School’s out for summer! 😀 I should have more time to blog now, but I might take a break for a few weeks. I haven’t decided yet because I don’t wanna miss the trailer and/or premiere of World of Winx (whenever that’s gonna be). I’ll let you know before I go.

Last episode, while the Winx were in prehistoric Magix, Aisha bonded with a Cry-Cry named Squonk. She decided to bring the little guy to the present. But he wasn’t the animal with the First Color of the Universe, so the mission continues.


1. While the Winx are in class (I’ll talk about that later), Aisha leaves Kiko and the Pixies on Squonk-sitting duty. Like all the other times the Winx have asked for their help, they fail. Cherie won’t stop yelling at him. Kiko accidentally bonks him in the head with a ball, which makes him and Piff cry. Finally, the Pixie of Weather can’t take it anymore and tries to zap Squonk with lightning! The little guy gets spooked and races into the school to find his new mommy, Aisha. The Pixies chase after him.
Hi, Pixies. Didn’t think you’d be in this season. Last time the Winx found new creatures to bond with, you guys went on vacation. I guess Rainbow was going for a record amount of cuteness, especially if you include the Mini-World animals.

Is it just me, or have the Pixies been useless since season three? All they’ve done is be cute, cause trouble, fly away from monsters, and dig a giant plot hole. I wish Rainbow had left them out this time. They only show up in a couple more episodes, and what do they do? Cause more trouble and be cute some more. Nothing important.

The only thing I liked in this scene was Cherie losing her temper. I haven’t watched much of PopPixie, but I know poor anger management was a hallmark of her character. When she gets mad, watch for stray lightning bolts! Did we see that side of her last season? I think she had a fight with Stormy, but anyone could get mad at her. 😛


2. Meanwhile in Wizgiz’s class, the wee professor is teaching a lesson on Wild Magic, which he says is “among the darkest magical practices of Metamorphosimbiosis.” If it gets out of control, it can make any living thing go savage. He’s about to do an experiment when Squonk bursts into the room, leaps into Aisha’s arms, and cries waterfalls of tears. She and Bloom apologize and send him away with the Pixies again.
I’ll say it now: why are the Winx in class? Are they students again, or are they teaching assistants (or teachers)? It feels like Rainbow can’t make up their minds. Even at the beginning of the season, Faragonda suggested they’re not students when she said they should set an example for the students. Yet they’re taking classes? 😕

I’m gonna echo what other fans have said: they may be in some sort of graduate program created for them. They get to learn more about magic, but they still have teaching/teacher’s assistant duties. Plus, it looks like their adventures are affecting the school’s curriculum. Wizgiz never taught them about Wild Magic before.

Whatever’s going on, I love seeing Alfea classes again. They were always one of my favorite parts of the show. Also, kudos to whoever wrote the English script for this episode and to the actor who voiced Wizgiz. I loved his lines in this scene.

3. The Winx visit Roxy to see if she’s got new info on Fairy Animals. She does (sort of). If Kalshara and Brafilius wanna find the animal with the First Color of the Universe, too, then whenever an animal’s in danger, it could be the one they’re after. Luckily, Roxy knows a way to detect when animals are in trouble. She’s created a universe-wise alarm system run by Yaffles, birds who can sense danger to all species. One of the Yaffles senses something threatening the Magiwolves on Lynphea. The Winx decide to go to Flora’s house to see if her parents can tell them what’s happening.
I skipped the scene before this, when Aisha was saying she felt like meeting Squonk was her destiny. Roxy brings this up again in a later episode. I couldn’t take it seriously at first because the Fairy Animals were so cutesy, but it felt more meaningful when we saw their true forms. I bet that was the point. It was almost like Rainbow was saying, “They look silly now, but just wait…”

Back to Roxy’s scene. Poor thing. 🙁 She’s been demoted from potential seventh Winx to mission control. It doesn’t feel right.

Yes, she has the strongest connection with animals, but wouldn’t that have been more useful out in the field? Think of all the times her magic could have helped them. For example, in “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11), she could have calmed down the tiger cubs. Or maybe she could have broken the Wild Magic spell possessing the poachers.

I think that’s why Rainbow sidelined her. They couldn’t make an animal-themed season without the Fairy of Animals, but she couldn’t be too involved or she’d upstage the Winx. Almost everything they did this season, she probably could have done herself.

That’s my issue with transformations that are based on one of the Winx’s powers. It makes sense for them to exist, since the Winx aren’t the only fairies with these power sources. But when all six (or seven) of them can do what normally only one of them can do, suddenly that girl isn’t special anymore.

Plus, you wonder why she needs that transformation. Did Flora need Sophix? It may have been the Gift of Wisdom, but it was nature-based. Did Aisha need Sirenix? She’s already a good swimmer, and she already draws power from the oceans. All she got out of the deal was a “special” spell and a key to the Infinite Ocean. And the biggest question of all: why on Earth did Bloom need Bloomix? It wouldn’t even have existed without her! 😕



Even if I hate the purpose of it, Roxy’s threat detection system is cool enough. It makes me think of a Mega Man X game stage select screen. Roxy’s like Alia, detecting Mavericks loose in a remote area and sending the Maverick Hunters out to —

Okay, I’ll stop. My nerd is showing. 😛

4. When the Winx reach Flora’s house, they see her parents — Rollos and Alyssa — taking care of a pair of Magiwolves. After Bloom accidentally gets Alyssa off on a tangent about plants (like mother, like daughter), Flora tells her parents why they’ve come. Rollos says the Magiwolves are being infected by spores from mutated fungi. The two Magiwolves the couple healed offer to lead the Winx to where the mutation began. Before they leave, Rollos gives Flora some magic orchid seeds that can cancel the mutation.
Those of you who’ve watched the 4Kids dub, do you remember how they made Flora a hippie? (Her catchphrase was, “Peace out,” for Pete’s sake. 😕 ) I’m starting to think they had the right idea. Look at this house! I know Lynpheans would wanna live in harmony with nature, but something about this place screams “counterculture” to me.

And these are her parents?


We first saw Alyssa last season in “Mythix” (6X14). She didn’t come off as eccentric to me, but I guess I was wrong. Her husband’s much crazier, but not all the buds have bloomed up there for her, either.

Don’t get me wrong. I like them both. They’re just…different than the other Winx’s parents. Still, I’m glad we’ve finally met them.

5. The Winx don’t get far before a squeaky voice stops them in their tracks. It’s Flora’s little sister Miele. As always, she wants to tag along, but Flora won’t let her. She’s still nervous about what happened to her when Lynphea College got attacked. The other Winx agree, and they leave Miele behind.
Flora, how long are you gonna do this to her? Yes, she got captured by the Treants, but she still proved she’s a capable fairy. Heck, she got knocked out of the sky fewer times than you do!

I think the “no, Miele” routine is getting stale. It made sense in season three because she was just a kid, and it made sense last season because Flora hadn’t seen her in a while and hadn’t seen what she can do. Now I think we’re pushing it. I don’t get why Flora still doesn’t believe in her.

In fact, why is she so overprotective of her? Being an older sister myself, I can relate, but you have to let your younger siblings make their own choices at some point. They’ll never grow if you don’t. (I hope my brother and sister don’t think I coddle them like this. 🙁 )

If Rainbow’s gonna keep this up, I think they need to give Flora a reason to act like this. Did something happen to Miele when she was little that made Flora so protective? Otherwise, she’s just smothering her. It’s not sweet anymore.


6. The Magiwolves lead the Winx to a creepy-looking area of the forest, where the giant mutant fungi are. Since the Magiwolves are too scared to go further, the Winx continue on their own. Flora sees something watching them. She tries to point it out to the others, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. 

As they keep walking, she remembers Wizgiz’s lesson. The fungi could be possessed by Wild Magic! Sure enough, they start trying to trap the Winx! The girls transform and fight back, but the fungi are resistant to their spells because Butterflix magic — the essence of nature — can’t hurt nature itself. One by one, the Winx are captured and slowly drained of their magic energy. Flora remembers the orchid seeds her dad gave her, but before she can use them, she gets captured, too!

The extra-long Butterflix sequence almost killed the mood, but this was still a good scene. There was a twist here I liked, too. Remember last review when I complained that whenever it’s one girl’s time to shine, the others get put out of commission? Rainbow made it look like Flora would be the hero, but she couldn’t escape, either.

Let’s be honest, though: it was predictable. Miele foreshadowed it before they left: “But what if you needed me, and I wasn’t there?” Plus, every time Flora tells her to stay behind, they end up needing her. So while I’m sure most of us saw it coming, it was nice to see the Winx fail for once because it reminds us they’re not perfect. (Thank goodness because perfect characters are boring.)



The Magiwolves

This is hands down my favorite Fairy Animal species. Granted, I’m biased because I love wolves, but these seem so noble and elegant. I’m not sure what their powers are, though. Do they even have magic powers? If so, why didn’t they use them to fix to fungus problem themselves?

Linphea, Lynphea — same difference

Some fans are mad at Nick for changing the spelling of Flora’s realm’s name. I don’t see why. They only changed one letter! At least they didn’t rename it “The Fifth Moon of Marigold” like another dub (ahem) did — at least until season three, where they randomly changed it back. 😛


I agree with you guys about this episode. I liked it. This was one of the more dangerous threats the Winx faced this season. (Your mileage may vary on if that’s good or not.)

My only problem is it felt short. When I rewatched it for my review, I hit eighteen minutes before I knew it. (Granted, I skipped the Butterflix sequence, which was about two minutes long.) Did I lose track of time because I got sucked in? Maybe.



The fungi keep draining the Winx’s magic, leaving them nearly powerless. Thankfully, help’s on the way from “a fairy they know.” (Oh, oh! It’s Diaspro, right? 😛 ) Can she and the Winx save the Magiwolves? And who’s the mysterious creature watching them from the bushes?

Next review coming soon!


  • Squonk’s one-of-a-kind, all right. 😛
  • Cherie sounds like 4Kids Icy!
  • All the Pixies sound the same, except Cherie! And they have squeaky voices now! As if they weren’t annoying enough!
  • Poor Piff… =(
  • Amore’s impromptu lullaby was cute.
  • Cherie! Don’t zap him! 😯
  • I like how much attention Wizgiz is getting this season.
  • I had to watch the opening of this scene three times before I could tell Wizgiz was saying, “Wild Magic.” That thick accent of his. =P
  • I like this lesson. 🙂
  • If Wizgiz wants silence, of course he’s not gonna get it. 😛
  • AISHA: “Girls, I think…maybe it wasn’t a good idea to leave Squonk in the Pixies’ hands.”
    Sorry, but this line’s begging for it:
  • It’s Roxy’s room!
  • I guess I was wrong about the book Roxy was reading. I thought it was The Tome of Nature.
  • So, Roxy, what you just said is…if Kalshara goes after an animal, it might be the animal with the first color of the universe. Duh!
  • The Yaffles are like Magic Dimension animal police? I guess it makes sense, since Fairy Animals seem to be connected to each other through magic.
  • Magiwolves are beautiful.
  • Yay! Flora’s parents!
  • Is this the Captain Obvious episode? We can see that her parents are caring for the Magiwolves!
  • ROLLOS: “I’m happy as a giggling zucchini to see you!”
    Wow… I have no words. 😛
  • ROLLOS: “If I were an apple tree, she would be…my first apple!”
    No comment.
  • Alyssa? That’s a surprisingly normal name.
  • Bloom hasn’t mentioned Vanessa’s shop in a while, and she called her her mom again. Good, Rainbow.
  • Alyssa’s a fairy? Wow! We don’t usually see the Winx’s parents use magic!
  • ALYSSA: “Ah, there’s the strangling vine. Did you know that it’s ticklish?”
    This explains all of Flora’s weirdness in season one. 😛
  • Mutant mushrooms? Okay…
  • Miele! 🙂
  • Mee-ELL? Wow. They are butchering her name!
    – Flora, not again. 😕
  • “Children of Nature” didn’t sound at all like I expected. It was okay, though.
  • This place is creepy…
  • Amarok? Why so spooky? 🙁
    – The full version of the Butterflix dance? Bad time for this!
  • The spores took Musa’s power away? Uh oh!
  • Nature can’t damage nature? Interesting handicap.
  • That didn’t go well, Winx.
  • “A fairy they know?” Oh, c’mon! We know it’s Miele!

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30 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X06: “Adventure on Lynphea”

  1. You’re right about the timing of the full Butterflix dance being extremely weird and probably out of place. I’d have to watch the episode again to find anything else, but you’ll really like the next episode though! As for Flora being overprotective of her sister,I feel like in the grand scheme of things, since everything bad that has happened on Linphea has been almost fatal for some of the girls I feel like she is going to be super protective, plus she did almost die last time. At Linphea college she had the assistance of multiple people in worst case scenario there could have been help from the elder. Correct me if I made any errors cause I haven’t seen that episode in a while. I think given the circumstance Flora won’t bring her along for her own protection.

  2. Random thoughts:
    1)I love Roxy’s room. It has a pond and pillows and stacks of books, and her floating planet animal detection thing is so pretty! Hey, she doesn’t have a roommate, when even some of the Winx are still rooming together. Maybe she gets a single because she’s a respected student or the princess of Earth or something.

    2) I really liked the little scene where Aisha talks about how she and Squonk were meant to be together. It had real emotion, serious emotion, not the giddy giggling that seems to be the Winx response to many things. On the other hand Aisha should have felt the same feeling with Piff, her selkie, and her plushie pet so it shouldn’t be a new emotion… but still, I loved that it sort of showed the fairy animals being important to the Winx in that way.

    3) Wizgiz is now Scottish! And kinda mean. Maybe he’s getting crotchety in his old age, since he’s been teaching for over a hundred years!

    4) I like Flora’s folks. Her dad seems fun and goofy, and her mom… could be less flakey, but she’s sweet. I wonder if Flora and Milele have to sort of take care of their mother sometimes. Miele has become more basass too, she has a whole swarm of giant ladybugs at her beck and call! She’s totally going to be part of the next generation of famous hero fairies when she gets to Alfea for sure. (assuming the Winx ever leave!)

    • I had some more thoughts!
      5) Every. Single. Time they do the dance I was boo-ing and grumbling at the TV and making fun of it. Why are they stopping to dance in the middle of a dangerous situation? 9_9 Sailor Moon’s “I will punish you” speech is a little silly but at least it’s challenging the enemy. Pausing to do a happy smiling dance sort of undoes all the tension of being about to fight.

      I am not a fan of the Butterflix dance. It is fun to make fun of though!

      6) I’m kind of glad they changed the pronunciation of Miele’s name. In season 6 Flora’s voice actress kept tripping over it. Also ‘Mi-ell’ fits the spelling more to an English-speaking ear. At least they didn’t decide to dub it to “Milly” which totally seems like a worse dub would do! =D

  3. Miele urgh! using Rose would’ve been less problematic here.
    Flora’s Parents: This is why everyone goes to Mike and Vanessa’s or Oritel and Marion’s when they want to talk with parents, even if Oritel and Marion are a little more strict. They aren’t nearly as awkard as these two. Tecna’s parents just “discovered emotion” so they ain’t ready for too much family visits yet. Stella’s parents are always fighting. Musa’s dad and Roxy’s parents are always working and Aisha’s parents are “somewhat uppity” even if Terredor seems to be loosening up somewhat. As for the rest Mushroom Madness presents problems. Also Flora… please let Miele be herself and make her own choices, she’s 13ish? Not 11ish anymore? Every time you do this you screw yourself over, Bloom- not helping! Does anyone ever notice that’s a bad habit of hers? Bloom tries to be nice about why something happens/can’t happen but it always comes out wrong! Maybe Bloom should have kept her mouth shut.

    • I always thought that in season 3 Miele was about 6… or at least under 10! She certainly acted young… In season 6 I figured she was about 13/14, even though I know it’s not possible considering that there’s only (supposedly) a three year time span between season 3 and 6.

      But I agree with you; Flora should not be pushing Miele down like this. The whole Miele’s-too-young-to-help plot was already resolved.

      She grew up.

      She can transform.

      She IS responsible, Flora!

  4. Another thing… Roxy’s room is awesome! They clearly Winxed it up! There’s your next Roxy’s going to be a Winx eventually hint. Mission control is her thing this season but wouldn’t you prefer her to be mission control than ignored? At least mission control gets screentime, though I’d like to see more fieldwork again. Keep looking in the final episodes on Roxy’s winx status. All i can say so far is Hanging with the main six and Daphne is a good thing as is behaving like a teacher during s6 and 7. The other things would be too spoilery for you OP, especially since one of those things is something you really want to see.

      • Never trust a wiki. I heard Rowan at first but then I heard Rhodos. Rhodos would make more sense because it has something to do with nature. Each Winx’ parents have names relating to the power or planet,legends or fairytales.
        Mike and Vanessa the normal named cool parents.
        Oritel and Marion- names of an opposite part of day (Oritel equals Day Moon) and Marion is strong waters a part of life because Domino is the life of the magic dimension (and Domino really should be the Winx HQ these days considering the security on that planet is horrible, Magix can handle it’s own, and if it can’t i’m sure that some of the Winx classmates can step it up! We saw them do so until after Flora got her enchantix and again in a future episode, just let the Winx leave Alfea if they aren’t teaching please!)
        Radius and Luna- Stella’s part in the 4kids opening theme “The sun and the moon”
        Ho-Boe and Matlin- vaguely Asian sounding names also musical ones too drop the h and hyphen on Ho-Boe and you get Oboe whereas Matlin sounds like Mandolin.
        Electronio and Magnethia- Electronic and Magnets
        Klaus and Morgana- Klaus is derived from Neclaus/Nicolas is of Germanic origin and the most popular fairytales were collected and retold by German writers, Morgana- a reference to Morgan Le Fae in the English legend of King Arthur, just like Roxy’s dog is called Arthur but with the latin spelling and pronunciation Artu.
        Terredor and Niobe- African names that have to do with the land and sea.
        Rhodos and Alyssa- Rhododendron and Alyssium two very pretty (ymmv) flowers and shrubs.

        • Hmmmm… I never looked those up. I knew Radius, Luna, Electronio, Magnethia, Ho-Boe, and Morgana. The rest I didn’t know. Rainbow really thought these names through, didn’t they? 🙂

          • They sure did. Even the extended population of the planets has corresponding names. For linphea Miele means Honey, Krystal is geode crystals that are natural and of course Karina is the only original fairy from season 1 and a Winx Classmate that we actually know where she’s from, a different part of linphea and it sounds like Carrotine (which would make Karina the fairy of vegetables as names usually correspond with powers) Too bad after 7 years Karina (nor any other of the Winx classmates) never got her Enchantix! They can’t be that incompetent can they? I could understand one or two fairies maybe but…seriously 4 years and the test hasn’t found not even the one of the Winx classmates who should undeniably have it (Ahisa, she’s the fairy of LOVE! Enchantix is what she’s all about, Love is always about sacrifice and courage just like Enchantix is.) doesn’t. Ah well at least we get to see seven respectable charmix fairies who aren’t complete idiots again later on.

  5. After I saw this episode, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites of season 7 because it was handled well. Yes, I was sad that they demoted Roxy to mission control. Sorry, hon, but it looks like you’re just another Daphne to Rainbow…unfortunately, I think Daphne accompanied the Winx on their Legendarium missions than Roxy does in this season. But I am very happy to see Roxy’s room! It looked so cool! Kinda awesome that she has a single for herself like Stella and Aisha. As for her “animals in danger alert system”, it kinda reminded me of Cerebro from X-Men, more or less…or the Batwave from The Batman. 😛

    I was really happy to see Lynphea again…kinda weird that the new dubbed pronounced Lynphea and Miele’s names differently…but then again, I wasn’t surprised that they did so. I was really happy to finally see Flora’s parents, especially her father since her parents were the only ones left that we haven’t seen after all these years!

    The one thing that bugs me about this episode was the overprotective scene with Flora that you’ve mentioned. It just felt out of nowhere and out of place to me because after what happened in season 6, you’d think Flora has come to realize that Miele can handle herself enough on her own!

    As for the Pixies…okay, to me they were always useless. Granted, they had more purpose in season two, but I never liked them that much to begin with. But I was really surprised and happy to hear Lisa Ortiz’s voice as Cherie this time since she voiced Musa, Icy, Mitzi, and a few other characters in the 4Kids version!

    • About Lynphea: are you talking about how they say FAYa instead of FEEa? Because I hate that too. If not, what are you talking about?

  6. i think flora’s overprotectiveness stems from season 3 when she got enchantix by saving miele from drowning and maybe she doesn’t like the thought that her little sister is better than she is

    • I don’t think she’s jealous of Miele. And yeah, things have happened throughout the series, but she’s always been overprotective of her. It made sense back then, but why is she still like that now?

      • i have two older sisters they’re still protective of me and i’m in my 40’s and in the end if miele had been with them to begin with then she wouldn’t have been able to save them in the next episode

  7. This was a good episode. Not thrilled about Roxy being mission control, but it’s better than her being a background character. The fungi was cool, but I hated the butchering of Miele’s name. (Sorry this comment is really short, but math class is starting in one minute, so I’m trying to get done with this.)

  8. Off topic a bit but Roxy and Charmix and Believix…. it’s really weird even after your old post on it OP and the new play pause game. I think that Earth fairies are exempt from the rules of the magix fairies because Earth is backwards to the magix dimensions rules and Faragonda just didn’t say because then Bloom wouldn’t need to be as protective of Roxy as she is because “knowing is half the battle” haha! That’s how Roxy could be Believix. We also saw clear hints of being a slightly weaker Believix in s4. Her magic is dual colored (sea green and artic blue although she lacked shaped dust such as the butterflies on her wings) which is a trait of a believix fairy, Also those animation errors where Roxy had the Zoomix and Tracix wings? I don’t think that those were errors…Roxy hates flying so she relied on Bloom when the wings came into play because Roxy at the time was implied to like being coddled by Bloom. Another thing what self respecting Charmix fairy’s wardrobe is that flashy? Sure Galatea has an elegant wardrobe but only her shoes sparkled. Roxy was always looking like she’d been dipped in glitter just like Daphne and the main six. Bloom’s comment about it was an unintentionally rude “we can’t leave this store unattended” remark i think. Also Roxy did say “Winx Believix” at one point in the RAI dub. Using “Winx-featured level” is usually the confirmation that a character is a Winx and has whatever the season’s level is. Why else would Roxy say “winx believix” if she didn’t have it? Then her patterned Wings paws on stockart, butterflies in show, switched because butterflies are easier to draw. Charmix fairies don’t have patterned wings.

    • I’m tired of trying to explain the whole Roxy mess to myself, so I just call her a Believix fairy and leave it be. (Although I have seen some very cool theories.) However, I do see a little bit of resemblance between her and Stella’s Charmix outfits (if you make the boots smaller and take away the hair ties). But there is more resemblance to Believix – the over-use of glitter, giant wings, more modern-ish, the shoes.

      But anyway, I just call her a Believix fairy.

        • People are insisting Charmix saying that Roxy can’t jump because of it being counter continuity and i’m like “When has Winx ever cared about continuity?” The canon is very loose. I to have seen several really interesting theories around Roxy though. From tv tropes…Maybe she knew all along was and was playing dumb because oh… Bloom and Flora being super happy giggle fits walking around town creeped her out? Especially Bloom because no one on EARTH is that happy! (You’d think not so nice things if someone was as happy as Bloom is all the time) Next…what if Earth Fairies are just born with Believix? That’s what those who say Roxy is Believix have come to agree on. This i’d seen on tumblr as to where “Earth wasn’t exactly a magic planet until the fairy tales were written and seeing as Mythix only exists in the Legendarium world, the natural form of an Earth Fairy is Believix because the fairytales are considered real in the winx world and so people just went with it thus making Believix the default form, however it’s only Charmix strength until the Enchantix test finds them and they make their choice.” Either way this debating over Roxy needs to stop. Roxy is Believix just not at full power yet.

          • Maybe, because she believed in herself and Magic at the same time, she has a blend of both. That would explain it.

  9. I kept hearing 4Kids Musa every time I heard Cherie! 😮 It hit me right in the nostalgia!

    It makes sense that they would lose after that Butterflix scene… Sheesh, doing a dance number in the midst of danger is no way to start a fight. 😛
    And yeeeaaah… Oh man, I was so joyed when Flora went down. I was thinking it was going to be another cliche thing like last time but NO! I was oh-so pleasantly surprised, and it made for quite a nice episode. I might have predicted it if I remembered that foreshadowing moment with Miele, though. I kind of completely forgot about Miele…

  10. I just noticed something reviewing the Flora’s a hippie thing. What if the 4kids/DuArt personalities are the real adult personalities of the Winx and the RAI/Nick ones are just the most basic parts of the 4kids personalities? I’ve noticed by comparing all the dubs that Nick’s winx are the very core of each girl (Tecna’s the geek, Musa’s a dj, Aisha’s the jock, Stella’s the fashionista, Flora’s a nature lover, Roxy’s a vet, Daphne’s a guide, and Bloom’s this firey yet very down to earth girl because January birthdays (i accept Bloom’s 4kids bday as her real one, the official one is probably her adoption day plus I think each winx should have their own month…why do Roxy and Bloom have to share months with everyone anyways,Can’t they have their own?) tend to be like that.) is the thing then Rai is slightly more developed and the 4kids/DuArt is the fully developed persona. Meaning those who got the 4kids dub saw what the Winx would become as people but those who got RAI saw what they were at the time, Nick how they started out and DuArt is where they are today after all that they went through.

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