Tsumanga Studios (PlayWinxClub) has released more info about their newest game Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures. In this game, players choose one of the Winx girls and explore Alfea College, collecting gems and keys and fighting against Brafilius and his Wild Magic. The game will be PAY-TO-PLAY with a free trial version available. It’ll released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon in August (in English, Russian, and Italian), followed by Steam and Xbox Live later in the year.


  • Unlock and talk to key characters from the show, like Faragonda, Professor Wizgiz, and Eldora
  • Customize your look with tons of new outfits
  • Attract new students to Alfea to unlock more outfits and level-ups
  • Collect over 120 exclusive trading cards (found in treasure chests throughout Alfea)
  • Record your game play with Everyplay

The game will be updated regularly (usually every month) with new features and levels.

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6 Responses to “New Mobile Game: “Alfea Butterflix Adventures”

  1. So is it going to be like StarStable and World of WarCraft, where a certain amount of levels are free to play, and after that you have to have a subscription? It sounds really awesome anyway, though. I may have to juggle some things but I can’t wait to play this! Looks like they’re going all out!

  2. Sounds like a mix of the first Winx Club PC game and Winx Fairy school. im looking forward to it

    • Meh, it’s a change from the isos and scrollers I normally see on mobile. Bloomix Quest was a scroller; it’s basically Subway Surfers, which, in turn is also just a reskin of Temple Run.

    • You’re right but on the Winx Club PC game you can shoot with magic even when you are not transformed and on Winx Club Alfea Butterflix Adventures you can shoot only when you’re transformed into butterflix however I really like this game but too bad that it will cost money and my mom and dad would never give me to buy a single game

  3. Wait wait, Steam? You mean it’ll be playable on a computer?
    The Winx Club PC game is still one of my favorites! 😀 *jumps aboard the hype train*

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