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Yes, another post about Roxy. New girl, new news.

“It is unclear how she earned her Believix without someone believing in her being a fairy,” says her Wikipedia article. It continues by saying she may have “willed” her transformation, like Bloom forced herself to earn her Enchantix. But I think I may have figured out how it really happened, and it is similar to that.

In episode six, “Una Fata in Pericolo” (A Fairy in Danger), Musa revealed that in order to earn the Believix, a fairy must not only convince someone else to believe in magic but also convince herself. In other words, she must feel confident in herself and in the possibilities of magic. In episode twelve, “Papà! Sono una Fata!” (Papa! I’m a fairy!), Roxy became extremely angry when Gantlos hurt Artù. We already saw in the episode before that her power was growing stronger; she even cast that talking spell on the pets. Gantlos’ attack may have been the trigger she needed for her to completely trust her magic. She could finally face him not as a helpless teenager but a young fairy—maybe even a Winx.

What about the Believix energy? Where did it come from? For the Winx fairies, it came from Roxy’s belief, so maybe the reverse was true for her. Yes, they weren’t there when she transformed, but did they need to be? The fact they already believed in her might have been enough, but her powers were “sleeping” until she believed in herself. It could also be because more humans believed in magic by then. That part still isn’t clear.

What do you think?


According to this Youtube video, episode fourteen will not air on June 16th as originally thought. Instead, Rai Due will start re-running the whole season that evening. The new resume date is September 21st, around the time 4Kids’s version might premiere. “Good things come to those who wait,” right?

You can see the proof here (forgive the Caramell Dansen music).

*UPDATE* I checked Rai Due’s website myself. The schedule for June 16 listed Winx Club without a specific episode, so this information may not be correct.


As you may have heard from Michael’s Winx Club and from my friends at Winx-Fairies and Morgayne Winx, Rainbow is already planning a fifth season! Michael Grant says he heard this news “from the official source at Rainbow SpA given to me in person” (in his words). This means we still have at least one and a half seasons, a movie, and a spin-off coming. Good news, huh? (I’m keeping this filed as a rumor until Rainbow releases more information/images.)

What does this have to do with Roxy? Having another season may increase the chance she will become a Winx.

Without a fifth season, she would only be with the club in the second movie. 90-120 minutes isn’t enough time for us fans to adjust to her and appreciate her as part of the group. The same would have happened with Layla if the show hadn’t survived past season two. However, after one and a half seasons and a movie, she has become an invaluable member. Roxy could also need about that much time. Otherwise, she would seem too much like a tag-along. But Rainbow wouldn’t introduce a new Winx if we could never accept her. Remember that they’ve been planning this new season longer than we’ve known about it, which means whatever Roxy’s role will be has already been factored into the overall story.

By the way, you probably recognize that picture. It’s been appearing more often on the official site recently, though only for the “Magix News” pages. Is it just for the fourth season—after all, Tecna’s chicken has been used a lot, too—or is Rainbow trying to get us used to seeing Roxy?


We still don’t know about 4Kids’s version of season four, but Wikipedia (as usual) has jumped the news and said the dub will premiere on September 12th. The “list of episodes” article shows dates for the first seven episodes (no English titles given), but none of this has been confirmed yet to the public.

About two weeks ago, a moderator called Mod Laura on the 4Kids.TV forums responded to a topic about season four:

I asked [4Kids] about Season 4 for you:

“We have no new details about the Winx movie or fourth season coming to the U.S.

Remember that you can watch all your favorite episodes of Winx anytime at:”

Secrets and a shameless plug—no surprise.

Well, when (not if) 4Kids announces Winx Club season four, it will be the biggest deal on their website. Winx Club is one of their most successful pick-ups, thanks to its global popularity. When season three was thought to be the last season, they sent the series out with a bang; the fireworks welcoming it back might have to be grander to draw lost fans in. Also, since 4KidsTV no longer exists, the new season would probably air on the CW4Kids (joining another Rainbow S.p.A. title Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, sometimes called “Winx Club for boys”). Since it’ll be their only “girls’ show,” 4Kids may need a big promotion to bring that audience back as well.

September is barely three months away, so we may hear the news soon. As for Cinélume, makers of the other English version of Winx Club, nothing is known so far about any dub from them.