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Like I said in my ep. 4 review, a lot of fans still see Nex as “the new Riven.” They also call him a “clone,” a “copy,” or a “replacement.” Bottom line: they think he’s just Riven with blue hair.

I thought this phase would be over by now. Nex would settle into the group, and we’d be able to tell how different he is. Boy, was I wrong. 🙄

No matter what this guy says or does, somebody ties it back to Riven:

  • He’s teasing Stella? Riven did that all the time! Nex is such a copycat!
  • Look at him racing Sky! Riven was Sky’s rival, so Nex must be his new rival!
  • Ugh, how could Aisha date him? She might as well be dating Riven!
  • No! As long as Nex is here, Riven can never come back! 😥

(No, I didn’t make those up. And that’s just a sample of what I’ve heard.)

Some fans barely treat him like a different character. Check out this description:

…a proud and bossy guy, and he always wants to prove he’s brave and ready to jump into action. He has a rebellious and dark nature, and because of the kind of aversion others have of him, he often tends to isolate himself. He feels he’s in competition with anyone who’s in front of him and is passionate about sports, which he trains himself in constantly, because of a strong desire to improve himself more and more and prove he’s the best at what he does….He’s an excellent swordsman and athlete….

Sounds like Riven, right? Musa calls him “mysterious and a bit of a rebel” on her profile. He kept to himself a lot (he was a loner), he loved to compete (especially against Sky), he wielded a sword (before season six), and Rainbow said in one of his profiles that he was “good at all sports.” And remember in season six when he kept ignoring Musa and goofing off during missions, because he couldn’t wait to get back to training?

I’d give whoever wrote this kudos — if they’d written it for the right character. This is from Nex’s Italian Winx Wiki page (my translation). All I did was leave out the parts about season seven, The Halberd of the Wind, and being in love with Aisha. That shows you how alike some fans think these boys are.


Time out, guys. No matter how you feel about Nex, he’s a main cast member now. Rainbow’s gonna treat him the same way as the boys we’ve known since the early seasons. And he might be here for the rest of the series, especially since — well, I’ll talk about that in the next post.

Until we let Nex be himself and stop judging him based on someone else, we’ll never understand his character. It’s time to separate him from Riven once and for all.


Here are the three main reasons I hear for why Nex is “the new Riven:”

  1. He was introduced in the same season Riven left.
  2. They have the same/similar hairstyles.
  3. They have the same personality.

1. Telltale Timing?

Nex appeared just as Riven was leaving. That can’t be a coincidence, right? Of course it can.

Here’s a theory. Remember how upset we were in season five, when it seemed like Aisha was getting a new guy way too soon? We know now Roy wasn’t meant to be her new boyfriend. That means Rainbow put a one-season gap between her losing Nabu and finding love again. And since we didn’t see her start dating Nex until season seven, it was more of a two-season gap.

Maybe Rainbow thought writing off Riven so soon after Nabu’s death would be too much of a double whammy. They may have decided to wait to give us some time to recover. So Riven’s exit and Aisha meeting and falling in love with Nex ended up happening in the same season. But they were independent plot lines. The one didn’t cause the other to happen.

Bottom line: Aisha and Riven’s (and Musa’s) lives happened to change at the same time. One of the changes brought a new guy into the group.

The counterargument: “If Rainbow hadn’t planned to get rid of Riven, they wouldn’t have made Nex so much like him.”

He’s so much like him, huh? We’ll see about that. Time for argument #2.

2. Same Hairstyle?

Does this look the same to you? 😕


It’s not even close. Riven had bangs, but Nex doesn’t. The rest of Riven’s hair was molded into a clump on the back of his head. Nex’s hair is wilder. Part of it forms clumps in the front, some of it hangs down in the back, and some of it sticks off the sides. Plus, he’s got sideburns.

The only thing they have in common is they’re both updos. But since when was Riven the only guy allowed to have one? Someone else had one, too: Roy. In fact, his looked more like Riven’s than Nex’s does!

Here’s a Riven-less explanation. Spiky hair contrasts well with Aisha’s extra-long, curly locks. Maybe that’s why both her suitors in the love triangle had it.

3. Same personality?

When people say Nex and Riven have the same personality, nine times out of ten they mean, “They’re both arrogant.” Is that true? Yes…but it’s too simple. There’s more to their personalities than one or two shared traits.

Using their official character descriptions — I’ve only seen one for Nex — and things other characters have said about them, I made lists of their other traits. (I linked each word or phrase to the source it came from.) You might recognize some of these from their “Boys of Winx Club” posts. When you compare the lists, the “Nex is the new Riven” idea starts to fall apart.

always wants to proves he’s the best in anything/competitive (vuole sempre dimostrare di essere il migliore in tutto) very competitive (molto competitivo)
challenges anyone without fear/brave (sfida chiunque senza paura) daredevil/reckless/fearless (temerario)
extroverted (estroverso) loner (solitario)
friendly (amichevole) cantankerous (meaning: “argumentative, bad-tempered, and hard to get along with”)
thinks every girl should inevitably fall in love with him/flirty (convinto che ogni ragazza debba necessariamente innamorarsi di lui) doesn’t trust girls (diffidente verso le ragazze)
nice (simpatico) surly (scontroso)
 — mysterious (misterioso)
 — rebellious/prefers to act…according to his own rules (ribelle/preferisco agire…senza regole)
 — wary (diffidente)

I bet some of you read the first two and thought, “How does this prove they’re not the same?” Yes, those two traits are similar. The rest are polar opposites, though, and they’re big ones.

Time for a mini science lesson. According to research, personality is made up of five “dimensions,” which psychologists call “The Big Five:” Openness (how much you seek new experiences), Conscientiousness (how much self-discipline you have), Extraversion (how outgoing you are), Agreeableness (how well you get along with others), and Neuroticism (how emotionally stable you are) — OCEAN for short. How high someone scores in each area gives you an idea of what traits they have. For example, someone with high Extraversion is probably talkative and positive. Someone with low Openness probably doesn’t like to try new things.

Since Nex and Riven aren’t real people, we can’t measure them very well. But we can look at the traits Rainbow gave them and figure out where they’d fall in each range. I found a bunch of charts that list traits of people who score high or low in each area. (Google “big five personality charts,” if you care.)

To be honest, I’m not sure about Conscientiousness and Openness. I don’t think we know enough about these boys to score them. Plus, in everything I’ve read, the traits of those areas seem to overlap. For Conscientiousness, I think Nex would score high and Riven would score low. I think they’d both be in the middle for Openness, but I think Nex would score a little higher.

As for the others, these boys are as different as night and day:

  • Nex would probably score high in Extraversion (extroverted, friendly), high in Agreeableness (friendly, nice), and low in Neuroticism (extroverts tend to be less moody).

  • Riven would probably score low in Extraversion (loner, wary, cantankerous), low in Agreeableness (cantankerous, rebellious), and high in Neuroticism (cantankerous, surly).

In real life, it wouldn’t be this clear-cut, but I don’t wanna get too technical on you. (I already have. You know how I am. 😉 )

Bottom line: do Nex and Riven have the same personality? No, they don’t. They have a couple traits in common, but if you look beneath the surface, they’re opposites of each other. That doesn’t mean Nex would never do something Riven would do. But he wouldn’t have the same motivations because he thinks and responds to life differently.

Bonus: Another “Bad Boy?”

One “bad boy” leaves the group, and another joins? No way that’s a coincidence, right?

As I’ve said in the past, Nex’s name is Latin for “death.” No, he doesn’t represent death in the show! I think they gave him that name because it corresponds with Aisha’s, which is Arabic for “life,” “alive,” or “she who lives.” Would you expect a guy with a name like that to look and act like Timmy? 😛

nex -- winx 7x04Most people are afraid of death, so it makes sense Rainbow would design Nex to look a little scary. He’s the closest thing to a punk they’ve ever put on the heroes’ side: spiky hair, earrings, necklace, metal bracelets, scary scowl, etc. Of course, they couldn’t go too far — or he’d look like Duman! 😛

But since the personality they gave Nex doesn’t match our feelings about death (friendly and nice?), maybe the idea behind his character is, “Death isn’t as bad as it seems.” (Nobody should wanna die, but death isn’t something to be scared of.) And since he’s dating “Life,” maybe she’ll soften him up more and more throughout the series.


Speaking of Aisha, I’m about to undo what I said at the beginning a bit. Nex isn’t a copy of Riven, but he’s not 100 percent original, either. He’s obviously based on her.

Look at him! Everyone’s so focused on his hair, they’re not looking at his face! It’s practically a light-skinned, male version of Aisha’s: same shape, same type of eyes, same thick eyelashes — even same lips! These screenshots show it well:

Some fans think he may be designed to look mixed race. That’d be a good way to explain it in-universe, but I think Rainbow just modeled him after her. We won’t know unless we meet his parents in a future season (or in the comics).

Let’s go back to the personality traits he has in common with Riven. The one fans point out the most is “arrogance,” and as the character descriptions showed, they’re both competitive, too. They also both love sports.

Here’s something those fans didn’t factor in: Aisha has all those traits, too.

I wouldn’t call her “arrogant” — some fans would — but her season two character description called her “proud.” The Italian version used the word orgogliosa, which sounds more like confident and self-assured. But in some contexts, it can mean “arrogant” — like when you say someone is “too proud” (troppo orgoglioso) to admit they’re wrong about something.

Aisha’s also competitive. We know she especially loves beating the boys, since she likes to prove girls are just as capable. She even turns things into competitions sometimes. One example is in “The Fairy Hunters” (4X01) when the Winx were showing off on their obstacle course. After Bloom’s turn, Aisha said to her, “You were fast, but watch this!” When she finished, she said to Flora, “Now for the grand finale! Beat that!” Flora reminded her it wasn’t about winning.

What about sports? That’s Aisha’s department in the Winx Club. Her descriptions talk about how athletic she is and how she keeps herself in shape. We’ve seen that in the show, too. She dances, lifts weights, runs on a treadmill, plays every sport that exists, etc.

If Nex is “the male Aisha,” and hers and Riven’s traits overlap (look at their character descriptions), wouldn’t Nex’s traits overlap, too? By making him so much like Aisha, Rainbow couldn’t help but make him like Riven, too. What sets Nex apart are the traits he and Aisha have, but Riven didn’t: being friendly and outgoing.


Yikes, this post was long! In case you didn’t read it all, here’s the summary.

Nex is not “the new Riven,” a clone or copy of him, or his replacement. They don’t have the same hair or personality, and the timing of his debut had nothing to do with Riven leaving. He’s “the male Aisha,” right down to his facial features. Even the traits he has in common with Riven are traits he also shares with her.


There’s something else that proves Nex is “the male Aisha.” I’ve been hinting at it since the ep. 4 review. Look at this screenshot. Here’s a clue: if he and Sky aren’t rivals, what’s really happening in this scene?

Have you figured it out? I’ll reveal it next time.

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58 Responses to “Nex is NOT “The New Riven”

  1. You’ve done some serious work on this post have’nt ya.
    Anyway no way is nex like Riven, na a, not at all. Plus i don’t like nex at all. Well he is intresting but i hate him when i think they kicked out RIVEN for him. Shame shame rainbow.
    Riven of all people, they should have kicked out sky, i wont mind that. But i will never stop shipping musa and Riven, they will be my fav forever and ever. In all my fanfics they will remain and beyond. Oh riven if only you knew how much i miss you honey.

    P. S i am changing my name from killer to muza.
    … Muza

    • Riven HAS to come back! The show’s not the same without him. 🙁 He was my favorite from Day 1! And he told Musa “We should just be friends FOR NOW” and “RIGHT NOW, I’m not good for you”, which means he has to be coming back. If he wasn’t, they would’ve made things definite and removed the “for now” and “right now”.

      -Sonic Singer

        • Well, they didn’t say “right now”, but Musa did say, “For now, let’s just be friends.” Yes, that was Musa talking, not Riven.

      • I think it would be neat if he did come back and we got to see him deal with… say… something from his past that made him have his reoccurring insecurity issues. I’d say he needs to go through a life-changing arc of his own so that he can get rid of whatever keeps making him go back to his jerk-ish ways.

  2. Hmm. What’s going on in that picture is that he’s become second-in-command for the boys just like Layla is for the girls? Am I right?

      • I was wondering that, especially since later in s7, Nex and Aisha (and Tecna and Timmy on occasion) always go off with Bloom and Sky during missions. Also it’d make more sense for Nex to be second on the guys side after all Aisha isn’t just second in command of the girls…she’s Bloom’s bodyguard since Stella has shifted away from that, i bet Brandon has too.

        • I definitely think Nex is the second-in-command now, just like Aisha is for the Winx. “Mission in the Jungle” was the episode that proved it for me, but there were other signs even in season six. I’ll talk about that in my next post.

          • That will be fun! I think i saw some other hints in season 6 too, like the fact he didn’t freak out about icy’s ice dagger and just threw it back at her like “You’ve got to be kidding me.” as if he knew that wasn’t gonna work. That scene Reminded me of the season 2 openers of the 4kids days when Aisha said “I used to wipe the floor with witches on Tides!” Meaning that Nex is confident enough to attempt turning enemy attacks against them but like Aisha not too confident because as Aisha said in season 4 “those who are overconfident underestimate their opponents”

  3. I can agree with you. I personally like Nex more than Riven too. Nex is pretty cool and I hope they develop his character more as well. I wonder what Rainbow would do with Riven if he returns.

  4. I agree. Now that I think that his character was based off of Aisha, it makes more and more sense. And I loved it how you even went as far as to compare their facial features. 😀

  5. I have been waiting for this post. I will let you know that it fully met my expectations. *insert smiley face here*

    I agree with literally everything you wrote, so it’s hard for me to come up with a comment. But I think it’s kind of borderline scary how much Aisha and Nex look and act alike. I know that’s how the other guys and girls are, but it’s still kind of weird. I don’t know. Ignore me.

    Also, the fact that people think these two (Nex and Riven) are the same because of their hair is hilarious IMO. Of all reasons to use…you go for the hair. Oooooookay then.

    Also, I must compliment you on your excellent writing skills. Right now in English we’re learning about the different parts of persuasive writing, and you have hit all of them on the head. *applause*

    Random question: what does TL;DR mean?

    • Wow…Thanks. 🙂

      Yeah, it is a little creepy, but like you said, all the couples are like that to an extent. Maybe not as much as Aisha and Nex, though. Rainbow didn’t have to make them that much alike. They have some key differences, of course (as all the couples do).

      TL;DR means “too long; didn’t read.”

  6. I’d say Nex has a MUCH more healthy competitive side to him. Riven would constantly get caught up in winning or losing when Nex seems to be able to let it go and have fun.

    I think it would be cool if Nex and Riven got to meet. Seeing them together would be interesting and might just highlight how different they really are…

    • I agree. Nex is competitive, but he doesn’t take competition as seriously as Riven did. It’s just fun for him. Riven basically staked his honor on winning.

      Nex and Riven did meet in season six! 😛 They just didn’t interact with each other much. We may never know what they thought of each other.

  7. I’m kind of neutral on this whole Riven vs. Nex debate, but one thing I’ve noticed is that Nex is way more emotionally available to Aisha than Riven ever was to Musa. That’s enough to set them apart.

    • That’s my big reason I like to use as to why these two are different. Riven is an introvert, and Nex is an extrovert. Riven really doesn’t like to deal with people, while Nex seems to like people.

      • That’s one reason Nex’s Italian Winx Wiki description made no sense to me. I don’t know where the writer got it from that Nex “often tends to isolate himself.” Like you said, he seems to like people. He’s almost always with someone else, either chatting or just standing next to them.

  8. I used to hate Nex before I realized oh? A male Aisha? That’s actually a good thing. Everyone knows that Aisha is usually one of the three no-nonsense girls in the group (Roxy being another when Bloom doesn’t unintentionally upset her and of course Tecna) so the guys need some people like that. Nex meets the Aisha requirements and Timmy meets Tecna requirements so who meets the Roxy requirements? Also this post as helpful as it is i have to borrow a quote from Stella…..”Tecna to technical!”

    • Well, I’ve said before I’m most like Tecna. 😛 Maybe the personality thing was a little much, but I wanted to make a strong argument. You know how I am. 🙂

      As for who would be “the male Roxy,” I don’t know. Personally, I can’t imagine her with a boyfriend. She had one briefly in the comics (Manuel), but I don’t know if he’ll ever appear in the show. If he does, I kinda hope they change him to a Paladin instead of a Specialist.

      • I am aware of Manuel but i think that Roxy would be better off with a completely new paladin if she ever did get one or maybe a nice magix- park ranger, after all specialist wizard and paladin aren’t the only options in the magic dimension. Still at this point i don’t think that Roxy’s ready for it because i’m very similar to Roxy (every cat and dog i see come right to me and let me play with them, i have hypersensitivity issues at times and occasionally underestimate myself when it comes to new and challenging things) and if i’m not ready for that type of relationship yet neither is she.

        • I agree. She’s grown up a lot, but she still seems too immature for a relationship. I just can’t picture it. But you’re right: her boyfriend wouldn’t have to be from a class we’ve seen already. For that matter, she’s from Earth. Why can’t she have a regular, human guy? Her mom married one.

          • That could be a possibility too… a nice guy who doesn’t have magic and she would be glad to just be with someone “normal”.

  9. off topic but i’m glad nex didn’t change out of his paladin uniform it sets him apart from the rest of them and i was wondering where do they keep their weapons when not in uniform cause in episode 4 they just seemed to pull them out of thin air while in their civvies

    • Yeah, I’m glad he stayed a Paladin, too. I have a theory about that, but I’ll keep it to myself. Where do they keep their weapons? Hammerspace. That’s the only explanation I can think of. 😛 (Riven sometimes kept his in his pocket, though.)

      • I wonder if Paladin isn’t really a rival for specialist but rather a higher rank…maybe Thoren and Nex are trying to prepare the specialists for magic usage and flying on their own eventually? What if the armored upgrades in s6 were to try and get more magic familiarized without relying on the girls? Remember that Timmy’s the only guy who doesn’t exactly rely on his lady to handle his problems before s6 the others kinda tend to do that.

        • It’s interesting you said that because in my headcanon, the difference between Specialists and Paladins is that Paladins can (eventually) fly and use magic. I imagine the form we saw Professor Avalon in as some kind of powerful final form, like Enchantix is/was for fairies. I think the Specialists would have something like that, too, but I don’t think it would be magical. But the new suits do suggest they’ve “graduated” or been promoted to a higher rank.

          • They did call Avalon a Paladin several times throughout the Rai dub. I always just assumed it was a retcon or a scripting error (or maybe translation error, although Rai doesn’t have that many of those), but I actually like your theory.

          • It wasn’t an error. I went back and watched the Italian version of season two (the original, not the TV special), and they used the word Paladino, which (of course) means “Paladin.” They also called him a Paladin in the 4Kids dub. In that version, Avalon says there are over 10,000 Paladins with the same wings he has, suggesting Paladins do have or gain the ability to fly. (He doesn’t say that in the original, though.)

      • what is hammerspace?i’d forgotten they were magical weapons just like the mythix wands that appeared out of nowhere when they were needed

        • Hammerspace is thin air. 😛 It’s an imaginary area that cartoon or video game characters pull items out of, often by just reaching behind their backs (which the guys do a lot). It’s not real — that’s just the way fans sometimes explain it when the creators don’t.

  10. Well it’s been about a year since I have felt the need to reply in a post.
    I think this one deserves my Thumbs Up. This was well written and you made many excellent points that should make the naysayers pay attention.
    I was always a Riven fan but more because I felt there was an opportunity to flesh him out that the writers never took. Rather than give his fallen character a little redemption, they continued with the cannon of Dark Riven to the point where even I grew to be disappointed and annoyed with him.
    Season 5 Riven was the Riven I was always hoping for. The loving guy who would go out of his way to do something special. Only I wanted him in season 6. I was hoping after season 4 and they actually talked and tried to figure each other out, that they would give Riven more back story and focus on his growth. But I guess other than Sky, no guy is deserving of development… That’s my bias talking. I dislike that blond boy.
    Nex was never a new Riven for me. I always felt they were similar but I never believed that Nex needed any sort of redemption, just the realization that things don’t always go his way immediately, like Aisha falling for him, or him winning just because he is good at sports like the scene with Roy.
    Rather I disliked Roy immensely and felt he showed up too soon. Though I later acknowledged that his presence helped Aisha move on from Nabu, I was never a fan of that goody two shoes.
    I always supported Aisha’s decision of choosing Nex and I hope Rainbow doesn’t mess him up and make me regret it.

    • Indeed, there was a lot of opportunity for him. 🙁 And since they didn’t delve into the root of his issues yet, I think there’d still be the opportunity… I see so much potential that I could even write a fanfic but I’d rather just discuss ideas with people…
      For me I just don’t get how season 5 Riven turned to season 6 Riven. I don’t understand why he went back when he seemed to have improved so much… He even wrote her a song, for goodness’ sake!

  11. Musa said ; “for now, lets just be friends” riven nodded and said “you always got me Musa ”

    Riven has to come back, he has to, has to, has to, has to, has toooooooo

  12. It’s also called hammerspace because The Warners and other looney tunes used to pull giant mallets out of thin air.

  13. This is somewhat off topic but it appears that Musa’s the 5th mascot now since she and Aisha sorta rotate in lines of four or she’ll be 5th in lines of 5, it’s about time! Now if Tecna could get in the rotation instead of just casuals and transformation lines. Back on topic i really think that fans should stop thinking of Nex as Riven 2 because Why would a Winx ( since apparently the girls consider their boyfriends part of the club as per Stella in season 3 when Nabu stopped lying about himself and apologized as well as after he saved Aisha a few times said “we wanna welcome you to our club”- RAI dub) ever date a Trix? The two groups just don’t mix well when not at each other’s throats. I think that’s the other reason Riven left. In his mind (and more importantly Musa’s) he was a Trix playing a Winx the whole time even though he left Darcy (when he probably didn’t want to just switched sides to save his back, Musa probably never actually forgave him for that and only faked it just to get the season 2 Charmix bonus just as Riven had faked his alliances) with Nex though… he’s a Winx all the way, just very unsure at times like how both Bloom and Aisha were when they first came to Alfea (although bloom usually hid her uncertainty because of being hyper-excited about everything magical yet uncertainty showed when something was seriously wrong)

    • The guys are Winx, too? 😛 That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I guess it makes sense, since the Boys Club is practically just a male version of the Winx Club.

      What you said about Riven being a “Trix playing a Winx” made me think of something else I hear fans say: “Nex is like Riven but worse.” That makes no sense. Nex may be wild, but he’s stayed loyal to the group from the beginning, he treats Aisha well, and he hates the Trix and wickedness as much as the others do. But Riven willfully betrayed the group, dated one of the Trix, treated Musa horribly 75 percent of the time, and tried to grab control of his squad away from Sky just to boost his own ego.

      Yet, somehow…Nex is worse than him? 😕

      The way I see it, Riven has transcended morality. The fanbase doesn’t apply the same standards of behavior to him. It doesn’t matter what he did. He will always be pure and wonderful to them. I don’t understand it.

      • No character on the “good” side can be worse than Riven unless they’re a stuck up teacher like Griselda. Riven may be a “Trix” so to speak but most people would rather deal with Icy and her goons rather than be around a fairy-principal who might as well be Lady Tremaine with all that seriousness and general coldness, even Griselda’s glare was just as creepy (i wonder if she is from Zenith too after all only a Zenithian could be that cold as far as we know), but even she’s started to warm up now. (although that could be the “Bloom effect” finally working on her, the magic dimension is implied to be a bit bland before Stella brought Bloom there, on Earth before s4 the adverse effect happened, no Bloom=no fun. Not saying that the other magix characters and the club can’t have fun without Bloom but Bloom is implied to make things ten thousand times more enjoyable even if she gets on half the fanbase’s nerves, apparently Aisha was the most depressed about it in season 6 to the point of showing it in her voice, despite the fact that Stella’s supposed to be Bloom’s best friend, interestingly enough that mirrored season 5 where Bloom was the only one who bothered to ask if Aisha needed someone to talk to about Nabu’s death. Makes me wonder if the real best friend pairings aren’t actually what’s implied in seasons 1 and 2 but rather what we’ve seen for seasons 6 and 7 which was first hinted at in season 3 and again in season 5 with slight hints in season 2. Bloom and Aisha, Stella and Tecna and Musa and Flora although the s1/2 pairings hold some significance because that’s how they met and still get along fine just now they’re closer to others, wasn’t there a post on that once?) Anyhow Riven should be held just as accountable for his actions as everyone else. Sure Bloom and Sky along with Aisha and Nex and Tecna and Timmy would have the most (given the DC Trinity dynamics amongst those pairings) and all others should be judged by how well they line up with the high standards of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman considering that the Winx are superheroes who could exist in the DCU (season 4’s hero poster was quite blatantly a DC villain parody “mothman” equals Killer Moth) and if they did they’d be judged by the standards of the big 3 and be hounded by Lois, Vicki, Iris, Linda, Angela and however many other reporters constantly just trying to keep them in line especially Lois and Vicki who do not give anyone not even their own respective men a break unless they’ve earned it. I assure you it’d be no different for the Winx.

      • About the guys being Winx: in the comics (I know they’re AU, but half of the time they give better explanations than the show itself), in one of the early issues where the girls had literally just formed the club, Brandon asked about joining, and Stella became all happy. (I don’t think he ever actually joined, though.) So I think it would be cool if the guys and the girls combined to form one giant Winx Club. But I don’t think Rainbow would ever do that. Maybe it’s because I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a girl, but one of the most appealing things about Winx to me as a little kid was the fact that it was literally the only “girl-power” superhero show that was on (I discovered Winx via the Nick specials, and I know 4Kids had a similar thing going on). Rainbow doesn’t outwardly promote the show as a feministic girl-power show, but it is an aspect of it and I don’t think Rainbow would want to wreck that. (If they even know it exists.)

  14. why do people think that Nex kicked Riven out of the show? I mean I’m also a Riven fan… What a character
    Sorry. Where was I? Ah! Yes, Nex is a new character, has his own character, own personality, girlfriend and everything, of you just see him as ‘Nex’ you’ll see him as Nex.
    That’s what I did. I didn’t like him at first too. I was rooting for Roy but turns out after watching the show, Nex has a personality which Roy didn’t.
    The Riven topic, I know Nickbow doesn’t handle anything properly anymore they’re making the show more childish like:
    “Stella can be more childish! Musa should be girly now! No couple other than Bloom and Sky matters, and don’t forget to add more glitter, pink and cliché!”
    Sorry for that.
    The blogger has a point. Nex is nothing likd riven as you might read. But, at last you can do anything. I still miss Riven, go MuRi! But I hope Orlando takes his place soon. Or someone else! I hate to see Musa single. Nickbow will do better. Hope for the best!

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