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12 Responses to “New Witty Dolls: “Mythix Fairy” & “Darcy Trix Power”

  1. These dolls are sooooooooooo Awesome!! I love the hairstyles and wings!!!! The dresses are pretty detailed too….

  2. It should be illegal to make such beautiful dolls *-* I WANT THEM! But they’re not available to Americans D:

  3. These dolls look great and far better then what Jakks was offering. BUT! How is one able to get them here in the USA WITHOUT going broke doing it?

      • They didn’t even care to make Bloom’s wand correctly (the heart’s upside down and it’s purple instead of blue, purple is Tecna’s color.) They really should try to make any accessories that go with the dolls a bit more accurate.

  4. Now why couldn’t we have sandal-heels again like we did with Enchantix and Harmonix for Mythix in universe? (Remember Enchantix had them walk as if there was a shoe there even if there wasn’t) just wish that we could have gotten more extravagant outfits though, but those wings, wow!

  5. Oh wow! These dolls are GORGEOUS! Looking at them makes me sad that Jakks Pacific didn’t released their Mythix line as promised before ending it. I love both Jakks and Witty Toys’ designs of their Mythix outfits. Wow, the more I look at these, the more I want to buy them…*sigh* too bad I can’t find them on eBay or Amazon…

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