like this that really frustrate me about Winx Club. The show, the style, the story, they’re all fantastic, but the problem is extremely poor continuity and writing. I think they’re more concerned about getting the series more American exposure, that the quality of the story is actually taking a back seat.
    But, I digress! Overall, this was a pretty good episode, I just can’t believe there are only 3-left until the season’s over! 🙁

  7. I finally found a version in Italian with bad English subtitles (the writer in me cringed) And I really wasn’t impressed with that episode and the switch from the first half to the second half was so jarring I wondered if I had missed something.

    They didn’t say what happened with Politea after Darcy and Stormy had stolen her powers- she just dissapeared- lame. Then suddenly we’re back in Magix where Stella has a fashion show on a boat and the guys have suddenly put together a band. Well, at least Riven is the lead singer this time instead of Sky. I wonder how long it will be until Jakks produces a line of Specialist rock band dolls.

      • It’s an attack on how somehow Bloom was the lead singer when the Winx had a band even though Musa was the one who could sing at the time.

    • It’s not lame for her to make her parents at least listen to each other and her, a bit manipulative, maybe. If you’d tried everything to make your parents at least stop fighting within 3 feet of you, you would need a little extra help. She at least told her parents that if you can’t get along at least try not to fight while I’m in front of you, something both of them probably never thought about doing. I’m not saying Radius and Luna will get back together but they’ll at least try to be friends.

  8. Aww man, and here I was thinking that Politea would be a cool new character!! I’m so glad we got to see Roxy again though!! (Maybe these appearances hint at her coming back for Season 6? One can hope, right? ^_^)

  9. After the episode, I saw a commercial for Magical Adventure, and I started to wonder………….
    Nabu’s in Magical Adventure. Either Nick has to edit him out, or maybe……… the next episode, he comes back! That would be awesome, but it’s just a theory.

  10. I’ve given up applying logic to that show – they can’t even be bothered to keep up with things mentioned in the same season, never mind in previous seasons.

    As for the many gibes at Riven ‘stealing’ Stella’s show, I’m wondering if I missed something. Was Stella, after her kind of heart warming speech planning to do something else? If not, it seems like it was over and Riven took advantage of a gathered crowd. I’ve seen people do this loads at big town events and it’s never done maliciously. If Riven’s intentions were obnoxious, Stella would have called him up on it.

    Is Politea dead then? That’s pretty sad and yet also so utterly pointless. “Oh by the way, forgot to mention this, I had a friend – just remembered her there – and she’s cursed and has Sirenix power that you could totally juice yourself with. Oh oops did I say that out loud?” Daphne is definitely related to Bloom the fearless yet utterly stupid leader. She can’t put her friends in danger but has done so since they met her? What changed? The girls should be just as capable of fighting as she is – though that’s not saying much. After five years of non-stop combat, wouldn’t you expect her not to hesitate every time something attacks her. Bloom seems to operate like she’s in an RPG being controlled by someone else. *Tritannus attacks* Bloom: Gasp, Attack, defend, use Sirenix power? *Bloom gasps* *Bloom attacks* It was minorly effective.

    As for Musa knowing Riven’s song, I’m guessing she’s the fairy of music and can pick something like that up. Come on, she has to have something cool out of her powers since the show has ignored her ability to sway people’s emotions with her music. (Oh wait, no they just declared it a Sirenix power, even though she’s been doing it since season two.)

    Sometimes I feel Nick is pretending they just came up with this brand new show called Winx which is kind of but not really related to that other show called Winx.

    Ha, on Youtube, there was an outcry of rage that Sky and Roxy were cheating on Bloom. Reasoning for this: Roxy jumped on Sky’s back… so lesson is kids, don’t jump people’s backs, you could get pregnant! Personally I loved that little scene, it means that Roxy sees the guys like brothers and vice versa. It’s pretty sweet and a probably unintentional nod to the previous season.

    So, Riven learnt how to play a guitar but all the other guys can play in a band regardless… Was there a spell involved? Who did the spell? When was Roy asked to do this? (I like to think that Stella was involved with the whole thing because I like to believe Stella is genuinely kind even if she hides it with her melodrama. She could have asked Roy to help out when they were at the alliance talks and helped with the magic aspect, maybe with Galatea’s help.)

    • Ha, on Youtube, there was an outcry of rage that Sky and Roxy were cheating on Bloom.

      Yeah, I saw that. I thought it was hilarious. Way to jump to conclusions, guys!

      Seriously, I looked at it the same way you did. She worked with the Specialists at the Frutti Music Bar, so she arguably spent more time with them in season four than the Winx did. But she wouldn’t try to steal one of them for herself. They’re like brothers to her.

      Really, the Winx do the same thing. They talk to the other boys as much as they talk to their own boyfriends.

    • I completely agree with you when you say it seems that nick has created a completley new show. How is what they’ve done different than what any other tv network does when they get a good show? The storyline isn’t base on what fits or would be best for the show, it’s based on what makes it air longest and gets the most money! they don’t care about substance anymore. I grew up watching 4kids and rai version and this makes them seem much weaker and shallower! they used to be girls with strong will and magic, but had everyday problems like everyone else. but this is just to much. How many times to we have to get into these jealosy fits and see diaspro come back, riven and musa mess up, or some other boyfriend drama before enough is enough and we can get back to the story? i’m all for the boys being a bigger part of the show but if all their good for is drama, whats the point? even the villians are acting cheesy and like spoiled children. at least darkar and valtor had good back story, motive, and history with strong power OF THEIR OWN. Now we have a spoiled teenage merman who’s throwing a tissy like an imature kid because his daddy didn’t give him what he wanted. Am I the only one who thinks they should have given him more backstory than starting the season just saying hes evil without saying how he became evil, what his turning point was….ect. With Darkar (depending on the version) he was studying in the underealm and got taken over by the power of the shadow. With valtor, he was created by the ancestresses out of a ember of the dragon fire mixed with dark magic. he longed to be the most powerful wizard and his arrogance cost him big. The wizards of the black circle wanted power and world domination and used the fairies of earths magic to get it. what background did they give us on tritannus? All i saw, “Tritttannus… …he’s kinda psycho.” in aisha’s words. thats it!

  11. Hang on a second…if Darcy and Stormy stole magic from a cursed Sirenix fairy, doesn’t that make them get the Sirenix curse?

    Or even more importantly…they got magic from Daphne too. So does that make them double-cursed?

  12. well give showing mention of winx magical adventure give still feeling might ret-con it make set during season 4 instead of after season 4 give re-fix of storyline time setting.

    as for series give wonder how expect a 2nd batch of win club could be on works (give whole roxy got filler treatment due trying improve her magic) yea beta/2nd team of winx could happen.

    besides if did guessing 2nd batch of winx could contain roxy, daphne, 3 or 4 fairies & ta-da spin-off winx on way.

  13. Roxy was HILARIOUS!! XD rofl

    The Politea thing was too rushed. I was expecting more, I was hoping they’d rescue Politea and she would become good again or something. And it was too focused on Bloom. It was like two different episodes jammed into one- Politea episode and stella episode. The rest of the winx should’ve been there, and stella should’ve been the one to deal with Politea and the Trix- she could’ve used some sort of shining sun sirenix power to change Politea back into a Nymph somehow xD

    Uh oh, now we have a Daphne-backstory-plot-discontinuity. Lets see what BIZARRE story connection the fans will come up with this time xD ( whatever it is, I’m going to go with it too 😛 )

    Ps: I liked Stella’s clothing line. Reminds me of that limited edition Witty Stella doll…..

  14. Hey Una Di Noi

    Daphne being part of this season I think is really probably only for convenience.

    What first doesn’t make sense was the story. Why did Daphne even become a Sirenix fairy and why did she even care about the infinite ocean anyway. Also wasn’t she turned into a spirit when the ancestresses destroyed domino but now apparently.

    I can’t really put my thoughts into words but If you understand what im saying please comment. I need someone to understand what I am trying to say.

  15. I feel that having the movie at 8:00 pm is a good idea, they have few viewers, since they only come on sunday, wish that winx actually came on instead of spongebob, even though i love that show too, since i dont want to see winx get kicked like 4kids did to it, it’s an awesome show, even to guys, or at least me.

    • I actually want to send a letter to Nick telling them to consider changing the timeslot if they want to save the show that badly. I actually think I’ll follow up on that.

        • Or someone should start up an online petition and get some of the other fan sites to help support it. I am pretty sure is free to use. People are more willing to sign a petition then to write a letter.

          • I decided against e-mail because it might seem more ‘professional,’ and might give me more credibility. (I should also mention that I’m studying to be a writer for the same reason.)

            Also, I think I might want to point out that Winx has been out since 2004, and that it might be a good idea to play a nostalgia angle for the older fans. For instance, they could make a few clothing items for the older fans, like they do with MLP. That would be a really good way to cash in on their success.

          • Another thing about email is that it might be viewed as spam and be deleted before it’s even read. A letter takes more effort to write and send, and it makes the recipient feel like they should take the time to read it.

          • I’m totally on board for this letter mission, but, I absolutely urge everyone to NOT submit emails. OP is right, Nick is a massive corporation, and thus, likely receive loads of emails that take time to sift through, IF they even do that. And a hard-copy letter just looks more professional; if you want someone else to believe that your cause and your statements are important, then you should be the first to treat them that way. An email typed up on the fly won’t really make a statement the way that physically sitting down, weighing your pros and cons, spell-checking, and sending off a clear, concise point will.

            OP, it sounds as though quite a few people have things to say to Nick on the ‘new’ Winx, maybe you should create a post about it where we can discuss what to say? In a way [I read people discussing petitions earlier] I think another difficult, but successful route would be to have everyone contribute to a mass-letter and include the signatures of everyone who contributed. Like I said, it would be incredibly hard to make happen, but all the same, I have a feeling that if we all flooded Nick’s mailboxes with letters about roughly all the same points, they wouldn’t bother with 90% of them.

          • I personally think, however, that we should use word processing to type the letter, because I know a lot of people who don’t have good penmanship, which people don’t tend to like. Then again, people always seem to compliment me on my writing. *shrugs*

            Those of you guys who have a good job or are studying at around the college level should probably mention this in the letter to increase ethos (credibility). People in Nick might be impressed and might want to listen more if you’re a doctor/lawyer/accountant/scholar/Master’s/PhD/anything that can make you seem important that still happens to be true. (If you work with small children, Nick might like you mentioning it too, because of the target audience. And anyone with a business career should definitely say so.)

            And trust me: I don’t just want to make a cookie-cutter letter. I’m a budding writer, so I might nitpick over stuff you don’t really notice. 😉

      • Nick is going to leave the show after season 6 anyway, so I guess we don’t have to worry any more. 🙂

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