The title says it all. I’ve decided to stop writing episode reviews. I need to be honest with myself and you: I don’t enjoy writing them anymore.

When I started writing them near the beginning of season five, it felt like a fun addition to the blog. But things have happened over the years (especially this year) that have drained the joy out of it for me. I won’t go into details. All I’ll say is writing reviews feels like a chore now.

I’m going back to what I used to do: writing about individual scenes, concepts, characters, spells, settings, etc. I’ll still review season seven as a whole — and season six, since I still haven’t done that — and I’ll pick my top 3 favorite and least favorite episodes. I also might post my “Thoughts While Watching” for each episode. (Those might count as mini-reviews.) This will apply to World of Winx, too.

I’m sorry to everyone who enjoyed my reviews. I hope you’ll understand and continue to support my blog. Thank you.

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19 Responses to “No More Episode Reviews

  1. Fair enough its your blog.

    Hey a bit of a random question. There something I wanted to ask, do you think the Winx being Aliens are a separate species from humans, like a some think or human themselves?

    • Good question. It’s confusing. I don’t think of them as humans, but after the Winx brought magic back to Earth, it seemed like anyone was able to become a fairy, witch, or wizard. Plus, fairies can become witches and vice versa.

      I’m starting to think they aren’t other species — just humans that live in the Magic Dimension and have adapted to magic. The show and comics even call them humans sometimes. But the Legendarium World adds another wrinkle to this. If fairies essentially came from stories, then were they just created to look like humans?

      I really don’t know. Years ago, I wrote a post asking that about the Specialists, too (and I guess now it also applies to Paladins). They’re not magic beings, so what are they? Like I said, it’s confusing.

      • Yeah it’s something not touched yet it brings up questions in itself. While you could call them human this brings up a lot of questions given they seem to survive things that most humans and it’s highly implied whatever species they are isn’t native to earth. Yet there is nothing physically different from them and humans or possibly genetically given Bloom could pass for a earthling and Roxy seemed almost normal.

        It dives evolution but given that there a Dragon God behind creation that can be hand waved.

        Maybe you do a post about it sometime?

  2. I love this blog, and I think that you should do what you think is best for it. If that is to cut down on the episode reviews, then so be it. I trust you know what you have to do keep being a fantastic Winx blogger.

    Side note: the Winx Club website just had a MASSIVE update! Warning: it may take a while to load (or crash your browser – you never know which).

    Keep being awesome. 🙂


    I really enjoyed your reviews, but I think if you feel you don’t enjoy them anymore it doesn’t make any sense to continue with it, and I bet it still will be a great blog even without the reviews.

    By the way, how about that special thing about Orlando, will we still get to know what it is?

  4. Aw shucks. Your reviews were my favorite part of this blog! But I understand where you’re coming from. I myself used to write Winx fanfics but they later seemed to be too much like work, no more fun.

    I’m sincerely sorry that you’ve quit, but I can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with. You’re blog always adds a little sunshine to my days 🙂

    Cheer up, OP!

    • And, of course, I post my comment and realize that I used the incorrect version of “you’re”. Silly me :p

  5. i’m going to miss your reactions to the episodes but do what you have to, to stay happy and healthy i also like the caption contest even though i didn’t get any votes in either one of them lol

  6. Write whatever you want. =) I like your in-depth thoughts about scenes and characters better anyway, you always see something I didn’t notice.

  7. I loved your reviews, but I support your choice.

    Plus, I think what you’ll write in the future will be great too.

  8. That’s a shame. The episode reviews are what I I enjoy the best about your blog. But I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m still writing episode reviews for 3 different shows on my Deviantart groups and can understand what a chore it is to write them. But the “Thoughts while Watching This Episode” is better than nothing. Perhaps I should start miniaturizing my own reviews. ;p In any case, do what you think is best. It is your blog after all.

  9. Aw, I really did love your reviews. But then who didn’t? I am so glad you are keeping the ‘thoughts while watching’ part. I also trust that once you go back to writing what you actually enjoy writing, it’s going to be better than ever and a treat to read (given you wrote those awesome reviews without even enjoying it).
    Keep up your good work. 😀

  10. Oh well… it’s probably best to cut out the reviews those seem to take a lot out of you. Although i’m sure we’ll see some funny things to snark at during the rest of the season’s episodes since the thoughts while watching was often the funniest part of the reviews.

  11. I totally understand. Those posts felt a little lengthy, to be honest… Though it’s not like they weren’t entertaining.
    Your plan sounds good. When WOW comes out, I’d like to be able to discuss it with everyone, but it’s not like I’m going to want to talk about every detail… so thoroughly reviewing each episode is unnecessary, ya know?

  12. Well, that’s unfortunate, but in the end it’s your decision and your blog.

    However, I feel like I have to say this, and please don’t take it the wrong way. If your decision to cease the episode reviews is in response to the increasing amount of negative/argumentative/contradictory/hostile/nit-picky comments from others…Get over it. Seriously. This is YOUR blog and therefore YOUR content. You run this blog for free, on your own time, because you love doing it. My philosophy is “don’t like, don’t read.” Don’t cater to the whiners with your content. –– Also, I hate to say it, but anyone who starts a fanblog and is lucky enough for it to become popular, is asking for a little negativity. Fandoms can get really immature and really hostile, REALLY FAST! Despite it being your blog, the second you post something someone else doesn’t like or agree with, suddenly everyone’s on your case. I understand that can take a lot of the fun out of it, but you know what? If you love doing this, keep doing it and just roll with the punches. You can’t please everyone, and honestly, there’s no reason to try to. Best of luck with your decision! 🙂

    • While I understand what you mean, there are a couple other factors. First of all, I don’t run this blog for free — at least not free for me. This is a self-hosted blog, so I pay for hosting and the domain name every year.

      Second, the comments I was referring to weren’t from fans who disagree with me. At least if they do disagree with me, that’s not what it was about. I know I can’t please everyone — believe me, having this blog has taught me this. I’m not trying to anymore.

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