capture_005_24012016_142519_817Guess what? The Winx get Butterflix in this episode! Gasp! What a shocker!

Sigh. Why does Rainbow tell us when the Winx are gonna get their new forms now? Just look at these titles: “The Power of Harmonix” (5X06), “Sirenix” (5X13), “Mythix” (6X14), and now “Butterflix.” Bloomix was the exception, since not all the girls earned it in the same episode, but we knew someone was gonna get it in “Bloomix Power” (6X04).

Next season, I wanna be surprised again. I wanna see the Winx in a now-or-never situation and not know if they’ll get a new power or not. It’s more suspenseful that way.

Anyway, let’s look at episode 7X03: “Butterflix!” Don’t forget the Winx are still in the past. When I say Faragonda, Kalshara, etc., I’m talking about their younger selves. (I just don’t wanna put “young” in front of their names each time.)



1. The Winx and Roxy promise to help Faragonda find her Digmole. In Wizgiz’s classroom, teacher’s pet Kalshara shows off by turning into a bird, which Bloom recognizes as the thief who stole the last Digmole from The Alfea Natural Park. Wizgiz kicks Faragonda out and dismisses Kalshara for good behavior. As they head back to their dorm, Kalshara convinces her that by reading the Tome of Nature, she can figure out where her Digmole went.
I’ll save my thoughts about these scenes for later.

2. Faragonda sneaks into Mavilla’s office while she’s away and steals the Tome. The headmistress’s pet lions almost catch her, but she uses her magic to turn them into harmless widdle cubs. D’aww! She heads back to her dorm.
Faragonda snuck into her future office? That’s ironic! Nothing stood out to me about this scene, except…the Pelletfly’s joke! “Wait for the beak?” It cracks me up every time! 😛 I love puns, and the delivery was perfect. Kudos to Mavilla’s voice actress!

3. According to the Tome of Nature, Digmoles live in the Valley of Fruit. Faragonda starts to feel guilty and wants to put the book back, but Kalshara “promises” to return it for her. The future headmistress believes her and leaves to find the Winx. Kalshara rips out a page, uses the spell on it to enter the Fairy Animals’ Hall, and absorbs the Wild Magic stored there.

Oh, Faragonda! You’re so naive! Never trust someone who does something fishy, then tells you to trust them! 😛

I wasn’t impressed with the Fairy Animals’ Hall scene. We’re just three episodes in, and we’ve already seen two, new secret rooms? And why should a bubble of Wild Magic be so easy to get to if it’s so dangerous? Alfea has a lot of safety issues!

4. Without the Wild Magic, all the Fairy Animals at Alfea go nuts. Faragonda thinks this is her fault, but before she can tell the Winx what she did, Mavilla shows up holding the Tome of Nature. Busted! Just then, Bloom sees the bird Kalshara turned into in Wizgiz’s class flying away. The Winx, Faragonda, Roxy, and Mavilla decide to head to the Valley of Fruit to “restore order to the Fairy Animal world.”

What did the Digmoles have to do with this scene? Yes, now we know Kalshara was after them, but Faragonda didn’t know that, so why would she suggest going to the Valley of Fruit? I think it would have made more sense if someone — maybe Bloom — had said, “Let’s follow Kalshara and see where she goes.” Otherwise, it seems like Faragonda was only thinking about her own problems.


5. Kalshara finds Brafilius asleep in the Valley of Fruit. Against his wishes, she uses a diamond laced with Wild Magic to turn him into a dog. While he’s stumbling around chasing Digmoles, our heroes show up. Brafilius uses his new powers to summon the Giant of the Valley to capture the little Fairy Animals, and Roxy and the Winx transform to save them. Meanwhile, Kalshara tries to attack Mavilla. Faragonda turns her into a cub and tries to cage her, but Brafilius snatches her away with his hat and disappears.

I liked it when Kalshara turned Brafilius into a dog (before he started chasing the Digmoles). Sounded like he didn’t wanna be involved in her plans anymore. I wonder if he’s still mad at her for this on him.

One question, though: did he have magic powers before he became an animal? I’m guessing he didn’t. That might explain why he couldn’t use them well.

6. The Winx’s spells aren’t working on the giant because it’s protected by nature. Roxy and Aisha come up with a plan: attack its arms to free the Digmoles and let them defend themselves. It works. The Digmoles dig the giant to pieces! The magic that protected it is released onto the Winx, and they become Butterflix fairies! Faragonda lets her Digmole go, and Mavilla thanks the Winx for helping her realize the Fairy Animals should be free. She decides to erase the memories of everyone at Alfea so no one can abuse these animals again.

I’ll talk about this in the next section, too.


My head hurts! Way too much happened in this episode! It’s like Rainbow was trying to fit the whole background of the season into twenty-two minutes — which is exactly what they did.

When I got to the scene when the animals went crazy, I wasn’t tracking the time so I thought the episode was almost over. That was just halfway! I’d already written as many notes as I end up with for most full episodes!

I wish they’d spread some of these scenes out more. For example, Faragonda could have stolen the book in “Young Fairies Grow Up” after she wrecked the exhibition. Earning Butterflix definitely could have waited. Three episodes in and the Winx already have a new form? That’s the soonest ever!


Speaking of Butterflix…are you kidding me? The Winx got it by breaking up a golem “protected by nature?” 😕 Talk about random! True story: I thought they were gonna get it from those flowers Aisha and Tecna were looking at in the first episode. At least there were butterflies on them!

Also, I call baloney on Mavilla’s “defenders of nature” speech. It was a blatant middle finger to Roxy. She’s the Fairy of Animals! Besides Flora, she’s the ultimate defender of nature! We saw her get bathed in the Butterflix light, too, but she didn’t change.

Why, Rainbow? What do you have against her getting new transformations? Is she doomed to stay a Charmix/”Magic Winx”/Believix/who-knows-what fairy forever?

Oh, wait. She has a Butterflix form in Nick’s new season seven game. Sigh. Are you trolling us, Rainbow? 🙁

That’s enough about what I didn’t like — for now. I don’t think this episode was terrible. Let’s talk about a few things I did like.


First of all, I loved the twist (if you can call it that) of Kalshara having learned shapeshifting at Alfea. Even though we knew she was a student, I didn’t consider that possibility. To me, this is one of the best ways Wizgiz’s lessons have been used in the plot of a season.

Second thing I loved: Wizgiz! I remember on a past version of, it said he’s been teaching at Alfea for 1,000 years! I wonder how he feels having a couple of his old students as bosses now! It puts a new spin on their relationships.

I feel like Wizgiz has been ignored lately. (I’ve written about this before.) We don’t often see the Winx what they learned from him — or so I thought. When Faragonda turned Mavilla’s lions into cubs, she called that metamorphosymbiosis (say that five times fast). I guess it’s not just about transforming yourself, but other objects and beings, too. In that case, the Winx have done that a lot.


Finally, I loved young Faragonda. She was late to class, clumsy with her magic, and too naive not to trust her creepy roommate, but she still had the spunk and charm of her present-day self. This was the girl who became Alfea’s headmistress and a member of the Company of Light. Nice to see how far she’s come. 🙂

A question I’ve heard a lot since this episode is, “Wasn’t Faragonda once a witch?” That’s another nugget from a past version of If she was a fairy in this episode, that contradicts it, right?

Not really. We don’t know how old she was at this time or what year this was for her at Alfea. Why couldn’t she have studied at Cloud Tower before this? Mirta was a witch-turned-fairy, too, but she didn’t join Alfea until the year the Winx graduated. Then she stayed until the end of season five, when she supposedly graduated herself.

Also, like I said, Faragonda was clumsy with her magic. Was she still getting used to being a fairy now? It’s not impossible.

If there’s anything else I didn’t like, it’s the ending. How convenient, Winx. Now no one will remember your trip to the past.

I’ll let it slide, though. Rainbow knew it was a cop-out, which is why Bloom lampshaded it by acting surprised. I just hope on the Winx’s future adventures in the past, they’ll have to own up to whatever damage they do to history.

Verdict: Okay episode. Points off for too many plot events and for the lame way the Winx earned Butterflix. 


Next episode: “The First Color of the Universe.” On opening day of the Alfea Natural Park, the Digmoles give Roxy and the Winx a riddle: “amongst the many, find the animal with the first color of the universe.” They start searching the park with the help of their boyfriends, but Brafilius uses a Digmole’s magic to sneak in and cause chaos. Stay tuned for the next review!


  • The Winx and Roxy. Sigh. 🙁
  • Of course, Stella would be the one to almost blow their cover.
  • It’s rare for a Digmole to bond with a fairy? That Digmole in the park didn’t seem afraid of you, Roxy.
  • Metamorphosymbiosis? Who calls it that? It’s such a mouthful! I wonder if Wizgiz taught it back then, too.
  • I knew it! It is Wizgiz!
  • Why are there extra seats for the Winx? Did the students who should be there skip the exam?
  • Wow, this is making me miss Wizgiz’s class even more. This feels a bit like season one. His class was the first one we saw. 🙂
  • Faragonda already wants to be headmistress? That doesn’t seem like a goal a teenager would have. 😛 She must love this school!
  • Her comment made him think of snails, so he turned into one. Clever. 😛
  • Kalshara’s the teacher’s pet? Interesting.
  • That’s right, Bloom! Kalshara took the Digmole!
  • All the students have to do is come to class, turn into something, then they get to leave? I wish my exams were that easy!
  • Wizgiz: “And you too, young lady. Leave my classroom and don’t come back until you’re recovered your Digmole.” That was harsh. Poor Faragonda.
  • Kalshara and Faragonda were friends?
  • This bird’s Mavilla’s answering machine? I don’t know if that’s cool or creepy.
  • Did it say, “Wait for the beak?” That’s hilarious!
  • Whoa! I know she’s stealing the book, but why would those beasts attack a student?
  • “Animal Transform?” Okay. Simple.
  • Kalshara’s room is cool.
  • Kalshara and Faragonda are roommates? That’s even better! Or worse…
  • If someone says, “You can trust me,” it means you can’t trust them. 😛
  • The Alfea Underfloors again? Good to see them reusing stuff from past seasons.
  • Kalshara, dropping a page from a book you weren’t so supposed to have is stupid. It’s like saying, “Yeah, I did it. Here’s evidence.”
  • The dialogue in this episode isn’t as good as the last two. 😕
  • The Wild Magic turned her into an animal and an older woman. 😛
  • The Wild Magic creates a mental connection to all animals? Or some kind of animal encyclopedia? Weird.
  • A crystalized Digmole? What was that about?
  • Anddd Faragonda’s busted.
  • I’m only halfway into this episode, and I’ve written this much?
  • What’s Brafilius doing there?
  • Was that gem she jammed into him the Dark Diamond? I couldn’t tell.
  • Where did Roxy go?
  • There she is! And she transformed with the Bloomix music!
  • Does the giant count as an animal?
  • Roxy actually attacked it! (No spell name, though.)
  • Brafilius K.O.!
  • Go, Faragonda! 😀
  • The giant’s protected by nature? What does that mean?
  • The Digmoles dug it to death! 😛
  • What? That’s how they earn Butterflix? That makes no sense!
  • No “Name, Fairy of Power Source” this time?
    – Cue the dancing. I’m gonna get sick of this fast. 😕
  • They made nature happy, so it gave them a new power?  Okay…I guess. (Not you, Roxy, because Rainbow hates you.)
  • Why does Faragonda’s Digmole look so different from the others?
  • She let it go. Aw. 🙁
  • Mavilla’s gonna erase everyone’s memories? That’s convenient. 😛
  • It’s the boys! And Daphne! Nex and Thoren have new outfits! I guess they’re gonna be called Specialists from now on, since that seems to mean “guy” now.

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42 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X03: “Butterflix”

  1. Thoughts and headcanon:
    -all the students have animals except Kalshara, where’s hers?

    -Alfea has a lot of big doors that nobody ever notices. New headcanon: it’s a magical building so it really does change around depending who’s looking for what, and there are a lot of rooms that previous headmistresses built and sort of forgot about and nobody’s found the doors in ages so who knows what’s behind them…

    -Wizgiz is Scottish all of a sudden! It’s so cool that we got to see him in the past.

    -I love how badass young Faragonda is, turning Mavilla’s beautiful tigers into kittens, then turning Kalshara into a kitten. She’s kind of comic and bumbling and then you see the badass underneath, it’s great characterization for the future headmistress.

    -Ok, Kalshara wild-magic-ifying her brother against his will was mega-unethical. Also if they’re teenagers, I wonder where their parents are. And why does Kalshara put her evil plans on ice for a hundred years or so before reappearing to do evil? Maybe they got stuck in suspended animation somehow, that seems to happen to people in the Winx ‘verse.

    -But Mavilla erasing everyone’s memory without asking is even MORE unethical! Don’t just decide something that important for other people! New headcanon: when Mavilla died of old age her memory spell started to crumble and some of Faragonda’s classmates are going to come looking for their pets in the future…

    -But the prize for unethicalness goes to the Magic Universe itself; it was Roxy’s idea to use the digmoles to fight the giant! She had more right to Butterflix than the Winx did! u_u I really love Roxy’s place in this season, I think it works really well but this particular moment here, maybe the writers didn’t think it through.

    -Those spikes they get Butterflix from are a strange design choice. They’re… spikes. I look at the picture and expect something more mystical. Stonehenge or something.

  2. First off: Roxy was there defending the fairy animals. She should have earned Butterflix. But if they did, then all the paranoia about “is-Roxy-a-Winx” would be over, and it seems like Rainbow doesn’t want that to happen.

    Also, about Mavilla erasing everyone’s memories. (Keep in mind that it’s been a while since I’ve seen this episode, so I may be way off base.) So, does everyone just think that Kalshara disappeared for no reason? To quote the great Kenan Thompson: “What’s up with that?”

    Oh, and great to see Wizgiz again. Also, I think I heard Kalshara call Brafilius a wizard during the scene when she gave him the Wild Magic, so maybe he’s just a remarkably bad wizard.

    • I think all the memories related to Kalshara were deleted as well, so nobody will even remember she existed.

  3. Also, I find it extremely ironic that you posted an episode review on the 12th anniversary of Winx Club.

  4. Are you kidding me rainbow? Roxy and Aisha are the only ones who even had rights to the Butterflix! I didn’t see the others trying to do a thing! You really need to stop messing with us about Roxy, just give her a new pair of wings already. I am sick of her being a who knows what fairy! (Marketing says believix continuity says Charmix oy my head hurts!) The good Kalshara is getting more serious as time goes on, pellicat phone? Cool pun too. I’m not sure anything else in this episode is good aside from Brafilius doing something…the rest of it’s down right creepy.

  5. My theory on Roxy not getting Butterflux is that she hasn’t got Enchantix yet. I’d love to see her get Enchantix, if nothing else.
    As for the butterflix dance sequence, don’t worry about it, it gets abbreviated a bit like all the transformations.

    • i don’t think she could earn enchantix you have to save someone from your planet/dimension to earn it and the winx have already done that for her in season 4 so i’m going to go with believix or else its her final fairy form because if you look at all the other earth fairies they all have big wings

      • You can’t get believix without having Enchantix first. I think (I don’t know) Roxy’s transformation is either a Believix styled charmix so she wouldn’t look out of place amongst the Winx, or an incomplete Believix (as she didn’t have Zoomix, Tracix or Speedix wings).

        • I think it goes back to the season four marketing tactics. Roxy only knew believix looks but she’s a Charmix fairy by standards of continuity. Bloom did say it’s too dangerous to do the things that they do without Believix powers in season 4 which i call baloney on especially since she did those exact same risky things when she was a Charmix fairy. That’s the only thing i really hold against her, because that literally came out of nowhere. Seriously aren’t Charmix fairies quite capable if a little weak?

  6. Believe me, the way the Winx earn Tynix is a lot worse. they didn’t even do anything, it was more Roxy.
    I am also not happy about what is happening with Roxy. Yes it is good she got a role but how can she even help the Winx when she doesn’t get the transformation that she needs to actually be able to help?

    • Roxy is helping the Winx the same way Daphne is, in an advisory role, the only reason why Daphne joins in battle occasionally is because she’s a Sirenix fairy.

    • One could argue that they actually did work for Tynix. Didn’t they spend the entire first half of the season messing around with time and space to find and bond with the Fairy Animals (even though it wasn’t initially their intent to do so)? And thanks to that the Fairy Animals gave them Tynix powers. If they didn’t do all that running around and bonding earlier, they wouldn’t have found the Fairy Animals who would later give them the transformation.

      • Yeah they indirectly did something. But it didn’t seem right to me. It was the Fairy Animal’s effort.

      • I hadn’t seen it this way, but it actually makes sense, it is kinda like Charmix, they didn’t know about it but they eventually earned it anyway.

  7. Oh god, I’ve waited for some time to rant about this. The way the Winx earned Butterflix was painful to watch, but not because they got it from a couple of glowing spikes after proving themselves as “defenders of nature” or whatever. It’s because Roxy participated in the battle too, not to mention she’s the flipping fairy of animals, and yet the magical light and sparkles selectively ignored her when it decided to grant the girls Butterflix.

    And then we have a shot of the Winx in their new fairy form. With Roxy still in her who-knows-what form standing right next to them. It would be kind of funny if it wasn’t so frustrating.

    Best of all, we still don’t know if Roxy’s fairy form is the basic one or Believix.

  8. The fact that Roxy didn’t get a new transformation annoys me to no end. If she is a Believix fairy, then getting Butterflix should be a cinch. However if she’s a Charmix, I’m going with Charmix here because she is a third year student now considering that she joined Alfea in season 5, the least they can do is give her Enchantix.

    Trust me Oblivious, the way that the Winx get Tynix is way, way worse. They really don’t do anything much to earn their transformations anymore, which has been a problem since season 4 when they don’t do anything to get Sophix or Lovix.

    I really have given up on the Winx , I’m still waiting for WOW though, because the promotional pictures seemed intriguing.

  9. The sparkling butterflies flew around all of them and…


    Roxy got nothing?????

    At first I thought Rainbow didn’t want to waste a new transformation sequence that just happened only twice…

    But it really did happen only twice???

    Please! In the previous episode, Roxy got a stone of memories, two new outfits and even transformed for the first time since season 4. It felt like she really was the seventh Winx. How could you put her down immediately like that???

  10. I really can’t stand Butterflix. I like Musa’s though. The stock art is nice too. But it’s my least favourite transformation after Enchantix.

    As for the episode, I agree, its okay. Roxy deserved Butterflix, hers probably would have looked good.

  11. Wait a minute…

    I seem to remember that Mirta joined Alfea and became a Fairy during Season II, not after the Winx Club graduated.

      • Mirta went with the Winx to Cloud Tower in the same manner as Roxy and Daphne do. She was at Alfea during season 2, also Flora gave direct confirmation of that in season 1’s pre-party scene. “I hear you’ll be a freshman at Alfea next year!” We just didn’t see her Charmix until season 3.

        • Okay, I rewatched it in both dubs. It’s in the 4Kids dub that Musa (not Flora) says to Mirta, “Hey, I heard you’ll be here next year!” Then Mirta tells Lucy she’ll be an exchange student at Alfea.

          In the RAI dub, though, it’s not directly stated Mirta will be attending Alfea. Her conversation with Lucy seems to hint at it, but it’s vague at best. She asks Lucy if she wants to stay at Alfea with her, but Lucy refuses.

          They may have been talking about the party, though, not attending Alfea. Faragonda tells them both to cheer up because they’re going back home, but after that the witches return to Cloud Tower without Mirta. Like I said, it’s vague.

          • That line does make more sense from Musa iguess, however season 2 also confirmed Mirta at Alfea for good during several episodes Red Fountain concert where she is with the Winx and the cloud tower arc being shown on Faragonda’s side of the desks going to Cloudtower and finally when Lucy asks if mirta wants her to be a fairy Mirta answers with an implied yes (rai dub) but leaves the option as Lucy’s (which Lucy would have been safer to take it, witches seem to be jokes since season 3, Griffin must be slipping in her old age she’s what 300-ish? Or at least around the same age as Faragonda is which might be that high too) and although Lucy declined she had no problems with Mirta’s thinking about fairies and witches getting along.

          • Aye. Thanks! I haven’t watched the series in a while. I need to rewatch the RAI Seasons II and III.

      • Well, we saw Mirta as a fairy in S3, which means she is already at Alfea, so she joined Alfea AT LEAST in S3, and the Winx hadn’t graduated yet.

  12. Like a lot of Roxy-fans, I was so ticked off at this episode. Rainbow was giving us false hopes when they decided to give Roxy her own Time traveling and classy Alfea outfits to match the others. But then she doesn’t get Butterflix. Why?! Roxy was right there with the Winx, doing the exact same thing with them by freeing the Digmoles. They even bathed her Butterflix light and she doesn’t get one? I don’t buy the theory that Roxy didn’t get one because she didn’t have Enchantix or those previous transformations. Overall, this was an okay episode, but the no-Butteflix for Roxy was a big slap in the face. Yes, I was expecting it, but when Rainbow raised your hopes up with clues and proofs that she should…it hurts and it stings.

      • Didn’t Bloom say something in season 4 about Earth fairies possibly not being able to advance beyond whatever they have due to being significantly weaker than Linphean fairies (who as far as we know are the punching bags)? That might have something to do with it, Nick giving her that Butterflix form though is really making me want to hate rainbow at the moment. Really now? Why is it that Earth fairies can’t go past whatever it is they have? Neither Bloom nor Rainbow ever elaborated on that and if it’s so important wouldn’t Bloom bother to explain that? Hopefully next season Roxy (and maybe Daphne) will get something other than just new outfits.

          • I think it was in the same episode where she confirmed Roxy as a Charmix fairy point blank (4×19) if not it was shortly after (in 4×20-23 territory). If that is the case we can be certain about Roxy never getting anything beyond Charmix (like everyone else that isn’t a Winx or Daphne). If Bloom didn’t say it and my memory is fuzzy on either dub then we can assume Rainbow just wants to mess with us (which is more likely, saying yes Roxy’s a Winx but she’s still the teenage sidekick, um Aisha didn’t get treated that way don’t treat Roxy any different! Arrgh! Those blockheads!)

  13. Whoa! I had no idea that Faragonda was once a witch, was it stated in the seasons or only in the former Winx Club page? Anyway, what if it was some time after this episode? That would explain why she was Griffin’s friend, maybe she didn’t feel appreciated at Alfea and then decided to go to Cloudtower and become a witch, but then she realized she wanted to be a fairy again, I’m just guessing.

    As for the transformation, I don’t know if I dislike more the design or the way they “earn” it, I mean, really? It was so simple, why they didn’t get Butterflix when they defeated Diana? The source of her power was nature too. Also, to be honest, I think there are already too many transformations, I would like there were a sort of “ultimate transformation” or something which were the last transformation and that there is no transformation after it and that they remain with this one for the rest of the series, of course it wouldn’t be Butterflix because of many reasons.

    Roxy not getting Butterflix, hmm, I think there are two possibilities:

    a) Roxy hasn’t earned Enchantix, therefore, she can’t get newer transformations.

    b) Terrestrial fairies work different. Well, all the terrestrial fairies we know have a fairy form which doesn’t match any known transformation [except Roxy, whose transformation looks like Believix, but we know it isn’t], that is maybe due to the differences between Earth fairies and Magic Dimension fairies. Do you remember that retcon in S6 about seven ancestral fairies which contradicted the story we knew about the Great Dragon and Arcadia being the first fairy? My guess is that the fairies from the Magic Dimension were created by the Great Dragon and, since the Earth isn’t part of the Magic Dimension nor is a magical planet, the terrestrial fairies came from the Legendarium World because, on Earth, they were only legends. Those different origins would make both kind of fairies very different from each other, with one of those differences being the fairy forms, with the terrestrial fairies having only one for their entire lives.

    Or maybe Rainbow is too lazy to give Roxy a new transformation, even though Butterflix looks almost the same for all of them.

    • The Ancestral fairies thing doesn’t outright contradict Arcadia or the great dragon, Arcadia looks and acts like Bloom’s ancestor (baby blue color scheme simple clothes talks like Bloom would had Bloom gone to the golden kingdom). The Dragon is simply just a legend himself that came right out of Acheron’s book and made a fairytale dimension somewhere in space. Given what we know about that my headcanon is that in addition to Arcadia there’s six other fairies that were the first Winx-like group in a storybook and wanted to be real,Acheron (before going off the deep end) did that for them by writing the mythix wands in and reading the story aloud. Then Arcadia was the first to cross over from earth and we know that she was first to flutter wings in the magic universe and was then followed by the other ancestral fairies. Eventually the seven fairies chose to set up magic kingdoms elsewhere and spread out from Earth. This would lead to the invention of the great dragon and the standard six counterparts choose to go with the dragon and make their own kingdoms, Arcadia chooses to wait until the very end of this process when Domino is established thus she is given the dragon flame and the dragon’s work is done and Arcadia no longer needed her wand since she had the flame. The other six got their magic from the planets they connected to while still having the old mythix wands however this was too much power and so they relinquished their wands to Roxy’s ancestor who agreed and put them in that nice glass case with each wand shifting shape to whoever would prove themselves worthy of it making the reasoning behind Mythix the exact reason behind Peter Parker. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

      • How old do you think Acheron is? The magic universe is as old as the normal universe, and so is The Great Dragon. Also, it would imply that almost all the magic in the universe comes from Earth, but we know it is the least magical planet. Besides, in a previous comment you said that terrestrial fairies were weaker than Linphean fairies, if all the fairies came from Earth, why did they sent to Earth the weakest fairies? And why would Acheron help the fairies? Also, the original legend says that the great dragon created the life in all the Magic Dimension, of course, it may refer only to more basic life, like animals or plants, but it also says that it was the royal family of Domino who kept the dragonflame.

        • Every villain starts off a hero…to quote Morgana “we are what we choose to be” Acheron only became bad because of whatever reason dictated that in his life, he could have been good before that just like most other villains probably were. Second Acheron is probably just over 100 for all we know, and the aging process for magical beings is super slow many over 100 characters only look middle aged (even with silver hair case in point DuFour who is one of the youngest teachers at alfea) at the most. As for why everyone would send their wands back to Earth here’s the reason. Earth fairies might not be very strong in magic but they have the best understanding of it because they were the first to experience it, remember how Roxy is smart enough to comprehend Believix and tell the Winx how to use it despite not being anything more than a charmix fairy using a believix look? That’s a good reason to trust someone with something that’s very dangerous, even in Captain planet you find that the youngest gets the most powerful weapon (yes Heart is the most powerful) because they know when and where it should be used, magic dimesion fairies take it for granted except maybe Bloom considering that she grew up when Earth didn’t have magic giving her the same understanding as Roxy about it. Also who says that Arcadia wasn’t royalty being the first fairy ever? The royal family of domino could have started with her and gone all the way down to Daphne & Bloom. As for why Earth is weak though? Earth just never cared to develop beyond “flying metahuman that shoots energy beams” because Earth is afraid of change and Roxy really shows signs of this too. There’s always more to every story than anyone thinks.

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