Been wishing for a new Winx game on The wait is over!

In “Do You Believix?”, you’re a new Alfea student trying to find your “true talent.” Faragonda has sent you to the Love & Pet shop to meet the Winx, who are, of course, eager to help you. How will you discover your talent? Playing games! What else? 😀

Only Tecna, Flora, and Stella’s games are open for now. Musa, Aisha, and even Roxy are off getting supplies for a big Winx party. But don’t worry — Bloom says they’ll be back soon. (Translation: check back for more games later.)

Tecna’s game is basically Bejeweled. The goal: charge the colored batteries over her head by matching three or more jewels of that color (i.e., pink jewels for the pink battery). Fill all the batteries she needs to win.

(Side note: Is Tecna ever this perky?)

Flora’s with her plants again. Big surprise. 😛 But she needs a little help.

  • First, plant the seeds in the best patch of soil. Flowers need shade, fruits need sun.
  • Next, make sure the plants get the food and water they need before time runs out.
  • Finally, pick the plants when they’re fully grown. You win when you’ve grown the right number of plants, shown above Flora’s head.

(Side note 2: The Winx have discovered caffeine.)

Stella’s “game” couldn’t be easier. It’s “Winx Dress Me Up,” but she’s your model. Mix and match clothes, wigs, and accessories and snap a picture. That’s it. And you can download the picture if you want.

So, more casual gaming for those lazy summer days. Why not? 🙂

Here are a couple more screenshots:

It’s “Winx,” not “Winxes!”

The “game select” screen

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81 Responses to “New Nick Winx Game: “Do You Believix?”

  1. I’ll have to check it out myself. I wish they’d do some more educational stuff- especially since it’s summer and most kids in that demographic forget what they learned between June and September

  2. omg! a new game im super happy!!!!!!!!!! nick finally released a new game! and i think this is season 5 game right because dress me up is for season 4 and 3 and 2 🙂

  3. Did u notice there are 2 dress me up games one called “winx:dress me up”and”winx club:dress me up”

    • If you’re over the target age it’s quite boring. Tecna’s game only lasts 25 seconds for me. Stella’s game only has a few outfits. I’m sure my daughter (she’s 7 almost 8) would like it. But personally I’d prefer more of a challenge

  4. U know i found a cheat 2 beat stella’s game in a secound?right when u start stella’s game take the pic then ur done.only a secound!

  5. Well after ur brain hurts from flora and tecna’s games it kinda helps but u still can dress her up

  6. Wait…”do you BELEIVIX” I think thats not proper grammar. I did not get it. Also Stella had a small amount of clothes. But it’s a good game for what you said “lazy summer days”. I thought it would be about you being a fairy and to earn your BELEIVIX, but whatever. But nick should seriously make a game with you being a fairy. And earn your charmix, enchantix,BELEIVIX,Sophix,and lovix. Also meet the specialists (-; we can make our own transformation and stuff. Nick has less stuff for WinxClub anyways.

  7. I know this isn’t directly related to the article but I saw a Winx Club Believix doll commercial! It said something about “being in stores now” but I still need to do a little bit more research. 🙂

  8. I just checked the walmart site and it said coming soon, and the toysrus site said that you can pre-order!

  9. Why i can’t play with this game? 🙁 A screen white appear to me and i can’t play! sob

  10. I found a mistake i realized thar in season 1 of winx that they said the faiieys would be at alfea for 5 years and i know in magic kingdom they graduated early because they were good enough to graduate but in season 4 faragonda tried 2 tell roxy that she could be in alfea for 3 years!why 3 not 5 like most fairys?

    • Glad someone remember that :D. It was in episode 2 of season 1; soooooooooooooo long ago

    • In the movie and the other season they all tell the winx they have to complete three years of alfea to graduate. they even said so in the first season. the only reason they come back in season 4 is because ms farigonda asked the winx if they would be interested in being teachers at alfea and of course they said yes.

    • That’s it, I’m afraid. Nothing more to do right now except keep playing the games. I did that and eventually the girls started repeating their challenges. Endless loop. 🙄 Keep checking back, though. I’m sure Nick will add more to the game soon. 🙂

      • yeah i was playing this game for 1 hour and they repeating again and again well nick should also add the continue button and more winx like musa layla and roxy right

  11. It seems that after playing the game of each present fairy once, first one more comes, and then two more. But I can’t get past the party… Oh well, parties are fun.

  12. The game has Layla, Musa, and Roxy now! Can someone please help me with Layla’s game? I don’t understand it.

  13. hey nick add some changes on do you believix game but theres something wrong that when i take a picture of stella she nothing say i mean something wrong in stella’s game even tecna’s flora’s games are safe and in flora’s game the green fertilizer is changed and theres brown fertilizer well i wish that they add new winx like musa layla and roxy but im happy that they add some changes but they are not too big changes they are like the loading page is change and play bg is change well i hope they will add some more things on it 🙂

  14. the whole point of the game is to find your talent right? so after like a certain number of games, musa and aisha return, and then roxy. then you have the full gang, and you get to personalize your own fairy and choose a name because they want you to join the winx club… thats where i am right now xD
    oh and also i was reading some of the comments for the game, and apparently when you find your talent you earn your wings?

    ~ amelia! (:

    • How long do you have to play to get past Tecna, Flora and Stella? Stella’s game makes me yawn. And why doesn’t Bloom do anything but tell you what to do? If she’s the leader shouldn’t she you know…. lead?

  15. well can anyone tell me that how can i won musa’s game level 1? its very hard please anyone has a tip?

  16. I cant unlock the pets!!! i play all the games but nothing happens and bloom keeps saying to explore the place !i cant go anywhere!

  17. So, the party is as far as you can get right now? Why do they put Roxy there if she doesn’t do anything.

  18. How in the world do you get past Aisha? I’ve been trying for days! Can anyone help?

    • The little notches on the meter equals 1. When she says 1 blue essence and 1 purple dust, you fill the blue essence up to the first notch, then the purple dust up to the next notch, then that potion is done. You do this with all the combinations she tells you. Also, if it says 2 then you fill up to 2 notches.

  19. @Amelia hi im Marnaisjah or a.k.a Mars or Violet did you discover your true fairy talent and doyou know when you will discover your fairy talent? 😀

  20. what do you mean by layla is in it? cause she isn’t for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANSWERS, ANSWERS!!!!! Help me plz

  21. How do you pass aisha what do she mean by 2 parts of pink essence and 2 parts of orange dust

  22. Can anyone tell me how to pass when you play musa at 94 accurency its realy hard ?????????? plz help…… :(((

  23. can you help me i am stuck aish’s potion lab she tell me to use 1 part blue essence 2 parts pink dust help

  24. You click on whichever fairy is highlighted by the spotlight. EVERY TIME. And once you get bored of the party just click on Bloom and you can make your fairy and start your “quest” to find your fairy power… or something like that. :3

  25. What is this? I can’t pass Aisha.
    1 part green dust,2 parts blue dust and 1 part pink essence
    Is it bugged or something? i tried everything!

  26. –>I can’t pass Aisha. 1 part green dust,2 parts blue dust and 1 part pink essence/

    The same problem(((((

  27. If it’s anything like what I’ve read above at the beginning, perhaps Nick hasn’t finished making what happens after that, so they’re just making it impossible to pass? I’m stuck on the exact same thing, it’s the best assumption I can make XP 1 blue 2 green 1 pink… I guess I’ll wait for them to fix it up 😛

  28. the link just goes to the nick website and if i click winx club the only games that come up are world of winx and let your wings shine.
    thanks for replying

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