IMG_3181I guess this was the “tie up loose ends before the final battle” episode. Nickbow resolved two main plots and two sideplots, but they dug a plot hole as big as a crater along the way.

(Note: you’ll notice I put more screenshots in this review. As long as someone’s mobile device doesn’t break when they try to load the page, I’m gonna do this from now. I think it’ll help organize my thoughts better.)


The next target in the Trix’s conquest is the Magic School for Forgers, run by someone we haven’t seen since the first movie: Hagen the blacksmith. Still as proud and brave as ever, he refuses to bow the evil trio. Unfortunately, they overpower him and steal the source of the school’s power: the Magic Steel. Now, one school remains: Alfea!

Our nerd couple, Timmy and Tecna, are still preparing for the inevitable attack. They finally figure out how to get the Spectrographic Localizer to work. It was simple. All they had to do was set the Spectro..sensitive..Potenti…ometer…thingy. Yeah. 😛

While they’re downloading it, Daphne and the other Winx — minus Stella —are trying to solve their Rumpelstiltskin problem. What can they trade to him to get the Legendarium Key back? The professor suggests they search yet another hidden room: the Alfea “Underfloors.” It’s full with magic artifacts. (Was basement not a cool enough word? 😛 )

Where’s Stella? She’s in her boutique helping a customer. Just as she’s jazzing up her look up with some peacock feathers, Griselda comes in and catches her. But to the princess’ surprise, she’s not angry about her business. She loves it! She wants some feathers, too, and she wants to tell everyone in the school about Stella Couture! 😀

(Was anyone else creeped out by this scene? I mean…it’s Griselda! Stone-faced Griselda! She never gets excited about anything! 😯 )


Bloom comes to get Stella, then Daphne, the Winx, and the Pixies head to the Underfloors. Inside are all the treasures a dwarf could ask for. The three that catch their eyes first are the statues of the Champions of Alfea, the strongest fairies in history. Everyone starts looking for something to trade, and as normal, the Pixies — specifically Chatta — cause some trouble in the process. (Pixies… 🙄 )

Meanwhile, the Trix gather their students in front of the dragon skull once more. Using all the power they’ve stolen from the magic schools, they cloak them with the same invisibility spell protecting Cloud Tower. They waste no time flying to Alfea and beginning their attack. Faragonda, Wizgiz, Palladium, Eldora, and Griffin create a barrier around the school, but the witches burn it down like it’s made of paper.

It’s up to the kids to save the day again. Palladium races off to call the Specialists and Paladins, while Daphne and the Winx suit up for battle! Of course, it’s hard to fight an enemy you can’t see. Bloom, Stella, and Flora get knocked out of the sky, but their boyfriends show up just in time to catch them. (Geez, that was fast. It’s like they live at Alfea. 😕 )

Tecna takes care of the invisibility spell. With the push of a button, the Spectrographic Localizer brings Cloud Tower and the witches out of hiding. That doesn’t sit well with them, so they retreat. 😛

Selina watches all the action through Griffin’s Magic Eye. As soon as she sees Bloom, she remembers her own goal: stealing a spark of her Dragon Flame. Now’s the perfect time. Acheron, soon you’ll be free from your prison of paper!

“Selina, who are you talking to?”

Oops! Icy almost catches her. As usual, she comes up with a good excuse to throw the Trix off her scent. Why are they here? Because it’s time for phase two of the battle.

While Faragonda’s praising the gang for fending off the first wave, the Trix appear. For once, they’re not here to fight. They’ve got a proposition: instead of an all-out war, how about a duel between the strongest witch and fairy? The strongest fairy’s Bloom, of course, and she’s more than ready for the challenge. Bring it on, Icy!

Nope. It’s not Icy she’ll be fighting. It’s her childhood friend: Selina.


The young witch can’t wait, but first, she leaves something to keep Bloom’s teammates occupied. Summoned from the Legendarium, the Champions of Alfea come alive and rise up from beneath the courtyard. Looks like the Trix never meant to play fair, after all!

At last, Selina and Bloom meet again. True to her nature, the fire fairy tries to talk things out, but her old friend’s not listening. She’s the first to attack. Fine. Let the duel begin!

Meanwhile, the Champions of Alfea turn out to be just as tough as their title suggests. Their attacks overpower the Winx’s spells, and the guys can’t even get close enough to hit them. Poor Musa ends up getting a shower. 😛

Nex comes up with an idea to beat the Water Champion. He draws her attention, while Aisha attacks her from behind. It doesn’t work. Aisha hits her, but she recovers right away.

For a moment, the two of them don’t seem to care. They’re too busy praising themselves for their teamwork — and making goo-goo eyes at each other. Hmmmm… 🙂

Once they snap out of it, they ask Eldora and Daphne for advice on how to beat the Champions. Neither of them have any, but Daphne remembers an interesting detail from the legend: the Champions were so strong, they refused to bond with the Pixies. That gives Aisha an idea. Maybe they can use Pixie bonding to defeat them!

There’s just one problem: most of the Pixies disappeared. Bloom said it’s as if they no longer exist in this dimension! Does that mean…they’re in the Legendarium World? If that’s the case, Aisha must go to Pixie Village and enter the Legendarium World from there.

She heads off right away, but Icy blocks her path. Nex floats up next to Aisha and draws his halberd to knock the witch out of the way. Before he gets a chance, she shoots an ice beam right at him.

“Nex, no!” Aisha yells.

The Paladin doesn’t flinch. He bats the beam right back at her, sending her flying. That takes care of her. Now, it’s onward to Gloomywood! Nex decides to tag along.

Once they reach Pixie Village, Aisha stops to praise him for standing up to Icy. She was very impressed by his courage. Nex basks in the compliment for a second, then wishes her good luck with her mission. Cue second goo-goo eyes moment. 😛

After promising to save the other Pixies, Aisha pulls out her Mythix wand and disappears into the Legendarium World. She arrives in a forest full of rocks, but there’s no one there. After flying around a bit, she spots something familiar: the Tree of Life, the tree that normally stands at the center of Pixie Village. It’s rooted itself here!

Before she can do anything, out of nowhere come the Gloomywood Trolls, the monsters the Pixies trapped under their village. Aisha’s not afraid. She beats them quickly, reducing them to bubbles with her Waterizing Ray. Piece of cake.


Back to the Tree. She can hear Ninfea’s voice coming from it — the Pixies are trapped underneath it! Using her Morphix magic, she dissolves the new roots, and she, the Pixies, and the Tree return to the real world. Her tiny friends race up to her and thank her for saving them.

Nex and the others find them. The Pixies are glad to see their friends, and he’s glad to see Aisha. 🙂

But there’s no time to celebrate. The Alfea fairies need the power of bonding to beat the Champions of Alfea! Ninfea gathers all the Pixies in a circle, and they converge their magic and send it toward Alfea.

The energy pours down upon the courtyard. All the students gather up, absorb the power, and dissolve the Champion of Alfea with a wave of magic. The Trix have lost again! Time for them to surrender!

Not yet. The duel’s not over.

In between dodging and blocking attacks, Bloom keeps trying to reason with Selina. It’s no use. The young witch has tasted power, and she’s not giving it up.

Time to end this game. She summons two snakes to bind Bloom’s arms, then she sucks a piece of the Dragon Flame right out of her body! Her plan worked. There’s no need to stay anymore, so she “forfeits” the duel and flies back to Cloud Tower.

Bloom has no idea what just happened. All she knows is she won, which means it’s time for the Trix to leave. They’re confused, too. Selina’s got some explaining to do!

When Bloom returns to the others, Flora gives her a hug to congratulate her on her victory. But the fire fairy doesn’t feel like a winner. She just had to fight her childhood friend, and the duel ended with her just…quitting! What’s gotten into Selina?

Back in Pixie Village, the Pixies celebrate their freedom. If it hadn’t been for Aisha, they’d have trapped in the Legendarium World forever. To Aisha!

After accepting cupcakes from Cara, Aisha and Nex turn to each other. The fairy shyly admits how scared she was when Icy shot at him at Alfea. The Paladin smiles and takes her hand. Turns out he was worried about her, too, when she entered the Legendarium World. He was afraid she’d never come back.

“And now you’re happy?” Aisha asks.

“Happier than you can even imagine.” 🙂


Someone else is happy, too, right now: Selina. With the piece of the Dragon Flame she stole from Bloom, she can finally accomplish her goal! Soon, Acheron will be out of the Legendarium and in the real world — with her!


I’m not sure how to feel about this episode. Half of me is happy, but the other half’s confused and annoyed. Is there no such thing as continuity anymore? 😕

Why am I happy? You guessed it: Aisha and Nex are officially a couple now. Their relationship’s backed both by season seven and the February 2015 comic called “La Prova di Nex” (Nex’s Test), where Queen Niobe calls him Aisha’s “new boyfriend” (nuovo fidanzato). I know not everyone’s happy about it — although these two have more fans than I thought they did — but it’s still canon.

I’ve decided not to talk about the love triangle yet. I have so much to say about it, this post would become a dissertation. 😛 (Seriously, you should see my notes.) Instead, I’ll save my thoughts for future posts.

Believe it or not, I do have one complaint about these two. I’ve known for a while Nex would end up in a life-threatening situation, and Aisha would realize she loves him. It was detailed in his character description. But this was not what I expected:


I wouldn’t even call this “life-threatening.” Icy’s shot ice beams at dozens of people, and most of them have lived to talk about it. If she’d frozen him or knocked him off his Windrider — which, I guess, could have happened — I’d have understood why Aisha reacted the way she did. But…she just shot an ice beam at him! Not even a powerful one! 😕

Sorry, Nickbow. I didn’t feel like Nex was in “mortal danger,” as you put it. I expected something more dangerous (though knowing this season, I’m not sure why).

Moving on to the rest of the episode. That’s where the confused, annoyed half of me resides. I couldn’t get past all the plot holes, lame battles, and low-quality animation.

Let’s start with the “legendary duel.” You’d think with a name like that, it’d be a pretty epic fight. You’d be wrong. It was more of the same: Selina shooting energy beams, Bloom shooting energy beams, both girls blocking said energy beams, and it all ended in a forfeit.

Sigh. I miss the action-packed fights in this show, like Bloom vs. Icy in season one. That was how you write a duel!

Maybe they both held back on purpose. Bloom didn’t wanna fight Selina, and Selina was just using the duel as a chance to steal Bloom’s Dragon Flame. If that’s true, these scenes were wastes of time. Selina could have done this some other time.


By the way, why did she wait so long? She decided to do this back in “Mythix” (ep. 6X14), yet she waited ten episodes later to even try! Clearly, she wasn’t in a hurry! 😛

My other gripe about this episode is Aisha saving the Pixies. I’m not upset she saved them — in fact, that was a perfect decision. She loves them more than anyone does, and she was the reason the Winx met them in the first place. The problem is this scene broke continuity not just within season six, but the rest of the series!

We’ve been told if someone stays in the Legendarium World too long, they become a fictional character and are trapped inside forever. It doesn’t take weeks or days. It can take a few minutes! How long had the Pixies been there? Since “The Legendarium” (ep. 6X02), which has been a few months in-universe at least.

They shouldn’t have been able to escape, but they did. I guess if you’re lucky enough to know a Mythix fairy, the rule doesn’t apply to you. To me this means just like the Sirenix Curse, the threat of getting trapped was fake, not defined, and thrown in make us think the Winx were risking their lives. In reality, Eldora could have saved them at any time.

I wish:

  • The chance of getting stuck had been real, and if it happened, it took more than having a Mythix wand to escape
  • Becoming fictional affected your life in the Real World. Maybe your friends forgot about you, or your deeds were erased from history like you never existed

All we know is a creature or object’s magic doesn’t work in the real world while it’s in the Legendarium World. That leads me to my next complaint about what might be the biggest plot hole of the season.


The Tree of Life got stuck in the Legendarium World, too. That tree’s connected to all positive magic in the universe. When the Trix destroyed the balance of positive and negative magic in Magical Adventure, the Winx — even Bloom — lost their powers.

For twenty-two episodes, it’s been rooted in a parallel universe where people and objects no longer exist, and their magic has no effect on the real world. So…how have the Winx been able to use magic this season?

To be fair, the Tree’s role keeps changing throughout the series. In season two, it was a magic plant that gave birth to the Pixies (and it was more like a flower than a tree). In season four, it acted like an encyclopedia of fairies. You could tell from the number of leaves on each branch how many fairies existed in a single realm. Ninfea said it’s connected to every fairy’s magic, but she didn’t say it controlled it.

Still…it’s hard to overlook it. Magical Adventure was the season four movie, after all, which means the rules probably still apply. Did Nickbow just forget them?

What else is there to talk about?

  • The Champions of Alfea were pretty cool. I wish we knew more of the mythology behind them, since Daphne called them “the strongest fairies in history.” Of course, it’s hard to take them seriously since they were defeated by a Pixie bonding wave. Does being in the Legendarium World sap your power or something? 😕

  • Speaking of Pixie bonding, since when does it work like this? And are we saying all the fairies at Alfea have bonded Pixies now? I hope not. 😕

  • Speaking of Pixies, why in the name of the Dragon were Tune and Digit there? That’s another plot hole! If they were always there, we didn’t need Cherie and Cara. Let’s send them back to PopPixie. That’s where they belong.

Verdict: Disjointed episode riddled with plot holes, including what could be a major one. Too many plot resolutions crammed in.


Just two episodes left in the season! Next time, we finally meet the Big Bad: Acheron! He looks like a cross between Valtor and Jafar, doesn’t he? 😛 Will he live up to Selina’s hype, or will he disappoint us like most of the enemies this season? (Some of you know the answer. Don’t spoil the fun for me, okay? 😉 )

Stay tuned!


  • And the MuRi fans are all crying again.
  • “Parted ways?” Did they think the younger fans wouldn’t know what “break up” means? And “rediscover his inner strength?” I’m starting to think Riven might come back after all. 😕
  • It’s Hagen’s first appearance in the TV show, and what happens? His school gets conquered by the Trix. Poor guy. Maybe the old bear should have gone back to his den. 😛
  • Hagen: “As a blacksmith of the Company of Light, I will never heed to you, witches of darkness!” First, that was an awesome line! 😀 Second, aren’t you the only blacksmith in the Company of Light? 😛 Third, did anyone else’s heart flutter when he said “Company of Light?” Oh, the nostalgia! 😀
  • Tecna’s side of the room looks cool. 🙂
  • Spectro-sensitive Potentiometer?! What?! 😆
  • They’re trying to get the Key back? Somehow, this makes their sacrifice for Musa feel less selfless to me. 😕
  • Another hidden room? Sigh. 😕 And wouldn’t have been great if they’d known about this before they traded the Key?
  • Griselda’s trying to catch Stella in the act! This feels a bit like the old days! 🙂
  • You wanted peacock feathers? You’re a strange fairy. 😛
  • First of all, what happened to Griselda’s voice? Second of all, what happened to her? I never thought I hear her say the word fabulous! Talk about acting out-of-character! She just won the award for it!
  • C’mon, Bloom. How many secret rooms have you seen by now? 😛
  • The Champions of Alfea. Hmmm…the strongest fairies in all magic history? That’s impressive. I like their names, too, but I didn’t understand them. 😛
  • The Speed Stone landed back in the box? Wow. 😛
  • The Trix gathered all that power just to make the students invisible? Why? (And why are they still sending newbies to do their dirty work?)
  • I’m so sick of the Alfea fairies running away! Why are you even at this school? Suit up and fight back! D:
  • See? A magic shield. They didn’t need Musa’s music last time, after all.
  • Student witches broke through the shield? I guess they have become stronger!
  • While the Winx were transforming, I kept saying, “Somebody’s missing. Somebody’s missing. Who is it?” It wasn’t till they were done that I realized who: Tecna. I’m sorry, girl! 🙁
  • Perfect timing, Sky. Because you’re perfect. 🙄
  • Was the Localizer really that powerful?
  • Oh, now the Trix come out to play!
  • Darcy: “We learn from the best, Mistress Griffin.” So much sarcasm. Yuck.
  • Is anyone else disappointed Bloom won’t be fighting Icy again? 😕 And how is Selina the strongest witch?
  • Selina brought up the Pixies in case we forget they’re still in the Legendarium World. 😛
  • Oh, I guess Selina is strong!
  • I like the fire champion. She reminds me of Diana (which is kinda weird). 🙂
  • How did Aisha know what Nex was planning without asking him? Can they read each other’s minds now?
  • Nex: “Hey, you! No one asked for a sprinkler!” 😛
  • Uh oh! They’re making goo-goo eyes at each other! 😛
  • This is the worst ever way to shoehorn the Pixies in. Who cares about Pixie bonding, and who cares if the Champions refused it?
  • Aisha, why are you just now remembering the other Pixies? If you care about them so much, wouldn’t you have tried to save them sooner?
  • Icy: “Stop! No one can leave the battlefield!” Nex: “Really? I was just thinking it was time for you to leave, Icy!” I think we all agree. 😛
  • Really, Aisha? He wasn’t in that much danger. 😕
  • Aisha and Nex pause for a second goo-goo eyes moment. 😛
  • Pixie Village’s Legendarium World looks like another version of Gloomywood. Hmmmm…
  • Umm…you knew the trolls were coming, Aisha?
  • Aisha used three different Morphix spells. That must be a record.
  • I think that was the shortest time any Winx has been in the Legendarium World.
  • Aw, Nex is happy she’s back. 🙂
  • Hold on! That’s not Pixie bonding works! Since when does it make fairies stronger?
  • Why are Concorda, Discorda, and Athena here? Discorda may have fled Cloud Tower when the Trix took it over, but Concorda’s bonded to the Alfea Archive Room, and Athena’s bonded to Red Fountain’s artifact room. They don’t live in Pixie Village. 😕
  • Super Pixie bonding ray melts “the strongest fairies in history.” There goes that title! 😛
  • I was about to say, “Isn’t the Witch of Snakes?” And then, she summoned snakes. So there we go. =3
  • The animation for those snakes was really bad. 😕
  • She was holding a colorful flame in her hand, and you couldn’t tell she stole some of your Dragon Flame, Bloom? 😕
  • Selina doesn’t take orders from you, Icy. =3
  • The cupcakes made me think so much of PopPixie.
  • Something about Nex holding a cupcake looks funny to me. 😛
  • Just say it, Aisha. You were worried about him. 🙂
  • Awww, they’re holding hands! 😀
  • And Nex was worried about her, too. Awww! 🙂
  • Was that a lovestruck sigh, Aisha? Wow. 😛
  • In the real world with you, Selina? You’re really convinced he’s your best friend, aren’t you? This is obviously gonna go wrong!
  • Acheron looks cool, but he’s no Valtor! 😛

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28 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X24: “Legendary Duel”

  1. I found this whole episode boring and baffling. It was nice to see Tune and Digit, even if it was only a cameo, but that just resurfaced my irritation at them being replaced for no other reason than to use the pop pixies.

    In my opinion, most of the battles this season have been lame. I’m getting tired of seeing them retreat as soon as things aren’t in their favor anymore. I’ll let Selina slide because she didn’t intend to fight Bloom to begin with, but the others strike me as cowards.

    As much as I like the pixies being allowed to be helpful, this was a bad way to do it. They had Aisha save the pixies for the sole purpose of having them defeat the trio. To be honest, in my opinion, that feels like an insult to her friendship with them after how she was introduced in season two. The first thing we see of Aisha is her risking her own life to rescue them. She had nightmares because she was worried for them, and they were her first concern when she woke up. Yet here, she rescues them because they’re needed, not because she’s worried for their well-being, and the idea feels like it was thrown in just to remind us the other pixies exist.

    I honestly did not recognize Hagen. I guess that shows how long it’s been since I watched the first movie.

    • To your defense about Hagen, the first time we saw him, he was in CG. And this outfit didn’t look like the same one from the movie, but it is.

      As for the Pixies, I also feel like they were just a plot device this time. Aisha cares deeply about them. It doesn’t make sense that she’d wait this long to free them.

      Honestly, the Pixies haven’t done much for the series since they were introduced. I feel like they should be retired now. Maybe Aisha can visit them now and then, but I’m sick of Rainbow shoehorning them into the story.

      • I like the pixies, but I can’t argue with you about how they haven’t done much for the series as a whole. However, I think that’s partially because Rainbow keeps replacing them. Season four gave us the fairy pets, season five gave us the selkies, season six replaced two of them with no explanation, and season seven gives us the magical animals. I like seeing them have their spotlight moments – Episode 20 of season 3 is one of my favorites for giving the pixies an episode to shine – but if they’re only going to serve as plot devices, I’d say it is time to retire them. Not just them either. I wish Rainbow would stop with these magical pets and bonds if that’s all they’re going to be. The Winx don’t need them.

  2. It is weird weird weird that Tune and Digit reappeared. Maybe Rainbow was just trying to reassure us they didn’t die? Which is nice. But that means the good folks at Rainbow know how nonsensical the pixie swap is but still can’t be bothered to stick a lampshade on it. *sigh*

    Well, I love that the other pixies including Ninfea weren’t forgotten, and that Hagan wasn’t forgotten. I wish he’d come back to Alfea so we could have cute romance with him and Miss F!

    So how does Bloom’s dragonfire even work, if Selina can just grab a piece without Bloom even knowing? Does this mean Selina could technically be a Bloomix witch now? O_o Worldbuilding, people, worldbuilding!

      • Technically, no fairy should ever lose her powers by the ill will of another being. Not my words, they are Ms.Faragonda’ s from the first season , episode 24 or 25 ,I believe. So how Selina managed to take a fraction of her powers beats me.

        And how Bloom didn’t realize it, stumps me.

        • Daphne also reconfirmed that. Acts such as Selina did don’t count as it violates the 5 major magic rules (1. No Murder Attempts 2. No manipulation of free will such as love potions 3. No resurrections, because it’s not a pretty picture 4. No squandering magic on chores 5. Magic cannot be removed only have it’s potency changed which is why Daphne and Bloom told each other to stop their whining and grow a spine at different points in the series) this means that the dragon flame wasn’t actually taken but Bloom’s using a trick to trick Selina (or at least that’s my revision of that scene)

      • Maybe she can’t be. Remember the criteria for becoming a Bloomix fairy ? You have to lose your powers and do a so called ‘ good deed’. Selina didn’t, so maybe it doesn’t apply to her.

        Similarly with the Trix, in season 1, they took Bloom’ s powers away. It didn’t make them Bloomix witches.

  3. Thoughts While Reading Review

    • Emoticons… reaching… critical mass!
    • Wait… They wrote that in his character description? Before the season even started airing? Spoilers, people!
    • I might be the only one, but I actually spent most of this season wondering why nobody was rescuing the Pixies and worrying that they would be forgotten and get trapped forever. So I was relieved when they (finally) wrapped that up.

  4. Talk about contrived episodes that was was four in a row, but even the contrived episodes are better than the ghost episode this season (and that was the only good thing about said episode, they were the only monsters that gave any sense of danger, why didn’t they just use them and Rumple as pawns? They’re the only legends that actually acted like them selves plus they could have been more effective than half these pushover monsters). Next, yep Nexisha (i think that’s the pairing name) is official. I think Bloom is honestly over this “steal my powers” nonsense and didn’t care because she might have remembered that you really can’t steal powers and just let Selina think she stole it.

    • I wonder how many times Bloom’s power will be sought after before she finally starts rolling her eyes and saying, “Whatever. Here. Take it.” Sure, that’d never truly happen, but I could picture it. She’s been chased after since season one. She’s probably used to it by now.

    • Except that in the episode in which Acheron comes back, he says he has the Dragon’s Flame. I’m really tired of the plot holes that Nickbow is creating. Do they even think things through anymore??

      • That’s more nick than it is Rainbow. If Rainbow were doing it Bloom would have made some sassy remark about this where “Oh? You want my power?, Sorry it can’t be stolen.” Or “I’ve had enough of this, time to get out of here.” Basically seasons 5 and 6 are the Winx immitating themselves instead of being themselves (which is why they lacked personality) yet season seven they’ve gone back to being real (thank goodness)

      • Actually, i think that he has the dragon fire because selina used it to free him. That’s all. Hope my spoiler tag worked, sorry if it didn’t.

  5. What I dont like is how so many freshmen of cloudtower come and are stronger than the Winx. For example in Episode 19 an 20. The Winx are like 10 transformations further!
    And in the fight Bloom was very weak too against Selina and I know Selina got some power from Acheron but in an earlier episode Bloom defeated Selina and Selina is still a freshman. Rainbow should think things through 🙂

  6. I didn’t know what to think of this episode. I guess it’s a pretty okay episode, but like you said, there were so many things that bugged me, too, from the lame “legendary duel” between Bloom and Selina (that was disappointing) to seeing Tune and Digit again. I swear that I could write a better battle scene than this! Here’s how I would do it: let the Trix use both invisibility and intangibility spells on themselves and their army of witches and it’s off to war! I mean, c’mon! It’s going to be hard to fight an army of witches that you can’t see and touch, especially for the non-Winx fairies! In the midst, Selina sic the three Champions on the Winx! I liked these Champions, I wanna know more about them, too. Technically, they didn’t fight the Champion, more specifically their statues which Selina brought to life as Faragonda puts it.

    I’m more a Roy fan, but by now, I don’t care. I don’t mind Aisha being with Nex. But gosh darn it, Tune and Digit were in here! if so, than why bother switching them for Cherie and Caramel? Surely it can’t be because they needed a pixie to save them from Stormy’s twister in that Egypt episode and because they needed Caramel’s cake batter growth spell to make Gargantua explode, was it? If so, then I gotta say, “Rainbow, c’mon! You couldn’t have Digit summon a virtual portal to suck away Stormy’s twister and have Tune tricked the hungry monster by pretending to be hospitable to him, feeding him more and more cakes until he explode?”

    I had thought about the Tree of Life, too, but when you think about it, I think the Magical Adventure film was treated more of its own than as a part of the actual cannon plot, despite seeing some 2nd movie characters this season. So maybe Rainbow didn’t treat it as the special tree that balance light and dark, but still that same “encyclopedia” tree from season four. If so, then I guess it makes sense for the tree to be in the Legendarium world and not effect the Winx’s magic.

  7. I am so upset with Nickbow. Q_Q
    First, they replaced Digit and Tune and now they’re showing up in this episode. It’s so pointless and since there are no more PopPixie episodes it’s not even a good reason to replace them. (Not that there will ever be one).
    Second, this magic bond with the pixies should be something special. Back in season 2 they said it’s something like love at the first sight and now it seems like they’re exploiting this awesome thing just to defeat three ancient fairies. They didn’t event try a convergence spell or something like that.

  8. This is an episode I always skip:
    Nisha became a thing.

    The plot hole of all plot holes that I was waiting for you to comment about and even had discussions about because it just made no sense. I get that they used the loss of the Pixies to let the Winx know there is a new threat. I even get that the Winx ran with their own Pixies and expected the other pixies to run as well. But Eldora bringing up that rule later on made it redundant to save the Pixies because they should have been following the same rules. What they should have done was have Selena read the Pixies back to life at the end before they lock the Legendarium. They just needed a reason to officially make Nisha a thing and to give Selena a reason to steal the dragon flame again (as a call back to season 1 I’m guessing. This season was full of those). I was just sad there was no search or attempt to understand why and where the pixies would go. Just Bloom’s word for it which annoys me and just makes me think that the Pixies are no longer relevant now that season 2 have long gone (note season 7 also gives me the impression that they are annoying little sub-humans). Sadly the bonding thing was what I liked about the whole Pixie/Winx relationship and how they each complimented each other so well.
    The part about the tree I actually had a theory. I think the tree existed in both places or the bud where the pixies and pets pop out from would have vanished too. It was still at the center of the dead village I think and they said the tree took root in the Legendarium world not that it moved there completely. To me that says it expanded out to include that world under it’s magical bracket. The tree of life never followed the same rules for me as other magical… entities. I don’t think you can truly move it, just that it’s magical roots take root in other worlds. Or how will it know about the magic and the people who have it in those places? It has to have some way to source out that knowledge. Right? By having magical roots in other worlds it gets a lot done. And the Legenarium world is an actual world so that should count for something.

  9. Maybe The Tree of Life has more than one function: it gives birth to the pixies, acts like an “encyclopedia of fairies” and at the same time balances the magic in the universe. It could also be that the tree is a special kind of magical being such that it can be in the Legendarium World and still have a connection with the real world and the ” five-second rule” doesn’t apply to it, in ancient mythologies and other fantasy stories these kind of trees are treated almost as deities or are somehow connected to the universe so, maybe it is special in Winx Club too. What bothers me is the fact that the pixies were able to get out of the legendarium world after all this time, and I don’t think it is because they know a Mythix fairy, Mythix fairies can’t escape from there so, why should someone who knows one?

    Anyway, to be honest I kinda liked the battle between Bloom and Selina, not because it was good, but because I think their relationship is one of the most interesting things of the season. I liked to see Hagen and hear about the Company of Light again too. And I agree with you, Nex wasn’t in a great danger, even people without powers have been frozen by Icy and they survived without any serious injuries, Helia was frozen earlier in this season, along with more people from Fearwood, and Sky was frozen in S2 when Aisha was trying to rescue the pixies.

    I’d like to know more about the Champions of Alfea, Since Selina summoned them from the Legendarium I wonder if they really existed or are just myths, or maybe they were trapped inside. I like that the pixies got out from the Legendarium [though I hated that they broke the rules and the continuity, and honestly I had even forgotten that they were inside, when I first saw this episode I had to rewatch the first episodes of S6 to remember when they got trapped] but hated how the champions were defeated by mere pixie bounding.

  10. I inwardly squealed when I saw Tune and Digit… Hey, they could still swap the fairies out again. Nickbow already ridiculously swapped them out once, so fixing things would be just fine~!

    • I wish they would switch them back. I kinda like Cherie because I liked her in what I saw of PopPixie, but Cara bores me. On the other hand, I never really liked Tune, but I loved Digit. She was the most unique of the Pixies. She was a bit of a tomboy (which is probably why she got gender-flipped in PopPixie), and her magic was more interesting than the others’, IMO.

  11. Selina Bloom could have been great because of potential gravitas. Selina was Bloom’s oldest friend and now she’s evil. Bloom wants to redeem her former friend. On paper it’s fine.

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