Musings & Rants

From the moment I first laid eyes on Jason Queen, my suspicions were aroused. My first thought was, “It’s one of the wizards in disguise!!!” But, considering that they’re supposedly gone, that may not be the case. Even still, there’s something off about Jason Queen.

In any cartoon, villains seem to share a certain appearance. The shape of the face and the eyes are more angled than regular characters. Winx Club is no exception. Remember Valtor from season three? He had the look, and we all know that he was up to no good.  Jason has the look of a villain as well. If you compare him to other residents of Gardenia, he certainly does not look like an innocent bystander.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that Jason bears a striking resemblance to one of the Wizards of the Black Circle— Ogron. The only differences between the two are the length and color of the hair. Otherwise, they’re pretty much identical, even the same goatee! Could this just be a coincidence, or is this music producer up to no good?

So, if we believe that Jason Queen is a villain, then we must consider his motives. What is he after? Who is he after? He obviously has an interest in Musa. Whether it’s romantic or just business is unclear. What is clear is that his presence alone was enough to cause Musa and Riven to move farther apart. Was it unintentional, or was he trying to get rid of the competition? Perhaps Jason’s purpose is to cause more conflict.

Also possibile is that Jason really is Ogron. I don’t know about you, but something about the ending in episode 13 seemed premature to me. If Ogron was supposed to be some “all powerful wizard,” then why was he beaten by a single hit from Bloom? Strange? Yes! Even with their stronger Believix powers, the Winx could not have defeated the Hunters that easily. There may still be more to see of them, and our suspicious friend Jason Queen might just be involved.

Musings & Rants

As of the latest episode of season four, it seems like Musa and Riven are breaking up…again. This comes as no surprise seeing as this couple’s relationship has not been the best. Let’s take a look back at their history:

In season one, Riven was rarely kind to Musa, even though she tried her hardest to get him to notice her. Then, Darcy spelled him and caused him to break Musa’s heart. To be honest, I didn’t see much of a difference in personality between spelled Riven and normal Riven. Either way, I think Musa should have given up and found a decent guy. (That Jared she met later would have done just fine. ;p)

Then, there was season two. Things weren’t perfect, but their relationship had improved. During the fight against Darkar, Musa kissed Riven, and it seemed like they would finally get along. However, by season three, Riven was back to his cocky self. Musa considered breaking up with him (took her long enough…), but then he won her respect by fighting Nabu over her. But did this last? Nope!

In Secret of the Lost Kingdom, our lovely couple was fighting again. They got back together, but now in season four, the feud continues. Does this seem like a problem to anyone, or is it just me? Now, Musa is finally getting the chance to pursue her dream as a singer, but she’s getting no support from the boyfriend department. In fact, Riven seems jealous and even goes so far as to say that her singing stinks! I don’t know about most relationships, but I’d say that insulting a girl’s talent is a BIG no-no! Musa has plenty of reasons to dump him now, don’t you think?

So, are they over? It seems like it, but we’ve seen how resilient they’ve been in the past. They could end up back together. Who knows? If not, then this brings up another question: who is Musa going to end up with? Andy? Jason Queen? (Let’s hope not. There’s something sinister about that guy….) Will a new Specialist be introduced so late into the series? We’ll see! Whatever the case, I hope Musa makes the smart choice and says “Arrivederci!” to Riven.


Una di Noi is getting another writer. Please welcome Melodic Musa! Who is she? My younger sister! I mentioned her in a post a while back—we had a bet on which Winx would earn her Believix first. (Ironically, she guessed Musa.) She’s a good writer and very funny, and I know she’ll make this blog even better!

I’m gonna change the “About Me” later so you can get to know this fellow Winx fan!

Musings & Rants

I’m confused. When did Nabu join the Winx Boys Club?

Think about it. He’s not a Specialist. He only appeared at the end of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. He was barely even in season three! Yet, presto—he pops up in the fourth season, and everyone treats him like he’s been in the group forever! It must be only because he’s one of the boyfriends. I guess that replaces any lost hang-out time needed to become friends. Or maybe since Faragonda called all the guys together for the “mission” to help the Winx, he has had some time to bond with them (whatever that means to guys). It didn’t take Helia long in season two, did it?

I’m not complaining, though, because I had wanted him to show up more. Nabu is one of my favorite Winx guys, and the fact he’s the only one who can use magic is enough to impress me. He’s also a prince, or at least a noble, right? (The king and queen of Andros probably wouldn’t give their daughter’s hand to a commoner.) Plus, he and Layla are such a cute pair! I can’t wait for their wedding!

Well, now that it’s official, welcome to the team, Nabu!

Internet News

There have been a couple changes:

  • The link to the mini-games (minigiochi) has been removed for some reason. Maybe they were having some problems with them.
  • There’s now info about Winx Club magazine 63. Features include a summer style page (with bikinis…for ten-year-olds…) and a comic about Brandon and “a mysterious woman.” Mitzi, perhaps? It’s hard to tell since one of the preview pages shows Bloom wearing a fourth season outfit while she and Sky are on the phone from Alfea and Red Fountain. Hmmm… Anyway, check it out! (Oh, and the comic page links are backwards. Who knows how that happened!)

*UPDATE* The comic page links have been fixed, and a third one has been added. Why is Stella in the nurse’s room? Hmmm…