I keep wanting to call this episode “Back to the Middle Ages.” Don’t ask me why. It doesn’t make sense. 😕

Last episode, Miele saved the Winx from death by poison — at least it looked like they were gonna die — and Flora let her join them on their mission. Together, they restored the mutated forest to normal and freed the Magiwolves from the fungi traps. Now the Winx have a second Fairy Animal friend: Amarok. But he won’t obey Flora’s commands, and he and Squonk don’t like each other.


1. Against their boyfriends’ advice, Aisha and Flora try to force Squonk and Amarok to become friends. It doesn’t work. Nex gets angry and says Squonk shouldn’t be there anyway. When Aisha snaps at him for not welcoming the little guy, either, he calls him the “u” word: “ugly.” Cue tear shower. Helia and Nex get drenched, and Squonk laughs at their misery.

That excites Amarok, and he dashes through the dorm, knocking over glasses, books, and chairs everywhere he goes. Flora finally loses it and calls him a “bad Magiwolf.” Helia tries to tell her he was “just playing,” but she doesn’t care. She just gets mad at him, too! A few moments later, the other Winx come in to grab her and Aisha for a mission.

I’ve read other reviews of this episode. The response to Nex calling Squonk “ugly” was about what I expected. He’s so mean! He’s such a jerk! He deserved to be cried on for saying mean things! This proves he’s bad for Aisha! (Wait…what? Oh, please. :roll:)

No, I’m not gonna defend him. Was what he said mean? Yes. Did he deserve to get soaked? Yes. (I don’t think Helia did, but oh well.) Was it a problem for Aisha that he didn’t like Squonk? Of course it was, or she wouldn’t have brought it up.

Did this “prove” he’s not the right guy for her? Um, no. 😑 I think that’s another case of fans looking for any reason to say they shouldn’t be together. No matter how strong their bond was, her time with Squonk was temporary. Her relationship with Nex is gonna last longer — maybe much longer.

Let’s look at this scene from his point of view. He was right about one thing (well, two things, but I’m only gonna talk about one of them): Aisha and Flora shouldn’t have tried to force Squonk and Amarok to be friends. Quoting what he said at the beginning of the episode: “I think you just need to give it time.” A couple episodes later, the two animals had already grown closer. They warmed up to each other on their own, without the Winx’s interference.


But something hit me as I was writing this review: Aisha was trying to force Nex to like Squonk, too! It doesn’t matter if he’s her boyfriend. Yes, I’m sure it hurt for the guy closest to her to hate her new pet, too. But even though she and Nex are alike, they aren’t the same person. He didn’t have the same connection to Squonk.

If anything, he should have kept his feelings to himself. But Aisha was still rushing things — as she’s been known to do — instead of letting them happen gradually. Nex warmed up to Squonk without her help in “Winx Trapped!” (7X10). (It’s funny how no one talks about that episode, even though it showed us a new side of his personality.)

Flora was rushing things, too. Not only was she trying to force Amarok to like Squonk, but she was also trying to force him to act tame. He was a wild animal! She just took him out of the forest! What did she expect?

She was right to be mad when he tore the dorm apart, but Helia was also right to try and calm her down. Of course, he was more polite than Nex was. He’s more mild-mannered, after all. But the result was the same: glares from an angry girlfriend.


If you ask me, the facade of Flora and Helia being the “perfect” couple is falling apart. Their relationship’s going nowhere! They’ve been together almost as long as the other couples (except Aisha and Nex, of course). Yet they’re not engaged, we rarely see them date, and they haven’t met each other’s parents (though to be fair, we just met Flora’s parents).

That’s why I don’t mind seeing them fight if it develops their relationship. But this felt as pointless as their plant care “fight” in season six. If you pretend Amarok’s their son, you could say they disagreed on how to discipline him, but that’s stretching it a little. I want them to fight about something important, something that makes them question if they really belong together.

No, I don’t think the love triangle in season five counts. That was silly. Flora should have known better than to think a random girl from his past was gonna steal him away. But if anything, it proved they still need to work on communication and trust.

I’ve got more to say about Flora, but I’ll save it for another post. It’s about how she acted overall this season and how the fanbase felt about it. I think it’s not just about her.


2. Roxy sends the Winx to Earth in the Middle Ages to find the Quillcat, a Fairy Animal with magic fur. When they arrive, they see its image on a wanted poster. Suddenly the fugitive feline appears, being chased by three (very stupid) guards. The girls transform and follow them.

Turns out the cat’s good at protecting itself, but the Winx still cast a few spells to help her out. Unfortunately, this puts them on the wanted list, too. The guards have orders to capture all users of magic! The girls scare them away (peacefully, of course), but while everyone’s distracted, the Quillcat escapes!

I don’t have much to say about this part. Nothing stood out to me, good or bad. I could complain about how dumb the guards were, but stupid guards are such a cliché, it’s not worth talking about.

There’s one thing I loved, though: the guards being scared of magic, even something as harmless as Flora turning their spears into trees. Wherever the Winx go, their sparkly wings and mind-blowing powers earn them hundreds of admirers. Not here. Here, people fear them.

I wish Rainbow had taken this further. What if the guards had branded them “witches?” (One of them called their magic “witchcraft.”) Imagine the Winx having to explain the difference between dark magic and fairy magic. Would the people have believed them?

Instead, the Winx just stopped using magic — at least around a lot of people. Oh, well.

3. Roxy’s Stone of Memories glows in Brafilius’s hands. He’s forgotten what that means — apparently, it’s been a while since he’s used the Stone — but Kalshara remembers: the Winx have activated the other Stones. After some difficulty, he heads to the Middle Ages.
Is it just me, or did Brafilius sound like a madman? “It’s bright! It’s bright! Ha ha! It’s bright!” Oh, brother. Literally. 😑

Anyway, if he forgot how to use the Stone already, how long has it been? Rainbow doesn’t show the passage of time well in this series. The last time the Winx went back in time was in “A Friend From the Past” (7X05). That was just three episodes ago! It can’t have been more than a few weeks in universe, right?

Oh, forget it. Why am I trying to make sense of his stupidity? 😑 He forgot how to use the Stone because Rainbow wanted him to be an idiot again. Man, I hate him! I almost feel sorry for Kalshara!


I guess we may have learned something from this scene. Brafilius and the Winx must be sitting on the thrones to successfully pass through time. It makes me wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t reached the throne. Could he have gotten stuck between time periods?

Maybe I’m reading into this. 😅 I’ve always thought the sequence with the thrones was just a fancy effect to make time travel look cool (especially since the Winx got new outfits for no reason). It’s possible this scene was just a gag — it’s Brafilius we’re talking about, after all — and what happened wasn’t “real,” per se. But it’s fun to speculate. 🙂

4. While the Winx search for the Quillcat, Musa goes off on her own. She hears a minstrel singing nearby and follows the voice to find an acting troupe rehearsing a play. The three guards from earlier show up to warn them about the Quillcat, but the minstrel, Orlando, isn’t afraid. He knows the creature! When he was young, she’d come to him whenever he played his song. 

Musa flies back to her friends to tell them what she heard. They approach the troupe as normal girls (thanks to Stella Couture), and Orlando agrees to help them find the Quillcat. In exchange, they agree to be in their play. It just so happens they need six girls to play six fairies. How convenient. 😛
Ah, the part that made MuRi fans clench their fists. Musa showing interest in a guy other than Riven? The horror! 😱

Oh, please. This wasn’t a romance. I think even saying she had a crush on him is going too far. Since the bulk of this “love story” happened in the next episode, I’ll save my thoughts for the next review.


For now, I’ll just say I don’t ship these two at all. No, it’s not because of Riven. (You know I support her decision to break up with him.) I just don’t think Orlando was meant to be a love interest — at least not seriously.

No one’s figured out the detail that changed my view of his character. I’ll give you a big hint. Think about the acting troupe. Who are they?

Speaking of the troupe, I was surprised I liked them so much. I bet most fans forgot about them by the end of the season, but I didn’t. Yes, they were cheesy (except maybe Orlando), but for some reason, the cheesiness worked in this setting. I guess I’m used to stories with funny portrayals of the Middle Ages. Think Monty Python and the Holy Grail or, more recently, the cancelled ABC comedy Galavant. (No, I’m not saying this episode was just as good.)

One of the lines got stuck in my head: “This is not food! It’s art!” The funny thing is I forgot where it was from until I rewatched the episode. 😅 I don’t know who voiced the script reader, but kudos to them for the way they delivered that line. It was good enough to make it memorable for me. 🙂


One more thing: I love these outfits. Say what you will about Stella’s fashion obsession, but the outfits in the last three seasons have been amazing. I think season seven had some of the best lines, and this was one of them.


I’m indifferent about this episode. I got into it more when the troupe showed up. The rest of it was just okay. The first scene with Squonk and Amarok felt out of place, but I don’t know where else Rainbow could have put it.



Orlando helps the Winx find the Quillcat. Besides the guards, they’ll have a couple more obstacles to deal with: Brafilius and a pair of sea serpents! Believe it or not, this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Stay tuned for the review!


  • “Mee-lay” again? Sigh. I give up. 😞
  • “Enterprise?” That makes me think of Star Trek. 😛
  • Helia, why are you laughing instead of helping?
  • Nex is skinnier than Helia?
  • Those fangs are called “canines” for a reason, Squonk. 😛
  • Aisha and Nex’s first fight. Ugh. 😞 I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn’t think it’d be over something like Squonk. That’s as dumb as Flora and Helia fighting over plant care.
  • That was mean, Nex. This isn’t gonna help your image. 😑
  • Why did Helia get washed away, too? What did he do?
  • Squonk’s so weird. One moment he’s bawling his eyes out, and the next moment he’s laughing?
  • Amarok, I love you, but you’re a handful. Adorable, but a handful. 😛
  • Helia looks like such a bishie in this shot! 😛
  • Go easy on him, Flora. 🙁
  • Helia, Flora’s right, you know. Amarok did make a mess.
  • Did Helia just use magic? 😯 Are his Saladin genes kicking in?
  • I guess Yaffles hate holograms.
  • Fairy Animals on Earth?
  • Conversation recaps parts of the last seven episodes as if you haven’t seen them. 🙄
  • Critty’s apparently a ninja. 😛
  • “Losers?” Would they say that in the Middle Ages? 😛
  • Are you gonna cut out the dance this time?
  • Gasp! They did! 😯
  • They know Critty’s magical?
  • Her fur’s made of quills, and you’re trying to catch her with a sack. You, good sir, are an idiot.
  • “Bet you want us to come out looking like you, Cactus Butt!” (Sorry, I had to. 😛 )
  • TWEEDLE A: “That’s some impressive aim.”
    Why did that make me laugh? 😛
  • Imprison users of magic? Uh oh!
  • Fun? Stella, you’re not here to pick on stupid goons!
  • The Winx should have studied the Middle Ages before coming here. (Then again, why doesn’t Bloom know about this?)
  • Every time someone calls Brafilius a wizard, I wanna laugh. He’s an amateur compared to the wizards we’ve met over the years.
  • I forgot all the Stones glow when one is activated. I guess Brafilius isn’t just losing his marbles.
  • Here comes trouble — I mean, Orlando. How can the fanbase hate a guy with a voice like that?
  • READER: “Give it back to me! This is not food! It’s art!”
    Best line in the episode!
  • Stella’s outdone herself this time!
  • Musa has such a gorgeous voice. 🙂
  • What a pretty song. 🙂

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46 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X08: “Back in the Middle Ages”

  1. Random thought: I agree with you on the Medieval outfits being gorgeous. I especially love Bloom, Musa, and especially Aisha’s (hers makes me think of a waterbender, so it’s perfect.)

    I’ll save my thoughts on Orlando for when you do because I don’t want to start on a rant and then read your post and do a complete 180 on my opinion and feel like a moron.

    I liked the acting troupe. They were funny. Especially the one guy who was playing both the king *turn* and the queen. I doubt anyone will know what I’m talking about here, but it reminds me of “A Very Potter Musical” with Quirrell and Voldemort.

    I think Rainbow’s going very overkill with Brafilius. He’s stupid. We get it. Can we move on with our lives now? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no.)

    The episode’s watchable. I like 7×09 better, though.

      • Wow…That’s a good question. 😛

        Um…Brafilius. Eldora’s ditziness was annoying, but she was at least competent and helpful (sometimes). Brafilius is useless. That’s what’s supposed to make him funny, but it’s so…ugh. 😕

      • Eldora. Brafilius is an idiot but at least he’s not dumping exposition that we should have already assumed. Also Brafilius does something right later on (episode 14 when they go to well a certain season 3 location where Bloom pulled a Hal Jordan on us)

      • That…is an extremely good question.

        After some tedious mental debate, I have decided that Brafilius is worse. While Eldora did have that annoying high-pitched voice and was completely ditzy (like, seriously, who would voluntarily have her marry them?), she did serve at least some purpose in the plot by showing them the Mythix wands and knowing so much about Selina and such. Brafilius’s primary role in life is to roll down a hill after getting smacked in the face by his own backfired magic.

  2. 1) I think what made me mad was Nex saying, “Just like a girl, insisting things go their way whether it makes sense or not.” He’s not wrong in this case, but as a statement about girls in general he’s being a sexist jerk. Hopefully the afrogate people won’t pick on this one brief instant of sexism and decide Nex must vanish from the show. 9_9

    3) I found it pretty hair-raising when Brafilius fell off his chair in the time stream. Even for a character I don’t like the prospect of being lost forever in non-space was super creepy.

    4) Huh? Orlando travels with a donkey, another handsome artistic young man, and a fellow wearing makeup and half a dress… Oooooooh! Of course! Orlando’s girlfriend has been transformed into a donkey and he’s asked a writer friend to write plays about magic in hopes of attracting the attention of a magical being who can change the donkey back into a girl. That’s what you were thinking, right? =P

    5) I loved those dresses too.

    • 1) Strangely, that line isn’t what people picked up on the most. I thought that would be, but instead they got bent out of shape over him calling Squonk “ugly.” I didn’t like the line, either, but I saw it as another similarity between him and Aisha. Remember how much she used to talk about how annoying boys are — not to mention how she never trusts a guy when she first meets him? Guys get more flak for saying things about girls, but you could just as easily say Aisha’s sexist.

      3) I wasn’t creeped out, but I thought it was interesting that that could happen. But when you put it like that…yeah, it’s a creepy prospect. It’s like floating in space until you die. Yikes!

      4) Um…what? 😛

      • 1) Huh. A good point. I’ll have to pay more attention to what the girls say about the boys. For me him calling Squonk ugly was the least mean thing he said, but maybe that’s because I know from some smart commenter on here that being ugly is part of Squonk’s mythology.

        4) *laugh* I was thinking maybe you were thinking Orlando is gay (artistic dude, hangs out with other artistic dudes…) but it suddenly seemed more fun to make up some random story instead.

        • 1) The thing with people calling Squonk “ugly” was supposed to be funny. 😕 On RAI’s web section for Winx Club, they call it a “gag.” You can kinda see how it was meant to be funny in this scene. When Aisha says, “You shouldn’t have said that to him, Nex!” she doesn’t seem angry that he said it. She seems more concerned that he’s about to get washed away! Then of course, Squonk laughs at him, which seemed…odd.

          I don’t think anyone ever saw the “gag” as funny, though. And since people have such a negative opinion of Nex, anything he says is taken very seriously. Not to mention, his lines leading up to it weren’t funny, so…if it was supposed to be a joke, it wasn’t set up well. 😕

          4) I think someone else asked if he’s gay, too. No, that’s not what I mean, either. I mean, who knows, but that’s not where I was going with this.

      • 1) Well, to be fair, now that you talk about it, it may be seen as another similarity with Riven too. He used to distrust women and be kinda sexist, I just hope the fanbase doesn’t use it as another “argument” to compare them.

        • Unfortunately, that’s true. 🙁 But actually, I haven’t heard anyone mention it until now. All they ever talk about is him calling Squonk “ugly,” so I guess they didn’t care.

  3. Wait… I know they never pointed this out but wasn’t it around the middle ages the Wizards of the Black Circle began hunting fairies and just after the middle ages magic became something to really be feared?

    Actually who wants to bet the Winx might have accidentally cause the Wizards of the Black Circle to be formed under a kinda reasonable goal then turned into the power mad lunatics like in the show?

    • Someone else brought that up, too. This episode (and the next) takes place in Italy, and the Earth Fairies lived on Tir Na N’Og (which is Irish). I don’t think the Winx would have crossed paths with the Wizards. Maybe this hunting of magic users had something to do with their goals, but I doubt it.

  4. I love the outfits in the recent seasons too but if that means the Winx will dress the same as each other all the time, I would want the old, less spectacular but unique outfits back any day of the week. When they are all wearing the same thing (with a few minor modifications), it gets harder for me to appreciate it. Season 7 has been slightly better in terms of the individuality of the outfits. Season 4 was the best in this regard: the outfits were amazing yet suited individually to each Winx.

    I don’t like how Tecna is being treated yet again. Nick ignored her too but at least she spoke a lot. Now she barely has lines in an episode and even when she speaks it’s hardly ever anything meaningful. However, I simply love the fact that her voice is now as emotionless as I like it to be. Morgan Decker was too cheerful. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being cheerful, but I would rather that Tecna retains some of her indifference from the earlier seasons, instead of being all smiley all the time like the other Winx.

    About the acting troupe, well, they travel a lot and so they don’t stay in one place for long. Does that have to do something with Orlando’s characterization? Anyway, I would definitely say Musa at least had a crush on him and perhaps it was reciprocated. Why the closeups of Musa and Orlando against sparkling, pink backdrops while looking at each other, then?

    By the way, you might want to change, “…he’s bawling its eyes out…” to “he’s bawling his eyes out…”. 🙂

    • I feel like they all wear similar things now because they’re more identified as a group. Back in the early seasons (even season four), they weren’t famous as they are now. Now they’re “The Winx.” Everyone knows their name. I think that’s why they’ve started dressing so similarly.

      I agree about Tecna, including about her voice. Yes, she’s being ignored again, but I didn’t even notice it in this episode. Maybe I’m getting used to it. That’s not good. 🙁

      As for the troupe…no, that’s still not it. It’s something very simple. Like I said, think about who they are.

      I still don’t feel like Musa and Orlando had feelings for each other. For one thing, it was way too sudden. They just met! And Musa’s still not over Riven, so I think she would “fall in love” with just about anyone right now. A handsome guy with a beautiful voice? Bingo.

      Thanks for catching that mistake. I fixed it. 🙂

      • I wouldn’t say that a crush and falling in love are the same thing. To me, a crush is something that just happens. Hormones are weird like that. Then, when you get to know the person better, and when they get to know you better, then you fall in love.

        In this case, I would say that Musa and Orlando may have had crushes on each other, but didn’t know each other long enough to fall in love.

        • That’s a good point. In that case, maybe they did have crushes on each other, but I still didn’t see him as a serious potential love interest. A lot of fans were worried he would become her new boyfriend, but I didn’t see that happening. (And no, it’s not just because she couldn’t bring him to the future.)

      • At least Roxy’s fairing a little better than Daphne in the Winx audition department. Her new outfits do actually match (Daphne’s kind of do but still seem a bit off), and she’s been included in the fun of the season and gone on a few missions but something this season told me she’d be a Winx sooner or later (she appears to be the leader in a certain fight, then Daphne).

  5. This episode was meh, but I didn’t mind since…CAT Appearance. Cats rock! Flora, don’t be so mean! Yes Amarok made a mess but don’t expect so much out of a wild animal. It takes time.

  6. @OP You think Orlando was acting the whole time don’t you? That would make my analogy of “Roy for Musa” make sense, given that Musa and Aisha are close it’d make sense for them to have similar second loves (one who might be but really isn’t interested just being a friend when one’s needed)

    • No, I don’t think he was acting. I agree with you, though. I think he was, in a way, Musa’s “Roy” — a guy she shared a brief connection with but was ultimately just a helpful friend.

  7. I think Bloom probably does know about the middle ages but they’re making her shut up more knowing how much having a know-it-all Bloom ires the fans. That or Bloom just wants to see if anyone else knows about it, too bad we never found out which. I’d go with the latter personally, it’d be a good in-universe reason, with the former hopefully being the right reason she didn’t say anything. In universe the only other person i could see knowing about Middle Ages Earth aside from Daphne, Roxy and Bloom is Tecna because Tecna’s a genius.

    • Is it strange that if it’s the former this kinda seems like it’s sacrificing the fact Bloom has ties to earth just to keep the fans that hate her happy. I never really understood this hate given the series exists really for her (originally and in some ways her life is a major driving force behind it) which is literally a very common thing in Anime and cartoons to focus on the protagonist and only occasionally deal with the rest of the group.

      • Yet no one minds in Sailor Moon when Serena/Usagi gets as much attention as Bloom and hardly anyone but Mina gets just as much.

        • You’ve got a point, there, Sumerautumn!

          And, I’ll admit it: I have complained that Bloom gets to much attention, but let me talk about that. In the first three seasons, Winx did focus heavily on Bloom but it didn’t feel forced; the episodes were well written and made sense. As the series progressed, however, it felt like Bloom was in the spotlight for the sake of it. In some instances, there was no plot. It’s like the writers thought “Hey, everyone loves Bloom! Let’s put her here!” Like when the Winx made a band in season 4, Bloom was made the lead singer instead of Musa. Why? Why would they do that? It’s just wrong! The show is called Winx Club not Magical Bloom. Naturally I expect the show to focus on the other girls, too, and not just the leader.

          Now as for Sailor Moon, it’s called Sailor Moon so I expect it to mostly be about her. It’s not called the Sailor Senshi. The title makes sense for the show. Winx Club does not.

          • If I recall correctly, both Musa and Bloom were lead singers of the Winx band in season 4. Musa even had a subplot following her singing career, so I can’t say she was shortchanged too much in the singing department. Can’t say the same for season 5, in which only Bloom is the singer, but thankfully the band only performed once or twice that season, if memory serves.

            I don’t know about Sailor Moon, but Lolirock is another recent magical girl show that was most definitely not named after the protagonist (Iris), but focused on her sometimes at the expense of the others. One notable example is that the only Shanila form we get to see is Iris’.

          • Oh, yeah. I forgot that Musa got that subplot. Well… okay. You got me there.

            But it feels like… like Winx Club isn’t the same any more. Season 7 feels like a completely different show, and that makes me sad 🙁

          • It is a different show, but “different” doesn’t equal bad. Although to me, season seven felt more like the old days than seasons five and six did. I know I’m in the minority with that thinking, but I’m used to that.

          • I agree with you that season 7 did feel more like the old Winx, and that, I believe, was mostly due to the fantastic script!

            You’re right. Being different does not necessarily make something bad, but change will cause different reactions and opinions in different people. For me, I completely disagree with Rainbow’s choices right now, but I still (and always will) love Winx enough to watch it. I look forward to Season 8 and WOW with tremendous excitement.

          • If it makes you feel any better, this was not the first time I felt like Winx Club became slightly different. The first shock came in season 4, when the main setting/headquarters changed to being primarily Earth (read: Gardenia) instead of Alfea, the second one came when Nickbow decided to incorporate CGI animation into the episodes (as opposed to keeping them as a movie-exclusive kind of thing), but both turned out to be temporary, as the show went back to Alfea in season 5 and got rid of CGI after season 6. Maybe season 7 focusing a little too much on the Fairy Animals and having a lighter tone is also one of those temporary, experimental things?

            Yep, the glass is always half full to me. I’m ever the optimist. I’ve watched this show for way too long to be freaked out by these things.

          • To me, the changes that were brought about in season 7 were more than slight. Truth to be told, if I had not watched the previous seasons before season 7, I would not believe them to be from the same series. I do hope that these are just experiments.

            I love Winx Club immensely, but the things I miss most are the excitement, the danger around every corner, the threat of possible failure, and, most of all, the use of magic as being more than just a flick of the hand; I miss magic being difficult.

            But alas, these things seem to be a thing of the past, now; we have moved on.

  8. Or maybe Bloom was just interested in fairy tales? Maybe real history bored her and she never bothered to study that.

      • This happens a lot in Harry Potter, too, what with a portion of the wizarding population coming from non-magical families. I like to refer to this as the Normality Paradox.

        The Normality Paradox is when you have a character who has lived “x” amount of years living a normal life, and then when they’re age “x” they discover they have special powers and are whisked away to live a new life. They then forget everything regarding science and history they learned on Earth for those “x” years because the creators of the book or show or whatever don’t think that the audience wants to sit there hearing about things they probably already know. (In a way, they’re right, considering that most people use fantasy as an escape from the real world.) This then creates a paradox because now the character knows nothing about stuff that most Earth people could tell you very easily about. What with Bloom not knowing anything about Medieval times, I think this is a case of the Normality Paradox.

        • That makes sense. I guess now that Bloom’s been surrounded by magic for so long, she’s lost touch with her normal life. She’s forgotten about everyday things that would be ordinary to us.

          That makes me think of when a person moves to another country. When they come back home, everything they were once used to seems foreign to them and they have to readjust. I guess this is a similar idea.

      • She went to school or else Mitzi wouldn’t be witching her up. They met at school, so did Andy and Selina. Probably doesn’t want to irritate others into being a know it all, she’s too nice. Still even if Bloom only studied fairytales on earth, She SHOULD HAVE Known about the dark ages. That’s when fairytales usually take place, although there’s a few exceptions- The show itself being one of those.

  9. I never doubted she went to school. I was just wondering if she didn’t pay attention to real history.

    For example I love reading about mythology like gods and heroes etc. but stuff like, “People in middle ages used pottery made of this, their economy was mainly supported by that” bores me to death.

    But I completely agree, she should have at least some knowledge of the time period like an average person would.

  10. Ok, so officially I don’t have more ideas about that “special thing” about Orlando, and that ‘clue’ just make it harder to figure out.

    The episode was bearable, and they introduce my favorite fairy animal, Critty. However, I have a problem with it, and it is the same problem I have with the recent seasons: they waste such potential great plots, in this case the middle ages. I think they could have done a lot more with the middle ages subplot than what they did, they could have exploited people’s fear for magic a lot more and having people trying to get rid of the Winx, they could even have shown some easter eggs of the Wizards of the Black Circle, even though it was in a different country, it should somehow have affected the whole world. But instead, we get incompetent guards and Brafilius’s “gags”.

    By the way, I’m having some trouble with the blog, but I don’t know if it is my PC or the blog itself, or maybe wordpress. For some reason the option for getting notifications of new posts and responses for posts doesn’t appear anymore, actually there are a lot of posts I hadn’t seen because I don’t get more notifications. Does the blog still have that option?

  11. Funny you mention the outfits, while I was watching season 7, I kept thinking that the outfits were such an improvement over the season 6 ones. I don’t mind matching outfits, per se, as long as each Winx girl still wears her signature color. That’s not what happened in season 6. The civilian outfits were all mainly pink and purple, with shades of blue and aqua here and there. The worst offender of that season was the City line, featured prominently in episodes 6×12 and 6×13. Everyone wore pink and blue, which were usually Bloom’s colors. The worst thing is, that line could have looked amazing if the designers just dressed the other girls in their signature colors instead of making them all into Bloom clones.

    Season 7, on the other hand, has been amazing. While the Fruity outfits and the wild hairstyles from episode 4 still weird me out, and the girls still somewhat dress similarly, you can tell that by adding their signature colors, the Winx don’t quite look so uniform anymore. One line that comes to mind are the winter outfits the girls wore to visit Tecna’s parents. That line could have easily ended up like City from season 6, but they avoided that disaster by adding variety in the colors.

    • That did bug me about the outfits last season, however i think Stella’s best line to date has been the retro outfits from 7×2 & 3. They look their age and have much more elegance and maturity about them. Even Roxy had one! I also wonder why those retro outfits weren’t the main ones, the main uniforms look like something that should be a one off and the retro ones look like something that should be main.

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