Pop Disco Dolls
We have some new doll news! (Credit goes to Just Another Crazy Winx Fan.)

Here’s JAKKS’s “Pop Disco” Collection, based on the Disco outfits from episode 5X08: “Secret of the Ruby Reef.” These dolls will cost $12.99 apiece. Like the City Style dolls, each one comes with a pair of wings for a little extra glamour.

And unlike the City Style collection, Musa and Tecna are included! Yay! 😀

The release timeframe is fuzzy, but the source article from ToyXplosion seems to say it’s this fall. We’ll keep you posted!

ToyXplosion also mentioned the Sirenix dolls. Sure enough, they’ll have color-changing hair, but not in water — with the brush itself. Hmmm….

QUESTION: What do you think? Did JAKKS do a good job on the Pop Disco dolls?

ToyXplosion: “JAKKS Introduces New Winx Dolls for Fall 2013!”
Just Another Crazy Winx Fan

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13 Responses to “New JAKKS Pacific “Pop Disco” Collection

  1. At first, I wasn’t thinking of buying any of the budget dolls, but these look really cool!

    Stella’s probably my favorite, due to her crazy skinny jeans (something I could never wear; they’re too tight on my legs) and the nice details like her necklace and her little cross-shaped belt buckle (which I actually would wear).

    My second favorite is Tecna; I might buy both of them, actually. I like her bobbed hair, bright-colored top, and her necklace, which looks like arrows.

    I kind of have a necklace obsession, so I really like this line! They seemed to put a lot of detail into the accessories, and not make them all the same mold.

  2. I like what they did to Aisha’s hair. Of all the dolls, this one looks the closest to her. I also love that they have included Musa and Tecna. They leave them out waaaaaay to much. You would be surprised how many people do like the characters and want their dolls.

  3. I love Aisha’s hair, it reminds me of the Layla Disco doll by Mattel back in 2007 (I have her, but she’s at my parents’)

    Needless to say here in Canada they’ll be 16.99 instead of 12.99, but my friend and I plan on trying to get all of them. Heck, I just need Bloom and Stella for the rock concert collection.

    My daughter, who is a big fan of Flora, said she doesn’t like Flora’s outfit as much as Musa’s so it looks like I’ll have to find her and Aisha (I love purple!) first, then the rest of them. I just hope they make these available up in Canada. I’m hoping with Target stores opening this month, this will happen.

  4. I love Tecna, Musa, and Stella’s dolls here. Layla/Aisha’s hair is also awesome, but I feel like her clothes look a bit like pajamas. Bloom’s doll is…a bit sad, and it makes me a bit sad that that’s the doll we’ll see like 40 of in every toy aisle.

    • I think Aisha’s outfit looks like she’s about to teach Zumba. I don’t like Bloom’s shirt as much.

  5. Flora and Tecna look the best.

    But aisha just looks awkward with the piggytails and that outfit together.

    Stella’s is O.K.

  6. Aisha’s face seems a bit…off, but that might be just the picture itself. I love her hair, and I’m digging Musa’s sparkly leggings and Tecna’s Winx top! Truth be told, I actually like them all (and they splurged with the purple clothes! Score!)

    Also interesting is how Tecna’s NOT wearing purple for once!

  7. I’m not a doll collector, but I would really like to seem them make lines of Winx dolls based on one-shot clothing designs from the series more often (I know they did a line with the season 4 one-off outfits from when the Winx first moved in to Mike and Vanessa’s house). These aren’t half-bad, I gotta admit.

    At least they don’t have those terribly ugly streaks of color in their hair that don’t match their outfit at all that Stella added in the actual show. Those were just… blech.

  8. I love Aisha, Tecna, and Stella! Aisha’s pants and hair are really cute (the pants remind me of Jasmine). Tecna’s got lovely hair and her whole outfit looks really comfortable. It’s, like, something I would wear. Stella’s jeans look super cute. 🙂 I love how bright and positive this whole line is.

  9. I hope they change Aisha’s pants to a skirt and give her boots, since that’s what the outfit originally looked like, but otherwise they all look cute. Oh and instead of the wings it would have been cool to have a colored hair extension, like how Stella added to all the girls hair in the episode these outfits where seen.

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