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Two adorable-looking mini-games (minigiochi) have been added to the Winx Club website. You have to register on the site to play, and of course you can do so even you’re not from Italy. Why not become una fata today? I did! (My name is Hoshikuzu. It means “stardust.”)

Tecna & the Lost Pets
Such confusion! Help Tecna find the lost pets before the time ends!

Kiko’s Adventure
Where is Bloom? Guide Kiko through thousands of adventures and bring back his owner!


Anything written on Wikipedia is to be taken with a grain of salt, but assuming the titles in the episode list are real, I’ve made some guesses about the next episodes.

14. “Animali nel Bisogno” (Animals in Need)
We already basically know what will happen in this episode because of the preview. The Winx become Gardenia’s superheroes, and Roxy tries to stop some animal hunters’ plans. It doesn’t sound like an eventful episode.

15. “Città di Mistero” (City of Mystery)
There isn’t much to read into this title. I think the Winx and Roxy (right, Rainbow) will probably learn something about the Fairies of the White Circle in this “mysterious town.”

16. “Dove è Roxy?” (Where is Roxy?)
Are the Winx falling asleep on the job? Just because she can defend herself now, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be watching her anymore. Perhaps something she learns in the previous episode makes her upset and she decides to go on a one-woman quest—like Bloom whenever she’d learn about her past.

17. “Incontri Il Nuovo, Trix!” (The New Encounter, Trix!)
Well, well, well. The evil three are back, are they? I bet everyone was starting to wonder why they were being so quiet. What’s a season without them? But this may be Trix v.4.0; they joined the Ancestral Witches at the end of Secret of the Lost Kingdom! Will the Winx be able to handle that combined power?

18. “Believix Potere Winx!” (Believix Power of Winx)
Again, very broad. One question, though: now that Roxy has her Believix, will she be included in this “power of Winx” business? Or will Rainbow separate her again?

19. “Una Storia di Amore” (A Love Story)
Ah, amore! Three possibilities: Roxy finds a guy, Musa and Riven get back together, or Stella and Brandon get engaged (there has been a rumor about their wedding). The first one’s a longshot. I’m leaning towards the third one mixed with second one.

20. “Il Segreto di Sky” (Sky’s Secret)
How many secrets can one prince—excuse me, king—have? Poor Bloom! She’s engaged to the most complicated guy in the universe! Then again, he was extremely busy with his Eraklyon duties at the beginning of the season, and we don’t know what they were. Could they have something to do with the wedding? Is there a conspiracy back home? Is Sky adopted? 😛

The last six episode spaces are marked as “unknown.” That brings the total to twenty-six, which may be a mistake. Doesn’t season four have twenty-four episodes? We’ll see if any of these titles stand.

What do you think about them?


I want to buy the Italian Winx Club DVDs; I’d like to own the “Singapore English” version of the show. I know there are Italian sellers on eBay who will ship to the United States, but I’d rather avoid the hassle and confusion of doing business through a language barrier. My best solution is to work with a deputy service. Does anyone know one that works with Italy?

To clarify some things:

  • I will NOT buy fakes
  • I’d like to pay in dollars
  • I’m looking for DVDs from the first three seasons
  • Yes, I know I’ll need an all-region DVD player 😀

If you’ve never heard of deputy services, here’s an example of one I’ve used called Shopping Mall Japan. You create a free account that lets you bid on Yahoo! Japan auctions. If you win, SMJ pays the seller, you pay SMJ, the merchandise is shipped to their Japanese storehouse, then you make a shipping request when you’re ready (within three months) to have it sent to you. It works very well. If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, too, check this site out!

Internet News

If you visited the official site today, you probably noticed the “Personaggi” (Characters) tab now says “Winx Club” and the “Luoghi” (Places) tab is gone and its links moved under “Winx Club.” Maybe we’ll see more updates soon: new pictures, new realm information…a new link for Roxy? I hope so! By the way, have you had problems connecting to their site lately? Maybe that’s more proof they’re working on it.

*UPDATE* Another change: A new “Giochi” (Games) link called “Disegna le Winx!” (Draw the Winx!). Right now, the page shows you how to draw Tecna in Believix form.

*UPDATE #2* This is really a thought, not an update. Each of the six links on the website’s sidebar has a Winx’s face on it, right? Well, the map information doesn’t really belong under the “Winx Club” tab, so they would need to bring back the “Luoghi” (Places) tab to fix that problem. There would then be seven tabs. Seven Winx, perhaps? 😀


Yep, there will be a fifth season! That means the Winx will have another new power—another “-ix!” What will it be called? How will it look? What powers will it have? Let’s imagine!

Here’s my idea:

About both the dreams you have in sleep and your goals and wishes—sometimes they mix (no pun intended)
Earned by: Understanding your deepest desire
Powers: See into people’s dreams; create visions; help people understand their dreams

Create your own! Send your pictures to [email protected]!