Just a couple pieces of news I haven’t posted about yet. By now, you’ve probably heard it on other fan sites, but I still wanna help get the word out.

1. World of Winx Season 2 Premiere Date

Netflix updated the World of Winx page last week, revealing that season two will be released on Friday, June 16. (One of you pointed out that’s the day after Aisha’s birthday. I doubt there’s a connection there, but it’s still a fun piece of trivia. 🙂 ) If you’re curious, you can find lists of possible episode titles on Winx Wikia or in fan videos.

2. Licensing Expo 2017 Begins Today

Yep, it’s that time of year again! The annual Las Vegas Licensing Expo begins today! Rainbow will be showcasing their three newest shows: World of Winx, Regal Academy, and Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends (which is now on Netflix, too).

As usual, my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club is there, so keep checking his website for exclusive news and images! (He’s already posted a photo of Rainbow’s booth.) Last year, he got to share a lot of new World of Winx info. Who knows what he’ll get to tell us this year!


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19 Responses to “Odds ‘N Ends: “WoW” Season 2 Premiere Date; Licensing Expo Begins

  1. So this means season 8 of the main series is going to appear next year? Also I can’t wait to see how they wrap up WoW story line

      • I read so too days earlier, but I believe that’s just speculation, as it would make much more sense for the live action movie to be released in 2019 as the 15th anniversary as WinxClubRUS “confirmed.” We know Rainbow changes their dates more than girl changes clothes, so it’s all up in the air.

        • And WB will milk the shadowhaunt out of it. If Winx aired on CN then Rainbow and WB could combine it. I don’t think that Bloom can compete with a bunch of meddling kids…on the other hand Daphne and Daphne could have an interesting conversation especially if just for the promo instead of the regular Winx actress they had Grey Delisle talking to herself as both Daphne’s.

      • Yeah cause the only other foes are either reformed, or banished beyond anyones reach. 😛

        I kinda meant who’s connection would the antagonist have? another one from the ancient coven or effected by that event? Or one connected from I doon’t know another character?

        Me I kinda wonder if they could turn one of the side angtaist like Diaspro into the main one for the series? That would atually be amazing.

        • Maybe they will just come up with something, in the same way they explained them escaping from being imprisoned “forever” into the Legendarium World

  2. Have you all heard what happened in Manchester at a concert where a va who did the voice of diaspro in season 3 to 5

  3. maybe the wizards of the black circle will return as the villains and team up with the trix or a wildly impossible idea tinkerbell of wow becomes the new villain along with jim

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