Oh, the feels! The feels!

Does anyone say that anymore? Anyway, this episode touches my heart every time I watch it. Especially at the end. Sigh. Oh, Musa. 😊

Recap of the last episode: The Winx went to the Middle Ages to find a creature called Quillcat. They found her right away, but she ran off while they were trying to save her from some guards. Luckily, Musa met a minstrel named Orlando who knows the cat personally. He agreed to help the Winx catch her. In exchange, they agreed to play fairies in his play.


1. Brafilius disrupts Orlando’s play by using magic to make the Winx fly. The captain of the guard recognizes them as the fairies he saw earlier, and he orders his men to arrest them. Thanks to Orlando, they escape. He gives them a ride in his carriage to where he used to meet the Quillcat.

These reviews help me understand things I didn’t realize when I first watched the episodes. I called Brafilius stupid for trying to watch the play from behind the crowd. Look at this wide-open space in the middle! Why didn’t he stand there?


Because everyone would have seen him, including the Winx. Duh. 🙄 Granted, he blew his cover when he made them fly, but at that point, he was trying to cause a scene. (No theater puns intended.)

Props to the captain of the guard. (Wait — another theater pun. 😑) He did what most common folk in magical girl shows never do: figure out the heroes’ identities! Different clothes and wooden wings weren’t enough to fool him.

That’s something I couldn’t stand in season four. If the Winx were trying to hide their identities, why did they:

  • Run a pet shop that let you download pets to your house from the Winx Club website?
  • Go by their real names, which were coincidentally the same as the famous Winx fairies’ names?
  • Call their band The Six Winx?

How on Earth did no one put two and two together? Oh, wait. A few girls recognized Stella in “Magic Lessons” (4X15), but they believed her when she said, “You must have me confused with someone else!” Even after Brandon showed up and called her name! 😑 Gardenians are dense!

I feel like I’ve ranted about this before…

Anyway, this time, Rainbow dodged that cliché. Thank goodness. Maybe this guard was smarter than I thought.

Except he didn’t hear the talking dog man behind him:


I take it back. 😛

What should I say about the escape scene? It didn’t go the way most escape scenes do. The guards didn’t follow the Winx (which made no sense), and Orlando tried to catch up with them but outran them instead. It was cute, but not eventful.

2. Orlando and the Winx arrive at a lake. He used to play his lute here when he was young, and the Quillcat came to him every time he played a certain song. Sure enough, the melody summons her again. But Brafilius conjures a pair of sea serpents to ruin the reunion. One of them captures Orlando!

The Winx transform, but they’re afraid to attack for fear they might hit him! Finally, Musa shoots its head and frees him. But it snatches her up moments later! She tells Orlando to hurry and save the Quillcat, who ran away again.


How gorgeous is this place? I love the art in this show. And combined with Orlando’s song, this scene was so beautiful.

Of course, Brafilius had to ruin it. 😑

The fight against the serpents made no sense to me. What was with the “I don’t wanna hit So-and-So” theme this season? Aisha said it, too, in “A Friend From The Past” (7X05). Both times, the Winx could have attacked the enemy from the sides or behind. Plus, they didn’t hold back when the donkey got captured! (Because who cares about him?)

I guess it was because the serpents were flailing too much. Plus, it seemed like they kept turning to face the Winx, which meant Orlando was always in front of them. Even if that’s it, one girl could have distracted them while the others attacked. C’mon, Winx! You’re smarter fighters than this!

3. The Quillcat bumps into the guards again, but Brafilius shows up before they can capture her. He moves them out of the way (with magic), then he tries to figure out if she’s the animal with the First Color of the Universe. But he can’t remember how to activate the Dark Diamond. Orlando appears, playing his lute loudly to break the wizard’s concentration.

Meanwhile, the Winx continue to fight the sea serpents. When one of them goes after Flora, a willow tree reaches out to protect her. She uses her Butterflix spell to make it stronger, and it wraps itself around the serpents and squeezes them into fairy dust!

Great. The Tweddles are back. Why would they say Critty’s breaking the law? Animals don’t follow laws — except the laws of nature. Weird line.

When I first watched the episode, I got annoyed by Brafilius bungling the Dark Diamond spell. How hard is it to remember one word? Now looking back on it, I guess it tied into last episode when he couldn’t remember why his Stone of Memories was glowing. I’ll accept it then. I still wonder how much time has passed, though, since he’s forgotten everything.

Back to the Winx. Now, they realized they could attack from the sides. Why didn’t they think of that before? 😑

The willow part felt random, but I liked seeing Flora’s Butterflix spell again. This scene also reminded me of “The Magic Totem” (6X18), where the trees reached out to break her fall, and she used their energy to thaw her wings and beat Icy.

Did the willow respond to her Butterflix powers or to her as the Fairy of Nature? Or both? Hmmmm… 🤔

4. Musa leaves to help Orlando. When she finds him, Brafilius is about to fling him across the forest! She uses her special spell, Melody of Fairies, to calm the wizard down, which also frees the Quillcat from his magic barrier. She runs to Musa, and the two of them bond. 

Afterward, Orlando and the Winx finish the play. At the end, he gives Musa a “crown” (the Quillcat) to take home. Before she returns to the present, she delivers one last aside— a clever farewell to the minstrel.

When did Brafilius get so nasty? Throwing people over trees? Yikes! That’s a step up on the wickedness scale! Of course, it still didn’t take much to beat him.

I loved Musa’s Butterflix spell. It’s not my favorite, but it’s beautiful. I just wish it wasn’t so limited. All it does is calm an enemy down. Compared to the other spells, that seems weak.

At least she saved the day and bonded with Critty. I didn’t like their bonding moment as much as the first two, but it was still cute. My only gripe is why does Musa always use music lingo? “But I feel like together, we make a perfect harmony!” What does that mean? 😕

I don’t have much to say about the play (except the ending), but I think we got another clever moment from the captain of the guard. After meeting six fairies and a dog wizard, did he really think the Winx disappearing was just a “stage trick?” I think he was lying. Maybe he knew the crowd would be scared, so he said that to calm them down.


Now for my favorite part: Musa’s last lines. They get me every time. When I rewatched the episode, I almost teared up. Yep, this almost made me cry:

“It wasn’t only the fairies that saved the kingdom. It was the prince’s sweet music and remarkable courage as well. And for those magical creatures that were lucky enough to be touched by the prince’s true heart, they would never, ever forget him.”

Sad, but so sweet and well-delivered. I loved it. This was one of my favorite scenes in the season. 😊

No, I’m not hopping aboard the Musa X Orlando ship. I still don’t see them as a couple. I’ll talk more about that in my next post.


My Thoughts About Critty

Critty’s one of my least favorite Fairy Animals. To me, she’s the least unique. She’s every stuck-up, fickle feline you’ve ever seen on TV. Except she has quills.

I’m not sure if Rainbow made this creature up. I think I remember someone mentioning a myth about a cat with quills, but I couldn’t find it. If you mythology/literature buffs know about it, feel free to leave a comment. 😉

Even if they made it up, it’s not a silly idea. We know when a cat’s angry or scared, its fur stands up. Why not have it be sharp and pointy for self-defense? The only thing I don’t like Critty as a creature is she’s hot pink! I know that’s because of Musa, but she doesn’t look that threatening when she’s the color of bubblegum and has a bow on her tail. 😕


Like I said in my last review, this was one of my favorite episodes. The ending puts me in such a good mood, I’m willing to forgive some of its problems. Count on seeing it in my “Top 3 Best & Worst Episodes of Season Seven” list. It may not be in the top 3 — just in the “Honorable Mentions” section. We’ll see.



Brafilius never found out if Critty’s the animal with the First Color of the Universe, so Kalshara sneaks into the Winx’s dorm while they’re sleeping and captures her. They follow the shapeshifter back to her lair. But getting back out isn’t so easy.

Stay tuned for the next review!


  • I love how everyone’s calling “Critty” him. Maybe DuArt didn’t know she was a girl yet.
  • Having been in plays, I feel bad for these guys. This would be my nightmare. 😛
  • How could anyone not love Orlando? ❤
  • Nice costumes, Winx, but I like your real transformations more.
  • How did no one hear Brafilius behind them?
  • He may not be a real prince, but he’s a sweetheart! Go, Orlando!
    STELLA: “Aren’t men in these times supposed to be knights in shining armor?”
    Oh, wow! Love it! 😄
  • STELLA: “Centuries pass, but boys are always the same.” 😛
  • Musa sounded like Flora.
  • It looks like Lake Roccaluce! Beautiful!
  • This music, this lake…I love this scene.
  • Way to ruin the mood, Brafilius.
  • Those things are ugly!
  • I guess the Winx gave up. No choice but to transform.
  • The sea serpent’s not a Fairy Animal? Why not?
  • How many times are the Winx gonna hold back because they might hit So-and-So? Why are they being so timid this season?
  • Sonic Percussion and Magic Resonance. Cool.
  • GUARD: What sort of magic is this?
    BRAFILIUS: Pure witchcraft.
    I like the way Brafilius said that.
  • The willow protected Flora?
  • Flora’s used her Butterflix spell twice now!
  • Brafilius may be a idiot, but he’s cruel. He’s causally talking about tossing Orlando over a tree!
  • I love the Butterflix special spells.
  • Aw! Critty doesn’t wanna leave Orlando. 🙁
  • What a sweet ending!

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39 Responses to “My Thoughts on Episode 7X09: “The Fairy Cat”

  1. I was wondering when the next one would be. Is it strange how season 7 seems nearly completely different from other seasons? Well that’s probably just me but it seems the tone of the first three was more wrapped together and even seasons 5 and six felt like they kinda fit with the rest but this seems strange for some reason.

    • Somewhat. It feels like a mixture of seasons 4 – 6 to me. The first episode felt a lot like season four. After that, it started feeling different.

      As far as the dialogue goes, I’m just glad you can tell Rainbow wrote it instead of Nick. That was a huge improvement, in my opinion.

      • I can tell that. Maybe it’s just the fact there wasn’t no big connection to Bloom this season?

        • Hmmmm. I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. Bloom wasn’t the center this season. She still got a lot of attention, but not nearly as much as past seasons. I hope that continues.

          • At the very least I find this the second weakest season personally with possibly the the second weakest main villains. I actually wondered how the Winx can see them as a threat given they faced off against far more dangerous foes like the Wizards, the Ancestrals, Valtir, ect.

            Though I do like how they are attempting to focus a bit on how the universe works and the implacions of time travel has on the series. I actually wondered myself if Faragonda put the girls together in their first year because they looked familiar to the ones who visited her all those years ago.

          • Faragonda might have but she probably didn’t know who they were then. Hrm. That would put a stable time loop into the series. 7 Winx in s7 arrive from the future to save wild animals and young Faragonda, about 20? years later The Phoenix organizes the attack on Domino for which he enlists the help of Valtor and the ancestresses, in fear Daphne sends Bloom to Earth, 15 years later Stella after trying to invent a new shade of pink is held back on deliberate instructions from Faragonda so that Faragonda can keep her an extra year and then instructs her to go to Earth in order to find Domino’s missing Princess unaware that Knut is following her mistaking her power for Bloom’s on recon by the Trix. This leads Faragonda to tell Veranda not to come so Bloom can have her place but Stella opts not to mention any of Faragonda’s orders. After that The rest of the show happens as seen with Aisha and Roxy (and sometimes Daphne) joining some point then being gifted the stones of memory in order to complete the loop.

  2. It’s about time Brafilius started acting somewhat competent, this will increase as we near the midseason finale, and it’s nice to have more Musa episodes this season (she’ll have another one in the second half). Also I’m liking that this season is a mix of 4 and 2 in style. 2 in terms of actually sharing the spotlight with everyone instead of Bloom just getting a lot of it and it has 4’s maturity even if there’s still a little sillyness. I actually think that Musa accompanying the princesses in the intro was to not only show us that the show would be a bit more mature again but also that it would feel a bit like the old days.

  3. I also rather enjoyed this episode. I’m still saving my thoughts about Orlando until your post, but I will say that the scene with him and Critty at the lake or whatever was beautiful. Kudos to Rainbow’s artists in the Winx Club department for this beautiful animation.

    In addition to the color scheme thing, I think they made Critty pink to distinguish her as a girl (something DuArt didn’t know for part of the episode 😉 ) . The other girls in the group are Shiny and (I think) Flitter. Flitter is purple, and Shiny has several things about her appearance that insinuate she is a girl, including her beak being pinkish red (it makes me think of lipstick). So having a cat that’s probably capable of murdering you being pink is a combination of Musa and making figuring out genders easier for kids.

    P.S. I say “the feels”.

    • Pink on Critty is actually the toughest color (derrived from red) so that’s also a way to insinuate Critty’s a tough girl like Musa. Flitter i think is a guy. Purple and electric green are neutral colors and it would follow the pattern of the leaders as well as matching Flora (the best friend) with boys for pets. They never say what Flitter is but there’s hints to Flitter being a guy, he just has a kid voice in Italian and an adult voice in English, he also seems calmer (this is more common in male pets).

  4. I like the episode. What I didn’t like was that Tecna and Aisha were background fairies once again. Stella talks every episode at least once about fashion, hair and boys. This doesn’t help the Winx in their missions obviously. But Tecna could come up with a smart plan which always works. Instead she only says the “Name, Fairy of Power Source” thing in some episodes. Rainbow, can’t you stand Tecna’s voice or what? Only in episode 12 she was allowed to talk a little bit more because it was her episode. And don’t forget about Aisha. I like her sassy behaviour sometimes and especially when she teases Stella 😀

    • Aisha shares the spotlight with Bloom normally, she will be fine to take some time off, yet later on she’ll get more action and so will Tecna, on (you know where from s3)

    • What I mean is she constantly uses music lingo, even when normal words would make more sense. It’s something I’ve noticed about her and Tecna. Most of their dialogue has to do with music or technology. They don’t talk like normal people.

      On the flip side, we don’t hear Bloom, Flora, Stella, and Aisha expressing themselves in terms based on their powers. For example, Bloom doesn’t say, “That’s hot as a fire!” or something like that. Stella talks about fashion too much, but that’s a little different.

      • it could be how she was raised both her parents were also musicians different genres but musicians just the same

      • I think the dialogue with them has to do with Musa and Tecna being the most in tune (pardon the pun) with their elements as guardian fairies. Bloom,Flora,Stella,Daphne, Roxy and Aisha aren’t as in tune because they don’t really get to know their elements that much since these six are supposed to be a bit more normal than the other two although Flora’s starting to get much more in touch with her nature magic which means she’ll probably start joining Musa and Tecna in the power puns. I wouldn’t expect Bloom or Aisha to have power puns ever, or if they did, we’d hear life puns rather than elements seeing as their powers represent life rather than the actual elements they fight with.

  5. I really liked this episode. It was nice to see Musa shine for a change, and I liked her new spells a lot. Orlando was cool too. I’m not going to jump on the MusaxOrlando bandwagon but I think his type is good for Musa – sweet, a music lover, willing to help.
    I actually really like Critty, maybe because I’m a cat person myself 😊 I think they made her pink to show that a critter doesn’t need dark colours in order to be tough, plus she’s a female. Perhaps they wanted to emphasize her femininity.

  6. Oh man, OP, I’m so glad someone feels the same way I do about Musa’s last line. It was beautiful. I teared up, too.

    As for Musa/Orlando, I like them better than 6 seasons’ worth of Musa/Riven (I would say someone tell Bloom to kill that ship with fire, but thankfully Musa did it herself last season). I think someone like Orlando (not necessarily Orlando himself) would be a good match for Musa. Sweet, gentle, with a love for music like her. After all, Musa’s always craved displays of affection and attention, which Riven wasn’t able to provide. I hope she’ll find someone like that in the future. She deservs it.

    • Bloom pretty much knew that Musa/Riven wasn’t gonna work before it started. Back in Day of the Rose she said exactly what Riven was. “A complete waste of time” and that was being nice about it. We all knew Bloom was really thinking about him. “Arrogant,conceited,pompous, backstabbing, low down, no good (three unsuitable words for this blog),louse,rat and above all else a complete jerk that’s noting more than dirt!” (Making s3’s doppelganger riven dirt was actually fitting).

      • Rainbow has always made it clear that couple was doomed. In one season (three, I think), Musa was crying and Stella said that means “Riven can’t be too far away.” And the biggest giveaway: the song “Heart of Stone” in season four. Musa and Riven are the only couple who have a break-up song! Hello!

        • I agree with all of the reasons above as to why Riven and Musa wasn’t going to work. I actually really like the song “Heart of Stone” (but then again I like almost all Winx songs). I also like the song “One to One”, but not for the ship. I just think it’s a really good song.

  7. Critty is based on a mythical critter, and it took me two days to remember it was called a “cactus cat.” from Southwestern folklore. And Squonk is from lumberjack folklore– it’s funny to me that Italians are using these very American critters for inspiration, but I bet they just googled “mythical creatures” like anyone else would so it’s not actually weird.

  8. I feel it’s cool that something seemingly so cute and harmless can punch you full of holes if you are not wary. She behaves just like a normal cat when she is around Musa, purring softly and rubbing her head against her knees; Roxy finds out the hard way how misleading that can be. So I don’t mind her being pink.
    Flitter is a girl in the original Italian version but it clearly has a masculine voice in the DuArt version; it’s pity that Flitter is referred to so few times (perhaps only three or four times in the enitre season) that they never had to use any pronouns for it and so we can never confirm what gender it is supposed to be.

    • I think Flitter is supposed to be a guy because the other leaders (Bloom and Aisha) and her best friend (Flora) have male pets and it’s apparently calmer than Critty and Shiny. Generally in animals males are calmer than females so maybe Flitter just has a little boy voice in other dubs too?, Shiny is well…a little crazy in the coconut and Critty ever heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lay?” That applies to cats too.

    • I don’t mind that she’s pink, either. I mean, who wouldn’t want a porcupine cat? That thing is awesome!

      The Winx Club Wiki says that Flitter’s a girl, but we all know that the wikis are not always 100% reliable. But if the original version says she’s a girl, then that’s what I’m going with.

  9. I meant it as a reply to Power of Charmix’s comment but somehow it ended up being it’s own comment. :p

  10. Tecna also has an article on the official Winx Club website where she refers to Flitter as ‘she’.

  11. Maybe they didn’t know Miette’s gender in the show yet.
    There’s no way this could be missed from a italian language script… Gender is way more evident in romance languages.

  12. Oh, I forgot something.
    There’s absolutely no gender neutrality in romance languages.
    When you don’t know a cat’s gender in italian, you call it “il gatto”, the same way you would call a cat you know it’s male. When you know it’s female you call it “la gatta”.
    Note that I’m from Brazil, and me and my family often find ourselves calling our female siamese cat “o gato” when telling each other to feed her, get her inside home at night and stuff. 😛

  13. No. My brain just tricked me.
    Miette was a cat in one of the Barbie films. o.O
    And I’m not used to watch them. Weird.
    It’s Critty everywhere xD

  14. This was a great episode. I do like the battle. I like that Brafilius was able to summon the lake serpent, but I still wished they would have portrayed him less of a bumbling idiot. I’m sorry, but I still can’t take him seriously, despite some skills he has. Musa’s special Butterflix spell was kinda of a let down for me. It wasn’t bad, but I think it could have been a little better.

    By the way, I’m still waiting for your overall review of season 6 and your top 3 best and worst episodes of season 6. 😛

  15. I just thought of something in regards to the “they might hit x” it’s probably a side affect of Butterflix making them more like Flora, I know that we all thought Butterflix would be Roxy’s thing but it’s actually Flora’s it’s got an animal name but that’s all it has to do with Roxy. Ironically Flora well… she’s become more like that’s too big a spoiler to say who.

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