Finally! The last episode of season six — which, by the way, premieres Sunday, Nov. 22 at 10 a.m. EST on Nick Jr., followed by the premiere of season seven at 10:30 a.m. EST. We’ve waited a long time for this, haven’t we?

And you’ve waited a long time for this review. Sorry, guys. 😳 I’ve had a hard time adjusting to my school schedule. (So glad this semester’s almost over.)

Let’s wrap this season up, shall we?

Episode Highlights

1. The Winx (minus Bloom) are still fighting the Great Lizard Spirit. Selina wants to help, but thanks to Acheron’s spell, she’s powerless. Suddenly, a surge of energy bursts out of the Legendarium, restoring her magic. This means Bloom defeated Acheron!

The only thing I liked was when Selina got her power back. The visuals were pretty cool. (Confession: I like the new animation.) I’ll gripe about the rest of this scene later.


2. Bloom’s fighting the Trix in the Legendarium World. After a few minutes, Icy freezes her Mythix wand and knocks it — and her — to the ground. Since they’re stuck forever, they plan to have fun torturing Bloom for the rest of their lives. They trap her in The Cage of Sorrow, a magic sphere that slowly saps her energy.

Wow! This was a decent fight scene — definitely the best that’s taken place in the Legendarium World. The pace was faster, and Bloom didn’t let herself get hit like she did when she fought Acheron. (Seriously, she could have dodged those fireballs.) She even taunted Stormy and Darcy when she hit them!

Is this “safe” to air on Nick Jr.? 😕 I can see the tweets already:

  • “Bloom’s a bad role model for little girls!”
  • “This show’s too violent! My four-year-old doesn’t need to see this!”

Sigh. 🙄

IMG_37583. Selina figures out the Lizard Spirit’s secret: it’s fueled by the magic the Trix stole from the schools. She goes in Cloud Tower and releases the magic from the dragon skeleton. The schools get their energy back, and the Lizard Spirit dissolves.

I’ll talk about Selina later, but here’s something that bothered me about this scene: the Lizard Spirit got beaten by an instakill gimmick. Most of the monsters in this season did. Are the Winx not allowed to attack till the monster’s dead anymore? 😕

4. Drawing on the power of love and friendship, Bloom gives herself an energy boost. She breaks out of the Trix’s cage, traps them in bubbles, then teleports out of the Legendarium World.
Winx Club went Sailor Moon on us! 😛 This isn’t the first time a Winx has used emotion to boost her power, but I’m sure it’s never happened like this before! I couldn’t take it seriously! Is it just me, or are we starting to see more anime influence in this show?

5. After Bloom and Selina make up, Bloom tries to lock the Legendarium. The Key won’t turn! Turns out not just anyone can use it. It has to be Selina. Now that she’s helped them win, the Winx trust her with the Key. Acheron and the Trix are trapped in the book forever.
I liked this twist. Selina got to clean up the mess she made herself. Plus, hearing the Trix begging her to let them out was pretty funny. 😛 (Are they really trapped forever? Maybe, maybe not. You know how tenacious they are.)


6. Life goes back to normal. Selina returns the Legendarium to Eldora and asks to be her student again so she can become a better fairy (yes, fairy). Griffin goes back to being headmistress of Cloud Tower. The Winx and the guys attend Daphne and Thoren’s wedding, where the happy couple finally gets hitched without a hitch. 
So obligatory party at Alfea. Except this time, it’s a wedding at Domino Palace. Congratulations to the future king and queen of Domino.

Really, Nickbow? You had Kiko catch the bouquet? 😛 I guess the Winx aren’t marrying their boyfriends any time soon.

My prediction: wait till the final season. The couples will say “I do” at Alfea, and Rainbow will try one more time to make us think Bloom and Sky aren’t meant to be. He’ll go missing, Diaspro will try to steal him (for the millionth time), Erakylon will be attacked, etc. (Note: I’m making this up! We’ll see if I’m right.)

Overall Thoughts

Thank goodness! Rainbow can still write a decent finale! It wasn’t the best — I still loved season one’s the most — but it beats the last two seasons’ disasters. We even had a first: a villain switching sides to help the heroes take down her former allies.

(Before you spam the comment section — no, I’m not counting Griffin or the Cloud Tower witches. They weren’t true villains. I’m not counting Nebula, either. She was more misguided than evil, and she never on the Wizards’ side.)


Let’s talk about Selina. If you ask me, this was her episode. The Winx did all the fighting, but let’s face it: they didn’t help much. Selina saved the day when she released the stolen magic.

I’ve heard people call this her “redemption,” and I agree. She even went back to being a fairy after this, which in Winx Club is like changing your alignment. Were the Winx too quick to trust her after everything she did — trapping the Pixies in the Legendarium World, poisoning Flora, and endangering the entire Magic Dimension? You be the judge.

Like the Light Rock monks in season two, I believe no one’s beyond redemption — if they truly want it. Selina did. Besides, her actions in this episode saved as many people as she harmed in the past.

Also, the way Nickbow set this season up, it made sense for her to be the ultimate hero. She always had a connection to the Winx through Bloom, and sometimes we saw her questioning herself. She wanted power, but she also wanted her friend back. We also knew Acheron was gonna betray her. Why wouldn’t she team up with the good guys in the end?

My one complaint — and I know it’s petty — is she and Bloom were the only ones who did anything meaningful. The other Winx were useless again. I know I sound like a broken record, but I miss the days when the girls fought the final boss together. Sigh. Maybe next season. 🙁


My other gripe was with Bloom being stuck in the Legendarium World. I already talked about the plothole of the Pixies being trapped for twenty-episodes and still being able to escape. But at least Aisha had to get them out. In this case, Bloom got herself out even after she became an illustration in the book!

To me, this proves Nickbow didn’t think the “trapped forever” gimmick through. Like the Sirenix Curse, it was there to make us think the Winx were risking their lives. But they weren’t. Clearly, they could escape any time.

It’s a shame. I loved the concept of the Legendarium World. I’ll talk about that when I review the full season.

Nothing else stood out to me. Everything ended the way I thought it would. The Legendarium was locked, the schools went back to normal, and Daphne and Thoren got married. Yay!

Verdict: A decent finale. Far from perfect, but better than the past two  finales. Points off for making Bloom and Selina the heroes, but bonus points for Selina’s redemption.


That’s Winx Club season six! I’ll remind you again: “Winx Forever” premieres Sunday, Nov. 22 at 10 a.m. EST on Nick Jr., followed by the premiere of season seven at 10:30 a.m. EST. Don’t forget to watch! We need the ratings!

What’s next for me? I’ll review season six as a whole, talk about the villains (especially Selina and Acheron), and pick my top 3 favorite and least favorite episodes. And of course, I’ll review “The Alfea Natural Park” (7X01) after it airs.

Thanks for being patient with me, guys!

Thoughts While Watching

  • “Bloom defeated Acheron…” Ugh. 😕
  • I still don’t see why the Winx can’t leave the Legendarium World even if a bad guy shows up. Who cares about the Trix, Bloom? Get out of there!
  • “Winx Forever.” Not to be confused with “Winx Club Forever” (4X11).
  • Stella: “Lizard breath over here isn’t gonna stop anytime soon.” What was the point of that line? 😕
  • No, you don’t need Bloom, Aisha! Your magic still works even when she’s gone! Just attack the dumb thing like you did a moment ago! 😡
  • Where was Selina pointing to when she said “Legendarium World?” The book was in her hand!
  • That lizard looked very happy when it saw Selina. 😛
  • “Organic Shield?” I thought it was “Organic Cube.” 😕
  • Aisha: “Thanks to you. You’ve done enough damage, Selina!” Touchy, touchy. Bloom leaves and they gang up on her childhood friend. 😕
  • The magic came back? That was sudden. 😛
  • For a moment, I forgot Selina could fly. 😛
  • Why is Acheron’s page back? Yes, he’s trapped in the Legendarium again, but he said there was only one blank page, and the Trix are in it now. Plot hole? 😕
  • Wow! A real battle! Bloom vs. the Trix! This is good! 😀
  • I’m loving this fight! Seriously! Bloom just kicked Stormy…and Darcy! 😀
  • Bloom: Ooh, that looks like it hurt!
    Icy: Get over yourself, Bloom!
    Loving this! 😀
  • Bloom can’t cast magic without her Mythix wand? That’s a lame handicap!
  • The Trix plan to use Bloom for their amusement for the rest of her life. That’s…dark. 😕
  • Cage of Sorrow? That’s a new spell.
  • Andddd…cut! Man, that was good! 🙂
  • Rainbow, stop making Flora look like a weakling! 🙁
  • Wow, Flora. That was a quick recovery. 😕
  • Ropes around its mouth? That’s your special spell, Selina? Why did no one think of that before? 😕
  • I guess Aisha’s in charge now. 😛
  • Why were all the witches in the assembly hall anyway? Did someone call roll?
  • Second question: why are there so many witches now? When the Trix took over the school, they only had about eight in their army. Where were the others?
  • All of Cloud Tower’s energy’s in that dragon skull? What about the Heart of Cloud Tower? Is this it? 😕
  • I guess the Lizard Spirit’s part of Cloud Tower.
  • Wow, poor Bloom. 🙁
  • Nakama power!
  • Trix in bubbles. LOL! 😛
  • Your friends saved Cloud Tower without you, Bloom. Because they can fight without you. 😛
  • “Winx Forever!” Stella just did a title drop. 😕
  • What do you mean “are you sure,” Selina? Duh!
  • Selina had to lock the book? Interesting. 🙂
  • I guess the Trix being locked in the Legendarium World was the “big ending” Romi Dames teased two years ago. That is pretty big!
  • Are you really that ditzy, Eldora? You knew about the Legendarium Key! I’m not gonna miss her next season!
  • Yay, Selina’s going back to being a fairy! 🙂
  • Griffin got her school and her swag back. 😛
  • Yeah, it was weird the guys were wearing their uniforms to a wedding.
  • Stella, why did you think shorts were a good idea? What goes on it in your head? 😕
  • Why are they all in Bloom’s room anyway?
  • Back to the wedding.
  • Aw, Marion! 🙂
  • An adorable couple indeed. It just happened a little…fast. 😛
  • You have a life lesson, Eldora? I can’t wait. 😕
  • Sigh. Yes, I knew that wouldn’t be worth it. 😕
  • The fanbase objects, but who cares! Congratulations! 😛
  • First uninterrupted kiss of the season! And Thoren’s been waiting for it all day! (Just wait till tonight. 😛 )
  • Ooh, another kiss! With a leg pop! 😛
  • Bloom’s not crying because she’s happy for Daphne. She’s crying because that should have been her and Sky instead! (Just kidding. 😛 )
  • None of those maidens really came to support Daphne. They just came for the bouquet toss. 😛
  • Why are the Pixies trying to catch it? Do Pixies get married? 😕
  • Kiko catching the bouquet feels like a middle finger to the fans. “Want your favorite couple to be next? Too bad! Kiko’s gonna marry that white bunny from last season!” 😛

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67 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 6X26: “Winx Forever”

  1. This was a much better season finale than the last! I really do like the idea of Aisha not trusting Selina. It was nice of Nickbow to touch upon the fact that while others can forgive you easily, there are still those who find it more difficult based on your track record. After what Selina did to her and her friends, of course Aisha is going to find it hard to forgive Selina at first. It was great seeing how Selina changed Aisha’s mind in the end. Really helped in proving Selina’s worthiness there and the idea of having only her locking the Legendarium really cemented it.

    While I did enjoy Bloom’s final battle with the Trix in this episode, I’m still very disappointed that her battle with Acheron was so quick. And here I thought Acheron would be the main villain, but instead, it’s the Trix…I guess that’s understandable considering the nostalgic reason to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. I’m actually hoping that this is the last time we’ll ever see the Trix. I’m ready for new villains like they did in season four!

  2. The battle with the Trix was epic. It should’ve been a battle with Acheron after such a buildup on his power (then again he got locked in his own book – shows what he can do :P) but it’s kinda nice to see the Trix in action like in the first seasons.
    Selina may not have been that powerful (hey she was a freshman after all!) but I think she’s gonna be one of my fave villains. Her past with Bloom made her indecision on being evil kinda interesting and that she repented at the end and locked the legendatium showed her 180 attitude adjustment in a good way, like she fixed her mistakes instead of letting someone else do everything. I’m sure that if she’d had the power to go into the legendatium like the Winx she would’ve either done it herself or helped Bloom with Acheron’s defeat.
    I don’t think the Trix are gone for good. They always seem to find a way back to battle the Winx again.

  3. Definitely a better finale than season 5 where Bloom just melted the trident. I think i know why Bloom can’t escape through reading even though the trix are there. This season is about stories and legends right? Well Bloom’s story (and by extension Daphne,Roxy and the remaining five’s) is tied directly to the Trix,so no they ain’t done yet, they’ll be back again until something seperates their story from the Winx. Let’s look at Bloom’s back story Earth girl meets Stella in a park because the Trix were after her and then meets the rest of the group through adventures that usually involves the Trix causing trouble. Freeing Bloom like that would let the trix out if Selina read it, so Bloom had to do something else to get out. Aisha sure has been in lead situations a lot this season,and i see her point not trusting Selina that easily, I wouldn’t trust them either until they prooved something to me. Also i liked that scene just before Selina closed the book. Bloom didn’t just ask Aisha or Stella, She glanced at Tecna (the forgotten leader, despite command generally going to her after Aisha) for approval before handing over the key, something that is rare, kinda like asking Batman if a move is alright and when Tecna gives any sign of emotions (because nick didn’t allow her to) you know it’s alright just like Batman’s smile. This episode was also the only time this season that Eldora’s said anything useful, all the Winx really were this season was damage control (definitely going to other areas of the superhero angle), and only Selina could fix her mess. Even if the Winx were just damage control we got to see everyone’s powers go to limitless levels, Flora being awesome blowing up rocks, spring-ifying everything and finally an end to the forced Stella/Aisha catfights, there wasn’t any fight between them after 6×11. I bet Bloom’s splitting the dragon flame was a way to give everyone their brains back after Stella took them away by making the Winx her models.

    • I remember that it was sort of stated that you can’t get out of the Legendarium World until you finish the story you are in, and that was why Stella couldn’t escape of the book until she got out of the maze. I don’t remember if it was actually stated in the show or were just speculations of the fans, but if it turns out to be true, it would explain why Bloom couldn’t get out until she defeated The Trix, since the Trix are trapped inside, she couldn’t have gotten out until she finishes their story, i.e. defeat them.

        • It was never mentioned but implied. On Calevera Island The Winx didn’t finish the pirate story so it crossed over into the real world, Flora also didn’t finish her story (The Snow Queen) in the legendarium world so it also escaped. Stella,Tecna,Aisha and Bloom all kept their stories self contained within the book, even if it took 20 episodes for the Winx to remember Aisha’s story with the pixies. Musa’s story had too many riddles in it (given her foe, i don’t blame her for not being able to get a solo fight episode, i wouldn’t want to deal with Mr.Gold either) causing too much chaos in order to get her voice back. I would have preferred to see a different story for Bloom because the Trix one is a never ending cycle, but i can let it slide since it’s the anniversary season.

          • But weren’t the pixies like the equivalent of the minotaur or the zombie pirates? So, why were they able to escape from the Legendarium if Aisha finished her story? Shouldn’t they have stayed?

          • The pixies were able to escape because Aisha completed the story, it had a part Selina didn’t know about, it goes like this after the trolls of gloomywood trapped the pixies no one could save them but a princess with long flowing hair from the realm of Andros and she would free her friends with ease thanks to having met five new friends who boosted her confidence and taught her how to have fun while still being serious. Or at least that’s my take on it.

  4. Yes, I definitely think there’s a lot of anime influence in the show, especially this season. Sometimes I’ll be watching and be like, “Hey, they do that on Pokemon!”
    These reviews are very funny and enjoyable. Please keep them coming!

  5. I think I missed something but what exactly didn’t you like about the season 4 finale? I was just wondering because I rewatched it recently and I thought it was a lot better than the season 5 finale.

    • I actually liked season five’s finale more…and that’s saying something because I despised that season! 😛

      The biggest problem I had with season four’s finale was the Wizards’ defeat. After all the trouble they caused — terrorizing Gardenia, nearly wiping out an entire realm of fairies, and killing Nabu — they were beaten in the first three minutes of the last episode. The first…three…minutes. And it wasn’t even a battle. Nebula and the Winx just…froze them. That was it. Very unsatisfying.

      The rest of the episode was just tying loose ends that should have been tied up earlier: the pet shop, the silly Winx Band, etc. It’s one of my least favorite episodes in the whole series, to be honest. At least the last episodes of seasons five and six had some action.

      • I get what you mean. But I still thought that it was not all that bad since all the Winx were included in defeating the villain.

  6. I really don’t like Layla in this season. Why was she acting like second leader???? I hate why they do to REAL Layla. 🙁 Nobody of you said nothing about Musa – that’s because she looked like she don’t exists in worst season ever. I hate ‘nickbow’ because they didn’t care about Musa and Tecna at all. But it’s important that ‘Aisha’ was second leader in this season. I do like this season, but for me, this is the worst season ever made in Winx Club. I liked all transformations, Bloomix and Mythix, but they made it like it’s based on nothing. Just Bloom and ‘Aisha’ and her lovely Nex. They could made it much better. *MY OPINION*

    • The season focused on Bloom, Aisha, and Nex? 😕 I disagree. Bloom, yes, but not Aisha and Nex for sure. (I know you don’t like them as a couple, so maybe you focused on them more than the show did. 😉 )

      Bloom always gets a lot of attention (too much), but that’s because the show used to be about her. Aisha and Nex’s relationship was just a subplot. Nex became a main character/Aisha’s boyfriend, so that’s why he got more attention than most of the guys did. It’s kinda like with Roxy in season four (except she got demoted soon afterward).

      I agree Musa and Tecna were ignored. Sadly, this happens a lot, but it definitely happened more in the Nickbow seasons. Most of the focus on Musa was really on her relationship with Riven, and that’s because it was about to end. Tecna was just…there. 😕

      Honestly, I’d say this was another Bloom-centric season. Bloomix, Selina being her childhood friend, Bloom and Selina defeating Acheron and the Trix, Daphne’s “revival” and wedding — almost everything revolved around her. Typical. 😕

    • Layla/Aisha isn’t acting like second leader, she’s been second leader since she was introduced. It was pre-planned, they were just a lot more open about it these last three seasons instead of being subtle like seasons 2 and 3,even with that costly error in s4. Aisha will always make any m.o decision if Bloom cannot, in the first season where Aisha was absent Tecna or Stella (usually Stella, but sometimes Tecna) would make such calls. Stella stepped down from such calls until season 5 unless it was Solaria related or forcing Bloom to get her act together in S4, allowing Tecna to make more calls like that since season 2, and Musa and Flora to get occasional says in the m.o. as for the Musa/Tecna thing it did get some focus this season, but i agree, it wasn’t nearly enough, especially Tecna. We that since season four the quartet was Bloom,Stella,Aisha,Flora instead of Bloom,Stella,Aisha,Musa but that’s going to be different next season Musa is prominently featured in the opening and Tecna’s featured with both Stella and Flora heavily in the actual season meaning they exist (and have their own episodes).

      • I don’t know if it was planned. I think the others just follow Aisha because she’s one of the more confident girls in the group. Flora and Musa wouldn’t be good leaders. Tecna would, which is why she occasionally barks orders herself, but she doesn’t have as much confidence. Stella doesn’t take things seriously enough to lead.

        So that leaves Bloom and Aisha. When Bloom’s gone, Aisha subconsciously takes over because she’s an action-oriented person. The others follow by instinct. That’s how I see it.

        • I wouldn’t mind if Aisha became a secondary leader. She certainly has the confidence and the moxie, and she’s very commanding and able. I think it’d be interesting if in one episode there was a power struggle where Bloom wanted to do one thing and Aisha wanted to do something else…I doubt that will ever happen though because nowadays friendship forever and all that. Seriously, I think the last time the Winx ever argued was right before Musa and Tecna earned Bloomix, when they were arguing about petty annoyances. I kinda miss back in season one when Stella and Musa argued a lot because of their contradicting personalities.

          • It may not have been planned for Aisha, and sure Stella’s a dummy these days but she used to bark orders just as much as Tecna does. A power struggle now that’s interesting, and out of the six of them Aisha is the only one who could actually take out Bloom should the need arise. Why? Aisha is a smart bloom with water powers, a deadly combination.

          • About the last argument Stella/Aisha when Bloom was off trying to make sense of Selina’s betrayal and blaming herself for potentially killing Flora when it wasn’t entirely her fault. There was a sort of power struggle there. Aisha’s trying to do some training that Bloom likely was considering and Stella does not want to so Stella forces dressup every 5 minutes! Annoying to Aisha, but she is less polite about it than the also annoyed Bloom-irony since she’s the proper princess. I think it all comes down to the relationship amongst the winx especially the one between Bloom,Aisha,Tecna and Stella being like the one between Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, Nibs and Slightly and the rest of the lost boys. Bloom is Peter for the winx- a serious but fun person, Aisha is Tink with her no-nonsense attitude and probably thinks Bloom is very silly (to put it politely), Tecna is like Nibs trying to be the mediator and voice of reason and Stella is like Slightly wanting to be in Tink or Nib’s position but when put there she’s unfit for such. Musa and Flora are Marmaduke and Binky (the twins, and yes that’s their actual names according to the sequel book) being great at their own thing but when put somewhere they don’t know they are lost. Roxy is the youngest one, Tootles who is only pushed back for fear of something bad hapening to her, it’s not that Bloom doesn’t want her around per say but rather she doesn’t want Roxy getting hurt because of how alike the two are, and why sometimes no one listens to them poor girl and poor panda boy. That leaves Daphne as one of the darling children, John to be precise given that like John she’s wise enough to know a lot, but occasionally gets into danger she can’t escape from. Actually a Peter Pan adaptation would have made the Calavera mini-arc (and the entire season) a lot better because Peter Pan- or the boy who never grew up is the most versatile fairytale in existence and the portrayal of Peter himself is just as wide ranged as Neverland sometimes he’s a hero, sometimes he’s a villain, and other times he’s a jerk, very flexible?

          • Adding to my comment about the Winx having the same dynamic as Peter,Tink, the lost boys and Darling children I forgot about where some others fit into that- Mirta is Curly being the odd one out of the group (darkness and a lack of anything really defining aside from unusual friendships with people extremely different from them), Selina is Michael Darling being the little one that wants to impress others and show that they can be useful instead of the “kid” load. Faragonda is Wendy of course with her motherly nature and always telling stories about her past providing insight for the future missions of the Winx. The Pirates even have their counterparts too in the villains- Darkar is Captain James Hook (right down to his bounty on Bloom and probably the most irrited by her), Tritanus is smee (the wimp who has the scheming ideas), Ogron is Mullins (the second in command), Valtor is Starkey (the suave one), Anagan and Gantlos are Mason and cookson (the leftovers who kinda dont have much persona) and lastly Billy Jukes is represented by Stormy (a villain but could be a hero if she wanted too)

        • You know just re-reading this i think that we discussed before where every Winx has the potential to lead but some just have more gumption. I think Musa could lead (and has done so before) it’s just she’s too angry to do it, and Flora too nice (even though she lead like 4 times prior to s7, and well let’s just say what she lacks in butterflix design she makes up for with being much more powerful and shows gumption). I can see that if we included Daphne and Roxy in, i see Roxy stepping up more than say Stella. Especially during season 4, Roxy proved she could lead using every earth fairy plot as a counterplot, Morgana clearly underestimated what happens when a person spends enough time with the Winx/becomes one. Then Daphne- being Bloom’s sister should speak for itself, even if she’s somewhat shyer, Daphne seems to be about as confident as Tecna when leading, just not anywhere near Bloom or Aisha’s level of confidence. (Actually does anyone have Bloom’s level of confidence?

  7. I think not all the witches joined the Trix when Griffin was kicked out. That’s why they had only eight under their command. Maybe most of them left Cloudtower during that time.

    • Actually i think that the witches who didn’t join up with the Trix were publicly murdered by Icy inducing hypothermia in them (off-screen of course) because Icy’s evil enough to do that (especially when she was specifically targeted on Bloom and Stella during season 1) and enjoy it and has the “if you aren’t with us, you’re against us” mentality. I sure hope that Lazuli and co can find other students to fill up the witch population in Magix in future seasons.

      • That’s terrifying. Definitely possible as long as it’s offscreen and never mentioned in canon (because Winx already gets enough parental flack), but terrifying.

      • At first I thought it was an exaggeration, but then I remembered how the Trix killed those witches with the mirrors and now I think it’s possible, it would explain why those witches were willing to join the Trix even if it implied risking their lives with the training and battles, since many of them looked like they didn’t want to.

    • It’s the mythix concept art, but i preferred the downed look for her, Bloom’s ponytails don’t look all that good (except for Harmonix, that one was ok) unless braided. I’d rather bloom wore buns if her hair were tied.

      • I don’t like ponytails on ANYONE, especially Musa, and that’s part of the reason why I hate Sirenix. Er… Bloom’s hair isn’t really in a ponytail in her Harmonix (I guess it’s only a ponytail if your hair is tied up high? Correct me if I’m wrong.) and it’s one of my favorite forms for her (the other one is Enchantix and these two are my favorite forms for Tecna as well, I think they look absolutely stunning in these forms).

        • Actually no, a ponytail can be any length, however you’re right the ponytails don’t really look all that great on everyone, but it looks the worst on Bloom and Musa- especially Musa, she really looks best with her hair down and a pair of headphones in it if she accessorizes, buns look great on everyone if there’s an updo, the ballet collection for this season plus Bloom and Daphne’s flower princess buns looked the best because i believed they were 20+ years old, ponytails, ringlet curls and twintails are for kids, buns or loose hair with minimum accessories are tons better. I’m thinking that there should be slight variations on those hairstyles for everyone.

          • @Galistar oops, I suppose ponytails are fine, i just think that the buns look far more proper for the winx-especially Tecna’s ballet or Bloom’s flower princess buns look far more regal and mature.

  8. “4. Drawing on the power of love and friendship, Bloom gives herself an energy boost. She breaks out of the Trix’s cage, traps them in bubbles, then teleports out of the Legendarium World.
    Winx Club went Sailor Moon on us! 😛 This isn’t the first time a Winx has used emotion to boost her power, but I’m sure it’s never happened like this before! I couldn’t take it seriously! Is it just me, or are we starting to see more anime influence in this show?”

    In my opinion anime-influence in Winx is not that strong, really. Maybe this season it’s more visible than usual, but still not THAT big.
    I think every animated show is influeanced by japanese animation, because it’s very important part of industry – in 80s and early 90s most of american animation was outsorced to be animated in Japan.

    And, because I’m curious? Why you can’t take it seriously? You don’t like when characters get emotional and draws powers from it in general or it just felt out of place in Winx and in-universe rules?

      • I waa looking for the pizza to place all the cheesiness of that scene on. (Which would have been a stealth longtime fan bonus- Bloom’s fave dish- EXTRA CHEESY pizza)

  9. To be honest I feel kinda disappointed that the final battle was against the Trix instead of Acheron, but it was definitely better than S5’s finale. I liked Selina’s redemption but I think she should stayed as a witch instead of becoming a fairy.

    Of course Aisha didn’t trust her, and the other four shouldn’t either after all she did. Also, is there really people who think Winx Club is too violent?

    Now that there are a lot of potential members of the Winx Club they should re-organize. Aside the main team, there might be a secondary team with secundary characters who are not official members and a team with the “rebel” or “dark” (?) members, the ones who don’t follow the rules, this last one would probably be more like a team apart since they wouldn’t like the Winx’s rules. It would be as follows

    Main Team:
    Leader: Bloom
    Mentor: Faragonda

    Team B:
    Galatea (?)
    Leader: Daphne
    Mentor: Eldora

    Team C:
    Mirta [she’s not a “rebel” but she used dark magic]
    Leader: Selina

    Overall it was a decent finale, my rank goes S2, S1, S7 [the season is lame, but the finale (episodes 22-26) is pretty good], S3, S6, S5, S4. I still don’t like the 3D CGI animation, though, that nice battle scene in the Legendarium would have been more enjoyable in 2D animation.

    One of the things I liked of Nickbow seasons was that the villains were somehow related to the Winx, Tritanus was Aisha’s cousin and selina was Bloom’s old friend, this way the story feels more interesting.

    • I actually like it when the villains are more personally connected to the Winx too, but it’s not just a nick thing, from the beginning villains were directly linked to Bloom and Aisha- especially Darkar and the Wizards (even if the wizards were going after Roxy, something about Bloom and Aisha draws all villains to them, wonder what it is besides their power being the strongest of the bunch…) it’s just that Tritanus and Selina were a lot more personally connected, too bad Nick didn’t allow Rainbow to really pull some strings with those angles. Second I think that teams should be rounded 10 (because it goes with a friend of mine’s system where we use base numbers so 10 replaces 0 because you can’t do nothing with nothing) if we were to have a multiple team setup
      Mentor: Faragonda
      Secondary leads: Aisha/Tecna split
      Silicia (this group is seen together in the s1 battle for Alfea so it’s likely that they’re the beta-Winx)
      Lead: Kadija (as she was the centered one in the s1 finale)
      Secondary Leads: Lavigne/Selina split
      Mentor: Eldora
      Alice (blue hair)
      Kimmy (this is group that’s also together in a certain season, but i can’t say which yet)
      Leader: Ahisa
      Secondary Leads:Karina/Miky
      Mentor: Griselda
      Riven,Roy and Jared can be a beta specialist squad, with Codatorta as their mentor, Jared being lead because Riven couldn’t lead a parade if he was in one and our main team of Thoren,Sky,Nex,Brandon,Timmy and Helia along with whoever winds up becoming Musa’s new love interest in future seasons (because we know Riven is unhealthy) and Roxy’s guy from the comics Manuel (if he’s ever introduced in canon), lead Sky, second Timmy/Brandon split. Mentor: Saladin
      Then Griffin can take Lazuli and her pals and form them into a reasonable dark but good team of witches by adding Lucy as their leader to even the team out. This would be a Magix Justice League proper because we know that the company of Light is the JSA equivalent so Magix’s best should be the new Justice League with Daphne coordinating everything but Bloom having final say on any objective.

      • Okay, this is a little random, but since we’re talking about teams…
        I’ve often wondered about what would happen if Winx Club was a live-action show managed and written by themselves.
        Writer: Tecna
        Editor: Daphne
        Director: Bloom
        Executive Producer: Aisha
        Costumes and makeup: Stella
        Set Design: Flora and Roxy
        Music: Musa
        Demolitions: Riven when he was there; now Sky and/or Brandon
        Special Effects: Timmy
        I can’t think of anything for Helia, Nex, and Thoren to do, though…

        • Helia can join Flora in set design, his artistic flare definitely fits the mood. Nex can be this little rank on TPIR called Co-Executive Producer, Thoren can be the plain old producer, and actually Sky could also be a producer with Brandon in charge of demolition while being an Associate Producer, Roy and Jared can be P.A’s (production assistants) Mirta would be head page (for tapings) and the minor alfea fairies could operate the cameras.

      • I don’t know, those are too many members and most of them are backgrounds fairies who barely have appearances, I really doubt they could join the Winx Club. Also, I don’t know if Miele should be with the A-listers, and why not to make Selina the leader of B-Listers?

        @Power of Charmix, I think the writer should be Bloom or Flora, and Tecna should be with Timmy in the special effects or maybe the director.

        By the way, it is totally random too, but since we are bringing the JL into this, I just realized that the Wix’s first signature colors kinda fit with the emotional spectrum in Green Lantern.

        Stella-orange-greed [I’m not saying that Stella is greedy, but she’s the only one who kinda fits]
        Tecna-purple/indigo-compassion [I kinda disagree with this one].

        • I was just doing the 10 members because of a base numbers thing with a friend of mine and he had originally made Bloom’s worst nightmare (aka Diaspro) ten, but i convinced him Miele was a better choice because she’s like Supergirl to the Winx Superman(‘s) along with Daphne,Roxy and Mirta completing the new nine nymphs theory someone had on here once and who says minor fairies can’t join if it’s like a JL system, there’s even D-listers that i could name (Winx Jr for one along with fairies that never transform). Also the other teams went by how i saw it broken up in certain seasons (can’t give away the C-list team’s season yet, but I can say that Amaryl and the fairy with the star on her top, (don’t remember her name) is in that group in this particular season so switch Orentensia out with that fairy). Next Someone’s gotta back up Alfea when Bloom can’t and that team is one that does, however the reason i didn’t make Selina a b-list leader is because I don’t think that Kadija (or anyone else) would be as forgiving as Bloom is, although she might allow Selina to hold a lead position just to keep a close watch on her, but everyone in Kadija’s group would be following Lavigne should she not be around. On the GL spectrum Star Sapphires are violet, it’s just they wear magenta most of the time instead of actual purple, just depends on who’s wearing the ring what shade the person wears and all meet the green lantern’s requirements of great courage (the emotion)/willpower (the execution of that courage, guardians are too stuck up to call their light courage, even though it’s enemy is fear, the yellow). With that said the Winx do best represent certain emotions
          Musa is rage (i hope she never aqquires a red power ring, she’d lose her heart to the ring) being red
          Stella- can be greedy enough with orange (but not Larfleeze extreme)
          Daphne-wearing mostly yellow is fear (her s5 self definitely shows this side of her)
          Roxy is who i’d nominate for green because she is as strong willed as anyone else but has the courage to go cowgirl cop when needed (which you know Hal Jordan is a space cowboy with a suped up ring, much to everyone’s annoyance)
          Since Aisha’s abandoned green in favor of cyan or turquoise I consider her to be the blue lantern especially when you read her story from start to the present day, all that hopelessness until she met the Winx and later Nabu, the fact that she’s been through so much and yet still hasn’t given up hope she qualified for the blue ring.
          Yeah Bloom’s in blue but her personality fits the indigo ring best, notice how no matter what happens to anyone she knows that honestly wants to make a change, she’s very compassionate showing mercy to them, something that i’m sure wouldn’t have been easy to do at all if we put ourselves in her shoes particularly during season 2 and 4 with Aisha,almost no one wanted her around, and i’d swear it was because she looked too different in season 2, while her betrayal could’ve caused issues, but Bloom shows how easy it is to forgive and give others a chance and like Tecna she can mimic any other emotion’s power but only for a little bit.
          Flora being in pink/red-violet i agree is a star sapphire, no doubt she’d be one of the most powerful ones, her love levels are off the charts.
          That leaves Tecna, she’s not really any one emotion despite wearing lilac (which is love’s hue, violet) but rather all which is white, valuing all life and using all emotions to the greatest extent at once (i think her Enchantix sacrifice is the best example of this). Let’s not find out who the black lantern is.

          • Well, Miele is definitely a better choice than Diaspro if it comes to be a Winx, but I think the A-listers should remain with only the five founder members plus Aisha. By the way, I don’t think Jared could be a good leader, to be honest, I don’t think neither Jared, Riven or Roy can be leaders.

            Yes, all of the Winx meet the willpower requirement for a green lantern ring, but Aisha is the one who fits the most because of all of what you mention, she surely needed a lot of will to overcome all of it, also, she is the one who is able to do more things without powers.

            Bloom lost her planet, her parents and her sister, and she was hopeful enough to overcome all of that and save her planet and her family. Also, her story is quite similar to Superman’s, who represents hope in the JLA trinity.

            I know the Stars Sapphires are violet, but it fits perfect to Flora, also, violet is a hue of purple, and there is only one purple Winx. Indigo/compassion fits to her too.

            As for the black lantern, well, didn’t Daphne practically come back from death? Yes, I know she wasn’t exactly dead, but she is the closer we have, and I definitely don’t think she can hold a yellow ring.

            I don’t think that Tecna, the least emotional of the Winx, could get a white ring, to be honest I don’t know which ring would fit to her, maybe yellow, she actually is more like the guardians, since they are quite logical and have no emotions [she does have emotions, but not as much as the other Winx].

            I rather think that the white ring fits to Bloom, she is the fairy of the Dragon Flame, and the Dragon Flame is a source of life, she also has healing powers, and kinda revived Sky in S2.

            The yellow and black rings fit better to the Trinx than the Winx, so Icy would get a yellow ring and Darcy a black one, with Stormy having a red ring, like Musa.

          • Ah yes, I’ve used Bloom as a white lantern before because of life based powers, hrm, didn’t think about the trix getting those rings, and i do see the logic behind Bloom getting the blue ring (and if Aisha has the green one then it would explain that powerboost for this finale, remember Aisha was also able to hold Bloom’s wand, i don’t think that was a glitch, but rather implying that she and Bloom could hold each other’s wands, lots of people compare Aisha to the GL’s anyway-specifically Hal, but i think she’s got more in common with Kyle especially in terms of her uniform choice and the fact she’s just as strong as,possibly stronger than Bloom, because Kyle is the most powerful lantern there is.) Also i’m not saying that it has to be a ten members team, just mine and my friend’s choices for the A-list baseline thing. If people are happy with five, six or seven that’s just fine too.

        • The reason I put Tecna as writer and Daohne as editor is because I think Bloom would come up with the main idea for the season (because, you know, Bloom), Tecna would write a basic season outline, Daphne would read it and provide creative input since Tecna isn’t all that creative (no offense, Tecna, I love you), and then Tecna would write the first draft, Daphne would read it and suggest corrections, over and over for a bit, and then the other Winx would give the final OK.
          I also like the idea of a few representatives from Nick coming in in season five and six, telling Tecna and Daphne what to do and they’re just like, “Bloom, you sure this is a good idea?” and Bloom’s like “yes, Nick is going to give us tons of promotion” and then season five’s script comes out and Bloom’s like, “Well, I screwed up, but I signed a contract, so…”

  10. Idiotic ending.. My friend D’s call me the queen of negativity but it doesn’t take a positive person to see that wins is going downhill and this was not even a snich of what was like in s1 or 2… What’s wrong with em? I mean lets point out.
    Un nessasary questions with each other.
    One moment they are all powerful and second they can’t even get off the ground after getting hit.
    Bloom, dont get me started on her.
    The are ruining up relations of the weak.. Why can’t they do it with bloom and sky why musa!
    Unnecessary sighs and gasps… Yeah gasps, totally over acting…
    What’s with these lame shout outs?
    So many dresses.
    And so on…….. Boys u need to help the winx more alike in s1 or 3… They are now just the hired unwanted help… 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😕😕😕😡😡😡😡😯😯😯😐😐😐😤😱😲😷😩🙅🙇😚😖😾 I can’t even judge my feeling for this

    • @Killer Of course it’s not like it was back then, and not all of us agree with the changes but comparing the recent seasons to the past does nothing. It’s a new era and some things done in season 6 were actually what a lot of fans wanted to see, the Muri breakup which is for the best, the Winx no longer losing their powers (that was getting old after nine years, and it’s an advantage of Bloom splitting her magic along with slowly recovering their brains) and even seeing some new things. It may not be the best ever but it will build itself back eventually. You’re expecting way too much knowing that Nick had Dora writers on the show instead of Rainbow’s writers. S7 progresses much better than s5 or 6, and everyone has equal attention. Let’s just take the episodes one at a time and not compare it to past seasons, because there’s really nothing to compare. It’s drastically different on either end, and in the end it won’t be like s1 or s5, it will be something different. Honestly if it were like s1 it would be s1 repeated again, which would be akward.

    • The finale is not perfect, but it isn’t the worst one either, this season finale was better than the previous one, and the next one is better than this one, which means the show is improving, so hopefully in a future the show will become good again, maybe not as good as S1-4, but good anyway.

      • Winx Club has changed, yes (such as the fact that it’s not 2004 and we’re using HD). But I suggest that we hang around till season seven. Nick is gone in that season, so hopefully the show will feel kind of like season four, not amazingly perfect (then again, you mileage may vary) but it still feels like Winx Club. I think anyone about to give up on the show should at least watch the first half of season seven and then, if they’re still in that mood, then it’s up to them what to do. Then again, I can’t force people to do stuff. This is just like a piece of persuasive writing. (AKA it’s my opinion)

        • It is a little bit like season 4 but this thing were everything is tried to be shown more harmless is very strong which makes it feel a little different too.

          • To be honest I think S7 is a little like S4, but only when it comes to the non good parts, like the pets [though the fairy animals are different to the fairy pets], the Winx showing off their powers to humans and so on, it has some decent episodes, but overall the season is boring as h**l [eps 1-21]

          • Well it is not the best you are right. But i think there are some good episodes and I think the overall idea is actually not bad.

          • To be honest I find it hard to classify S7, so I divide it into two “subseasons”.

            Episodes 22-26 were pretty awesome, but I won’t go into details in order to not to spoil anything.

            Now, episodes 1-21 were lame, yes, some episodes are kinda good but most of them are boring, they had some good elements but Rainbow didn’t know how to handle them and this subseason was a mess, I liked some scenes involving time travel, but most of them were unnecessary. Have you seen the My Little Pony Season 5 finale? I have some complaints about it, but overall they handled the time travel thing very well and were very careful with small details, the Winx, however, made a careless jumble in the past and it changed practically nothing. As for the villains, don’t even get me started, to be honest, as much as I loved the plot twist in episode 22, I feel it like a desperate [though successful] attempt to save the season, which wouldn’t have been necessary if they had known how to handle the season in the first place.

            By the way, by now I think Butterflix is the weakest transformation [but again, I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t explain why I think so], it is not necessarily bad, though. It only means I was right and, after Enchantix, a transformation doesn’t exactly have to be more powerful than the previous one, but are just adaptations to the situation.

          • Here’s pretty much the good parts of the season (warning some spoilers ahead).
            Roxy’s role- Daphne for the season but only 2 missions, outfit changes 4 times (Park outfit used most,thank goodness that pawprint outfit is old)
            Alfea has a backbone again, Daphne and Roxy leading (sounds like both are Winx but guides for specific situations, just Daphne’s field is more common, which is why we see her more)
            Somebody introduced us to her parents finally (seven in show years? I don’t blame her for that either, if my parents were as much oddballs as them i would have waited too) and thank goodness everyone’s predictions about Musa came true, no drama, no triangle just her focusing on the mission that’s all, as did the one about Aisha no flaking. Bloom and Tecna well… just them being themselves from the old seasons, same with Stella.

          • @Summerautumn, I totally agree about Musa, as for Roxy and Daphne, it was mostly during the last four episodes. By the way,

            Spoiler Inside SelectShow
          • @ fairy-pony yes, but it’s the context all parents are nuts but Flora’s are the absolute cream of the crop strange, there i said it. Oh well at least eight sets of parents is a good thing, now if we could just figure out something else about that. Next, i sure hope we see more Alfea spine in season 8, especially with Daphne and Roxy at the helm, Roxy was awesome taking on you know who, and Daphne really showed power.

      • Yes, it probably will keep getting better as time goes on, hopefully we will see better ideas and transformation according to need eventually. There could even be a special level that absolutely no one knows about yet which only the Winx would be able to get individually (as in specific to their realms)

  11. When I rewatched it this morning, I noticed one thing: I am totally in love with whatever song was playing after Daphne and Thoren had their kiss.

  12. As far as I loved Winx Club, I do agree that the season 5 and 6 finales were far by the best one- the action was so good in there, and I far by enjoyed it- it was a real shame that Rainbow achually bored me with season 7 in some parts- really up till episode 22!
    And the Trix will always be my favourite villans- they make the whole story so intresting- I could never have an episode without them.

    • True the Trix are connected with each Winx- Icy has mentioned really hating any Winx who’s royalty sure she’s usually griping about Bloom or Aisha but she’s made comments about Daphne and Stella before too, Roxy is the wildcard here will she be impressed or furious that an Earth fairy is capable of kicking her butt? Darcy seems to have serious issues with Musa and Tecna and then Stormy having problems with both Flora and Musa. The only way to stop the Trix is for the winx to be KIA or trap them out of existence for all time because of the Trix egos and that’s why even though Icy could kill- she doesn’t where’s the fun in that? Also would the winx be the winx without the Trix? Everything started with Icy’s plan to swipe Stella’s ring, and a plot on Stella would be the best way to end the show coming full circle with either Bloom or her saying it started with a plot like this and it’s going to end with this! *Cue epic montage with the full team (which would include mirta and miele by that point i’d think) each saying their final thoughts of course giving Bloom the final line to the effect of gratitude for joining on their adventures, see you next time as they fly off into the distance towards Magix.

  13. I have to admit I really understand Selina turning evil. I’m sorry, but the ‘Fairy Godmother’ was the most annoying character this season for sure. It’s no surprise Selina turned evil after having been taught by her 😛 I was ready to strangle her after a few episodes. I’m surprised she wants to go back.

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