I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode. I liked it, but the dialogue was lame (as usual), and I wish the battle scene had been more dramatic. But this was still one of the better episodes of the second half.

The Flora-Helia-Krystal love triangle’s broken. I wanted to see her confront Krystal and claim Helia as hers. Instead, she surrendered and had to be reminded that he loves her. How sad — she seemed so sure until now. This shouldn’t have been enough to shake her confidence.

At least, they got back together. Their dance was adorable. 🙂

Later, Aisha finally used her wish. Not to revive Nabu…but Nereus. Oh, well.

This Sunday at 1 p.m., it’s the season five finale: “The End of Tritannus!” Tritannus uses Aisha’s Sirenix power to activate the Emperor’s Throne, spreading evil energy throughout the Infinite Ocean. Time for the Winx to finish him once and for all!

Here were my thoughts on episode 5X25: “Battle of the Infinite Ocean!”

  • Icy cast the acid rain spell, silly narrator. 😛
  • I think the Breath of the Ocean should have been introduced earlier.
  • Oh…hi, Roxy. Enjoy your breakfast. 🙁
  • Hello, guys! Flora’s sitting here moping, and you’re watching Stella stuff her face? Some friends!
  • Flora, you know Helia loves you. You’ve never doubted it before. What’s gotten into you?
  • Didn’t Nabu have the same kind of mark on his hand that Roy does? I wonder if that’s just an Andros wizard thing.
  • The dance scene went way too long. Filleriffic!
  • Why does Tritannus love torturing Aisha so much?
  • The Breath of the Ocean summons the Selkies? Talk about useless!
  • That’s a lot of mutants…
  • Wow! Go, Winx, go! 😀
  • Can the Selkies enter the Infinite Ocean without Sirenix powers? That doesn’t seem fair! 😛
  • Looking fierce, Tecna!
  • Icy ran away too quickly. Was she just trying to distract Bloom?
  • Get ‘im, Nereus!
  • Slime of Sirenix?” Did I hear that right? She’s a water fairy! They couldn’t come up with something cooler? Current of Sirenix? Wave of Sirenix? IT HAD TO BE “SLIME?!” 🙁
  • Aisha got to make her wish in CG. 😛 I don’t think she wasted it, but it’s sad that she keeps having to save her loved ones from death.
  • If Tritannus stole her Sirenix powers, why is she still in fairy mode?
  • One episode left! Finally!

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34 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 5X25: “Battle for the Infinite Ocean”

  1. I don’t like how Flora seems so insecure all of a sudden. I know she’s always been a bit uncertain of herself, but Helia wasn’t one of her insecurities.

    Was it really slime? I didn’t hear it. I hope not!

    I don’t know if it’s the dialogue, the voices, or the animation, but at least one of those things kills the battle scenes for me. By the way, why does Aisha have freckles when she’s in the infinite ocean?

    The dance scene was long, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it!

  2. I wonder if the slime has anything to do with the good old days of Nick and ‘You can’t do that on Television’ I loved that show when I was a kid. Of course it was kinda silly.

    I haven’t seen this episode yet myself. Nick Canada will air it this Saturday, but I don’t know when we get it on Ytv.

    One more week then NO MORE TRITANNUS! Don’t let the door to the infinite ocean hit you on the way out. kai?

  3. All I can say is, what’s with the ballet dancing scene and what was the point? I wish Flora just talked to Helia instead of that whole imaginary scene with Helia. And what’s with the magic glittery ballet shoes?? The whole dancing sequence had almost NOTHING to do with the plot! Tritannus is trying to become Emperor and polluting Earth and turning mermaids into mutants left and right and the Winx are DANCING?!?! The last episode had them planning to fight. WHY aren’t they FIGHTING?! Does this episode take place the next day or something?

  4. I agree about the dance scene – waaaay too long, and I thought it was weird to watch.

    Too bad about the way the love triangle ended (and started, and progressed). Could have made for some awesome drama and character interactions. I would have loved to see Flora snap at Krystal, haha.

  5. he didn’t steal all of her power just enough to power up the throne and as for why he’s torturing aisha in paticular you have to see the final episode. isn’t it usually flora who says don’t hurt them this time it was tressa and aisha
    my question did helia inherit some of saladins power after all seeing as he made the origami birds come to life and who was flying who when helia and flora floated up in the air but i guess seeing as the winx can fly with no wings as the final dance scene shows

  6. I’m not really sure what to think of this episode. Most of the content is fine by itself, but considering it’s the season finale, it doesn’t come off very well.

    Flora angsting because of something all in her head. This got old 10 episodes ago. At least Crystal is trying to help her. Elaborate dance sequence showcasing the progress each character has made with something. Nice to see they remember Aisha likes dancing. Nothing too interesting, though Musa getting the whales is something I guess. Flora and Helia finally wrap up their nonexistent problems. Helia continues to bore me with his very presence. The whole thing isn’t bad in theory, but it went on far too long. When I saw this in Italian, I wondered why this was there. Having seen the season 6 trailer, it appears that season will feature lots of dancing. This was probably practice. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that.

    Now Tritannus and Icy are targeting any fairy with Sirenix. Too bad the only known ones are the Winx. Why target Aisha in particular? There’s no indication she has a better understanding of Sirenix than anyone else, and they’re going after what may be the most difficult target. Family grudge I guess? Flora’s new stone is needed to gather an army of Selkies. That seems so much easier than the alliance, and probably much more effective too.

    Giant battle sequence. It’s been too long since Winx has had a proper one. The Winx decide to hold back and mostly use their shields to fight their way through. And they’re still winning pretty easily. The Selkies are actually pretty useful. I’m not surprised, as they’ve proven fairly strong in groups. Aisha, Tecna, and Musa do most of the physical fighting. Bloom does some too, while Stella and Flora stay away from it. Seems appropriate to me. Nereus decides to be a liability and fight his brother. Aisha kind of just sits there watching. And then has trouble wit two mutants for some reason. Then Nereus is fatally injured. He really should’ve just stayed home. Aisha proves she’s better than everyone by smacking the lovebirds aside. Sounds good to me. She gets an emergency wish, which is useful, but ultimately is disappointing as nothing is really changed. Then she gets stupidly captured and drained, leading to the finale.

    There was some good this episode. The big fight was actually good. The Selkies proved useful. Flora/Helia drama finally finished, even if it took too long. Should’ve happened sooner. Aisha was cool for 30 seconds. Then she gets jobbed hard. In her own season. During the finale. That should not happen. And yet, the green fish still fails to impress. Next episode, he finally gets his chair working. Too bad things won’t work out for Icy. Aisha prepares to sit on the sidelines, Bloom gets to hog the spotlight, and the rest of the Winx decide to go elsewhere. Also, Tritannus makes what should be a devastating blow to any planet laughable. This season is finally just about over.

  7. Sterok did a really good job of summing things up. The whole thing just tells me season 5 was, well, filler. The characters made little to zero progress. Tritannus was the stupid villain that got lucky. The Trix broke up then reunited. The Winx argued with their boyfriends then didn’t…. Honestly the concept of season 5 was awesome. The execution however was, gosh I can’t even think of a word for it. Um… depressing, less that stellar, piss poor, not made for adult audiences… I really hope season 6 will be a vast improvement or I am officially calling it quits.

    • Ugh, I know what you mean.
      When I finished S5 in Italian, I was happy that “a certain character” returned, as I predicted…but that was it! I was just happy it was over with! And I never thought I’d say that about a Winx season! 🙁
      For me though, I won’t quit watching it. Personally, I’m incapable of starting a series and not finishing it [unless it’s really, REALLY bad] I like my stories to be open and shut. I like to see where everyone ends up, what happens, and how the whole story comes to a close.
      However, I think that’s another huge problem with WC. In actuality, everything released after SOTLK is extraneous. The original plot of the show was Bloom discovering and mastering her powers, reviving Domino, and reuniting with her birth parents. After SOTLK, the story from it’s original conception was done! S4, S5 and Magical Adventure haven’t taken the story anywhere, because there seems to be no carry-over from these seasons into the new ones. ––– The problem with Winx, is that when it dies out, it’s just going to down-and-out drop off at some random point in the show. Unlike most other series, Winx Club has no end-goal. It’s already been achieved, and now it seems like they’re pumping out random seasons in the hopes of keeping the show alive, without any material to work with. Honestly? S4 and S5 seem like two completely different shows! None of the transformations, events, or new characters have transcended more than one season, so I don’t know how long they can keep it going with the girls literally doing the same exact thing, and not growing from it, every single year…

  8. What a fun episode!

    -Crowd scene! I love Alfea crowd scenes, it’s like Where’s Waldo for spotting your favorite minor fairies. Look how many season 1 characters are still there. Look at those two dark-skinned fairies with purple hair, they are so cool looking. But where’s Mirta?! (actually I think I see her in the pic on Twitter.)

    -What a waste of a love triangle plot. At least we finally know Krystal wasn’t secretly after Helia, which i could have totally believed. But yeah, Flora’s so worried about her relationship– has Helia given her any reason to doubt his feelings that I didn’t notice? Ok back at the beginning of the season when he introduced Flora to Krystal he wasn’t super clear on “this is my girlfriend” but since then I don’t think he’s even seen Krystal. So why the angst, Flora?

    -Is Helia’s hair growing back? It totally looks longer than in season 4.

    -Aren’t there ballet dolls? This scene is here totally to sell the ballet dolls. But I’m happy because I’m totally using the Alfea dance studio room to give Lucy a scene in my fanfic.

    -I like that not all the girls saw their boyfriends. Romance is important but it doesn’t need to be the same top priority for everyone.

    -They punch and kick way more in the Infinite Ocean than they ever did before. Don’t you guys have area-effect attack spells?!

    -Yikes, poor Aisha!

  9. One thing that aggravated me about it, where was the Sovereign’s Council? Haven’t they been integrating their meetings [which weren’t going anywhere fast to begin with…] into all these episodes stating that they just HAD to form a plan of attack so they could all pull together and defeat him? Well…just another plothole I guess…
    I have to say, out of all 5 seasons we’ve seen so far, S5’s final battle has really got to be the most pathetic. The previews played it out to be this amazing, head on thing where everyone’s involved, aaand that quickly falls short. Honestly I still think the best final battle was S1. At the very least in that finale we got to see other fairies join the fight.

    UGH! FLORA! Get it together, girl! Flora’s one of my favorite Winx, so it REALLY irks me how Nick has literally taken her sweetness and compassion and turned them into sheer weakness. She’s always the first one to go down, or need assistance or whine about the others being too rash in combat [specifically where anything environmental is at stake.] It’s just annoying! Also, it really seems like Nick’s done away with her character building milestones, just like they did with Tecna. [I mean didn’t Flora overcome her shyness at the end of S2?]

    And…What was the point of wasting 6 minutes on that ballet scene? It didn’t help their journey any, and again, Flora is made to look like a weak whiner… The precursor to that scene also felt so cheesy and played up. The girls are playfully ribbing Stella because she likes to eat too much, she says she’ll work it off, and Aisha and Musa look toward the audience and go on a mini spiel about how “exercise after a healthy breakfast is the best!” etc. etc. etc. I’m all for keeping people active and healthy, but really? Keep the random PSAs out of the show…

    Overall, having watched all of S5 already, I have to say…5/10, at best. The concept they came out with sounded awesome, some of the things that happened were awesome, but as a whole, it was rife with plotholes, lapses in continuity and bad storytelling, bad dialogue, WAY too much repetition, and worst of all, literally, no character development whatsoever, PLEASE let Rai take the wheel on S6!!!

  10. The dance scene was a little too long, it took up almost half the episode. (Or maybe I’m just exaggerating) Aisha does seem to have a terrible fate, first it was Nabu then it was her family. 🙁 Slime=Nick

  11. Why do the girls act like they’ve never had breakfast at Alfea before? Really? They give us food? Wow, we love food. And then a big ‘eat fruit, be healthy, now let’s go dance’ which made me cringe because there is Flora completely depressed and no one’s noticed. It’s because she hasn’t flopped on her bed, threw her hands about and wailed that Helia doesn’t love her. If she took a leaf out of Bloom’s book, they would have been on their knees trying to help her. On the upside I loved the little Roxy moment, she looks like she’s settled in well, got a few friends and yay for Krystal taking the first step and trying to fix things. I want to believe a lot more went on in the background than the Show had time to show us, only because if I didn’t, I’d just give up. Also the minor, minor fairies were all there except Nova, Galatea and Mirta. They’re of course off doing something else, maybe taking advantage of the girls being at breakfast to grab a shower, use the gym, return library books and they’ll pop in for some breakfast in a little bit.

    And suddenly all the girls can dance now. Aisha makes sense, she’s always been the dancer but now all of them can do it and it’s just weird. It’s like all their individual quirks have been lost – except for Tecna’s technological abilities and Flora, she’s still got that whole ‘don’t hurt the animals, oh the plant has a broken stem, I feel weak’ thing going for her. Which is good because that’s part of her character, but everyone else has gotten lost in the uni-brain that is Winx Club.

    Okay, so everyone else got a private moment with their boyfriends but Flora gets to reunite with Helia while her friends fly around like giant butterflies. That’s a bit awkward and unnecessary and so Barbie Princess that I can’t watch it. I’ll imagine my own version of their reunion thanks.

    Thank you Musa and Stella for not being boy minded and why aren’t either of you boy minded today? Because your relationships are actually surprisingly healthy in comparison to the others because you actually talk about your issues and you show you’re mad instead of holding it all in and not dealing with your problems. Reminds me why those two are my favorite.

    We all assumed that Aisha would use her wish to save Nabu but the show hinted pretty heavily that this wouldn’t happen. Her dreaming about Roy (because they couldn’t fit in any proper interaction for the two of them), her not mentioning or thinking about Nabu so that viewers would forget his existence etc all strongly hinted that this wouldn’t happen. But still yet again Aisha has to do this and yet, she’ll not actually deal with it in the show or show any thoughts about it, which is pretty sad.

    Can someone please teach the girls how to fight if they’re going to be doing battle in season six? Because werewolves are pretty physical and the girls constantly gasping, hesitating and shielding should not get them very far.

    Suffice to say, this has definitely been a filler series and I do wonder if Nick is so aware that a lot of us are unhappy that they delayed these episodes so that they could post season six’s trailer and the first episode to keep the American fans interested.

    • “It’s like all their individual quirks have been lost”

      You my friend have hit the nail on the head. That was the first thing that popped into my head when the whole “Winx Band” thing started, too. I mean in S2, we saw that the only other Winx member besides Musa who could sing was Stella. And the only one who could dance a variety of dances was Aisha. But now, they’re suddenly ALL amazing dancers, they can all sing and play instruments, they’re all fashionable [in very uniform, out-of-character ways] and there really don’t seem to be any defining factors between them anymore! 🙁

      I brought up the fashion element because yes, the Winx have always been fashionistas, but remember how Stella would sometimes harp on Musa for looking too tomboyish, or Tecna and Bloom for being plain, etc. and wanting to design their outfits and hair? Well now it seems like they’re all Stella-fied, especially if those “school uniform” style outfits are the S6 official line.

      It’s like they’ve all been as you said, placed in a “unibrain” scenario, and there are no defining, original characteristics for each girl that none of the other girls can do, and that’s part of what’s killing the show in my opinion, everything’s getting really Mary-Sue…

      • I agree completely. They are killing the show with all the girls becoming the same person. I hate what they’re doing to Flora, I think she should have Ivy whipped Krystal just once, then felt completely bad about it because hey, Krystal’s turning out to be okay. Her flinching now every time a leaf falls from a tree is just horrible. Aisha’s not dealt with anything, I think she needs therapy by this stage. Bloom has huge issues that she’s never talked about, like for instance, her fear of Sky leaving her because she never talked to him about his lies in the first series. They don’t talk, things just disappear but really they’re festering.

        But part of the reason I’m not enjoying this show is because there is no girl that I relate to in particular anymore. Musa’s still my favorite, and because the show ignores her, she’s not suffering nearly as much as Flora or Aisha are. Bloom has just become this blank canvas that can do anything so that people can relate to her, but I liked the Bloom from the first series who was awkward and drew fairies and liked art. I’m expecting an episode in the next series where they all become excellent painters to help fill an art show in Domino or some such nonsense because they’re now all awesome at everything. Bet they didn’t know this would happen when they got their Enchantix.

        • Seriously. Some people are justifying Flora’s weakness [especially around nature] because that’s all a part of her abilities. Well yes, she is in tune with nature, but why can’t they play that up as a strength instead of a weakness? Remember back in S3 when Valtor and the Trix started the fire in the enchanted forest? Flora’s powers tapped into the pain that the environment was in, but it didn’t power her down so much that she couldn’t help fight; in fact, it propelled her to fight harder to save it!

          Also, when you brought up Enchantix, it made me think of something else; Part of the reason that the series is likely suffering now, is because everything we’re seeing is extraneous. Technically, the story, as according to the original plot of the show, ended after S3 and SOTLK. Bloom was supposed to travel to the Magic Dimension, master her powers, discover her origins, and reunite with her kingdom and her parents. That’s been said and done, for a long while now!

          The problem is that S4 and S5 have had no continual value to the series; while S1 through SOTLK were all working towards a single end-goal, with some filler stories sprinkled throughout, S4 and S5 seem like two completely separate spinoff series, because what happens in one season [new people, transformations, events, etc.] becomes completely irrelevant, and borderline nonexistent in the next [ie, Roxy] There’s no order! And honestly? As much as I would love to see the finale of the series, how it all ends and what becomes of everyone, I just want them to let it die if it keeps going down the road it’s on.

          Also, regarding Bloom’s sudden “boy obsession,” all the animosity between Bloom and Diaspro/Diaspro’s desperation [that we all thought was dead after S3] the cheesy Winx Band gimmick, the not-so-subliminal PSAs inserted into the episodes [Eat healthy! Exercise after breakfast! Save the planet! Don’t litter! Be yourself!] etc. while all are good messages, they are clearly aimed at young children. And the stereotypical “teen angst” [although the Winx are adults, now] all the boyfriend troubles, and crying over every little thing…it really feels like they’ve forgotten their older fans and are really focusing on what all little girls eat up in series’ like these. Beautiful heroines with magical powers, bright colors, and an engaging story. It’s the trifecta! And of course, all little girls fantasize at one point or another about being teenagers, with Winx Club, it seems like the girls are made to absolutely exude a very superficial sense of perfection. They’re all beautiful, they’re all powerful, now they’re all multi-talented [at the same things, no less…] they’ve all got boyfriends [except for Aisha 🙁 ] and they’re all fashionable. There’s no effort being made in making them seem older and more mature, but rather dwindling in their teenage years, and it’s getting really old!

          Yes! That was why Bloom used to be my favorite! 🙂 Winx came to America when I was 14, so it wasn’t really part of my childhood, but I’ve always loved art. Even became a graphic designer and illustrator! 🙂 My favorites are Aisha and Flora.

          “Bloom has just become this blank canvas that can do anything so that people can relate to her,” Yet again. Nail on the head. I hate using the term Mary-Sue, but I definitely feel as though that’s exactly what Bloom has become as the show has progressed. She not only gets to revive her kingdom, reunite with her parents, AND her sister [who was supposed to be dead…] but she’s also being asserted as the most powerful fairy, she can do anything, and get around any obstacle [she somehow wills herself into her Enchantix when it was “impossible” to do so without a sacrifice…] is talented in seemingly all areas, even ones that were never made clear or relevant in previous seasons, and she’s such an attention whore this season! “Oh no, Sky told me to leave him alone for five minutes, let me go bawl in my room and have all my friends tell me how wonderful and strong I am!” It’s a detriment to the show, if you ask me. The concerts? The fashion shows? The dancing? All totally irrelevant to the actual plot. This season’s final battle could’ve been a LOT better had they not wasted so much time on unnecessary additives.

          The show is definitely going down the wrong path…

    • And suddenly all the girls can dance now. Aisha makes sense, she’s always been the dancer but now all of them can do it and it’s just weird.

      In my headcanon there exist enchanted candies that give you a talent until the clock strikes midnight. Eat one shaped like a ballet shoe and you can dance; eat one shaped like a guitar and you can play the guitar. This is my explanation for the dance scene as well as the entire Winx Band thing from season 4. Of course I totally made this idea up, but it works to lampshade the whole “the Winx suddenly know how to do cool things that take months to learn in real life” thing.

      • Enchanted candies, drugs, pretty much that entire scene was like something out of a drug induced illusion. Flying, sparkles, etc. I mean I’ll buy it that there’s a spell or something (the boys obviously have used them in order to play instruments) but it just frustrates me that someone like Tecna is now really into ballet when really, she’d be thinking of what kind of simulator would be the most effective for burning off the mad amount of calories those surprising pineapples and breakfast had.

        Actually the breakfast scene was honestly like a dig at people who called the girls anorexic. It was like, you can’t say that, Stella says she eats all the time. Look she’s eating now! If they were going to do this correctly, they’d have done it a la Supernatural where Dean is just eating in nearly every scene except when he’s hunting and it’s not even mentioned, it’s just there and it’s happening and we the viewers can read between the lines, because hey, we’re smart kiddies.

        • Actually the breakfast scene was honestly like a dig at people who called the girls anorexic.

          You know, I wrote a post about this forever ago, but I don’t know if I ever published it. Maybe I should. 😛

          • You can’t get any more obvious that than scene, so it would be an apt time to publish that post if it wasn’t published already.

  12. I practically jumped out of my bed with excitement when I saw Roxy for those five seconds 😛

    I agree, the ballet scene was… well, much too long for starters. Didn’t understand why the mirror saw their hearts and have them sparkly shoes. Maybe a more ballet-type outfit with lots of sparkle a elaborate hair styling would have been nice… but I mean, their outfits were still cute 🙂 (*cough*hello Roy-x-Aisha*cough*)

    maybe if the filler-ballet was cut down shorter the battle would’ve been longer with a little more kick-buttery. Unless they did that to wrap up all of our curiousities so they could jam-pack 526 with an amazing final fight.

    should I hold my breath that we’ll see Roxy again next week? Well actually, that blonde girl might have a little more focus when the battle is done and over with so… I guess not 😛 glad we saw her this episode though!

    • Take all the Roxy moments you can now because I have a feeling that just like Mirta who we only saw in 1 episode. That’s all we may get of Roxy next season.

  13. I agree with most of you, the ballet scene just took too long, it just kind of remind me of the Barbie Nutcracker thingy. And also, I just saw the last episode on English yesterday, and I think they focused Bloom “again” on the spotlight.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    (Sorry for spoiling the finale.)

    Anyway, I’m just glad the Season is about to end. I’m totally looking forward for the next season.

  14. I didn’t really enjoy this episode. The dance scene, way too long. Hey Roxy thank you for joining us for breakfast, she could’ve been involved in so many s/l ( sovereign’s council hello). The breath of the ocean calling all selkies, after they made such a big deal about finding it and that’s what it does. Couldn’t Aisha summon all the selkies herself, she is the fairy of Waves and should be connected to ocean and its creatures (am I wrong?). And the battle scene, really? I don’t find the mutants all that scary at all. They’ve had to fight tougher side-kicks. Yeah Aisha, seems you are the only one that might be able to actually harm Tritannus, too bad the show doesn’t revolve around you. Another pointless and disappointing wish, I mean really. Stella and Tecna are the only ones who’s wishes have made sense. Not just because I wanted her to wish for Nabu to come back but because Aisha could’ve prevented Nereus from getting hurt ( I smacked my head at that point). How many times must she save her family, and their supposed to be the strongest family in the ocean, didn’t really get that. As for her being finally captured, seriously? They could’ve made him capture Tecna, Flora or Musa ( no offence but the other three have been shown to be stronger this season). Aisha has managed to injure Tritannus and now she’s scared of mutant mermaids who weren’t that strong even when they weren’t mutants.

    As for Roy, he’s growing on me but I’m still hoping he’s Nabu, they are kind of similar. I do however feel like its too soon for her to be totally in love with him. And its weird how they making it seem like Nabu did not happen. Not once has she thought of him since they had to get the gems. I don’t want her to wallow in sorrow and I get that she has to save the world and her family but she was about to marry the guy. And the girls thinking about food instead of Flora doesn’t surprise, this season hasn’t focused that much on the girls friendships.

    All I can say is I’m glad this season is almost over. Inconsistent writing, changing characters, introducing new characters that we’ll probably never see again. Rehashing triangles and relationship problems that were dealt with in past seasons and the dumbing down of other characters (Stella). I love Winx and I can’t wait for season 6…

  15. Sigh… At least they gave Aisha the best excuse possible for not reviving Nabu… But this whole mark on his hand thing has got me curious now, it really would be great if Roy was really Nabu… Eh, I can hope.

    Secondly, if the Selkies’ head-butts are this affective why didn’t they use it earlier? It would have helped them a lot…

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