Nex is not “the new Riven.” Got it? Good. 😛

Why did I write that post before this one? I mentioned why at the beginning of it. Whenever Nex says or does anything, the first thing people say, “He’s ‘the new Riven'” or, “He replaced Riven” or, “He’s just Riven except —,” or something like that. The fanbase keeps trying to force Nex into a role he wasn’t created for.

We’ll never understand his character until we stop comparing him to Riven. The truth is we still don’t know him well. He’s only been around for two seasons.

Here’s what I’ve been hinting at since the ep. 7X04 review. In season six, Rainbow began his love story with Aisha. This season, they focused on his relationships with the Specialists. In most of the episodes he was in, he interacted with one or two of them at a time:

  • “First Color of the Universe” (7X04) — Brandon, brief moment with Helia
  • “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08) — Helia
  • “Winx Trapped!” (7X10) — Timmy
  • “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11) — Sky
  • “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16) — Sky, brief moment with Brandon
  • “Lost in a Droplet” (7X17) — Timmy
  • “Baby Winx” (7X20) — Helia
  • “New Magic Harmony” (7X25) — Helia, Sky
  • “The Power of the Fairy Animals” (7X26) — Timmy, brief moment with Helia

The types of interactions varied. Sometimes he talked to them, sometimes he raced them, and sometimes he just exchanged glances with them. You could always tell who the chosen guy was for each episode. He and Nex would be isolated from the others, or Nex would be beside him in almost every scene. For example, in “Baby Winx” (7X20), he was almost always next to Helia:

This is nothing new for TV. For example, when Zuko joined the Gaang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, Katara, and Sokka each got an episode (or two) alone with him. When it was Toph’s turn, she lampshaded what the writers were up to: “Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko.” (It didn’t work out for her, though. 😛 )

The guys’ moments with Nex didn’t change their lives, but they did reveal his real role in the Boys Club. (Hint: it has nothing to do with Riven.)


Remember when Nex teased Brandon about Stella being late in “The First Color of the Universe” (7X04)? Boy, some fans threw a fit! You’d think he called her the “B” word, instead of making a harmless joke that just pointed out the obvious. She was late, wasn’t she? 😕

And as always, they compared him to Riven. Riven teased people all the time! See? Nex is just a copycat! 🙄

I think they missed a key detail. He was only bugging one person: Brandon. That scene, plus others in the episode, gave us a sense of their relationship. Nex acts like an annoying younger brother who likes getting on his nerves. (They’re probably the same age, but Brandon’s more mature.)

I thought these two would be close friends because they have a few things in common. They’re both flirty and outgoing, they like to crack jokes (at least Brandon used to), and they keep themselves in shape (we used to see Brandon lift weights). Rainbow may have used parallels to highlight how alike they are. Remember when the guys got hyped when Bloom told them about their mission? Nex and Brandon struck the same pose, mirrored:


Also, when the tortoise attacked, they were the first to spring into action. Both of their weapons can generate wind gusts. I think Rainbow did that on purpose, too.

These boys got along better as the season went on. But don’t be surprised if they fight in the future. I just hope it doesn’t become a once-a-season gag like it is with Aisha and Stella. 😕


Since season one, the guys have held the same roles in the Boys Club as their girlfriends in the Winx Club. Bloom and Sky are the leaders. Stella and Brandon are Bloom and Sky’s best friends, practically like a sister and brother to them. Flora and Helia are the sensitive souls who don’t like violence (but are tough when angry). Tecna and Timmy are the nerds, the inventors, and — more so in the past — the strategists.

(Musa and Riven might be the exceptions. I’m not sure how to classify them. Tell me what you think in the comments. 🙂 )

Aisha’s the co-leader of the Winx. Her friends are as willing to follow her as they are to follow Bloom, and she often steps up when Bloom’s gone. Has Nex taken on that role in the Boys Club? I think so.

We’ve heard him bark orders a couple times in both seasons six and seven. The first time was during the Lynphea College mission in “Bloomix Power” (6X04). During a lull in the battle, he ran out and yelled, “Hurry! The other Lynphea fairies still need our help!” Everyone followed him. Also in “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16), Nex practically started the mission when he said, “Let’s go!” and the guys obeyed.


But what convinced me he’s the co-leader is when the gang split up in “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11). Brandon, Helia, and Timmy stayed behind. The others formed two teams, each made up of a couple and two Winx. Team A was Bloom, Sky, Flora, and Musa. Team B was Aisha, Nex, Stella, and Tecna.

The leaders in one group, and the co-leader and her boyfriend in the other? That doesn’t feel like a coincidence. Why couldn’t Stella and Brandon have been in Team B instead? Why couldn’t Nex have stayed behind instead of Brandon or Helia? Why couldn’t the Winx have gone alone?

I think Rainbow did this on purpose to show a connection between Bloom and Sky, and Aisha and Nex. They even had Bloom choose the teams. She knows Aisha’s the second-in-command, and I think she and Sky believe Nex is as capable as she is.

Like Aisha, Nex doesn’t seem to want to be the leader. (That’s another way he’s different from Riven.) He doesn’t challenge Sky’s orders, and he hasn’t tried to take control of the Boys Club. But people naturally listen to someone who’s confident and seems to know what they’re doing.


What do he and Sky think of each other? I admit these two haven’t interacted much, but I think their surfing race in “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16) was meant to show us their relationship. Wait — Nex competing with Sky? Riven was Sky’s rival, so Nex must be his new rival!

Sigh. 🙄

Have we forgotten what friendly competition looks like? Believe it or not, two guys can compete against each other without coming away with bad blood between them. Who knew?

This wasn’t a contest between rivals. It was a bonding moment! Watch it again. Did they look angry and determined to show each other up? No. They were just having fun. (A dolphin “won” in the end, so it didn’t even matter.)

I think Nex and Sky are good friends. They’re not best friends, but you can tell they like hanging out together. And maybe this scene was meant to show they’re equals, too.


These two are a funny pair. I like to think of them as “The Brain and The Brawn.” (You know which is which. 😛 ) They seem to like putting each other in awkward situations, yet they genuinely like and respect one another.

The first time we saw this “brain and brawn” dynamic was the windsurfing race in “Mystery of Calavera” (6X15). Nex relied on muscle (steering the Morphix board by hand) and possible surfing experience. Timmy tried to use science (calculating the wind speeds) and engineering (the raft he and Tecna built).

Who won? Nex, but only because Timmy’s raft sank. Still, he savored his victory.


I think fate got him back for it in “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16). After he and Sky wiped out, Timmy and Helia floated in on the same kind of raft. What did Timmy say? “If you’d had my techno-magic boat, you wouldn’t have fallen into the water.”


Nex did a cannonball into the water in season six, and his hair stayed styled. Why did it wilt this time?

Now they’re even. 😛

Friendly rivalry aside, Nex seems closer to Timmy than to Sky and Brandon. When they weren’t trying to one-up each other, they were just hanging out and complaining about bratty Fairy Cats. Or dancing. (That was a surprise at the end of the season!)


I saved Helia for last because Nex seems closest to him. This friendship also started last season, when they had a random “bro moment” in “Acheron” (6X25):


Where did this come from? We hadn’t seen Nex interact with him at all before this, except telling him, “Nicely done, man!” after the werewolf smackdown in “The Curse of Fearwood” (6X17). I guess he was impressed and thought to himself, “I wanna be friends with that guy!”

I think Rainbow’s trying to establish them as best friends. They’re affectionate with each other, like Sky and Brandon are. And did you notice Helia’s name came up the most on the episode list at the beginning? I don’t think that was on accident.

This could turn into an interesting friendship because Nex and Helia are opposites of each other. Nex is bold, outgoing, and outspoken. Helia’s shy, reserved, and soft-spoken. I can see them helping each other grow. Nex can teach him to be braver and more assertive, and Helia can teach him to be calmer and more sensitive.


If you know Aisha well, you may have noticed a parallel between her and Nex. He has the same kind of relationship with each guy that she has with each Winx:

  • Aisha and Stella: They fight the most out of all the Winx, but they’re still friends.
  • Aisha and Bloom: They’re the co-leaders.
  • Aisha and Flora: They’re best friends (according to

The exception might be Aisha and Tecna. To be honest, I don’t have a clue what their relationship is. They don’t interact much, and when they do it’s rarely on a one-on-one basis. All I can say is Tecna’s the thinker, and Aisha’s the athlete. It’s still “brain and brawn,” but without the rivalry.

Otherwise, Rainbow didn’t bother to set Nex apart from Aisha. That’s why I keep calling him “the male version” of her. He’s her counterpart in the Boys Club, relationships and all.


One last thing. I think this is why their relationship feels like it’s moving slowly. Rainbow wasn’t focused on them this season. Integrating Nex into the group was more important, so all they did to develop him and Aisha more was send them on a date. Maybe next season (or in World of Winx), the writers will focus on them again.

Okay, I’m done writing posts about Nex for now. He didn’t do much this season, so what else is there to rant about? Unless something big happens — like Netflix releases the trailer for WoW — my next post will be my thoughts on “Adventure on Lynphea” (7X06). Stay tuned!

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18 Responses to “Nex And The Specialists

  1. I will steer off-subject a bit to say what bothers me.

    Rainbow has directly described Flora as Aisha’s “best friend”. They seem to be forgetting the entire character development and relationship building in season two, when Musa was the one who kept sticking up for Aisha whenever Stella would make a remark, and would be there for her when she’d feel out of the group. There was also the episode with Musa where she was to sing at Red Fountain, and Aisha was instead the one to encourage her.

    But the most annoying is definitely the fact that they seem to have forgotten what Aisha herself had said at the end of the second season just before hugging Musa, namely, “We’re best friends forever!”.

    • I agree Aisha and Musa seemed closer, but according to Rainbow, Musa is Tecna’s best friend. But ultimately, all the Winx are best friends. Some of the girls are just closer than others.

      • I wonder whether Rainbow decided which of the girls were best friends with each other based on how their powers complimented one another’s, rather than how their relationships are actually depicted in the show?

        Bloom and Stella – fire and sun
        Aisha and Flora – “fluids” (i.e. water) and nature
        Musa and Tecna – music and technology

        • I think you’re right. I just realized it the other day with Aisha and Flora. It’s interesting from Flora’s perspective. What do flowers need to grow? Water (Aisha’s power source) and sunlight (the name Helia is derived from Helios, the Greek personification of the sun). I’m not sure if that was on purpose, but it’s clever anyway. 🙂

          • One other thing your missing with plants. Air (Musa’s power source as sound/music is air vibrations) with Bloom as the spark of life that all things need/the most warmth. Flora has usually been with Bloom Aisha and Musa for the girls and Helia and Sky for the boys as Water, heat air and light all come from the sky (Sky) with warmth provided by sunlight and heat (Helia and Bloom) and then air (Musa) and rain (Aisha) to make pretty plants (Flora). Also in season two everyone learned how to get along with their opposites Bloom/tecna (Natural Energy vs Artificial Energy with Fire/tech) Stella/Musa (light and sound) Flora and Aisha (water and dryness as season 2 flora was kinda desert minded) and Mirta/Lucy (geek/cool personalities as Lucy and Mirta kinda fell out s1 but rekindled their friendship later) I guess you could say that now everyone is showing us the fruits of the switch?

          • While it does make sense for Rainbow to pair the girls according to how their powers compliment each other, the real answer (I think) behind the Flora/Aisha friendship pairing can be found in both the girl’s profile in the official italian website for the show.
            The latter state that the former is her best friend as she can talk to her about anything. But, if u were to go to the former profile page in italian, u will find that she state that the latter is her best friend is because”È super sensibile come me!” which translated to It’s super -sensitive like me !(google translate)
            (The it should be she, I think actually..)

  2. Now hopefully this will stop people from going ape about Nex being new Riven. Just as Aisha helped Bloom to improve the physical adeptness with the girls in s2, Nex will do the same with the guys for Sky in the coming seasons. Also Bloom Aisha Tecna and Stella are always talked to by Faragonda when new missions/lack of something important/someon missing comes up so it’s safe to say that Saladin if we ever see him again would talk to Sky,Nex,Timmy and Brandon. Although I sure thought that was quite wise in 7×11 that Bloom separated the three co-leaders and Nex in one group while she took the less confident girl (or so we thought, this season really proves why the phrase “Don’t ever mess with Flora if anyone wants to live” exists, she went APE this season) and the angsty one with her and Sky. I wonder if Bloom’s trying to train Flora to not be such a punching bag and Musa to calm down a bit more since she knows Aisha,Tecna and Stella can handle themselves as per whenever she’s not gone of her own free will Aisha or Tecna will make some sort of plan to get Bloom back and Stella will usually turn off her jokes long enough to get Bloom back as stated before Stella is capable of leading but pretends not to be (presumably to protect Bloom and apparently Bloom has figured that out and goes along with it getting annoyed when Stella goes too far in the act, especially in season 6, spell or not she was way out of line.) Bloom also senses that Musa and Flora can lead it’s just Musa’s too angry (a good way of putting people off) and doesn’t apply herself much despite the fact that if they were ever caught in those grey areas Musa can bring them out of it and like Aisha Stella and Tecna she’d be a good leader if she wasn’t so angry all the time. Flora still has a ways to go before all seven could share the role (even though she’s relatively new Roxy showed enough confidence, smarts and physical adeptness to be capable of leading during the second half of season four, maybe a little too much in 4×14 but she learned not to get that over hyped by 4×23 and again in s7 it was her and not Bloom that stepped up to make a cover during Mavilla’s questioning and the fact that she’s much better at guiding the others than Daphne was. Daphne and Roxy’s guide styles can be compared to the longest running PR mentors. Roxy is Dimitria, Daphne is Zordon or in other words Roxy lets the Winx think for themselves, Daphne just told them what to do to where without Roxy the winx lacked any brains and Daphne was in an akward position because of it.
    That probably places Roxy on rotating leader status with Stella and Musa at this point.)

  3. Also @OP wow on someone forcing you to do only certain things, they pretty much asked you to remove the fun here. This site is fun because we’ve got episode reviews, character posts, a fan guide for 4kids, and even the updates on stuff….sometimes you even beat Michael and his news bulletins to the punch about something new and highly credible. There’s a reason your blog gets the most traffic out of anyone else….You actually have content and aren’t afraid to speak your mind even when “Too technical” applies. I think that might be why you got Bloom on the buzzfeed quiz the other day. Your just as intelligent as Tecna but have Bloom’s boldness, which is how a Winx fan should be. Smart enough to realize that things aren’t what they appear and bold enough to speak up about it.

    • Wow…Thank you. 😳
      Although concerning Michael, I really admire him, and his site is a much better news source than mine. But I try to find things if I can. (Winx news can be pretty scarce between seasons. I wish Rainbow would talk to us more.)

      • You’re welcome and yes Michael’s site is awesome (i’ve been following it since just before season 2 started.) Also i do wish Rainbow would talk to us more and I wouldn’t mind if they decided to do what 4kids did with their marketing and have a character give us the 411, whether it’s Bloom, Roxy or whoever. We need to hear more!

      • Summerautumn’s not incorrect. You are the only reason that I knew season seven was going to be on Nick Jr. (Before I discovered this site, I had basically forgotten all about Winx Club for a few years, and as soon as I watched the episodes of seasons 1-6, I was scouring the Internet for season seven news. Google pulled up your post about things you didn’t want to see in season seven. That’s how I discovered this blog. But anyway.)

        I think you are a fantastic writer, and I think you’d be an awesome journalist as well. I mean, not very many people can keep a website going for SEVEN YEARS. That’s just…awesome. And let’s just look at this site here. We have character analysis (this and the Boys of Winx Club), reviews, news, a 4Kids dub fan guide, and even a section where Winx words have been translated into Japanese. You are an excellent blog writer and runner, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

  4. Nex and Sky – One thing that I’ve noticed not just about fictional characters but life in general is that people are drawn to charisma. Nex certainly has that, so I could definitely see him being co-leader.

    Nex and Brandon – To make a Harry Potter reference that no one will understand probably: these two are like James Potter and Sirius Black (Brandon would probably be James, considering that in my mind James is just slightly more mature than Sirius, but not by that much). It kind of surprises me that Rainbow didn’t make them best friends, but that would’ve wrecked the whole point of this post, so we’ll just leave that alone.

    Nex and Timmy – Back to my Harry Potter metaphor! These two are like Sirius and Remus. These two have had a few random moments, such as the dancing scene in the last episode. I like the brain and brawn dynamic.

    Nex and Helia – I never really thought of them as best friends, but now that you mention it, there is some logic to that theory. Plus there’s the whole Aisha/Flora thing (which I personally don’t believe they’re best friends, but Rainbow rules). I like these two. 😀

  5. Bottom line; nex seems to be getting along with everyone. He is making out (hang out or compete in riven’s case) with sky like riven used to but he is also making out with Brandon and shockingly with Timmy as well. Conclusion he might just be the “universal boy” or the “”get along guy”” of the group. I also think that your posts are getting cooler over the last month, break a leg 😉👍

  6. I’m actually still waiting…and hoping that you’ll do an overall review of Season 6 like you did with Season 5… 😛

  7. Here’s something else i’ve noticed with the entire show but specifically with Aisha and her suitors. Each major character has something to with a part of life or in the case of Bloom and Aisha being life itself as Dragon flame is flame of life and Aisha means life, with Aisha her power is water and there’s a fairytale called “Water of life” and the story goes that once there was a sickly king who was going to die and only his youngest of three sons was trusted to succeed him, however it wasn’t time for the father of the princes to die. The youngest one knew of a cure (the water from which only a pure heart could retrieve with another’s help who was a pure princess) and went to look for it, jelly of the youngest son the elder ones went to find it themselves but took shortcuts while the youngest son got what he came for. Soon after the youngest got tricked into accidently giving his father poisoned water by mistake and then the elder became the heir and wanted to marry the princess which the youngest found after the king died from his mistake. There are three paths in a princess test (the hard way on the left, the very hard way on the right and the easiest and safest way in the middle) the one who took the center got the girl because she knew who would be the safest to get to her and the two became kingdom medics shortly after marriage and the youngest son again being the rightful heir. Let’s say Nex is the youngest one with Roy and Nabu being the elder two perhaps the three were brothers (or just good friends in the past) and he approached Aisha properly after some incident that caused things to go sour. Now he’s trying to make up for it which won her. Like how the story went. I wonder what the other girl’s fairytales are…

      • For some reason people think Little Mermaid is Bloom’s story and aside from red hair and pale pink & blue dresses i don’t see that much in common with the two. Jokes or not Snow White makes the most sense though… Bloom has been proven to be very delicate,but nicer than most even if blissfully unaware of everything that could happen to her, her best friend temporarily became “the evil queen” with a magic mirror…has revived her man with true love’s kiss and each winx (and daphne) would make the 7 dwarfs. Stella is often said to be Sleeping Beauty given her and Brandon’s strong resemblence to Aurora and Philip on all levels. Flora usually presumed for Beauty and the beast but the problem with that is Helia doesn’t appear have anger management issues or be so cold that he can’t care for Flora. I kinda thought that story was more of Musa and Riven’s department but Musa was too late to help so Riven remained a beast, even though most make Musa Mulan (Musa’s never pretended to be something she’s not to save someone she loved so it doesn’t work). For Flora i kinda thought Rapunzel would be suitable since both characters and their men are hidden butt kickers coming from different worlds than the kingdom they were born to (also the Disney rapunzel has green eyes and brown/blonde hair like Flora too). Tecna usually has fans presume that she’s SW (short hair being their only reason) or Cinderella. Cinderella being the more fitting of the two as initially we knew very little about either girl except they went through not so good lives until destiny gave them a chance and later got a life they’d never even dream of. Roxy is where things get interesting as some say Enchanted is her story but I think she’s more qualifed for being the stories of the Frog Prince & Frog Princess as her day job lines up with Tiana’s (restaurant waitress/cook), she guides the others on properly doing things and in return they show her not to be so uptight and even managed to crack a laugh out of her every once in awhile, hopefully she’ll be able to get a guy in the future that can make her laugh.

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