capture_002_05112013_155214_345Two episodes in a row? Thank you, Nick!

I’m biased towards this one since Roxy showed up for the first time. Yes, all she did was adopt Griffin the crow, but at least Nickbow still hasn’t forgotten her. I hope she plays a bigger role this season.

But this episode was a bit lighter on plot than “The Legendarium.” After the Winx fail to cheer up the pixies, they’re invited to Lynphea College to watch their boyfriends fight a couple hotheads. (I’m looking at you, Thoran.) At least we got to see another familiar face: Flora’s little sister Miele. She’s sure grown — maybe too fast! — and she’s finally a fairy!

But the sisters’ reunion is ruined when Cloud Tower floats into view. The Winx find out the Trix are back in control, but what gets their attention is Selina standing in an energy bubble. I didn’t expect the girls to lose their magic here, but it’s clear the Legendarium caused it. How? Beats me.

capture_001_04112013_105210_418Bloom’s special, of course, so she gets to keep her wings. Does anyone else think her granting her friends power is a little too godlike? I know the Trix split the Dragon Flame in season one, but still…this is too much.

Anyway, I guess this is where “Bloomix” comes from. Naming a transformation after her? *Sigh* 😕

Next episode, the Winx train to keep their magic flames burning by…doing acrobatics? Oh, well. I bet Faragonda will explain it.

Here were my thoughts while watching on episode 6X03: “The Flying School!”

  • It was Roxy! Thank you, Nickbow!
  • Why didn’t Brandon know Sky had a cousin? He’s his assistant!
  • Who’s the old guy?
  • New PJs! Cute! (Too bad they’re all the same colors. 🙁 )
  • Musa, it’s the middle of the night! Too loud! (Wait, was that “Siamo Le Winx?” I love that song! =D)
  • Miele’s in college? How old is she now?
  • Gardening’s Flora’s job, Stella. 😛
  • “Winx, I don’t know about you, but I love being famous!” Grrrrrr…
  • How does Bloom know Thoran?
  • “Who may I ask is releasing such a barbaric yell?” I like this guy already.
  • Look at you, Miele! 😀
  • Even with a boyfriend, Aisha’s still prickly. 😛
  • I guess Treants are real.
  • Griffin barely said anything! How’d Roxy and Faragonda figure all that out?
  • If Lynphea College is so amazing, why didn’t the villains go after it before? 😛
  • I guess Miele can’t transform yet.
  • Spoke too soon! Yay, Miele! 😀
  • Leave it to Stella to point out the Trix’s wardrobe change. 😛
  • The other Lynphea College fairies transformed, too! Alfea students, take note!
  • Wait, what happened? How the Winx lose their powers? And why did only Bloom keep hers? 😕
  • Boyfriends to the rescue! Nice timing!
  • Bloom’s handing out magic now? I smell Bloomix. 😕

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40 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X03: “The Flying School”

  1. They said why Bloom kept hers. The dragon fire can’t be taken from her because it’s the source of the entire magic universe. Look on the bright side. At least, they have a darn good reason for calling the new transformation Bloomix. And I heard it’s possible this one may be earn individually (but do not quote me on that).

    • I know, but…ugh. 🙁
      At least it’s a nice little continuity nod to season one — Bloom thought the Trix took her powers, but wasn’t she told it could never be taken from her? (We won’t count Magical Adventure. :P)

      If this one is earned individually, I’ll be very happy. They lost their powers pretty quickly, so there are enough episodes left for Nickbow to do it that way.

      • I thought it was a good explanation, too, and it was actually sweet that Bloom divided her powers like that (kind of shows them becoming one, but not in the negative “personalities being the same” sense many complain about). And also–I would LOVE it if it was earned individually. Earning them all at once makes it too easy, and is such a missed character development opportunity. And at least there’s kinda a reason for calling it “Bloomix” now other than the fact that “Blossomix” would be confusing it with another Magical Girl leader (not saying that it wouldn’t be cool to see fanart of a PPG-inspired transformation :P)

        I also love the Renaissance-type outfits they wore in Lymphea! I always thought Aisha would look really, really good in red, and I’m amazed at just how right I was! (That almost made me as happy as Roxy coming back with the hair streaks, which means that Nickbow might actually promote her role.)

  2. I’m kind of warming up to bloomix, though my only problem with it is that the transformation sequence looks so….. bland… The bloomix song better not be cheesy like harmonix….

  3. I died when Miele transformed.

    Honestly, it’s been like 3-4 years. How old is Miele?!? I feel like she PHYSICALLY did grow TOO fast in that time range. It defies time and space xD

    • We never really knew how old Miele was in season three, so I guess that’s how they can get away with it. I guessed about 6-9, which would almost justify her being in college now. (Although I’m starting to think the meaning of “college” is different in this show. Bloom was sixteen when she first came to Alfea College, so…yeah. I don’t know.)

      • I personally thought Miele was six, but the Winx Wikia (I know it’s not official) states her age in season three as ten. Someone on Tumblr came up with the idea that she’s aged one year for every season and movie. So, it would go like this:

        Season 3: 10
        SotLK: 11
        Season 4: 12
        Magical Adventure: 13
        Season 5: 14
        Season 6: 15

        And maybe she skipped a grade or Lynphea’s educational system is different?

        • I suppose that would make sense, though I seriously don’t get how the movies fit into the TV show timeline. She looked awfully young for a ten year old. And short. I thought she was eight or something. Fifteen would make sense, since she’s around Flora’s height and Flora is in her 20s now so she’s done growing (unless fairies are different from humans). I figured Miele was around 11 right now and Linphea was just a “junior high/middle school” equivalent of a fairy school like Alphea or something. I’m still not sure. I hope we get a better answer for all this.
          Thanks for posting that. I’m glad I have another look at the timeline! I thought it was only three years instead of five between season 3 and season 6. Maybe they did what they did in Peanuts and increased Miele’s age at a faster rate than they increased the Winx’s age. In Peanuts, Lucy and Linus gained a little brother, Rerun, and he started out as a baby, eventually growing into a kid around five years old while keeping the other Peanuts crew the same age (they did the same for Sally when she appeared). I’m wondering if they did something like that.

    • I’ve decided that these magical people can control their aging process somewhat. It explains Miss Faragonda looking older than she should for the time since she was in the Company of Light; she wants to look older and respect-worthy. And Miele wanted to be a fairy so she hurried up getting older. And the Winx don’t want to become adults so they don’t.

      The writers seem to have totally given up on the characters’ ages so we might as well make stuff up! XD

  4. I think it’s lucky Bloomix is like the Harmonix of season 5. it’s just the temporary not ultimate transformation of the season. I wonder what the next transformation the winx earn is called?

  5. to me the guy crushing on aisha looks a lot like mark (you know the one in andy’s band) this is what i meant in the legendarium post bloom knew sky had a cousin and what his name was but brandon who is suppose to be sky’s squire (and best friend) doesn’t and also when did roy join red fountain because before he was an andros specialist i’m guessing because his outfit was different from the rest of the specialists and he had said aisha’s father had sent him sorry now i’m just rambling

  6. Episode 3 continues where we left off. Likewise, I have good and bad feelings about it.

    Roxy is indeed helping out, getting a bigger role then she did in all of season 5. This also reminds me how little I care for her. The Winx remain oddly unworried about Pixie Village, which makes them seem uncaring. Musa doesn’t know how to keep it down. Tecna seems to be shrinking a lot of things this season. One of Digit’s powers was shrinking. Connected? Probably not. Still irked about Digit and Tune, though I don’t hate Cara and Cherie. Timmy is the one that contacts the Winx. Guess he’s keeping closer contact with her.

    The Specialists are training on Lynphea for some reason. At least it’s a change of scenery. They’re competing against some Paladins. One of them, Thorin, is Sky’s cousin. Seeing how Brandon didn’t know about it and how Sky said it’s a long story, I’m mildly interested. Thorin gets a hammer of course. Sky’s new sword shoots energy waves. Maybe they’ll be useful in fights again.

    The Winx head to Lynphea College. Looks nice overall. I approve of Stella taking advantage of their popularity. Flora goes to meet Miele. She’s grown up a lot, considering it’s only been about 3 years since we last saw her in-universe. Definitely nice to see her again. Now if only we could see someone from Tecna’s family. One of the Paladins flirts with the Winx, and Roy challenges him, getting his a*s kicked.

    So the Trix are going around conquering colleges in the Magic Dimension. What a coincidence that they choose Lynphea first. I guess this a statement regarding the importance of education? Selina seems to want to impress the Trix, bringing the Treants to life. Like the trolls, they’re not very tough for the Winx, but the numbers and bystanders keep things tricky. Miele’s brief transformation was awesome. The Winx storm Cloudtower and meet witch resistance. Regular Cloudtower students aren’t going to challenge them. I like how Selina is afraid of the Winx. It’s a nice touch for both the Winx’s reputation and on Selena’s confidence on the whole thing. The Trix aren’t overpowering, but they give a decent fight. When attacking Selina, the Winx minus Bloom lose their powers.

    So the Winx are randomly defeated. Not really fond of that, but the Legendarium seems really powerful, so I’ll let it slide. I do like how the Paladins are still heroes, even if they’re jerks. Winx and Specialists retreat, leaving the Lynphea College and staff to fend for themselves. I’d hope that Lynphea’s own forces come to help them out, but I have little confidence in that. Back at Alfea, Roxy gives Griffin speech, and Faragonda realizes what happened. Bloom still has powers because she’s just that strong. Then she gives the others some of her own power, which will be the source of the new transformation. I should be annoyed, but I’m just glad the Winx aren’t going to be completely powerless for a while.

    Another good episode. Writing and action are better. The Paladins could be neat. The Specialist’s new weapons should make them more useful. Seeing Miele again was a nice touch. There’s still some issues, namely ignoring the pixie’s plight and Bloom being the source of the new powers, but I’ll let it slide for now. Perhaps this season will actually be good. Next episode doesn’t look impressive, but this season has been surprising me so far. Winx are doing boring training while nobody helps Lynphea.

  7. I really loved the episode, I was hoping to see Flora’s parents as well, but I guess the drama and action in this episode along with Miele transforming kinda made up for it..kinda I still wanna see Flora’s parents, I don’t think it’s fair that the rest of the winx have a relationship with their parents in the show and Tecna and Flora are left out. Literally Musa has a better on screen relationship with her late mother than Flora and Tecna do with their parents. The only day their parents were mentioned was in the day of the rose episode, that being said I still have my hopes set to see their parents.

    • Actually, Nick aired episodes 19-24 this week and working backwards. Tomorrow, they will be airing the last episode of Season 6!!!!!
      Getting to my point, Tecna’s parents appear when the Winx go to Zenith, in S6 Ep21. So only Flora’s parents never make an appearance (not including Ep 14 on mothers day) 🙁

  8. This season is already starting off better than the last one. I think college is high school in Europe? Miele still suddenly grew up fast in 3 years! Still questioning why the Winx are students or t.a.s? Did nick keep them as graduates in the movies? Love the blog btw!

  9. Yeah!!! I am happy to see Roxy. After I reconciled myself to her being the 7th Winx they rip her away. It’s good to see that she is learning and growing 🙂

    “Why didn’t Brandon know Sky had a cousin? He’s his assistant!”

    I thought it was Squire but anyway I had the same thought. Branden and Sky were raised together. This is something Branden should know. This is what happens when you condense episodes into specials. D**n you Nickbow! Shakes fists in annoyance.

    I actually like this Stella outfit. It reminds me of Roma or Gypsies and they are a very natural people. I also agree that Miele has grown too fast. I thought she was like six or something but then some children have late growth spurts and Winx is never good at setting a natural timeline. I’m not even sure how old the Winx are anymore. It also sound like Miele is in her first year and I hate to say this but to me they use the term College loosely in the series. When I think of College in Winx I think a combination High School/College deal where you can keep coming back as much as you want because all the levels are in the same place. I also figured the Winx would be in classes with freshmen and so on because there are always those classes where any year group can take. History of Magic would be one. When I did American History 1 and 2 I was a freshman and I had seniors in my class.

    With Aisha and Roy I assumed that in season 5 they were together but in this episode they don’t look as official as I thought. I know one thing for certain (and I hate to pull the comparison) but Nabu would never be that jealous. Me thinks Roy is not as confident in their relationship. In fact the whole situation reminds me of my love life right now. I’m currently on boyfriend break after an 8 year relationship and suddenly men are just crawling out of the woodwork and all I can think is where the h**l did they come from! Here we have Roy and now that other Guy looking at Aisha and I wonder who else will Nickbow throwing in the mix. It would be nice to have zero Musa-Riven and Bloom-Sky drama in favor of an Aisha love triangle or something. That would be interesting 🙂

    I find it very interesting that all the fairies I saw have a nature transformation at Lynphea College. There were flowers and petals and leaves everywhere. Miele does fit in but not Flora. She may have a long time ago but I just can’t see her there now.

    The specialist are no longer man arm candy. There is actually fighting of the enemy involved. I was very pleased to see that.

    I knew that book was not good!!! Selina thinks she needs to protect that book but that book is doing a good job of it’s own. I’m getting suspicious that then it uses it’s power, it finds a way to replace that power used. In this case with Winx Sirenix power but I could be wrong there. I was also initially surprised to see that Bloom retained her Sirenix but I figured the dragon Flame was involved and Feragonda proved that. Bloom has never lost her powers. In season 1 she lost her confidence when Sky lied about his engagement and then the witches messed with her. Lets face it, I’m assuming the others always knew they were fairies. Bloom’s world is rocked, the witches steal some power and she thinks it’s all over (you can’t access something if you don’t know its still there after all). It’s like Daphne thinking that being human again killed her powers when she just needed to settle down and stop worrying about everything.

    As for Bloomix, Well honestly I though Bloom was going to pull another Shark’s Eye like she was trying to do on the bike with Sky. I’m glad he reminded her that she can’t do it all herself. I admit my bias is influenced by my dislike for her character but I don’t think it was God like of her to share her powers. In fact I felt that was something the old Bloom would have done and not the self-absorbed snobby leader I’ve been seeing recently.
    I was very proud to see that she would step up and think of an alternative she could use to help her friends. I still don’t think they should have named it Bloomix however.

    • You know what I’d approve of even more than an Aisha love triangle? An Aisha love rectangle, if you know what I mean…;)

      Since this seems to be a “let’s put back a lot of characters we haven’t seen in a while” season, I’m hoping this might actually be plausible.

  10. My thoughts:
    -Hooray! Roxy got to do her part, I’m so happy they featured her. i wonder if all the writers heard all the fan rage about her being ignored.

    -Sky’s awfully grim about this newly-appeared cousin. But I approve of better weapons and the new outfits. About time the specialists got an upgrade! But that’s an awful lot of annoying alphamaleitude. I was expecting Aisha to kick that guy’s butt, and a little disappointed that she didn’t. Wonder if the red rival boy team will stick around. Wonder if they’ll get names.

    -How do people on Linphea know of the Winx? And why are they ALL famous? I can see Flora being famous, she’s the guardian fairy, and Bloom being famous since all that stuff on Domino must have made the news, but the Winx as a whole probably shouldn’t be. I have a sinking feeling they’re going to be this famous on EVERY world this season. =(

    -Miele! How did she go from being like 8 to being like 14 in two years? I wonder if she gets treated weird at school for having such a famous fairy as her sister. And she and her friends are all so darn cute!

    -Treants? The Legendarium is a D&D monster manual?

    -Did anyone else think it was weird that the Winx blasted the “source of negative energy” without seeming to really look at it and notice there was a person in the bubble with the book? They didn’t try to find out who Selina was or give her a chance to surrender or anything, like they’re so used to zapping all evil whenever the Trix are around they don’t even stop and think. Or maybe I’m imagining things or maybe it’s just that there wasn’t time to talk to Selina in this already-full episode… but it felt weird to me.

    -Yeah why DID the girls lose their powers? And more importantly to my mind, why are they so CALM about it? If I’d just lost a major skill I’d been training for years, my ability to defend myself against three nasty enemies, and being able to FLY I’d be having some serious hysterics. They never lost their powers completely before, how do they know they’ll get them back?

    -Gee, it’s good that Roy turned up last season or nobody would’ve been there to save Aisha from falling. Grr. That’s one big example of the “every girl needs a boyfriend” thing that I hate so much. Dear writers, please provide a role model saying that being single is ok and does not mean you fall to your death. *grump*

    -I actually like “Bloomix from Bloom.” The name is less dumb if there’s a good reason for it. And for whatever reason this instance of Godlike Bloom works for me. If she starts being godlike all the time it’ll get on my nerves, but this time it works. I wonder if they’re all “fairies of the dragon fire” now. I hope hope hope they all earn transformations individually.

    • “How do people on Linphea know of the Winx? And why are they ALL famous? I can see Flora being famous, she’s the guardian fairy, and Bloom being famous since all that stuff on Domino must have made the news, but the Winx as a whole probably shouldn’t be. I have a sinking feeling they’re going to be this famous on EVERY world this season. =(”

      The Winx don’t really work individually and when you have a group with a name, the group as a whole is known even if you only like an individual. Besides throughout the whole show everyone talks about The Winx then they may mention a particular Winx. Its always THE WINX this and THE WINX that. Just the name of the group is famous.

  11. Even though Bloom technically handed out magic I like to think of it as the Dragon Flame temporarily reconnecting the Winx with their power source since their link was broken until they can earn new wings. I was also ecstatic to see the Lynphea fairies transform, yay!

  12. If the transformation is called Bloomix, it better not be Dragon Flame power based. But if it is, I don’t think I’ll be very surprised.
    In other news, Miele is so cute, but man did she grow up fast! I’m glad she can fight while maintaining her cuteness at the same time. Why didn’t Flora go to that school in Linphea (other than the obvious reason)? Is it just for fairies Miele’s age? Did Flora go there when she was younger? Why didn’t Miele go to Alfea like her sister?
    I’m glad Roxy appeared. The least they can do is give her several appearances after stripping her of her Winx title. She’ll probably do to Griffin what Flora did to Mirta: keep Griffin the Crow with her until she figures out how to change her back. I hope the reason they’re “ignoring” her is so she can have a chance to study and graduate like them and be more “on their level” of power (but it’s probably doubtful). Will we even see Miele again, even after this season?

  13. I get how the got bloomix from but really?
    Also how could Brandon not know about sky’s cousin even bloom knew.
    So the little beads on the winx tiaras are blooms dragon fire? I wonder if there as powerful as her.

  14. Overall, I thought it was REALLY good! It wasn’t quite perfect, but it was a huge step up from the fairly lackluster season premiere.
    There was just sooo much to take in! I actually like the designs for the new freshmen [for the most part] they look really cute! And getting to see more of the Winx’s apartment, Stella’s studio, new witches, more of Linphea, new outfits, new SPECIALIST outfits, grown up Miele, Faragonda’s redesign, and Roxy finally got more than 5 seconds of acknowledgement! GAHH! It was just so much awesome in two episodes! And the concept of that THORin character with the giant hammer training with the specialists made me laugh!

    On the other hand, some of the stuff I didn’t like [and there were very few negatives with these episodes!] The pixies: It’s kind of cool I guess to have them back, but, where are Tune and Digit? I mean it seems really strange for the series to just arbitrarily change Musa and Tecna’s bonded pixies without establishing where their originals have gone…

    I LOVE Linphea, I’m a nature fanatic, and incorporate florals and patterns into my dress almost on a daily basis, so I loved the patched maxi skirts the girls wore in this episode! However, regarding Miele. She was a little girl in S3, looking to be about [I guess] 6 to 10 years old, and…now she’s in college? Granted, my guess with the schools of the Magic Dimension, is that college there isn’t actually “college.” I mean the Winx were 16 and 17 when they began their schooling there, which isn’t college-age. So I assume Miele must be about 13 to 16, now. Which is crazy! It just shows how much everyone in the series has grown!

    Also, I thought the Trix’s takeover kind of felt like the girls discovering the Inspiration of Sirenix in episode 1: It happened too quickly, and too easily. I mean with all the takeovers and invasions they’ve had over the course of the series, you’d think that they’d strengthen their barriers, and hone their defense skills more.

    Speaking of witches, I think that’s cool how Selina hails from Earth. However, I hope they give her a clear backstory. I mean until S4, most all humans on Earth were completely unaware of the existence of the Magic Dimension, or magical creatures period. So how did Selina discover it? [Wouldn’t that be crazy if she created it all with the Legendarium? Doubtful, but still cool]

    My only other complaint was at the very end, when the Winx lost their powers [all but Bloom.] At first, when I saw that Bloom was the only Winx girl to retain her powers, it was REALLY about to irk me, but Faragonda gave a logical explanation to it that actually worked, so I let it go. However, I think it would’ve been more interesting to see how the girls function without their powers, rather than to have Bloom restore a small portion of them right off the bat.

  15. Best part of the episode:
    “Who may I ask is releasing such a barbaric yell?”
    “Uh, my girlfriend, sir.”


  16. Actually I think it’s good idea that Bloom keeps her powers. She has power of the dragon flame, after all. When in the first season Trix take it from her, she get it back because no one can stole her Dragon Flame. It’s the dragon who create the whole magic dimension. And the thing that she share this power with her friends is sweet.

  17. well give so far mention for reading all on it

    1. roxy back again give need her animal powers on it.

    2. winx go another fairy college give flora’s sister now there & older (my guess either school is advanced gifted, fairy prodigy, or due her sister connection to winx) explain her in the college.

    3. red suits rival with one them is sky’s cousin yea should another family feud or proving who better male team unit?

    4. trix invade attack fairy schools sure main plans go invade all winx’s home realm school start with plant area.

    5. winx got de-power & get emergengy power from bloom’s flame power.

    by this wonder going on yea there making big story on it all to maybe story end cause s1 winx vs trix & s6 might be story end.

    (cause all this so far sure there still “hints” make new team of winx in future seasons arc).

  18. I wanted to wait until your thoughts on both episodes before I commented. Maybe its the excitement of a new season but I loved both episodes. The wadrobe changes of the Trix, loved it. Finally no more being anyone’s lacky and no more falling in love. Yes, I’m going to enjoy this….and Selina yeah, this means (hopefully) more Roxy. Also I loved Flora’s outfit, if the new fashion is about shutting the mouths of the critics its not bad, it grew on me. Also, I love the introduction of these new guys, maybe we’ll see more of the specialists this season. And the Winx loosing their powers so soon into the season is disappointing, it was great watching it but too soon. Maybe in the fourth or fifth episode. Overall, I loved both episodes, thnx Nickbow. Hopefully the next episode is not too far away…..

  19. Well, I think that Miele was around 10 in s3(rremember how they made Stella so short in s5, although she was three year old?) so it would be logical for her to grow so fast in three years. Trust me, it happens a llot.
    I loved the part when Darcy said ‘we like to keep it interesting’ because trix are my favourite villians ever. Iff we ignore Icy being idiot last season.

  20. I thought this episode was also pretty good! Wow, two good episodes in a row??? :O No, really, my hopes were a bit lost there for a while… but if the season continues to be as good as this I’m sure it will be enjoyable.
    It was nice to see Miele again! She looked and acted very sweet. Even Flora seemed surprised that she was so big now. XD I wonder how old she really is, I think I read on the Winx Wiki that she was 10 at first appearance, but I don’t know how reliable that site is. But if she was, I’d guess she is about 13-14 now. When do people usually start college? And maybe it’s different for fairies.

    As for Bloom not losing her power, I kinda expected it. The Trix didn’t really take her power in season 1, she just thought they did but realized later that she always had it in herself. I am very happy that Faragonda gave a logical explanation to it and I guess it makes sense why this power is called “Bloomix”…Still, I hope it’s the Winx who decide on the name and not that it’s some ancient power that just happens to be named after Bloom. That would be really irritating. I think they handled the situation well, but it would be nice to see all the girls working without their powers and use their “natural” attributes more. I think Nickbow solved their powerless problems too fast. But still, I liked the episode and I am excited for the next one!

    • I wouldn’t day that the powerless problem was solved too fast. Usually by the end of episode 6 into episode 7 the Winx get a new transformation. That being said they only have 3 or 4 more episodes to get it in gear and do whatever they need to do. From what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, they only got some energy and I am assuming that they will need it as either a base for the new Bloomix or to develop the new Bloomix or whatever they have to do. I agree with the decision. I just hope Nickbow takes the time to develop it right because after the greatness of episodes 2 and 3, (compared to what they gave us before) if they fall short now. I’ll be depressed as h**l.

  21. I quite liked this episode and I enjoyed the fact that the Specialists are going back to their roots – ie in the first and second seasons where they did stuff and had their own missions to do. Season five ignored them all in favour of Sky and Bloom. I feel the writers took some of our complaints on board, which is great but I also feel that they’re shoving a lot of ‘individuality’ and ‘personalisation’ at us and it feels forced. Yes, we know Musa is the fairy of music but Nickbow, feel free to make her do other things other than repetitively listen to music. She’s also pretty sensitive to people so that boom blasting music for no apparent reason that nearly blew the Pixies away was pretty OOC for her. Wow, Tecna, minimizing luggage (Just like Stella did in season three when she went to visit her dad and had her princess ball) was just a ‘look viewers, we’re putting Tecna in scenes, look Stella and Tecna are interacting’. I feel Nickbow is rewatching episodes, taking bits of it and then thinking that the viewers won’t remember that this has been done before. Also I figure Aisha was trying to distract the pixies by showing off her morphix exercise equipment but again it felt so forced and kind of insensitive.

    But they’re learning, this is good. Yeah, Bloom how do you know Thoren? I guess that ‘Long story’ is something pretty secretive in Eraklyon and so Brandon doesn’t know but maybe Sky told Bloom, a kind of pillow talk kind of thing?

    AW Roxy you’re so cute! I hope we see a wee bit more of the other fairies, or have they all graduated.

    The Miele thing and her being at Lynphea college didn’t even phase me. It wasn’t until everyone else started to go on and on about the name college that I realised, oh they’re applying earth logic to a magical realm. Miele looks thirteen or so and it’s really cool to see that she’s transformed into her Winx so early, because I would love to know what brings about the first transformation.

    Yay for Paladins, means more males for fanfiction purposes. Also does this mean the Specialists will be fighting more? (Army of Decay redeux anyone?)

    Genuinely I did enjoy this episode. Much more than season five. I’m intrigued to see where we go next.

  22. My main issue right now is that it’s been more than two years and we still haven’t gotten the full version of “Winx, You’re Magic Now” by Cymphonique Miller. Granted, it was kinda gimmicky, but it still sounded really good, and I’d love to hear the rest of it, and we know it’s longer, because we’ve heard more parts of it in trailers. I vote we have a petition to get the full song, or at least ask Nickelodeon and Cymphonique about it directly.

    Oh, by the way, Una Di Noi, sorry I’ve been taking a while for the concepts for the Winx 3DS game, it’s just I can’t come up with a good concept for the storyline to implement all of the characters and concepts from all 6 seasons and the movies without making it seem cheap-ish. Although I have the combat planned out, built after the real-time combat of the Tales Of videogame series.

  23. I was surprised, I actually liked this episode, much better then the first few episodes of season 5. Though, it still irritates me to always hear ‘Winx, let’s go’, ‘Winx needs our help’, I’d rather just hear them say the girls more and not have to hear Winx every 5 seconds it feels like.

    Strange enough, I like Thoren and that silver hair guy, they’re kind of cool/interesting, I really hope to see more of them.

    About Brandon not knowing about Thoren, maybe it was something about his cousin and his parents that they don’t like to talk about, maybe it’s some kind of rule in the kingdom not to talk about him…although that wouldn’t explain why Bloom would know…well I guess somebody had to tell us who he was (though Sky could have done it).

    I love that teacher too, as soon as he mentioned that line about Stella, he instantly became my favorite character. I’m glad that some of the wit and humor are back.

    This is pretty minor, but why’d Techa have to be so secretive sounding about who Flora was meeting, all she had to say was ‘She’s with her sister’ or something like that. Ugh, after season 5, I got slightly worried we’d have to deal with Helia getting jealous or something of it possibly being a guy.

    Roy… I’m trying to give him a chance, but ugh, I miss Nabu so much. I wasn’t really interested in his whole jealous scene, it just made me roll my eyes. He’s a good guy, but I’m just not really feeling him or his/Aisha’s relationship right now.

    Now see, these are the Trix I loved in season 1, they were bad, Icy felt dangerous and gave a sense of being in control. Frankly, I’d rather have female villains for the rest of the seasons if it means we get these Trix and don’t have to deal with them fighting over men (or a daddy/family issue merman who was hardly threatening at all).

    So, since they now have a part of the dragon flame, I wonder does that mean that when they get a new transformation, they’ll lose the dragon flame or if they’ll still keep it. Then if they still do keep it, does that mean that because they still have a piece of the dragon flame, they can’t lose their powers anymore (or at least the dragon flame part). Ugh, so many questions, hopefully we’ll learn about that.

    I actually like Stella’s boutique, I think it’s nice to see Stella being active about being a fashion designer, I just wish the clothes weren’t so similar, they are different, but it’s still like a uniform of theirs.

    I’ll say this about Musa’s music blasting, I know it’s not just Americans that do that, but that scene felt really American-ish to me. Hopefully Musa just won’t be doing everything with music, but I’ll say this, 3 episodes in and I’m enjoying it more then season 5 that’s for sure.

  24. Well, I’m at least happy that they gave the best excuse for the title “Bloomix,” and it does kind of make sense… But honestly, they owe us A LOT more explanations! Really… It’s indecent to just through viewers into something, and then just expect them to ignore it until sometime later… Especially at the rate they’re doing it.

  25. With the Miele thing, my guess is that Lynphea College is either an undergraduate school, a graduate school, or both. We never were given much information, but maybe Flora attended Lynphea college before going to Alfea…or she is going to Lynphea College after her adventures with the Winx are over? Who knows, really?

    As for all the fairies but Bloom losing their powers, we’ve seen that happen before (season 1 had a few examples of this) and the only answer provided was the same one in this episode: Bloom’s powers come from the Dragon Flame so technically she can’t lose her powers completely. Though I think it was nice of her to share her powers, I think it was a bit of a stretch to NAME the transformation after her. Also, I don’t get why it was ALL their powers and not just their ability to transform into Sirenix fairies. Nick has had a lot of head scratchers this season.

    All in all, I think Nick is just recycling plots from previous seasons and throwing them together for this one. It’s kinda lame, but eh. At least Bloomix looks nice on them?

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