Credit goes to WinxClubRUS, WorldOfWinxClub, WinxClubAll, and others who shared this news before I did!

Through, we’ve gotten our first look at the new World of Winx toys and dolls coming out soon!

Forever Fashion

These are the Winx’s “trendy” outfits. The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a few accessories that match her talent.

Style Magic

These are the dresses the Winx wore in “The Fashion Week” (1X06) and “The Fall of the Queen” (1X13). The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a brush. I’m not sure why these are being marketed under Winx Club instead of World of Winx, though. If Rainbow decides to make dolls wearing some of the other random outfits, will they all be sold as budget Winx Club dolls?

Dreamix Fairy

This line includes all six Winx. Stella and Flora were previously revealed during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February.

Action Spy

This light-up Bloom doll comes with a glove that allows you to interact with her.

Spy Camper

No one has found any pictures of the toy yet. According to ItalToys, it comes with binoculars, wings, a light-up bracelet, a whiteboard, a pen with a flashlight on it, and a table with a light-up map.

Winx fans also found a new doll from Winx Club, not World of Winx: the 35-in.-tall (90 cm.) My Bloom Tynix doll.


Don’t worry. Like WinxClubRUS said, it’s probably a prototype. She looks more like Stella than Bloom! Plus, those are obviously her Butterflix wings, and her outfit doesn’t look accurate at all. Hopefully, we’ll see a better version of this doll later.

What do you think of these new dolls and toys?


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40 Responses to “New “World of Winx” Toys And Dolls Spotted On

    • Hey dragon
      There is a song thatperfectly describes the king of erakylon and the fairy of the dragon flame’s relationship and the song is called a matter of trust

        • I think it’s called Bloom is too good for him…let alone Sky. Why? Because despite her having so much power at her disposal…she remains that cheery little Earth girl “everyone’s best friend happy giggly rainbow horse (no puns intended) barf” demeanor about her which can be sickening and somewhat offputing to people who are more hardened… Sky and Samara can manage it, but Erendor is a bit scared. Guess he never found out about the near attempt on Flora’s life. Bloom was definitely bruised badly after that and I think that’s when she got her brain back.

  1. It’s nice to see some WOW merchandise however that My Bloom Tynix doll…i don’t think it’s a prototype, it looks like a bootleg doll. Prototypes would match the concept art to a degree with only minor differences (i.e Musa’s believix initially having the ponytails and heels before being switched to it’s current version). Even special editions would still retain the basic model of what we see in art/the show. Then there’s the packaging being off compared to other official Winx packages by using Jakk’s rather than Witty. If the doll is official from any collection on what looks to be a witty doll…it should be witty and look more like Bloom than it does. In order to verify it completely though…we need some prototype Tynix Bloom pictures.

  2. whenever bloom has an outburst of rage the villain has gotten her riled up so much that her rage takes
    it makes me wonder does bloom have the instincts of a dragon

  3. The dolls all look really nice, and I want them so badly. Unfortunately, I live in the U.S., and considering that we haven’t gotten Winx merchandise in about sixteen million years, I don’t have high hopes of the dolls being available in the U.S. Also, I know we don’t have pictures of the camper, but it sounds AWESOME.

    • hmm the toys sell
      now i noticed that after season 5 bloom’s habit of having an anger outburst has vanished and she seems better at controlling her temper

  4. does this make sense
    the one thing that the bad guys in winx club fail to do when the winx get involved
    they don’t kill the winx before the winx can transform

    • It’s kinda hard to kill before the Winx can transform. The sequences don’t actually happen in-universe, it’s just slowed down as veiwer fun. Stella, Diaspro and ugh…Eldora show us exactly how quickly a fairy actually transforms. It goes by instantly (just “a flash of light, now my spirit is free!”). Not to mention that in most cases…villains other than those of the first four seasons have no idea who the Winx are until after the first battle. Also…it’s hard to pull one over on Tecna. I’d like to see someone try to pull one over on her…if that’s even possible.

      • Well thank goodness we never saw an eldora transformation sequence with a song since it would probably have given the viewers nightmares

        • They’re not impossible to kill, but it’s never going to happen. Since the Winx are the most important characters in the show, they have plot armor. Can you imagine the uproar if Rainbow killed off one of them?

        • I really think the closest they came to killing anyone off was that Flora poisioning subplot last season….had Bloom actually done that…even if tricked then we’d have a real reason to hold her in contempt, but she did that for us herself. Now we all knew that Flora wasn’t gonna die due to the fact that she’s Bloom’s roommate (and I wonder if Rainbow only did that for the purpose of a painfully obvious pun writitng-wise), wears pink (for marketing purposes) and tends to keep everyone level headed (in-universe) at least until you push her too far…but it sure felt like this time…the death might actually have happened…like with a certain wizard that people can’t seem to get over, but it would’ve given Bloom some bad luck…although i’m not sure i would want that on Bloom’s record, she might be a little crazy but not enough to k.o. someone. I like the idea of Bloom’s princess status being her problem like they implied in the movies…Bloom might be royal born…but royal life just isn’t for her, she’d rather be a commoner because if she goes more into royalty life she’d lose touch with her commoner friends and sadly yes this would mean eventually she would have to forgo those visits with Tecna,Musa and Flora despite their guardian status especially if Erendor’s going to be her father in law and Bloom would already have enough problems just getting Roxy,Daphne,Stella and Aisha there (because Erendor’s temper would make several imaginary rules just to even get family to visit, let alone friends). “Once an Earthling, always an Earthling” is something that Bloom probably would say (and certainly how she feels about it, why else would her catchphrase be “Earth girls rule!” In a particular dub)

    • The logical of a magical girl series, Viewers see song and dance that takes a few minutes, in universe transformation takes a second at most.

      • So it’s kind of the first time that ruby rose’s silver eyed warrior power activated in rwby volume 3 chapter 12 and that cinder didn’t have enough time to do anything about it

  5. Well that premiere date is one day off on marketing…they missed a huge opportunity there, but not by much. Aisha’s birthday should have been the premiere date for season 2 at least in the US & Italy (especially when Aisha seems to be the only one besides Bloom that Rainbow seems to care about these days with minor Stella/Musa/Flora subplots again shoving Tecna & Roxy off for no reason). Is it really that hard to do a series premiere on a character birthday? It would been a good way to celebrate.
    At least we have an airdate though.

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