Season seven’s finally here! 🙂 Yes, we’re one of the last countries to get it, but maybe this was the best time. With WoW and other cool things that could happen this year, this is a good way to kick it off. And we don’t have to wait for the digital copies. The first two episodes are already on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video!

Let’s talk about what’s changed this season. Some fans think Nick’s not involved in the show anymore, but that’s not true. They’re not co-producing it or dubbing it anymore, but they’re still Rainbow’s broadcast partner, meaning they have the rights to air it on their channels. The new voice cast was picked by DuArt Film & Video, the studio that dubs Pokémon. Some of the actors are veterans from the 4Kids Winx years, but they’re playing other characters. (See this post for more info.)

Before I start the review, I have a confession to make. I’ve already been spoiled on a few major plot points, but I hadn’t seen a full episode until now — just loose scenes here and there. I haven’t watched the whole Tynix sequence, either, or heard the song. The fanbase went nuts over it, so I wanted to savor that moment when we get there.

Everyone ready? Here’s the first review of the new season!



1. As the Winx are sneaking into Alfea past curfew, a pair of students run out of the woods with a giant, purple monster chasing them. Bloom nearly gets crushed! Luckily (or unluckily), Faragonda arrives and shrinks the creature down to normal size. She summons the Winx to her office and tells them about the Alfea Natural Park, which she created to house endangered Fairy Animals. The grand opening’s next week, and she wants them to plan a party for it.

These scenes were charming to me for some reason. Not much happened, but just seeing the interactions between the Winx and hearing Faragonda talk about the park was enough to keep my attention. It felt a bit like old-school Winx Club. 🙂

2. Wearing Stella’s new tourist line, the Winx and Kiko meet up with Faragonda, the two girls from last night (the keepers of the park), and Roxy, along with the now-tiny Kangourmet. Faragonda knew the Fairy of Animals would be sure to get it back home safely. The park’s guarded by a magic barrier, which only those with fairy magic can cross.

The barrier scene felt like a throwback to season one, when Bloom first got to Alfea. I don’t know why the Winx were scared to enter (they have fairy magic 🙄 ), but maybe Rainbow wanted us to be impressed by the barrier. Too bad I wasn’t. Of course, someone was gonna break in. How many has Faragonda done this, and it hasn’t worked? 😛

3. The Winx, Roxy, and Kiko explore the park. Musa dedicates a song to the animals (because that’s what music fairies do, I guess). Roxy lets the Kangourmet go. Along with the way, the fairies come across a Digmole…that gets snatched up by a bird of prey!
That escalated quickly. It was so sudden, I didn’t know whether to be shocked or laugh. 😛 I liked it, though, because it broke the silence in a big way. Play time’s over, Winx!


4. The Winx transform and chase after the bird, but it’s too fast for them. It escapes through the barrier, which means it must have fairy magic. The fairies report the break-in to Faragonda. Meanwhile, the bird — who’s really Kalshara — returns to her lair with the Digmole. This is just step one of her master plan: to create an army of Fairy Animals that will obey her every command.

Why didn’t the Winx go through the barrier to catch Kalshara? So what if she got outside the park? They have wings, too. It felt like they just gave up. 😕

And why does Kalshara need Brafilius? She has magic, and he’s a bumbling idiot, so why can’t she lock up the animals herself? I bet that’s never gonna get explained.


After I first watched this episode, I didn’t know how to feel. I liked it, but I didn’t like it. 😕 I’ve watched again since then, and I’ve decided it’s okay — not great, but not terrible.

Now I understand how different the Nick seasons were. This episode was quieter and gentler than anything in seasons five and six. Maybe that equals “boring” to some fans, but — to use a word I’ve used already — I thought it was charming. Even the slower moments still hooked me. A couple of them dragged on too long (like the park scenes), but not enough to be unbearable.

In the Nick seasons, everyone was loud and dramatic, even in the calmer scenes. I think the actors overacted sometimes. I guess I’d gotten used to it, so that’s what I expected to hear. This didn’t feel as much like that.


Speaking of actors, let’s talk about the new voices. I like most of them. Bloom’s doesn’t sound as childish as it did in the trailer (thank goodness). I miss Molly Quinn already, but I can adjust.

Stella’s voice is great. Her actress seems to be the best in the cast, and she’s good at blending Stella’s immaturity with her actual age. It sounds like her Nick voice (Amy Gross) but older.

Flora’s is okay, but it’s…forgettable. I feel like Alejandra Reynoso played her in a unique way. This voice just sounds like a generic sweet girl.

Musa, Tecna, and Aisha are hit and miss for me. Musa and Tecna sound masculine at times, which might work for Tecna, since she always sounds a little boyish. But I think Kate Bristol (Musa) is trying to channel Romi Dames, and I wish she’d stop and do her own thing. Also, they both sound like Flora and Bloom sometimes.

Aisha’s voice is the worst. It sounds more mature, but again I think the actress (Alysha Deslorieux) is failing to copy the Nick voice. Plus, you can tell she’s not a polished voice actress. In some scenes, it sounds like she didn’t even try. 😕 (Can we have one of Aisha’s RAI voice actors back?)

As for the supporting characters:

  • Faragonda sounds great (she always does)
  • Griselda’s still annoying 😛
  • Kalshara’s voice sounds strained, but it’s fine (Eileen Stevens plays Flora, too)
  • Brafilius sounds stupid like he’s supposed to
  • Roxy sounds too much like Bloom at times, but I like that she sounds older

Back to the episode itself.


It reminded me of the season four premiere. Just like in this episode, not much happened until the second half. The Winx came back to Alfea, Faragonda took them to The Hall of Enchantments, they taught a class, they showed off for the students — then the Wizards of the Black Circle attacked, and the story began.

This was the similar setup. The Winx came back to Alfea, Faragonda took them to the park, they wandered around for a while, then the story began when Kalshara snatched the Digmole. It didn’t have much action, but maybe it didn’t need it this soon.

Think about season five’s first episode. (I mean “The Spill,” not “The Lilo.”) It had a lot of action, but the rest of the season didn’t keep up the momentum. “Inspiration of Sirenix” (ep. 6X01) had more action, too, but it wasn’t relevant to the plot, so it felt like a waste of time.

For a premiere, I thought this was okay. Do I wish more had happened? Maybe, but it gives us somewhere to go from here, instead of starting at a high point and never reaching that level again.

Also, the dialogue was great. It’s already better than anything in the Nick seasons. I feel like I’m watching the RAI dub but with better voice acting (overall).

Verdict: Decent first episode. New voice cast will take some getting used to, but it’s not bad. 


Next episode: “Young Fairies Grow Up.” To find out why Kalshara took the Digmole, The Winx and Roxy go back in time to learn the creature’s secret. They land at Alfea in the past, on the day young Faragonda ruined the annual Fairy Animal Exhibition. Next review coming soon!


  • I don’t like the English version of this song, but it managed to get me excited for this season. I’m five years old again! 😀
  • The Narrator’s reading the titles now? That’s gonna get old fast. 😕
  • Shopping in Magix? It’s been a while since they’ve done that!
  • Bloom: “Why didn’t you do that, like, four hours ago?”
    Stella: “I…didn’t want you to miss out on the thrill of helping me!”
    Wow, Stella. Sigh.
  • Aren’t the Winx teachers/teaching assistants? Why do they still have a curfew?
  • Holy cow! What was that sound?
  • Yikes, that thing’s ugly! (Why is it making me think of Bumi’s pet from Avatar: The Last Airbender?)
  • Typical Bloom. Don’t think. Just charge in. 😛
  • Not the time to be tiptoeing, Stella! 😛
  • Of course, Faragonda caught them. 😛
  • Those two girls in charge of the park? Aren’t they new to Alfea? That’s a big responsibility!
  • Faragonda said they’re “the best fairies at Alfea,” but she didn’t say they were students. But with the curfew, it seems like they are.
  • Stella the party girl. 😛
  • Bloom, you didn’t even feed Kiko before you left? What kind of pet owner are you?
  • After keeping her friends out past curfew and getting them in trouble with Faragonda, she woke them up early? Sometimes, you’re a horrible friend, Stella!
  • Stella: “Get ready for a jaw-dropping fashion juggernaut!”
    [Kiko yawns.]
    Stella: “Um, not that jaw-dropping.”
    Clever. 😛
  • Stella: “Or if you prefer something a little wilder…meee-ow!”
    I like the way she said that. 😛
  • This scene sure is quiet. Where’s the music? It doesn’t have to have it, but it feels it’s supposed to.
  • A friend of yours? That’s all Roxy is? 🙁
  • Why isn’t Roxy the keeper of the Alfea Natural Park? Since, you know…she’s the Fairy of Animals? 😕
  • Roxy’s new voice sound a bit like Bloom’s.
  • Another magic barrier? We’ve seen how well those work, Faragonda.
  • Oh, c’mon, Winx! You have fairy magic, don’t you? 😛
  • I guess Kiko got through because he’s a Pixie Pet.
  • When I heard “park,” I was expecting something small and zoo-like. This is huge! Where is it? It can’t be near Alfea. There’s no room!
  • Not only is Roxy not the keeper, but she’s never been here before? Seriously?
  • A song of harmony and serenity? That was a cheesy way to introduce a new song! 😛
  • Aw, Kiko feels ignored.
  • That was unexpected! Did the Digmole get eaten?
  • If Fairy Animals don’t attack each other, how do they eat? Are they all herbivores?
  • You’re pushing Roxy away already, Bloom? Good grief.
  • “Fairy up?” Please never say that again, Bloom.
  • It was weird hearing the “Name, Fairy of Power Source!” routine with the new voices.
  • Stella, be careful not to burn the park down!
  • Flora’s the first one down again. 😕
  • Why didn’t you go after her, Bloom? You could have crossed the barrier!
  • Cool transformation sequence!
  • The last Digmole in the Magic Dimension? Wow!
  • She’s caught Shiny, too! 🙁
  • An army of Fairy Animals? Yikes!

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57 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X01: “The Alfea Natural Park”

  1. Alright my thoughts on this episode 1. Nice to see the Winx witching at Stella’s occasional stupidity again. 2. Thank goodness no one is being treated like overgrown idiots. 3. About Roxy, welcome back, where have you been? Now Bloom’s treatment isn’t exactly pushing her away from the group, you’ll notice as the season progresses that is a negative thing about hanging out with Flora. Remember Miele’s being told “go home and stay put” during s3? It’s kinda the same thing with Roxy but for a different reason. Miele is a “Danger-Prone Daphne” whereas it’s not that Roxy isn’t allowed to come on missions or part of the club but she’s more useful in different roles that will be helpful (which she is okay with) and her speech later this season indicates that she never lost membership. You’ll see what i mean when we US fans get later episodes. (Especially the last six). New cast is alright but it’s going to take awhile for me to get used to. Brafilius let’s just say your right about one of your predictions on him episode 16 has confirmation on that but here he’s dumber than a box of rocks or is he?

  2. I liked this episode a lot, but the voices need a lot of getting used to. But, I like the new season. After all, it’s Winx.

      • That was the nice thing about 4kids at least we had a definitive cast. Although RAI season 4 isn’t horrible, but it’s really hit or miss on the voices in RAI. If we have to have a rai voice for Aisha i’ll take the movie voice, Lucinda Davis is too whimpy sounding.

      • For me I’ve heard it with so many voices I barely notice the difference, they all sort of blur together in my head. Unlike OP, I liked Aisha’s new voice, it’s deeper, more like her 4kids voice which made her sound more badass than Keke Palmer’s version of her. I also like how much more grownup Roxy sounds, her voice matches how she (sometimes anyway) seems to have learned a lot and become much more confident than the frightened fairy she was in season 4.

        All OP’s “thoughts while watching pretty much mirror mine, but I have one more to add:
        -Kalshara’s animal army is made up of very unscary unwarlike looking animals.

      • I agree about flora’s voice actress she made her really cute and just like how a girl like flora’s voice should be too bad but I doubt we will get permanents. It’s like the salary isn’t enough of the actresses that they keep quitting or something. And how many secret rooms or areas does a little school and a little forest have? U liked musa’s dance during the song she looked very cute. I think that may be you don’t. Any ways one more thing to point out that if the winx were returning to school after shopping that means it is the same year as selina’s. huh? two adventures in one year cool! the winx aren’t teachers or assistants as you say they gave up on that job and decided to study as algae. I remember blooms dialogue :”” we can never have enough training and knowledge to become teachers so that’s why we decide to study at alfea and discover the secrets that we don’t know””

        • Stupid autocorrect. I said decided to stay students at alfea and it turned it into algae … And I like musa’s dance… Another mistake of “I” …. Ugh autocorrect !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Not necessarily remember that the Winx except for Bloom & Tecna had their own projects/classrooms last season. Stella has her shop, Flora’s got the greenhouse, Musa has the cafe and Aisha has been confirmed as the gym teacher. Bloom and Tecna likely spend their time assisting in Daphne & Faragonda’s classes until they’re ready for their own class. They seemed to have been seriously under qualified in season 4. Season 6 showed hint of them teaching in some ways. There is such a thing as “Part-time”. You can still learn even as teachers. Learning isn’t something that just ends after graduation. Bloom and Tecna most likely don’t want to be tied to anything until Roxy is given a teaching opportunity and it would make perfect sense considering that they spent the most time with her during s4.

          • Nay. At least I didn’t notice any but still it’s pretty clear from the very beginning. Ding dong the winx are already 22 we don’t want em be grow up quickly But sigh it just a show. Age doesn’t matter. Bummer

  3. I’ve seen most of this season already, and I like what I’ve seen so far. What I like best is the Roxy’s not so much a minor character anymore. Websites say she has a minor role, but we see her frequently enough that it doesn’t feel minor to me.
    I’m not a huge fan of the new voices, and one day I’d like them to find a great cast and stick with it, but they’re not terrible and I adjusted (although somehow when I play some scenes in my head I hear the Nick voices not the new cast 😕).

    • The reason it says Roxy’s in a minor role is so as not to spoil how “major” this role actually is.

  4. I thought this episode was pretty okay. Not the best season opener, but pretty decent. I liked that Roxy was back (I knew that was going to happen, but it still got me excited). My main problem is: where the HECK are Daphne and the guys? I was hoping for a scene between Aisha and Nex since they don’t have that many. Also, while I was watching, I was thinking, “Transform already!” but now that I read what you had to say, I realize that I had adjusted to Nick’s standards. I’m okay with it now.

    As for the voice actors…
    – Bloom: not the best, not the worst
    – Stella: it’s a little over the top, but I’ll get used to it
    – Flora: Let’s just say that Eileen Stevens is better at Kalshara than the nice sweet girl (in my opinion)
    – Musa: I’ll live, but Romi Dames was better
    – Tecna: Ugh. I don’t want Tecna to have a girly feminine voice, but I also don’t want this.
    – Aisha: She needs to work on inputting emotion into her character. Otherwise, I’d be okay.
    – Roxy: I don’t know the name of her Nick voice actor, but I’d take her back in a heartbeat.
    – Kalshara: I like it. It sounds like the perfect villain voice. 🙂
    – Brafilius: He reminds me of RAI and Nick voice actors for Knut. A little too over-the-top, like Stella.
    – Faragonda: perfection.

    This episode and the one after it did its job. I wanna see the next two episodes!

    • I didn’t mind the guys not being there yet, but…yeah, where was Daphne? She’s a teacher now, isn’t she? And it’s funny you mentioned Knut for Brafilius’s voice because it’s the actor who voiced him in the 4Kids dub. 😉

      • Daphne is a newly married woman. She may just be on her honeymoon or on hiatus. That would be their excuse to get her out of the picture or make her into an even more minor character than she was even in seasons 1and 2.

          • As just a two year teacher? I don’t think so not unless Bloom or Tecna takes over the class (although would Bloom really want to teach history? I think Bloom’s more of a Intro to Magic 101 teacher and History is probably more something Tecna would cover.) @ Raindrops on Roses: Isn’t that a little obvious? I’m thinking it will be related to “best little sister ever” in some way perhaps Vanessa? We all know that every member of the Domino Royal family highly respect her and Mike for giving Bloom a “normal” life when they couldn’t. Speaking of those two i’m pretty sure if it was a boy Mike would be the first choice.

    • Eileen Stevens channels Mari Devon and Rita Moreno’s Carmen Sandiego voices (more on Mari Devon’s side) for her villainous role, and this season’s plot seems very Carmen-ish. (Globe/Dimension hopping for something rare although Carmen isn’t heartless like Kalshara is.)

      • Still i agree Carmen’s voice is perfect for a villain (or anti-hero, it seems like everyone goes for a Carmen or Catwoman voice when they want an unclear side of the law character as the antagonist.)

      • I didn’t hear the Carmen vibe when I watched it, but I can now that I think about it again. But yeah, it’s much more Mari Devon. Rita Moreno’s Carmen didn’t sound as devious. (I love the Where on Earth? Carmen, by the way.)

        • Maybe the two know each other (or at least Stevens has heard of Devon because it’s) you never know with va’s about who they know and what they work on. (Also yes Where on Earth Carmen is my favorite, and everyone else’s who’s ever heard of it because they gave her a good set of reasons for leaving her previous job instead of “going nuts” like the games previously suggested)

  5. Well the season Starts oft good but for a Long time it is Kind of not so good i think. But many like it so you might like it too. First at Episode 21 it gets Really really good. So nobody should be disappointed by how it will get.
    I have watched everything and it is a good season all in all I think. I think the end is amazing. But I would not say its old winx and all that. There are no convergence spells in the whole season and the magic schools dont get much attention either. Only Alfea. BUT a winx season can be good without being old winx. I hope that not too many people will be like: I miss the old winx. I mean it won’t come back and it rainbow is trying hard.

    • Wow I totaly agree I hated the whole season and it killed me to sy or type this but seriously episode 22-26 really had some action and it reminded me of s 1.
      I loved it Wow and you have the same opinion as me. I guess great minds think alike then 😉

  6. Aw! I thought you were going to do an overall review of the entire season 6 like you did with season 5 before jumping into season 7.

    Anyway, I do like this episode. It’s not bad, but it could have been a little bit better. I love seeing Roxy back again and playing a bigger role. I do like the new villains so far and how they’re pacing the story and setting up the plot around animals. By the way, I laughed so hard when Kalshara swooped in and took the digmole away. It was so peaceful…so cute…then *SWOOP!* The circle of life just happened right before my eyes! Reminded me of that video on Youtube about a soldier who freed a mouse found in his bed into the park. Be free, little guy! Then twenty seconds later it was swooped up by a hawk:

    I laughed even harder when Roxy said, “Fairy animals don’t each other!!!” You sure, honey? Surely not ALL of your rescued animals are herbivores…are they?

    As for the new voices…I did get used to most of them as the season progressed. But the first time I watched these episodes…

    I do like Stella’s voice the most. Her voice actress definitely did a stellar job switching from her old role as Tecna in the 4Kids dubbed version to this.

    Bloom’s voice was okay. Kinda scratchy…but at least it was distinguishable. I’ve gotten used to it by now, but I still preferred the previous voices for her.

    Aisha’s voice…Not at first, but she does sound as if she was voiced by a real Africa-American/Canadian actress. I can still tell it’s Aisha speaking, although Keke Palmer was better.

    Musa’s, Flora’s, and Tecna’s voices… I got to be honest…I can’t tell the differences between these three for 10 episodes straight! And I have good hearing, by the way! Their voices sound too similar to each other. Either that, or the actresses aren’t doing a good job of trying to sound distinguishable. I had to rewatch the first few episodes many times until I actually heard some differences.

    As for the others: I like Stevens’s voice better as Kalshara and it was great hearing Knut’s old 4Kids voice actor again as Brafilius…even though I can’t stand this dog ring-master wizard…thing. And Faragonda’s new voice was decent to me.

      • I wonder if we’re going to get a “how many plot holes does it take to get to the center of a candy coated chocolate lollipop” post because goodness gracious is season 6 full of them along with “wasted potential” possibilities.

  7. You asked what power difference Kalshara and Brafilius have. You’ll know soon enough. 😉
    Maybe in episode 3… :p
    Also Flora’s voice will seem much more better and suitable later in the scene.
    Since I’ve seen pretty much the whole season, this episode is super boring as compared to the others. There’s gonna be so much more action starting from episode 5. :p ^_^
    Also, you’ll also know why Roxy isn’t the keeper of the Alfea Natural Park. She’s gonna get a bigger role
    (Trying hard not to spoil). :p

  8. I personally didn’t really care for the Nick cast especially Molly Quinn and Amy Gross. Molly Quinn made Bloom sound so whiny, even if she said something funny, as if she was going to burst out crying any minute. I am so relieved that I am not going to ever hear her say, “Magic Winx, Transformation Name!” again in her whiny voice. The only Nick voice actress I liked was Morgan Decker; her take on Tecna was really nice. All the others were sooo annoying for me.

    I really like the new DuArt cast and I am glad that Bloom sounds much more cheerful and it’s much more bearable to hear her shout out the transformation cry. Also, I like how Tecna’s voice has much less emotion, because that’s how I like Tecna.

  9. Not gonna spoil anything, but this was a solid season overall. There were two filler episodes that annoyed the bejesus out of me but other than that I’d say it’s good. The one defining feature that sets it apart from the other seasons is the humor, though. It’s nothing cringe-worthy, I actually laughed out loud several times, but I’m not sure if I want the comedic tone to stick in later seasons.

  10. Stella’s voice is the best one yet. So Stella. So perfect. Yes, she’s even better than Amy Gross.

    However, does anyone else think she’s sounds exactly like Gwen from Ben Ten?

    • Actually yes now that i think about it, good thing they didn’t make Brandon sound like Ben. That would make fanbases of both go bananas especially the ben base where they would finally have proof of something risque.

  11. You really put words to my thoughts about this episode, and the season that I’ve seen so far in general; it’s charming! It’s calmer, but that’s what I like, and I really missed those quiet moments from season 1-4. Season 7 makes me a bit nostalgic, so I know they’re doing something right for me at least. I never really enjoyed the Nickbow seasons of the show, and I agree with the voice actors sometimes overacting, but they were also more recognizable than these new ones I guess. But I think it’s mostly a matter of time until we’re used to them. I had the same feelings with Flora’s new VA first, but then I got used to it and now I quite like her! She sounds mature, but sweet. I also agree that Stella has a good voice actor, but for me, no one can replace the perfection that is Jennifer Seguin. 🙁 If I could have just one voice actor back from any dub, my choice will always be her!

  12. It actually is just like the season 4 premiere and I liked them both! I also liked the calmness of this episode, just like you pointed out. When are the next reviews coming up?

  13. That must be a headache, i suppose in the meantime that we can enjoy the fact that while Roxy might not get Butterflix in canon at least she has one for games, too bad it’s only a sprite. I want to see a full sized version of it with one of her ponytails she gets this season at least then something would be done with the hair. Maybe Rainbow will be nice enough to make a drawing of it and add it to the comics?

  14. I just noticed something you said those girls keeping the park were freshman, that’s not the case. They were with Roxy last year so they’re sophomores. My guess is those two girls are Katlin and Jennifer the two who took over L&P in the comics.

      • It’s still a big responsiblity but perhaps taking over things that the Winx can’t makes them seem like substitute Winx. There’s an interesting angle too a team of substitutes maybe they talked some gusto into some people in later episodes of the season (with two other fairies help of course)

  15. @SummerAutumn
    Yes, well, I was kind of joking around when I said that Daphne would name her daughter Bloom, however, seeing as how the “Bloom Worship” is still prominent, I wouldn’t put it past Rainbow to do just that!

    We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, you never know 🙂

    • Ah, well yes we just have to wait, though i don’t think Daphne just rushes into everything (if she does i highly suggest some one tells her to slow down.)

  16. The episode was fine [probably episodes 1-3, 14, 15 are the best of S7, that is, before episode 22, of course], to be honest I’m one of those fans who find “quieter and gentler” equals boring, but it wasn’t that bad for a first episode. What I found really stupid was the scene of the chase, I mean, haven’t the Winx ever heard of the food chain? You can’t attack an animal for trying to eat, I know it was Kalshara stealing the Digmole, but the Winx didn’t. Roxy said fairy animals don’t attack each other, but as you said, I really doubt all of them are herbivores, and even if all the known fairy animals are, do they really know all the fairy animals? I don’t think even the fairy of animals know all the fairy animal species, maybe she would if she had Enchantix, but as far as we know, she doesn’t. Anyway, I found it funny when Kalshara suddenly grabbed the digmole, I laughed hard at that.

    As for the voices, it’s been awhile since I listened to them for the first time so I already got used to them. I actually like Aisha’s and Tecna’s voices, Stella’s voice sound almost the same as Amy Gross, Bloom’s voice is annoying and childish at first, but not as much as the one in the trialer and you can get used to it easily, I agree with you for Flora and Musa.

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