I was told there’d be cake!

Surprise! A new episode! I’m not sure if Nick added it on purpose, but we’ll take it. I just hope they don’t keep firing off new episodes without telling us, just to get the season over with. Our girls deserve more attention than that!

Anyway, six episodes left!


620BAt the end of last episode, Stella was putting up with a whole lot of bull. But like most of these monsters, he’s a pushover. A Matrix jump and a couple blasts from her Mythix wand, and Stella not only beats him, but also knocks her crown out of Darcy’s grasp. Battle over! Time to get out of there!

Not if Darcy can help it. If she can’t have the crown, she can at least trap Stella in the Legendarium World forever. She leads the princess on a wild goose chase through the maze, getting her even more lost than before.

Stella’s just about to give up when Eldora appears in front of her. Instead of teleporting out together (which would have made sense, but it’s Eldora we’re talking about), she hands her a ball of magic yarn and tells her to unravel her way out. (At least it wasn’t breadcrumbs.) It works, of course. Stella escapes just in time.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Daphne and the Winx are fighting Stella’s now unwanted guests from Cloud Tower. You’d think five Bloomix and a Sirenix could more than handle a few newbie witches, but they almost get their wings handed to them. The battle ends just as the tide’s about to turn in their favor. The witches use a smokescreen to mask their retreat. Cowards.

Stella re-emerges in her room, where Brandon’s still recovering from Darcy’s attack. For once, he’s not happy to see her. He’s not sure he wants to keep dating a spoiled brat. Stella tries to apologize — after all, she was under a spell part of the time — but he’s not listening. He storms out just as her friends open the door to check on her.

Poor Stella. She knows she’s messed up big this time, and she has to make up for it. How about a heartfelt apology, complete with special effects and mood lighting? No. It’s gotta be grand-scale. She needs to say sorry to the whole kingdom, not just Brandon. This calls for a party! A big one! (Oy.)

Of course, the Winx are more than happy to help her prepare. On the menu: pizza, spaghetti, veggies, deviled eggs, cupcakes, punch, and, for Stella, some humble pie.

Cara, the Pixie pâtissière, is put on cupcake duty, so naturally the cupcakes are even smaller than she is. No worries. She can blow them up with her batter growth spell! Unfortunately, she overdoes it, and the cupcakes blow up for real. *Sigh* Pixies. 🙄

Despite the setbacks, the girls manage to have everything done by evening. Stella even helps, much to her parents’ surprise and delight. The whole court is treated to a feast in the throne room.

Brandon wants nothing to do with it, but Bloom drags him in anyway. Stella hands him a slice of pizza and apologizes again. She’s learned a valuable lesson: everyone deserves to be treated like royalty. Those words reach him, and he finally forgives her.

620CMeanwhile, four girls who weren’t invited to the party, Selina and the Trix, hatch a plan to wreck it. If it’s food we’re talking about, Selina knows the perfect party crasher: Gargantua, the greedy giant. He bursts into the throne room and starts cramming everything into his mouth — eggs, rugs, plates, you name it. Stella tells the guards to protect the guests and her parents. She and the Winx will deal with the monster.

Or try to, anyway. Their spells don’t affect him, and he doesn’t stop eating. All that hard work for nothing. Cara won’t even get to present the big cake she made for dessert. Poor baby. 🙁

Big cake? That gives Stella an idea! If you can’t beat him, feed him!

Cara lures Gargantua into the kitchen with a trail of cupcakes. Waiting inside is a three-tiered chocolate cake, the perfect size for his monstrous appetite. The giant grabs the dish and dumps the whole thing into his mouth.

Gotcha! The Winx use Cara’s batter growth spell to expand the cake right inside his stomach. He inflates like an air bag until finally…he explodes! (Into magic sparkles, of course. Rated G show. 😛 )

With the party cut short and the suns having set, Stella delivers her final speech as queen. She says sorry for everything she did and thanks her parents, her friends, and Brandon for standing by her side. The experience taught her being queen is harder than she thought, but she’s glad to have been given the chance.

620DThere’s still one piece of unfinished business: hers and Brandon’s anniversary. Bloom takes care of that. The next day, the couple enjoys private dining at a makeshift pizza parlor in Alfea. Très romantique.


I liked this episode more than the last one. At least it didn’t plod along to a weak cliffhanger. But as always, I have a few beefs with it.

One is with the Legendarium scene. Why did Stella have to go back to the front of the maze to escape? Once she had the crown, couldn’t she have teleported out at any time? If the writers had given us a reason she couldn’t — other than “it’s a maze” — then I would have accepted it.

But Eldora showed up. She can poof into a random corner, but Stella can’t poof out wherever she wants? That makes no sense. It’s like an RPG where you have to clear spike walls, fire pits, and a three-headed dog to reach the final boss, then Bob the NPC walks in through some imaginary shortcut. You’re glad he’s here to help. But part of you is mad he skipped the Hades you just went through. (Maybe that’s just me. 😛 )

Worse, what did Eldora do when she got there? Offer Stella a ride? Nope. She gave her a ball of yarn and said “good luck.” Can you get any ditzier?

My second beef is with Brandon. It’s the same complaint I had about Helia in “Curse of Fearwood”: why was this one event enough to make him almost end a series-long relationship? Was what Stella did really unforgivable?

Brandon knows her well. She’s always been a little spoiled, since she’s lived her life wanting for nothing as a princess. But when she’s out of line, he’s always the last one left trying to talk some sense into her. He’d never give up on her so easily because he knows she’s really a caring, generous person.

This was not the Brandon we know. I guess this was an out-of-character day for both of them.

Finally, I didn’t like the party. It didn’t feel like an appropriate apology for what Stella had done. Maybe I’m annoyed because they called it a “party” in the English dub, but a “banquet” (banchetto) in Italian. “Party” sounds silly and lighthearted, while “banquet” sounds more formal. Stella threw a party while she was acting like a brat. The banquet — something a real queen would plan — was for a more serious reason, so I wish the title had reflected that.

I liked the ending, though. It made up for how Brandon and Stella acted these last two episodes. They’re not my favorite couple, but they’re cute. 🙂

I kinda wish the Winx would keep the pizza parlor. If you ask me, that would sell better than Stella Couture. 😛

620EVerdict: Not a well-thought out episode, but a little more enjoyable than the last one.

Next episode: “A Monster Crush.” The Winx head to Zenith to find the “Spectographic Localizer” (say that five times fast without laughing), and Timmy meets the in-laws. 😉 We’ve seen Tecna’s mom; now we finally get to see her dad. I’m excited!


  • Is Ariadne evil, or is Darcy evil? There’s a difference.
  • Nice Matrix move, Stella. 😛
  • Really? It was that easy? You might as well have given her the crown, Darcy! (Why does it sound like I’m siding with Darcy? Seriously, I’m not. :P)
  • “Seriously, is that all you’ve got?” That’s how I feel, Stella. Another disappointing fight. 😕
  • Stella, you have the crown. Now’s a bad time for payback. Leave!
  • Holy cow! Eldora actually came to the Legendarium World! What is this — the second time?!
  • You came just to give her a ball of yarn?! Seriously, Eldora, give up your wand!
  • “Maybe Solaria should actually rethink the whole ‘queen for a day’ tradition.” Just while Stella’s princess, Musa. ;P
  • And another lame fight against the witches. Moving on.
  • Geez, Brandon. I don’t think he’s ever been this mad at her. =/
  • Brandon, now you’re overreacting. You’ve been dating for a long time. This is the first time she’s done something this crazy. Have a little patience. You know her better than that. =(
  • I’m sick of hearing, “I/We’ve got this!” and “It’s gonna be great/amazing!” (usually said by Bloom). They’re so…slang-y. =/
  • I still don’t want Daphne to be a Winx, but I’m starting to like seeing her have fun with them.
  • Selina said it. I give up. -_-
  • It feels like Selina’s in charge now. I like it. 😛
  • Stella lives up to her reputation of avoiding hard work. 😛
  • “Stella, didn’t you ever learn not to run in a kitchen?” She’s a princess, Aisha, like you. How many times do you think she’s been in a kitchen? 😛
  • Did Stella just spit in the pizza dough? O_O
  • See. Look how shocked Radius is. Clearly, Stella doesn’t cook often. (He probably doesn’t either.) 😛
  • Pixies.
  • Brandon, really. Don’t make me hate you. Yes, Stella was out of line, but…she’s your girlfriend. =/
  • That “we’re all royalty at heart” line was way too heavy headed. Oh well. At least Brandon’s done sulking, and Stella’s done acting like a brat.
  • Pizza’s not a very regal food. 😛
  • Seeing Radius hold Luna makes me think they’re back together. Hmmm….
  • Annnnnd Brandon said it. Ugggh! X_X
  • Will you all stop saying that?! Oh, forget it. =/
  • They made it explode?! Yikes! Good thing this show’s aimed at kids! 😛
  • “Next time, we should increase party security.” I know I’ve said I hate that Musa’s been reduced to “Supplier of Snarky Comments,” but…she’s starting to crack me up. 😛
  • Okay, lesson learned. Good for you, Stella.
  • Why didn’t everyone follow her? You’d think she only cares about Bloom and Brandon.
  • “Please follow me to your table.” I like the way Flora said that. 😛
  • Tecna, it’s just pizza, dear. Way too technical. 😛
  • Awwwwww… <3
  • Yay, Zenith! ^O^
  • “Spectographic Localizer?!” I’m literally fighting back laughter right now. =P

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20 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X20: “Stella’s Big Party”

  1. Actually that whole ball o’ yarn thing was from this old greek myth called “Ariadne’s thread”, about Ariadne, who was supposedly a goddess I believe, who helped a hero escape a maze that contained the minotaur with a ball of yarn, or thread. there’s a bunch more to the story than that, but I don’t want to bore you with all the details, so that was just the main part of the story.

    • Ah, that makes sense then. I didn’t remember the rest of the myth while I watching. Still, it kinda doesn’t really work here. Theseus didn’t have a magic wand he could wave to teleport out of the labyrinth. 😛

      • Maybe the legendarium doesn’t allow you out unless you complete the story before you’re stuck? That’s probably why Eldora gave the thread to Stella but if this story was something Bloom or Daphne’s probably told the Winx by now shouldn’t Stella have known she’s in the role of Theseus? Especially since we’re stuck with earth legends now. Only Bloom,Musa and Flora got realm specific legends why couldn’t we see Solaria specific, Zenith or Andros specific ones? Though i will say that the one earth legend they included was done quite poorly

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
  2. I actually have to side with Brandon in this argument. He’s right, Stella was acting witchy before the mirror all the mirror did was multiply her witchiness. Stella wasn’t just dealing with a lot of bull she was making a lot of bull. No one has put Stella in her place since episode 11. There’s a line between acting bratty and being a jerk, Stella was a total jerk these last two episodes as opposed to slightly bratty back in episode 11. Honestly i wonder how Bloom and Brandon put up with Stella’s bull sometimes. I’d think that if this happens regularly on their off days why hasn’t Bloom kicked her out yet and Brandon hasn’t called the engagement off. Musa’s snark i don’t mind, she’s the skeptic so they probably planned that just to give her a sense of humor, even if it’s dry. Daphne i’m glad she’s having fun with the Winx but she needs to stay mentor only stepping in when necessary like she’s been doing as far as fights are concerned it’d be stepping on her sister’s toes as leader, especially since Bloom’s acting like a leader again, strong, confident, not constantly crying, that was annoying for 43 episodes and 1 movie seriously? Yeah Pizza Parlor would be better than Stella Coture perhaps Bloom or one of the other Winx could keep that? Next episode a bit of Tecna and Timmy time! Yay!

  3. To me, I kinda enjoyed the previous episode just a little bit more than this one. I guess it’s because in this episode, more things disappointed me such as the weak battle at the beginning, the new party crashing Legendarium monster which didn’t impressed me, calling it a party instead of a royal banquet, etc.

  4. I also think that from what I’ve read here, the episode sounds a lot better than the one before. I could not see it yet cause I don’t have access to nick.com and I only can watch the episodes on iTunes.
    I hope that they air a new episode weekly and not after 5 months 3 episodes

  5. I’ve got to disagree with you about Brandon. I was completely on his side in this episode. I’m sorry, but a 23-year-old spoiled brat is not funny and while I think dumping Stella would’ve been excessive, I wouldn’t have blamed Brandon if he wanted to avoid Stella for a while. This is someone who is supposed to be a future QUEEN and she took it as a joke. The worst behavior was the fault of the spell, but Stella was acting up pretty badly before it happened. I know it was one day, but I really don’t think Stella is suitable for the throne anytime soon.

    I get Stella is supposed to be the goofy and least mature one of the group and I like her that way. However, there’s a fine line between being a little childish and behaving like a toddler.

    • I thought i was the only one who felt that way. The mirror just “helped” her to embrace her vanity a little more rather than realizing something was off and running to get Bloom or Aisha and taking care of the problems at hand. Bloom was right, “This is not how a queen or FAIRY behaves.” Too bad Stella didn’t say anything concerning Bloom as her best friend last episode, they never fight unless one’s spelled. I would have liked a fight between them without magic involved. I bet that fight between them happens off screen when Stella is being a jerk goes something like this
      Stella: i thought you were my best friend and yet you oppose me?
      Bloom: As your best friend i’m trying to tell you that you’re out of line, Brandon was harsher than i was, be glad that i actually referred to you as queen and not princess, even though you’re acting like a spoiled three year old.
      Stella: Why is it always i’m a three year old?
      Bloom: Because you can’t seem to accept any responsibility you’ve been given, maybe i should have ignored you that day in the park, but i didn’t because i thought a i had another friend after Selina ditched me and Andy had gone away.
      3 hours of bull from Stella before makeup and hugs

  6. I thought that the battle between Stella and the Minotaur and Darcy was really bad. Stella almost didn’t do anything and he was gone.
    It really disappointed me!

  7. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the topic but I had a question. What is the Winx Club World Wide Reunion? What will happen there?
    On the winx website in the news section they also mentioned it: If you win a dancing or singing contest you might win tickets to go there. Here is where i found it: http://www.banananaworld.com.my/
    The Winx reunion Website isn’t very helpful. It only has a picture.
    If anyone knows more please reply

  8. Even though this show is supposed to be for little kids, they REALLY need better writing…

    Anyway, I am SO irked by Stella’s parents being all… touchy all of a sudden. They’re DIVORCED, and it is incredibly unrealistic to make them get back together, not to mention how naïve it’ll make some of the little girls watching it…
    Stella having divorced parents actually brought some realism into the show, and it’s something that many kids can relate to and often need help dealing with, so it saddens me that they are portraying unrealistic examples.

    • Yeah, that was strange to me, too. I thought season five made a point of saying Stella couldn’t bring them back together — only help them get along better, which is fine. But touching and embracing is way beyond getting along! Even if they did once love each other, they wouldn’t be able to get back to that level of comfort so easily.

      My parents are divorced. They’re able to hold normal conversations with each other, and they still worry about each other at times. But I’d be shocked if I ever saw them hug again.

    • I also thought that that was weird. In season 5 they started to get along because of Stella’s Sirenix Wish but I think this is overboard

  9. Maybe its more to do with WHY they divorced. All parents divorce for different reasons. From what was shown in season five, it seemed like a communication breakdown that caused them to act hateful toward each other. They might have divorced because they didn’t like how that effected them, and how hard it made life on Stella. Its entirely possible they were still very much in love, but unable to express it anymore due to the barriers between them and neither being willing to listen to the other because they felt hurt. Stella’s sirenix wish made them listen to each other AND Stella. Imagine how many problems and perceived wrongs could have been sorted our, possibly very quickly, because of that. I’m not saying its something that works for everyone or every divorce, (I know how crummy divorces can be), but I’m saying that there is a reasonable course of events that could have led to their renewed affection, having the one thing that held them apart gone.

  10. I haven’t had any in some time but I’m getting tired of pizza already.
    Pizza must of really taken off in popularity after Bloom introduced it to the magix dimension

      • And whatever the strongest fairies in the universe’s favorite foods are.. are automatically the best selling thing in the universe which means pasta’s pretty popular (Aisha) and so are French Fries (that’s what they call chips in Europe and is likely what Stella means on her profile page,not potato chips like we think of, those are crisps). The good news all 3 of those have healthy options (Bloom seems to enjoy just plain cheese or veggie) Aisha’s got millions of ways of cooking that pasta (and is the healthiest choice if that gets hamfisted ever) then Stella’s got the option of sweet potato or sea salt fries, the sea salt being more likely to sell (I only see healthnuts like Aisha doing the sweet potato fries)

  11. Honestly I didn’t like the episode, I was expecting a better fight between Stella and the minotaur and a better and more sincere apologize from Stella to Brandon and the kingdom instead of a party. I mean, She does a party and starts acting like a three years old, then everything gets out of control, once the problem is solved she has to apologize with everyone, how does she do that? oh, yeah, with a party, I know in the italia version it is a banquet but honestly I don’t see a great diference.

    As for the ball of yarn, I think they only wanted to do the story as similar to the original myth as possible but they just didn’t know how to do it right. However, I like the theory that the Legendarium force you to complete the story before leaving.

    Something I like about this season is the stories and the monsters, when I first read the synopsis I thought it was gonna be about boring characters from fairy tales but they actually have shown us many interesting characters, monsters and stories from fairy tales and ancient mythologies, I’ve been reading about this guy, Gargantua [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargantua_and_Pantagruel] and he seems quite interesting, they presented many interesting monsters for this season but, sadly, they didn’t know how to handle them correctly.

    • Which is the whole problem with seasons five and six. Great potential in the seasons especially six with it’s legends theme. You’ve got a whole universe to tell a story about and yet you default to earth legends after 3 winx (4 if you count Daphne) and Magix. I wanted a legend about Solaria Zenith, Melody got one and so did Linphea and Domino, Earth got the rest of the season, the midseason Halloween fest (and you know who in a couple episodes) i didn’t mind but seriously? Even when we get back to Magix? Earth legends? No we should have had something about Solaria and Zenith (i can understand not wanting to Andros since it was the main focus last season but still a legend about it would be cool) and not Thesues and Ariadne (good story but not really fitting for Solaria) i won’t go into my thoughts about the other legends yet don’t want to spoil the broth with too many cooks (again)


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