capture_003_19072015_143857_833I’ve got a lot to talk about this time, so let’s dive right in!


capture_002_19072015_190136_800The Winx, minus Musa, are “training” in Aisha’s gym (again). Aisha’s added a spell that creates any kind of gym equipment out of Morphix. Cool. Riven comes in, too, since training is his girlfriend right now. (Oops, did I say that out loud? 😛 )

Musa enters not too long after. Hesitantly, she tries to say “hi” to him, but he gives her a cold reception just as she expected. Riven says a short hello then goes back to tossing his boomerang.

This time, Musa refuses to be ignored. She catches the boomerang on the rebound, then gives the Specialist a piece of her mind. Is training all that matter to him now? Does he even see her anymore?

Riven snatches the weapon from her hand. “I see…an open target calling my name.” With that, he struts off to finish his regimen. That’s all Musa can take. Aisha calls out to her, but she tells her she needs to be alone and leaves with tears in her eyes. (Poor girl…)

All her friends have something to pour their hearts into. Aisha has her gym, Flora has her greenhouse, and even Riven’s got his training. Musa feels left out. If only she had a project of her own.

Suddenly, she hears a piano playing nearby. She follows the melody through a wall and discovers an abandoned room full of instruments. How long has it been there?

Meanwhile, Faragonda and Griffin interrupt Daphne’s class to tell the Winx about the Trix’s latest attack, this time on Oppositus. They’ve stolen the source of its wizards’ power. With that kind of magic, they may be planning to attack Alfea next! How will they protect the school till Timmy and Tecna get the Spectrographic Localizer working?

Sure enough, Alfea is the Trix’s next target. But first, they’ll need a new recruit. Through a gruesome challenge with the Mirrors of Maelstrom — yay for casual murder 😕 — one witch is chosen to join Lazuli and the other students.

Meanwhile, Musa continues to explore the room she found. The old instruments seem to react to her voice. They’re full of magic energy! With this much, maybe she can protect Alfea from the Trix! The timing couldn’t be better. Our geek couple notices a flaw in the Localizer: its range is too short. They’ll have to expand it, but that’ll take some time. Musa’s music is Alfea’s best line of defense. (Good grief. 🙄 )

Musa shows her friends around her new music cafe. And because they’ll need as many performers as possible, Bloom brings in reinforcements: Roxy and a group of students. Alongside the Winx band, they tame the rowdy instruments and bring out their magic potential.

Back in the gym, Riven does a bit of soul searching. Maybe Musa’s right about the way he’s been treating her. No sooner has the thought crossed his mind does he see Sky training beside him. Their competitiveness kicks in, and the two start trying to best each other at target practice. Sky thinks it’s all for fun, but Riven’s sick of being buddy-buddy with him.

Time to see who’s truly better. The winner will become the leader of the Specialists.

Sky agrees to the duel. But first, they need to talk to the Winx about Musa’s defense plan. Musa? Oh, yeah. Riven finally remembers her again.

capture_003_17072015_201205_741Meanwhile, the Trix look for a way to deal with this new setback. No more weak monsters. They need someone with real power. Selina knows just the person: a dwarf who’s immune to all magic — Rumpelstiltskin, the master of deceit. She summons him to Alfea to steal Musa’s voice.

Rumpel crashes the fairies’ practice session and immediately targets the Fairy of Music. The Winx transform and try to protect her, but true to his description, their spells have no effect on him. Not even the magic of the instruments works on him.

Riven and Sky enter. They try their weapons against Rumpel, but he’s barely even phased. He’s still laser-focused on his goal. He jumps on top of Musa and sucks her voice into a tiny glass bottle. After that, he disappears into the Legendarium World.

The Trix are confused. How was this a victory for them, and why didn’t Rumpel come back to them? Selina contacts the dwarf through the Magic Eye. Turns out Rumpel decided to keep his spoils for himself. After all, he never agreed to give it to the Trix. Oops! Master of deceit, indeed! 😛

Without Musa’s voice, the instruments begin to lose power. That means the Winx won’t be able to use them to protect Alfea!

Riven’s pretty upset, too. After all his training, he couldn’t even protect his own girlfriend from a dwarf. He darts out of the cafe in shame.

Of course, the Winx aren’t gonna let their friend be mute for the rest of her life. Time to enter the Legendarium World and find Rumpelstiltskin! Musa will have to stay behind, though. She can’t transform without her voice (for some reason :?).

The Mythix wands teleport the Winx in front of Rumpelstiltskin’s shack. The dwarf himself is not inside; he’s hiding in the garden, wearing Musa’s voice around his neck. He’s not gonna part with it easily. If the Winx bring him something equally precious, he may be willing to make a trade.

capture_006_19072015_190828_850No way! The Winx try to attack him, but he’s too small and fast for them. Worse, they can’t land on the ground because the garden is booby-trapped! Bloom manages to captures him with her flames, but only for a few seconds.

Nothing’s working. The only way to get Musa’s voice back is to strike a deal with Rumpel.


I’m glad the writers were (somewhat) honest about this episode. They didn’t hide the fact they were just giving Musa something to do. Cue the perfect room tailor made for the Fairy of Music.

I can see why Alfea would have a greenhouse. It may have belonged to Eldora when she was a professor. I still think Aisha’s gym’s a waste of space, but I guess every college needs somewhere for students to work out. It makes some sense.

But a music cafe? Why? If it were a regular cafe or an auditorium, I could accept it. But with the magic instruments and how Musa just stumbled upon it, it feels a bit too perfect.

Also, I’m getting sick of all these secret rooms in Alfea. We’ve had the aviary, the greenhouse, wherever Aisha’s gym is, and now the music cafe. That doesn’t even include the Magic Archive, which we’ve known about since season two, or the Hall of Enchantment in season four. How big is this school? 😕

I said the writers were just somewhat honest about this episode because they still tried to make the cafe seem important. Musa’s gonna use music to protect Alfea! Sigh. Now, I’m not mocking Musa’s magic. She’s a very powerful fairy. I just don’t buy that Alfea’s defenseless right now, and the only thing that can protect it is some old instruments she found in an abandoned room.

This school’s got a library full of spells, a headmistress who’s practically a retired superhero, and an entire student body of fairies. They can handle a few invisible witches without violins and flutes.

While we’re still talking about Musa, let’s talk about Riven. What the heck is wrong with him? He hasn’t been this cold to her since season one! She finally confronts him about it, and what does he do? He snatches his boomerang out of her hand and goes right back to training. Sir, you are…something I won’t say because this blog’s rated “G.”

I’m not gonna rant about these two yet because there’ll be plenty to talk about in the next review. (Ohhhhhh, boy!) For now, I’ll just say I’ve lost all respect for Riven. I don’t care how long he’s been in this show. I don’t care if he truly loves Musa. (He sure has a lousy way of showing it!) I have had it with him.

Blame the writers if you want, but his actions are still canon. This is his girlfriend he’s treating like this, someone who could potentially become his wife. I can’t look past that.

That said, his challenge to Sky amused me. It’s like his whole “career” on the show has lead to this moment. He thinks he can be a better leader? Please.

Leaders respect their followers, make judgments based on their abilities, and encourage their team. Sky does that, so he’s proven he’s fit for that role. He’s practically born for it, since he’ll be King of Erakylon one day. That means leading an entire realm.

Riven’s just a selfish brat who doesn’t like to take orders. He’s just trying to gain control so he doesn’t have to listen to Sky anymore. I’d like to see him try to lead the Specialists. Actually, I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t end well.

What else happened this episode? Let’s see. Roxy played guitar (yay, Roxy!), Timmy and Tecna babbled about technology (as usual), the Trix killed two witches without remorse, and…oh, yeah — Rumpelstiltskin stole Musa’s voice.

A couple complaints about the Rumpel incident:

  • Selina had Rumpel’s story right in front of her, and she’s from Earth. I feel like she should have known he’d betrayed her. But what’s he gonna use Musa’s voice for, anyway?
  • This battle in the Legendarium World was the slowest of the whole season. Where the Winx even trying to catch him? It seemed like they were just…standing there. 😕

I’ll give Riven a little credit for trying to save Musa. But after everything he’s done to her this season (and past seasons), it’ll take more than a brief moment of heroism and self-reflection to change my mind about him.

Verdict: Slow, contrived episode designed to put the other forgotten Winx in the spotlight. Points for setting up the climax of Riven’s rivalry with Sky. That’s been a long time coming.

capture_013_19072015_191244_140Next episode: “The Anthem.” This is the episode everybody’s still talking about — not because it was good, but because of what happens at the end. It’s arguably the biggest moment in the series since Nabu’s death. I’m sure you know already, especially if you’ve been watching season seven.

I’m gonna be completely honest about my opinion, even though I know it’s not popular. (What else is new?) Whether you agree with me or not, we’re all still fans and I hope we can discuss it civilly.


  • Narrator: “…then congratulated the Specialist, their daughter…” Was I the only who thought this was gonna about Timmy and Tecna’s relationship, not about beating “Frankie?” 😛
  • The gym again? Sigh. I don’t like this place, and I still don’t understand how working out makes the Winx’s magic stronger. I’ll give Aisha credit for using her Morphix more creatively, but I wish it weren’t for trampolines and treadmills. 😕
  • Hello, Riven. I already know where this is going.
  • Oh, I thought Musa was already there. 😛
  • Are you kidding me, Riven? How cold can you get? You can’t be so obsessed with training, you can’t take a few seconds to give your girlfriend a proper greeting! 😡
  • Musa caught the boomerang?! Uh oh. She’s mad now! 😛
  • Musa: “I’m sick of you ignoring me, Riven! All you do is toss around your boomerang as if that’s the only thing you care about! Do you even see me anymore?” Wow. Intense.
  • Riven, you little…! How can anyone defend this jerk?! 😡
  • And he made her cry. Again. He doesn’t deserve her.
  • Musa wants her own pet project? What about your dream of becoming a musician? Go write some music! That’s your thing!
  • Was the piano activated by her feelings or something?
  • What’s Ms. Griffin doing here?
  • Oppositus? We haven’t heard that name since season three.
  • Aisha, why would this make you think they’re after Alfea next? 😐
  • “Apparently” mobile? It’s been flying for 19 episodes, Bloom. 😛
  • Did that witch…die?! 😯 The Trix really are monsters!
  • Aisha was right. They’re headed for Alfea. I guess she’s psychic.
  • Of course, the instruments are magical, Musa! You’re in a fairy school! 😛
  • How did the Pixies find the cafe?
  • How are a bunch of instruments gonna protect Alfea? 😐
  • I love it when Tecna and Timmy speak geek! 😛
  • Stella, why are you torturing Kiko? 😐
  • It’s Roxy! 😀
  • While all the other students got classical instruments, Roxy got a guitar. Hmmmmm….you know, guitars fit in rock bands. 🙂
  • Never thought I’d hear Musa say the word “zen.” 😕
  • Stormy: “They think they can use a bunch of off-key instruments to keep us away?” I’ve gotta agree with you this time, Stormy. 😐
  • Now you’re finally having some regrets, Riven? Too little, too late!
  • All it took was some competition with Sky, and he’s forgotten about Musa all over again. Sigh.
  • This was you being nice, Riven?
  • Why won’t anyone take you seriously, Riven? Because you don’t take them seriously!
  • Become the leader of the Specialists? 😯 Is this what Riven’s wanted all along? That’s epic! But what makes him think he’d be good at it? He’s impatient, impulsive, and disrespectful to his would-be followers. Sorry, I’m rooting for Sky. Power alone doesn’t make you a leader, Riven.
  • Yes, Riven. Musa’s slipping away from you. Wake up.
  • This “Monster of the Week” pattern with the Legendarium has gone on too long. When will something different happen? 😐
  • As a Oncer, I have high expectations for Rumplestitskins now. This ain’t cuttin’ it, deary. 😛
  • Is it just me, or does Rumpel sound like Riven? 😐
  • Annnd…how did Sky and Riven find the cafe?
  • So Rumpel took Musa’s voice. How does that help the Trix? 😐
  • Oops! You forgot to make a deal, deary! :3
  • Um, why can’t Musa transform without her voice? That doesn’t make sense. 😕
  • If this enemy’s so fast, why is this battle so slow?
  • Yikes! Scary magic bombs!
  • Winx, are you really trying? Do you want Musa’s voice back or not?

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23 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X22: “The Music Cafe”

  1. Someone gets me whenever I warched this episode! I had almost the exact same thoughts 🙂

  2. I do agree with you that this episode was a bit slow and the concept of Musa not being able to morph without her voice does seem a bit…strange, but in the RAI ENGLISH version. I was starting to notice that all of the transformations that the Winx went through were voice activated like with the Power Rangers’ Morphers and with the Heart of Kandrakar from W.I.T.C.H. Wait. Am I allowed to include other shows in this?

    • You mean the “Magic Winx” thing? I never thought they had to say that to transform. I always thought they were just being…well, you know, magical girls. 😛 But maybe Nickbow/Rainbow’s making that a requirement now. In that case, it makes sense. But it’s still kinda silly. 😐

      • Actually when it comes to Winx and Power Rangers both “It’s morphin’ time” and Magic Winx plus whatever level/season power aren’t actually required to transform just whatever motions they do woth. For example In both the Rai and 4kids versions of Winx nothing is said that implies that what the Winx say pertaining to morphing is necessary. Bloom was probably just saying that because she’s so used to always doing voice activations that she forgot about how fairies don’t need to say anything to transform because she herself didn’t even say Magic Winx the first time she transformed nor did anyone else. Aisha did say magic transform but you can tell by transformed minor fairies that saying something to invoke it is not necessarily the case. In Power Rangers “It’s morphin time, shift into turbo, let’s rocket or whatever the season’s morph call is also doesn’t matter. All that’s needed is the hand movements or secondary parts to activate the morphers. You’ll notice that while each ranger might collectivelly use the morph call that as soon as they say it there’s a hard cut to the transform sequence and they perform various parts of the morph. A good example would be Justin’s morphs he may use the call every now and then but most of the time for him we see that the morphs are more in line with Roxy’s sequence where little effects aside from outfit form plus something new (in this case stretching) his are always different than any other ranger even in his own season.

  3. When I first saw this episode I was like what the h**l is this bull!!!!!!
    I know Riven being an a*s is Canon but he has never been this much of a s**t head and I love the guy. I always though Riven would be the redeemed rebel. You know that bad boy that will change just enough to be good for his girl while still having that bad boy swagger? And I say this because they actually fed my hopes. Riven and Musa duked it out in season 4 and came to an understanding. Then in season 5 he actually followed through on his promise and I thought hey, the new Riven is in. He will be reformed and become the awesome guy I can see in there. Then season 6 happened. Like you cannot understand the disappointment I feel. For me it’s like Nabu is dying again only this time its Riven.
    Ok I had to get that off my chest because Riven was fulfilling my hopes and dreams for him up until this season. I thought the writers and I were in the same place. It would have been so cool to see a character actually go through a personal change and come out of it a better person. It happens in real life dammit!

    As for the rest of the episode I a so over the random rooms right now and while it was awesome to so Roxy I also felt they were just trying to give Musa something to do so we will remember that she is there and has cool powers. By this episode I was sick of the way Musa and Tecna were being treated on a whole and pretty much watched it just to finish the season. What really spiked my temper was the whole Riven thing and really I shouldn’t be surprised to be disappointed. Nickbow really did me in with this one.

  4. That was slow however Musa obviously got more of a story than Tecna. Ok how come only five out of six are allowed two parters? Why can’t Tecna get a two parter? Riven when will you learn power doesn’t make the man? Sky is obviously the better leader nevermind the fact he’s a prince with this as some princes are just as bad or worse then Riven is (*cough* the merman that shall not be named *cough*). Sky has been proven to not only be capable of making moves similar Aisha whenever he leads but also being the kind of leader everyone wants, a just ans kind one. If Riven lead his my way or the highway attitude would be his own undoing.

    • I was a little mad about the two-parter thing, too. Of the two of them, Tecna definitely seems to be more ignored. I think that’s because the writers could at least create more drama between Musa and Riven. Timmy and Tecna don’t have problems like that, so I guess they can’t think of anything to do with her. They’d better not invent a conflict between the two of them (or retcon their relationship again 😕 ).

      • I think i’d prefer invented conflict if they had to do something with Tecna and Timmy because that doesn’t necessarily mean retcon, retconned relationship as Stormy says “gag me!”. Though whatever new they do should be expand on how far their relationships have come.

  5. I kinda like this episode, but there were several parts that made me mad. For example, I love seeing Roxy again and she’s contributing in fighting Rumpelstiltskin with her instrument. I guess a guitar fits her, especially when she’s wearing that outfit. I wished she had worn her Frutti Music Bar outfit…that would at least make her look as if she’s part of the Winx Club.

    I gave up on Riven the first time I saw this episode. My god, the way he treated her…okay, I really don’t care about him anymore. I hope that Musa will break up with him after this and we’ll never see him ever again.

    The Trix murdering those witches with the mirror that turned them into goop was awesome. YES! That’s the kind of Trix that I love to see, wicked, cold, cruel, without any remorse, and takes pleasure in their work while others fear them. Just like season 1 Trix! 😀

    I don’t mind Rumpelstiltskin here and I did think that it was clever to use him as the person whom you have to strike a deal carefully…on the dotted line, etc. Reminds me of Mr. Gold. although his rhyming annoys the heck out of me.

    Lastly, I don’t get why Musa can’t transform with her voice either. I always thought that it comes from inside you and that your voice is merely a declaration of your name and power as a fairy.

  6. The only reason I can think of as to why exercise makes their magic stronger is because when they exercise, they get stronger, build muscles and endurance, and all that. Using magic takes energy, as referenced in the comics, and doing it too long makes you tired. I’m guessing that if you’re stronger physically, you get a longer magic using endurance. That’s the best “excuse” I can think up.

  7. This episode seemed like a filler episode for the most part. I wasn’t happy with Riven’s behavior, but it’s more of a “you’ve come such a long way, why are you throwing it away all of a sudden?” It’s too big a change for his behavior in S3,4 & 5.
    Maybe Nick thought Musa’s voice was the source of her power or something and she was weakened without it (her Sirenix power was the Voice of Sirenix after all). That’s my best guess. But seeing as how Bloomix was born from the dragon flame I would think that she should still have enough to transform seeing as the Dragon Flame is the source of Magical Energy or whatever.
    Back on the transformation bit, remember when Aisha, Bloom & Stella were in the Underrealm in S2? They lost their magic, and even when some of it regenerated, it wasn’t enough to transform – there was a time when Bloom tried and we got a glimpse of her Magic Winx outfit but she couldn’t transform all the way, and Aisha tried the magic seeds Faragonda gave her, but she said she didn’t have enough magic to activate them, which implies she had some but not enough to transform. Maybe that’s what happened to Musa when Rumpelstiltskin took her voice, maybe some magic was taken along with it.
    I dunno. It’s just a theory. I could be wrong.

  8. Actually, I can see how working out would make their magic stronger. I’ve read several books where a wizard/ witch/fairy is taught that they already have great potential inside, but their body must be strong enough to wield it. Take the cartoon Shaman king, for example. That’s why Anna was so hard on Yoh, and kept him training. He was already super powerful, but only with a strong body could he unlock his FULL potential.

    As for why Rumple would want Musa’s voice, what weird little collector of powerful magical oddities wouldn’t want the voice of the Guardian Fairy of all Music?

  9. Well, hello fellow Oncer! 😀 I was having high expectations for Rumplestiltskin too, even though I wasn’t expecting Robert Carlyle to show up 😀 That’d have been fantastic!

  10. Hi Oblivious Prattler,
    I had a question. See when we finish watching season 6, we will watch season 7. Season 6 we were able to watch on and iTunes and Amazon and also on DVD.
    My problem is that i have no idea how we can watch season 7. It has started in UK and is not on iTunes or Amazon, DVDs normally come when the show is done and all episodes on youtube are deleted and blocked by Rainbow. So my question is if you have a suggestion how we will be able to watch season 7?

  11. I hate what the writers did to Riven, there is no explanation [as far as we know] of why Riven’s been acting like that to Musa. I liked his attitude back in S1 because he had potential as a villain or antihero but now, after all he has gone through and after all he’s done to be a better boyfriend, friend and Specialist it just doesn’t make any sense. My guess is, after Nabu died he didn’t want to lose a beloved being anymore, so he’s being training tirelessly ever since, even if it moves it away from those he wants to protect, but it doesn’t explain all he did for Musa in S5 nor why he wanted to replace Sky as the leader of the Specialists.

    I’m glad he figured out he was wrong and break up with Musa and that they both agreed with that decision, but I don’t understand why he had to leave for good. I think it would have been better if he had stayed and become a better Specialist and that Musa and Riven would have gotten new love interest [or stay single.]

    On the other hand, I really loved how the Trix mercilessly killed those young witches, it is what I expected from the Trix, I hope we could see something like this again.

    By the way, I was wondering, since you haven’t posted the review for S6xE23 and Winx Club is gonna be aired on Nick Jr [may the Great Dragon have mercy on our soul], whether you’ll post the reviews for the remaining episodes after they’re aired on Nick Jr or you’ll continue posting your reviews as usual.

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