Winx Club: Beyond Believix is finally over. I’ll review the whole thing later.

First, the finale. It was just like the rest of the season: disappointing. Bloom was the hero…again. The other Winx saved Aisha’s parents from drowning and knocked out a couple of mutants, but that was pretty much it. Roy fought more than they did!

Of course, they weren’t needed anyway — Tritannus was easy to beat. Too bad no one thought to destroy his trident twenty episodes ago, or this battle could have been avoided.

How’d the girls celebrate their win? Hold another concert! What else? 😛

Sayōnara, season five. Time to look ahead to the season six premiere, this Sunday at 1 p.m. EST. Don’t miss it!

Here were my thoughts on episode 5X26: “The End of Tritannus!”

  • Of course, Bloom’s gonna fight Tritannus alone. Figures. 🙄
  • Has Aisha ever met Daphne before?
  • I’m definitely not gonna miss Tritannus and Icy’s lovey-dovey talk!
  • Icy, you’re a witch! Why are you being so mushy?
  • Ew! Looks like blood. 🙁
  • Is it just me, or have the Winx had a lot of staring contests with the mutants? Are you gonna fight or not?
  • The mutants’ eyes glow now. They’re 2 percent scarier.
  • Awwww. Icy got dumped. 😛
  • Stormy saved Icy? What are you guys — the Winx? 😛
  • And just like that, she’s turned on her merman. That didn’t take long. 😛
  • Cast them from the Infinite Ocean? Did they lose their Sirenix powers?
  • That mermaid sounded like Flora. 😛
  • Yikes! I guess Andros is the realm of “Tides” now. 😛
  • And that mermaid sounded like Tecna. 😛
  • So, the mermaids really can fight. 🙂
  • “We can’t hurt them!” Flora, I’m sick of hearing you say that! Toughen up, girl!
  • Go, Tressa, go! She sure is braver now! 🙂
  • Liking some of the Winx’s new powers this episode. Why didn’t they use them earlier?
  • The Emperor’s Throne gave Tritannus a couple new powers and a bigger ego. Not impressed.
  • So…let me get this straight. This whole time…ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS DESTROY HIS TRIDENT?!
  • Please explain to me how Neptune, a merman, can be Teredor’s brother.
  • Gate of Oblivion? That’s harsh. 😕
  • Of course, Bloom was the only one who thought to use her wish to break the Sirenix Curse.
  • And Daphne’s human/alive again. *Sigh*
  • Look, it’s Roxy! I hope you play a bigger role in season six!
  • Yep, “the blonde girl” in the season six trailer was Daphne. (I’m sure you’d figured it out by now.)
  • Obligatory victory party at Alfea. Except this time, it’s a concert in Andros. Same idea. 😛

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31 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 5X26: “The End of Tritannus”

  1. Don’t forget how Tritannus came back with the others, but he wasn’t bound or anything! And when they took him to that portal to oblivion, he wasn’t even forced in! He just swam up on his own! If he was angry that he was defeated and would have willingly crushed them still, why didn’t he try to get away when he had the chance?

      • True. I’m curious though. Were his feelings for Icy real or was it just to butter her up and make her willing to get him more pollution when he ran out? When he activated The Emperor’s Throne, his voice became deep and more “evil” sounding. Did he suddenly change when that happened and lost feeling for Icy or was it his plan to get rid of her when he reached his goal all along? My sister thought The Emperor’s Throne controlled him a bit, which led to his betrayal of Icy.
        Poor Icy seemed to really feel love for him and it was pretty nice of Darcy and Stormy to stand up for her. I hope she treats them better later on. The way they were talking almost seemed to confirm the three are blood sisters. I’m still trying to figure out if they’re all just half sisters (same dad, the ancestral witches’ corresponding to them as mom) or just really really close friends or somehow distantly related to each other. Has anything been confirmed?

  2. That party was fun for spying old favorite fairies. I particularly loved seeing Krystal and Roxy in close proximity, I like imagining they’re friends.

    The whole episode was just an absolute c*********k of terribleness. The Queen and King of Andros were afraid of water and they have the most sparcely furnished castle of all and it was just a reason to get the other girls out of the way so Bloom could save the day. And yeah, hovering and looking at monsters is the way to save the day.

    WHERE WAS THE ALLIANCE? I swear, episode upon episode of stupid Sky and Bloom drama was basically just that. It wasn’t to get the planets to align together, it was basically a backdrop for more drama between those two because they didn’t do anything in the final battle. We didn’t even see any more impact to the planets, surely there should have been more danger the closer Tritannus got to his goal. Instead it didn’t happen. It was so anticlimatic.

    And really, no one thought to try to destroy that trident before this? So going to take the piss out of that in my next fanfiction.

  3. When I heard “Gate of Oblivion” I thought Tritannus would fight like a baby to get away from that portal. But no, he just paused, then jumped right in, basically commiting suicide or something. O_o I couldn’t believe his own parents would sentence him to, well… OBLIVION.

    It was cool seeing Daphne as a human, but it’s going to take some time getting used to. She looked older on-screen than she did when I saw the screen-caps online at least. I was wondering what her “human” voice would sound like, but it sounds like her voice hasn’t changed much (phew). But what was with that ending? Bloom just spinning her 30-somthing sister around, and she just goes along with it. That was awkward. (And Daphne, hun, get new tights please.)

    Season 5 was a bummer, but I’m so excited for season 6! 😀

  4. maybe teredor and neptune are brothers like the trix are sisters chosen not biological cause if you remember in tears of the black willow or whatever nick called it icy’s comment to darcy was “you used to look like that” as if she didn’t know how she looked when she was young. as for niobe being afraid of the water i was hoping if she got wet she’d turn into a mermaid now that would have been interesting don’t you think

    • as for niobe being afraid of the water i was hoping if she got wet she’d turn into a mermaid now that would have been interesting don’t you think

      Ha! That made me think of that mermaid movie — was it called Splash? — where water turns the girl into a mermaid. 😛

      Anyway, I guess it’s possible that they’re not biological brothers. If they were, wouldn’t Aisha be part-mermaid? 😕 But calling each other “brother” keeps the ocean and land kingdoms united.

      Or it could be like the Earth Fairies. In one of the dubs, Diana referred to them as Roxy’s sisters, but of course, she’s not biologically related to all of them. 😛

      • Or maybe they’re brothers and one of them fell in love with a mermaid/human woman and decided to switch species for love. And the magic causes your skin color to match your future bride for some unknown magical reason. =P I like the “brothers by choice” idea better. The magic of friendship works for guys too!

    • I didn’t understand that either. Queen Niobe lives on a planet FILLED with water! What is she so afraid of? Getting her clothes wet? She could be afraid of the water demons swimming in the water she’s at and attacking her. That or she’s afraid she’ll drown. Their daughter is a fairy. Does she have powers too? Or Aisha’s dad? If she or he did, then I’m surprised they didn’t use them.
      Not to mention, what were the King and Queen doing alone in the palace anyway? If the palace were under attack, wouldn’t there be body guards taking them to safety? And where were the other people in the palace when this took place? Nick/Rainbow logic makes no sense sometimes! Or in the case of season five, hardly ever does it make sense!

  5. What happened to the Winx and to the together forever, or together we are strong? Or friendship beats all enemies? Strong messages, strongly not viewed in this episode! Although, I loved the Andros battle! Hey, by the way, have you seen the Sovereign Council? I think I’ve lost them! 😀

    • Council? What council? 😛 Seriously, I don’t think we’ll ever hear about it again. I never saw the point in it, since Tritanuus was so easy to beat.

      The battle wasn’t terrible. I loved seeing the mermaids fight and even Roy, too. But I do wish the Winx had teamed up against Tritannus. It was not fair at all for Bloom to hog the spotlight as usual.

      The only friendship message we got in this episode was when Flora swam back to help the others. Otherwise, yeah — not much at all.

    • Reminds me of the battle against the Trix in season one. We see fairies galore fighting, but we don’t even see the witches fighting except Professor Griffin and Mirta. It’s like the animators forgot to draw some of the girls without wings! And with less glittery outfits.
      You could argue the Council members have their armies fighting on their own planets, but if that’s the case, we never see that. Maybe they sent their planet’s mermaids to fight?

  6. I liked it. And about Icy being all “mushy”, Don’t you remember Season 3’s first episode when Icy sarcastically remarked that her heart was so cold that it was all ready a block of ice? Apparently it took falling in love with Tritannus to make her heart melt, and of course Flora would have to remind them not to harm the mutants because they were still under Tritannus’ curse, but you are right, brothers? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that King Teredor was half-merman.

  7. And so it ends. It was predictable and mediocre.

    I know Flora has been a liability all season, but I think she would’ve been more useful in facing Tritannus then Nereus. Aisha and Daphne get to sit on the sidelines for the final battle. Wonderful. Got to let Bloom have all the glory. Green moron finally gets his chair working. Poor Icy thinks she’s going to get somewhere in life. Tritannus goes crazy from the power. Turns out he couldn’t handle it after all. Darcy and Stormy show up to save Icy’s a*s. Then they all get blasted away. So much for Politea’s power. Still, those three got off pretty light all things considered.

    Mutants are more evil now. Heading to Andros, because why not. Then Tritannus decides to flood the planet. You know, that would actually be threatening to any other planet. Too bad he targeted the ocean planet. Populated mostly by mermaids. This has got to be lamest world ending scheme successfully enacted. Two people are shown to be threatened. And if the king and queen don’t have a way to get to safety, they probably deserve to drown. Looks like the Andros military is conscripting women again. Them and Roy versus a small army. Then the four extra Winx arrive to save everyone. I get the feeling the writers didn’t know what to do with them, so they just shoved them aside.

    The final showdown. Bloom and Nereus vs. Tritannus. Should be an epic battle right? Nope. Big green tanks a few hits, Nereus knocks his trident away, Bloom blows it up, and everything is solved. If only all their problems could be solved so simply. Seriously, Tritannus was pathetic all the way through. Season 1 Icy was a bigger threat than him. The Winx could’ve smacked him easily in episode 2. They had him in episode 13. They had him again in episode 19. It’s not a good sign when you have to contrive situations to make your bad gut threatening.

    Time to wrap everything up. Tritannus still hates everyone. No surprise there. Getting banished is an appropriate punishment. Plus it leaves him open for a future return. Unlike the Wizards of the Black Circle, I hope he’s never mentioned again. For family shenanigans, I just said magic and moved on. Bloom gets her wish, break the Sirenix curse. Which didn’t affect anybody in the present day. What a waste of a perfectly good curse. At least Daphne is corporeal again.

    Party time. Lots of people that had nothing to do with this come. I bet they’re here for the free food. Seeing a more human Daphne without her mask is a nice treat. Band time. Bloom is still the lead singer. I’m still annoyed at that. Song is okay I guess. Helia does a little trick, which is making me think he has some magic potential in him. Hopefully that’s addressed someday. We close off with Bloom and Daphne dancing together.

    So, that was a finale. Bad guy is defeated, everyone is returned to normal, and everything is fixed. Nothing special really. There are plenty of loose ends though. What will the Trix do now? Will Musa ever use her wish? How will Daphne adjust to rejoining the living? Will the alliance ever do anything? Will Flora continue to be a punching bag? Are the Winx ever going to get away from Alfea? Is the show worth following any more? All that and more will hopefully be answered when season 6 starts.

  8. I can really only pretend to explain the one about Teredor and Neptune…Teredor was adopted. That’s also why he’s black.

    I haven’t watched this yet because I live in Canada. Nick Canada will air this episode on Saturday and then I can try to find out if we get the new season next Saturday. (I’m also hoping Nick Canada decides to take a break from season 4 and air season 3 or 5 again) I have heard some not so good things about the ending. Especially with Bloom being the one to save the day again. It gets really boring and annoying fast to have one character be so superior to everyone else.

  9. -When my mom was watching with me, she said the mutants looked kind of scary.
    -The singer who sings most of the Winx songs- Elisa Rosselli- I really like her voice and her songs, and she recorded an English and Italian version of the song they played at the end. Her version was used in the Italian dub, and her English version was used plenty in the videos on the website, but they ended up using a different version sung by a bad singer in the English dub. I was REALLY disappointed. (._.”)
    -I wondered what was that stuff coming from the Emperor’s Throne…

  10. This episode was so whack. This did not feel like a final battle at all. The way Tritannous was defeated could have been done back in episode 2 when they had their Believix. They may not have been able to move around in the pollution too well but I’m positive they could have destroyed his staff. Heck Bloom almost defeated him when she had her Harmonix. The Trix really are pathetic, they couldn’t even put up a fight against Tritannous but Naraius was holding his own against him with a sword and no powers. Bloom and Aisha were off screen for a while and Stella, Musa, Tecna and Flora went to go fight off the mutants with Roy in a very lackluster battle. Bloom was being a bit too extra for me “Dragon KICK, Dragon PUNCH, Fire JAB”. Aisha and Daphne finally see each other face to face which is cool. I wanted to have remourse for Tritannous, but I just couldn’t. I thought he was going to be a villain that I would sympathize with, but his actions after losing his pollution powers sadly show me that Aisha and her family were right to shun him. He seems to be a sociopath. He said “I only regret not crushing you when I had the chance.” Ok Tritannous, aside from your family shunning you, why did you want to take it out on the whole magical deminsion, from what I see the Trix didn’t stir your judgement all that much. OH! and that’s another thing. Did he just completely forget about Icy. When he powered up, he went insane and turned on her. After he powered down, he never spoke of her again. Could this be a sign that he never really loved her and was actually using her all along. I feel like the only reason Daphne was brought back is because Elizabeth Gilles is voicing her, same with Diaspro and Ariana Grande.



    okay so for starters; glad the Trix are back together. Can’t wait to see them TAKE FREAKING CHARGE next season. On to Daphne; sweetie how is your hair shorter in your Nymph form than in your civilian appearance? Haven’t you seen the other seasons of Winx? With magic transformations come LONGER hair 😛 I’m glad you’re reunited with your family though.

    So I guess the Winx didn’t like their Rockstar outfits from the beginning of the season if they wore their Pop Disco outfits to perform 😛 prefer these though, too.

    Here’s hoping the final battle next season isn’t just Bloom parrying attacks off Selina only to destroy her Legendarium after three minutes, which would be the cause of her defeat :/ I was totally hoping for a more badass final fight! I mean, lets all just remember the epic four-episode fight that was the finale for Season 1.

    I’ll end this with some wishful thinking;

    okay so Aisha’s getting more teal/blue next season it seems transformation-wise, giving Flora the option to claim green. Does that mean Rainbow and Nick plan to give a certain Earth Fairy the color pink? Huh? Anybody?


    OH YEAH! Almost forgot; bye Selkies, it was nice meeting you this season! We’ll miss you when the Winx find another cute companion! Unless the pixies are coming back. I miss the pixies. I wonder if Daphne ever bonded with one…. and we still have yet to see Roxy bond with hers (hoping it’s Zing!).

    I think that’s it for now. UNTIL SEASON 6!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited!!!!!

  12. I think the final battle was pretty up there with the most irritating details of S5.

    They took every opportunity they could to play it up as the fight to end all fights, when the reality is [in my opinion, at least] this was possibly THE worst final battle we’ve seen in the series as a whole!

    One thing that I also thought was very strange was the whole idea of the Winx [except for Bloom of course…] having to rescue Niobe and Teredor [Aisha’s parents] from drowning…Isn’t Andros the realm of water? And their daughter’s powers are water-based, they had to be inherited from somewhere! Not to mention the fact that they are supposed to be magical beings. So they never thought to cast a spell or use some kind of ability to escape the mutants and the rising water? :/

    Also, the Sovereigns’ Council… Nick really knows how to write in and write out don’t they? The Council was shown meeting in several episodes, or at least discussing how vital it was to attack Tritannus with group force. Yet they weren’t even INVOLVED in the final fight! And speaking of the final fight, of course, Bloom was the sole-heroine. -__- What happened to “The Winx Club?” Where you know? They won all their fights together, they each had their OWN signature talents and abilities, they were all on a mostly even playing field, and they all got equal screentime? Well, it seems like Nick is really trying to resurrect the idea of “Bloom and the Winx Club” / “Magical Bloom” with S5!

    I did like the idea od Daphne coming back, that’s one of my predictions come true! However, I think Nick handled it in a totally graceless and unfitting manner. We all know Daphne’s backstory, we know that she was originally written off as being dead. I’m cool with her being back, I mean since she’s so much older and more powerful, I think it’d be cool to see her as a mentor for the group. However, if Nick wanted to write her back in, they should’ve nixed showing flashbacks of Daphne sending infant Bloom to Earth, and showing her on Domino at the time of the Ancestresses’ besiege in the 1-hour specials. I mean really, did they think everyone totally forgot about that? How would it have been possible for Daphne to be in her kingdom at the time of its collapse, sent Bloom to Earth, and then suddenly she AND the Ancestresses [who were on Domino] end up in the Infinite Ocean? Not to mention the fact that she was said to be a nymph, and now suddenly she’s a Sirenix fairy [and her Sirenix looks nothing like the actual form seen on the Winx…] It was just a trainwreck all the way around.

    And Tritannus…Possibly the worst villain we’ve seen in the series, and the weakest. All they had to do was remove the trident from him/destroy it…and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t it get mentioned several times early on, by both Tritannus and one of the Winx that the trident was his source of power because it helped him absorb the pollution? This whole thing could’ve been remedied REALLY quickly. Speaking of weakness, why is it that despite having undergone years of training, missions, fighting evil, and building up their powers, that suddenly it feels as though every member of the Club but Bloom has suddenly been sent back to year one as far as their power level and character traits go? Stella was shown to still be bratty and self-interested, Flora was constantly made out to be the weak link, Tecna was extremely introverted and too shy to meet Timmy face to face, Musa was jealous and suspicious of Riven, etc. I get that Bloom is technically the main character, but really? This isn’t the Winx Club I love…

    I said this in your last post, but I give S5 a 5, maybe a 6/10. Here’s hoping S6 offers us something less mediocre.

  13. So many dumb little things wrong in this episode that I lost count. All the mutants circling the Pillar of Light for no reason, (reminded me bugs around a big bug zapper). Daphne’s and Bloom’s visible tears underwater. Bloom’s 2D Sirenix hair color. The king and queen of a mostly water planet that appear afraid of water like they don’t know how to swim. And they’re the only people in a whole palace. And all 4 Winx go to rescue them while Roy and the mermaids are barely holding off the horde of mutants with their help. Flora’s chiming in that Nereus help defeat Tritannus when she had no way of knowing what he did. And at the end when the Winx stop playing and singing but the song goes on like they were just lip-syncing it. The list just goes on and on. I hope they hired better writers for season 6.

    And speaking of season 6, it appears the people who said the first episode was only a teaser were apparently right. There’s no Winx Club episode listed for the next Sunday after that one. Who knows when Nickelodeon will let us see more.

    • Ha! The tears — I didn’t even think about that! Technically, they shouldn’t be able to talk like that underwater, either. 😛

      The lip-syncing bothered me, too. I just don’t like the concerts in general because I know the Winx’s singing voices wouldn’t sound like that. 😕

      Bummer about season 6. I had a feeling we were getting to it too fast. 🙁

  14. well give notice how much s5 spend a lot give of let see

    bloom once again save the day get her sister to be human form.

    aisha & her mermaid family problem really if did talk & do something none of this messed would happen yet odds how did trix end-up in underwater prison in s5?

    rest give stella having parents issues, musa & riven usual he said & she said doing, flora got helia & krystal & techa only a date with timmy.

    give all slate clean-up now s6 coming yet to ask give some wonder on it now s5 is done.

    1. daphne now in human form yet look so young give same cause like bloom’s birth parents due being lady sword mom & daddy got statue they did NOT aged give same to daphne cause she was ghost mode.

    2. yet with daphne in s6 with wonder what factor she got like same feel when captain america got cap-sicle?

    3. tritannus well since finale ep was his fall yea lost it all his powers, girl, family’s trust, & everything else now sent to gate place i would not be “huh” plan another story arc on him but on a redeem quest to reform a bad person to a good person?
    (give wonder was ever time in winx series they did reform a baddie to a good person?)

    give one to wonder with all happen in 5 seasons yet season 6 on the corner wonder is pieces sign if make 2nd team of winx?

    besides give some of you would think it could happen someday yet if happen here my guessing for 2nd team winx line-up

    daphne – yea re-adjust her life now in human body new time era same story like how cap-sicle awake to present aka 2nd team version of bloom.

    roxy – yea give demoted in season 5 what new way get her own team of winx?

    tressa – give read on winx wiki page they mention mermaid fairy form & it would give them legs to walk so yea bring in a mermaid fairy aka 2nd team version of aisha.

    krystal – aka 2nd team version to flora & yet give more bit explore of her charcter.

    mirta – remember her yea give if put her in 2nd winx team it would re-introduce give new expand on her story.

    so if this happen or make any other 2nd team of winx well unless that for season 7 anyone?

  15. Was it just my mom & I or did this episode seem to go by pretty fast?

    Anyways, this was an alright episode, Tritannus wasn’t really that bad of a villain ( like everybody’s been saying), even my mom agreed and she hasn’t seen the other seasons yet, which we’re going to marathon soon. I was honestly hoping that if he was going to go mad with power/the Sirenix curse ( whatever it was, the fact that we didnt even get to see what it was exactly honestly made me forget there even was one unless they mentioned it) would have made him more…villainous…yeah, it didn’t work.

    Considering that the council or lack thereof wasn’t really featured much, I hope that we get to see them come together ( and actually do something) in the next season. I don’t mind if they used this season as a way to set up them for the next season ( that way we don’t have to deal with that in the next one).

    I really enjoyed the ending parties that would happen after the girls beat the villain, and while I loved the song, I don’t know how I feel about them being the band, I honestly don’t understand why Bloom has to be the main singer (especially since Musa is the fairy of music & she’s had more of an interest in it anyways)…this may have been answered in season 4, but I haven’t watched it yet. Personally, I preferred it when they just had a party and hung out with each other, instead it just being them up their singing.

    I know it’s something I have to get used to, but it’s kind of getting annoying always hearing Winx when referring to the girls (I mean, Bloom and the winx, why not just ‘where are the girls’?)…sorry mini nitpick.

    I’m interested in seeing what role, if any Daphne will play in the next season. The finale for me was alright, but it wasn’t the best for me.

  16. Also, to make a long comment longer, here’s something else that came to mind that I haven’t seen a lot of people discuss [yet.]
    In all honesty, I think Nick is to blame for the decline of Winx Club. I mean look at the 4 seasons that Rainbow produced on it’s own; they had their issues, but they were clearly superior to S5. I think that the reason for this is what I like to call “Americanization,” Winx Club does take place in the US, but it was produced by Europeans / Italians. The culture there is different, and some of the things that they are allowed to pull off in children’s shows are really akin to those we watched in the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, there is still the presence of violence, language, promiscuity, etc. on shows of all kinds, but as far as kids shows go, parents have been whining over this and that being inserted into their childrens’ TV shows, and you can definitely tell that a lot of the programming has been watered down.
    Winx Club has been subject to the same thing. We saw it in the 4Kids dub, and we’re seeing it now in the Nick remake: The Winx are adults, but they’re too young to talk engagement. They have to defeat evil, but they can’t be see “hurting” anyone, not even the bad guys. They’ve supposedly graduated from Alfea, but now they’ve returned as youthful students, etc.–––I understand that Nick caters to children and tweens, but their shows reach very broad spectrums of fans that they just don’t seem to acknowledge much…
    Although it’s never gonna happen, I would love to see S5 completely redone by Rainbow without Nick as a co-producer. Tritannus would be harder to defeat, writing would be better, the final battle would be awesome, the characters would likely be more distinguishable by their traits [who knows, maybe there would be no Winx band!] the season in general would just be…SO much better.
    Nick just needs to stop trying to kiddie-fie things that weren’t meant to be so bland.

  17. I think Flora wanted to say “We can’t kill them”, but of course, the word “kill” can’t be used in this show. Maybe they could’ve used the word “destroy”. If she’d said that, she would’ve been right since the mutants were just forcibly transformed merfolk.

    Really, the only parts of this episode I liked were Teredor trying to protect Naoibe and the very end, where Daphne and Bloom jump for joy in a circle together (hey, it was cute!). Really, after being tortured by Tritannus, I think Daphne did deserve something. I still find it funny how she looks younger than her ten-years-younger sister. She looks fourteen!

    I’ve had it up to here with Bloom always being the hero. Spotlight hog.

  18. i just loved the look on blooms face when none of her attacks worked on tritannus (so reminded me of sailor moon needing a guy to save her) sorry couldn’t resist all you sailor moon fans it was what peeved me off when i was younger supposed psa girls can be anything they want to be even heroes but in the end still needed a guy to save them

  19. It’s weird because normally I hate it when people say Bloom hogs the spotlight because she is my favorite character. But I did feel like the final battle was weak. All the Winx should have fought together in the Infinite Ocean against the Trix. What was really the point of them going to Andros? Also, I know that maybe destroying the trident was too easy but I can’t really think of what else should have been done. I think also they should’ve destroyed Tritannus in the Infinite Ocean. Him giving in to the gates of Oblivion was too easy.
    The ending was beautiful. I almost got teary eyed. Very predictable but I dreamed about what Daphne would look like since Season 1.

  20. It kind of annoyed me how Andros’ castle is out in the middle of the ocean, and they don’t even have any lifeboats! So, there are Aisha’s parents… and they choose to run and trap themselves in a tower… You know they could have swam, but maybe their clothes were too heavy?
    Idk, but nevertheless there is a lack of lifeboats on Andros.

    Ha… But yeah, it’s good to say good bye to season 5, now all I have to do is hope that season 6 is better.
    I really do hope that the writers start characterizing everyone better, because maybe it was just me but the Trix didn’t seem very… err.. they seemed to be a bit wishy-washy.

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