Eight months? Just eight months since the last episode? It felt a lot longer. It’s eleven if you count back to February 2014, the last TV broadcast of the show. Either way — good grief, Nick! Thanks for the late New Year’s gift, but please don’t make us wait that long again! (I feel like I’ve said that before. Ugh. 🙁 )

We last left the Winx on Calavera Island, fresh from their win against the zombie pirates. Fantasy Emerald in hand, they’ve returned to Alfea to relax. Our story picks up there.


IMG_1648Flora brings her beau, Helia, to the Alfea Greenhouse to show off her new friends, including the newest addition: the grabbing vines from Calavera. (Good thing they like her more than Stella. :P) But the tour’s interrupted by a group of freshmen. Oops! She forgot she promised them a tour, too.

She leaves Helia alone to tend to the vines. Her instructions are simple: spray with water then green tea.

He must not have a green thumb like her, because he ends up getting wrapped up and Flora has to save him. She tries to tells him what he did wrong, but he gets defensive and walks off. (*Sigh* I’ll talk about this “fight” in a minute.)

Musa shows up just in time for a girl chat. Her advice: tell him she’s not disappointed in him, and she didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. She can’t lose a sweet guy like him! Compared to Riven… Well, that’s why Musa came: to ask Flora’s opinion on him.

Cue The Owl landing at the courtyard. Break time’s over, Winx. Time for the next mission: to find the Silver Spear, the second ingredient for the Legendarium Key!

In Daphne’s classroom, Eldora and the Winx use their wands to find the Spear’s location. It’s in Fearwood, Canada, where a totem’s said to ward off a curse that turns the townsfolk into werewolves! According to legend, werewolves are afraid of silver.

As always, Selina and the Trix are spying on their conversation. They wait for a chance to interfere with the mission.

After the Owl lands in Fearwood, Eldora reminds the Winx not to look for the Spear in the real world. It only exists in the Legendarium World. (Thank, Grandma.) The Specialists head into the forest to search, while the girls hit the town using Bloom’s wand as radar.

The townsfolk aren’t in a welcoming mood. They’re all rushing to get home, since people start turning into wolves after sunset. But the girls manage to get some info: the totem’s in a clearing outside the village.

IMG_1663Meanwhile, the Specialists’ search turns up nothing but a fake wolf named Riven. They give up and head back to find the Winx. Suddenly, another howl rings out nearby. Riven again? Not this time! It’s the werewolves, compliments of Selina, and they surround the boys in no time!

The girls get attacked, too! Time to transform!

Since werewolves are people under a curse, the gang decides to capture them instead of destroying them. Helia lets out his stress from the greenhouse and wrangles five wolves singlehandedly. No one’s more impressed than Flora. His reward: an apology and a kiss. Awwww…

Well, the kiss will have to wait — a second wave of werewolves ruins the moment. The Winx lead them to the clearing where the totem should be, but nothing’s there. Wait — remember what Eldora said? It’s in the Legendarium World!

Just as Helia’s fighting another wolf, Icy appears and turns him into a living ice sculpture! “We’ll be waiting for you in the Legendarium World!” she tells Flora. Bloom tries to stop her friend from going alone, but Flora summons her Mythix wand faster than you say, “It’s a trap.”

IMG_1699Fearwood’s fantasy world looks different than she thought it would: frozen trees, a frozen lake…and a woman wearing a crown made of ice crystals? Wait — it’s Icy! Selina’s turned her into the mythical Snow Queen! And who’s that driving her reindeer-drawn sleigh? Helia!


Let me get this straight, Nickbow. Helia and Flora were gonna break up over a plant? A plant?

When did these two get so sensitive around each other? They survived a cheating scandal last season (which was all in Flora’s head), and now they get touchy over plant care? This is the most stable couple in the series (until now)! They’re above this kind of pettiness.

I get where Nickbow was going with the “see how lucky you are” angle, but this wasn’t the right way to set it up. Flora wasn’t taking him for granted. She just needed his help. Turns out he’s not good at gardening, so she tried to give him some tips. She didn’t snap at him. She didn’t even raise her voice!

What a dumb fight.

Now let’s talk about Riven, Nickbow. We know he’s a jerk most of the time, but this is weird behavior even for him. You’re trying too hard this time.

Remember the guy who took secret guitar lessons and wrote Musa a song? What happened to him? You’re telling me that in one season, he turned into this — a self-centered punk who mocks her mission and cares about nothing but training? I don’t see the progression here.

Riven’s line right before the werewolf battle sums out how you’re writing him: “So, what did I do this time?” What annoying thing can he do next? It’s getting old. And I blame you.

Speaking to you fellow fans again — I liked this episode enough. It wasn’t super exciting, and the pacing was a bit fast, but I’d watch it again. And again. I’ve watched it three times already. (Gotta get those views up! 😛 )

The werewolves put up a weak fight, but I thought they would. If Helia the ex-pacifist could take out five by himself, they might as well have given up and crawled back into the Legendarium World. The Children of the Night are still the toughest so far. 😛

As for Icy the Snow Queen, I’d care more if I weren’t so sick of Frozen. I couldn’t help but compare her to Elsa. Don’t tell me you didn’t. I know season six was made before Frozen came out, but that movie is everywhere. Eve-ry-where. It invades your life. Then your soul.


Verdict: decent episode, but only the beginning and end stood out. The rest was forgettable.

IMG_1689Next episode: “The Magic Totem.” Will the Winx find the Silver Spear? Can Flora save her boyfriend and defeat Elsa Icy before they all turn into fictional characters forever? Watch it now on!


  • Nice to see Helia and Flora spending time together!
  • Those freshmen again? We’ve sure seen them a lot this season.
  • Helia got grabbed. Saw that coming. 😛
  • If Flora was still in the greenhouse, why didn’t she take care of the vines before she started the tour? (Answer: because comedy. :P)
  • Gee, someone’s being sensitive. Lighten up, Helia.
  • “Whoa! Do they just show up as soon as we start talking about them?” Yes, Musa, they do. Lampshading much? 😛
  • “Now do you see how lucky you are?” Awwww. 🙁 (But whenever you hear that, you know you’re about to lose the thing you’re so lucky to have.)
  • Do you have to remind us what the Winx’s mission is every episode? We’re not that forgetful!
  • Use the wands to find the Spear. Couldn’t the Winx have thought of that themselves?
  • “Mythix Vision?” I liked Mythix Insight more.
  • How did Daphne know all that about Fearwood as soon as she saw the totem?
  • Werewolves are scared of silver? *Does a Google search* Hey, that’s right! You kill a werewolf with silver bullets, hence the phrase “the silver bullet.” Bonus points for real mythology! 🙂
  • Why do the Trix care about the Legendarium, anyway? Sure, they couldn’t use monsters to take over realms anymore, but with all the power they’ve gathered, can’t they do it themselves?
  • Daphne got a new outfit again.
  • Eldora showed up just to tell them something they should have already known. Because the Winx don’t think for themselves anymore. 😕
  • Really, Riven? Grow up.
  • Why’d the Trix wait so long to attack?
  • Ooh, I love the Legendarium text! 🙂 “Mere mortals howled at the moon!”
  • Riven’s the boy who cried (like a) wolf? 😛
  • Couldn’t Helia tell that was a wolf’s shadow? I’ll chock this up to cartoon misrepresentation of darkness.
  • How did Bloom know the werewolves came from the Legendarium? I mean, what if the curse is real? 😛
  • Breakdancing werewolf. Random, but funny. 😛
  • Wow! Flora should tick Helia off every day! 😛
  • I know you’re sorry for hurting his feelings, Flora, but you didn’t do anything wrong. 😕
  • “Way to ruin such a beautiful moment!” Yeah, Nickbow. Is kissing not allowed anymore?
  • Get the power of a legendary character? What all can the Legendarium do?
  • If the totem were physically there, Musa, don’t you think the townsfolk would have found it by now?
  • Icy captures Helia. Flora goes after her, alone. Trap is obviously a trap.
  • Did Icy know about the Snow Queen, or was this all improvised?

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24 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X17: “The Curse of Fearwood”

  1. I really liked this episode. But I somehow pictured the Werewolves to be bigger, and a lot quicker, cuz they’re supposed to be in the same league as vampires – as fast as they are powerful.
    Icy doesn’t look much different as the Snow Queen, and her power really isn’t significantly raised – she could do all this stuff in S1-3. And I do agree that Nick is making a lot of drama out of calm ppl and situations. I don’t see the need to repeat the mission in every episode – they do a recap of what happened in the previous episodes at the beginning anyway.
    I just want to see the girls in midriffs again like in the very beginning. I’m a sucker for those, I think they’re real cool and the Winx totally were designed to look great in midriffs so why not wear them? I’m sure parents had a go at Disney when they made Tinkerbell decades ago so why should this be any different

    • Peter Pan was made in the 50’s and Tink’s dress was risky then but as far as I know no one complained and if they did they were ignored. When it comes to the Winx though because they are human sized fairies (and not bug sized) they are treated as everyday earth girls even if they technically aren’t. As such A croptop shirt is immature for a girl the age of the Winx. The Winx simply changed their clothes as they got older. To see 20+ year old fairies that way would make them seem younger than they are. While the designs that had croptops were okay some gave off unfortunate implications. They’ve been sneaking in more mature clothing since season 2. Stella being the primary (since Musa did revert to croptops in s4) cause. Stella’s the oldest so she’s supposed to set an example and your clothes especially when you’re a royal are just as important as your conduct. Think about it if the whole universe knew you were royal on some random planet would you want to walk like trash (midriffs imply that unfortunately).Stella most likely thought this in season 2 and the girls slowly went with her first Musa, then Bloom and Flora. Aisha and Tecna were the last to switch over to something more modest. To me the more modest outfits show the fact that they girls are adults.

  2. I actually think that Winz telling the story of the Snow Queen is far more interesting than Frozen because it’s actually the way it plays out (although toned down a little) where one of the heroes turns evil by ice and the other must save them. Their names were Kai and Gerda in the book and those are the roles Helia and Flora take in the story. When I knew that this episode dealt with werewolves I thought they might reference crying wolf somehow, very funny to see it actually being a wolf cry. The kiss was probably interrupted because it wasn’t on the cheek, Flora was going to kiss him on the lips which would have meant that Helia would think about giving her a ring (if he hasn’t already). Musa’s lampshade was equally funny. I actually prefer Mythix Vision but Eldora does not need to baby the Winx, I was fine with mean Daphne doing it but Eldora no. Daphne is to be the mentor and she’s better at it because she can do what a mentor is supposed to guide them (even if it follows the Zordon school of spell it out) and fight when needed. Nothing more nothing less. Eldora should go she’s basically babysitter, hopefully season seven doesn’t do that with Daphne. I bet Bloom was going to suggest backup but Flora’s been around long enough to learn from Bloom that sometimes “A fairy’s gotta do what a fairy’s gotta do.” Probably why Bloom didn’t stop her any further. At least their behaving competently now. Hopefully their brains return to normal size soon.

  3. I feel like you should write on Riven or Musa-Riven growth/progress because they could have had one of the best relationships in the show by the end of season 4. Seriously, he made so much progress then and to kill it now is just stupid. As you can tell I actually like Riven and I feel that they are really killing his character and progress. The dude came a long way from season 1.
    Still I like the episode well enough. It’s always great to see Flora assert herself and take charge. Still they often make her appear like she can only perform well when Helia or her sister are in danger. Flora is strong and has awesome powers. She could be so much stronger if they didn’t try to make her into such a tree hugging pacifist. Then again with her strength she may outshine Bloom and that’s a no-no right?
    The argument thing was terribly done, I agree. Surely there is something they can do to make it seem more legitimate? Still I’m glad Sky is not saving the day and Helia did a good job of proving why he is a Specialist.
    I though your Elsa comment was funny. Only saw Frozen once ages ago and have been avoiding it since. I get why you made that reference though. Still when I saw it I was thinking more Whit Witch from Narnia.

    • I might look more into Riven after this. I’ve always looked down on him, but I really did feel sorry for him this time. Even when he’s not acting like a jerk, he still gets fussed at.

      Nickbow’s playing it up too much this time. It’s like he exists just to be annoying.

      As for Icy, I thought of her more as Jadis (The White Witch) in the next episode, for some reason. I don’t know why I didn’t see the similarities right away. I love The Chronicles of Narnia!

  4. *Sigh* It’s as if Winx has run out of relationship drama and they’re desperately trying to add more in a pathetic way. Most of their personal conflicts were resolved in previous seasons, though, so why can’t Nickbow be more creative already?

    As far as the Ice Queen thing, I know Frozen is popular… but obviously they were referring to the story it was based off of. “The Snow Queen” is an actual story, you know. It was kind of interesting to see icy in that position, but the animation looked really iffy…

    • I know they were referring to The Snow Queen, not Frozen. It’s just since that’s the most recent adaptation of the story, and no one ever stops talking about it, I’m a bit burned out on it. (They even put it Once Upon a Time.) It’s not Winx Club‘s fault. It’s mine. Personally, I like their version of the Snow Queen more than Elsa.

  5. I haven’t fully watched it yet but the start in the Alfea’s Greenhouse went good but downhill? Seriously Rainbow, I think that was like a good emotional moment ever. 🙂

  6. This is getting old I mean it. Hey like I said for Tritanuss : find the pole destroy it grab
    the gem and go home.
    P. S : I found a quote for Nabu : excuse me favorite character did I give you permission to die.

  7. I do agree with you that the “fight” between Flora and Helia was terrible. Do you think Nickbow is trying to make up for it after that debacle with the love-triangle “plot” with Princess Krystal from the last season? If so, then they still failed at making these two’s fight legit. On the bright side, it does lead to a plot where Flora shines by going into the Legendarium to save him.

    While I still love the Frozen film, I am getting a little tired of people talking about it still after a year. I’ll admit that Icy’s Snow Queen outfit makes fans compare her to Elsa, but she’s nothing compare to the Disney queen of ice. I really like this episode and the next a lot because it based its plot on ACTUAL Earth legend and fairy tale.

    For the werewolves, it’s being afraid of silver. That’s awesome and not as silly as those Egyption mummies and their “magical bandages.” Magical bandages…seriously?! But with the werewolves being afraid of Stella’s silver mirror, that’s legit! And for the Snow Queen part, I smiled when I saw Icy kidnapping Helia and riding away on a sleigh. That’s exactly what happened in Hans Christian Anderson’s source material, and I love it how they incorporate that by using Icy, Flora, and Helia.

    I do know that in the original “Snow Queen” story, the Snow Queen kidnapped the boy Kai and kissed him twice and froze his heart. After they flew away on her sleigh, Kai’s childhood friend and love interest, Gerda, goes through the mountain and forest to find him. Of course, the Snow Queen’s icy kiss turned Kai into a cold-hearted person towards Gerda and by kissing him, she melted his frozen heart and saved him. Maybe Nickbow intentionally interrupted Flora’s kiss so that she can do it later to free Helia in the next episode? That would be sooooo sweet!

    • I don’t think they were trying to make up for last season. I just think they wanted them to fight, but they couldn’t come up with a good reason.

      As for The Snow Queen, it doesn’t help that I don’t know the original story. I’ve heard of it, of course, but I’ve never read it. Sounds like Nickbow adapted very well, so bonus points for them. Maybe I’ll look more into it for the next review.

      • I really feel like Helia and Flora’s relationship should not be messed with if you are going to do it so badly. The love triangle was interesting but the execution needed work. Maybe if they had made it real on Crystal’s part, then either forcing Helia to choose or making Crystal realize that she could never be the one would be more realistic and entertaining. I mean the Bloom/Sky/Diaspro thing was very entertaining until it became over used.
        I feel like half the problem is the age range they made the show for. You can’t have 3 year olds watching girls fight for a boy. The other half is just bad writing or maybe even a bad communication connection. Nick and Rainbow just were not expressing themselves clearly enough to each other. Heck I don’t know but I sure regret the disaster of Season 5 on their behalf.

      • I think I would have prefer them making Flora and Helia fighting over Flora’s paranoia by putting Princess Krystal in the tour group than spraying water bottles. LOL

        By the way, since I know that you like Roxy just as much as I do when it comes to this show, I feel like you should write an article on whether or not Flora really does make a good replacement for Roxy. Remember episodes like when Flora had insects invaded their dorm room? Or a certain spell in the next episode? I don’t know…ever since they introduced Roxy, it bothers me seeing how Nickbow seemed to be “replacing” her with Flora. 😛

        • By the way, since I know that you like Roxy just as much as I do when it comes to this show, I feel like you should write an article on whether or not Flora really does make a good replacement for Roxy. Remember episodes like when Flora had insects invaded their dorm room? Or a certain spell in the next episode? I don’t know…ever since they introduced Roxy, it bothers me seeing how Nickbow seemed to be “replacing” her with Flora. 😛

          Actually, I’ve noticed that, too, and I’ve been thinking about writing about it. I might.

    • Oh, please not those “magical bandages”, that was lame, but maybe they didn’t want little girls to watch living wrapped dead -which would be ironic since they added zombies in latter episodes.

  8. It was an okay episode, but not the best. Icy kidnapping Helia was an OBVIOUS trap, his “fight” with Flora (if you could even call it that) was pointless, and the whole episode seemed more like something from a Scooby Doo episode than a Winx Club episode.

    And LOL So if Icy is Elsa…then I guess that makes Cheerful Stormy (from season 2) Anna? :p

  9. Forgive me, but as someone who is currently obsessed with Frozen, I very much enjoyed Icy the Snow Queen. And yes, I immediately thought of Elsa. Still think Elsa makes a better snow queen, but part of why I like her is they changed her from being evil, so…

    But overall, I wasn’t fond of this episode. Especially that silly fight. Really, a plant?! I don’t mind a little relationship drama, but not if it’s these petty fights. And why did Icy kidnap Helia in the first place? Was she just aiming to mess with Flora for the heck of it? And I know Flora was in a rush, but it may have not been a bad idea to ask at least one if her friends to go with her. Like, you know, the one who controls fire.

    I’ll be honest. I hate season six. I really do. The first half of it was alright, but the second half, so far, sucks. It feels like they’re throwing things in for the sake of throwing it in, and it’s not helping the show. It’s nice to see the other characters besides Bloom and Sky get their moments to shine, but they need a better way of doing it than pulling stuff out of their behinds.

  10. Their fight was pathetic…or they’re already an old couple nagging at each other over little pointless things

  11. I actually kind of like the fight. Or rather, what it does with Flora. She knows and cares a lot about her plants, but not everyone around her has the same affinity with them as she does. But in the heat of the moment it’s easy to forget that everyone else in dumber then her in that department. It’s sort of like how Tecna gets too caught up in her big words that she doesn’t make it understandable for others. The writing sucked, and Flora/Helia fights are lame in general, but I liked where they were going with it.

    As for the rest of the episode, it was alright. Mostly harmless adventure stuff on Earth (yet again) while they search for the next plot coupon. Riven slides back into his old habits, making it increasingly harder for me to care about him. Not a lasting relationship. Werewolves suck, but of course they do when they just claw things while the Winx can fly above and shoot them. Enemies being way below the Winx’s power level has been a staple for awhile now.

    • I actually agree. The fight was lame, but it was mostly because Flora didn’t seem upset enough for Helia to think he’d let her down. If she’d seemed more irritated with him, or maybe if he’d made more mistakes, it would been believable. It was a good concept and a nice lesson for Flora. It just wasn’t written well.

  12. I think they should have thought of a better way to develop Flora and Helia’s fight but despite this and the current Nickbow’s bullsh*t I liked the episode, I liked how Flora had a major role instead of just being hurt by the enemies and talking nicely about nature, I also liked the werewolves and how the based them of actual werewolves and how Helia handled them.

    Also, the werewolves were cursed humans but they also came from the Legendarium World so, did the cursed humans come from the legendarium or only did the curse?, because it means that either the Legendarium can release curses or it can release human beings. (?)

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