“The Magic Totem?” I think a title like “Reign of The Snow Queen” would have been better, don’t you? The totem only got a couple minutes of screen time. 😛

Anyway, let’s get started!


IMG_1708Flora tails Icy’s sleigh through the forest. No matter what she throws in her way — ice rays, giant ice pillars — the flower fairy doesn’t flinch. She’s determined to get her boyfriend back!

The chase leads to a clearing where a funny-looking statue stands alone in the center. It’s the totem! No way Icy’s gonna let her escape with it! Flora and Helia will freeze in the Legendarium World forever, if she can help it!

Flora knows she can’t melt all of Icy’s ice, but she can stop “The Snow Queen” in her tracks.

“Life Essence!”

Her spell thaws Icy’s reindeer and loosens them from the sleigh, sending it into a free fall. Flora catches Helia in a magic bubble and sets him down gently in front of the totem. Mission accomplished! Just one more thing. She uses her wand to teleport herself, Helia, and the totem out of the Legendarium World.

Meanwhile in the real world, the Winx and the Specialists are surrounded by werewolves, and more keep coming out of the forest! The gang can’t fight back. They can’t risk hurting innocent men and women. If only they could find a way to break the curse.

Just when they’ve run out of room to escape, an intense magic light blazes behind them. They swivel around to see Flora and Helia emerge from the Legendarium World. The totem activates, and all the wolves become human again! Whew!

Helia, though, is still an ice sculpture. Flora’s tried every spell she can think of — except one: Life Essence! Why not? It worked in the Legendarium World! With a flourish of her Mythix wand, she defrosts Helia out and wakes him from his trance. Thank goodness! Time for a hug…

Or not. He doesn’t want her “embarrassing” him. Um…okay.

IMG_1700Anyway, now that the curse has been broken and it’s safe to be out at night again, the people of Fearwood throw a celebration! Of course, Flora’s not in a party mood. Helia keeps on acting cold. He even picks a fight with Riven, and Brandon and Timmy have to restrain him! What did Icy do to him?

Daphne puts him under a sleeping spell and scans his body for anything strange. Boy, does she find something: there’s a fragment of ice in his heart! If they don’t remove it, he’ll stay cold-hearted forever!

Before they can think of a plan, “The Snow Queen” returns for round #2 with Flora! This time, all of Fearwood is their battlefield. Icy traps the town and the forest in a deep freeze, and some of the townsfolk get frozen!

The Winx have had enough, especially Flora! Time to transform and melt this witch!

Flora attacks her head-on, but this time Icy’s ready with a trick she didn’t get to try in the Legendarium World. She aims for Flora’s wings and freezes them solid. The flower fairy plummets toward the forest floor.

Luckily, an evergreen tree saw the whole thing and reaches out to break her fall. It slides her off its branch and drops her safely a few feet below.

Flora’s not ready to give up. But how will she get back to the others when she can’t fly and can barely stand up?

Mother Nature. It’s always helped her before. She begs the trees and ground for help, and the whole forest answers her. Small vines sprout up and lift her into the air, and warm magic, like spring air, melts the ice off her wings. Flora thanks the forest as she hurries to face Icy once more.

Ha! She dares to compete with The Snow Queen? Icy releases another burst of magic, and heavy snow begins to fall over Fearwood.

That’s nothing. Flora can do better. Gathering the forest’s energy, she casts her most powerful Spring Shower spell yet. Icy’s knocked back, and all of her magic ice is melted, including the shard in Helia’s heart. He’s finally back to normal!

And it’s his turn to be impressed with Flora. She never gave up on him.

IMG_1722Their kiss is interrupted (again), this time by Eldora. She’s here to remind the Winx of their mission: to forge the Legendarium Key. They still haven’t found the Silver Spear!

Turns out it was on top of the totem the whole time. The moment Flora gets it down, it merges with the Fantasy Emerald to become a shining silver key. Their quest is over! Now all they have to do is go to Cloud Tower and lock the Legendarium forever.

But if they want the book, they’ll have to go through Selina and the Trix first!


Bravo, Nickbow! Whoever wrote this episode, thank you! I loved it. The dialogue was some of the best this season. Even the recap of “Curse of Fearwood” was well written (and well delivered — kudos to you, too, Kari Wahlgren).

I’m not saying this episode was perfect, though. Nothing ever is. 😛

My beef is with the party in the middle. I know I complain a lot about filler scenes, but I don’t really hate them. We fans need a breather now and then. Non-stop action would tire us out.

But in this case, the party was truly filler because it delayed the resolution of the Silver Spear plot. Why did the Winx come to Fearwood? Why were they looking for the totem? To find the Spear. Yet no one — not even Flora, looking down at the totem — saw it until the end of the episode.

Plus, Selina — who’s worried about her “friend” getting locked away — didn’t think to look for the Spear while the Winx were having their sack race. If she’s watching every move they make, how would she miss that chance? Icy could have grabbed it, too, for that matter! She was there!

The writers just wanted to keep everyone in Fearwood, but they could have done it without stretching out the plot. Here’s how I would have written this episode:

  • Flora finds the totem and the Spear and defrosts Helia. The Winx forge the Legendarium Key. Helia starts acting weird.
  • The townsfolk throw a party for the Winx to thank them for breaking the curse. Helia’s behavior keeps getting weirder.
  • The party ends, and the Winx and Specialists prepare to go home. Helia’s weirdness peaks. He picks a fight with Riven and tries to sabotage the Owl. Daphne casts a sleeping spell on him and examines him. He’s got a fragment of ice in his heart, and it’s spreading through his body fast! They can’t leave yet. They need to find Icy and negate her Snow Queen magic, or Helia will stay like this forever!
  • Icy tries to steal the Legendarium Key. Flora defeats her and strips her of her Snow Queen power. The ice fragment melts and Helia’s saved.

There. I fixed it. I even left the party scene in. 🙂

Moving on to Flora, the star of this episode. She kicked butt — not with pollen and vines for once, but with the full energy of nature. This was the kind of magic I’ve been waiting for. She was like a goddess! The trees and ground listened to her plea. Winter turned to spring at her command. It was one of her best moments in the whole series, in my opinion.

What did I tell you? She’s as powerful as Bloom when she lets go of her fear. In fact this time, she was more powerful. Bloom’s Dragon Flame, the magic that made the universe, couldn’t melt Icy’s ice. Was that on purpose so Flora could shine? Yes, but we’ve seen her flame wimp out against Icy before, so it wasn’t a “Worf Effect” moment. (Was that the right trope?)

For that matter, Flora’s leaves can stand up to Bloom’s fire. Maybe Bloom’s not the strongest Winx, after all. 😛

These last two episodes paralleled Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. I was gonna talk about that now, but after reading part of the story (I hadn’t read it before — I’d just heard of it), I wanna save my thoughts for another post. Look for that soon. 🙂

winx-619-full-episode-4x3Verdict: Good episode — much more memorable than the last one. Points off for stalling when a plot resolution was in front of the Winx’s faces, but bonus points for redeeming Flora from her punching bag treatment from last season. 

Next episode: “Queen for a Day.” The Winx have the Legendarium Key, but now they can’t find Cloud Tower. Plus, Stella gets to rule Solaria for a day, but as they say, absolute power — and a little Legendarium magic — corrupts absolutely. Watch the episode right now on!


  • Wow! Best recap ever!
  • Snow Queen. Ice Queen. Same difference.
  • “I’m not afraid of you, Icy, and I never was!” You tell her, Flora!
  • Why did Flora weaving through those ice pillars look like a video game? 😛
  • Um, Icy. The plural of reindeer is reindeer.
  • Life Essence! Cool new spell!
  • Okay, no fight yet. That’s fine. They had to leave before they became fictional characters, anyway.
  • “This is not the end! I’ll be back for you!” Larisa Oleynik botched that delivery.
  • Why did that back-to-back moment with Bloom and Nex feel romantic to me? 😛
  • “Things got a bit hairy, sir.” Tecna. *Sigh* 🙂
  • She can cast spells with her wand outside the Legendarium World? Okay. But why didn’t she think of the Life Essence spell right away? She just used a minute ago!
  • Ouch, Helia! That’s…cold! 🙁
  • How is Thoren that strong?
  • Why aren’t the townsfolk playing? Are the Winx putting on a show for them? 😕
  • This piñata game also feels like a video game. 😛
  • Riven, shut up.
  • I know Helia’s being a jerk right now, but he’s right about Riven.
  • Stella, why would you turn your friends into dogs? You have a weird sense of humor. 😕
  • A “musical hug,” Musa? How about a real hug? That’s what she needs. And wasn’t Flora there when you talked about that song last season? And why is music your answer to everything now? You’re more in touch with people’s feelings than that!
  • Yikes, Helia!
  • If you look at the crowd, you’ll see some “familiar” faces, like the Alfea freshman and some folks from Gardenia. Rainbow, you need to be more discreet with your character reuse.
  • Warmth Reveal? Weird spell name.
  • “Oh, come on, Bloom. You know I like my boys cold-hearted.” Okay, Ms. Oleynik. You’ve redeemed yourself. 😛
  • Why do I like Flora more when she’s angry? 😛 I guess it’s because it’s so different for her.
  • The tree saved her? I love that!
  • Now that’s using your power, Flora!
  • I guess all they had to do to save Helia was beat Icy. Makes sense, I guess.
  • Again, Nickbow? Is one kiss too much to ask?
  • How did you not know the Spear was there?
  • “Forging” the key equals magically merging the parts together. Hmmmm…I would have liked something more — maybe a spell or a potion to put them together.
  • An impromptu ski break? Aren’t you guys getting a little cocky?
  • Cloud Tower’s gonna disappear? Sounds like season three again.

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26 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X18: “The Magic Totem”

  1. I actually did like this episode as well. I never really paid attention to the filler party because it was funny to see Bloom as a tiny dog but your rearranged episode was pretty awesome.
    One of the reasons I like this episode so much is because it reminds me of how awesome Flora really is. The only other episode that does that this season is her Bloomix episode when we saw Flora doing a throwback by making potions. It’s kinda sad that we have to wait so long to see Flora’s awesomeness.

    • I’m glad we’re getting to see her awesomeness at all after what they did to her last season. I was sick of her being a punching bag. At least they’ve stopped that, too. I kinda wish we could see her make more potions, too.

  2. I liked this episode too – not counting the party scene, the girls didn’t act like 12 year olds continuously getting answers from other ppl. They relied more on their own wits during the battle, which is why I like to see more battle – less help from others, more self-reliance.
    As for the party scene I think they made Stella’s character too childish for someone who’s supposed to be the eldest of the Winx. She constantly screws up the outfits and gets them right the second time and we always see her “acting like a three-year-old.” She’s been acting like that since the beginning of S5, not just in that one episode.
    I liked how this episode is closer to the actual story of the Snow Queen. But I do wish Nickbow would stop acting like wusses and let Helia and Flora kiss! That’s part of the story ain’t it?
    frankly I think Flora and Helia’s fight from ep 17 would’ve been better used here, when there was ice in his heart and he was giving her reason to be even a little frustrated with him. Then after the fight, daphne would find the cause, someone would tell Flora and showdown with Icy would start. Personally I think that could’ve been better.

    • The fight definitely would have gone better with his heart frozen! Nickbow needs more people with sense to look over the scripts and write them.

  3. This was great for showcasing Flora but wow Stella I know that everyone has their days but did you have to go so far as to call Tecna, Aisha and Bloom witches? Aisha, I could understand given your fights, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult her like that, also what’d Tecna ever do to you so why’d you do that? Now where i’m really shocked is Bloom! You! Called! Your! Best! Friend! A! Witch! Really? Your! Best! Friend! That’s just beyond rude wasn’t it you who talked her into coming back 3 times with the most serious one being this year? I think you’ve gone from politely adressing your problems with the girls to just name calling and I was just starting to think you had snapped out of this idiotic behavior by giving credit where credit is due just five episodes ago. Nice to see Daphne using quintessence (heart equivalent for the show) powers again (I assume sleeping spells fall under quintessence like dream magic and lightning) it’s been almost a whole season since she did that 🙂 Also Flora let go of your fear, that makes you a target even though Tecna’s the weakest fairy she doesn’t let her fears get in the way, take a play from her book, use your brain to find an enemy’s weak spot, you’ll last longer, i’m sure Tecna wouldn’t mind you helping her do that after all Tecna is your best friend. 😉

      • For Daphne’s power I was just stating it’s been awhile since she’s used any sort of sleeping magic via dreams or otherwise that’s quintessence along with lightning. Last time I remember that happening was when she was still a ghost.

  4. This is actually one of the best episodes of season 6 in my opinion. Not only did they parallel the plot with Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, but they showed us just how kick-butt awesome Flora is! I seriously want more episodes like this where the other Winx are in the spotlight and showing us and the villains just how powerful and awesome they are! Bloom’s Friendship Flame in Mexico was too deux ex machina for me, but Flora’s Spring Shower is exactly what I want against Icy!
    I’ll admit that “Life Essence” sounds like a very cool spell, but I can’t help that has an “animal” feel than “nature”. Sure, it technically can apply to both, but seeing Flora used it on those reindeer reminded me of Roxy’s spell with that ice bird. Oh, well.
    Eldora…I never liked you that much before, but now I hate you for interrupting their kiss.

    • I don’t think Flora’s Life Essence spell was specific to anything. She used it on the reindeer, but she also used it on Helia. I thought of it more like the magic she used to bring the plushies to life in season four, and it’s also similar to Bloom’s magic, “the flame of life.”

      Flora’s always had some connection with animals, but it’s been in more of a motherly sort of way. She wants to protect all living things, plant or animal. But she’s never been able to communicate with, understand, or control animals the way she can with plants.

      • True, but because she used it on Icy’s reindeer before on Helia, it just makes me connect it to Roxy’s spell on the icy bird. LOL 😛

        Speaking of season 4 and “The Snow Queen”, this episode makes me wish for a battle between Icy and Aurora the North Fairy. Come to think of it, Aurora’s practically the fairy’s version of a traditional ice queen. 😀

        • Technically, yes. But the show doesn’t treat it that way. Flora’s never had power over animals or had any spells related to animals. Her focus has always been on plants. If we were to get that technical, Icy and Aisha’s powers would be the same, too, since ice is just frozen water (and you can freeze other liquids, too). But the show separates their powers as well. Aisha can’t control ice, but Icy can freeze her water spells.

  5. After they found out that Helia had ice in his heart I started liking the episode. First off, that is right out of the actual Snow Queen story, except in the story they needed love to thaw the ice. (So I was sad to see no kiss.)
    Did anyone notice that when Daphne transformed it showed her in a dress? Looks like repeated footage that should not have been used again. ): I also wish the voice actresses didn’t use so many unnecessary “ugh”s.
    Anyway, I thought it was great how Flora got to use her Fairy of Nature position for once, and Icy looked way cooler in 2D. And it was hilarious when Eldora crashed into Riven! XD

  6. In this episode Helia is under the threat of having a personality forever. What a terrible fate. Dude is still boring, but it did give us a moment where we side with Riven over Helia. Never thought I’d see that coming. Party was lame, but really, all that filler stuff this season has been lame. Icy finally shows off what she can do, freezing a city with no effort. That large-scale magic is something I want to see more of from everyone.

    Flora has had a better showing this season. She’s still the weakest of the Winx, but she’s shown that she can beat Icy one-on-one before. She’s far from weak, just a victim of bad luck. I do wish they showed off more intricate or creative aspects of her powers. Something more unique than a storm of petals that has the same function as Bloom’s fire or Stella’s light blasts. That little moment where a tree broke her fall was a nice touch.

    • the tree fall was a nice a touch! this was a surprisingly good episode. i was expecting more of the same when the filler came but then the ep picked up. can we still complain about the filler? i think can. as everyone said there’s been plenty this season.

      i can’t complain about the musical hug. its revealing of musa’s character. where she comes from and why she’s the fairy of music. musical affection is more important to her than physical affection?

      my only real complaints are not specific to this episode. first the guys just get more and more weak/useless. These are suppose to be the same guys that swung a sword and broke the ground open in the first ep of series? second i’m also getting tired of the villains always being able to spy in on the heros constantly every season.

      but bottom line i’m happy with this ep

    • She’s not the weakest one, she is “weak” only due to her emotions and fears but as you said: she’s far from weak and this episode is an example of how powerful she is, I bet that if she wasn’t too sensitive and overly emotional (she is the most ethical of the Winx, though) she could defeat Stella and maybe even Bloom, she is the fairy of nature after all and all the powers of the Winx (except Tecna’s) are part of nature.

  7. My thoughts:

    -The musical hug was cute, but Musa should have given Flora a REAL hug. Sometimes I wonder if Rainbow is doing this on purpose to try and fix it so Aisha and Musa are “best friends”…but then I remember the argument Musa had with Tecna at the Golden Auditorium.

    -Helia acting like a jerk was an interesting twist, but I felt a lot of the relationship drama was unneeded. Helia and Flora have been together since season 2.

    -Seeing Flora kick Icy’s butt once? Cool. Seeing her do it twice? AWESOME! It’s great that we finally get to see Flora showing that she can fight and doesn’t have to stand on the sidelines all the time. :p

    -Not that I mind Nex being there or anything, but what happened to Roy? Did he go back to Red Fountain and sulk or something?

  8. Since Flora is one of my two favorite Winx [the other being Aisha] I LOVE seeing her featured in episodes that show her as something more complex and formidable than her usual shy and sensitive self. And seeing her go into action alone? Awesome.
    Other than the Flora vs Icy stuff though, I really felt this episode was just okay; not terrible, not amazing, but okay. I agree with a lot of the points you made about the episode, and I also have a few of my own responses to add:

    “This is not the end! I’ll be back for you!” Larisa Oleynik botched that delivery. Oh my God, this line was PAINFUL. Icy
    went straight to cheesy comic book villain with that dialogue…

    Why aren’t the townsfolk playing? Are the Winx putting on a show for them? –– [also about the crowd] The Alfea freshmen, and the sighting of the same 6 people in various spots in the crowd… This was SO WEIRD! That was one of the first things that I noticed about the “party,” like I don’t even have a possible theory as to why that may have been done…As for the character reuses, Nickbow has got to stop; not only were the Alfea freshmen there, but if you notice, the entire crowd was composed of literally 6 to 10 people just rotated and recolored, placed in different spots.

    Riven, shut up. Yeah, one of the reasons that this episode was so off-putting because of Riven. I mean I thought we were past his early series douche phase. I’ve never liked his character because he acts like such a petulant child most of the time, not to mention, this episode really rekindled my feelings about Musa and Riven’s relationship. Musa seemed a little upset seeing him at Alfea because he paid no attention to her and acted aggressively for no reason, who wants to be with someone like that? –– And what exactly was the super important “practice/training” he had to devote himself to? He was throwing and catching a boomerang…

    Stella, why would you turn your friends into dogs? You have a weird sense of humor. Yet another thing about the Fearwood party that made no sense…

    A “musical hug,” Musa? How about a real hug? That’s what she needs. And wasn’t Flora there when you talked about that song last season? And why is music your answer to everything now? You’re more in touch with people’s feelings than that! I actually liked this scene because that song, as with anything related to Matlin, is obviously very personal and special to Musa, so for her to share that with Flora [although she’s heard it before] was nice. But I do agree, I think she should’ve hugged her.

    Again, Nickbow? Is one kiss too much to ask? Seriously. Something tells me that because of Dickelodeon’s input, there’s not going to be a whole lot of “mature” romance being seen anytime soon. Without spoiling anything, I will say that there is a kiss in the season finale, but that’s it, for the whole season, and I mean the girls have been with the Specialists for 5 to 6 years, now, it’s totally appropriate for them to be showing physical attraction.

    How did you not know the Spear was there? This was actually laughable; the thing was propped RIGHT above them. “Where could it be?!”

    “Forging” the key equals magically merging the parts together. Hmmmm…I would have liked something more — maybe a spell or a potion to put them together. You mentioned some things in the episode that reminded you of video games, this was one for me. Like it felt as though they’d gone on all of these long and dangerous quests to obtain these important artifacts, and once they had them, all it took was a flick of the wrist to actually combine them? Seems like a bit of a copout.

    Cloud Tower’s gonna disappear? Sounds like season three again. UGH. We’re in S6 already, I’m SO done with freaking Cloud Tower, already…

  9. Did the tree save her intentionally? I thought it was the wind or Flora’s magic or even an animation error, anyway, I liked this episode as well as the previous one or maybe even more, I liked the jerk Helia fighting Riven and how Flora showed us how bad*ss she is by beating Icy in such way with no help. I think Flora didn’t see the spear because she was busy fighting against Icy.

    “Why did that back-to-back moment with Bloom and Nex feel romantic to me?”
    I thought the same while watching, actually there is a scene like this one in S4 (I don’t remember if it was really in S4) with Bloom and Sky.

    • I’m positive the tree saved her. If you think about how much this show personifies trees (Flora always talks about hearing them speak and feeling their pain), it’s not weird that that would happen.

      But it could have been Flora’s magic, too, in a sense. I think the tree saved her because it recognized her as the Fairy of Nature. Nature was in tune with her desires — i.e., to not fall her death and to save her friends. It wouldn’t have done the same thing for the other Winx, unless Flora asked it to.

      • Speaking with trees and feeling their pain is more like Flora using her powers but a tree intentionally moving to save someone without any kind of influence requires to have a conciousness but yes, I had forgotten how much Winx Club humanizes trees.

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