capture_062_16122013_090937_714Winx, we’ve missed you! Please don’t take another month off! Pretty please? *Sigh* 🙁 Well, thanks for the one-hour Christmas present!

At the end of episode 6X03, the Winx went back to Alfea to regroup after the Legendarium stole their magic. You’d think they’d be devastated — but nope! Time to dancerize in Aisha’s Morphix gym! What else would you do? Thankfully, Faragonda and the boys take the problem more seriously.

Meanwhile, the Trix leave Lynphea College in the Cloud Tower students’ hands. The Lynphea girls try to fight back, but Miele’s the last one left standing. Figures. 😛

The Winx return to help, but they’re almost useless. Bloom, the only one who can still transform, gets ambushed by the Trix. The others try Daphne’s idea to replant the Treants, which works — but no one expects Selina to summon another batch of monsters: flying basilisks!

Miele protects Flora from one of them — but gets snatched up by a Treant! In a cool, out-of-character moment, Flora goes Jill of the Jungle mode to save her. This unlocks her Bloomix power! (I’ll tell you how I felt about that in a later post.)


Poor Aisha. Dating her should come with a safety warning…

After Flora purifies the Treants, all that’s left are the basilisks. And they’re tougher to beat. Nex and Roy, rivals for Aisha’s love, get turned to stone while trying to protect her! Seriously, Nickbow? Give Aisha a break!

This episode was my least favorite of the two. The gym scene ruined it a little; dance and gymnastics don’t count as “training.” I don’t mind the Winx goofing off sometimes, but call it what it is instead of pretending it’s important to their mission.

Next episode: “The Golden Auditorium.” Check out that review tomorrow!


  • Looks like the Lynphea students didn’t stand a chance. At least they tried.
  • Why would Aisha make a gym at a time like this? 😕
  • We just lost our magic. Let’s dance! 😀 *Sigh*
  • They didn’t even flinch at the name “Bloomix!” Did Faragonda come up with it?
  • Stella, the pixies are one-fiftieth of Aisha’s size? Why would you ask them to spot you instead? 😕
  • Thorin X Daphne? Could Bloom and Sky still marry if that happened? 😕
  • Even the boys obey Bloom. Wow…
  • When was the last time Flora made a potion? It feels like a while!
  • The Cloud Tower witches are more evil this season!
  • Go, Miele! 😀
  • The Lyphnea girls couldn’t beat the Treants, but the witches are a piece of cake!
  • Not only did Miele get to transform — she even got attack names! 😛
  • So much for a “surprise” visit.
  • Basilisks? How Harry Potter-like! 😛 (I know. Not really.)
  • Why didn’t Bloom go after Brandon? She’s got the wings! 😕
  • Wow, Flora! This is a new side of you! 😛
  • Bloomix time! The song’s catchy, but it’s not “Sirenix.”
  • Loving Flora’s new powers!
  • Of course, Roy and Nex got petrified! Why do these things always happen to Aisha?

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26 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X04: “Bloomix Power”

  1. I’m surprised Bloom actually said something like,”You’ve been trying to get me for years” cuz it’s actually some form of reference to the existence of past seasons.

    • “They didn’t even flinch at the name “Bloomix!” Did Faragonda come up with it?”
      “Thorin X Daphne? Could Bloom and Sky still marry if that happened? :?”
      “When was the last time Flora made a potion? It feels like a while!”

      Exactly!! !!

      “I’m surprised Bloom actually said something like,”You’ve been trying to get me for years” cuz it’s actually some form of reference to the existence of past seasons.” I’m surprised too 😀

    • The line was funny you’ve been saying that for years. Then she humiliate icy even further with did you lose your backup

  2. Here are my thoughts:
    Its nice to see Aisha doing what she does best but it didn’t suit the situation. It would have been better if they actually used the Morphix equipment.
    Seriously Stella? The Pixies? Were you hoping their magic would do it for you?
    Roy and Nex are ridiculous. Way to tell him off Aisha.
    What’s this? Do I see Cupid aiming at Daphne? Well well well 😀
    Wow Bloom, A sweet please and thank you at the end of that would have been so much better. You sound like a dictator, emphasis on the dic.
    Go Miele. You got smacked around a bit but you held your own for a young fairy.
    Just in time Flora. We don’t see you making your potions any more but its nice to know you still do.
    Really guys. How could you not expect the Trix to be waiting for you?
    Wait a minute why are the first year witches doing all the work? Where are the others? Did they decamp? No wonder it’s easy to beat them. They barely know anything.
    Basilisk. More legend and lore. And they actually do what they are supposed to do, turn ppl to stone. Applause for sticking to the theme Nickbow 🙂
    OMG Flora!!!! I though Jane of the Jungle but heck same difference. Girl you were awesome.
    Oh wow, someone besides Sky and the Paladins use a weapon. Way to go Riven. Nice save.
    Aisha freaked out… Roy saves Aisha and Nex saves… Roy? Ok then.

    The potions were a nice nod to season 1 Aisha and Stella Working together was a nod to charmix. It honestly would have been an ok episode except Jungle Flora saved it with her swinging around and her cool lines. She was like “put her down now!” to the Treant. She is the character I tend to easily forget but not today. Way to take charge of a situation.

  3. Ok…so did anybody else kinda see this coming. Where the Paladins either get crushes or fall in love with some of the Winx and Daphne. You know what would be really awesome…if one of the Paladins stumbled over Roxy, and was all like, “You are totally amazing and deserve much more attention than anybody gives you. Do you maybe want to go on a date?”
    That would be the best episode ever.

    So, we know Nex ALSO likes Aisha…. I feel like Nickbow is trying too hard with this. Obviously, they are trying to give Aisha all these different boys, to try to make up for their horrendous mistake in season four (Nabu……….:'( ). Yet even with all these suitors, like the last episode…..that was aired about a FREAKING MONTH AGO…..she is still grumpy.

    Bloom is immediately thrown in charge….again. :T
    Do you think that there are times where Bloom kind of dislikes this?
    I mean you don’t see it on screen, but you would think after years of “Bloom, what do we do” or “Bloom,what’s the plan”, Bloom would be close to breaking point like, “I DON’T FREAKING KNOW, OK?!?!”

    Is it just me or did Thorin’s hair look weird in the library…and really Thorin? Really?!?!
    You used the ” If anyone could find it, I knew it would be you” line. Gag me right now.

    Ok, so he played nice with Sky today…that still doesn’t explain why Sky hated him last episode.

    Does anybody else think hat Sky looked like Superman while training?

  4. I agree that Nickbow seriously needs to leave Aisha alone, I don’t know why they love to torture her and her love life. But, the part about Sky going in to save Brandon instead of Bloom was because Brandon’s his best friend, I also want to know what happened to Ms. Griffin, is Roxy still taking care of her?

  5. BelieveInWinx has uploaded most of the Bloomix transformations on YouTube. It’s pretty nice.

  6. well give all this mention at least flora & her sister get improve give going saying jill of the jungle.

    also that wonder is being with aisha is like a Cartwright Curse sure what happen to nabu & now roy indeed wonder why her?

    & hmm book of selina got with another summon creature she got “yet mention on next ep” something is going on?

  7. I was impressed at the Bloomix song lyrics:
    “BLOOMIX, CALL MY NAME”–I bet they did it on purpose. Maybe it’s Bloom the singer of the song! 🙂

  8. I do feel that Bloom gets annoyed at always being in charge. Too bad she doesn’t make a nod to season 2 and say don’t always ask me Aisha can handle it for once remember that time I was evil? What would you have done without her? Also if you don’t want Aisha to lead all the time how about Tecna she is also capable of keeping things under control and coming up with useful plans and gadgets. I guess she’s hoping for Aisha to work up the courage to say something like Bloom please take a day off, we know that you need one, we’ll call If we need you. I think this would make up for the airheadedness of season 5 which i’ll admit that it forced Bloom and Tecna to do most of the work. Overall the episode wasn’t a plot recycling thing just finally adding a continuity nod something needed for everyone who may have forgotten about the past events.

    • Daphne and Bloom are sisters. Sky and Thorin are cousins. If Daphne and Thorin got married, Sky and Bloom would be related by marriage. I don’t know exactly what their relationship would be, but they would be family. Then again, royals marry family members all the time. It’s weird, but common.

      • In the old days in Europe you’d need a dispensation from the Pope- I read too many Phillipa Gregory books- even if you’re just cousins related by marriage or something to the like. It is too close. I’m guessing since this is the Magical dimension the same rules wouldn’t apply. As you’ve already said real life royals do marry distant relations.

        • I know brothers who have dated or married sisters. It’s not that big a deal since they’re not blood related at all. It’s like your friend dating your boyfriends friend. I think people are really looking too hard into this. It’s the perfect political relationship really. Domino gets a say in Eralkyon due to Bloom being married to Sky but Eralkyon gets to have a say in Domino because Thorin is married to Daphne (I’m jumping the gun, but theoretically). Erendor would be pushing this big time. If this show had any realism or political intrigue I’d think that Thorin is flirting with Daphne because Erendor has told him to. A sacrificial lamb to benefit Eraklyon if you will.

  9. dapne & thorin solves the problem of bloom having to rule two kingdoms she can go to erakyon with sky and thoren can help rule domino with dapne and i wonder if their hostility towards one another has anything to do with diaspro now that would be interesting

  10. I really like the Bloomix transformation theme.

    While that moment was perhaps a bit out of character for Flora, she was still awesome. Guess when her sister needs her, we get to see a somewhat different side of Flora. Also, it really is cool that Miele can hold her own in battle as well.

    If Aisha had just listened to Stella and tried to run, then I guess Roy and that other guy probably wouldn’t have been turned to stone. I’m not really all that interested in those two guys, though. I mean, Roy is okay, I suppose, but I still think Nabu was a better match for Aisha. I still hope that Nabu will come back, somehow.

    • Sometimes when you freak out, you can’t move no matter how terrified you are. That happened to me once when I saw a snake in my backyard. I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. I was freaking out in my head, couldn’t string 2 thoughts together.

      After what Morganna said about watching Nabu until he wakes up, I expected him to be back but Nickbow just killed him off. We all love Nabu but I feel that they thought he was doing better than Sky and as the main hero he should always be first. I mean Nabu could fight and use magic not to mention most people I know like him better than Sky. Sky wasn’t exactly the perfect guy especially after the stunt he pulled in season 1. My friends and I never forgave him for that.

      Roy is nice but he doesn’t seem to have that bond with the guys and it’s been 2 seasons now. Nor is Riven that close to him as he was to Nabu. Another thing, Nabu was always confident, especially in his relationship with Aisha. Roy is easily jealous. I don’t think he feels that secure in anything. Nex is just like Riven, a chauvinist and Aisha hates Riven for that, why would she go with Nex? I think they are giving Aisha the wrong guys.

  11. So, Basilisk? Yey, Harry Potter. And Throin…anybody noticing The Hobbit here?
    BTW, I really like Flora’s transformation. But as always, Bloom gets to be the ‘star’ and alll…
    and what’s all that with Layla love triangle?

  12. Seems like Bloom should’ve at least blushed at having a transformation named after her. Also, who gets to make up the name? Maybe it’s like if you discover a new species of animal you get to name it after yourself? Heh, maybe Bloom picked the name but let faragonda announce it ’cause she didn’t want the others to know how big her ego is naming it after herself! =p

    Flora’s vine-swing was way out of character. Sigh. And is it just me or did it seem like Flora and Mielle had been estranged somehow before Flora’s visit? Wonder what happened between them after season 3.

  13. Winx returns with another two episodes. I do hope this doesn’t become a trend. First off, yes Bloomix is a stupid name. No, I don’t care. After Believix I gave up on caring whether or not the transformation name sounded off.

    Lynphea college falls, and no one helps them. Predictable. Winx decide to goof off instead under the guise of training. I’m noticing this a lot this season. Stella’s priorities are still right where she wants them. I guess the Paladins are joining the group for now. Weren’t there four of them? Stella is comparatively out of shape. Typical. Daphne/Thorin + ship 1. I’m seeing an annoying Aisha/Roy/Nex love triangle. Nex of course is a jerk. Haven’t seen Flora’s potions for awhile.

    Bloom thinks she can solo the Trix, since the Specialists aren’t going to be much help against anything except regular witches. Seems reasonable. Trix are still fairly smart. Miele gets to be cool. That’s nice. Regular witches suck. Potions are instant victory. More monster fodder from Selina. Specialists decide not to slow Bloom down. Turns out Bloom actually can take on the Trix by herself, if not win.

    Stella takes out a monster by luck. Figures. Flora is so awesome she gets her Bloomix. I approve. The transformation is okay, while the outfit is nice. Flora solos the remaining Treants. Even the weakest member of this club is ridiculously powerful. And the bad guys can’t even reliably depower them. Roy and Nex get petrified, which makes me think just being Aisha’s love interest is a danger.

    The first episode was okay. It does make me wonder why they even bothered depowering them if they’re just getting right back up an episode later. The thing that bugs me most are the Winx not taking things seriously. At least the guys are cool.

    • I wonder if Aisha is cursed somehow, like maybe a sleeping beauty thing where she can never have a love life unless she kills herself or Roy reveals himself to be Nabu. Why someone would want Aisha to be cursed I have no idea but it would be best for her to warn her boyfriends that they should be prepared to pay the price for her and her loved ones I think Roy is more ready for that. Nex I think there is something wrong with him.

  14. Daphne, the deepest character in this show, became a teenager-looking blond woman.
    Now, she’s gonna be a teenager-looking blond woman with a boyfriend. So nice…

  15. I did like this episode. Bloom really should’ve had more backup from the Specialist in fighting the Trix cause with what little power she has left, she’s not gonna be able to put u[ much of a fight against them. The whole them goofing off thing instead of taking the situation seriously, though I can see it, end result it was actually useful in their fight. I love Flora swinging from the vine and going ape when someone messes with her sister, reminds me of how she earned her Enchantix. I kinda do like Daphne and Thoren together for some reason I dont know but I dont like Nex right now, seems like too much of a jerk and Roy needs a backbone and fight for his woman. The Bloomix, while not my favorite name, its starting to grow on me and I like the song, its just no Sirenix or Enchantix if u know what I mean. The transformation was great, they got personal backgrounds again and a full transformation unlike the 2D Sirenix which was broken up into piece and ya never got a full transformation from anyone. Overall it was a good episode in my eyes and I can’t wait to see how Bloom earns hers since we’ve seen Musa and Tecna earn theirs.

  16. nabu should come back! and daphne seriously?you could barely walk and you are going to start dating ? WHAT THE H**L IS WRONG WITH YOU DAPHNE?! anyways time to find this episode!go searching!

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