After waiting more than a year for Nick to finish season six, I’ve decided to watch the final episodes online. Somehow, YouTuber WinxClubEnglish has gotten HD copies of them. Rumor has it Rainbow gave them to him to put them on his channel, so it’s good as watching them legally anywhere else. (I hope I can still complete my iTunes collection, though.)

But let’s face it: most of us have already watched them somewhere else. I already know some things that happen, though I haven’t watched a single episode in full until now. This is just for closure. I wanna wrap up my season six reviews before Nick, I hope, airs season seven. (Fingers and toes crossed.)

When we — or should I say, I — last left our heroes, they’d just returned from Stella’s banquet on Solaria, her apology for acting like a brat during her one-day reign. The Winx treated her and Brandon to pizza to celebrate their anniversary. Now it’s back to business: finding a way to make Cloud Tower visible again.


capture_003_16072015_133504_606Daphne and the Winx watch as Stella tosses books everywhere in a mad research frenzy. The books get angry — they’re magic, after all — and start spinning wildly around the room. Stella has to calm them down with a spell. (Nice throwback to season one. 🙂 )

Timmy comes in and says he’s finally found a solution to their Cloud Tower problem. They need something called a Spectrographic Localizer, but he doesn’t know where to get one. Tecna suggests they go to Zenith and ask her father. He’s a gadget whiz like her. Plus, it’d give Timmy a chance to meet the in-laws — I mean, her parents. 😛 Timmy’s nervous about the idea at first, but she cheers him up with his chance of approval: 66.8 percent! 😛 (Man, that line cracked me up!)

Before they leave, they need to hide the Legendarium Key. Cue Eldora! She brings with her a living, thief-proof (yeah, right) safe. Bloom lays the key inside and puts Kiko and the Pixies on guard duty. They fail immediately, as usual. Chatta tries to open the safe and scares it right out the window. (Sigh. Pixies… 😕 )

Meanwhile, Timmy and the Winx arrive at Tecna’s house. They’re greeted at the door by a hologram of her parents: Electronio and Magnethia. Of course, they’ve got lots of questions for Timmy as soon as she says he’s her boyfriend. The poor guy clams up during the interview (the Winx have to talk for him), but he aces Electronio’s multitasking test. Sure enough, they think he’s a keeper! 🙂

As dinner’s ending, the Winx remember why they came to Zenith: to ask about the Spectrographic Localizer. Electronio just happens to have one. (How convenient.) But he doesn’t have a clue how to get it to work. Good thing Timmy’s a tinkerer. Leave it to him!

IMG_2883That’s bad news for Selina and the Trix. They’ve gotta slow the Winx down before they lose their advantage. Selina knows just who to send into a computer fairyland: Frankenstein’s Monster, born from and strengthened by electricity. “Frankie” storms Zenith City, crushing cars and sapping power from the Technodroids.

Timmy and the Winx hear the commotion as they’re leaving. The girls transform and soar to the scene. Our shy Specialist tries to score a few more points with Tecna’s parents by showing off his mini-Windrider, which expands to full size. Pretty cool! He says an awkward goodbye before jetting off.

The gang finds “Frankie” on the suspension bridge. They fire a couple shots at him, but the brute’s immune to attacks. Timmy tries tying him up with a snapped bridge cable, but he breaks through it like it’s floss.

Tecna’s turn. She tries absorbing power from the city and hurling it at him, but she doesn’t know electricity makes him stronger. “Frankie” thinks her attack’s a gift — and falls in love with her! Oops! 😛 Timmy and the girls try to protect her, but he manages to grab her and disappears into the Legendarium World. The Winx uses the Mythix wands to follow them.

Stormy sees this as a chance to trap the techno fairy forever. Selina sends her in after them.

The Winx arrive in a barren forest. They head towards a castle in the distance, but before they reach it Stormy appears. Boy, has she gone haywire! (What else is new?) She sends them ducking for cover from her lightning bolts!

Inside the castle, Tecna tries to escape from her admirer. She sees something going on outside and uses her Mythix spell, Technomagic Vision, to locate Stormy. That gives her an idea. If “Frankie” loves electricity, he’ll love an energetic witch like her. Tecna gives her a power boost just to turn his attention on her. He forgets about Tecna right away, and while he’s distracted she returns to the real world with her friends.

capture_011_16072015_135851_202Timmy and the Winx say one more goodbye to Tecna’s parents before heading back to Alfea. That gives the Pixies enough time to wrangle the magic safe back into the Winx’s dorm. It’s there when the girls get home. (Sigh. Pixies. 😕 )

Now, it’s up to the nerd couple to get the Spectrographic Localizer running. Then the witches will have nowhere left to hide.


I wish I could have loved this episode. Zenith’s one of my favorite realms, and Tecna and Timmy are one of my favorite couples. What’s not to smile at when he’s trying awkwardly to impress her parents? 😛 But like “Queen for a Day” (ep. 6X19), it left me waiting for more to happen. I was kinda…bored. 😕

The fight scene (if you can call it one) was underwhelming. Frankenstein’s Monster threw things, Stormy hurled lightning at people (as usual), Tecna ended up in the Legendarium World, and it all ended with matchmaking. Yawn.

Tecna’s been ignored all season, and I feel this episode — and this whole sideplot — was thrown in to make her seem important. Why do the Winx need a gadget to make Cloud Tower visible again? What happened to fairy dust? That worked three seasons ago! Sure, they don’t have it in Bloomix form, but what about the energy from their wings? They can’t just gathered it up, use convergence, and break Darcy’s spell? 😕

Also, they searched two libraries and found only one book on anti-invisibility spells. Why would that be so hard to find? Invisibility’s not a rare power. Darcy and the Pixies have it. Nabu had it, too. You’re telling me no one knows how to break that kind of spell?

And did the Winx really have to go to Zenith? Couldn’t Tecna have called her dad and asked, “Hey, do you know anything about Spectrographic Localizers?” and had him teleport the thing to them? It would have saved them a trip, a monster attack, and a near-permanent stay in the Legendarium World.

Verdict: A cute, but unnecessary episode designed to put a forgotten Winx in the spotlight. We wouldn’t need it if they weren’t ignoring her in the first place.

capture_014_16072015_140752_880Next episode: “The Music Cafe.” Musa finds an abandoned music cafe in Alfea. The instruments inside have magic powers, and she thinks they’ll help them beat the witches (for some reason). This sounds like the same thing, only with Forgotten Winx #2. Sigh. 😕

Stay tuned for the next review!


  • Confession: I like to pretend Celty from Durarara! is the narrator. She’s a fairy, and it’s the same voice actress (Kari Wahlgren). So sue me. 😛
  • Since when does Stella care that much about research? And haven’t they figured out how to make Cloud Tower visible already?
  • “Technomagic.” I love that word and hate it at the same time.
  • Hey, the guy on the magazine cover is one of the gang members from season two! Aren’t they all in jail? 😛
  • “Sunlight Stillness?” Weird spell. 😕
  • Spectographic Localizer? Tecna, Timmy, too technical!
  • Aw, Tecna! This just got cute! 😛
  • “Awww, don’t worry, Timmy. I’ve calculated your chances of approval, and they are 66.8 percent and rising!” That was the cheesiest and cutest thing Tecna’s ever said! I love this couple! 😀
  • This is the latest in Zenith fashion? That explains Tecna’s fashion sense in season one. 😕
  • Eldora, just…why? And why do you keep showing up on cue? Are you spying on the Winx?
  • If Eldora says the safe’s “thief-proof,” it’s not. And does it have a life?
  • Bloom, why are you trusting the safe to a bunch of bug-sized fairies and a growling rabbit? 😕
  • Musa’s wearing yellow. That’s different.
  • So the safe is alive.
  • I love Zenith! I’d wanna live there or Solaria. 🙂
  • Tecna’s parents talk exactly like her!
  • Electronio and Magnethia. Interesting names. (So is “Tecna,” of course. 😛 )
  • Typical Timmy. Nervous as a rabbit in a fox den! 😛
  • I love how the word “Specialist” has taken on a different meaning in this conversation. When we fans use it, it just means “guy who fights in a blue uniform.” 😛
  • The Winx are saving Timmy’s hide in this conversation. Poor guy. 😛
  • Puking on your girlfriend’s bulter bot. Smooth move.
  • The food’s made for your brain instead of nourishment? That’s kinda creepy. 😕
  • “Now, let’s see if my little girl’s boyfriend can adapt to the Zenith way.” Electronio’s one of those dads, huh? 😛
  • A boyfriend approval machine?! Did he build that for this exact day? 😕
  • Now we know Timmy’s not from Zenith. I wonder where he’s from.
  • “Isn’t he perfect?” Have I mentioned I love this couple? 🙂
  • Well done, Nickbow! It’s Frankenstein’s Monster. Frankenstein was the scientist who made him. I wasn’t sure you’d get that right. I’m proud of you. 🙂
  • Wow! “Frankie’s” tough! Loving it!
  • That’s what the inside of Alfea’s well looks like? Not what I expected (especially after season five).
  • Mini-Windrider? Awesome idea, Timmy! 😀
  • Poor Timmy. So adorably awkward. 🙂
  • Ooh, I liked that crescendo there!
  • Timmy seems a bit more confident now. 🙂
  • Absorb the city’s power?! Tecna?! 😯
  • “Oh, so precious! He likes you, Tecna!” Flora, explain to me how that’s precious. 😕
  • Uh oh! We have another love triangle in season six! 😛
  • Stormy doesn’t get an alter ego? That’s disappointing.
  • All the Winx are going into the Legendarium World this time?
  • Aisha just caught Bloom’s wand. 😕
  • I guess Stormy did get an alter ego. 😕

Stormy: “Surprised to see me?”
Bloom: “In a world built for monsters? Not really.”

Good one, Bloom! 🙂

  • Stormy’s out of control. What else is new?
  • When the monster took Tecna into the Legendarium World, did she instantly become a Mythix fairy?
  • Technomagic Vision! Cool spell! 😀
  • Is it bad if I feel sorry for Stormy?
  • So the Winx didn’t beat this monster. They pacified it with love. Sigh. 😕
  • Flush the safe out of the well? No! Bad idea, Chatta!
  • The safe landed in the Winx’s dorm. How convenient.
  • Magical instruments? Why would those be useful?

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22 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X21: “A Monster Crush”

  1. It’s so ironic that I just watched the latest season 7 episode which was about Tecna and she was so awesome in it to me. I kept grinning and chanting Tecna is so awesome that my niece gave me a weird look and left the room. I really don’t get the impression that Musa and Tecna are backup Winx in this new season. If anyone had watched it and disagree then please give me your opinions lol.

    As for this episode. It did nothing for Tecna. I actually liked her season 5 date episode better in terms of showing her awesomeness. I did like Zenith and the fact that Timmy met the parents but did it really have to take 6 seasons? Still better late than never.

    Frankie was a great monster if he was used effectively but he wasn’t. He could have done more damage and given the Winx a good challenge but what the heck, kids show I guess. Then there was the whole Stormy appearance. As soon as she said she was going in I knew what would happen. It was just too predictable. Still I did like some of the things you mentioned including the spell. All in all a 5 out of 10. Just too easy from start to finish but the parts about Timmy and the parents were great.

    • Actually, I totally agree with what you said about season 7. The winx again have individuality and are not shown six helpless fairies who can’t even fight a single monster. -.- Tecna was SO awesome in the S07 episode. I bet she could’ve defeated Bloom in the powerful energy form she had transformed into. All the winx are being shown very powerful and I like it. They’ve been around for 7 years, it’s about time time they get THAT powerful. The way you’re complaining about S06 OP, I’m sure you’ll have nothing to complain about S07. You’ll love it.
      The part with Timmy and Tecna’s parents was the only one I actually enjoyed in this episode. I’d give it 6.5 or 7/10 only because the jokes were too good.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Sirenix spells were the worst. Sirenix kick, sirenix punch, really? The only great thing were the special spells like voice of sirenix. After facing the Wizards of the black circle, they should have been able to wipe the floor with Tritannus. It’s nice to see the Winx reflecting their power levels his season.

  2. I liked this episode because I think they did a fairly good job keeping Tecna in character from previous seasons, unlike Stella in the previous episodes (she’s being too childish for someone who saved her dad’s life, is a year older than the others, helped run a pet shop responsibly and saved Magix more than once with her friends). Tecna is still pretty logical yet still wants feeling and emotion in her relationships with Timmy and her friends, and she keeps getting better at being social without losing the techno side of her. I’d like to see her perform more advanced techno magic like in the past (I.e. S1 & 2) and after seeing her perform “aura of sirenix”, “techno shot” and “storm of numbers” I wonder if she can still do the “world wide web”.
    In short, I enjoyed seeing Tecna in the spotlight for a few minutes even if we didn’t see her use a whole lot of techno magic showing her stronger side (the Winx went after her remember, do they not think she can handle herself? Remember no one went after Flora, another “seemingly defenseless or weak” character and she did far better than ok).

    • The reasons everyone goes after Tecna? Electrical. one. Two. They. Were. Afraid. Of. Losing. Her. Again. Because. This. Time. The. Location. Is. Inescapable. With. No. Execptions. They were worried that since Frankenstein needs electrical power to work that Tecna wouldn’t be able to work around the monster without potentially making him stronger. Sure Tecna found a way out by using Stormy as bait, but she wouldn’t have done that if the Winx hadn’t been fighting Stormy at the time.

  3. I laughed so hard when you said, “A boyfriend approval machine?! Did he build that for this exact day?” LOL! I swear that I think the people of Zenith make gadgets in prep for almost anything. ;p

    I kinda like this episode more than the last one. It was kinda fun. Love how they’re using the theme of Frankenstein’s monster to fit Stormy as Frankenstein’s bride and the electricity due to Tecna being from an “electric” world.

      • @kokiden Actually I think Tecna sends Batman his gadgets and that’s why his utility belt is capable of holding so much. He does have many magical allies who’s to say he wasn’t aware of fairies before anyone else on Earth in s4? We know he has magical allies and maybe he supplied the Winx with that fund for Love & Pet, Vanessa never said who her contractor was, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of Mr. Wayne’s projects titled “experimental petshop” like how the watchtower is an “experimental spacecraft”.

        • They don’t need Bruce Wayne’s money, each one of Bloom, Stella and Aisha have enough money to buy Wayne Enterprises since they are princesses of a whole planet. It would be nice if Batman and Tecna knew each other, though. Batman could give Tecna Thanagarian technology, which would be very useful since all of the Winx’s enemies have magical powers and Thanagarian technology can neutralize magic.

  4. I wonder OP if you’ll post a “top 3 favourite and top 3 least favourite episodes” review post at the end of these S06 episodes like you did in S05??

  5. Tecna’s episodes are usually some of the funniest with all the techno babble. A boyfriend approval machine? I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

    • this episode and generally speaking about the season is its bad. or rather not bad. it was not interesting. It is literally winx characters just doing random things now.

      what they do doesn’t matter anymore. its all random. we don’t learn anything. the characters don’t progress

      and maybe i’m a bad person. why are they happy all the time. always saying bubbly things etc. it leaves me with a disingenuous feeling

  6. HD copies could be from Canada since Canada has aired entire season 6 for total of six times now.

  7. OP, Will You Be Also Doing The Reviews For The Pixies, Selikes & Villains After You Have Finished With Your Season 6 Reviews ?

  8. D**n it! Now I’ll have to watch the remaining episodes on yt and in two parts :/ . Anyway, I felt this episode boring and unnecessary, Zenith is my favorite planet in Winx Club and I feel bad that it hasn’t had a good episode, Frankenstein’s Monster had potential but he felt so flat and generic, from Winx club I’d have expected a better Frankie’s monster, maybe something like this [ (maybe not so creepy, though).]

    The only thing I liked [other than that awesome Tecna’s spell] was the part of Timmy meeting Tecna´s parents, I loved how Electronio evaluated him and for some reason I think that if it weren’t a G rated show, he would have done some test to Timmy in order to evaluate his reproductive skills or something [something like Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory].

  9. I liked it. The script felt like the plot could happen in a random cartoon you could catch on TV during a Saturday morning. And watch it to the end even if you are not familiar with the characters. Seems likes some Nick writer had a good idea, and managed to fit (most of) the characters on the right places. Wish we had more episodes with silly, but kinda fun, jokes like this.

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