“Avatar State! Yip yip!”

I tried something new last time: adding more screenshots to help guide the post along. No one said it blew up their browser, so I guess it’s okay. 😛 Here’s another change: from now on, I’m gonna highlight the main moments in the episode instead of recapping the whole thing. You watched it, too. You don’t need a detailed breakdown. 🙂

Episode Highlights

IMG_33861. Daphne and the Winx are still looking for something to trade Rumpelstiltskin for the Legendarium Key. Out of nowhere (which is her M.O.), Eldora appears and gives them the Infinity Box, which can store anything, even magic power. I know the Legendarium Key’s important, but I wish this sideplot with Rumpel hadn’t lasted so long. It doesn’t even make sense. Alfea’s loaded with magic goods: rare books, artifacts only the teachers know about, and even a piece of the Codex! Yes, some things are too valuable to give away, but you’re telling me they couldn’t find anything?

How about the Sirenix Boxes? The Winx don’t need them anymore. Granted, they’re valuable, too, but all Rumpel would do is sit them somewhere to collect dust. Bloom’s leaving hers on her desk. What’s the difference?

2. The Winx go to Domino for Daphne and Thoren‘s wedding. I’ll talk about these two later, but I wanna gripe about a few other things first. One, is Stella the only Winx with fashion sense now? Morphix ribbons, Aisha? Who’d wanna wear pink glue all over her body on her wedding day? Lady Gaga? 😕

Two, was there a time skip between the first scene and the wedding? Bloom’s line made it sound like there was, but the scene with Selina and the Trix picked up from the end of the last episode. If there wasn’t, that means Thoren proposed about a day or two ago! Talk about a short engagement!

Three, what right did Eldora have to officiate? She’s not a priestess. She’s a retired fairy godmother with too many flowers in her house! Sigh. Maybe it was just for laughs.

IMG_33993. Selina finally frees Acheron. He betrays her, traps the Trix in the Legendarium, and casts a spell called Infinite Chaos that negates all magic but the Dragon Flame. That’s right. Selina got used. If you didn’t see this twist coming, you might not be smarter than a fifth grader. (Apologies to the fifth graders who did see it coming. 😛 )

Doesn’t Acheron’s outfit look like the Paladin uniform? 😛 I confess: I thought Nex and Thoren were gonna be villains when I saw them in the trailer. That uniform just screams “evil” to me. (Great. I just threw a bone to the fans who think Nex is a villain in disguise. 😕 )

4. Selina contacts Bloom through Griffin’s Magic Eye. After Acheron’s spell interrupts the wedding, the Winx head to Magix to beat him. Wait a minute. Don’t you need a spell or an inter-realm ship to get to Magix from Domino? It’s another planet! How could the Winx just fly there?

They did it in “Inspiration of Sirenix” (6X01), too, but I assumed they entered the Infinite Ocean along the way. This time, they didn’t have Sirenix. Did Bloomix give them the power to fly through the space? 😕

5. After the Winx save Selina and stop Cloud Tower from crash landing, Acheron summons a three-headed dragon to destroy them. Bloom comes up with the plan: lead him into the Legendarium World and trap him there for good. I don’t have much to say about this. The scene with the Winx saving Cloud Tower was cool. Why would Acheron have the power to summon a lizard spirit, though? Is it because of the Dragon Flame? (By the way, I know some fans were wondering why he had the Dragon Flame. It’s simple: he had the piece Selina used to free him. No plot holes here.)

IMG_34286. Bloom traps Acheron in the Infinity Box and trades him to Rumpel for the Legendarium Key. But before she can return to the real world, the Trix ambush her. Great. Bloom saves the day again. Hello, seasons three and five. 😕 Sigh. I wish the Winx would fight the “final boss” (or bosses) together, like they used to.

Overall Thoughts

Nickbow might as well have called this episode “Daphne and Thoren.” All the comments on YouTube were about their wedding, not Acheron! Sorry, Valtor wannabe. No one cares about you. 😛

I know why the fans are against this marriage. Bloom and Sky have been engaged since Magical Adventure — or was it Secret of the Lost Kingdom? — but they aren’t saying a thing about a wedding yet. Daphne just got her body back last season. Now she’s getting married already? Yep, it’s not fair.

Are she and Thoren even ready for this? They just started dating! You can’t marry someone you just met!

Wait a minute. Don’t we know another couple who almost did the same thing? I’ll give you a hint: they got engaged in season four, then the boyfriend sacrificed his life to save Roxy’s realm. Yep, Aisha and Nabu!

I can hear you guys clambering to their defense:

  • “It was an arranged marriage.”
  • “They were mature enough to handle it.”
  • “But they were made for each other!”
  • “Aisha and Nabu forever!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. We loved them so much, we can’t fault them for anything. But if you take the emotions out of this, the truth still remains: they didn’t date long, either.

A season’s usually about the length of a school year. Aisha and Nabu became a couple in “The Wizards’ Challenge” (3X23). That’s where he told her his real name, then they apologized to their parents for rebelling against the arranged marriage.

The couple got engaged in “Winx Club Forever!” (4X11). In the first episode of the season, Musa said they were freshmen three years ago (i.e. three seasons), so mid-season + summer might be about seven months. So they may have been dating about eight to ten months before Nabu proposed.

Weren’t they engaged the whole time? Yes, but they didn’t want to be. Plus, Aisha didn’t know “Ophir” was really the guy her parents set her up with. “The Wizards’ Challenge” was when they became a couple on their own, and “Winx Club Forever!” was when they chose for themselves to get married.


Daphne and Thoren were probably together no more half a year, so Aisha and Nabu beat them in amount of time. But if you count by episodes, Daphne and Thoren won. They became a couple in “Vortex of Flames” (6X06). We didn’t see him propose to her, but my guess is it happened off-screen in “The Anthem” (6X23). He wasn’t there when the gang said goodbye to Riven — he barely knew him anyway — so he could have been with Daphne then.

Number of episodes between “couple confirmation” and engagement: 17 (23-6 = 17). How many for Aisha and Nabu? 14 (26-23 = 3; 3 + 11 = 14).

My point is both couples rushed to the altar. So why don’t we criticize them both? I hinted at the reason earlier: we’re attached to Aisha and Nabu, so we can’t judge them fairly. We don’t care as much about Daphne and Thoren, so we don’t mind picking their relationship apart.

Let’s leave them alone and let them be happy. Or are we willing to scold Aisha and Nabu, too? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 🙂

Moving on the main event in this episode: Selina freeing Acheron, the creator of the Legendarium. Nickbow made him look like the “final boss” of this season. Did he live up to the hype?

Yes and no.

IMG_3404He was pretty tough. We don’t know if he was using the Dragon Flame or his own power, but either way, he was stronger than the Winx. And he nullified all magic in the universe — except the Dragon Flame — with just one spell. (I wish we’d seen more of the effects of it.) Not a bad showing for a villain.

The disappointing part is he lasted as long as his Legendarium monsters. Bloom didn’t even destroy him. She just locked him in a box!

What’s with this “don’t kill the super-villain” thing lately? In season four, the Winx just froze the Fairy Hunters in the Omega Dimension. In season five, King Neptune sent Tritannus to Oblivion. Now, Bloom locks Acheron in a box and gives him to a dwarf? Really? 😕

The Winx need to finish the job! Don’t they know these guys can escape? Tritannus did in Mystery of the Abyss (with the help of Politea and the Trix). Valtor got out of Omega (also with the Trix’s help), so what if the Fairy Hunters can, too? I don’t know about Acheron and the Trix, but as tenacious as those witches are, you never know when we’ll see them again.

Acheron was disappointing, but I still liked him. He felt like a cross between Valtor and 4Kids Darkar. In a better season, I think he would have been a bigger threat.

That’s all I’m gonna say about him for now. I know it’s not much, but I’m saving my thoughts for a post about the villains. Stay tuned.

This episode was okay overall. My main problem with it — besides Bloom saving the day — was the slow action. For once, we got a decent fight against a decent enemy, but we couldn’t take it seriously because everything moved like it was underwater!

The worst scene was Bloom vs. Acheron in the Legendarium World. Example: Acheron shot two fireballs. They took ten seconds to reach her, but she just floated there and let herself get hit. Why didn’t she dodge? She had more than enough time!

It reminded me of a season five episode where Aisha fought Tritannus one-on-one. They looked like they were performing a synchronized swimming routine! The funniest part — it wasn’t supposed to be funny, but it was — was when she knocked him down, and he drifted to the floor spread-eagle. 😛 (I think that’s what happened. I’ll have to find the episode again.)

I’m glad Rainbow ditched the CGI. It works for the movies but not the show. Switching between two art styles every episode was too jarring.

Verdict: Decent episode, but the slow pacing ruined the action. Also, points off for making Bloom the hero again. 

IMG_3431Just one episode left! Bloom and the Trix face off in the Legendarium World, while the other Winx battle the “Great” Lizard Spirit. Be sure to catch the last few episodes of the season on Nick Jr.!

Thoughts While Watching

  • We’re not done with the Rumplestiltskin plot yet? With all those treasures in the Alfea Underfloors, you didn’t find anything?
  • Daphne’s got her head in the clouds. 😛
  • Ice cream, Stella? Ice cream? Sometimes you’re funny, but that’s just stupid!
  • That hat made me think of “The Sirenix Book” (5X05) when the Winx kept opening those season magic books.
  • Stella’s like Varrick! She just says whatever pops into her head!
  • Enter Ms. Ditz. Sigh. I liked Eldora at first, but now I’m sick of seeing her. And what is she wearing?
  • The Infinity Box? Meh. The Agador Box was prettier. :P.
  • Daphne hasn’t heard a word you said, Bloom. 😛
  • How did Bloom not know about Daphne’s engagement? She didn’t rush back to Alfea and tell her sister right away?
  • Why is Stella the dress designer? Don’t brides usually shop for their own dresses? 😕
  • Every time the Winx add their personal touches to something, Tecna’s is always the most useless. A glowing tiara? That’s great.
  • And Musa’s is the second most useless. Musical shoes? 😕
  • Daphne: “This is all very nice, but…isn’t it a bit much?” Yes…I mean, of course not. 🙂
  • Just five guys left. (I’m resisting the urge to make a Five Guys Burgers and Fries joke. 😛 )
  • Um, Nex, Helia — when did you two become best buds?
  • Thoren looks like an orchestra conductor to me. 😛
  • “Hey, Thoren. Looking sharp!” said one of the guys. I couldn’t tell if it was Brandon, Sky, or Nex. (It doesn’t help that Brandon and Nex have the same voice actor. 😕 )
  • Hi, Peg. 😛
  • Why are the Pixies riding the carriage? 😛
  • Roy‘s still there? I thought he left. He wasn’t with the guys earlier. I’m calling this an animation error.
  • Marion: “A bright and beautiful future awaits you, dear.” At least we hope so. We don’t know Thoren very well, and neither do you. 🙂
  • The Trix freaked out that much over the Dragon Flame? They once stole it themselves! I guess they’re scared because they know how powerful it is.
  • Here comes Acheron! This scene’s pretty epic! I love the music!
  • Fun fact: Acheron’s voiced by Sam Riegel, who also voiced Riven. 😛
  • The Legendarium had only one blank page? What about that story about the Trix in “Mystery of Calavera” (6X15)? I thought Selina wrote it in.
  • Gasp! He betrayed Selina? What a (painfully obvious) twist! 😛
  • The Trix got trapped in the Legendarium. Called it.
  • Selina sure turned on him quickly! 😛
  • Infinite Chaos? Yikes!
  • Joyful occasion ruined.
  • Since the Dragon Flame’s the only magic that works now, I guess Bloomix makes a bit more sense.
  • Riven?! What are you doing here? Okay, that’s definitely an animation error!
  • Animation error #3: Musa’s wing flew away! 😯
  • Selina just saw she was too close to the edge, but she still stepped back? Was that on purpose?
  • Is it just me, or did Acheron look a little worried about her?
  • The Winx saved Cloud Tower! Cool scene! Go, Winx! 🙂
  • Did Acheron just turn Cloud Tower into a three-headed dragon?
  • Musa: “Who decided to call this lizard thing ‘great?'” 😛
  • A little Shyamalaning there. Bloom didn’t need to say “book” twice.
  • You’re gonna trade Acheron for the key? Hmmm.
  • Did Bloom know they’d end up in front of Rumpel’s house?
  • Are you gonna fight or talk? 😕
  • I forgot about the Infinity Box!
  • Acheron’s done already? 😕
  • For the love of the Great Dragon, stop rhyming and take the box! 😡
  • I was right. Sam Riegel voiced Rumpel, too. Rumpel, Acheron, and Riven. Three very different characters. 😛

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46 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X25: “Acheron”

  1. I must say that I didnt expect the episode to be this good. I definetely prefer this episode and the one after over the last two epiasodes of season 5

  2. Selina getting betrayed was a pretty obvious twist, more obvious than Icy/Tritannus in S5, but what made it interesting was Selina’s repentance afterward, as no main character in Winx who played a villain has turned to good (not counting S4 earth fairies b/c the WotBC were the main opponents).
    Even though we didn’t see her in action much I really liked Selina. Her past relations with Bloom just added some extra drama and made some of the feuds more interesting (ex. Episode 14, episode 10)
    I wish Acheron had appeared sooner and the battle had been dragged out to something like, rescuing Selina, restoring CT (b/c Acheron did it in, although the way they actually handled it was pretty good), flying in a RF ship to the rescue like u said, infinite chaos being something more like what we saw in the underrealm at the end of S2 (when the Trix powered up the shadow monsters) and going through that on the way to the rescue, if I’m making any sense 😛
    But I liked this episode because it’s a turning point, a climax. I can’t help but like those kinds of episodes. I’m a Bloom fan, she’s always been my fave Winx, but even I see her getting the most of the attention and the most of the more serious battles. On the one hand it makes sense since she’s the leader, but on the other hand, I would like to see ALL the Winx take on the opponent at the end like in S2 and S4 if memory serves me right. What happened here was something similar to S1 – Bloom takes on the main opponent while the rest of the Winx take on what’s left behind by the opponent (S1: Bloom/Icy battle while Winx battle Stormy, Darcy & army of decay (4kids dub); S6: Bloom/Acheron battle (if u can call it that) while the Winx take on the great lizard monster or whatever it’s called). I just wish the final battles were dragged out more to make them seem more serious like in S1 & 2

  3. About a third part of this episode was really awesome, I loved the way Acheron is set free and all of a sudden betrays Selina and The Trix. I wonder why the villains of Winx Club keep trusting in eachother, they always end up being betrayed, especially the Trix who have been betrayed by other villains like four times, five/six if we count the movies. Anyway, I loved most of the time Acheron was free, too bad he lasted less than one episode, also, I hate it that the final battle has to be in 3D CGI.

    I kinda agree with you about Aisha and Nabu, but they were a couple for a longer time before getting engaged than Daphne and Thoren, they lasted more episodes but in matter of time Aisha and Nabu lasted longer. Also, they got engaged in S4XE11, in S4XE24 Nabu died and there were no hints for a wedding yet, on the other hand, as you said, it is probable that Daphne and Thoren got engaged in S6X23 and got married two episodes later.

    I think they don’t kill the villains anymore because it would be unethical, especially for someone who is supposed to be a sort of hero, honestly I like it more this way, it shows more the Winx’s morals more. That said, I wonder why the Winx never dared to kill the Trix, in S1 Bloom had the chance to kill Icy but she just imprisoned her, in S2 the Trix got knocked in Realix, so the Winx could have easily have killed them, in S3 they let them live too, I don’t think it is not because of ethics since they used to kill their enemies in those seasons. Also, I think it’d be nice if some villains [other than the Trix] had a second round with the Winx, too bad the only one so far has been Tritannus.

    As for the Lizard spirit, am I the only one who thinks it may be like the “real Cloud Tower”, I mean, in S2 it is stated that the Cloud Tower is a living being too, what if it used to be a lizard and then Griffin spelt it for it can be used as a school? Or maybe it is just the soul of the Cloud Tower.

    • I wonder why the villains of Winx Club keep trusting in eachother, they always end up being betrayed, especially the Trix who have been betrayed by other villains like four times, five/six if we count the movies.

      In the Trix’s defense, they didn’t fully trust Selina. They knew she was up to something, which is probably Icy was so mad at her when they found out about Acheron. If they’d trusted their instincts, she wouldn’t have gotten away with her plan. I guess they got cocky.

      I kinda agree with you about Aisha and Nabu, but they were a couple for a longer time before getting engaged than Daphne and Thoren, they lasted more episodes but in matter of time Aisha and Nabu lasted longer.

      I said Aisha and Nabu were a couple longer in terms of time (though not much longer), but they still dated less than a year before getting engaged. Their relationship was just beginning. Did they really know each other, or were they just enamored with each other?

      I think we assume they knew each other well enough because we knew them well as characters. But in reality, a year isn’t enough time to get to know someone, especially if you’re thinking about marrying them. It was shorter than the other couples, too. Bloom and Sky got engaged after three to four years together. So did Stella and Brandon.

      I’m sure if Nabu were still alive, he and Aisha probably wouldn’t be married yet. Rainbow wouldn’t want a married couple in the show. But it wouldn’t change the fact they got engaged really quickly.

      But like I said, the fanbase loves Aisha and Nabu too much to question their relationship. Daphne and Thoren? Who cares about them! 😛

      I think they don’t kill the villains anymore because it would be unethical, especially for someone who is supposed to be a sort of hero, honestly I like it more this way, it shows more the Winx’s morals more. That said, I wonder why the Winx never dared to kill the Trix, in S1 Bloom had the chance to kill Icy but she just imprisoned her, in S2 the Trix got knocked in Realix, so the Winx could have easily have killed them, in S3 they let them live too, I don’t think it is not because of ethics since they used to kill their enemies in those seasons. Also, I think it’d be nice if some villains [other than the Trix] had a second round with the Winx, too bad the only one so far has been Tritannus.

      I’m sure it’s because of ethics, too. It’s like how Aang didn’t wanna kill Fire Lord Ozai, so instead he just took his bending away. Heroes are supposed to be merciful, and this does show that the Winx are pure of heart.

      But some of these villains are too dangerous not to kill. The Wizards of the Black Circle wiped out an entire realm of fairies and killed Aisha’s fiancĂ©. They deserved to die! Who knows what they could do if they escape from Omega! (Though, I think they fell to their deaths when the ground collapsed. Let’s hope so!)

      I’d even say the Trix need to die at this point. Think of all the trouble they’ve caused. I think the only reason they’re still alive is because Rainbow likes having them as the Winx’s arch-nemeses. What would this show be without them? 😛

      But I have a silly reason I don’t want them to die yet. If Roxy becomes a Winx — and I’m still hoping she will — she needs to have a proper battle with the Trix. I feel like she wouldn’t be a “true” Winx until she did. 😛

      As for the Lizard spirit, am I the only one who thinks it may be like the “real Cloud Tower”, I mean, in S2 it is stated that the Cloud Tower is a living being too, what if it used to be a lizard and then Griffin spelt it for it can be used as a school? Or maybe it is just the soul of the Cloud Tower.

      I didn’t think about that! If Cloud Tower was once a lizard, Acheron would know since the Legendarium contains all the myths of the Magic Dimension. That’s a great theory!

          • The trix are sure to return next season, they always do, perhaps why they keep coming back is because they’ll never learn not to mess with the Winx and so Roxy is the only one who has not fought them yet, that’s probably a requirement to being a Winx 1. Spend at least half a year with the standard 5/6 2. Battle the season’s main antagonist 3. Fight the Trix who are the overall antagonists 4. Gain membership from Bloom or Aisha. Roxy’s got most of these just missing number three. Daphne has apparently met all requirements but has taken up “honorary member” status like Mirta because they probably don’t want the attention.

      • But some of these villains are too dangerous not to kill. The Wizards of the Black Circle wiped out an entire realm of fairies and killed Aisha’s fiancĂ©. They deserved to die! Who knows what they could do if they escape from Omega! (Though, I think they fell to their deaths when the ground collapsed. Let’s hope so!)

        Of course they deserve to die, but it doesn’t give the Winx [or anyone] the right to kill them, the Winx may be nearly goddesses but they are not above the laws [if there are any in Magix] and ethics, it would be different if death penalty were legal in Magix, but even so, it wouldn’t be the Winx who shall apply it.

        Also, I’m not sure if the WotBC are actually dead, many characters in Winx Club have survived to falls of really high places, besides, magical beings have way more physical strength and resistance than normal beings, so it may be that they aren’t dead, but I can’t say for sure that they’re alive either. To be honest I’d like to see them fight against the Winx again, they were great villains and definitely better than nowadays lame and mediocre villains.

        I’d even say the Trix need to die at this point. Think of all the trouble they’ve caused. I think the only reason they’re still alive is because Rainbow likes having them as the Winx’s arch-nemeses. What would this show be without them?

        Sure this is the main [if not only] reason they’re still alive, but I wonder what’s the reason in terms of the show, I mean, the reasons the Winx [not Rainbow] have to let the Trix live.

        • Bloom and Tecna are probably the reason that the human villains aren’t actually dead, let’s compare moral ethics between Bloom, Tecna and Aisha. Aisha does what needs to be done and how it should be done and we know she is willing to kill if necessary after s4’s rather abrupt kia for Nabu. We then saw that there are some lines not even Bloom will cross, killing another human being is one of them. Tecna has similar ethics to Batman, if someone is about to die, she’ll wait until they do, and won’t force it but will cross lines if necessary, Bloom has similar ethics to Superman having grown up on earth and tries to find another way and again wait for their time if death is in question. Aisha has wonder woman ethics, doing what must be done no matter what. If Aisha had been the leader all along instead of Bloom you could bet this show would be much much darker and the villains would be dead, probably why Aisha is only second in command but must share it with Tecna, Tecna keeps Bloom and Aisha from gaining too much in either direction as far as extremes go (and why it sounds slightly risquĂš when all three of them fight with each other over leader business)

          • I agree about Bloom and Aisha, but I think Tecna’s ethics is way different than Batman’s, Batman’s is mostly due to his parents’ death, that’s why he doesn’t use fire weapons nor kills people, and Tecna is more willing to kill than Bloom, as opposed to the fact that Superman is more willing to kill than Batman, as we were able to see in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Now, speaking of that, it could also explain why Bloom hasn’t killed the Trix, as Lex Luthor says to Superman, it’s not for the people, it’s his “super-ego”, he loves to be a hero and what would be a hero without a villain?

            On the other hand, to be honest sometimes I find Bloom kinda hypocrite. In S4, after Nabu’s death, she opposed to Aisha to seek revenge against the Wizards, but in S3 she killed Valtor and I think she did it partly because she was trying to avenge her parents and Valtor’s lies.

            I think the most ethical of the Winx is Flora, which is more visible in S5, being sometimes way too ethical and even annoying.

          • That was the Superman of the justice lords/injustice. Our Superman doesn’t behave that bad unless he has no choice he did say to that bat “you’ll have to get in line” when injustice batman implies he’ll be watching after saying “i hope you never find out what you are capable of otherwise i’m coming for you”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tecna was at least somewhat like Batman in many ways because she probably has contingencies (like keeping the water stars around if Bloom goes psycho again, studying what happened to Flora,Stella and Musa on certain missions by cutting Flora and Stella off from light or putting musa in a really bad music area or sound proof room and cutting herself off from the data stream, Aisha’s morphix is used like the golden lasso which means that backfiring on her could shut her down. Daphne and Roxy are the only ones we don’t know what would happen for her to stop them, perhaps block the physic links between them and their partners for Roxy who’s like Aquaman and Daphne is like MMH so that would work) but the thing that makes her less like Batman is she took her Vikki Vale (Timmy) and is less cold whereas Batman is a brooding apathetic jerk now that i think about it, and yes it would make sense if Flora keeps them from doing the easy thing (she probably gave Bloom quite the talking to after Valtor was defeated and then Bloom thought she could get that point through Aisha’s head later.) And finding othet ways.

          • Actually the Justice Lords’ universe was pretty similar to the current universe and the characters were pretty much alike, there was almost no difference until Luthor killed Flash. In Injustice Sups kills The Joker because he killed pregnant Lois [along with half of Metropolis].

            Valtor played with Bloom’s mind making her believe that he killed her parents and then he told her that they were in fact inside of him, he also nearly killed Tecna [indirectly, though]. She also killed [along with the other Winx] Darkar, who was the cause of her planet’s destruction, as well as the Ancestral Witches.

            What I’m trying to say is that both, Superman and Bloom, won’t kill unless it goes personal enough to do it, but yet they are willing to kill [By the way, Superman, OUR Superman, has killed Doomsday and Zod].

          • Always something personal, also last time i checked (aside from nu52 nonsense) our Superman was arguing custody of Chris with Zod (always brought up whenever he’s around), which means that if Icy and somebody have a kid would Bloom deem Icy an unfit mother? That’s a whole other interesting point between the Bloom/Superman parallels.

  4. Nabu and Aisha would’ve had to get married, whether they wanted to or not. And the wedding still never came. Unless Nabu’s death was somehow originally written as his and Aisha’s wedding and the idea was scrapped, I’m calling nonsense on marrying someone you met within the same season. Engaged? Sure. Married? No.

    • Daphne and Thoren at least met early in the season. If it had been later, it would been more ridiculous. But by episode four, they seemed to have met already, and they officially got married in the last episode. That’s almost the whole season. Still too quick to get married? Maybe.

      There’s also a chance they knew each other already. Bloom knew who Thoren was, so maybe Sky had introduced him before then. Daphne may have been there, too.

      If Aisha and Nabu still had to get married, why did he propose in the first place? They were free from that obligation. Their parents realized they were wrong to force them together and let them do what they wanted.

      I had a random thought one day. What if Rainbow decided it didn’t make sense for a girl as independent as Aisha to marry someone her parents chose for her? Like I said, it became her choice in the end. But she didn’t know who Nabu was until she found out about the arranged marriage. Her parents still influenced their relationship.

      I’m not sure. I’m just speculating.

      As for Daphne and Thoren, I think Rainbow wanted them to rule Domino so Bloom and Sky can rule Erakylon one day. Otherwise, what would they have done? They couldn’t have combined the two kingdoms.

      It’s kinda unfair, if you think about it. Bloom’s entire story was about finding her homeworld and her parents. She and Sky were the ones who revived it. Now her sister, who was once a ghost, gets to come back and rule it, and Bloom has to become queen of her boyfriend’s realm? I don’t think I like that. 😕

      • Fair point, but isn’t that more due to how royal heritages work? The oldest child is next in line for the throne. Any siblings are the “spares”, in case something happens to the firstborn. Daphne is the firstborn and she’s alive once more, so unless their parents are willing to bend the rules for Bloom or Daphne doesn’t want it, Domino’s throne is rightfully hers.

          • I have to admit I agree, but at the same time, unfairness is really all around with this situation. The birthright would be the easiest way to solve it.

            Bloom revived the kingdom, but Daphne sacrificed her being/life for Bloom. It’s not fair her kingdom fell and her life had to be disrupted. I’m not trying to credit Daphne with Bloom’s actions, but I’m saying both of their actions make them deserving of being Domino’s queen. But that’s an argument that’d go back and forth. Who deserves it more? The one who revived the planet or the one who saved the planet’s eventual savior?

            Plus, if you really wanted to get technical about it, there’s Bloom’s upbringing vs Daphne’s. Who deserves to be queen is one matter. Who can actually do it is another. Granted, Bloom’s adjusted fairly well to being a princess (more or less), but unless Daphne suffered amnesia, she’ll always be ahead of Bloom regarding experience. She was raised as a princess. Bloom was not.

            I’ve never thought Bloom shouldn’t become Domino’s queen, but…it’s just not that simple. Too many arguments to be made. The birthright keeps the matter from becoming complicated.

          • Those are good points. Daphne deserves it as much as Bloom does (maybe more), and like it or not, she is the firstborn. To be honest, I can’t picture Bloom as queen of Domino or Eraklyon, but the only Winx princess I can picture as queen is Stella, strangely enough. She’s the most immature, but she’s also the most generous, and she really respects her father’s position. (I’m ignoring “Queen for a Day.” Everything she did felt out-of-character.)

  5. This episode was bizarre. Problem 1 shouldn’t Daphne still be able to fight? I thought she also had some Dragon Flame (and why she wouldn’t need Bloomix) before transferring a good chunk of it to Bloom? Or did they just not want to ruin her wedding? Plot bunnies! Also too soon to get married! It wasn’t even a year yet! How about that, Daphne is a lucky girl. Also yeah useless bride dressup scene. Tecna should have added some bling to that glue ribbon (especially since her official profile says she digs gems!), Stella could’ve lit the tiara after Bloom put it on. Musa’s shoes are actually helpful, saves money on an organ player and conveniently frees her up for bridesmaid duty.

    • I don’t think Daphne has the Dragon Flame. We’ve assumed all members of Domino’s royal family have it, but I think Bloom’s been the only one all along. Daphne hid it inside her before she sent her to Earth, right?

      I get the point of Musa’s musical shoes, but here’s why I think they’re useless: Musa can cause music to play by snapping her fingers! She did it in “Zombie Invasion” (6X16). Why did she have to give Daphne shoes that played the wedding march, when she could have just played the song when Daphne rode in? 😕

      • If Bloom’s been the only one all along then that would certainly add plenty of fuel to the Bloom haters rage, even if Daphne was the one to hide it in Bloom.

        Forgot about that factoid, she must have just wanted to be a crazy. Which describes seasons 5 and 6 in a nutshell absolutely bonkers, season 7 is much better.

        • In my opinion, season 7 is NOT better than seasons 5 and 6. I watched all 20 episodes of season 7 and so far it has been pretty childish, immature and boring. Some episodes were so annoying and horrible that I felt the urge to stop watching.

          • There are definitely mixed opinions For me, my opinion won’t come down to how “mature” the season is (or isn’t). I know we’re in a different era of the show now. It is what it is, unfortunately.

            Boring episodes? That’ll bother me. I don’t want too much filler.

            I’ll be paying more attention to the dialogue, character interactions, overall story, animation, and mood/atmosphere. Seasons five and six disappointed me in those areas. They felt like a different show. If season seven’s better in those areas, I’ll be happy.

            Don’t give too much away. I wanna form my own opinion. Thank you. 🙂

          • At least Roxy’s useful in s7 (i won’t say how but she’s not sidelined as much as she was) and Musa and Tecna aren’t useless and i’m quite sure by now it’s okay to say thank goodness that Roxy got a handful of wardrobe upgrades, a certain one might become her new default outfit.

          • Since everybody here seems to ignore the no spoilers advertisement I decided to see S7 and I’ll try not to make many spoilers but I have some mixed feelings about it, I’ve only seen the first fourteen episodes but so far I have to agree with Nicole, while S7 has arguably better dialogue, better monsters and the action scenes are less one-dimensional, and it is true that Roxy has more participation and Musa and Tecna aren’t background fairies anymore, I still feel it boring and even kinda annoying sometimes, it feels like a filler season to me, of all the fourteen episodes I’ve seen so far I’ve only liked three or four of them [the 15th seems pretty cool too]

          • I’m sorry. 🙁 I need to do a better job about preventing spoilers.

            I guess it comes down to what you like. The show will never be the way it was before — that’s the sad reality. I’m not gonna judge it too much on “maturity,” since no matter how mature it felt to us, it’s still ultimately aimed at kids.

            Winx Club, even in its worse moments, has more substance than other magical girl shows out there. We’re tougher on it in general because we know how it was in the past. But it could be far, far worse. 😕 (Here’s hoping it never gets there. Knock on wood.)

  6. I think the main reason why people hated the wedding part was because it happened. Despite Daphne and Thoren clocking in more time before their marriage, it felt way too fast compared to Aisha and Nabu. Aisha and Nabu officially became a couple in season three. There was a time gap for the production of season four after they finished airing the 3rd season. Because of this, Aisha’s relationship felt much longer. Now, when Nabu popped the big question and proposed, it felt more natural than Thoren, despite going too fast after dating Aisha only a few months, as you said. However, while Aisha and Nabu are officially engaged, they still haven’t planned exactly when their wedding date will be. A few more months. Next year? Because they’re busy saving the Earth, their relationship felt longer and more natural. Heck, even when they finished a battle with a Major Earth Fairy and hung out, it still felt like they’re in no hurry to get marry. Instead, it just felt like they’re two regular young couple enjoying each other’s company as they looked towards their bright future together on Earth. (Yeah, too bad it didn’t really happen.)

    Daphne and Thoren’s relationship however, felt rushed…I mean really rushed! Throughout this season, it felt like all they’re doing is just flirting with each other than actually dating. I can’t even remember a scene where they sit down and talk about their true feelings for each other this season! C’mon! Even Nex and Aisha did this in the previous episode! Thoren proposed to Daphne offscreen and Bloom and the others didn’t even know about it until the last minute!
    I don’t mind if Daphne got married, but the way they portrayed it in comparison to Aisha’s relationship with Nabu, it felt more rushed than it actually is. Maybe if they had shown Daphne and Thoren dating better this season and then show us they’ve decided to get engaged at the end of the season, that’s fine with me. Save the actual wedding ceremony until season 7 please.

    As for Acheron…man, that was even more disappointing. I mean, I liked him, but I hate the way they portrayed him. He was defeated in the same episode that he was released from his prison. They’ve been building it all up for months, making us think that he’s super powerful and dangerous. Having Bloom defeat him a few minutes later is hardly worth the wait. I want to know more about him as a villain. Show us his past. Give us a scene where his own creation sucked him into the page! Make him last longer than one puny episode. Acheron is awesomely powerful and interesting, but with his short appearance in this episode, he just felt forgettable and that is just sad.

    P.S. Remember when Stella mentioned a three-headed dragon clutch at the beginning of this episode after her ice-cream and hat idea? Looks like it wasn’t such a bad idea after all, especially when Acheron just summoned a three-headed dragon from the base of Cloud Tower! LOL 😛

    • I think the gap in production time did affect how we viewed Aisha and Nabu’s relationship. Plus, there was the first movie in between seasons three and four, although strangely Nabu wasn’t in it until the last scene. (He was in the second movie, but we have no idea where in season four that took place or if it was an alternate canon.)

      If Nabu hadn’t died, I’m sure things would be like you said. They wouldn’t be in a rush to get married. They’d just focusing on each other — and saving the world — like the other couples. But, yeah…we know what happened. 🙁

      I agree Nickbow could have done a better job on Daphne and Thoren’s relationship. At least it was obvious Aisha and Nabu were in love. These two? Like you said, they haven’t even talked about their feelings for each other. All we got with them was the stereotypical staring into each other’s eyes, holding hands, etc. Maybe if they’d kissed at least, I’d believe their romance.

      Also, in “The Anthem” (6X23), it sounded like they hadn’t gone on a date before! Marrying someone you just met is one thing. Marrying someone you’ve only been on one date with? That’s irresponsible. 😕

      I’m sure they did date off-screen (just like he proposed off-screen), but we need to see moments like that to be convinced they’re in love. Otherwise, like you said, it just feels like flirting and not a real relationship. Maybe we can count some of the things they did together during the missions as dates (windsurfing, skiing, etc.). That’s all we have.

      I wish the wedding had been later, too. If Rainbow had opened season seven with it, that might have been more believable. We’d assume Daphne and Thoren had been dating over the summer, and like with Aisha and Nabu, the gap between seasons would have made their relationship feel longer.

      Sigh. Acheron. Yes, I’m disappointed, too. I expected more from him. Like I said, I’ll talk more about him in my post about the villains.

      I remember the three-headed dragon clutch thing now. So Stella’s rambling was foreshadowing? Okay, I forgive her…for that. But not for the ice cream. 😛

  7. Um…. correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the wizards fall down into an abyss after they were frozen? It was a pretty long way to go so doesn’t that mean they were killed?
    They clearly killed Duman, though.

  8. It is an unpopular opinion but I do NOT support Nabu x Aisha. There was no real development. Aisha went from “I don’t like you, you’re a stalker” to “Oh, Nabu, you’re the love of my life” in the span of a few episodes. It didn’t feel natural to me. It felt rushed and forced. Speaking of forced…
    This whole arranged marriage thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Aisha had been forced to marry Nabu but she fell in love with him. She didn’t reject him. How convenient! The fact that Aisha’s parents changed their minds about the arranged marriage feels like damage control.
    So my question: Why do you ship Nabu x Aisha? Everyone seems to love this couple and I don’t understand why they support Nabu x Aisha.

    • Wow! 😯 I’m shocked. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Aisha X Nabu. There’s nothing wrong with it — we’re all entitled to our opinions — but I’ve just never encountered this before.

      Um…why do I ship Aisha X Nabu? I wouldn’t call it shipping. To me, that word implies they’re a false pairing the fans wish would happen but never will. Aisha and Nabu were a canon couple, so that doesn’t apply here.

      Why did I like them as a couple? To be honest, I don’t remember. 😕 I think it was because I liked Nabu. He was a cool guy — handsome, mature, a good fighter, and a little cheeky at times. He also stood out as the only dark-skinned guy at the time and the only guy at all who could use magic. (I love wizards. There you go.)

      I admit he and Aisha fell in love too quickly. I’ll give you that much. They met in ep. 3X18 and became a couple in ep. 3X23. That’s five episodes. It was very rushed and forced, but I didn’t see it that way at the time.

      I also didn’t see Nabu as a stalker. Back then, I thought it was cute he was following her around because he liked her. 😛 But yes, in retrospect it was a bit creepy. At least he was harmless.

      In season four, Rainbow definitely sped up their relationship. They were so lovey-dovey! I remember cringing a bit at one of their conversations. Going from memory:

      Nabu: Aisha, my love! Are you okay?
      Aisha: Yes, now that you’re here, I am!

      That felt out-of-character for her, but I still thought it was cute.

      Their whole romance was adorable — yet not over the top like Bloom and Sky’s — and they had so many plans for their future together. I think Rainbow sped up their relationship so his death would have a bigger impact — not just on us, but also on Aisha. Remember how she craved revenge and turned against the Winx? If she and Nabu hadn’t been so in love, she may not have reacted as strongly.

      I think the main reason the fans are attached to this couple is because they miss Nabu. It’s not as much about Aisha — she was just the reason he was there. (She’s not even that popular.) I don’t want Rainbow to bring him back, though. I might write a post about that one day.

      Here’s my unpopular opinion: I like Aisha X Nex a little more. 🙂 Even though Aisha and Nabu were adorable, they were unfortunately seen as “the token black couple.” It would have been the same thing if she’d ended up with Roy. But she and Nex are a “black and white” couple, and I love the positive implications of that.

      Also, they didn’t fall in love as quickly. They met at the beginning of the season and gradually grew closer, which is more natural. The other couples met and fell in love the same way (except Musa and Riven), so it didn’t feel as forced. (There were a few moments where Nickbow sped things up, but it still wasn’t as fast.)

  9. I noticed the Winx kill their ennemies only if they’re not humans … Like Darkar, Valtor and Duman were in a monster form and the ancesters were already ghosts.

  10. Bloom.. I am sick of her being all that… She isn’t so special. She defeated evey on last 3 season or more can they put some one else to step up… I know it was named mgica bloom once but seriously eww. And about the episode except Acheron part the rest was stupid. Daphne and thoren do show in s7

    • To be fair though Selina wanted to change herself after that mistake with nearly killing Bloom’s friends, that was a dirty trick and it wasn’t Bloom Selina had to proove herself to (everyone knows that Bloom runs on the power of Nice) it was Aisha, because only Aisha would really know for sure whether or not there was change (having willfully switched sides in a double double cross)

      • To be honest I hated how they forgave Selina so easily, if Acheron hadn’t betrayed her, she wouldn’t even have regretted what she did, she was just being selfish and joined the Winx because of convenience.

        I think it would have been better something like this:
        Selina frees Acheron, he doesn’t betray her, both of them betray the Trix and imprison them into the Legendarium, The Winx come to fight Acheron, The Winx fight Acheron but he’s more powerful than them and overpowers them, Acheron starts attacking Bloom and he is wining, Selina starts to remember the moments when she and Bloom were friends, Selina realizes that what she did was wrong and she attacks Acheron, Selina and the Winx fight Acheron together.

  11. And about killing humans thing, I think the reason why the winx don’t kill is flora, I.e mentioned pretty well in s5. About batman judging from every single movie and comic of him the reason he don’t kill is because he belives thatvhe can set them on the right path… This dialogue: yes Alfred I managed to stop them but failed to set them on the right path…..

    And so another reason , the whole fight between him and the second robin Jason Todd was that Jason was killing after he was brought to life second time and batman was against Jason…
    Jason: I ending crimes that’s what you never under stood, you can’t contoll crimes with fear.
    Bruce: you can, you can make them fear, killing us not the way..

    (Batman under the red hood )

    So then we see that flora is fairy of nature, obviously she cares about animals, not more that Roxy but still, Roxy has like a branch of Flora’s powers.. So it only makes sence that flora prevents killing.
    Well I won’t talk about bloom here but tecna is not hypocritical, she only follows her head which never says the same thing, logic answers her problems and she has way higher I.Q than any of us so we can’t reason with her theory. She is like captain marvel from Warner Bross he kills when he wants and prevent s she he don’t. And Superman, I don’t think he will to kill, the only thing he cares about is his Glasses, Lois and being a hero, which batman kinda learned from him.. Any way today is batman day! Lol. Love u bruce

    • Actually I think Flora is more like Billy’s sister Mary who is known as Sergeant Marvel or Mary Marvel (i go with Sgt) basically the female version of Billy and yes has the “Shazam” but with the capability of grace, Flora is definitely a good reason for “do not kill enemies that are human” especially knowing what happened when the Trix almost killed Stella and Bloom during s1 everyone knows that’s not cool, especially since Bloom and Aisha have been on the dark side before, if you off them you will be them, and that is awful, i shudder to think what would happen if Tecna or Musa goes to the dark side.

    • It may be, Flora is always telling them not to kill animals or monsters which are just defending themselves or their breeds or their eggs, and when Flora is not with them, they kill them [e.g. in S5, when a sort of fish eats Bloom and she makes it explode].

      “if you off them you will be them”

      That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say all this time, that was the point of Injustice and Under the Red hood, as Batman says to Jason Todd

      Jason: Is it too hard to cross that line?

      Batman: No! God Almighty, no! It’d be too damned easy. All I’ve ever wanted to do is kill him. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think about subjecting him to every horrendous torture he’s dealt out to others and then… end him.

      That was the point of S4 too, even though Nabu killed Duman, but it was more focused on vengeance than murder.

      By the way, technically speaking, none of the Winx’s villains are humans.

      • Technically no, but considered human, just as the Winx are considered human despite Roxy being the only actual human (sort of, since Momma Morgana is a fairy) in the group. Although yes it’s too easy to cross lines like that, Jack Napier said it himself, he lets Bruce win because both of them could easily defeat the other but if Jack wins it’s over or if Bruce creates a permanent solution to Jack, he becomes the Joker, the same could be said about Bloom and Icy.

  12. Flora shall be given the credit of no kill what so ever and another thing winx villains are humans most of em the only difference we have with the winx world people is that they are magical and we are NMBs stands for non magical beings, bloom said so. And this dialougw also help,: there ua no hope for mirta as a human being____

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