Sorry about the sudden hiatus, guys. I just started school again, and I didn’t think my professors would slam me with so much work this early in the semester. I’ve never had this much due at one time in my life!

Well, let’s finally wrap up this trio of reviews. Hopefully, Nick will upload/air more new episodes soon!


capture_007_27012015_193422_734I’ll sum up the first scene quickly. The Trix make their students fight each other to test their attack magic. A couple of them pass. The others fail — hard. Moving on.

When Selina warns them the Winx are coming, the Trix cut the class short. They can’t let them lock the Legendarium! No worries. Leave it to Darcy.

The Winx arrive with the key, but seconds later, Cloud Tower disappears! Did it teleport? No, Bloom can still feel its dark energy. But Tecna’s scanner isn’t picking it up.

So much for the “charge right in” plan. They decide to leave before “invisible” witches ambush them.

Stella goes into fashion mode as soon as they get back to Alfea. Her friends don’t know it yet, but it’s a big day for her. Brandon stops by, and he’s just as excited as Stella. Why? It’s their anniversary! He wants to celebrate with a romantic dinner. Awwwwwww!

Too bad Stella doesn’t care. For some reason, she won’t quit talking about Solaria.

Meanwhile, Daphne and the other Winx puzzle over Cloud Tower’s disappearance. What they need is an anti-invisibility spell. Stella knows a great place to look for one: the Library of Solaria!

But only her father’s allowed inside, and there’s no way he’ll grant them access. How will they get in?

Don’t worry, says Stella. She’s got a surprise up her sleeves.

As they step into the throne room, they hear King Radius talk about a Solarian tradition: when the three suns align, the king relinquishes the crown to his firstborn for one day. Wait — the suns are aligned, which means Stella’s queen for a day! (Yay for title drops!) Her first decree: the Winx may enter the royal library. Thank you, Your Majesty. 😛

The Winx’s research doesn’t take long. Daphne learns the type of spell Darcy cast on Cloud Tower can’t be undone with fairy magic. (How convenient.) They need a magi-technological boost. Great! You’re up, Tecna!

Back in the throne room, Stella’s reign is becoming a pain. She ignores the courtiers’ concerns, then declares they can only come to her with good news — or with gifts. Her parents try to reason with her, but she’s in her own world. Next, she throws an impromptu dance party, complete with disco ball, then gives the guards makeovers. Then she mocks hers and Brandon’s anniversary with a half-hearted, magic-made banquet — in front of the whole court. How romantic.

That’s the last straw for Brandon. When he calls her out for letting the power go to her head, she gets huffy and storms off to her room. *Sigh* 🙄

capture_009_27012015_202859_083Selina and the Trix like what they’re seeing in their Magic Eye. They can use the situation to their advantage. It’s storytime! Today’s tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This time, Selina does something a little different: she summons the Magic Mirror to darken Stella’s heart.

The mirror’s waiting for Stella when she gets to her room. Just like in the story, it tells her just what she wants to hear. She’s the fairest. The best queen in the Magic Dimension. Finally, someone appreciates her!

After finding a spot for her flattering friend, she gives it a smooch. Its dark energy flows into her, clouding her thoughts. Today was supposed to be her day. Her special day. She’s lost precious time, thanks to her parents and her boyfriend. They must be punished.

When Stella returns to the throne room, her father looks ready to snatch the crown off her head. Stella’s had enough of his voice — so she takes it away from him!

Now, Bloom’s had enough! This isn’t how a queen — or a fairy — should act!

Oh, really? If the Winx don’t wanna be her friends anymore, she’ll just make new ones. Stella teleports her “friends,” the witches of Cloud Tower, into the palace. From now on, all witches will be honored guests of the queen. She leaves them to fight the Winx while she retires to her room.

This time, Darcy’s waiting for her. Brandon — who happened to peek in at the right time — isn’t as welcoming as Stella is. He draws his spear to defend his love.

No! Darcy’s a guest, too, and Stella won’t let him hurt her! She knocks him back with a burst of sunlight. His spear flies out of his hand and hits the mirror, causing it to fall and crack. That breaks the spell on Stella. The dark energy leaves her body.

When she comes to, she thinks Darcy’s the one who attacked Brandon! Guess who’s not welcome in the palace anymore!

That’s fine with her. Before she leaves, she decides to grab a souvenir: Stella’s crown! If the princess wants it back, she’ll have to come to the Legendarium World to get it! Challenge accepted! Stella summons her Mythix wand.

Solaria’s fantasy world looks like a massive temple. Standing at the doorway is a woman in a white mask and Ancient Greek garb. Her name is Ariadne, the keeper of the labyrinth beyond the door. The crown lies inside.

capture_025_27012015_203505_659Suspecting nothing, Stella dives in. Several turns and dead ends later, she winds up at the center of the labyrinth, and out of nowhere, a Minotaur stomps out of the wall! Ariadne appears behind her and removes her mask. It’s really Darcy!

Stella’s trapped! If she doesn’t escape soon, she’ll be stuck in the Legendarium World forever!


Was I the only one waiting for something interesting to happen? This episode felt so plain and empty. Even the ending bored me. Sure, I don’t want Stella to get trapped in the Legendarium World, but I never felt like she was in danger. Maybe it’s because she kept cracking jokes. You know she’s really scared when she starts acting serious.

Speaking of Stella, let’s talk about her reign for a moment.

What the heck was that (pardon my French)? As some of you pointed out on Facebook, this Emperor Kuzco act was so out of character for her. I thought she respected her father’s job. She sure took it seriously in season three, when Countess Cassandra tried to take over the kingdom. Stella was livid about Cassandra abusing her power, which wasn’t really hers to begin with.

But what happens when Stella gets a taste of that power? She turns her dad’s throne room into a dance club? Bring back season three Stella, please!

The other thing that bugged me was how easily the Winx gave up when Cloud Tower disappeared. Couldn’t they just sprinkle some fairy dust on it? (I know — season three again.) Unless Bloomix fairies don’t have fairy dust, which feels like a power downgrade to me.

I guess it wouldn’t have worked. Darcy’s spell can’t be undone with fairy magic (because Winx seasons have 26 episodes, and the writers needed to extend the plot).

First of all, how did Daphne know that if she didn’t go to Cloud Tower with them? Tecna’s scan didn’t look thorough enough to determine what type of spell she used.

Second, why can only technomagic break it? Darcy’s done this a million times, and technomagic didn’t always save the day. Now it’s suddenly the only thing that’ll work? What a contrived way to make Tecna important!

That makes me sad. Why is her magic just a last resort or only option now? I miss the days when she was always useful. She was the inventor, the analyst, and the strategist of the club. Bring back that Tecna, Rainbow. 🙁

I liked some things in this episode:

  • The labyrinth was pretty. It’s easily my favorite CG area so far.
  • I like how Selina summoned an object from Snow White instead of a monster. Nice change.
  • The dialogue was pretty good. (In general, this season’s dialogue has been miles better than season five’s.)
  • The Cloud Tower students’ spells were cool.

Verdict: Dull episode that seems to exist just to lengthen the season. 

Next episode: “Stella’s Big Party” (oh boy). I like the Italian title, “Il Banchetto di Solaria” (The Banquet of Solaria), a lot more. Follow Una di Noi Winx to find out when this episode will air!

So, what’d you think of these last three episodes? Which one was your favorite? (Mine was definitely “The Magic Totem!”)


  • Now she’s The Snow Queen again instead of The Ice Queen, which is what they called her all last episode. Inconsistency is inconsistent.
  • The magic book? We know its name, Narrator. 😛
  • A witch with gravity magic? I made up a fairy with that power.  🙂
  • How are these witches this lame?
  • Another witch with storm magic? Hmmm…
  • The purple-haired witch looks like Tecna.
  • Selina’s said the same thing about Acheron in all three episodes! We get it already! Now do something about it!
  • Brandon remembered their anniversary? So much for that stereotype. 😛
  • Solaria’s library bigger than the Library of Alexandria?
  • Three suns? I thought Solaria had two.
  • Are Radius and Luna back together?
  • Hearing the Winx call Stella “Your Majesty” is a little weird.
  • Darcy’s spell was just an illusion, right? Why can’t fairy magic handle this? (Answer: because Tecna needsmore screen time.)
  • At least Stella’s not making decisions alone.
  • Are you really just a party girl, Stella?
  • *Sigh* Stella… 🙁
  • Selina can summon objects from the Legendarium? What all can that book do?
  • “Creepy eyes mean possession” cliché. 😛
  • She called him “Father” instead of “Daddy.” 😛
  • The Greek gods are in the Legendarium, too?
  • The mirror broke. How convenient.
  • “Find me in the Legendarium World.” I’m sensing a pattern here.
  • How can you not tell that’s Darcy? She has the same hair!
  • The lip syncing for the CG models is so bad!
  • Oh, so this is Theseus and the Minotaur. I didn’t recognize the name Ariadne from that story.

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18 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X19: “Queen for a Day”

  1. LOL! This episode was sure strange! Now Brandon attacking Stella? WOAH! THAT ODD! I think 6×19 sounds TOO MUCH DRAMA 😀

    • Bloom and Brandon have the obligation to call Stella’s shenanigans,that comes with bestie and boyfriend duties. Brandon is better at it than Bloom is but Stella doesn’t like it when they do. Brandon she just cries at it thinking no one gives a care about her in the world. Then when Bloom tries to correct Stella by translating Brandon’s “You’re not my Stella imposterous Witch!” Style remarks into “Brandon would appreciate it if you did this thing instead of that thing” in order to get Stella to be less vain.

  2. I’m agree with you, Stella already learned a bunch of things, for example been part of a loyal family, so, now she acts spoiled and she didn’t remembered her anniversary?, over what, like 5 probably 6 years that they are celebrating this moment and she didn’t remembered?, that is a joke, Stella certainly is not like that, so after all I really enjoy the next episode, it kinda fix all the personality mistakes, kinda.

  3. This episode sure did a good job of hitting the beserk button of everyone first the viewers,then Brandon, then hothead Radius but you know that something big is going to happen when Bloom is ticked off. Oh well at least Tecna’s guaranteed an episode or two of importance because of plot bunnies. Favorite lines in this episode came from Bloom
    “This is not the way a queen or a fairy behaves!” I was expecting Bloom to somehow be able to rescue Stella instantly (best friend guilt and all) but i’m actually glad that she didn’t, because it just makes her lecture next episode all the more important and brings season 3 bloom back to a degree especially with her next line during somewhat of a pinky and the brain reference
    Tecna’s witch double-“what are you gonna do now fairies?”
    Bloom “What we always do,save the day!” Now that’s the confident,somewhat hotheaded and clumsy yet caring and always determined to do the right thing even if it means slapping Stella upside the head (why didn’t she or Flora actually do that anyway since Flora’s the only other one close to her?). Now if Aisha would remember it’s her job to do that to Bloom. I thought Stella knew you can tick your friends off at times but you should not do that if they happen to be the fairy of the Dragon Flame. (Even if she technically has some herself,she’s not able to make you charcoal with one zap) Rule one in the Magix dimension Do Not Under Any circumstances hit the beserk button of your parents or the royal siblings of Domino (we know what Bloom can do,don’t get me started on what Daphne is capable of) I haven’t been saying this lately but you go Bloom!

  4. Meh…I didn’t care for the episode. Even when Stella wasn’t under Darcy’s spell, she behaved really out of character. I preferred her in other seasons when she was slightly spoiled but still generous. Hopefully they’ll fix this in season 7!

  5. Hmm…I think Nickbow is resetting Stella’s character development like they did with Tecna in season five by having her a spoiled princess-I mean queen. Either that or they’re trying to say that “talk is one thing, but another when you’re actually on the throne”. I didn’t really mind the spoiled-brat Stella in this episode as I was with the last season. Perhaps it’s because I knew that it’ll only last for about one or two episodes, but the fashion-obsessed Stella is still going to be around.
    I really love seeing the Evil Queen’s magic mirror being used in this episode. It’s fitting and it’s cool! I’m a sucker for fairy tales and mythologies. Speaking of which, I do remember the story of Theseus and the Minotaur quite well. In the Greek myth, Ariadne was the keeper of the labyrinth, the sister of the minotaur, and the daughter of the King of Crete. She fell in love with Theseus and decided to help him by giving him a ball of yarn, thus, enabling him to escape the maze once he has killed the beast. Finding the beast was the easy part, getting out of the maze was another story. Theseus decided to take her back to Athens with him so that they may wed. However, the wine god Dionysus fell in love with her when they made a pit stop on an island. Of course, the god orders Theseus to shove off and leave her behind so that he may marry her himself. It never said specifically, but supposedly Ariadne became a goddess AFTER she married the wine god, not before when she helped Theseus. Interesting how Darcy referred to her as a goddess, but either way it was nice to see Nickbow using this character as Darcy’s Legendarium alter ego.

  6. A part of me thinks that Nickbow pulled a rewind and turned back the clock on Stella’s maturity like they did with Tecna’s interpersonal skills and Flora’s confidence so that they can build her back up for the new audience. Which is annoying, but I think some good could come of that if they do it right…They need to get Stella’s wisecracks under control though, like seriously. I think we all enjoy Stella’s comical side, but when she’s cracking joke after joke every 5 seconds, it gets old any annoying. [one of her character’s biggest pitfalls in MotA.]

    Daphne and the Winx’s “intense” search for a way to reveal Cloud Tower was so underwhelming, I mean they could’ve [and should’ve] had them in the library searching for most of the episode, utilizing the search as an inner-story. I mean, it was supposed to be kind of important. It just feels so disingenuous and lame when the writers hype up a featured element for an episode and resolve it within minutes.

    In regards to Radius and Luna, I seriously hope the writers keep them divorced. This sounds mean, but that was one of the things that I liked about the original Winx Club in regards to the girls’ family lives; I liked that not every girl had a necessarily happy or whole home life, or two parents. And when you look at it, as prevalent as divorce is nowadays, it still isn’t something we see a whole lot of in animated media. We sooner run into characters with one or both parents being deceased rather than divorced…So I liked this! It gave the characters more of a foothold in reality. I like that the two seem to be more civil with one another, as Radius was [to be honest] a belligerent a*s in S5. –– However, part of me thinks that they may still be divorced, or at the very least separated, because if you paid attention to how the Winx addressed the pair, they never called them “The King and Queen,” they called them “King Radius and Luna.” And given the fact that Radius still sits on the throne of Solaria, I think we can infer that it is “his” kingdom, in other words, he was born its original Prince; otherwise, Luna would hold the crown, and Radius would be addressed by first name alone.

    As a whole, I thought this episode was really weak. I don’t like the writers toying with the established personalities of the characters as if they can just undo the 5 previous seasons of their progress and rewrite them in one episode.

    • Cornelia isn’t as spoiled or immature as Stella. She is the sensible Guardian of Earth as well as the voice of wisdom, despite a few…snobbish traits.

      • I agree Cornelia can be huffy at times but she’s no where near as spoiled as Stella, she’s almost as grounded as the earth she fights with, i can’t find anyone of the main five in witch that fit Stella’s immature bill.

  7. Agreed…this episode was on the boring side. But the preview does make the next episode look like it’ll be interesting (whenever we get to see it).

    And Stella was out of character. Bad jokes aside we already know who she is. And we know she is more mature than this. I really liked the Stella of the original seasons (1-3) particularly with the whole divorce and sky/brandon thing. When we found out Sky was Brandon and Brandon was Sky, Stella revealed how mature she really was. She accepted Brandon and said how being royal wasn’t important especially since it doesn’t help keep a couple together.

    I never watched the specials that season 1 and 2 became with nick. So I imagine that maturity was cut out. And I guess its okay for them to make Stella a brat that will become more mature now. But its not okay with me.

    @stephanie lawson: I agree. They should not get back together. They’re not compatible and there needs to be more divorce in media. But that aside I think they were just both there because it was a special day for Stella

  8. To be honest I felt the episode kinda boring, it was just Stella acting like a brat and nothing really interesting or meaningful happened. I still hate the CGI character design and I hate how they have to invent a spell that can be broken only with Tecnomagic only to give Tecna some attention, she doesn’t need that, even though Tecna is the weakest one of the Winx I bet she could defeat them all using only her intellect, but I love the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur so I think it had a bright side after all.

    “Couldn’t they just sprinkle some fairy dust on it? Unless Bloomix fairies don’t have fairy dust, which feels like a power downgrade to me.”
    Weren’t Enchantix and Believix the only transformation with fairy dust? I never saw them using it with any other transformation, even with Believix they used it only once.

    “The Greek gods are in the Legendarium, too?”
    I think so, in a flashback Selina summoned what seemed to be god Horus from egyptian mythology.

    • They have fairy dust in all forms, it’s just turned off unless it’s Enchantix and Believix the glitter on the wings? That’s fairy dust. Reasons being that every form from Harmonix on is an extension of Believix (we haven’t seen any lower than that recently if you don’t count Miele’s Charmix) and no form is as powerful as Believix or Enchantix. The dust looses potentency under water or when split amongst the club, the Mythix wands are kinda the new fairydust since Flora used healing powers of it with “life essence” and re-energizers too bad the closest thing to a 2d Mythix sequence is the twirling of the wands.

      • something i’ve come to believe despite the show telling me otherwise is that fairy forms after enchantix are more powerful. I think they’re more specialized and effective against some enemies. Kind of like playing pokemon. water attacks do more damage against fire and rock enemies but that doesn’t mean the water pokemon is stronger than before. enchantix is the complete fairy form. how do you get more than complete?

        believix as a baseline is as powerful as enchantix but it can be more powerful since it can draw more power from people’s belief in them.

        harmonix/sirenix makes powers more effective underwater.

        bloomix just fills a lack of power. i doubt its more powerful because its just filler for lost powers. also they’re fighting the trix again. the trix haven’t grown their powers. the fights seem to be on par with previous fights so their powers are proportional to each other.

      • Didn’t Faragonda say that Believix and all forms onward were just extensions of Enchantix? That may explain why the fairy dust isn’t used as often. As you said, the only form we actually saw them use it outside Enchantix was Believix, which I found to be a bit weird.

        • Faragonda said in season 4 that Believix on is more powerful than Enchantix but no one outside the Winx (for all intents and purposes this includes Daphne and Roxy) are not supposed to know what the elders of magix dimension know. Bloomix is possibly the strongest at this point because Bloom is the benefactor and you can’t get more powerful than coming from her. Bloomix is more than a refill for power, it allows whoever has it to utilize the Dragon Flame and restore their powers, all winx have healing powers with fairy dust and Bloomix not only restored it but made it strong enough that Flora could use a Mythix spell in Bloomix form since Bloomix and Mythix are interconnected. Also i believe that Stella’s used a flame spell this season and Aisha may have as well but can’t define that one.

          • I think Believix is the most powerful form, being a sort of ‘boost’ for Enchantix, as Kokiden said the fairy forms after Believix are just especialized for something: Harmonix and Sirenix are just because Believix weakens underwater, Bloomix came because they lost their powers and Mythix was needed in order to get into the Legendarium World. Even though Bloomix’s source of energy is the Dragonflame itself I doubt it is more powerful than Believix or even Enchantix, if it was it wouldn’t have taken so much effort and 20 episodes to defeat the Trix.

  9. Stella always was going to make for a terrible queen. She’s too immature even as an adult, and while she knows what she’s supposed to do she never cares to set her priorities straight until forced to. So while irritating, she wasn’t that out of character. Just a little. She’ll still make for a better queen than Bloom, and probably even Aisha. Personally, I just want to know what’s the point of a giant library that only the royal family can access, but whatever. Why a minotaur is supposed to be threatening to her I have no idea. This season has too many ground based melee only monsters, which are zero threat to flying fairies.

    I did like the Trix’s training of the witches. Nice to see them acting as instructors. Cloudtower is still a school after all. Plus getting a bit of focus and variety from the smaller witches is always good. Episode in general was bland, but the witches were decent.

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