IMG_4502I know, I know. I’m extremely behind on these reviews. They take a while to write, so I started feeling overwhelmed. Plus, I always feel brain-fried and spacey while I’m in school.

Sorry, guys. Thanks for being patient with me. I’ll still review the whole season, but I won’t be anywhere near done when the last episode airs. (A lot of you have seen it all anyway, so maybe that’s okay.)

This review’s gonna look a little different to you. I’m trying to find the format that works best for me so I can churn these out faster, but still get most of my thoughts out. Let me know what you think.

When we — I mean, I — last left our heroes, they’d just gained the Butterflix power — everyone but Roxy 🙁 — and returned to the present. Now if I mention Kalshara, Brafilius, or Faragonda, I’ll be talking about their present-day selves.



1. Kalshara interrogates the Digmole (again), and Brafilius tries to help by casting a spell to make it speak human language. But the little guy still won’t talk.
At the risk of sounding like broken record: Why does Kalshara need Brafilius? She even used her own magic in this scene to move the Digmole’s cage. He’s useless.

Every now and then, he does something interesting, but most of the time, he’s just comic relief. I’d be okay with it if he were funny, but he’s not. He’s just silly. I wish Kalshara were the sole villain this season.

2. Meanwhile at Alfea, the Winx have brought a group of Digmoles to Faragonda’s office. Roxy casts her vocalization spell on them, and they give the fairies a riddle: “Amongst the many, find the animal with the first color of the Magic Universe. This is the only way to obtain the Fairy Animals’ Ultimate Power.” Searching for said animal will have to wait, since today’s the grand opening of The Alfea Natural Park. Unfortunately, the party planner, Stella, forgot all about it.

Wait a minute. Did the Winx changed time? Digmoles were nearly extinct, and now they’re everywhere. Did saving them from that giant change their fate? And were Kalshara and Brafilius the ones who nearly wiped out their species?

It’s also possible they were never extinct, and the Winx now knew where to find them. I doubt that, though. Anyone who’s studied Digmoles would know to look underground. Why would they have looked for them all this time?

I’m not sure which of my theories is correct — or if they’re both wrong. All I know is the Winx changed something. Bloom said it herself. Why would Faragonda trust them with the Stones after that? Clearly, they can’t handle the responsibility.

At least this was a small change that didn’t wreck history, and they figured out what Kalshara and Brafilius are after. I love seeing Roxy use her magic. She learned that vocalization spell way back in season four (though it was weak). Last season, she perfected it with Griffin the crow, and now she can use it easily. It’s nice to see how far she’s come as a fairy. 🙂


3. The party in the park starts late. The Winx say hi to their boyfriends. Newly-single Musa feels left out of the love, but Bloom cheers her up in time for the grand opening magic show.
Hi, guys. Glad you could make it. I think this is the latest first appearance in any season. Rainbow really is pushing them into the background. 😕

They’re wearing their season five outfits again — except Nex, of course, who’s got a brand-new look. I think it suits him. I love how the Specialists are in sneakers, but he’s in hiking boots, proving he’s the outdoorsy, athletic guy in the group. (Reminds me of Aisha in season two.)

I like his outfit now, but when I first saw it…I cracked up! The jacket, the necklace, the metal bracelets, the earrings (which he had all along). Can you say “cliché?” 😛

Search Google, and you’ll find tons of anime “bad boys” rocking this look. I’ll give you one for free. Last November, a movie called Digimon Adventure tri. — Saikai (Reunion) premiered in Japan. (Yep, I brought up Digimon again. I love that series.) Take a look at one of “bad boy” Yamato’s (Matt) new outfits. I guess he and Nex shop at the same store. 😛

I have something else to say about Nex, but I put it under “Other Thoughts.”

Along with a new main character, we have two relationship changes this season. Aisha and Nex are officially a couple, and Roy has disappeared. I still hear complaints about it, mainly from the fans who hate Nex, but…they’ll get over it. 😛

I mentioned the other change in the scene recap: Musa’s now single. Rainbow stepped on MuRi fans’ hearts again when she said she and Riven “weren’t made for one another.” You know I agree with her, but the shippers are still in mourning and waiting for him to return. (Wow, that sounds familiar.)

Things got worse a few episodes later when Orlando was introduced. Poor guy. I’ll have lots to say about him when I get to those reviews. Here’s a preview. Because the fans just saw him as a threat to MuRi, they overlooked the most important aspect of his character. I can’t believe no one mentioned it all this time. I’m disappointed.

4. The Winx ask the guys to help with their mission. Meanwhile, Brafilius sneaks into the park using the Digmole’s magic to cross the barrier. But thanks to his clumsiness, the Fairy Animal escapes from him.

Something dawned on me as I was writing this. If Brafilius knows the riddle, that means he and Kalshara finally got the Digmole to talk. Either his spell worked (not to give him too much credit), or they did something cruel to the little guy. Or both. Let’s not think about it. 😛

5. The gang finds a large, sleeping tortoise. Other Fairy Animals live alongside it and create a magic lullaby that keeps him asleep. Because it’s old and has a dark shell, Tecna thinks it might be the animal they’re looking for. (She thinks the riddle means the universe was once covered in darkness.) But waking it up would disturb the balance of nature. As they’re trying to figure out another option, the Digmole finds them. Under Roxy’s vocalization spell, it warns them Brafilius is in the park. Bloom wants to fight him. Roxy thinks they should focus on the mission and let the Fairy Animals protect themselves. Since the two can’t agree, Roxy leaves the group to do her own thing.

Did this tortoise look familiar to you?


No, they’re not exactly the same. But my point is this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a giant tortoise with an ecosystem on its back. Like I said before, Fairy Animals aren’t a new concept in this show. They’ve always been around. Rainbow just ignored them until now.

Moving on to Bloom and Roxy’s fight — wait, was that a fight? It didn’t feel like a big enough deal for Roxy to react the way she did. Then again, we know she can be stubborn and hypersensitive sometimes. She stormed off once in season four, too, so this wasn’t out of character.

But why didn’t anyone go after her? They talked about it, but no one moved. Did they want the dopey dog wizard to find her? 😕

You could argue they got sidetracked by what happened next, but they had a few moments before it started. Even then, one or two of them could have gone looking for her. Clearly, the writers just wanted her to end up alone.

6. Brafilius uses the gem on his hat to analyze the tortoise. This wakes it up, and it starts shooting energy beams out of its back! The guys go into attack mode (as usual), but the Winx wanna use a gentler method to calm it down. They transform and protect the guys as they gather the animals that ran away during the chaos. Bloom uses her special spell, Freedom Enchantment, to help them restart the lullaby. Soon, the tortoise falls asleep again. 
That was random. I know the Winx have to save the day each episodes, but this just felt unnecessary. I don’t think they all needed to transform. Bloom could have handled this herself.


7. Elsewhere in the park, Roxy’s looking for the oldest animal. She comes across a Highedgehog, an ancient creature but not the most ancient. Her next guess is an extinct species called the Cry-Cry. She decides to travel back to prehistoric Magix to find it, but before she can activate her Stone, Brafilius uses his hat to steal it and the Digmole! Roxy finds the others and tells them the bad news.
Let me gets this straight. First, Roxy — the Fairy of Animals — doesn’t get Butterflix because…the writers said so. Then one episode later, she gets her Stone of Memories taken, which means she can’t join the Winx on their missions anymore.

What was all the hype about her for? Wasn’t this supposed to be her big reintroduction to the show? She’s still a side character! Thanks for getting our hopes up, Rainbow!


The Guys’ New Voices

The Winx’s new voices are…okay. The guys? I think Rainbow told DuArt, “Just cast whoever.”

Brandon, Helia, and Timmy aren’t bad (except Helia sounded weird in one scene). Sky and Nex sound awful. They sound like teenage meatheads, which almost works for Nex but not for Sky. The actors need try different voices for them.

Winx 704 -- Timmy, Brandon, Helia, Nex

Is Nex “The New Riven?”

When this episode premiered in Greece last May, some fans watched Nex’s behavior and said, “Yep, he’s the new Riven all right.” They’re still saying it now. I can’t believe people still think that about him. Some fans are 100 percent convinced, and they blew his joke about Stella being late way out of proportion. How dare he insult her like that! 🙄 (Wait…she was late, wasn’t she? :?)

Whether you like Nex or not, this idea he’s “like Riven/replaced Riven” needs to die. I’m not just saying that because I disagree with it. It’s a distraction now. While the fans were busy shoehorning him into that role, they missed what Rainbow was really doing with his character. If they’d paid attention, they’d know what Nex’s true role is.

I’ll talk about it more in a different post. For now, here’s a hint. Take note of who Nex is with each episode and how he interacts with them. Keep in mind why he’s here in the first place. You might figure it out before I finish my post. 😉


What’s Wrong With Flora and Helia?

I don’t mind a little conflict between these two, since there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. I found a quote not long ago: “A relationship without arguments is a relationship with a lot of secrets.” (I don’t know who said it, but it makes sense.) If that’s true, this couple’s hiding a lot from each other.

But why is it when they fight, Helia acts like a different person? I know that happens sometimes. When someone’s angry, they don’t always act the way you’d expect them to. But this felt out of character for him.

Helia’s usually patient and self-controlled. I don’t know what got into him, but I didn’t like it. But I also don’t like the fans saying he was “acting like a jerk.” Stop using that term around every time a guy cops an attitude!

I still wish we knew why he was acting like this. Why did he wanna wake the tortoise up so badly? Did he wanna prove a point to Flora? 😕


Overall, this episode bored me. I was glad to see the guys, but I knew they’d show up eventually. And it doesn’t make up for Rainbow pushing Roxy further into the background.



Following Roxy’s advice, the Winx travel back to prehistoric Magix to find the Cry-Cries. They babysit a newborn dinosaur, Brafilius sics a giant spider on them, and Aisha makes a new friend. Yes, this episode aired weeks ago. I’m just setting you up for my next review. 😛 Stay tuned!


  • Back to the present!
  • Is Brafilius a shapeshifter, too?
  • That double voice thing is creepy!
  • Um, Kalshara, you were more intimidating as a lion. I don’t think you know how interrogation works. 😛
  • Brafilius considers himself a wizard? Um…no. =P
  • There’s that crystal Digmole again.
  • I wish Faragonda would stop forcing Roxy to help them. It makes it feel like she doesn’t belong with them, and she’s just a tagalong…which is true, I guess. 🙁
  • Stella forgot about a party?
  • You left this job to Stella, Faragonda. As long as you’ve known her, you should have known this would happen. 😛
  • Hi, guys!
  • Why are just last year’s freshmen and a couple fairies from season five here? Where’s everyone else?
  • Amazing event? I doubt that. =P
  • NEX: “She is amazing. Amazingly late!”
    Why were there two voices saying that line? Was someone else supposed to say that? It sounded like Roxy.
  • Wow! Bloom and Sky actually kissed! That’s already more physical affection than we saw in both Nick seasons!
  • Aw, Timmy! That was sweet! 🙂 But since when does he care about fashion? Since their date in season five? (Notice I didn’t say “first date!” )
  • That was cute, Flora, but a little different for you. 😛 More of this, you two.
  • Aisha and Nex are being sassy with each other. 😛 If this is what their relationship’s gonna be like, I like it. 😛
  • Musa’s voice got lighter all of a sudden.
  • Ouch. Sorry, MuRi shippers. You heard the girl.
  • MUSA: “Riven is no longer a part of my life, but I know it was the right choice.”
    I think you did, too. Find happiness, dear. There’s a lesson to be learned here, and we’ll understand it someday.
  • BLOOM: “Life has a way of leading us to focus mainly on ourselves — our own dreams, our own problems. But it’s important to remember that we can do good for others.”
    I don’t know if I liked this speech. Was she talking about Musa or Riven (or both)?
  • BLOOM: “Life is about loving and supporting one another.”
    Okay, that felt like a “take that” to Riven. 😛
  • Nice song.
  • Why is Nex being a troll today? 😛 (I’m with him. It wasn’t that great. 😛 )
  • No, guys. No action for you. =P (What was Helia doing? 😕 )
  • The Magic Universe was immersed in darkness? This is news to me. And why does that mean the guys will be helpful? They’re usually not. 😛
  • Oh, so Tecna was wrong?
  • Brafilius walked through the barrier with a Digmole next to him. It was that easy. Step up your game, Faragonda!
  • “Cool beans?” Never thought I hear that in this show.
  • You are not a great wizard, Brafilius! (Maybe he was before Kalshara changed him.)
  • “Fuzzbag?” 😕
  • The great wizard Brafilius wags his butt in the air!
  • Harmony between the Fairy Animals? That’s not supposed to be literal music, you know!
  • Whoa! What was Helia’s voice? Weird!
  • Why are you mad at him, Flora? 😕
  • The Digmole’s older than 2,000 years?
  • Why did Roxy leave over that? 😕
  • Geez, Helia! What’s with you, today?
  • The diamond on his hat can scan things?
  • How could Helia have done anything, Flora?
  • BRANDON: “Hey, nobody attacks our girlfriends, right, guys?”
    Then, Brandon and Nex protect Stella and Aisha…and Musa, who’s just there.
  • Right, guys. When in doubt, attack.
  • “Dance of the Tides?” Hmmmm… I like that name.
  • “Freedom Enchantment…?” Cool, but odd name.
  • I guess the magic music makes more sense now.
  • All the Winx can now do what only Roxy (or Flora) should be able to do. 🙁
  • The animals are fighting over who’s older? =/
  • So much for “Fairy Animals don’t attack each other.” I guess attacking with fruit is okay. 😛
  • The Cry-Cries are the most ancient series?
  • Poor Roxy…
  • Why are they calling Brafilius a wizard? I mean, I guess he is, but he’s so…pathetic. 😕

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75 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X04: “The First Color of The Universe”

  1. Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. I can identify with being stressed out because of school. Take your time.

    Now, as for the actual episode. I laughed so hard when the guys had their “Wait, we’re not gonna fight stuff?” moment. It felt a little out of character for at least one of them (*cough* Timmy!), but it was my type of humor.

    Oh, writers. Your animosity towards Roxy displeases me greatly. Just make her a Winx already. Please.

    Otherwise, I remember almost nothing about this episode. Well, there is one thing, but I can think of a better episode to mention it. I’ll elaborate then, whenever that may be.

      • I kinda wish that they’d remember that loke Sky,Brandon and Riven, Timmy also has a sword in addition to his gun and like the former three it matches his button color (yellow), it’s just really thin almost like a dagger. He should use it in more than just the two times he did (once to rescue his Lady second just to play lightball both in season three) maybe if Tecna got into situations more often.. that would also help Timmy be less geek, he can still use his blaster but he shouldn’t be limited to it, he’s supposed to be the guy’s batman and Batman doesn’t just use batarangs, so why should Timmy just be limited to guns and lasers?

  2. One boring episode. Also glad to see someone else who thought Roxy was being forced to take Daphne’s job this season at least this early (it gets better though) and Daphne was never told to assist the Winx she just did it because she loved her sister and her friends, thus making her honorary Winx. Faragonda’s trying to increase her importance in something that according to Bloom and the others she’s always been a part of but doesn’t like this whole magic business yet because it’s still weird to her and Bloom isn’t going to force her to go do something she doesn’t want to, it’s like Faragonda decides what/who a Winx is instead of Bloom or Aisha doing it (bloom and aisha tend to think you must have all the qualities of a true friend multiplied by 100,000 which means that you must be willing to die if necessary to be a Winx, Roxy just hasn’t had the chance to prove it yet, however the basic friend qualities she has). Faragonda’s pretty much forced Roxy to come back with the Winx since season 4. “When you come to Alfea” instead of “If you come.” We know that the Winx weren’t going to make Roxy (nor did they have too much plans about going back to Alfea, to Magic Dimension yes, but I think they were ready to move on to their own planets given that we started seeing more of them in season 5 & 6, specifically Andros and Domino given we’ve seen the most of them but also staying mostly on earth) come until she was ready. I think the in-universe reason for Roxy’s sidelining is to give her a chance to cool off and that’s why we didn’t get much interaction. She is like season 2 Bloom a scared and hot tempered young lady but her temper rival’s Stormy’s (how fitting that Stormy is playing her hehe!) so she blows fuses instead of moping like Bloom, i think i’ll sit around Bloom’s whining about non-existent problems more than Roxy’s rage fits. Faragonda must be the real villain here, What if she planned for everything to happen from the start and is just toying with our heroes? That’s something to think about.

    • I got a chuckle out of that last part. Faragonda’s the ultimate villain of Winx Club! Maybe she’s been trying to kill the Winx the whole time. That’s why she sends them on all these missions. She secretly hopes they won’t come back alive. 😛

      • Then maybe Faragonda shouldn’t send Bloom, Aisha and Tecna on quite so many missions hmm? Without Bloom there’s no insurance policy for coming back alive (even though all except for Roxy and Daphne have Sparx of the flame it’s not full insurance other than removing an off switch.), they are vegetables without Tecna (reminds everyone they have a brain even if it’s not as advanced as hers) and lack basic physical training without Aisha (who despite growing up around magic prefers working out), apparently she hasn’t figured that one out yet or has she? 😛

        • This theory makes me think of the ending of the Harry Potter series. *WARNING: HARRY POTTER SPOILERS AHEAD* Dumbledore knew Harry was a Horcrux the whole time, and he was planning for him to “die.” *END OF SPOILERS* Imagine if one of the Winx was in a similar situation and Faragonda and Griselda had been planning their end this whole time… DUN. DUN. DUUUUUH!

          • Well if Bloom is the new Great Dragon as the writers would like us to believe then it would explain why everyone but her friends and family want her dead. She’s just too darn good.

  3. this episode is the setup for the rest of the series and maybe icy did something to helia when she froze his heart i know daphne healed him but sometimes things like that will trigger hidden issues

  4. “Verdict. Overall, this episode bored me” You better save that line for later reviews of this season, you’re going to need it.

    C’mon, Winx! I was expecting to see five guys with magic weapons fighting a giant tortoise shooting energy beams from its back, why do you have to take the fun off of everything? :c By the way, the first time I saw this episode I actually believed it was the same tortoise [which I think it is a turtle, since it lives in water] from S1, I guess I was wrong.

    Also, Am I the only one who thinks all this “pushing away Roxy” feels kinda forced? It is like the writers were doing it on purpose just for the sake of gradually get rid of her, there wasn’t any reason for her to not to get Buterflix, and they could have figured out another way to make Brafilius go back in time, I am not fan of Roxy but I hate what they are doing to her.

    “…but most of the time, he[Brafilius]’s just comic relief. I’d be okay with it if he were funny, but he’s not. He’s just silly.” I couldn’t agree more on this. I think one of the reasons this season bored me was because of him, Kalshara barely faces the Winx directly, it is Brafilius who does most of the job, but he is lame and stupid. That’s why I think Butterflix is the weakest transformation so far, they couldn’t defeat such a weak pair of villains, one could think that they are really powerful and that’s why they weren’t defeated, but some episodes later “you-know-who” appear and Kalshara and Brafilius can do nothing but run away.

    Also, I know Musa made the best decision by leaving Riven, but I kinda feel bad for her being alone and sad. Besides, I don’t understand Flora and Helia’s behavior in this episode, it feels so out of character for them, they are just angry at nothing, or maybe they’re angry at something which happened before that scene.

  5. Hmm, I guess the writing hasn’t changed a ton… And so I’m debating on whether or not I want to watch season 7.
    I guess from reading this and the other review, I’m going to just check out Winx Club WOW when it comes out on Netflix. When they say the original show switched to an age range of… what was it? 5-8? Well, I guess they weren’t kidding. But idk ’cause when I was five I was smarter than that.

    But perhaps I will watch an episode or two, when WOW comes out, so I can compare the two shows.

  6. I agree Nex certainly isn’t the new Riven. But don’t you think Nex is the new and improved Riven? I mean he has the sarcastic, bad boy attitude of Riven but he’s not that big of a jerk.

      • I think a lot of the dislike towards Nex might have something to do with Nabu. I don’t think some people have recovered from his death yet.

        • That’s definitely true. But a lot of fans still compare him to Riven (or just call him a jerk), and that’s their reason for rejecting him and Aisha as a couple. Like I said, I don’t understand why that hasn’t died yet. He doesn’t act like Riven, and you can tell he’s more of a fun-loving guy. Arrogant and reckless sometimes? Yes, but Riven was worse than that.

          • Since season six reruns are happening on Nick Jr. right now, I recently got to rewatch “Bloomix Power.” You could tell Nex was experiencing some character development in that very episode. After the basilisk petrified Roy, Nex ran up to it, and he was petrified too. I’m not a hundred percent sure what it means, but I interpret it as, “Well, I kicked away a hoop earlier, the least I can do is try and fight this thing for petrifying him.” Any other thoughts?

          • I agree 100 percent. I think everything he did in that scene at Lynphea College was meant to redeem him, but the fanbase didn’t notice it. Instead, they only remembered the gym scene, and they’ve held a grudge against him ever since. I think Nex had other character development moments that season, but again the fans overlooked them. They only seem to remember negative things about him.

            The love triangle was poorly handled. I personally think it was a bad idea. Nex was the only guy who had to compete for Aisha from the start (Roy had a whole season with her before he showed up), and that damaged his reputation right away. He’s always been at a disadvantage in terms of fan approval.

          • The love triangle was handled poorly. It either should’ve not existed, or Nex and Roy should have been introduced in the same season.

            As for the half about the fans, I feel like our fanbase is becoming more and more negative every day. I don’t mean to upset anyone. We all have our own opinions. I just wish we could be a little more open of new things in the series.

          • Honestly, I wish the love triangle hadn’t happened. Not only has it created a silly “Jacob vs. Edward” debate, but it’s damaged Aisha’s reputation, too. I’ve seen people call her a wh*re for having so many love interests (and, in their minds, playing both Nex and Roy at the same time). But if Rainbow had to do it, I wish they had introduced both guys in the same season (preferably in season six to give her more time to mourn Nabu).

            Yes, the fanbase has become very negative. They’re against everything new or different, and they’re firmly stuck in the past. I also wish we’d be more open.

        • I never really got over Nabu’s death, and I honestly think his self sacrifice made me like his character more, but I never disliked Nex…
          I don’t really understand the hate towards him. I disliked Roy because it wasn’t even a whole season later and there he was, edging himself into Aisha’s life when both Aisha and the audience needed some more time to recover from Nabu. I honestly think leaving Aisha single for longer would have helped… But when Nex came along I felt like it was somewhat of a breath of fresh air from Roy. With Nex things felt less forced, and I felt like their relationship was more believable.

      • Yeah it’s a bit strange that after oh two years people are still going batty about Nex. I had my issues at first but by episode 16 of season 6 i could see that there never was that triangle fans thought there was, Roy was a friend, Nex was just being a bit brash because he like a guy who has a crush on a girl doesn’t have the guts to tell her until after Bloom leaves to go reflect on things with the killing Flora incident. I also don’t think any dating took place last season except for Brandon and Stella’s anniversary date and that date between Daphne and Thoren. Bloom and Aisha appeared to be way too focused on the mission which apparently is unhealthy for Bloom to go a full year without a date in some way (hopefully she did have some Sky time off screen, he felt more like escort in vortex rather than fiance last season and that was the only time they even tried to get away with dating.)

        • People are resistant to change. Nabu’s dead, and they haven’t accepted it yet. They had somewhat accepted Roy (probably because he seemed like Nabu), but then Nex showed up. I feel like Rainbow’s made a mess of Aisha’s love life. I think it would have better if they hadn’t introduced Roy, but then again, it was interesting for them to show a rebound relationship.

          As for Nex, I think the fanbase is still holding a grudge against him. That’s why they won’t accept him. Also, he’s the only new main character in the group right now. Some fans act like the characters from the first three/four seasons are part of an exclusive club, and he can’t join because he was introduced in the Nick era.

          It’s madness. I don’t think any new character has ever been treated this poorly. I’m hoping Nex will be in WoW, and he’ll do something there that will redeem him in the fans’ eyes.

          As for the dating thing, I’ll talk about that in the next review since that’s relevant to the episode.

          • Also yes, no new character was treated that badly. Even Daphne being revitalized wasn’t that much of hate, oh it was a big change because it supposedly messed with Bloom’s origin story but it was justified in that “well our canon is very loose and we aren’t totally commited to it.” Actually that might be the biggest problem here. Daphne alive because it feels like everything had been done already except dor patching Roxy (and maybe Mirta if she ever returns) back in and making it impossible for the winx to lose their powers. Once Roxy’s in what else is there to do besides bring Roxy up to Bloomix at least right?

  7. And about Orlando, I think what you were referring to is that people forgot to mention that he’s from the past and therefore can never have a relationship with Musa. Am I right?

      • I know what that something is he has one of the same interests as Musa and Critty is very important to him.

          • I thought for sure his “Musa’s Roy” personality would have been it. A lot of fans are saying Musa’s only allowed to be with abusive Riven (mainly because of one to one, even though heart of stone describes that relationship better) and call Jared (who is a better fit since we don’t know whether or not his romance with Alice lasted and like Roxy he’s not exactly disappeared just sidelined, i assume that Alice was a one night dance and he’s waiting for Musa) a creep forgetting Stella set up (an unwanted but probably later appreciated) blind date and it was hinted that Musa did have feelings for him towards the end of his intro ep.

          • I agree he was “Musa’s Roy” (so to speak), and it’s sad the fans want her to go to back to Riven, even though that relationship was doomed to fail. (Like you said, “Heart of Stone” describes it all perfectly.) But what I’m talking about doesn’t have as much to do with Musa’s brief “romance” with Orlando as it does with Orlando himself. It sounds like everyone’s forgotten about it. 😛

          • How about the fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself for Musa, and when it came to choosing sides between the guards and the girls, he helped the girls with great personal risk to himself. He didn’t even know her, but he was already willing to sacrifice himself for her. THAT’S a HERO. 🙂 I’m already planning a fanfic of him and Musa with a sort of inspiration from “back to the future”.

            I also agree that people need to cool down on Aisha/Layla’s love life. I still love Nabu, and in AU’s it’s okay to change the story and keep them together, but arguing about her love life show-wise is just assinine. SHE chose HER boyfriend, and if he makes her happy, I’m glad. I’m actually starting to see them flesh his character out a bit more in season seven, and I honestly think the reason fans hate so much on the new characters is how poorly the writers are introducing them. It was never handled this shoddy in season 1-4. I don’t think it’s nick, either. I think it’s because they’re shooting for a younger audience, where the focus is on “fun” “friendship” , and “cute”, rather then “story”, “relationships”, and “personality/character growth.” That’s just not the focus anymore. I understand it’s a kids show, but dumbing down Winx because “it’s a kids show” is just plain insulting. I can show any kid, right now, the first four seasons of Winx club, whichever dub, and they immediately love it. The previous 3 seasons, not so much…..

          • I agree with you. Orlando’s definitely a hero. But…that’s still not what I’m talking about. 😛 I guess it seemed like such a minor detail, people have forgotten about it. Hmmm….

            People will ship Aisha with Nabu forever because of his impact on the show. But I wish they could see the potential and meaning in Aisha and Nex’s relationship. There are a lot of interesting things about this couple, but maybe no one realizes it (or they don’t care). It’s like we’ve completely rejected them. There’s barely any fan art of them, and most of the fanfics write Nex out of her life (or rewrite the series) so she can be with Nabu again (or occasionally Roy).

            I guess I’m saying I wish the fanbase would be more open. This is a new phase of Aisha’s life, and every phase brings limitless possibilities. You’d think that would be a gold mine for fanfic writers, but no. They’re not interested in her future. They only care about her past. Like I said, people are resistant to change.

            Maybe if Nex had been introduced better, things would be different. One problem I can think of is how the romance has been toned down in recent seasons. Aisha and Nex haven’t even kissed yet! (Hardly any of the couples kiss anymore.) Maybe people just don’t believe they’re in love.

  8. Um…am I going insane, or have all the letter I’s disappeared from the comments?

    • Plus I don’t think Rainbow would take either of those risks given US standards and practices because we in the US tend to witch over everything whether or not we’re open to certain ideas. Killing heroes off and questionable methods of day saving is as dark as it needs to get.

      • If there was a gay character on Winx Club, I don’t think the world would shut up about it (even though in today’s world it’s completely likely the Winx would’ve run across an LGBTQ person by this point). We’d hear a bunch of “How dare you show my child this!” and etc. Like we do right now.

        • Exactly the Bloom Bloom Bloom Bloom thing and the complaints about “too skinny” and the fact that outfits are objectifying (despite what would qualify as anywhere close to it not being any worse than Flora’s Sophix and that would be the s1 casuals especially Stella’s.), insisting that the girls are just 1D and need a man (ahem Aisha definitely doesn’t need one if they ain’t going to treat her right) are enough in the complaint department let’s not add fuel to the fire.

          • To be honest, I would really like to see an LGBT character in Winx Club, for some reason I kinda see Mirta as a lesbian, and for a moment I though Palladium had a crush on Avalon in S2. I know it is a kids show, but I think this is a bigger reason to introduce LGBT romances, to teach people to tolerate since they are children. On the other hand, I agree with both of you, whiny parents have already too much material to complain about and it is not necessary to add more.

  9. Since we’re all trying to guess what the most important part of Orlando’s character, I think I’ll take a guess. Is it the fact that he loves music, like Musa?

      • Well since mostly everyone’s seen all episodes i suppose it’s okay to say what he is that everyone forgot but I didn’t want to spoil for the sake of the few who hadn’t. He’s a minstrel. He sings. The Italian word for both music and spells is “cantare” making him a “musical wizard” of sorts, Nabu was apparently a “wave wizard” due to his powers lining up with Aisha’s at least a time or two aside from random beams and his illusion trick that was similar to Darcy and Mirta, Orlando might have magic of his own and this has a lot to do with Musa because she’s so good at music and whenever she sings… well let’s ask Stormy what happens when you go up against a very enraged Musa who asks for backup singers, now that was just with non-regular singers but if Musa’s love interest had her same music interests like Orlando does what do you think would happen? Not only would the Trix just be blasted out of Alfea/Red Fountain/Cloudtower/Fruitti Music Bar or wherever they invaded, but it could quite possibly be just as strong as Bloom’s flame if not stronger. Bloom and Musa have this red oni/blue oni thing going on between them and we all know how that works.

        • I don’t think he has magic powers. He’s just a minstrel. And you might hate me, but that’s still not what I’m talking about.

          I’m starting to enjoy this. I feel like a bad person. 😛

          • The morphix surfboard in season 3, he duplicated one of her spells. Aisha was impressed by it especially since at the time that was her favorite move.

          • I guess he was just as board of the Trix as everyone else was and decided to annoy them the best way he could by duplicating his girl’s magic artificially.

          • My new train of thought is that this is probably something that would make it hard(er) for them to have a relationship. Am I even close?

          • Is it that both, Musa and Orlando, are somehow “connected” to the Quillcat? Is it something that only makes sense in japanese [eg. MuRi=Muri=impossible], considering that you like japanese? Is it that he kinda looks like Mark from Andy’s band [I know, I run out of ideas]? If not, my only guess is that someone already said it and you are just making us believe that no one has said it.

  10. I laugh in a sarcastic way whenever I see Winx Club on Nick. Jr., because that’s what this show has come to be- a little kid’s show. Bad dialogue, lazy animation, annoying plot holes, underrated characters- heck, with the treatment Nick has given it, Winx Club should be off of Nickelodeon entirely and with another company. For example: Hasbro and Discovery Family. Hasbro and Discovery Family have treated My Little Pony well, despite it’s fans jokingly calling it a “22 minute toy- commercial.” My Little Pony’s characters are well treated, both merchandise and show- wise, even to the point that some characters get full episodes and toy sets. In fact, Hasbro and Discovery Family do that with all of their shows, and I think they could do the same for Winx Club.

    • Discovery or Disney would be best. Winx already airs on Disney in Spain. Why not let the them take it for the rest of the world? Mickey Mouse Makes Marketing Madness (Try saying that five times fast) and Winx could use someone who knew how to do that. Winx also lends itself freely to some Disney marketing, like the princess line as honorary members (even though 5 are actually princess by birth and 3 aren’t) or honorary Disney Fairies members. Although Discovery would allow for the writing to get back to its old quality around season 3/4 ish style.

      • To be honest, I didn’t like how Disney toned down Marvel and Star Wars, and sometimes Hasbro/Discovery Family only makes fanservice [at least with MLP], but I think it is better than what Nickelodeon [and Rainbow itself] did to Winx club, and whichever of these two would sell more merchandise.

        • Disney would sell more especially if they could make the Winx honorary members of both the Disney Fairies and Disney Princesses. Not to mention how eay it would be to just stick the Winx in any form and have them “flying” around Orlando or Aniheim. They can wear believix on warm days and on the cooler ones they could always drag out Bloomix.

  11. I think they are trying to drag the story this way. Nex becames the new riven. And in s.8 they get musa a new bf who is none like the previous and in the specialist club nex takes place of the bad boy. Thats it, but we will have to wai since there was no ” musa ‘s bf ” in s 7.
    And what i was thinking that the girls may get completely new bf and families in wow.

    Ps do u want me to share your fb page on my fanpage. It may increase likes, ?

    • I’d be happy if you shared the page. Thanks a lot! 🙂

      I don’t think Nickbow was trying to make Nex like Riven at all. The “new Riven” thing was invented by the fanbase because of his bad first impression. Plus, calling him the “new Riven” disregards a pattern we’ve seen in this series since the first season. I’ll talk about that later.

      If any guys are in WoW, I’m sure it’ll be the same guys from the main series. Imagine if they gave the Winx different boyfriends. The fanbase would constantly be comparing them. “I think So-and-So is better than Sky because…” I don’t think Rainbow would want that. (And it’d get really messy for Aisha, since she’s had so many love interests already.)

      • Yes, the fanbase would go nuts if the Winx got new boyfriends in WoW. I’ll wait to talk about Nex until you write that post you keep talking about.

        I like the new layout. Especially the background. It reminds me of the scene where they earn Butterflix, due to the design of the butterflies.

      • Yeah let’s just keep it at the same guys. It’d get really ugly with Aisha she’s been through 2 like Bloom since we know that Roy was only a friend the whole time. No more than two possible love interests please. Just bring Jared or Mark back for Musa and leave it at that. There’s no need to get a fan war going over others. Also many people do prefer the old flame Andy to Sky for Bloom as is (the others put Roxy with Andy) so I don’t think it’s going to get any more messy than Stella and Brandon’s game is (they probably stopped that when Stella got the ring from Brandon).

      • but i am sick and tired of sky, and they are getting very boring. ( No offence boys). May be the boys will be once again introduced. that would be good.and they might have different origins like,,,,,,,,,,,,i dont Know

  12. But can we just talk about how the Winx’s ‘fashion’ has become absolutely horrible? Nobody wearing what they did recently would be taken seriously. I miss their third and fourth seasons, when what they wore did resemble what somebody could be wearing in real life, something that looked good, but was still practical, not something that would look extremely uncomfortable and ridiculous, especially since I am not a fan of their ‘coordinating’ outfits, it takes away from their individuality.

    • I don’t think Rainbow’s going for practicality or realism. The Winx are essentially animated fashion models, and no one would wear runway looks in everyday life. These outfits are supposed to be stylish, not comfortable.

  13. Not the best episodes I’ve seen of season seven either. I’m sorry, but those berry and fruit dresses the Winx wore looked ridiculous. They looked like a bunch of girls trying to help promote a brand new smoothie at Roxy’s family business on Earth, not a party for the Alfea’s Natural Park. And the “fight” between Helia and Flora was out of nowhere! During the song, Helia was playing with those cute little dough-liked birds by making them an origami flower, but when they started to swarm around his head and he tries to shoo them away, Flora just gave him an annoyed look. What the heck was that? Flora, why are you made at him? This episode wasn’t really bad, but it feels as if it was dragging…the lullaby scene with those hopping animals…that scene felt forever even though it was only about 50 seconds! I did like seeing how Aisha could control the water from flower fountains. Before, I think we’ve only ever seen her control Morphix or create a pink river, but never any blue water itself. I really would love to see her controlling a giant ocean wave or something like a real waterbender. LOL And unfortunately, the last scene where Roxy’s Stone of Memory was stolen felt like another big slap to the face. It’s bad enough that she didn’t get Butterflix even though she did the exact same thing the Winx did and was bathed in its magical light, but Rainbow is killing our hope of her ever joining the Winx on their missions like Daphne did in season six was a big nuisance.

    As for the new look of your blog itself…it’s nice but it’s took big. I have to constantly click and drag the screen from left to right whenever I finished reading one sentence of your post or anyone else’s comments. I’m just hoping this is not permanent.

    • I haven’t finished the blog layout yet, so there are a lot of problems with it. I’ve been working on it all day. Are you reading the blog on a mobile device? If so, I haven’t finished the mobile theme yet. That’s the problem.

      • I’m on an iPad, and it looks too small to me! Ah, well. You can’t please them all.

    • I think that this episode was meant to tell us something about Roxy that becomes evident later on when Daphne gets a better role than her silent cameo here. I also noticed that another theory i thought of was how they were going to fix the “3 fairies get along best with Bloom problem.” Simple fix is to take the girl Bloom considers her sister (Roxy) and Bloom’s actual sister (Daphne) and make them besties which is build up for a particular scene in episodes 23-26, Roxy was standing awfully close to Daphne in this episode that means that 1. She’ll eventually join 2. She’ll likely become a teacher in a future season because not only was Daphne next to her so was Palladium. Roxy’s never been with girls her age unless the plot required it and most of those girls were just filler people or plot device. Other than that Roxy’s hung out with the Winx and alfea staff off screen presumably. Rainbow’s just messing with us because they aren’t done with her yet but they want us to think that they are if you aren’t looking for clues in hidden places. That should make Roxy fans happier.

  14. The profile pictures in the comments are gigantic, but the table of contents is back.

    • Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering what was going on. I was working on the blog. I deleted all the styling and was trying to start over from scratch, but I couldn’t solve a problem I’ve discovered. I put the styling back for now. I’m gonna try again tomorrow. 🙁

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