New season, guys! How exciting is that? 🙂

Daphne’s the focus of this episode. Now that the Sirenix Curse has been broken, she’s having a tough time adjusting to being corporeal again (fifty-cent word). It was hard to see her act so pitiful; in spirit form, she was selfless and mysterious. Not sure I like this new Daphne yet.

Meanwhile, the Trix wake up The Beast of the Depths (another weird-looking sea monster). They sic it on Domino Palace during Daphne’s welcome home party, and she’s the only one who can control it. But she thinks she’s lost her powers. Oh, boy.

Bloom’s sure her sis just needs a confidence boost, so the Winx ask their Guardians how to help her. The Guardians advise them to go to Lake Roccaluce to find something called The Inspiration of Sirenix. (There’s the title drop.) Turns out there’s no such thing. It’s just a mystical way of saying, “Cheer up a fellow Sirenix fairy.” Thanks for nothing, guys.

After the Winx give Daphne a pep talk…she transforms!

Daphne Sirenix

I tried to be happy about this, but I nearly had a heart attack. Regardless of Roxy or anything else, I do NOT want Daphne to become a Winx. Making her corporeal again already killed my image of her. Now I have to picture her as a Winx? No. Just no. She’s too…noble, for lack of a better word. Plus, she and Bloom would steal the show. They already are.

Roxy’s the only fairy I’ll accept as the seventh Winx. But Nick kicked her out of the club, and now they’re gonna replace her with Bloom’s once-dead big sister? Gag me. (Side note: this Sirenix outfit would have looked great on Roxy. Light green was her color, after all. Just sayin’.)

It’s not a done deal yet, though. Daphne’s in the opening sequence, but Roxy was in season four’s and it didn’t work out for her. We’ll see what happens.

All that said, this was still a good episode; it had decent dialogue and a fair amount of action. But I think it’s this season’s “The Lilo.” It even ended the same way: the Winx painting magic rainbows in the sky to the tune of a song about their current transformation. It didn’t feel like a season premiere, and it was more relevant to last season than this one.


Next time on Winx Club, we meet this season’s villain: Selina. She’s a new witch at Cloud Tower who owns the evil Legendarium, a book that brings legends to life. She uses it to unleash Treants on the Winx!

Side note #2: iTunes says one of the new transformations is called…Bloomix. Yes. Bloomix. I wish I were kidding. NOT okay, Nick and Rainbow. 😕

Here were my other thoughts while watching episode 6X01: “Inspiration of Sirenix.”

  • Whoa! The pixies look different! They look like they do in PopPixie! And there’s Cherie! 🙂
  • Love the new theme song!
  • If the Trix still have their Sirenix powers, what did Tritannus do to them?
  • Domino’s so pretty!
  • So, Daphne can’t walk? I guess she’s used to floating around as a spirit.
  • You didn’t invite Roxy to the party, did you, Bloom? 🙁
  • A beast stronger than the Dragon Flame? Why didn’t you think of this before, Icy?
  • “Return to life?” Being dead and being a “disembodied spirit” are different things, aren’t they?
  • At least they’re still calling her a nymph. Although she used to be a supreme nymph, not just The Nymph of Domino. (Though I guess each realm could have a supreme nymph.)
  • All she has is her Sirenix powers? She’s starting from scratch!
  • Since when is a kiss just “hanging out?” 😛
  • Hey, it’s the three stooges from Magical Adventure! 😛
  • Stella…I like the 90’s muffler. 🙁
  • She looks gorgeous, but…I hate that she stole Roxy’s light green. It’s giving me a bad feeling. 🙁
  • Does Daphne even know the Trix?
  • I’m not gonna miss Sirenix, but I’m gonna miss the transformation song. 🙁
  • Aisha did say “Tide of Sirenix!” Thank goodness! 😀
  • Using their Sirenix special spells at one time — that’s how I thought the Winx were gonna beat Tritannus…
  • First time in a while I’ve heard Sky sound like a leader.
  • What’s with this “Bloom and the Winx” stuff? Bloom’s a Winx, too! The other girls aren’t her sidekicks! 😕
  • And once again, the Guardians are useless. They sent you to another realm to find…yourselves. *Sigh* 🙄
  • “Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix?” Well, she didn’t say “Magic Winx.” And her Sirenix looks a tad different. But it’s light green. 🙁
  • New song: “Way of Sirenix.” It’s catchy. 🙂
  • “Daphne joins the Winx…at Alfea.” Whoa, Nick! Watch your phrasing! 😯
  • Is Faragonda wearing a slightly different outfit?

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82 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X01: “Inspiration of Sirenix”

        • Honestly? I’ve finally come to the conclusion in my own mind that S4 was just a filler arc. At the end of the day, there was almost no point whatsoever. We don’t even SEE Roxy anymore, much less hear about her, or the impact of magic on Earth anymore, or Roxy’s role as Queen-to-be, of Tir Nan Og, which were all supposedly important…

  1. I’m officially convinced Rainbow and Nick like messing with us.

    I found Daphne kind of adorable with how clumsy she was being. Although, she should probably wear flat shoes for a while. Heels aren’t going to help.

    I didn’t even notice the pixies! I hope they do return this reason. I haven’t seen PopPixie, but I don’t think I mind if they look different.

    I am NOT happy about the new transformation being called Bloomix. That had either better be the name of only Bloom’s transformation. Otherwise, they’d better have a darn good reason for that!

    They’ve given Bloom everything possible. There is nothing left to give her, but they just have to try to stretch it.

    • I asked Michael from Michaels winx club if Bloomix was the official transformation, and he said it wasn’t and not to trust it untill we see it mentioned in the episodes. I think the people at itunes are falling prey to the rumor that’s been going around for the past several weeks.

  2. I loved the new song too, very catchy 😛

    Well the only thing I got right on my guess for Daphne’s Sirenix appearance was the pink hair streaks. But OMG, I loved the green and blue on her. Her dress was amazing, too. But I felt the same about light green being for Roxy; I was hoping Daphne would be more yellow/gold. And now that you say it, that’s probably why I loved her Sirenix; it would’ve looked lovely on Roxy 😛

    I have high hopes for Roxy, seeing as Daph will be teaching at Alfea (hey, weren there six other fairies who were supposed to be teachers? :P). I feel like with her as a teacher, it gives the option for her to help the Winx advance, and even more so; be a quick tutor to Roxy. I WANT HER TO CATCH UP, DARN IT! I’m still hoping that with the Winx losing their powers, Roxy steps up to help them adjust, and when they’re ready to earn ‘Bloomix’, she’ll be right along side them.

    But I guess until then, I’ll be starting some Roxy-centric fanfiction to lessen the hole in my heart.

    I just got some inspiration for some Roxy drawings. You could say I caught the Inspiration… of Sirenix 😛 anybody? no? well that’s fine, I’m off to go doodle!

    I’m so sorry for that joke.

    • I think this is appropriate here… 😛

      But yeah, it looked pretty on her, but gold is her color. I can understand why they switched to a different one — because of Stella — but…why light green? I hope it’s not a hint. 🙁

      Roxy could be very useful this season. I just hope Nick and Rainbow realized that. I don’t know if she’ll earn “Bloomix” (or whatever), but at least having her help them while their powers are gone would be nice. But I have a feeling Daphne’s gonna be the one to do that. 🙁

      Having her tutor Roxy would be awesome, though!

      • No,it’s not a hint.Daphne’s colors were switched from gold to light turquoise……..I think………..

  3. Maybe daphne gets a bonded pixie? Cherie?
    I loved how Aisha reminded bloom that she’s not in this alone
    Wonder what blooms battle cry wil be? Bloom bloomix!
    I miss Blooms earth parents. I’m sorry but I like them better than oritel and Miriam. Everything is so forced.

    • “Bloom Bloomix!” I do not want to hear that! X_X
      Cherie might be an interesting pixie for Daphne. But since she’s from PopPixie, I don’t know if she’s just there as background or if she’ll be important this season.

      As for Bloom and her birth parents, I think it’s just because they’re still getting used to each other. They’ve been separated her entire life. That’d make an interesting side plot, but I guess Nick and Rainbow didn’t think of it.

      • I was wondering is it because some of these monsters from the Legendarium are coming to life in the forest that the pixies are back at Alphea. I mean if you look at the trailer, they are in the forest and that’s also were pixie village is. The winx may have to go out and help the pixies and bring them back to Alphea. Thus we have pixies again. At least Nick is recycling.

  4. When I saw the pixies in the intro, I first thought “Yay, they’re back!”, and then I was like “Wait, why are they in their Pop Pixie designs? That series is non-canon to the Winx Club, isn’t it? Is the writers even trying to make sense of the continuity anymore?” I swear, if Digit is referred to as male, then I’ll just assume it’s gotten to the point where I could easily see the writers just bringing Nabu back with no explaination whatsoever.

    (for the record, I do want him to come back, provided they do have a good explaination for it)

    And how did the Winx fly all the way from Domino to Lake Roccaluce, which is in another dimension, and back so fast without even flying through any visible portals?

    Other than that, I suppose it wasn’t that bad. Glad they showed that Daphne still hadn’t gotten entirely used to having her physical body back after being stuck in spirit form for 16+ years, and her Sirenix looks pretty nice on her.

    I get the feeling Daphne won’t be as relevant as Roxy was to the adventures, she’ll be more of a supporting cast member rather than a main characters. I do hope Roxy gets in on some of the action, though. I mean, surely there’s something she can do while the Winx are trying to earn their new power, such as protecting them from magical animals summoned by the Legendarium or something.

    Also, Bloomix? Seriously? Did the Winx choose that name for the transformation themselves because they couldn’t figure out the actual name for it, or something? Or was Bloom somehow the first one to discover the transformation, so they just named it after her because they couldn’t think of anything better?

    And yeah, that new song was awesome.

    So, we finally are introduced to Selina in the next episode. If the episode preview is any indicator, I’m going to guess she might be sort of the new witch in school who wants to impress by showing off her magical book?

    • PopPixie‘s a spin-off — definitely not canon. I think they gave them their PopPixie looks as a shout out to it.

      I also wondered how the Winx got to Lake Roccaluce so fast. I think it’s just implied they went through the Infinite Ocean. They didn’t show us because we already know they can do that. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

      Daphne being in the theme song makes me think she will be important somehow. But I hope she’s just a minor character. If she’s the History of Magic teacher, maybe she’ll know something about The Legendarium. Just a random thought that came to my head…

      Selina does seem young, so I can see her showing off with the book. That’s probably how the Trix find out about it.

      Bloomix. Ugh. People are saying it has nothing to do with Bloom, but…it’s just such a bad idea for a name. I hope it’s wrong. 🙁

      • Actually I heard 2 things about Bloomix
        1. The design was given that name after the flower like patterns that are on the second transformation which is more obvious in the 2D design, and

        2. I heard someone spliced a video so Bloom and Winx came together forming Bloomix and put it on youtube.

        Personally I am inclined to believe the second.

    • You’re right, they couldn’t fly to Lake Roccaluce. And if they used the Lake Roccaluce ocean gate, they would have come out under water, not flying over the lake.

      They did move realm to realm in “The Lilo” and “Return to Alfea” through individually colored magic balls of light in season 5. But then how could the Trix have followed them without knowing where they were going?

      First oops of the season. I was hoping the writing will be better in season 6.

  5. Bloomix!!!? Ughhhhhhh :(. I would be alright if the series was under the under title intended , Magica Bloom… it’s so sad how the other characters are disregarded a lot. Why can’t it be Winxix …. Jk but still applys to them instead of bloomix. Seriously… least the transformation is gorgeous….of course cause its BLOOMix ….I don’t think rainbow and the writers have taken under the consideration of the show being about ALL girls and that season 5 was always Bloom ( mostly). I hope I am wrong because I cannot judge the season by only watching the fist episode……. btw I know there is an age difference but it would be cool to see Daphne and Bloom fight over silly stuff and act more like sisters!

  6. I loved the premiere! Domino is my favorite kingdom, it’s just so lush and colorful, and Daphne and Marion are two of my favorite minor characters [Although it seems Daphne may be making her way into the more mainstream cast] and getting to see more of the Domino Royal Family, AND Daphne’s transformation was just treat central for me! haha! Also, was that…yes! I believe it was! Character continuity on the horizon! 😮 In two brief scenes we see Bloom’s trio of silly maids from Magical Adventure!

    One thing that I thought was a little strange about the party though, was that there were TONS of people in attendance, supposedly including what Oritel states as “every King, Queen, Prince and Princess in the Magic Dimension,” and all of Domino’s citizens. So…where were the Stella and Aisha’s parents? :/ Not to mention the courtyard venue seemed WAY larger than it was in S5 when we saw it used in The Domino Ceremony. [Plus, there were like 10 people at Bloom and Sky’s ceremony, and like 100 at Daphne’s.]

    All that aside though, I really liked the episode! And in smalle ways, you can tell the writers are carrying references over into this season from S5, so hopefully that continues, it’s a refreshing change for the better! 🙂 I did feel as though the fight with the Best of the Depths was really open-and-shut though; it happened too fast. After all that destruction and battling against it, all Daphne had to do was earn her confidence and tell it to go away? And the Winx went on a VERY quick mini-journey to find out what Daphne’s inspiration was…WHY couldn’t the stupid half-season quest for the Gems in S5 have gone that fast!? haha! I think they kind of crammed a lot of material into one episode, but they had decent explanations for everything, so it was good, in my opinion .
    [Also with the Trix, remember early in S5, Daphne got kidnapped and held hostage by them and Tritannus, so that’s probably why she knows who they are.]

    The one thing I’m really dreading though? Bloomix. For those who haven’t read about it yet, yes, this is the confirmed name of at least one of the new transformations in S6…It has to do with when the girls lose their powers, they have to look within themselves and believe [Um, Believix, anyone?] that their powers will “bloom” from within them. ––– I get the concept, but HOW did it not cross their minds that their main character is called Bloom, and will only get more hate for having a transformation subtly named after her? That’s one of the things I’m wary of, is it turning into another round of Magical Bloom.

    All that aside, it looks good.

    And with the episode 2 preview, I think it’s subtly been made apparent that Daphne won’t be a member of the Club; it says that she accompanies them to Alfea, but she’s there to teach. Also, in the clip where we see the Winx and the Trix facing off, notice that Daphne isn’t present even though she has her Sirenix form now. Obviously, we’re only 2 episodes in at that point so there’s a lot that could change, we’ll just have to wait. I do want to see her teacher’s outfit up close, though! And I like the slight redesign they did for Faragonda! I can’t wait to see more, and judging by the preview for episode 2, they’re really gonna get the ball rolling, and we’ll see some real action right off! 🙂 So far, it looks like it’ll be a big improvement from S5!

      • I was curious since I’m always complaining about the writers, so I did some research.

        Actually 4 of the 8 writers for season 6 are pre-Nickelodeon. (so were 5 of 12 in season 5.) Of the other 4, only 1 seems to have any connection to Nickelodeon, (wrote for a show on Nick Jr.). 1 joined in season 5 as story coordinator, now listed as a writer. And 3 are new for season 6.

        8 of the 12 season 5 writers are gone. (Yea!) I think the going from 12 to 8 writers will make the story less of a mess too.

        Of course, the writers have to follow the rules set by their bosses. That’s where Nickelodeon probably forced the changes we often complain about.

  7. do you know where i can find a complete video of the episode? i’m from ontario, canada and can’t access either or nickcanada in my area and i really want to see it

  8. And so we get a teaser of season 6 with Inspiration of Sirenix. It’s basically like The Lilo in that there’s really no connection with the actual plot. The opening is mostly fine. Too much dancing. It indicates Daphne will be a constant presence. There’s the two new guys and the new witch. The Trix have a new look. Most importantly, the pixies are back. Good. I liked them.

    Icy is still out for revenge. She really should try out for something else. The other two are just following her because they have nothing better to do. Icy’s deluding herself if she thinks this creature is the one that will finally destroy the Winx.

    So Daphne is not used to being corporeal and thus is clumsy. Reasonable I guess. This also means she has little confidence in herself. Can’t blame her, seeing how she did nothing last season. Everyone has gathered for a party. Daphne doesn’t like the attention. The Winx make her conform to themselves. So much for personal style.

    Trix attack. Is the Domino palace going to become the new Alfea? A place where villains can walk up to and attack whenever they’re bored? Monster is tough, Trix are nothing special, nothing new. Only Daphne can control it despite the Trix clearly controlling it. Almost makes me wish Roxy was there. I like how the Winx can just go to Magix on a whim, then come right back a few minutes later. Trix follow and get stomped easily. Daphne is inspired and tells it to go away. All is well.

    Not a great episode, but for a standalone it’s acceptable. This one episode has made me more endeared to Daphne than every previous episode combined. Winx and Specialists are still themselves. We probably won’t start the rest of the season for a few months. When it does start, I’m not getting my hopes up. Now the Winx are students again. Ugh. The show needs to stop relying on that place. Daphne is a history teacher now. Why? Don’t any of our princesses have duties on their planets? We’ll be seeing Cloudtower and Griffin again, so that’s nice. New villain does have a nice concept. We’ll see if she puts it to good use.

    I don’t see Daphne joining the Winx. This episode was a conclusion to her arc, and she’ll probably be relegated to recurring character. Nymph seems to more of a title or position than species to her, which is good. Roxy will be lucky to get a few cameos. This season isn’t wowing me with its concept or execution, but it already has more potential than season 5. Season 4 may have had a lousy premise, but at least it did stuff with it and allowed the characters to grow. Season 5 had a weak premise and a terrible execution. Hopefully this season won’t be delayed too long.

  9. Sigh. So this took me the better half of a day to watch due to my dodgy internet connection and honestly, I feel like I wasted half my life. Yay there were Specialists, I think Tecna got a few more lines than normal, that was great… and I can’t remember the rest of the good things if they existed. Oh, having Daphne adapt to being ‘corporeal’ (Someone got Bloom a ‘word of the day’ calendar – honestly it seemed so OOC for her to use that word) was an interesting move. I didn’t think they’d think of how different it would be for her, and yet they decided that they should go the comedy route with it. Thanks for the maturity there Nickbow, really, you inspire me to be a better person.

    There was a lot of cringe in the conversations at times. I like Daphne and yes, the scene kind of makes sense context wise. I still don’t like it but I get why Aisha would make a big deal about feet since Daphne’s having trouble using them. It was still insensitive but I get that Nickbow doesn’t care much about those things.

    You know what, I never realised how ridiculous the Sirenix power names were until they were lined up like that. They’re absolutely terrible.

    The Inspiration of Sirenix thing was just disgusting. They went all that way (and for us who actually know where the Lake actually is, it’s a fair distance) just to realise that they just should have been more forceful with their Daphne pep talk and of course, she’s the only one who can control the monster and protect the people, she’s the Nymph of Domino. So what exactly is a Guardian Fairy exactly? The cheerleader?

    Daphne’s transformation was disturbingly fast, I expected at least five minutes of twirling and sparkles and giggling smiles but it just happened. I guess Nymph’s mean business.

    Battle is over, so the Winx… fly around like the effing Red Arrows. What the heck? Five minutes of them showing everyone they could fly… I’m sorry, was this a new talent they gained because I kind of remember flying being not so big of a deal back in the first season when Bloom found out she was a fairy. But now they do air acrobatics and spray coloured gas out of their feet. Brilliant. Who needs entertainment when you have the multitalented Bloom and her entourage.

    Sometime in the not so near future Episode two: Why are the Winx students again? I’m honestly confused. And Treants, that’s something new and never seen before… oh Joy. Well it was slightly better than the first episode of season five but as a first episode, I got nothing exciting from it and I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat for the next episode either. I saw Riven. I’m happy.

    • With their travel to Lake Roccaluce, I just assumed they used their Zoomix ability to teleport there, and perhaps didn’t show it to save time?
      I agree with the ending though. I actually liked the episode a lot, in comparison to S5’s weak opener, but the whole sugary rainbows ending was just…ugh. It doesn’t work. You can’t show them being all badass and fending off evil, and then cut to something straight out of a Barbie movie. It doesn’t work; not to mention it was a waste of time. They could’ve cut that whole cheesy scene out and devoted more time to them searching the Lake, and not making the search for Daphne’s Inspiration so short…

    • I want to like Daphne, I really do. I think she could become an awesome character. But the whole ‘omg so clumsy’ routine and the crying fit and running into her mothers arms because she can’t do it…yeah no -_-

      The inspiration was dumb. And not that inspiring to be honest. If Daphne really couldn’t inspire herself into some confidence that lame attempt of the winx certainly shouldn’t have.

      Poor Riven got stepped on his poor toes~

      At least Daphne won’t be a student again!

      • Well when you think about her clumsiness, it wasn’t something they inserted for no feasible reason; she’s been a floating spirit for 20+ years, and has thus been able to travel via flight, teleportation and traveling though solid surfaces. I mean it wouldn’t make sense for them to make her so flighty if she was stuck that way for, say a week, but 20 YEARS or more? I’d be falling all over the place, too!
        The running to her parents for comfort thing, I think is also kind of excusable. Daphne is biologically in her 30s, but lost her body at a young age/in her teens, and hasn’t had much interaction with people, since. So I think that it’s probably just her emotional immaturity showing through. I mean Daphne would be a completely different person had she grown up normally. At her age, she’d probably be married, with kids, she’d definitely be more emotionally mature and socially graceful, as well.

        I do agree with you about the Inspiration though, it was pretty pointless at the end of the day. And the Winx didn’t really do much other than tell her to believe, and suddenly everything was okay…

        • I get Daphne running to her mother, it was a nice moment because I feared it would be Bloom and Bloom’s parents and then Bloom and Bloom’s sister, rather than Daphne getting time to bond with her parents again. But we’ve also lost a lot of what made Daphne, Daphne. And instead, she’s almost become Bloom’s new cause. I’m hoping the writers sort that out and let her evolve naturally but I don’t really have faith in the writers so much as I do in the fanfiction writers.

          Also I get the whole being a bit clumsy, it was something I’d hope they’d deal with but it was so… forced in a way. Like, look she’s falling over, it’s funny, haha. Nickbow aren’t exactly great at sensitivity – they did create Bloom who arranges a Welcome Home party for a sister who doesn’t seem to want one quite yet. It doesn’t seem like much time has passed since Tritannus’ fall, shouldn’t Daphne be given an iota of time before being forced into the company of people? She must be suffering from sensory overload after having no senses for so long as well as being isolated for ever. It just seems like Bloom’s so desperate for Daphne to be normal like her, that she’s overwhelming her sister. But since she got the talk of Inspiration, she’ll probably be absolutely fine when we see her next.

          The Inspiration was as cheesy as the breakfast scene and the many other things about Winx Club that makes me cringe these days and long for the first – third seasons.

          I’m really, really hoping the next episode – whenever it shall air – will be better and the other Winx get to have some screen time, rather than just being there to make up numbers. Or maybe I’m just being cynical. On the upside, lots of fodder for fanfiction writers.

      • Honestly Daphne is a great character and as she’s a princess she should behave more maturely. She certainly shouldn’t act like a whiny Bloom from season 1. However coming back to life might have just made things a little difficult for her.

  10. Ok can someone please explain to me how Daphne had a Sirenix transformation outfit. I thought she was a nymph and wore that orange dress for a reason. I was like what the heck is going on?

    Also if the transformation is really called Bloomix that makes no sense what so ever. Why would an ancient transformation be named after a girl who is only like 23 years old.

      • But the orange outfit came with the mask. Wasn’t the mask muy importante. Was she cursed in her regular outfit kinda like how Politea was? Like you know how if Bloom was cursed in the pink shirt and blue skirt outfit she wears everyday is it like Daphne was cursed in that orange dress and maybe she was using her powers in her civilian form when she was cursed. Like was the dress a formal dress and but wait she already has a civilian form. I thought that dress was her nymph form anyway. Cuz if Daphne was using her Sirenix in flashbacks why did we never see her with wings or a ponytail. You see where I’m kinda getting confused? Rainbow, really needs to make sense of what on earth is going on.

        Plus no offense I think its a great idea Daphne is becoming part of the Winx. She’s tough, talented, and I can’t wait to see her and Bloom combine their powers and kick some a*s. I liked Roxy but she wasn’t on the Winx’s level plus she whined way too much about everything, but I did really start to like her towards the end of Season 4. I just feel more like Daphne deserving to be apart of the Winx.

        BTW The Insipration of Sirenix thing was oober tacky.

          • I can understand that Roxy is not Winx’s level etc., but can you explain me please how exactly she deserving to be a Winx more than Roxy? What Daphne’s really do is… almost nothing. Just appear in Bloom’s dreams. She is not even Winx’s friends. She is Bloom’s older sister, but it’s not like she is a big friend of Flora, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Layla.

          • Because…

            A. Daphne is at their level
            B. Because she sacrificed herself for everybody, not just her little sister
            C. Because she’s proven herself
            D. Because she’s already learned mostly about her powers, and Roxy is still learning
            E. Because she’s a great asset to the team
            F. Maybe Faragonda asked the Winx to leave Roxy alone to focus on her studies
            G. Because power and skill that is earned through time and experiance should not just be handed over in one season. Remember, no matter her role in the series, Daphne has the power, skill, and experience because she earned it. She must have already graduated alfea, like the Girls, to become a protector of her planet. She helped Bloom and through Bloom the rest of the girls through every season BUT season four. Case and point, they would have all been roasted if she hadn’t of shown Bloom the way out of Cloud tower. Roxy has only been there for one season, whined for most of it, and only “Winxed up” because evil wizards were after her. Don’t get me wrong, I like Roxy. She really shows a lot of potential. But I just don’t see her joining after just a year and a half of schooling. Maybe in season seven, but why can’t they both be in the club?

            Like I said, I don’t have anything against Roxy, but I think that she needs a little more training and experiance before she joins the club.

          • Lol trust me it took re-watching season 4 a few times for me to like Roxy. The whining was a pain. She went from I believe you to get away from me in 10 second flat. It was annoying.

      • If you look at original designs for her in S1, specifically in episode 21, you’ll notice the whole yellow and gold theme was a new change. ––– Pause at 5:29

        You’ll notice Daphne’s hair was originally red, like Bloom and Marion’s, and het dress was made of various blues and yellows. So the whole red and orange theme we’ve seen her with in the movies and newer seasons [and Nick remakes of the old ones] was never her original look. Personally, I wish they’d use the old one. I like Daphne with blonde hair, but compared to the rest of her family, she looks a little out of place. And since she and Bloom are sisters, and blue is one of Bloom’s colors, I think it’d be neat to see Daphne with the blue and pale yellow color scheme. The mint green looks pretty on her, but there’s no basis for it with her powers.

  11. I don’t think I can stand to watch all of this season, so I was wondering if when season 6 is over if someone could make a list of the good (or better) episodes so that I don’t waste my time with any of the mediocre ones. =/

  12. This episode improves my outlook on season 6 way better than the Lilo did for season 5 even if it is a bit “rinse and repeat” because lets face it. We have seen this episode before, kinda. I liked the Lilo but that was mostly because I was excited to finally have season 5. I loved Inspiration of Sirenix. Something about it was just Winxy.
    Here are the things I liked the most:
    – Seeing the pixies in the intro.
    – Daphne’s lack of co-ordination. I always thought she was floating around or gliding or something but never walking. It was nice to see that she wasn’t instantly perfect.
    – “Awkward” That moment when they all said it was cute.
    – Daphne’s dress was gorgeous but her everyday wear was fine too Stella.
    – Wait were the specialist actually fighting? I can’t remember the last time I saw that 🙂 I mean in season 5 only Roy was highlighted in the fight scenes besides Sky. Awww Timmy you look so cute being all brave and I really mean that.
    – Daphne froze up. Ok so that wasn’t exactly smart of her but lets face it, battling enemies as a ghost or whatever is way different for doing it as a human who seems weak and frail. And if we think about it Daphne has been a ghost for quite a while.
    – The ending song was awesome. I really liked it.

    Things that annoyed me:
    – Way to be pushy Bloom. Your sister needs time to adjust. As for the rest of the Winx, they were no better.
    – The transformation look. For some reason I wanted Daphne’s Sirenix to look like her spirit nymph form. Not exactly but something similar. I don’t want her to blend in. She blended. That was so unfair.Come on Nick. Surely you could have done something unique for her! Geez. Giving her that look is making her as un-unique as the Winx are becoming.

    As for the season transformation , everytime I hear the name Bloomix, I think of this picture I saw once online :/ That should say it all

    • Also did you see the glimpses of the first transformation for Bloom, Aisha, and Stella? If that’s Bloomix then it’s name is all wrong. They look like warriors. Also it reflected each Winx very well. Not cookie cutter at all 🙂

  13. I have to say I thought this season was going to be EPIC than season 5 I guessed NOT. When you said that the new transformation is going to be called BLOOMIX!! >:( Not what i was thinking. Really Rainbow and Nick I don’t want to be mean to Rainbow or Nick or make them mad because well……. 4KIDS IS BETTER LOL!!!! They made great seasons but hubba bubba bubble gum I guess Nick and Rainbow got lazy. NOOOOOO WHHY get your acts together RAINBOW! I do still like Winx but why make a beautiful cartoon than mess it all up and be lazy. I don’t want Rainbow to be mad but I feel like Winx should had ended until season 3. To my opinion.

  14. well give focus some on daphne give been many years as a ghost & now back in solid body form give re-adjust having a body again.

    cause recall bloom’s birth family & world was stuck frozen in time yet did not aged at all yet still re-adjust to 20+ yrs of lost time.

    besides give concern unless whole daphne on winx team give she have experience & oldest of the 6 winx still i’m saying maybe they put in to make 2nd team of winx.

  15. My thoughts:
    — Oh look, another thing as powerful as the dragonfire. This, o writers, is why you don’t make your character the post powerful whatever ever: it leads to a silly magical arms race. (also it’s Sueish, but that’s another topic)

    — Ok the “whole new you” scene isn’t so bad in context since we know Daphne has been having trouble with coordination. Or wait, amybe that makes it more creepy. I dunno. Also, Oritel is pretty oblivious to girls’ feelings, guess he forgot his fathering skills while he was a statue. 9_9

    — Daphne! I’m still getting used to her new-season self, but this episode helped a lot. Once she got her confidence back she was so regal! and badass! And they gave her a sirenix form! And I actually really like that she freaked and froze up in battle, that’s a very normal thing to do, especially if you think you’ve got no powers. And her dress must have been a Stella special: the top half was gorgeous, the bottom half looked like a wedding cake.

    — But the “inspiration of sirenix” was really dumb. Also I hate how many of the problems in the Winx ‘verse are solved by “you just have to believe in yourself.” It would make a better story if they sometimes went with “you just have to study and learn about it” or “you just have to practice” or “you just have to ask for help.” You know, like in real life.

    –I think Tritannus just banished the Trix from the Infinite Ocean– the season is over, its setting has become obsolete! But left them their powers. But their sudden Daphne-hate feels like “it’s in our contract; we’re villains in a cartoon!”

    –In the opening, Stella and Aisha’s new costumes! Beautiful! I love the new transformation!

    • “Also I hate how many of the problems in the Winx ‘verse are solved by “you just have to believe in yourself.” I totally agree. Also, when they kept reiterating the theme of “belief” and “self confidence,” the first thing that came into my head was Believix! It seems like Nick’s recycling some ideas… Overall I really liked the episode, but I also think that the quest for the Inspiration was about as useful as the quest for the Gems in S5…a lot of wasted time. I think that if the quest was actually a quest, that they probably could’ve squeezed a two-parter out of this one! It just felt like they tried to cram waaay too much into one episode, so it began to fall short at the end.

      As for the Dragonfire thing, it was established [in the original] that the Dragonfire was the most powerful source of magic in the Magic Dimension, because it came from the Great Dragon, which became intertwined with the planet Domino, where Bloom is from. So I can kind of give them some leeway there, since it’s not another one of the newly-established ‘Bloom is the best’ tropes we’ve been seeing lately… But yeah, they said several times early on that there was nothing as powerful as the Dragonfire, until Valtor came into play and had essentially a dark version of it, but that’s about it. I mean the writers can’t possibly think that everyone simply forgets the canon when a new season starts…

      • But if you think about it, was the Beast of the Depths really that powerful? More powerful than the Dragon Fire, if it can only truly be controlled by the Nymph of Domino?

        • That’s exactly what I thought. I mean after all of that mayhem and destruction it caused, and everything they tried to do to defeat it, all Daphne had to do was tell it to go away? Really, Nick?
          It just felt as though they had too many ideas for the season’s opener, and tried to cram every single idea into one episode. The quest was WAY too fast, the monster was sucky, and the ending with the rainbows was cheesy…

      • Considering Alfea is still a part of the show, showing the characters get stuff by studying would be a welcome and obvious change of pace. Teaches a good lesson and makes it slightly less cheesy.

        For the Dragonflame stuff, sometimes you just have to accept that what’s said doesn’t match the truth in the show. See half of season 4, especially anything to do with Believix. See also, everyone claiming Tritannus is a legitimate. And some other stuff too. It’s the only way this show makes sense sometimes. I figure Icy is just being delusional again, and the other two don’t care enough to argue.

        Tritannus just blasted the Trix away. Even if he somehow banished them, they could probably go back to the IO if they wanted to seeing how he’s gone. They’ve got no reason to go there though.

        I do wish they showed the Winx teleporting to Magix and back. Would’ve saved a whole lot of confusion for those that didn’t remember they can move between planets in seconds.

  16. Honestly it wasn’t that bad. I liked Daphne’s Sirenix transformation but it was too short and green really isn’t her colour, gold and orange are. I miss the old Daphne, the mysterious nymph of Magix

    Now the things I liked:-
    Daphne :- I like the fact that she wasn’t perfect as soon as she came back to life and she did have trouble adjusting to being alive again. Her transformation sequence, though as I mentioned it was short. When she shouted her transformation sequence, it was like it was filled with ancient power , if you know what I mean.
    Her dress was gorgeous .

    I also liked the new song:- Way of Sirenix

    I’m glad that the specialists did some fighting in this episode

    Daphne’s going to be a teacher at Alfea and I like the fact that Ms.Faragonda got a makeover and that Griffin is going to make some appearances.

    However what I didn’t like was:-
    What happened to the pixies of the Winx Club??!:- Why are they in their Pop Pixie forms?

    The writers are ignoring Musa, Tecna and Flora once again:- Come on two lines or a word doesn’t comprise dialogue, atleast not to me.

    The Beast of the Depths:- How can anything of the Infinite Ocean be more powerful than the Dragon’s Flame? But then again we’re talking about something from the Infinite Ocean, a place where the three Pillars are located. So it’s not impossible for it to be as powerful (not more) as the Dragon’s Flame.

    The Inspiration of Sirenix :- Why did it have to be the Winx? Why couldn’t it be an object? And the quest :- Did it have to be short? They could have shown that part more

    Why are the Winx in uniform? Is it because they have technically graduated after season 3 and it’s to separate them from the other students?

    All in all, it left me eager for the next episode. I also believe that we can’t judge the season based on just one episode.

  17. Besides the reason they were flying around after the battle was probably because it was supposed to be a party….

  18. You, guys, know what I think? I told it for some friends and they almost agreed with ev’rything I said… u maybe not :p
    I think Bloom will share the Dragon’s Flame with the Winx to destroy the legendary creatures and the Trix and that’s why the transformation is called Bloomix… because they need Bloom’s powers to do it.
    I call it “a Theory” 😉

  19. What I am not looking forward to is :- BLOOMIX . Honestly it sounds like it’s been named after Bloom and I hate it!! Couldn’t they have named it Legendix or Nymphix(Well maybe not Nymphix as I thought of it) or even Infinitix

    They look more like warriors than flower fairies you know ( Even Warriorix is much better than Bloomix!)

    However let’s wait for the rest of season 6 before we are completely sure that it is Bloomix.

  20. I think Daphne is not gonna join. We saw her transformation, but that’s all. We saw Diaspro transformation also, back in season 1. And she’s not even in the opening. I mean, yes, we saw her Sirenix in opening, but she wasn’t with Winx there. She doesn’t even have a new design… And a real power source. At the end of episode, Winx were flying without her. And I’m pretty sure they gonna leave her as Alfea’s teacher, and than her role would be smaller. In season 6 summary, the same we read about Bloomix, there is wrote about six Winx fairies, without Daphne. I think Daphne is a second Roxy… She is now, but later she will go.

  21. I think to my OPINION that Rainbow was making Winx Club for young boys and girls. Anyone can watch it of course but yeah it seems like they have no ideas and be lazy but they try to make it for kids not teens or adults. But it could be for everyone thats why I think these episodes seem sketchy to people. They can’t make the show be like Family Guy or American Dad were like teens and adults could watch it there is a difference. Also Winx Club is giving messages to kids to not hurt nature and do not pollute water be kind to another work together and believe in yourself until kids grow up they will still have the message. 😉

    • Except you can make things for young children and have them appeal to a wider audience – Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks etc have all done this to various success and levels. Winx is going backwards and trying to hard and it’s forced. I wouldn’t consider something like Digimon aimed at an teen or adult audience but it was fantastic even with huge dollops of cheese, it still gets me every time I watch it because it was smart and clever and even now, a decade or so later, I can still watch it and I don’t cringe. Digimon had a lot of really good messages about how to be a good person and how to use teamwork and believe in yourself and to protect nature, the ocean – there were a lot of messages but they weren’t crammed down the viewers throat but woven into the story telling.

      Winx is failing because the Winx writers aren’t looking at an overarching plot for their seasons anymore. The plot is over now – Bloom has saved every member of her family. All of them. Now unless she finds her grandmother, a long lost cousin, a new set of parents, there’s not much point to there being a story about Bloom. Without that plot, they’re just shoving PSA’s at us.

    • I used to think this way, until other shows, like Winx Club proved me wrong.

      True, Winx Cluv is written for younger audiences, and thus the content [especially in the US where parents complain about everything] has to fit the age group. However, this does not mean it has to be cheesy and poorly written. Think about the Avatar: The Last Airbender, and its spinoff series, The Legend of Korra. Both shows are directed towards roughly the same age group as Winx Club, and yet I’m willing to be at LEAST 50% of their viewers are older fans.
      Why is this you might ask? Because they have amazing writers who keep being amazing! Granted, this new season of The Legend of Korra is extremely predictable, but it’s still good! –– With Winx Club, the problem is that the writers switch on and off periodically, and drift in and out with different writers working on different episodes. What it seems to me is that there’s a lack of communication among them, and this causes a lot of lapses in continuity and the insertion of random events.
      Also, ATLA and LoK are not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to major battles and important plot devices. Obviously there are no gory deaths or swearing, but neither of those is necessary to make a good show. During battle, there are no punches pulled, no crappy villain monologues wasting time, and the dialogue, injuries, music and atmosphere reflect the feelings being exuded in those moments. Winx Club walks on eggshells. Their writers seem to be being very cautious and narrow-minded with their choices in content, and it’s making the show suffer. And as I said, all three of these shows are targeted towards roughly the same age groups, so why is one series [and spinoff] more successful at gaining and keeping a wider fanbase than another? Care.
      So really, there is no excuse for Winx Club falling short in the eyes of older fans, other than the writers’ refusal to cater to a wider fanbase.

  22. I couldn’t help thinking during Daphne’s transformation sequence why didn’t Daphne say fairy. Is being a fairy different than being a nymph? Secondly, what are Daphne’s powers? For some reason I always thought she had the dragon flame like Bloom.

    • Hey OP did you watch this video? Have you noticed that Flora’s wings look different from the trailer? I think we may be looking at another Zoomix/Tracix wings here. Have you noticed or is it just me?

  23. I will be honest with you but I like daphne, its just that she IS a bit older to be…. A winx I guess? Also I didn’t like the sirenix outfit for her, i mean the color palette of roxy? (BTW I do think roxy should be the 7th winx) what happened to the gold scheme? I also think roxy should get a lil spotlight, but luck is DEFINITELY not on her side, oh, and BTW how old is daphne? (Just asking, curious) and overall I didn’t think this is an improvement, and just like this, to be short, it was a normal episode can’t wait for Selina though!

  24. get over it already ! was obvious from the beginning that Roxy was not going to be part of the winx many would have liked but it happened so it does not matter what Daphne and I doubt it a lot to become a winx (although many would like ) because to start is larger than Bloom and her friends and also thanks to a video I saw where they exit with their new fashion Daphne goes with them (if they were to be part of the group she would have to wear similar clothing but it is not ) maybe will be accompanying them and helping this season but it definitely will not be part of the winx and about being spirit what you wanted ? What will stay like this forever ? I do not believe that for someone to be nice to your sister ‘s a ghost and have to live apart from his family also have to admit ! magic can do everything ( well maybe not all) Bloom and her friends did not have much power at the time but if Bloom had found his way back to his sister corporeal again from the beginning do not doubt that I would have

    I’m sorry but I had to say

    • get over it already ! was obvious from the beginning that Roxy was not going to be part of the winx many would have liked but it happened

      Actually, it wasn’t obvious. Rainbow was very noncommittal about it. She was considered a Winx in the commercials, toy lines, and comic books, but kinda sorta not in the show. Then after season four ended, they started treating her like she definitely was a Winx. Then they suddenly changed their minds.

      But even now, Nick is acting like she still might be a Winx. So, yeah…it’s always been confusing.

  25. My review on the episode is (sorry but I couldn’t hear anything cuz my loudspeakers are broken):
    *I can’t listen to the new song. 🙁
    *OMG! The Pixies! Wait, aren’t those from PopPixie? Where are the original Pixies?
    *The new transfo in the opening! It is so Saint Seiya!
    *Is that Daphne Sirenix in the opening? Don’t even think about making her become the 7th Winx! Only Roxy deserves that IMO!
    *The pants of the Trix are a big no-no! They’re way too 70’s!
    *The Trix still have Dark Sirenix? Didn’t Tritannus take their powers away? And why is the Infinite Ocean in 2D?
    *As usual, they’re up to something?
    *A ball for Daphne’s return? Cool!
    *Daphne’s clumsiness is actually adorable..
    *That creature is actually creepy.
    *I don’t like Daphne teenager-like behaviour. She used to be so mature, in the good old days. *sighs*
    *It’s actually funny to see the Winx “helping” her.
    *Daphne’s dress is gorgeous!
    *There are so many faces that we saw in Magical Adventure at that party.
    *Crashing parties? Seriously, the Trix, that’s all you can come up with?
    *Sirenix! When will we see the full transformation sequence?
    *As usual, no matter how powerful the Winx are, they still fail at the beginning of every season. Meh!
    *The Beast of the Depths cannot be defeated? How surprising!
    *Another (actually meaningless) riddle? The Guardians of Sirenix were supposed to help, duh!
    *How on Earth- in the Magic Dimension did the Winx reach lake Roccaluce so fast?
    *Sirenix vs Sirenix fight. Nice.
    *So… the riddle was indeed useless. Hmph…
    *Daphne Sirenix! OMG! I love it! You go Daphne (my favourite Winx Club character!)! She looks so badass (not that she didn’t in her earlier nymph dress.
    *Yay! The monster’s gone!
    *A Winxbow? Not very original, after “The Lilo”.
    *I want to listen to the song so badly! (D**n ’em broken loudspeakers!)
    *Is that Daphne at Alphea? Is she gonna be a teacher or something, especially when she can’t even walk properly? She looks so much like Princess Galatea in that outfit!
    *And are the Winx in class? What, in the name of the Water Stars are they doing in class? And, seriously, why these anime-ish school uniforms? WHY?!? We hates it forever! (Oops! A Gollum moment; wrong fandom!)
    *Is Faragonda’s outfit… different? OMG! Yes! That’s her outfit from the movies!
    *So we’ll finally see Selina in next episode. Cool! And Miss Griffin! I missed her so much, she’s my favourite of the three headteachers! Nickbow’d rather not make the witches be the fairies’ enemy in this season, the fairies and witches became friends in s3 and another plothole will really have negative effects on whatever respect I may still have for “Nickbow”.
    *Treants? Interesting; I hope they won’t be too similar to those that the Amazon fairies (I miss the Earth fairies SO MUCH!) ordered to attack the Winx in s4.
    *So, will the Winx lose their powers in next episode or not? Find out by watching Winx Club on Sundays on Nickelodeon. 😛

  26. Where is Tune? I’m very concerned about this because Tune is a big reason as to why Musa is a bit more girly than she was before. I don’t like the idea of them replacing her. And I liked Digit, but I feel that she’s gone too and they’ve been replaced by weird pixies that I don’t recognize because I didn’t watch Pop Pixie (it never showed in my country.) I am actually fairly anxious about them being missing.

      • That’s the thing, in the video on youtube, Musa and Tecna are shown with those two pixies behind them. Hence my concern. That’s the video with all their new clothes for this season so I’m fairly certain it’s canon.

    1-MUSA: It’s still coming! (Sounded a little awkward, if you know what I mean :D) (Sorry if that was harsh)
    2-Daphne…where is all your determinate and mystic character?
    3-Ummm, OP, if you remember those topics about ‘americanization’ … well I kept thinking of them as I heard the opening and ending song. But “Way of Sirenix” isn’t that bad, and it’s growing on me.
    4-In the battle on Roccaluce, the witches sound very witchy -like never before, that is – when they launch the attacks.
    5-Agree with you. Why are the trix in their Sirenix?
    6-Totally ADORE Daphne Sirenix!

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