Just one more review after this! Whew! Remember: assume I haven’t seen the last episode. No spoilers, please!


IMG_0667Daphne, the Winx, and their boyfriends arrive on Calavera Island to find the Fantasy Emerald. Bloom’s Mythix wand says it’s nearby, but not on the beach. Maybe — suggests Daphne — they should look in Bajo Mundo Cave, where legend says pirates once hid their treasures. The gang heads into a village to ask for directions.

Just as they enter, Eldora appears — in a rocking chair with a teacup in her hand. (Yeah.) She gives them a hint: the Emerald won’t be in the cave. It doesn’t exist in the Real World. Huh?

That’s all they get from her for now. After getting snatched up by a magic vine that grabs passers-by, she escapes before it happens again. These vines must be common on Calavera because the locals aren’t scared of them at all.

But they shudder at the mention of Bajo Mundo Cave. (By the way, bajo mundo means “underworld” in Spanish.) They don’t know where it is, but a boy tells the Winx to ask the wise woman of Calavera. She’d know. The boys stay behind to look for more clues.

The wise woman lives in a hut outside the village. She explains why everyone fears Bajo Mundo: according to legend, it’s where the infamous pirate ship called the Oculta sank. Its crew turned into zombies and hid their treasure in a secret place. The cave’s underwater, off the island, near a lighthouse. But the Winx need to be careful — when the fog rolls in, the zombie pirates awaken. (Creepy.)

Back in the village, the gang meets up again and Bloom shares this new information with the guys. Helia spots the lighthouse as soon as she mentions it. It’s on an island right in front of them! That was easy to find! Now they just need a way to get there. Timmy has something perfect in mind.

IMG_0670Meanwhile, Selina gripes to Acheron about the Trix not sharing their power with her. She’s had enough of them! They need to go! Acheron’s got an idea: offer them the power to enter the Legendarium World. Wait till she sees what happens…

Timmy’s transportation turns out to be…a classic log raft. Everyone but Tecna hates it. Aisha’s alternative is much faster and more fun: Morphix windsurfing boards! Everyone claims one while the geek couple sticks with their eco-friendly ride. Sadly, it gets caught on some rocks along the way and sinks. At least swimming’s eco-friendly, too. 😛

As the gang reaches the island, Daphne spots Bajo Mundo beneath the water. Everyone dives in and resurfaces inside. There’s no sign of any treasure. The Winx summon their Mythix wands for help, but they just glow like Bloom’s did when they arrived. The Emerald’s nearby, but where?

Then Daphne remembers Eldora’s tip: the Emerald doesn’t exist in this world. It’s in the Legendarium World!

Back at Cloud Tower, Selina drops the bait. The Trix are intrigued — but something feels off. Why did she wait so long to tell them something so valuable? “There was no need for you to enter the Legendarium World before,” she says. But the Winx are going there soon, and you could be there waiting for them.

That’s good enough for them. Selina reads them a story about three, power-hungry witches (I wonder if she wrote it in) and use its energy to zap them into the Legendarium World.

The Winx are also ready to go, but Daphne and the boys have to stay behind. If only Eldora were there, too. As if on cue, the fairy godmother reappears. She warns the girls not to stay in the Legendarium World too long — or they could get trapped forever! No worries! They’ll be fine!

IMG_0654Their Mythix magic teleports them right above a pirate ship. Tattered sails, fog — it must be the Oculta! A nervous Flora reminds them they need to get out ASAP.

But before they can start looking for the Emerald, the Trix ambush them just as Selina “planned.” The Legendarium’s made them even stronger than before! But their fight doesn’t last long. Out of the ship come the zombie pirates!


This episode was much lighter than “Mythix,” but it was still good. It didn’t need a lot of action. The search for the Fantasy Emerald was enough to keep you interested.

Some of my favorite scenes were during the windsurfing race. It was nice to see the guys interacting with the Winx again instead of just seeing them off before a trip. They used to spend a lot more time together. It’s a wonder they’re all still dating. 😛

Plus, unlike in “The Fairy Godmother” when the Winx were just skipping around the forest and wasting time, the race was fulfilling a goal: get to Bajo Mundo Cave. They just had some fun along with way. No problem with that. (Flying would have been faster, though. 😛 )

Another highlight: Selina plotting against the Trix. Now that she’s written them into the Legendarium, I’m starting to think the Winx (maybe with her help) will defeat them by locking them inside. That might be what Acheron wants. It would be a big ending — the Trix wouldn’t exist anymore! — and the Winx would defeat them without ending their lives, which is more “kid-friendly.” It’s kinda like the energy-bending ending in Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Your mileage may vary on how good it was. 😛 )

I only had two complaints about this episode:

  • Like I said, I was happy to see the couples together again, but…the guys didn’t help much. They couldn’t find any information, then the Winx left them behind in Bajo Mundo Cave. Remember when they used to fight monsters and blow things up with magi-bombs? I miss those days.
  • I’ll say this again, too: Nickbow wasted the seventh Mythix wand on Eldora. She doesn’t need it if she’s just gonna be a recurring comic relief character from now on! If Roxy can’t have it, at least give it to Daphne! She’d use it!

Final thoughts: good, though not as good as “Mythix.” Great use of comedy without making the episode feel like filler.

Last episode of the marathon (finally!): “Zombie Invasion.” The Winx and the Trix fight the zombie pirates of the Oculta. Wait…are they teaming up?! Review coming soon!


  • “Ancestral wands?” I like “Mythix wands” more.
  • First time Daphne’s gotten a matching outfit. What does that mean?
  • It’s kinda funny to hear Aisha say, “We’re not here to play in the waves.” You’re the fairy of waves, dear. 😛
  • Aw! Daphne blushed! Cute! 🙂
  • Asking their wands for help again. *Sigh*
  • Finding a gem in a pirate’s cave? That won’t be easy.
  • Pretty village!
  • Why don’t the Specialists know more about this mission? They’re not usually this out of the loop!
  • Grabbing vines. This has “embarrass Stella” written all over it. 😛
  • If the vine put Eldora down so softly, what was it trying to do in the first place? 😕
  • A “field trip?” Really?
  • Tecna’s being Captain Obvious again. And how does Stella know Pig Latin? 😛
  • Yep, Stella got embarrassed. 😛 Seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Flora talk to a plant.
  • Wise Woman of Calavera, huh? Cool.
  • Why is this remind me of Pirates of the Carribbean? 😛
  • I like how the Wise Woman said “Oculta.” She’s cool. Too bad she’s an one-shot character.
  • Of course, you didn’t find anything, Sky. You’re not the main heroes. 😛
  • Conveniently, the Winx end up in the perfect spot to find the lighthouse. 😛
  • Stella, you should know better than to think it’s “just a little legend.”
  • Wow! Timmy talked? Is this the first time this season? I miss his and Tecna’s techno babble.
  • Selina wants the Trix gone? I guess she doesn’t admire them anymore.
  • The power to enter the Legendarium World? Selina can just…do that? Makes the Winx’s hard work seem kinda pointless. They could have just stolen the book! 😛
  • Eco-friendly? Wind energy? Is season five slipping into this episode? 😛
  • Daphne’s getting along better with the other Winx now. Hmmmm…
  • “I’m not getting ship-wrecked on that thing.” LOL, Nex!
  • Since when are windsurfers “accessories,” Stella?
  • Aw! Timmy and Tecna are such a cute couple!
  • Swimsuits and life jackets? Wow! Stella’s fashion change was actually useful this time! I wonder if the Color Splash dolls’ dresses will transform into swimsuits, too.
  • Uh oh! More love triangle action. Looks like Roy definitely has competition now.
  • Nex, stop being a jerk to Timmy. Aisha, why aren’t you saying anything? 😕
  • Boys, why are you acting stupid all of a sudden?
  • A special sequence for summoning the wands? Cute, but a little over the top.
  • Does this area in the Real World correspond to a place in the Legendarium World?
  • The Trix don’t trust Selina anymore. Interesting.
  • How many times are you gonna say “Legendarium World,” Selina? Shaymalaning much?
  • Eldora, why aren’t you coming? You have a wand! And why are you twice as ditzy today?
  • Nex is already acting like Aisha’s boyfriend. 😛
  • How many times do you have to twirl and pose with it, Bloom? Get on with it!
  • The CGI in this season seems better, but the Trix look a little weird.
  • Clever move, Bloom! Icy, never give away how your spell works! 😛
  • The curse of being an amateur 3D modeler: I can tell the Winx’s wings are just image textures. *Sigh* 😕
  • Cool spell, Flora!
  • Wait! The Trix and the Winx have to fight TOGETHER? 😯

50 Responses to “My Thoughts on Webisode 6X15: “Mystery of Calavera”

  1. – Lordy that’s a crowd of men. 8 men. 8 men, 7 fairies, no wonder they’re having trouble giving everyone lines and character development.

    -Stella’s dress totally defied gravity in order to avoid flashing the people. Maybe she did it with magic. =P

    -Loved the bit with the raft. Timmy and Tecna are great together when they get a chance at the spotlight.

    -Once again, vast and dark and creepy. I love how scary it is, the image of a black ocean without a shore and this looming ship. (zombie pirates = less scary.)

    -the cg isn’t bad from far away, it’s just the faces that are derpy.

    -It’s in the real world but it’s in the legendarium world but it’s in the real world? I don’t follow! I read somewhere that season 7 will be all 2d and I hope it’s true, and not just for artistic reasons. The worldhopping makes for clumsy plots, and leaves the boys and other non-Winx out of the action.

    • Wait, hang on a minute! So, where’s all this stuff really in? Legendarium World? Real word? Legendarium World? I think people are just going beyond…

      …(“going beyond” in my definition is like going deep, deep, deep, deep…down in the thought of something. Like, say, a messy painting is just plain messy, but it’s not really. It’s a “work of art”. Something only a conscious brainiac can understand…”A messy painting can be really beautiful”. Brainiac talk…cukoo, cukoo…”A murderer deep down can be really friendly”. OK, so they’re really bad because they kill people, but friendly because…? See what I mean? It’s all brainiac talk. Oh, and one more example from my friend: “We are other people. Other people are us.” When she says, “We are other people”, I say, “Well, no, we’re us, as in ourselves.” Then, when she goes, “Other people are us”, and I go, “No, we’re us”. Then, she starts telling me how her dad would have explained it better than her.)

      Quoting Stella: “This whole real world, Legendarium World thing is really confusing me.” True as. Who wouldn’t it confuse? Ask our fellow writer here…

  2. *sigh* The seventh wand is indeed a waste on Eldora. If they had given it a butterfly shape and Roxy had it, she would be so cool in this episode.
    As for the boys…while it was nice to see them again, it feels like they’re being treated as the girls’ accessories in this episode. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them use their new weapons on more Legendarium monsters soon. It was kinda cool seeing them going up against the Treeants. Speaking of which…yes, a lot of these Legendarium characters reminded me of existing series: The Treeants reminded me of the Ents from Lord of the Rings; the Children of the Night reminded me of The Vampire Diaries; those phantoms reminded me of the Dementors from Harry Potter; and the zombie pirates in this episode naturally reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder if they’ll do real mythologies or fairy tales next like the immortal gods or demi-gods from Rick Riordan’s series as well as Little Red Riding Hood or The Snow Queen…then again, Icy and Aurora are the Ice Queens of this series. LOL

  3. this episode was actually my personal favourite out of the marathon. The wise woman of calavera, occulta, pirates, this episode as quite mysterious (and i loved it =P) and the sailing scene was also cute

  4. Pirates of the Caribbean? I got screamed at by the person who likes it very much just because I talked about the Zombie Pirates with someone else…yes, and he was a month younger than me…and WHAT? The Trix and the Winx are fighting together? Wow, they didn’t even even do that at the end of season 2…

  5. Sounds fun, another season 6 episode that can be interesting to watch. Of course it’s nothing like first two/three seasons, but they improved quite a lot since season 5. It’s nice. 🙂

  6. I didn’t quite understand. In the episode 6×14 “MYTHIX” that strange talking Gate told the Winx to find the Emerald and the Spear in the real world. However, in this episode, the Winx go to the Legendarium World to look for it. They have Mythix and CGI, so it has to be the Legendarium World. Besides, this whole “real world” “legends’ world” is becoming lame and really confusing. Could someone explain me this plot? Anyone? NICK? RAINBOW? 😛

    • The Gate said when they found the items in the Real World, they’d cross over into the Legendarium World…which, like you said, conflicts with this episode. Maybe the items are there, but they’re only visible in the Legendarium World.

      …Yeah, I’m confused, too. 😛

  7. “With every legend comes a bit of truth” best line this season. Eldora stop playing around, if you aren’t going to use the wand please give it to Roxy or Daphne. Just please do that. At least Roxy and Daphne could use it somehow. Hmmm two blue dresses, two green, two pink, one orange. Maybe Daphne will join.

      • Maybe now we’ll get better lines? Hopefully we won’t have to deal with other somewhat dumb dialogue. On the matching outfits Roxy and Daphne have about three or four each. That kiwi outfit was supposed to be animated but they ran out of time. She also has cowgirl, exercise and even love and pet, oh look it’s yellow, that could mean something. Daphne has Color splash, the ball gown her teacher outfit and casual reworked after Stella brightened the thing up and shortened her scarf so she wouldn’t trip over the thing. However Daphne or Roxy usually have a slight difference that reflects their age. Daphne doesn’t sparkle as much and her skirts are longer than the Winx while Roxy has never worn a dress before usually getting plain skirts or fancy pants, skorts if she’s lucky. Also as a follow up to the mythix mystery wands after rewatching the explanation Bloom and Aisha actually remind us why they are in charge. Aisha’s viewpoint is more like not another test (which is annoying) but also slightly bragging even though she said what more do these wands need? Bloom’s viewpoint is I know but it’s not wise to brag around seriously powerful forces we’ll get them when the time is right thus explaining why the wands didn’t just fly out.

  8. This was my fav episode so far. I also like Nex and hope he wins Aisha over. Roy is a nice guy but I think he’ll hurt her at the end. I also see a Nex/Timmy friendship or respect in the future. I usually dont like arrogant tools but I can understand how Aisha likes him more.

    Riven needs to get over himself in terms with Sky. I understand he has to work harder with him not having an upbringing like the crown prince but geez! Calm down and give your girl real attention already. I cannot see how Musa deals with him (it Nickbow’s fault).

    Thoren’s voice is so annoying. But his face and hot cartoon body makes up for it. Get it, Daphne. Though I really don’t want Bloom’s sister as another Winx. I like that all the members aren’t related and have different hair colours…yeah. Daphne can go and marry Thoren and birth him an army of baby boys in Domino. 🙂

    Overall I’m looking forward to the next episode on Cramming in that webathon was worth it on a stormy rainy day for me. I like this season a lot more than the last season, and the Winx just needs more guy time on the show. I miss them fighting along side the girls as well. And I need to know if Aisha will choose good boy Roy or bad boy Nex? Not really important but a lot more exciting than Bloom and Sky.

    No comment on the villians. I find them annoying. Especially Selina. I don’t blame the Trix for not trusting her.

  9. I liked this episode to a certain extent too. Though the couples get annoying at times, it was funny to see Tecna and Timmy try and win the race by making a raft as opposed to Aisha’s morphix ones. The only real complaint I have about the specialists is the one you pointed out: they don’t blast things away like they did in previous episodes. Are they just eye candy now? o.O “Encyclopedia Daphne” is also getting annoying, but it seems to be a regular thing this season.

    I also agree on the seventh Mythix wand. I know that Roxy (the one who makes the most sense to be the owner of the wand) hasn’t gotten beyond Enchantix level yet, but theoretically she could “inherit” the wand from Eldora, considering that one of the fairies who crossed over to Tir Nan Og probably was her ancestor. Daphne has enough power to use it, so why she’s still being their “encyclopedia,” I honestly have no idea. Yes, she’s a teacher now, but she could have another teacher cover her classes for her while she’s away “saving the magical dimension.” Eldora having it is just a bit…weird.

    And it reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean too…that and Peter Pan. I wonder if Rainbow pulled some inspiration from those things this year like they did Little Mermaid last year. XD

  10. all of a sudden daphne is acting less like a teacher and more like one of the girls wonder what’s up with that. the wise woman sounded like a character from scooby doo, it was awesome, i liked this one but i’ll save the comment i was going to make until the next review

  11. So, if the Trix are locked in the Legendarium, they will be gone before the third film comes out. But they will be a part of the film. That doesn’t make sense 😀 By the way, I know they are hated by most of the people, but I will miss them 🙁

    • it’s like the magical adventure movie in the show nabu is in a coma or dead but in the movie he is alive. if you’ve noticed the politea in the movie looks nothing like the politea monster in the show

      • I think magical adventure comes after blooms battle with nebula and the wizards trial. Maybe that summer. It takes time putting a trashed kingdom back together, and it would explain nabus appearance.

    • The third film takes place between the events of Season 5-6. Magical Adventure is an alternate universe telling of the fourth season.

  12. I really loved Flora’s spell that turned her invisible, it was clever and very useful. I hope we get to see her using it again.The sequence for summoning wands was way too much for me,it just isn’t necessary.
    I went back and rewatched all the episodes of this season,and in the beginning there was a part when the Winx girls were helping Daphne, and Stella gave her a dress that was very similiar style with their dresses.I think tecnically that could count as the first time when Daphne had a matching outfit with them.

  13. I couldn’t help but notice how when they entered the Legendarium that it took them right to where they wanted to go. There’s gotta be lots and lots more to see of the Legendarium, right? There’s lots of stories in that world. So how did they end up on that ship immediately? Did their wands know where they wanted to go specifically?

    Flora’s camoflauge spell was cool. What was cool was that her wand camoflauged as well and it worked great for a sneak attack.

    Eldora always seems to know when to show up. Is it just a coincidence or can she sense their energy that well or what?

    • I think the Mythix power just plunks them down to wherever a certain story relates to. So since they were the cave where the legend of the Oculta takes place, the Winx ended up there. That’s my best guess.

  14. Roxy still has to study to become a full-fledge fairy like the Winx and Daphne. I’m guessing that Daphne will be an 8th Winx, since Roxy is still Winx number 7. And this Roy, Aisha, and Nex love triangle reminds me of the love triangle between Jerrica, Rio, and Jem.

      • Oh man, the Jem/Jerrica/Rio love triangle. I think Roy/Layla/Nex is more normal than that– at least Roy and Nex aren’t secretly the same person, LOL. (Or are they? THAT would be a twist. Is Nex secretly just a hologram Roy is projecting?)

        OP, you should watch Jem. I love it! It’s older than me too, but it holds up wonderfully.

    • the problem with that is the fact that jerrica and jem are the same person where as roy and nex are two totally different people

  15. Did they ever say where the ancestral witches came from? Because this kind of links some of the story together

  16. I also dont think the winx would be that evil, i mean even when icy and bloom fought in season 1 she still carried her back instead of letting her drown

    • No because destroying evil makes them quote Batman and Green Arrow… It’s a “quien custodias ipsos qui custodias or Who guards the guardians?” issue. That’s actually the bottom line of any superheroes team, that if the Winx guard the universe who guards the winx? That’s the job of the Riven and Roxy which is why they haven’t disappeared yet even if Riven’s a jerk.

        • Riven’s being a jerk is similar to Green Arrow’s 8th member persona. Riven keeps the guys honest, Roxy is essentially CM2 (Mary Marvel) being a grown up girl but still childish in a way that she took over Flora’s mom role (an idealized version anyway) as Flora started to grow out of it.

  17. Best webisode of the marathon? Ya, I can get behind that. But upon reflection is it because it just didn’t do anything blatantly bad? Could I nitpick over stupid things? Sure like how is a raft made from stuff more eco friendly than summoning magic surf boards that used no natural resources? or can’t a sirenix fairy just swim through the sea faster? isn’t the wise woman of calavera overly convenient?

    But such things are of little importance. Best wep ya

  18. It seems weird to see Tecna and Timmy make a non-technological transport, and I don’t think that a raft made of logs is more eco-friendly than a board made of energy since they had to have cut some trees for get the logs.

    I liked this episode [webisode, whatever]. I expected zombies like the ones in the trailer, though.

  19. Timmy has already spoken in this season in episode 3 when he’s invited the winx to their training

  20. OMG, Nickbow knows we want Roxy to have a wand, yet they’re just laughing in our faces and give it Eldora, who doesn’t even use it. For some reason, I can imagine them going “In your face!” to us, even though I don’t really think they mean that.

    By the way, I hate Bloom drama/Bloom worship. *sigh* They’re just ruining it for me and Bloom. I was OK with her in seasons 1-4, so I watched an episode from season 4 again, but when I go back to season 6, I’m like….OMG, I want Flora! Flora’s my second favourite fairy. If not Flora, at least Musa or Tecna! I just wish this was like season 4…

    • Actually, because of all of Nickbow’s nonsense with the Bloom drama, I’m starting to like Flora better. It’s going to get a little funny, because then, when I go back to seasons 1-4, I’ll like Bloom and when I’m watching seasons 5-6, I’ll be like, “OMG, just LOOK at Flora!” LOL.

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