We asked you to choose your favorite episode of the marathon in our newest Site Poll. The most popular pick, with 41 percent of the votes, was “Mythix!” I agree with you. It was a great episode.

Remember: assume I haven’t seen the last two episodes. No spoilers, please! 😛


IMG_0609Eldora’s thrilled to meet Bloom’s parents — especially her mom, since today happens to be Mother’s Day! Oops! Bloom completely forgot! But at least she won’t have to buy a gift; Eldora takes care of it. She gives Vanessa a magical plant with a funny-sounding voice. (It’s the thought that counts.)

On to what the Winx came to do: talk to Eldora about locking the Legendarium. First, she tells them more about the book. It’s a link between the Real World — the one they know — and the aptly-named Legendarium World, where fictional characters live. When Selina reads it, it pulls monsters out of that realm and into the Real World.

The only way to lock the book is with an item that once was in the Legendarium World. Sadly, Eldora doesn’t know where it is. All she has a lead: a good place to find magical artifacts is Tir Na n’Og Island! But she’s searched there before and found nothing. Good thing the Winx know the locals!

Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, the moment Selina’s been waiting for arrives. The Trix are ready to channel the power they’ve gathered from the magic schools. She’ll use her share to finally free Acheron.

But things don’t go as she hoped. The three witches make stone pendants for themselves to store the power, but Selina doesn’t get one. Why does she need it? She has the Legendarium, after all. On that note, they leave her behind to go try their new powers on another school: Tir Na n’Og College!

Eldora and the Winx are already there, warmly welcomed by Queen Nebula. The school is really Morgana’s castle remodeled. What a great way to continue the Winx’s mission of bringing magic back to Earth. 🙂

IMG_0615Nebula leads them to a room where seven, colorful wands float inside a magic mirror. According to legend, they belonged to the Seven Ancestral Fairies who crossed over from the Legendarium World, thus making fairies real. These items contain a power called Mythix. With it, a fairy can enter the Legendarium World.

Sadly, the Winx can’t just take them. No fairy can hold them until she’s proven herself before them. No, their record of saving the universe a dozen times doesn’t count. So what can they do to prove their worth?

They don’t have long to think about it before the Trix attack! And they’ve brought backup: the former fairy Lazuli and her “friends.” Eldora and the Winx transform and help Nebula and her students defend the school. But the Trix outsmart them. While they’re keeping them busy, Lazuli and another witch sneak in!

Of course, two, new Cloud Tower students are no match for a Bloomix fairy. Bloom follows them and beats them easily. But she’s not ready for her next enemy.

While she’s chatting with a group of Tir Na n’Og students, a bolt of dark magic suddenly zaps her in the back. It came from Selina! She follows it up with a magic snake that binds Bloom’s arms to her side. The students aren’t strong enough to save her.

Bloom tries to convince Selina she’s trusting the wrong person, but she won’t listen. Eldora was weak. She only gave her rules — Acheron gave her real power. She’s determined to free him, and she’ll use Bloom’s Dragon Flame to do it!

Bloom’s not about to let her magic be taken again. She gathers all her energy, and with a massive flame burst, she sends Selina flying to the other side of the room! That gives her time to go help her friends, who are having a hard time fending off the Trix.

But she’s no help. The power from the magic schools really has made them stronger! The fiery attack doesn’t phase Icy, and she counters it with an icicle barrage. Bloom tries to take cover inside the school, but she’s knocked into the wand room and lands (conveniently) in front of the magic mirror. The ice witch gathers her energy for a final blow.

As Bloom lifts her head, she notices a glowing stone hanging from Icy’s neck. That’s the source of her power! With a powerful flame ray, she shatters it, triggering a chain reaction that breaks Stormy and Darcy’s pendants, too. The Trix retreat to recharge and plan another attack.

IMG_0635The Winx win again!

Better yet, the wands like what they saw. They fly out of the mirror and into the Winx and Eldora’s hands. Now they can become Mythix fairies and enter the Legendarium World! (But no new look for you, Eldora. Sorry. 😛 )

They end up at a gateway between dimensions, which Eldora calls the Wise Doorway. It tells them that to lock the Legendarium, they’ll need…the Legendarium Key. That’s simple enough.

But they’ll have to forge it themselves. They’ll need two items hidden in the Real World: the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. The Mythix wands will guide them to them. Once they’ve found them, they’ll cross over into the Legendarium World.

This “Real World,” “Legendarium World” talk is confusing, so the girls decide to head back to Alfea to do some research. Which means asking Daphne. 😛

The professor quickly finds the spell to make the wands search for magic artifacts: “Mythix Insight.” (I love that name. 😀 ) It shows the Winx an image of an island called Calavera, which has a lot of legends associated with it. Sounds like a good place to start!

But not yet. It’s still Mother’s Day, and the girls have planned a party at Alfea with flowers, pizza, and a live performance. All their moms are invited — and Roxy’s, too! (Poor Musa. I think she’ll be okay, though. 🙂 )

Eldora feels like she’s intruding, but Bloom says she’s welcome, too. After all, she’s their fairy godmother. 🙂


Like I said, I thought this was a great episode — even better than “Shimmer in the Shadows.” (Can you tell how much I loved that episode?) I was glad to see Nebula and the Earth Fairies again — Nickbow finally remembered them — and the history of the Legendarium and the Seven Ancestral Fairies was really interesting. I even liked the Mythix scene; it was well-done and really beautiful. (Maybe I like fantasy worlds more than the ocean. 😛 )

I still have some complaints, though.

First, I hate how the Mythix wands match Eldora and the Winx so perfectly. I know it’s mainly for the dolls, but it’s too convenient. I want an in-universe explanation. Are the Winx descendants of the Ancestral Fairies? (I hope not. That’s been done already.) Do the wands adapt to their users’ powers? Make things make sense, Nickbow!

Second, I feel like the seventh wand was wasted on Eldora. To me, this episode was begging for more Roxy. The wands were in her homeland in a school that used to be her mother’s castle. The Seven Ancestral Fairies spread out to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. And if each fairy had a different power source — the designs of the wands suggest it — why couldn’t one of them be “animals?” Instead, Nickbow doubled up on nature-themed wands. Boo.

Honestly, I think a lot of season five and six would have made more sense if Roxy had been a Winx.

Third, as much as I love the Ancestral Fairies story, doesn’t it conflict with the legend of the Great Dragon? He created all the worlds in the Magic Dimension. Did the fairies just come and live in them? For that matter, did he come from the Legendarium World, too?

Finally, a small gripe: I wish Nick had shown this on Mother’s Day. They probably could have if they’d air the show consistently. On television. *Sigh* 🙁

Final thoughts: very good episode. Should have been a Mother’s Day special, but still well worth watching.

Next episode: “Mystery of Calavera.” Following their Mythix Insight, the Winx head to Calavera Island to find a pirate’s treasure. Stay tuned for the review!


  • Ooh! New theme song! 😀
  • How could Bloom forget Mother’s Day? Well, I guess she has been busy fighting monsters. 😛
  • Everything Eldora does is odd.
  • Random fashion scene is random.
  • A link between our world and the imaginary world? Cool!
  • So the Trix’s goal was just to increase their dark powers? That’s it? As Stormy would say, “Boring!”
  • I guess Selina’s not the “fourth Trix,” after all. 😛
  • Even Tir Na n’Og’s got a school? Interesting.
  • Wow, Nebula’s really changed. She’s not the vengeful fairy she used to be at all. (I think her voice actress is different, too.) Where’s her crown, though? 😛
  • Sometimes, the pixies act really stupid.
  • Lazuli’s back! And her friends got into Cloud Tower, too!
  • Eldora transformed in three seconds. Take note, Winx. 😛
  • “We’ve recruited ourselves a new fairy.” Did you really just say that, Bloom? Argh! 😡 Why does everyone but Roxy get to be a Winx this season?
  • Wow, Lazuli. You’re so evil now. 🙁
  • The power tug-of-war between Selina, Acheron, and the Trix continues! What will happen next?
  • If the Trix hadn’t taken time off in season four, they’d know what to expect from Nebula. 😛
  • Holy cow! Icy’s not playing around this time!
  • Bloom saves the day again. *Sigh*
  • If anyone thought Roxy or Daphne would earn Mythix, there you go.  Not happening.
  • The Legendarium World is gorgeous!
  • Yes, Winx. Keys lock things. 😛
  • Fantasy Emerald and Silver Spear? Those sound like RPG quest items! 😛
  • There’s a book about the Mythix wands? How convenient. Or did she use the library search function?
  • Isn’t Mother’s Day “The Day of the Rose” in the Magic Dimension? 😛
  • Morgana! They invited Roxy’s mom! Wow! (But they forgot the other students’ moms. So much favoritism at Alfea. 😛 )
  • Tecna and Flora’s moms! Finally! 😀
  • Aisha really hates Stella Couture, doesn’t she? 😛
  • Queen Niobe didn’t wanna dance! Nice continuity nod there! 😛

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82 Responses to “My Thoughts on Webisode 6X14: “Mythix”

  1. I actually thought that season 6 was gonna be horrible. When I saw Mythix I thought I was just done with Winx, but when I saw one episode of season 6 so far…it wasn’t that bad. Gonna watch the season pretty soon. ;D

  2. My first thought about the wands, Why couldn’t the pink one have been Roxy’s? It should have been hers, just exchange the leaf for a butterfly. I understand that Flora’s had to be green otherwise it would have blended into her outfit. Also How is Vanessa able to be at Alfea? That bugs me, NMBS are not supposed to be able to pass the barrier around it, something Stella said in season one. NMBS cannot pass Alfea’s barrier. I understand last season it was “Christmas Magic” but this season that doesn’t fly unless Faragonda or Bloom did something to make Mike and Vanessa have minor magic capability. Kids obviously didn’t need any magic excuse because as Musa said little kids are born with magic and some just grow out of it.

    • I think Faragonda keeps breaking the rules for Bloom. It’s likely she herself created the barrier, so she can decide to let Vanessa in. But Vanessa was also at the Domino ball at the end of Secret of the Lost Kingdom, and no explanation was given except that Oritel and Marion invited her and Mike. Maybe Domino doesn’t have a barrier, or maybe they took it down.

      • Breaking the rules for Bloom, seems logical, but why not break a few for Roxy like giving her a “study abroad class with the winx?” It’d make sense, also Bloom saying we’ve recruited a new fairy doesn’t necessarily mean Eldora’s a Winx. It just means that the Winx now have a new ally. If she were a Winx, I think Bloom would have said You’re a Winx don’t you ever forget that like she did to Aisha in season 2. I think Roxy and Daphne have more qualifications in regards to being Winx yet Bloom’s not said anything about these two other than acknowledging their fairy power, which is all she’s done for Eldora at this point, maybe at the end of the season Roxy and Daphne will get “you’re a winx” remarks for something? At least Daphne isn’t completley old.

        • What annoyed me about the “we’ve recruited ourselves a new member” line was that Nickbow knows a lot of fans want Roxy or Daphne to join the Winx, and they know if it’ll happen. The line almost felt like they were teasing us. But there’s no way Eldora’s a Winx now. Bloom was just talking smack. 😛 But she’s the third fairy this season we’ve seen transform and fight alongside the Winx. When’s Roxy’s turn? 🙁

          • Why can’t we have both Roxy and Daphne, powers of the elements and powers of animals are both useful in fights. I do want to know when Roxy’s turn is though I mean Miele got one just after Daphne. On the note of transformation sequences do the guys even have one, I mean it can’t take five minutes for them to put that armor on.

          • Wait, you said Eldora’s the 3rd fairy to fight alongside the Winx. So, Daphne and Eldora fought/fight alongside the Winx. Who’s the other fairy? I can’t remember. Are you thinking of Nebula or Miele? If yes, then it must be 4 then…

          • well give unless there still “hints” plans to make 2nd team of winx give still focus main 6 winx.

            besides in time either re-shuffle winx line-up or 2nd team of winx give anyone give notice story eps focus of each winx characters per season?

          • from what i head straffi DID want Roxy to be the seventh; the writers and directors threatened to revolt

          • Revolt? I hope they weren’t that against it! I heard Nick’s writers didn’t want it because they felt seven girls was too many. But then why did Daphne become a pseudo-Winx in this season? They could have replaced her with Roxy easily.

        • Duh ,daphne so metimes join and the got themselves a new moor detour or godmother called eldora

          • ya, 2nd team…make spin-off series. It should be less adventure and more slice of life to set itself apart. We can see what the fairies that stayed behind did during the sieges of alfea. Daphne can take the role of Faragonda, the mentor. The cast can be Roxy, Mirta and Lucy, Nova, and Galatea.

            Roxy to be our outsider that gets things explained to her and the audience by extension.
            Mirta and Lucy because thats a goldmine of acceptance and growth stories. Not only do they need to accept Mirta’s new life but since they’re from the same home I can only guess its a dark place that produces more witches than fairies. So their friends and family have to accept fairy Mirta.
            Nova and Galatea cuz we need wildcards and another princess.

    • I think non-magical beings like Vanessa can enter Alfea so long as someone on the inside allowed them to come in like Faragonda did in the Christmas and this episode. Plus, Faragonda opened the portal for her from INSIDE Alfea, which is I believe, a legit loophole for the barrier rules.

    • Maybe it’s because magic’s back on earth. They can see the pixies now right? Maybe they have the pixie sight and it gives earthlings enough magic to come thru the barrier now. Just a thought

    • Agreed. The wand Eldora used should have been Roxy’s. Heck, even Daphne would make more sense to wield it than Eldora. Let’s hope she passes it on to someone else someday (hopefully Roxy.)

      Yeah, I never quite understood why the magic barrier wasn’t explained either. Nickbow seems to really have a bunch of plot holes this season. :/

    • I think the NMB’s not being able to pass through the barrier thing is mostly permission. I think as long as Faragonda’s the one who let’s them in, they can.

  3. Well, at least Roxy’s actually in the episode along with Morgana and plus only seven wands? REALLY? For crying out loud now I’m starting to get annoyed. Anyway I think that Roxy and Daphne are members of the Winx, just not seen as much some times. So, Roxy is still a 7th Winx while Daphne and Eldora are the 8th and 9th members respectively while also being mentors. And about the wands, I’m almost sure that there were more Ancestral Fairies than 7. Sorry, I just had to get that Storm out.

    • What happen to that first fairy from season 3? I forget her name but she was guarding the water stars. She was the first fairy. 7 of them didn’t just come out of nowhere

      • Arcadia, fairy of the Golden Kingdom. Maybe Arcadia was one of the legendarium fairies that crossed over. Perhaps she was the very first to leave the legendarium or maybe it was her idea to do so.

  4. Nice to hear they expanded on Selina’s decision to join Acheron. What teenager whats rules? Seriously. I can see why Selina outgrew Eldora. She’s interesting to a kid who doesn’t know any better but the average teen who has an image to uphold would just be embarrassed, think she is weird, and try to create distance.

    I am sick of Bloom. For the love of all that is holy, I wish they would have a season where Bloom’s powers did nothing at all and the other girl’s had to figure things out on their own and work better as a group. When they make everything about Bloom it makes me forget that they were a club with equal participants who gave equal contributions. I haven’t seen that happen these past 2 seasons. Not even a little bit and having individual episodes for certain members does not count. There is just 0 character growth. Even for Bloom and she is the “Leader”!!

    Mythix has grown on me. Floras and Aisha’s are my faves. Musa comes in a close second. I never count Bloom’s any more because they always make hers look the best.

    I agree. Here was the perfect chance to make Roxy or God forbid, Daphne to be a member and what do we get: Ditzy Eldora. This really marred the episode for me. It was a huge negative for me personally.

    I never thought the Trix would include Selina. It’s like she is the Roxy of the Trix. That is how I always saw her.

    Right now I wish they would give me the show to do a season. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my show, but I am super annoyed with the direction it’s going. I really hope things improve.

  5. Itd make sense if the winx decendes from the ancestral fairies, the trix decendes from the ancestral witches, so itd make sense, but it’s just too convenient. I was also thinking, what if the new winx, if they get a new teammate, is Selina?

    • I’d love for Selina to become like the “Zuko” of the winx – the one that tries to snuff them out, almost becomes a friend, choses the dark side, realises her mistake later, then joins the good team to undo her mistake

  6. Yes, they used a new voice actress for Nebula. When I heard it, I knew it was grey DeLisle who also did Queen Marion as well as Azula from Avatar and Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents. I don’t mind the change in the voice so much because I like this voice actress a lot. Well…I guess we now know why Queen Nebula didn’t attend the council meeting to fight off Tritannus in season 5 since he was intruding in her planet’s ocean…guess she was too busy setting up the new school for Earth fairies to take notice of a political war outside of her reign.

    Like you, I shook my head when Nebula mentioned 7 Ancestral Fairies and in the end Eldora got the seventh wand. In fact, I nearly banged my head on the table when I was watching this episode. Why? Why? Season 5 was screaming for Roxy and now they’re just teasing us again in season 6. In season 5, Roxy could have helped the Winx against Tritannus because so many of their missions deal with animals like that mutated jellyfish and that Domino shark. Here, like you said, this mission also deals with her home turf! The wands, her mother’s castle, etc etc etc. They’re still teasing us about this and its getting on my nerves. But despite all of this, at least they had the decency to show us Roxy again and her mother at the end of the episode.

    Yeah, I guess Bloom wanted to bring Mother’s Day to Alfea like she did with Christmas…even though they only invited the seven Winx Club mothers. 😛 Still a really great episode. I love it. I just wished they fully induct Roxy back already.

      • Seven moms. Marion and Vanessa for Bloom and Daphne, Flora and Tecna’s unnamed (at this point) parents, Luna, Niobe and Morgana. Roxy and Daphne are considered semi-official members of the club.

    • Some Roxy’s better than no Roxy, though I think there could be a possibility that Eldora is only “temporarily using” that pink wand maybe she’ll give it to Roxy before the season’s over and the wand’s topper will switch from a petal to a butterfly (easier to put a butterfly on a stick than a paw print). That’s probably just wishful thinking and it may not happen. Although someone said that Daphne and Roxy could theoretically be the 7th and 8th members of the group and just not involved as much because of some reason concerning them, maybe the reason we didn’t see Roxy so much last season is because she was helping with the castle conversion and studying at the same time.

      • well unless mention of s7 info going on big IF want to re-focus roxy again (besides this is open opportunity make it right aka 3rd time the charm give past 2 season mis-focus?)

        yet have daphne in winx team give being oldest of them (cap-sicle effect) indeed either re-shuffle winx line-up or 2nd team in the future?

      • Maybe Roxy will make a comeback in season 7. The reason I think it’s possible is that I read somewhere that in season 7 the Winx are supposed to have animal companions for a new mission. That’s all I know unfortunately.

      • Actually, I have a theory on why eldora got a wand, and not Daphne or Roxy.

        Mythix can only be used inside the legendarium world, right? So once they lock the legendarium, mythix becomes unusable, and therefore useless. Why bring in a character at a lower transformation level, have them skip to mythix, and then put them back lower then the rest of the winx once everything’s over. Better to save the opportunity for season seven, where the “magical animals tipping the balance of the universe” plot is better suited to leveling Roxy (or Daphne) with the winx. Besides, scatterbrained though she is, eldora has a place going into the legendarium world because she can give the winx helpful information no one else knows, like having to leave before you become a permanent addition.

    • They seem to be changing VAs quite a bit this season. My guess is that when Nick decided not to renew their partnership with Rainbow, certain VAs left so they had others fill their shoes. I’m a Grey DeLisle fan too, so I’m fine with it, as am I with hearing Kari Wahlgren voice Faragonda. 🙂

      As for why she didn’t attend the council meeting in season 5, there’s also the matter of Nebula being the NEW queen of the Earth fairies. In addition to setting up the fairy school, she also had big shoes to fill (Morgana’s.)

      And yes I do agree that Roxy should have had more screen time this season (though a little is better than none.) I just hope they don’t push her aside again in season 7, considering that it’s about fairy animals…her specialty!

        • I wasn’t aware of it either until I looked it up. Apparently Larisa Oleynik (who also voiced Icy and Marion) provided her voice in the specials, movies, and seasons 3-5, but for some reason they chose to re-cast Kari Wahlgren as Faragonda and Grey DeLisle as Marion.) Oddly enough she still voices Icy though. ^^;

          And yes, the voice matches well. I wasn’t able to tell much of a difference either. O.O

    • The only thing that would make the show funnier is if Grey Delisle was voicing Daphne(winx) and Daphne(scooby, she took over after Mary Kay Bergman’s death and Heather North’s retirement.) at somepoint. That could get confusing.

      • Yeah, that would be irony at its best.

        Speaking of irony, Susanne Blakeslee (Griselda’s voice actress) voices another more upbeat fairy on ANOTHER Nickelodeon series…Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents. LOL :p

        • That’s really irony. I’ve also noticed that whenever Grey has to be a mother type character it’s her Daphne voice whereas Vicki whenever she’s needing to be evil.

  7. I totally love it when they tell us more of the lore of the Magic Dimension!

    The story of the Ancestral Fairies also conflicts with the Golden Kingdom plot from s3. Arcadia was the first fairy ever and I think the leprechaun-like person said that she was born at the beginning of time, or something alike.

    However the only really disappointing part of the episode was that the Nebula vs Trix battle was too short. I’d love to see a showdown between Nebula and Stormy!

  8. The day of the Rose is more a “parents day” than a Mother’s Day.
    Loved this episode but I think what won me over is the Bloom and Selina encounter. I’m a sucker for an encounter between these two; it just adds to the drama I guess.
    Mythix is a lovely transformation. The wings are fabulously gorgeous and I love the dresses (I like short dresses, don’t judge me).
    So nice to see Nebula! And to confirm, she does have a different voice actress. I think she doesn’t have the crown because she turned the castle into a school and I think she’s posing as more of a teacher or headmistress than a queen.

  9. I think one of the problems that’s actually holding Roxy back from getting more involved with the Winx is that they don’t want to show a transformation from an earlier season. Roxy’s sequence is set to Believix music and doesn’t match the “style” of transformation sequences anymore. Or, they would have to do what they did with Diaspro, intentionally skip the transformation and just have her flash into fairy mode.

  10. Arrgg! Complaints on Bloom this, Bloom that! My favourite fairy! Why?! Why does Nickbow have to ruin it for her?! Why?? Like I said here http://winxbiz.weebly.com/winx-news/bmfs-opinion-on-each-winx Bloom is my favourite fairy, but honestly, she’s get too much screen time! It hurts me too see my favourite fairy being mocked, being complained about, enough! That’s just sad! The reason all this “Bloom drama” is happening is because Nickbow decides to make this show all about her. Arrg! Enough! https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRaPb_4bMZzJOQ1768T2rSSYE9GMhsfrRK43GeG0zwTNL_xgrWh
    And the teasing fans about Roxy thing! That’s just sad! Yeah, make as many other fairies fight alongside the Winx as much as you like, but do it more for Roxy! We fans have been shouting for Roxy in season 5, but all they do is tease us. Honestly! What’s so great about teasing? Does it make them that happy to see us cry out loud, bang our heads, or even quit watching Winx Club? If they think “yes”, then that’s an interesting way to promote Winx!

    • To be honest, I was fine with Bloom in seasons 1-4. She wasn’t my favorite, but I liked her fiery personality and seeing her grow as a character. It wasn’t really until season 5 when Nick took over that I started disliking her because in every other scene she was crying (not just her but the other girls too.)

      I really think that once Nick is out of the picture and Rainbow goes back to doing the show themselves, the complaints will stop. Since season 7 is supposed to focus on fairy pets, I get the feeling that we’ll see more of Roxy and maybe even more information on the backgrounds of Flora and Tecna. Bloom, Aisha, Stella, Musa, and even Roxy have all had their parents speak a few lines, but Flora and Tecna have barely been delved into. Plus we might even see what has been hinted since the first movie…Bloom and Sky planning their wedding. 🙂

  11. I think those seven ancestral faries were fake then they crossed into the world created by the great dragon and meet new faries

    • Eh, I don’t think they were fake, but I also don’t think they were the ancestors of the Winx. I think the wands just take a shape based on whomever they choose as their next owner. As for the “seven ancestral fairies,” my guess is that one of them was Arcadia or one of the other residents of the Golden Kingdom since she was supposedly “the first fairy who ever existed.” Season 3 (despite all the plot changes Nickbow has made) is still canon so she has to fit in there somewhere. :p

      I really wish Rainbow would stop it with all the plot re-dos though. It’s getting VERY confusing. @[email protected]

  12. -Nebula and Aisha held hands for a moment, which I thought was totally sweet of them. And this explains why we haven’t seen the earth fairies around, they’ve been busy making a school!

    -I liked that Selina attacked while Bloom was enjoying her victory. =D A good attack too, more unique than the usual energy beams.

    -Molly Quinn must be a good actress; I never hear Alexis from Bloom. I think she’s better as Alexis, but then, as Bloom she’s playing to a microphone; as Alexis she’s playing to Nathan Fillion and I know which one I’d rather play to!

    -The Legendarium world is dark and vast and creepy. I was expecting a cg forest for some reason, but the whole door on an island floating in space was pretty cool!

    -Now the Winx have Daphne, Eldora, and a TALKING DOOR telling them exactly in detail what to do next! Did we really need another instruction character?

    -That wand feels wasted on Eldora; Roxy or Daphne would be more useful for the kicking butt that will no doubt be required. And like OP, I noticed the wands just happened to match the Winx, which stretches credulity, unless they shapeshift to suit their future owners or something.

    -So fairies were created by human imagination, then seven of them came out of the Legendarium and spread magic in the real world, which spread to all the million different realms? This all seems very Neverending Story.

    -why didn’t Daphne’s legendarium research turn up the mythix book before?

    -Tecna’s mom! Flora’s mom! Who looks nothing like either Flora or Mielle. Awesome to see Morgana again! And I love how Marion and Vanessa seem to be friends, that’s so cute.

    • -The Legendarium world is dark and vast and creepy. I was expecting a cg forest for some reason, but the whole door on an island floating in space was pretty cool!

      Me too! I guess when I think of fantasy, I automatically think of magic forests and things like that. A talking door and flying mirrors? Acceptable, but not the first thing that comes to mind. 😛

      -Now the Winx have Daphne, Eldora, and a TALKING DOOR telling them exactly in detail what to do next! Did we really need another instruction character?

      That was one of the thoughts I had when I watched this episode, but I edited it out of the review. Seriously, though — can’t the Winx do anything for themselves anymore? They used to be so resourceful and clever. Now they just follow orders. *Sigh*

      • Are they mirrors? I could not tell what those rectangular things flying around the Winx were, they look like trading cards to me and I guessed maybe they were supposed the be pages from the Legendarium or something. But they do look like mirrors so i think you’re right.

        Now I’m imagining season a future season where the Winx get a transformation that uses “spell cards” to do magic– all to sell the new Winx Collectible Card Game and try to be like Yugioh for girls! I would totally love that and buy all the cards, but I’d be facepalming that my show had sunk so low, at the same time. Thankfully they haven’t gone there yet!

      • “Me too! I guess when I think of fantasy, I automatically think of magic forests and things like that. A talking door and flying mirrors? Acceptable, but not the first thing that comes to mind. :P”

        Maybe the creators just didn’t want to make things too predictable. After all, they did want to make it a suspense, right? Although I do wish they made an enchanted forest for the Legendarium World. Like you said, the look of a door floating in the middle of space was acceptable, but it’s just not…you know, magical enough. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the look of the Legendarium World, but I would have liked it better if it was an enchanted, magical forest.

  13. I actually liked this episode more than most of the ones in the season. Yeah, the Mythix outfits erm…coulda been better, but at least we only have to see them inside the Legendarium…and we finally find out what the wands are for (though personally I’m hoping Eldora’s will be come Roxy’s at some point.) Really the only thing that bugged me was that there was no mention of Nabu. You would think Aisha would ask about him or something, but I guess she’s trying to move on. o-o;

    All in all, this was a great episode. While I agree it should have been a mother’s day special, it was still nicely done (compared to some of the other episodes from this season and season 5.)

  14. OP, I really want you to review the Mythix transformation sequences, which you liked best, which you hated and what you generally think about them. I personally am REALLY DISAPPOINTED. They were so rushed and short with nothing of interest going on except spinning and spinning. I mean, the Winx transformation sequences were short but at least they were detailed and you got to see every bit of the outfit being formed in place. Maybe, they’ll add more scenes to the sequences in the later episodes?

  15. They’re making a ANIMAL-themed season next year.
    (And it is the SEVENTH season. Doesn’t mean too much, but could be, couldn’t?)
    I mean, even if Roxy doesn’t become a Winx, she will still have a major role.
    Not doing that in this conditions would be too much even for these writers.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks that the Mythix outfits kinda look like a combination of the first outfits and enchantix outfits?

    • The mythix outfits are like ugly Harmonix dresses with Believix boots and personalized wings. Bloomix should have gotten a cgi transformation.

  17. Probably the magic dimension was created by the Great Dragon but it was uninhabited, then the seven fairies get out from the Legendarium World and dwelled the worlds of the magical universe, and Arcadia was the first of those fairies who left the Legendarium World.

  18. Give me a few hours, or days (or weeks), and I will try to make sense of the ever-changing Winx canon! STORY TELLER POWERS, ACTIVATE!

    no but seriously, I think if I work hard enough on it, I’ll be able to reconnect the Winx continuity in the form of an epic fanfiction idea. I hope. This could take a really long while though, seeing as how, I guess mucked up would be the right way to describe it, Nickbow has changed things. Magic mud doesn’t always make for good story ideas when it covers up what was previously established!

    I’m thinking though that they are somewhat descendants of the Ancestral Fairies, though. Or something cool like the Seven Fairies were each guardians of a special power that was given to a certain realm that they decided to make their home when they spread throughout Magix. Kind of like how The Great Dragon made Domino it’s home once it was done. Pretty much that the ancestral fairies’ primary power sources are tied to the realms the Winx come from today (Domino, Solaria, Zenith, Melody, Linphea, Andros, and Earth).

    Also for how excited I was for Mythix, the short transformation we got was so lack-luster 😛 Like when they introduced Sirenix 2D in short clips. I expected it to be like 3D, when they did the whole thing. YOU HAD ONE JOB, NICKBOW!

  19. i’m looking forward to the next review, totally off topic but does anyone know when either the italian or english episodes 17-26 will air

  20. The Winx canon actually does make sense if you make a TON of assumptions that aren’t stated in the show. Assume that everyone just referred to Daphne as dead for simplicity reasons, or that Eldora is from another dimension and that the Wizards couldn’t sense her, etc.

    • How do you explain the other Messes about everyone one but Tecna witching last season? Aisha has an excuse for being upset but really why should anyone else be?

      • That’s really annoying too but maybe they wanted to avoid another freebie? We’ve already had three freebies, sophix lovix and Harmonix. But Aisha’s right they saved the universe five years in a row so why can’t the wands be given immeaditley? Unless the wands wanted to test her loyalties given the fact that they probably know of season 4 but that wasn’t even a real betrayal, so if the wands are ancestral are Aisha’s ancestors by the book jerks unable to see where the tide shifts? I’m not ruling that out either given the implications of season three.
        These Mythix wands need a better explanation.

        • I have a theory on that. They said you have to do a good deed before the wands to gain Mythix. All those other times, the wands never witnessed the Winx saving the world several times. They don’t know the Winx have done many good deeds

          • So much for the wands’ intelligence…but yeah, that makes sense. They had to do a good deed BEFORE THE WANDS, so a good deed without the wands right there doesn’t count. I still think it’s kinda unfair somehow, though.

  21. Wait. If Eldora didn’t get a new look, that means she possibly didn’t obtain Mythix. So, if Eldora didn’t obtain Mythix, wouldn’t that make Mythix completely useless in the first place, if you don’t obtain Mythix yet you still can enter the Legendarium?

    • Eldora said her wand returned to her, so she previously had Mythix but now doesn’t need to transform much. Also Eldora is like 300 (remember that 100 is fairly young for Winx so hair doesn’t grey at 50) and 300 years ago the style was different from today so thats why the older characters have more traditional looks. Daphne’s group started shifting the style more towards what we see today thus why hers looks like the Winx. Roxy’s looks that way because that’s what she knows because she’s only seen Enchantix and Believix.

  22. I think Magix is slowly changing their traditions to fit with Earth. Bloom probably started spreading her traditions around and since she’s a big-shot princess and all, her opinions and traditions matter. And remember when nobody knew what pizza was? Then 3 years later, a pizza store opened? Same thing happened there too. Traditions changing, etc. Also, about the 7 ancestral fairies, I have two theories. One is that Arcadia was the first ancestral fairy, and the other theory is that perhaps the 7 ancestral fairies weren’t the FIRST fairies. Perhaps they were a specific type of fairy, that appeared after Arcadia showed up. They never explicitly stated they were the first fairies, did they? I don’t know. And about the wands, some people have suggested that they change shape to match their upcoming owners, so I’ll just go with that.

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