Last review! Finally! 😀 Now that I’m done, I’ll talk about some of the smaller details and events from these episodes. I promise the posts will be shorter from now on. 😛


IMG_0678The Fantasy Emerald must be on the Oculta, but the zombie pirates are in the way. The good news: these guys are a joke. They’re too stupid to be a real threat.

The bad news is they’re wasting the Winx’s time. Eldora drops in to remind Bloom they can’t stay in the Legendarium World too long — or they’ll become fictional characters and be trapped inside forever! Icy overhears and warns her sisters. They all agree: it’s time to go! No way they’re spending eternity with the Winx! (So much for a team battle.)

While her friends keep the zombies busy, Bloom starts looking for the Emerald. It doesn’t take her long to find it — it’s stuck on the stem as a decoration! (Not a great hiding place. 😛 ) Thank goodness! The Winx teleport back to Bajo Mundo Cave with seconds to spare.

Daphne and the guys aren’t there, though. They’re relaxing in the village. Nex is sipping coconut smoothies (and being a jerk), Daphne and Thoren are on an impromptu date, and Riven (who’s also being a jerk) is trying to beat Sky at boomerang toss. Of course, they’re worried about the Winx, but Daphne assures them they’ll be okay. Sure enough, they soon return with the Fantasy Emerald.

(Yes, I left out some scenes, but this whole part of the episode was filler, anyway. 😛 )

IMG_0682Meanwhile, the Trix get back to Cloud Tower, and their eyes are on Selina. Did she “forget” to warn them about the time limit in the Legendarium World? Selina dodges trouble again by turning their focus back on the Winx. Did they get stuck?

The Trix peek into Griffin’s Magic Eye…and see the Winx heading to beach with the Emerald in hand. Icy knows what will ruin their fun: a zombie attack!

Selina summons the Oculta into the Real World, and the zombies invade the village! They’re no smarter than before, but there’s a lot more of them. The gang can’t handle them all! If only the people of Calavera could help them fight.

IMG_0685That gives Bloom an idea. With a spell she calls “Friendship Flame,” she grants each of the villagers wings and a touch of magic power. They converge with her to make a rain of fire that destroys most of the zombies and scares the rest off the island.

Calavera is saved! And what better way to celebrate than smoothies and dancing?


This episode felt short to me. When the credits started rolling, I felt like there were still ten minutes left! No, I didn’t lose track of time because I got caught up in the story. Honestly, I was kinda bored. I loved seeing the Winx and the guys hanging out, but it got old after a few minutes.

The zombie battle was cool, but I expected these guys to be as tough as the last humanoid monsters: the Children of the Night. They weren’t even close. Some of them took themselves out with their own stupidity. *Sigh* I hate easy enemies.

Final thoughts: decent episode, but kinda forgettable (unless you like lots of flirting 😛 ).

Next episode: “Curse of Fearwood.” The Mythix Insight says the Silver Spear is in Fearwood, Canada. But according to legend, Fearwood Forest is cursed. No word yet on when this episode will premiere — or where. I hope it’ll be on TV.

So, we’re more than halfway through the season now! What do you think of it so far? Which episodes have stood out the most to you? Any predictions for the rest of the season?


  • Actually, Narrator, the Winx didn’t get to search the ship yet. 😛
  • He threw his hat. And that accomplished…what?
  • All the Winx’s spells come from their wands now. Cute, I guess. 🙂
  • …These zombies are stupid.
  • Eldora, you came here to say the same thing you said last episode, then leave? Give away your wand!
  • “Light Star?” That’s a weird attack name. 😛
  • Of course, Bloom’s the one who found the Emerald. 🙄
  • Why didn’t Daphne and the guys wait in the cave?
  • Wow, Nex. You sure are relaxed. Weren’t you worried about Aisha earlier?
  • Aw, more cute Daphne X Thoren moments.
  • This boomerang scene reminds me of the ball game in the Golden Kingdom in season three. 🙂
  • I can’t believe the Trix still trust Selina. She’s a terrible liar!
  • Icy, did you really think the Winx wouldn’t make it out? 😛
  • The smoothie guy’s cute. 🙂
  • Oops! Flora overdid it! 😛
  • If he’s just cutting off the tops of the coconuts and sticking straws in, how are those “smoothies?” 😛
  • Nice to see Bloom hanging out with Musa for a change.
  • Finally! The guys are fighting, too!
  • The Winx really do have Bloomix and Mythix at the same time. Weird. 😕
  • “Butterfly ladies!” I like that! 😛
  • Tecna’s being cheeky? She must be in a good mood. 😛
  • Riven: “Two for you.”
    Sky: “It’s not a competition, Riven!”
    Riven: “You always say that…when you win.”

    Riven’s such a jerk, but this was one of the best exchanges in the season. 😛

  • Nex or Roy. You can only pick one, Aisha. 😛
  • Daphne didn’t say, “I call upon the element of Earth” first this time.
  • “Friendship Flame?” Cool spell, but…why did Bloom have to save the day again? 😕

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76 Responses to “My Thoughts on Webisode 6X16: “Zombie Invasion”

  1. I didn’t like the “Friendship Flame” part. It seemed like that was something the writers had Bloom pull out of her…rear end…so she could save the day. I had the same thought about her finding the gem too. Of course, she’ll find it.

    I did think that tiny bit of her peeking over the ship was cute, though. For some time after the episode aired, there was a GIF of that going around on Tumblr with everyone saying “Peek-a-boo!”

    I don’t see a problem with the girls using a spell once and never again, because hey, it’s bound to happen with all the spells they have. But the Friendship Flame was obviously (in my opinion) done to make Bloom the hero of this episode. They need everyone’s help and she just so happens to have a spell that will let her share her power with everyone? Honestly, the ability to share their powers seems like a standard spell every fairy would have, much like teleportation or flight or their beams.

    • I hated the Friendship Flame spell. It’s a deus ex machina and like you said, it’s feeding more into the “Bloom Worshiping”. Of course it has to be Bloom who found the Emerald. Of course it has to be her who can lend her magic to ordinary citizen so that they can abruptly defeat the zombie pirates. Would it really kill the scriptwriters to give this power to someone else like Aisha, Stella, Flora, Musa, or Tecna? Heck, I wouldn’t mind if Daphne used it because it would lessen the “Bloom worshipping”.

      • Aisha could have done it but fire wings are cooler than water wings which I call shenanigans on is the most likely reason. But if Water powers are lame then why is your water fairy the second most useful? It’s like the Aquaman is useless jokes. Stella might have been too bright for them (given how much yellow pops up in her uniforms nowadays.

        • I agree with the comments below that the friendship flame was too deus ex. The nymph of sirenix or the fairy of waves could of solved the problem easily. The zombies kept spawning from the ship so just make a wave wash the ship away and/or sink it.

          Actually isn’t daphne the most overpowered mary sue of them all? she controls the beast of the depths. its undefeatable. There you go. 2 ways for daphne to win

    • Couldn’t agree with you any more on that. I could understand somewhat with Believix when they just asked them to have faith in the Winx, but Mythix/Bloomix makes no sense. Turning people into fairies temporarily gives Bloom way more power than she already had.

      And yeah, I agree that it would have been less tacky if ALL the Winx gave up a little of their power to help the humans.

      I seriously think the writing will get better once Nick leaves.

      • The kids already had magic as musa stated back in season two, they just sorta grow out of it. Bloom just gave adults magic while amplifying the kids power.

    • if you think your getting nexts 20 episodes from nick? nope. you have to get bits of each episode form youtube. i can say i didnt like season 6 or 5. To me, its blend. i dont feel laughing, excited or suspence for 5 or 6 season. the charaters to me dont have their personiality since season 4 and bloom hogs every sence she is in. i miss the orginal plots and winx form 1-4 seasons. its not the same.

      and you haven’t notice but now they say bloom names way too many times in each epsiode. you get to hear also stellas and aishas name to and few floras name. you rarely here techas and musas name . you hear their name maybe once or twice in each epsiodes. sighs. whats wrong with winx now. its my opinion on this.

  2. It just occured to me, the other pixies have been trapped in the book since episode 3 or so! And just to make it more creepy, I don’t think any of the characters know they’re in there, unless Selina noticed they were pulled in or Acheron can somehow sense his neighbors. *doomful voice* Alas, poor pixies… it’s too late… we shall never see them again…

    • Ugh I know. Nickbow probably just only keeps the “main six” in for cutesy scenes (though the latter two SHOULD have been Digit and Tune, not Caramel and Cherie.) It’s lazy writing in my opinion. I seriously hope they come up with a valid reason for NO MENTION of them over the past few episodes. I mean come on…when Griffin was turned into the crow, she at least got mentioned a few times. They could at least mention the pixies in their (somewhat pointless) recaps.

  3. I have a friend in Canada and he hasn’t heard of Fearwood, plus it was good to see Male Fairies for a change even if it was only temporary. I was a little confused when it started to become more like Code Lyoko.

  4. – Eldora, you came here to say the same thing you said last episode, then leave? Give away your wand!

    I laughed so hard at that I don’t know why.

    On the Fantasy Emerald being in the ship, I didn’t think that’s where it was gonna end up. Because I noticed the zombie captain had what looked like an emerald in his hat, so I figured that would be it. I was wrong 😛

    I got so excited when the Winx were about to transform, and then Bloom said “Magic Winx, Bloomix!” and my face was like “… what”. I was a little shocked and confused about them still having Bloomix because I thought it would’ve been like Sirenix and they’d say bye-bye to the shared magic of the Dragon Flame. I’m pretty glad they keep it, though. I love the look of it.

    On the Friendship Flame spell, it would’ve been alot cooler if the Winx had to converge for that. ‘Cause the other Winx still kind of (maybe a little bit?) have a piece of the Dragon Flame in their Bloomix power. Right?

    I’m still laughing at your comment on Eldora giving away her wand. Low-key pushes Roxy over to Eldora for the Fairy Godmother to take the Earth Fairy under her wing and pass on her Mythix wand to a more capable generation.

  5. I didn’t mind the friendship flame because I think that particular might have given a bit of magic more than some of the kids had. It’s funny that the older you get in Winx you get a little dumber unless you’re one of these four girls Bloom, Aisha, Tecna or Daphne. Same with the guys they get dumber with the exception of Sky, Timmy, Thoren and Roy/Nex (I think Roy is real and Nex is a phoney). I guess even with all that magic around Adults are skeptical still, no wonder kids are smarter when it comes to magic. As for the rest of the episode..Finally using their brains about which transformation they should use. Bloom actually coming up with a plan rather than asking big sister for info. Now that’s what I want to see. Bloom being the leader she’s supposed to be instead of just making a simple blast the thing. I’m guessing drowning the zombies with the big guns (Daphne, Aisha and herself) while Tecna and Stella did ground control with Flora, Musa and the guys was her intent but needed more fire power to incinerate them. Next make these objects harder to find rainbow, it shouldn’t be in plain sight, not even for Bloom. I’ll say this about Bloom drama before we get any more of it. Bloom is the most Human Winx. Does that mean she shouldn’t have trouble and suffering somehow? No. It’s just that like Superman her angst should come from the fact that while she’s the strongest power-wise she can’t be the Superwoman people want her to be like they used to focus her angst on. Her angst should not come from boyfriend drama like it does today. One last on track thing, Winx please continue to use your brains, you have them!

  6. Honestly, I was expecting so much more from these zombie pirates and so far, they were the most disappointing Legendarium monsters. I think I’ve been spoiled rotten after seeing the awesome Children of the Night.

    I’ll be honest, as nice as “Friendship Flame” sound, it’s practically a deus ex machina to me, even more so when it’s Bloom who conjured it. They have an army of zombie pirates and no matter how hard they try, more just pops up. How to defeat a swarm of zombie pirates? Just temporarily give out magic powers and fairy wings to the citizens like you’re a god, Bloom, and everything will be fine! I hate Friendship Flame because it’s a deus ex machina thrown in to help our heroes abruptly resolve an unsolvable problem with the pirate zombies. The rest of this episode was very fillerish.

    • “Honestly, I was expecting so much more from these zombie pirates and so far, they were the most disappointing Legendarium monsters.”

      I agree, I was expecting zombies like the ones in the trailer (1:17)

      “How to defeat a swarm of zombie pirates? Just temporarily give out magic powers and fairy wings to the citizens like you’re a god, Bloom, and everything will be fine!”

      I think Friendship Flame was too deus ex machina too and too much Bloom worship has been shown in this season, but I think Bloom is actually a kind of goddess, I mean, she has the Dragon Flame after all, which created the magical universe, I think it makes her a goddess or something.

        • Bloom is overpowered enough as is. We do not need to make her a deity. If there’s anything she is not it’s a deity. Superman power levels are enough and ice is her kryptonite so she’s just a human girl first and a superhero second. I think it best that Bloom remain gifted girl and not a deity. At the end of the day in Winx the whole club doesn’t get credit because they don’t want it. Bloom as leader has to take the pressure of it even though she doesn’t want it. Stella brags about small efforts except for the Gardenia first day, but not about large ones. No one else has bragged about any mission. It’s those around her treating her that way despite her annoyance at it. Why else would she send silent annoyed looks to us or Tecna for that?

        • See what I mean? Everything you talk about on this site is Bloom-related and it’s like you only care about her in this show! Please show you care for the other girls too! It’s not Magical Bloom any more, it’s Winx Club! MusicalFire was right, she’s overpowered enough. Even ask our fellow Una di Noi Winxers. They don’t want Bloom to become a deity! She already has too much power and worship as it is, you want her to be a deity?! Honestly!

    • I liked what the Friendship Flame spell did, not the fact that it was Bloom who did it. In fact ever since Nickbow took over the writing, I’ve started to dislike her. Musa’s my favourite now and it’s thanks to a fanfiction writer.

  7. I hated Friendship Flame, I just hope they will never do it again, whatever, I loved to see the specialists fight again, I specially missed this rivality between Riven and Sky.

  8. Bloom is overrated. Aisha, Flora and Musa are my favs.

    And sorry but I like Nex. Roy is cuter though. Nex personality is douch-y. Even worse than Riven which surprises me about Aisha having him hang out with herself and Roy. If Winx were a soap opera she can have them both! Cartoon eye candy! Guys do it all the time.

    Eldora is pretty funny even though she was a bit of a waste here.

    Any fairy but Bloom should’ve gotten the emerald. So lame. I like Bloom and all but the all girls should take turns to ‘shine’ in an episode.

    • I don’t think Bloom is overrated, but they certainly have made her ridiculously powerful. She was the ONLY fairy not to lose her powers because her power comes from the “creator of the magical universe.”

      And yes, another fairy should have found the emerald. In previous seasons, Tecna would have probably located it with one of her gadgets. This season REALLY has gone overboard with the Bloom worship. -_-X

      • It has.. to quote lex Luthor about Clark and Kara in S:TAS “No one man should have that much power” If Bloom were to go bad again she could take over the world just by threatning to make armies of soldier puppets out of fire that would only be loyal to her. Aisha’s water magic being the only thing that could stop her unless of course she went bad herself. Then we’re doomed.

    • Yes, I feel just the same, but I think Lily wants Bloom to become the lost ruler and creator of the Great Dragon or something…to make it more clear what I’m trying to say; she wants Bloom to become a deity….

  9. Zombies are creatures without soul. I think most of their brains ended up disappearing along with the souls. No surprise that they’re not that smart.
    Still, stupid even for a zombie 🙂
    Ah, Riven and Sky… Just like old times. Nice to see their competitiveness with each other spark up again 🙂
    Strange that they’re still using Bloomix. Normally after they achieve new power the old power is forgotten (do the winx even have their fairy dust anymore?) except in season 4 when after using Sophix and Lovix they went back to Believix. Maybe since Bloomix is a popular transformation (I’ve seen lots of praise for its appearance) Nickbow wanted to keep it on.

    • mythix is just for the legendarium world which i think is stupid but i like the bloomix outfits better than the mythix ones anyway

    • Yeah, but even so the Legendarium could have kept bringing them back from the dead to make it an even harder battle for the Winx. It would have been more interesting to see the Winx take them out then. :p

      Yeah, I agree that it’s a tad weird that they forget their old powers when they gain their new ones. Likely it’s just the creators wanting to sell more dolls and/or being lazy with the plot. I do have a theory as to how it works though:
      -Enchantix is their main power source, but there are certain situations where they can’t use it (ex: season 4 they couldn’t use it but were later seen flying back to Magix in it after the big bad was defeated)
      -Believix is only usable in dimensions that lack (or once lacked) a belief in magic; that’s why we mainly see it used on Earth (though there was little explanation as to why it worked in the second movie.)
      -Harmonix and Sirenix both are best used underwater; I still find it a tad strange that they still had it in season 6 though
      -Bloomix is a temporary transformation while the other girls are missing their Sirenix powers; once the Legendarium is closed, likely they will regain their powers (and probably their Sirenix transformations.)
      -Mythix is only used to enter the Legendarium and in that world

      So all these “new transformations” are just sub-forms of Enchantix. Likely the next season will feature another transformation. I really do hope they bring Enchantix back though. It was the best in my opinion. >:

      • I still wonder if they have their fairy dust. They haven’t used it since mid-season 4.
        As for continuing sirenix in season 6, it’s probably for the same reason enchantix started off season 4, charmix starting season 3, and Believix starting off season 5.

      • Bloomix isn’t the temporary transformation this season now. Nythix is, as they only use it for the Legendarium. Think about it like this: Once the Winx lock the Legendarium, Mythix will be gone and they will keep using Bloomix until some time next season.

        Anyway, it’s not as weird as you think, the thing about having 2 forms at once. Remember when the Winx had Sophix and Lovix? They still had Believix then.

        • @OP I’m pretty sure they meant Charmix as in Level 1. I’ve always considered “Magic Winx” as the equivalent to “it’s morphin’ time!” Rainbow apparently meant for Magic Winx the catchphrase not the transformation name. Quite a few fanfiction writers refer to Charmix as having a level 1(unnamed level) and level 2 (the pins). That’s how I refer to the Charmix/Magic Winx debate. Charmix is the name for all fairies while “Magic Winx” is a catchphrase for seven (or is it eight girls)

          • I’m the same. I always thought of “Magic Winx” as the transformation phrase, not the name. How could it be the name if there are only six fairies called the Winx? I think the Italian season 1 dolls just called the first form “Fairy,” which of course isn’t a name, either. 😛 So, yeah, it didn’t have a name. I like Charmix as the official name. The second season Charmix was just an upgrade. You could almost say those gems complete the Charmix transformation.

    • They have fairy dust it’s the glitter on the wings, they just don’t use it because there’s not really a good reason for it at the moment, they can shrink without it now (Tecna doing shrinking spells) and the healing part is ignored

  10. Okay, maybe I have no right to talk because I stopped watching season 5 after episode 12 and because I have seen only 3 episodes of season 6(Oh, that waiting, and it wasn’t really worth it!) but I’m kinda glad I did that.
    I was sick of all that Bloom worshiping through entire season 5, and I see that it has continued through this season, and IMO this show has been too Americanised and changed during these seasons.
    Now, on this episode – really, when I read your last review(I follow this blog for more than a year, I’m just too lazy to comment) I kinda expected this one to be amazing episode and was considering giving it a chance.
    After reading your review, I’m glad I didn’t.

    Really, I miss all the magic this show had before – even in season 4, although that one had few plot holes and issues itself.

    Now, about that Mythix-Bloomix transformation: I always hoped they could switch from one tranfromation to another, from Enchantix and above, but that writers were too lazy to consider that and it would bee too complicated.
    Speaking of Enchantix, I would really love to see the Winx using it again, although I don’t think it would look as good as before with this animation style, which I don’t like.

    • They could just re-animate the 3d sequence into 2d if they wanted to show it again as simpler Believix style sequences are clearly more popular and the 3d Enchantix sequence is similar enough to the newer transformations that it wouldn’t kill anything. Plus I feel the Enchantix transformation sequence was handled better in the movie. Using their powers to make their outfits form, usually all we get is a light flash or wrap around. That’s how they should transform, Stella playing with stars, Flora summoning vines, Tecna “booting up” Aisha dancing with her Morphix, Bloom making explosions and Musa singing in a shower of soundwaves. All they’d really need to do is remove the extra decorations from Bloom, Flora and Aisha when translating it from 3d to 2d.

    • Yeah, the Bloom worship has gotten out of hand. In seasons 1-4, she wasn’t my favorite but she was a tolerable character (despite her obviously being overpowered.) As of season 5, nearly EVERY episode has to be focused on her and she has gotten everything she could ever want (perfect boyfriend, a full family, etc.) I think this is mostly Nick being lazy writers, so hopefully that will change once they leave.

      To be fair, Gardenia is supposedly in America (there’s supposedly a future episode where they travel to Italy,) but I agree that they’re Americanizing it way too much. The outfits are getting less and less creative, probably because they’re too concerned with pleasing the complaining moms who are all “blah blah blah my little girl wants to wear those trashy clothes!”

      And yeah, the transformation switching is just laziness on the writers’ part. If you notice in season 4, they fly back to Alfea in their Enchantix forms, NOT in their Believix (the second movie doesn’t count.) Likely the reason we only see outfits from the previous season is because Nickbow is too lazy to come up with an explanation for it. I had some issues with season 4, but I would rather watch reruns of it than season 5 or 6. Blegh.

    • Season 4 was where the original Winx Club ended for me and The Bloom Show ft The Winx came after. There was a fairly equal use of the girls power up until season 5. Even though they made Bloom the leader of the music group, Musa still had a decent amount of recognition as a musical phenom. Jason wanted her after all and settled for getting them as a group. Season 5 was suddenly the Bloom show because she was the leader. After all, here in America tv shows for kids always have a leader. Teen Titans, Munsuno, Avatar, Xiaolin Showdown… Someone to call the shots, give the orders and, create the ideas. Bloom was a good leader because she use to delegate and let the other Winx contribute. That doesn’t happen now. It’s kinda sad and very disappointing.

      • Yes season 4 was where we were supposed to end . Roxy joining the Winx and flying across the sunset skies of Gardenia. Bloom lead just by delegation of tasks and let the others just put in their opinions. Season 4 really shows just how much Bloom needs a slap to the face occasionally. Aisha provides it with Stella agreeing in episode 13, saying something to the effect of would you chill, now’s protective friend time not teacher time when Roxy is starting to regret fairy life because of the dangers of it, look at Artu. I think that’s why Aisha is second in command of the team, she’ll grill everyone if she has too and will still be a strong confident leader able to pull off successfull missions even if she’s more combat minded. Tecna has shown signs of this as well, and her strategist role gets her lead spot three as she has the third largest list of successful missions. I wish Aisha would grill bloom the way she did Stella.

      • Yeah, when I first watched seasons 5 and 6, I didn’t really notice what was wrong with them, until I had a better understanding of what Nickbow was doing. I just hope the Winx have access to all of their older transformations, as they work for more. I don’t think there really is a stronger or weaker form, it’s just some work on specific villains. Just like, Enchantix worked on Valtor, Believix worked on the Wizards of the Black Circle, etc., etc.

  11. I had mixed thoughts about this webisode (and really hope Nick doesn’t do another one of these crappy webisode marathons.) While I liked the zombie battle, the fact that Selina wants to get rid of the Trix, and the clever names for the locations they go to, there were still certain issues I took with this (mainly ones I’ve had for the whole season) :
    -The CGI still looks tacky on the girls. Thankfully we only see it when they’re in the Legendarium world, but Rainbow could still put more effort into it.
    -I agree that the zombie battle was too easy for the Winx. There was so much Nickbow had to work with when it came to zombies, so it was wasted potential in my opinion.
    -The whole “Friendship Flame” thing was tacky…it’s annoying enough that Stella puts wings on all of her designs…now apparently Bloom can put them on anyone and turn them into a temporary fairy with the “power of friendship.”

    All in all, this episode was mostly filler (which is probably why I didn’t particularly like or dislike it.) It wasn’t the worst and it wasn’t the best. It was just…bland and forgettable. As for the best episode, I liked Mythix (because of the Mother’s Day special) and Secret Greenhouse (because we got to see Roxy shine.) Worst episode I’d have to say would be a tie between Golden Auditorium and Vortex of Flames, the first because of the (pointless) fight between Musa and Tecna, the latter because of the Diaspro fiasco. The rest erm…either not good enough to be on my “best” list, bland and forgettable, or not bad enough to be on my “worst” list. :p

    As far as predictions for the rest of the season go, I think the Winx will eventually have to fight Acheron. I also hope they regain their Sirenix powers at some point considering that Musa never used her wish. As for the love drama…uhh…I don’t think we’ll ever see a resolution to that (at least not under the Nickbow banner.) ^^;

    • You’re definitely right about this whole thing. And yes, I think they will have to face Acheron sooner or later. You see, if episode 17 (or even 18 as well) was for finding the Silver Spear, then they’ve got plenty of episodes before the end of the season! So, I predict that Selina will find some power source and free Acheron, then he dumps her, meets up with the Trix and fight them, Selina and the Trix having to seek help from the Winx (LOL), the Winx recruiting Roxy, Daphne and Eldora, along with some professors (maybe) or even Nebula, and they’ll fight together. After the fight’s over, the Winx and Trix (not sure about Selina, so I’ll leave her our for now) become enemies again, they fight each other, the Trix lose, Winx reconcile.

      I just realised I left out the other pixies in the Legendarium. This was just a brief, inaccurate prediction. I might be wrong anyway.

  12. I am very disappointed in the way NICKBOW is using Mythix. What’s the point if they’re only going to have it in trhe Legendarium World? The transformation sequences are too short, and the producers are getting on my nerves using this technique: Showing only some parts of the complete transformations to “save something juicy” but they never show complete transformations or at least new scenes. Just like with Sirenix. They didn’t show the complete scenes of the transformation sequences, they made them public only in October 2013, time when the fifth season had finished … well, I just hope we see the complete Mythix scenes. As beautiful as it is, it’s a shame using it in such a lame way. I don’t know if I’m being clear.

    • Actually I like the way they are using Mythix right now. It sort of reminds me of Sophix and Lovix. Bloomix is the transformation of the season. Mythix is just to deal with the Legendarium. Its not like with Sirenix were they spent so much time in the sea and the Infinite Ocean. Since getting Mythix, They have barely spent any time in the Legendarium at all.

      • Well, that is an interesting point of view. I was and I am intrigued by the way they’re using this new power, not dealing with it like it is the main transformation – which it is not, obviously. But the transformation sequences could have been a little longer and I would love to see it in 2D. That’s what disappointed me the most.

      • Well, it’s only been 2 episodes since they got Mythix. I’m guessing well see more throughout the rest of the season

  13. Just FYI the webisodes are free on google play. But the ‘buy season’ button is bugged. You have to buy the free eps one at a time.

    • Let’s hope it’s just for the anniversary. I hope Tecna sharing blue’s an attempt to bounce her popularity up. It worked for Aisha, and apparently sharing pink with Flora has worked for Musa. Probably makes Stella least popular now, maybe why her bloomix is reddish-purple so it looks like all the main colors are still in use.

  14. I want the Winx to get stuck in the Legendarium. Not for good, but just to shakethings up a bit. Let’s admit it. Last season many people talked about the Sirenix curse, and sure, none of the Winx was cursed. Maybe in this season they could get stuck in the Legendarium world. That’d be an interesting plot line, that they can pull for a nice 2 episodes. However, maybe I am just too crazy with The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones, which have interesting twists. Winx Club is a kids show, but however, maybe something like that is really needed -as already said, to shake up things a bit.

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