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It’s official! Season five’s subtitle is “Beyond Believix.” Here’s the new trailer, uploaded to YouTube by SophixWinxTerra.

(Oh, and…Tritannus is Aisha’s cousin?! 😯 )

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39 Responses to “New Season Five Trailer: “Beyond Believix!”

  1. Only on Nick- unless you live in Canada.Then we have it on YTV. Nice trailer! This confirms a few things I heard this morning.

  2. Wait…Aisha is….cousins with…him? OMG. And, since we know what sirenix and harmonix is its not that much to me. But the monster being Aisha’s cousins is both epic and upsetting. I watched the trailer like 10 times. Because its crazy….short though. But what happen to the other trailer? And why did they say “bloom a the winx” like, she is a winx. But I feel good inside that towmorow the last episode! Then season 5! I am soooo exited!

    • I’m kinda glad they linked this to Aisha somehow, since she’s supposed to be the ocean expert. But her cousin? Weird.

      And yeah, the “Bloom and the Winx Club” thing didn’t make sense. They did that with Sky sometimes, too—”Sky and the Specialists,” or even more strangely, “Sky, The Specialists, and Nabu.” Huh? 😕

  3. WAT? Okay, three things, first off, why do we have to listen to a magical talking book? Didn’t they already do that in season 4, but you know, they actually had to READ to know what was up. WHY YOU MUST TALK, NOW? Is it really just for something different?
    But then again, the voice sounds like Faragonda, so why is Faragonda talking though a book? Did something happen to her? Or are they just recycling VA’s? Hmmmm . . . .

    Second, WHY ARE THE TRIX ‘EFFING BACK?!! No one cares about them anymore, we all know they’re stupid and pointless and the Winx Club pwns them every single time! Why bother any longer? What is the point?

    Thirdly, Beyond Believix? Really? They couldn’t come up with a more creative name than that? Please tell me something was just lost in translation and at least the original Italian title was something better? I mean, c’mon, we’re apparently going for an ocean/mermaid type deal for this season, right? Is Sirenix the confirmed transformation name, yet? H**l, call it that, we know it’ll be “beyond believix.” Just, I mean, really?

    But okay, when Bloom says, “We’re back!” I squeal like the major 5-year-old at heart I am, and despite my grievances with this trailer, I am incredibly excited for this season. FINALLY, something new! It’s just I’m 19-years-old and I’ve grown up a bit now, and I can catch all the stupid things, but I still love the show regardless. I just don’t think it’s ever been so painfully obvious before, lol.

    • About the name, since Nickelodeon co-produced this season, this kinda isn’t a dub—at least, not the way we think of dubs. It’s semi-official. The Italian version didn’t even have names for the seasons. So…yeah. They couldn’t come up with anything better. Doesn’t surprise me. May I remind of the name of the second movie: Magical Adventure? 🙄

      So, I agree. “Beyond Believix” just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t describe the season well enough.

      • Right, right, I had forgotten about that whole Magical Adventure title, lol. It was such a great movie, though.
        And I was looking it up later and I saw that Nick co-produced season 5, also something I had previously forgotten, *can you tell how out of the Winx loop I am?* I actually thought it was really neat that Nick was doing that with them, it shows a real partnership between the two companies and it means we get our new Winx stuff a whole lot faster, score! : D

        But yeah, Beyond Believix, all that co-production and they couldn’t come up with anything more creative?

  4. Am i crazy or did the trix’s voice change and i dont think this is aisha’s cousin’s normal form cause shes like “thats my cousin?” Not thats my cousin

      • I know. But I wish they would update the outfits of the minor characters. Mitzi and Roxy can’t always be in the same tired rags. It looks lazy.

      • But Roxy has that other outfit she could wear, the gym outfit could qualify even if it isn’t new, plus she had enough outfits to qualify as first and second season ones, also look at season 3 it recycled,the season 2 clothes on Bloom, Stella,Tecna, Aisha, Musa, and Flora

  5. omg!!!!!!!!!!!! this trailer is epic!!!!!!! and i cant wait for the season 5!!!!!!!! anyways season 5 will on air in oct?

  6. Looks like Season 5 certainly does have a lot of potential. So, Aisha’s cousin is the bad guy. Interesting.

    Speaking of Aisha, I wonder when Nabu will be back? (apparently his voice actor is working on season 5 from what I’ve heard) I’m kind of glad he doesn’t appear in the trailer. I mean, I do want him to return, just not too early. I also hope the way he is brought back (either from the dead or woken up from a coma, since I’m still no entirely sure what happened to him, even if some things now seem to be suggesting the latter) isn’t too easy/rushed/whatever either.

    Also, nice to see Roxy, I just hope she gets to do something, even if she may not have as big a role as last season.

    And I’m curious as to what the Trix are doing in this season. Not sure why they’re even needed for this plot, but hopefully their role will be explained soon.

  7. he is layla or “aisha’s” cousin. he just got cought in the acid power plant or what ever it’s called. and he turned into this monster so there. now u can all just shut up about the whole oh no tritanus is aisha’s cousin? that’s epic. and they showd it even if u go on you’ll see at the end of “beyond believix” trailer the winx turn that power plant thing into something more natural. so it doesn’t leak anymore waists into the ocean.

  8. Spell? Didn’t Morgana said “until he wakes up again”? I thought he’ll wake up again by himself, a bit like someone who wakes up from a coma.

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