This was my favorite episode so far this season. Yes, it had problems — occasional snail pace, way too much focus on Bloom and Daphne, a few unnecessary scenes, etc. But it was still enjoyable. The dialogue was acceptable, and the animation was eye-catching (especially in the Vortex of Flames).

Oh. The animation. Let me get that gripe out of the way. I caught three errors:

I can forgive a few mistakes here and there, but these happened several times throughout the episode. Nick animation staff, step up your quality control!


Bloom, Timmy warned you about the Dragon Fire Soup.

Moving on.

It’s the day of Daphne’s coronation as Crown Princess of Domino! Question: why didn’t her parents bundle it with her “welcome home” party? Maybe they didn’t wanna overwhelm her. After all, she’s still getting used to being corporeal again.

When Bloom steps outside to find her friends — after cheering her sis up — she suddenly gets…magic heartburn? At least she knows the cause. It’s when she split her Dragon Flame among the Winx back in episode 6X03. Guess the saying’s true: no good deed goes unpunished.

Meanwhile, the Trix give Diaspro a test to see if she’s good enough to join them. They send her to Daphne’s coronation with one objective: “find a way to destroy Bloom.” Thanks to Selina, they learn about the Vortex of Flames, a fire pit conveniently located under Domino Palace. That should work.

capture_096_13012014_101706_066 After a looong dance sequence — made unbearable thanks to a couple dignitaries gushing over how perfect Bloom and Daphne are — Bloom’s “heartburn” returns, and she collapses. Dr. Daphne diagnoses her with Dragon Flame Deficiency and prescribes sleep. But before Sky can carry Bloom to her room, Fire Eaters, summoned by Selina, block his path!

The Winx and Daphne transform and clear them away. Thoren helps, too, proving he’s not the jerk Sky has thought he was since they were kids.

Down the hallway is another roadblock: Diaspro. She tries to convince the two cousins to take Bloom to the Vortex of Flames instead, since fire’s her element. Sky doesn’t believe her, of course. But after he’s knocked out by a Fire Eater, Thoren ditches him and follows her.

When Sky wakes up, he remembers what happened and warns Daphne about Diaspro’s scheme. The History of Magix professor whips out another fun fact: The Vortex of Flames was a training ground for Dragon Flame keepers. Bloom’s too weak to handle it at the moment, which means…it’ll kill her. Not good.

New plan: The Winx will hold off the Fire Eaters while Daphne leads Sky there. Thoren’s just about to drop Bloom in when they arrive. Thankfully, he listens to their pleas.

But Diaspro’s determined this time. She knocks the fire fairy out of his hands, levitates her over the pit, and lets go!

You’d think Daphne would just swoop down and catch her, right? Too logical. She attacks Diaspro instead. *Sigh* It’s wingless Sky who tries to stop Bloom’s descent. He almost manages to reach her hand, but Thoren freaks out and yanks him up before he falls in with her. Oh, well.

Bloom’s a goner, right? Very funny. She suddenly comes to and springs into action.

Now, if I were plummeting into a burning pit that looked like you-know-where, I’d be scared senseless. But somehow, Bloom had the presence of mind to realize where she was and decide to challenge it instead of flying away. Brave? Yes, but also hard to believe and kinda out of character.


Bloom’s blooming Bloomix

But I think we can agree she’s truly earned her Bloomix. She overcame an assassination plot and used it to her advantage!

With her new powers, she wipes out all the Fire Eaters in a couple shots. Not a surprise. The other Winx did it, too, after they got Bloomix.

The episode ends with more dancing and a romantic moment between Thoren and Daphne. Kawaii.

Next episode (Jan. 26), Daphne leads the Winx on a tour of the Library of Alexandria, so they can learn more about the Legendarium. (I wish Roxy were here. She’s the Earth fairy, after all. 🙁 )


  • Winx, Specialists, and Paladins, silly narrator! 😛
  • The narrator mentions Stella and Aisha getting their Bloomix powers, but not Musa and Tecna? Good grief!
  • It’ll take me a while to get used to Diaspro’s new voice. This actress performs better, but her voice is so much lighter! It feels like Diaspro got younger!
  • Why would anyone be stupid enough to invite Diaspro to a party after everything she’s done?
  • A Trix membership exam, huh? Winx, take notes! 😛
  • Bloom’s officially losing the throne. Well, Daphne would probably make a better queen anyway. 😛
  • Heartburn, Bloom? Yikes!
  • Loving the dresses! Not wild about the wings, but still very pretty. 🙂
  • The Winx sure are being nicer to Daphne now. Hmmmmm… 🙁
  • Kiko’s watching you, Diaspro!
  • Aww! Sky and Thoren were so cute as kids! 😀 (Sky kinda looked like young Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish. 😛 )
  • Really, Sky? Any kid would have freaked out in that situation! What a stupid grudge!
  • Ugh! Yes! Long live Bloom and Daphne! Never mind how much Bloom’s friends have gone through to help both of them. 😕
  • I don’t mind Bloom’s “heartburn,” but I wish it hadn’t come on so suddenly. Some lead-up to it in the last few episodes would have made more sense.
  • Diaspro’s using Thoren’s history with Sky against him! Does she know about it?
  • Daphne, you’ve got wings! Go save your sister!
  • Diaspro shouldn’t have been able to block Daphne’s attack. Daphne’s a Sirenix fairy!
  • Only Bloom would call a fire pit “beautiful.”
  • Cool animation for the dragon battle!
  • Not a Bloom fan, but her Bloomix is gorgeous!
  • Romantic ending. Awwwwwww!

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45 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X06: “Vortex of Flames”

  1. I agree with most of these; however it was one my my least favorite episodes. I just feel like there was so much content crammed ungracefully into one episode, when they could’ve easily squeezed a two-parter out of it, and explored all the content more fully. As a result, the writing was, at least in my opinion, very reminiscent of S5. I think they really overplayed the plot of the episode [which is actually a cool plot] and just dropped the ball on it; good ideas, bad writing. So far, S6 has been a step up from S5, but Nickbow has GOT to stop making so many careless mistakes and letting the writing go…

    Here was my list of things that I noticed about the episode:

    •If Bloom had heard of the Vortex of Flames before, and knew there was a chance to revitalize her powers when she gave up pieces of it, why didn’t she jump on that earlier?

    •After Diaspro’s childish outburst in the meeting chamber in S5, and her violent past with Sky and Bloom, how did she manage to get invited to an intimate gathering with Bloom’s family?

    •It was really awkward how Bloom didn’t progressively get weaker after giving up some of the Flame, and was abruptly overcome with such intense weakness.

    •An article confirmed that Thoren and Daphne were the same age, but in Sky’s childhood flashback, they appeared to be the same age…Thoren’s hair is slightly graying, and Daphne is [biologically] in her upper 30s, so how is this possible?

    •At this point, the Pixies are pointless. They aren’t doing anything helpful at this point, it seems like they’re just being used at random to add some extra [and unnecessary] cuteness and comic relief, and are therefore a waste of screentime…

    •Crown Princess is an honored title, making Daphne the official next Queen of Domino; so why was the ceremony full of “placeholder” royals with none of the “main” realms’ royals present? [Solaria, Andros, Eraklyon, etc.]

    •I was REALLY disappointed at Daphne and Diaspro’s faceoff. Daphne blasted Diaspro once and she just bowed out!

    •Speaking of Daphne, her reaction to her younger sister being killed [or so she thought at the time] was SO lenient! I mean recall S3, when the Winx assumed they’d lost Tecna in the Omega portal. There was a fury of real emotion being showed by the girls, but Daphne seemed virtually unaffected. She grunted and shouted “no!” but that was as far as she came to being emotional.

    •There was a LOT of wasted screentime; the pointless shots of the Pixies doing “cutesie” things that didn’t aid the Winx, or the plot. The 5-second long battle with the hydra and Bloom’s dragon at the bottom of the pit, the royal couples dancing in sparkles in the sky, etc. [give me a break, Nickbow…]

    •As an illustrator, one of the things that REALLY bothered me was the carelessness in the drawing and animation! 🙁 Several times after Daphne recieves her crown, it suddenly disappears and then reappears on her head; and when Thoren greets Bloom at the palace, his mouth literally doesn’t move when he says “hey Bloom!” The same thing happens to Diaspro when she tries to pursuade Thoren to thrown her into the pit. Also, if you pause when the royal couples are dancing, you’ll see that the animators used literally 10 people in the crowd and just recolored and copied them to create it…

    • •If Bloom had heard of the Vortex of Flames before, and knew there was a chance to revitalize her powers when she gave up pieces of it, why didn’t she jump on that earlier?

      I have heard of lots of things. You can wash your hair with aloe, the actual thing. Doesn’t mean I think about it when I’m out of shampoo. Statements like that always get me. It’s nothing personal to you. Just a pet peeve of mine.

      Thoren’s hair is slightly graying, and Daphne is [biologically] in her upper 30s, so how is this possible?

      Really? On my TV it just shows different shades of brown: light and dark. Same on my computer. I don’t think Thoren is all that old.

      • I get the logic behind what you said, regarding Bloom and the Vortex; not to mention, she was in fight-or-flight mode, so she likely wasn’t thinking it over.

        As for Thoren, I still think it’s because of his age. When your hair begins to gray, it normally doesn’t go abruptly from its natural color straight to gray; it transitions from darker to lighter until it’s gray or white [normally] –– Also, if you revisit the episode, young Thoren didn’t have these light patches, so it’s not a unique style he was born with, like Tecna’s naturally pink hair. Also, most men begin to bald or gray faster than women, so the fact that his hair is lightening doesn’t mean he has to be 60 years old; my fiance is 27 and he’s already beginning to bald, some! And awhile back, OP posted about an article discussing S6 spoilers and fun facts, one of which was that Thoren and Daphne are the same age. While Daphne hasn’t physically changed, biologically she’s likely in her mid to late 30s if she was a teen or young adult when Bloom was born. And if Thoren is indeed her age, this makes sense. [what still perplexes me though is that Thoren is supposed to be older, but he and sky look roughly the same age in the flashback.]

  2. Looks like Sky’s been a Specialist since birth and I have the strange feeling that he truly trusted his cousin, at least now we know why he trusts Brandon more.

      • Eraklyon has always kind of seemed like a combat-based planet to me. The royal attire his parents wear seems very basic and military-based, lacking some of the flourishes and grandeur that we see in many of the other royals’ clothing. And their palace interior hosts a lot of armor, weapons, and jagged architectural shapes, so I think it makes sense that Sky would be exposed to tactics and battle skills from a young age. This might also partially explain why Diaspro is so cutthroat and volatile.

        • aside from being monkeys, those ninja guys looked like yoshenoia’s goons. This is probably why brandon didn’t know about thoren, and also probably the time he was assigned to be his squire.

        • So basically, Eraklyon is the District 2 of all realms? (Sorry for pulling out the reference there, but the comparison is just too funny! xD

  3. The Trix don’t seem to have any faith in Diaspro. I don’t care if Diaspro gets redeemed or not; I just want her to stay consistent. She’s gone from jerk victim to victim to evil to jerk to evil again. And she sucks at being evil. Darcy and Stormy still seem to not be taking this whole universal conquest thing seriously. Selina is starting to bore me.

    Daphne is officially crown princess. That’s fine. Bloom would make for a terrible queen. Why is Bloom just getting weak now? It’s been at least a few days. Oh god they really are shipping Daphne and Thoren. Stella is still a terrible fashion designer. Diaspro is here to fail at evil. Pixies don’t do anything productive. I know I was excited about them returning, but between losing Digit and Tune and them not doing anything I’m starting to question why. At least they’re kind of amusing. Thoren was kind of a coward a decade ago. Why is that an issue? He hasn’t backed off from a fight that we’ve actually seen.

    Domino palace really is becoming the new Alfea. The Winx themselves are still in absolutely no danger. Diaspro shows she can still fight a bit and leads the idiot to wear Bloom can be offed. Then she actually throws her in. I think she’s getting better at this whole evil thing. Too bad he’s still after Sky. Still don’t understand why. Daphne, fly down and catch your sister. Turns out Bloom can handle herself after all. Her Bloomix is fine. Diaspro runs away to fail another day. I’m slightly surprised she escaped. Daphne/Thoren is going way too fast, but other than that it’s okay.

    An average decent episode. Diaspro finally becomes a half competent antagonist. Thoren is starting to look more interesting than Sky, though that’s not a high hurdle. Next episode we finally continue with the plot. The Legendarium and Selina are already getting stale, so hopefully this will make them more interesting.

  4. Yeah so much was wrong with this episode. The only person I felt sorry for was Thoren. He’s been blamed for something he did as a child, something most children and indeed adults would do. When you’re outnumbered, you don’t sit there and get killed, heroics one-oh-one. Flee and live to fight another day. I imagine Thoren fled but went to get adults to find Sky, even if he was too late, at least adults might have a better chance of saving him.

    Thoren did not ditch Sky, he considered his options, figured that since Bloom was dying at that exact moment, maybe Sky would forgive him if he saved Bloom and also Daphne would be pleased with him. And it seemed like the right thing to do. I think I’d do it too. It’s not like no one would have come to Sky’s aide, he wasn’t in enemy territory. Bloom was the most in danger there at that point.

    He wasn’t just going to fling her in the vortex, he was genuinely conflicted. She is the fairy of fire, logically throwing her in should rejuvenate her. Why she hasn’t been tested before, I don’t know.She’s just the fairy of it after all. But he was also smart enough to know Diaspro was probably playing a trick, but what else could he do?

    Diaspro would know Thoren, she apparently grew up on Eraklyon. She has more reason to know of him than he does to know of Daphne. Also Diaspro’s voice makes her sound like a cat, ‘meow, I’m Diaspro, meow”. It was horrid to listen to.

    Barf. Domino is so lucky. Barf. That was unnecessary. The dancing was way too ‘perfect’. Don’t tell us these things, Winx writers, show us them as they develop!

    Heartburn should have been alluded to earlier. This episode was way too rushed.

    Bloom please react like a normal person. You’re descending into fire, don’t coo over it. At least show a bit of fear and then overcome it by fighting back with your Dragon. Bad reactions all round. Yes, this was the better form of the Bloomix earning, but that’s not saying much. Easily better than backflipping and synthetic singing.

    I was seriously underwhelmed but I like Thoren. He has more personality in his fingertip than both Sky and Bloom together and he’s only been there for five minutes. Like Stephanie Meyer, Nickbow is better at creating side characters than main ones – mainly because they pay so little attention to them, and gush so much about the main that the minor characters look really good.

    • Thoren did not ditch Sky, he considered his options, figured that since Bloom was dying at that exact moment, maybe Sky would forgive him if he saved Bloom and also Daphne would be pleased with him. And it seemed like the right thing to do. I think I’d do it too. It’s not like no one would have come to Sky’s aide, he wasn’t in enemy territory. Bloom was the most in danger there at that point.

      He wasn’t just going to fling her in the vortex, he was genuinely conflicted. She is the fairy of fire, logically throwing her in should rejuvenate her. Why she hasn’t been tested before, I don’t know.She’s just the fairy of it after all. But he was also smart enough to know Diaspro was probably playing a trick, but what else could he do?

      Those are good points. Maybe I was too hard on him. 😛

      Bloom please react like a normal person. You’re descending into fire, don’t coo over it. At least show a bit of fear and then overcome it by fighting back with your Dragon. Bad reactions all round. Yes, this was the better form of the Bloomix earning, but that’s not saying much. Easily better than backflipping and synthetic singing.

      Bloom’s perfect. Fire would never scare her! 😛

      Yes, this annoyed me, too. Especially since she’d just been out cold a few seconds earlier. Definitely not a realistic reaction. (Also, wasn’t she near death? Where’d all that power come from all of a sudden?)

      I would have liked to see her act a bit more like she did on Pyros — basically struggling to fight back and ultimately triumphing.

  5. my question is why hasn’t diaspro have her enchantix, but i think the reason is she wouldn’t sacrifice herself for anyone, except maybe sky. Also, is diaspro the fairy of Eraklyon, or another kingdom, i cant seem to remember?

    • Yep, Diaspro’s from Erakylon. I’m sure part of getting your Enchantix is having a pure, unselfish heart. After all, that’s the only way you’d be noble enough to sacrifice yourself for someone. Diaspro’s proven the opposite: she’s selfish and vengeful. She’s not worthy of Enchantix yet.

  6. Does every girl need a boyfriend?
    I understand Daphne’s back and a lot of focus is on her but….
    Daphne’s love interest is her sisters boyfriends cousin
    I thought Daphne’s crown looked like a headband
    I never thought of Aisha as second in command to bloom before until now she’s not bad
    But did musa and tecna talk in this episode?
    I feel when musa talks it’s mostly about riven or music
    Tecna it’s to Timmy or about technology
    Stella now it’s mainly her fashion line
    What’s the point in the pixies? Let’s just stick to kiko

    • Does every girl need a boyfriend?

      That’s one thing that’s always annoyed me about WC, why can’t Nickbow put a positive spin on the single life for at least one or two girls? I mean that’s more realistic than having 6 beautiful girls with 6 hot boyfriends who are all coincidentally best friends…
      Also, I think they should just do away with Kiko and the Pixies altogether; they use them as devices to waste screentime! I mean seriously! They’ve done NOTHING to help the Winx from S5 and on, so why are they still there?

      • The Pixies, yes. Kiko, no. To me Kiko is the Winx Club mascot and you can change a mascot but getting rid of it is like getting rid of team spirit. The Winx are a team, at least to me.

        • Eh, well yes and no. At least in my opinion. To me Kiko is just a pet, or, as you said a mascot, an unofficial one at least. But plot-wise he doesn’t serve any real purpose anymore, other than to look cute and make [frankly] annoying noises. I would much rather the writers do the right thing and focus on the Winx, and only extraneous characters that aide them in some way. –– In S2 and S3 the Pixies served a real purpose, and helped the Winx on their journeys. They weren’t just randomly placed in episodes to look cute and make people laugh, which is [sadly] the direction the writers seem to be taking them in, now.
          In my opinion, “shape up, or ship out;” if the character just wastes screentime and doesn’t add anything meaningful to the story, don’t add them.

  7. LOL, OP. I really like your writing, but sometimes it feels like you think Nick now is more important to the show than Rainbow.

    • Absolutely not. But they can’t be ignored either. Rainbow’s working with them on this — it’s completely different than just an English dub. And I’m sure we can agree that a lot of the problems with the recent seasons are Nick’s fault, not Rainbow’s.

      Nick Animation Studio does quite a bit of the animation as far as I know — at least, it’s on their website.

    • Well unfortunately, we can no longer hold Rainbow over Nick as far as importance in production goes…they’ve merged, and therefore we have to put up with the results of them working together. –– We NEVER had to critique this much when Rainbow was working on its own, but that just isn’t the case anymore. Nickelodeon has, in many respects, been leading the series to ruin, and it gives us a lot of material to discuss.

  8. This episode was awesome. Diaspro and the Trix almost said they wanted to send Bloom to h-e-double hockey sticks. And Almost got away with it if it weren’t for Bloom’s quick thinking. Bloom is apparently acknowledging that Winx leader is a two person job, which she hasn’t done since season 3, Day at the museum. Aisha is also using her brain again no wonder she’s second in command. Daphne taking on the role of Faragonda is actually a step forward if you ask me, we need somewhere that ain’t Magix as the base for the group. Earth, Domino, Andros, Melody, Zenith, Li nphea and Solaria are the better settings. Magix is stale, only go there to check on Roxy. Also lol at B loom’s Blooming Bloomix but we can add two more words to that blinding blue. So we get one near death scene since season 3 where we had 3 near death scenes. That means Aisha and Musa could get near death ones too since we’ve already had one for Flora Tecna and Stella. Near death scenes are cool they add drama.

  9. I would be lying if I said I hated this episode. Season 6 is making season 5 look pathetic but it still doesn’t reach the levels season 1-3 set. Here’s my opinion:

    – Diaspro may be a b***h but she is still a princess of Eraklyon and if they have modeled the royalty in the show after real royals, hated or no, she would have gotten an invite, if only so they could gossip about her. Of course perfect fairies don’t gossip…
    – Awww don’t the princesses look cute. At least you are a really supportive sister Bloom.
    – Really Sky? How rude can you get? The dude is trying to talk to you.
    – Wow I guess sharing powers comes with backlash. After transforming like 2 or 3 times and using your powers, I was expecting it to happen sooner.
    – Awwww Flora. You are too sweet. BTW the dresses are delightful. I love them. I even like the little designer wings. They grew on me after seeing the image the first time in that gift video.
    – Sky get over it already! Althought I really shouldn’t talk. There are some cousins I don’t talk to because of childhood slights. 🙁 Oh well.
    – The whole dancing on air thing did not grow on me. Quite the opposite. They spent way too much time dancing and we all know Bloom and Sky love each other. Give Daphne and Thoren a chance. BTW what the h**l happened to the other specialist? Were the other Winx not allowed to bring a date? Afraid they might outshine the Domino sister? I would have liked it better if the other Winx were on the floor as well.
    – Oh my. It sort of looks like you’re milking the moment there Bloom. That attack of weakness came on a little too sudden.
    – Diaspro talks a good game. If I don’t know her play I would believe her. Poor Thoren seems to be in the dark about her devious nature.
    – Way to recover Bloom. I guess the vortex vapors revived you a bit? That whole falling scene just annoyed the crap out of me, the Diaspro/Dapphne scene included. And tell me this? How come Flora and Bloom had a whole episode and the other 4 were crammed into 1. Sure there is another transformation but you can have the Winx doing a lot to fight Selina and finding the other lady while doing great acts of courage. The whole thing is just bothersome.
    – You know for fire eaters, they sure were afraid of fire. I would have liked it better if they started eating the dragon fire before Bloom amped it up and made them explode or something.

  10. This episode was pretty nice. Better than S5 and the previous episodes of S6, but not fantastic.

    I’m tired of Diaspro. She doesn’t need to be here anymore. Did Sky really mean so much to her that SIX years later, she needs to torment him and his girlfriend? I’m sure there are plenty of other princes out there that would’ve been happy to marry her. I wonder if this was her last appearance for this season. At first I assumed they kept bringing her back so they could advertise Ariana Grande voicing her, but she doesn’t anymore, does she?

    I didn’t mind Bloom being calm and serene falling into the Vortex, it kinda worked somehow. But I didn’t like that she was energized and ready to fight so quickly when a few seconds ago she was so weak she had to be carried everywhere.

    I liked Thoren. His actions seemed realistic, unlike Sky… come on man, you two were like 8, get over it! His hair doesn’t look grey to me, just seems colored strangely. His age is confusing… my guess is Daphne was approximately 18 when she was cursed, and didn’t age in that form. Now that she’s back, her and Thoren are around the same age. (this is assuming the Winx are 16, since it seems like the case nowadays.) 18 seems young for Daphne, but they draw her so young and cutesy looking… then again, Stella’s mom looked really young too. I guess it’s just the flash animation.

    The flash animation REALLY bugged me in S5 because it looked so puppety. But it has improved, it’s a lot better now, I don’t mind it much. I just miss the personality the old animation had, the flash may be higher quality but it lacks personality.

    • True, true, Diaspro’s actions were pretty old hat the second time she went after Bloom and Sky. I honestly thought we’d be done with her after S3 when she poisoned Sky with Valtor’s love spell…

      As for Daphne, we don’t know her “official” age; I’d say anywhere between 16 and 20, most likely, so 18’s a fair bet. However, just because she was frozen in time, doesn’t mean she’s still 18. She still physically appears to be that young, but biologically her birthdate cannot change. For example, each season equals one year, so Bloom would be roughly 21 to 22, currently. If Daphne was [let’s use your guess] 18 when she was born, this would place Daphne’s birthdate sometime in 1974, making her biologically 39 to 40 years old. Personally, I don’t buy into the whole “if the character looks young, they ARE young” trope; ALL of the adults in Winx Club look way younger than they are. Granted, Oritel and Marion were frozen in time, like Daphne, but Mike, Vanessa, Luna, Radius, etc. were not, and they all look the same age. It’s very much like in most animes, how adults are portrayed looking much younger than actual people of that age to keep the “glamour” or “beauty” factors up. [and with Winx Club being a glamorous show, this could be the case.]

      Also, I explained Thoren’s hair to another person on here. Look at the flashback with Sky and Thoren as children; Thoren’s hair is all medium brown, no streaks. Also, several other “older” men in this show have the same lighter streaks in their hair: Teredor [Aisha’s father] and Klaus [Roxy’s father] Not to mention, men typically begin to go gray faster than women, and normally hair doesn’t just abruptly change from it’s normal color, straight to gray. It gradually begins to lose pigment and becomes gray over time. –– My fiance for example, he’s 27 and he’s already started balding a little! And stress is also a known factor to change hair color.
      The one thing that makes no sense to me though, is how Thoren and Daphne are confirmed to be the same age, Bloom and Sky are one year apart, and yet Sky and Thoren look the same age as children.

      • I dunno; it seems like it’d be more interesting if his hair was greying, but I just can’t see Winx doing that, they try so hard to make all the boyfriends “hot” (poor Sky– that haircut was not nessecary…) it just doesn’t seem to me like they would give one of them greying hair, even if it is completely normal for men to have that, just because when little girls think grey hair, they think old. I just thought the lighter parts in his hair were the animators’ attempt at adding dimension to it. Like how Musa’s hair is shown in promotional art with some darker and some lighter blue parts.

        Let’s just assume they’re using Daphne’s physical age, which we can guess is 18? That means if Bloom is 16 (assuming Nick dub doesn’t let them age) and Sky is 17, in the flashback of him and Thoren they were a year or so apart. They look the same age, but they could easily be a year apart and still look that way… that kinda makes sense? I wonder how Thoren feels about dating a girl who’s biologically around 20 years older than him…

  11. What Nickbow do with Musa and Tecna really make me sad. I checked Nick website a few days ago and there was a new Winx fighting game. Bloom and Aisha was described as “main source of attack”, Stella and Flaora as “healers” and Musa and Tecna as “defenders” and longer description said that “they are not good in attack, but they can apsorb a lot of ennemies attacks”. They are basically cannon fodders.
    And Daphne who didn’t fly to save her sister. I thought after Nickbow made Winx girls… less clever and more popularity and fashion oriented teenagers, maybe Daphne will be the one with common sense? But it’s only one scene, hope there will be no similar in next episodes.

    Thoren has a chance to be one of my fave post-third season Winx characters. I quite like an idea of him and Daphne, it’s all maybe too fast as you say but A LOT more well-played than Bloom&Sky or Aisha and my-fiancee-died-and-now-i-have-two-adorators-i’m-so-cool.

    • Not nessicarily, Musa and Tecna mostly use their magic defensively ever since season 1, though Stella and Musa’s positions need to be switched, as Stella takes on more of a defense role than healer.

  12. I don’t know where you saw that on Jan.26th there will be the 7th episode, but according to both Zap2It and LocateTV, there is no more WInx Club for January! 🙁

  13. We only saw the last part of Bloom’s Bloomix transformation.
    Why didn’t they show the full transformation??

  14. The dancing scene spoilt the entire episode for me. Those linyoues they wasted on those two dignitary people things could have been used by some cute guy asking Tecna out to dance. How were Daphne and Whiny Sue dancing different from everyone else? Why were the rest of the winx gathered in one motley group? Where were the Specialists? I mean I wasn’t expecting Riven or say Timmy to be there but what about Brandon?! He’s Sky’s best friend for freak’s sake! And that dancing on air thing was just so sugary sweet and…bleurgh. And made me feel like killing Amore, or whichever pixie was behind that romantic poo. And the winx’s outfits did not impress me. They were better dressed in Season 3. Diaspro’s dress however was gorgeous. I’ve missed her. Aisha was leader in this episode. And you know what she wasn’t half bad. Am I seriously the only person that sees Aisha as a better leader than Bloom? Maybe it’s because you can trust Aisha NOT to run away when the going get tough, uunlike Whiny Sue over there. And the scene when Whiny Sue came and blasted the Fire Eaters, before waving to ths crowd who cheered her instead of the five other girls who did MOST OF THE FRICKIN FIGHTING, just made me really mad. This is a life or death matter, Bloom, NOT THE FRICKIN RED CARPET!!

    • I agree that right now Aisha would be better to lead. However we already have a set order since season 3, it would take a lot more than this for Bloom to turn leadership over to Aisha, whether temporary or permanent. Remember that situations like this are common in the universe saving biz so stuff like that happens every day. Perhaps Flora’s upcoming near death will wake Bloom up a bit? Also there are different leader types, Bloom is heart, Tecna is brains and Aisha is the balance between them. Stella Flora and Musa work this way to with Stella as the balance, Flora the brain and musa the heart.

  15. FYI it was bloom who was near dead,bloom is a great person,laya is not the leader cause she is not bloom who is mixed

    • There’s proof that Aisha/Layla is the leader after Bloom. Examples: Season 2 episode 24-26 she is the one who keeps the group together and comes up with the plan to rescue Bloom, albeit with Sky’s help, later she is the one to guide the girls through shadowhaunt and comfort Sky, not to mention most of the fight was hers and T ecna’s plan.Season 3’s comes when she rushes to bloom’s aid for fear of her ggetting controlled again, next we go to T ecna’s sacrifice, she was intending to die for others the most important part of any hero group, she was going to stop Tecna and take her place before bloom and tebok held her back. Next the omega mission shows her at the front lines like always, then there is the fact that she is the first to speak or be spoken to in the absence of Bloom in every season, also she has even considered stopping Bloom’s craziness during the water stars arc but Stella stopped her. These are Aisha’s qualifications for leader and Bloom has acknowledged it thrice, day at the museum, secret of the lost kingdom and this episode in subtle ways, but this was the most blatant other than allowing Aisha a share in her screen time.

  16. What I was just trying to say was that at the current moment Aisha would make a more fitting leader than Bloom. I’m not saying that she IS the leader, I’m just saying that Aisha is more fitting for that so prestigious role as leader as she is much more reliable than Bloom. In my last statement, I mentioned that Bloom was given credit for the other girls’ labour. I’ve been kinda starting to feel that way about winx. No more unity. Since the series have gotten into Nick’s hands, all we’ve been hearing is Bloom, Bloom, Bloom! I really wish that they put more focus on the rest of the winx. Seriously though, Techna DIDN’T HAVE ANY LINES. AND MUSA ONLY HAD ONE LINE! Since when was this a normality?

    • I’m with you on that, but at least they remember she’s Bloom’s right hand and Tecna is her left concerning battles
      I’m really hoping they don’t rob them of that and oh wait if I say it that gives them ideas they don’t need.

  17. Does anyone find it weird that Oritel and Marion seemed to be clueless at what was happening with Bloom and Diaspro and Daphne

    Oritel: ” Where are the girls?”
    Marion: “As long as they’re together, they’ll be fine.”

    Ummm….Marion, one of your daughters is kinda having seizures that make her fine one minute and weak as a baby the next.Your eldest is being forced to watch her little sister she is overprotective of, (well in season 5 anyway), getting into a vortex of flames. Plus, she has to deal with fire beast things.

    Speaking of which, Marion and Oritel aren’t the most observant parents in the series ( not including movies)

    1. Sky knows where Bloom’s bedroom is. I guess that’s not too bad, seeing as they’ve been dating/engaged for who knows how long now. Yet you would think that Oritel would be a little more strict about that. Like the Oritel in the second movie when he chopped down the gardens hedges so Sky and Bloom couldn’t have privacy and he could see them through binoculars.

    2. Who sent out the freaking invites? I know The Winx and The Specialists and Daphne sure didn’t. Even though you have been in stone for nearly two decades, though they’ve kinda tired out that excuse, you would think that inviting a psychotic girl intent on making your youngest daughters life is kinda something you would steer away from.

    3. Daphne and Thoren on the balcony K-I-S-S-I-N-G, well almost anyway. Again not so horrible since Daphne is however old. Would Still like to see second movie Oritel in this situation.

    4. They can’t keep an eye on their kids.
    6×01- couldn’t find Daphne when beast of Depth attacked.
    This episode

    It seems that their mostly off-hand parenting unless like its a life or death situation. Now in the movies…..I bet you movie Bloom and Daphne want their parents to be like series mom and dad

    Well that’s just what I think

  18. I’m not gonna lie. I really hated this episode. The others were tolerable, but there was nothing I liked in this one, other than Bloom getting her Bloomix (which I still think is a stupid name…if they want to name it something, name it after it’s origin: the dragon flame.)

    I’ve already had my say on the Diaspro fiasco (my main issue with this episode,) but I’ll say a few other things:
    -I agree that Daphne should have done more in this episode. Her powers come from the dragon flame too, so you’d think she’d at least TRY to fly to her sister.
    -The dance scene was pretty, but the dresses were annoying. Do the girls really have to wear wings on every other outfit? We already know they’re fairies.
    -Though I find it sweet that Daphne is finally getting the life she deserves, her romance with Thoren seems a bit rushed (then again what romance in this show HASN’T been rushed?)
    -Yes, Thoren and Sky were cute as kids, though I find it a bit odd that Diaspro and Thoren didn’t seem to remember each other that well (especially considering Diaspro was Sky’s childhood friend.)
    -The Bloomix design is BEAUTIFUL; it’s a shame Mythix isn’t as nice looking.

  19. I know right? Diaspro’s just a Charmix fairy. No way she was able to stand up against Daphne! Last time I checked, Sirenix was WAY stronger than Charmix. How could Diaspro have blocked Daphne’s attack? She hasn’t even gone through many sequences, whereas Daphne and the Winx have gone through many. Yet, she was still able to stand up against Daphne and the Winx? And how come Daphne didn’t realise that Diaspro simply teleported (not that she should have..)? Yeah, and I love Diaspro’s new voice. Sounds so cool, and evil. That’s a great voice actress. 😀

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