A YouTube user called bloommovie16 recently posted the entire Winx on Ice show. I got a chance to watch it before her account was closed (she may have been banned, I’m sorry to say).

It was what one would expect from an ice show: cheesy sometimes but alluring. The story isn’t immediately obvious to a non-Italian speaker, so I did some research. This is from the show’s website:

In questa nuova avventura, Bloom dovrà salvare Carolina, una aspirante fata appassionata di poesia che proviene dalla terra, dai malefici delle perfide streghe Trix. Winx e Specialisti inizieranno cosi un nuovo appassionante viaggio tra mostri di ghiaccio, ragni giganti e libri stregati, alla ricerca del mistero che si nasconde dietro Carolina e il suo diario segreto.

Translation (with changes for sense and clarity):

In this new adventure, Bloom must save Carolina, an aspiring fairy passionate about poetry that comes from the earth, from the evil of the perfidious witches Trix. Winx and Specialists will begin a new exciting journey through ice monsters, giant spiders, and bewitched books, in search of the mystery that hides behind Carolina and her secret diary.

The “Carolina” here is famous Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner, who plays herself as a fairy tricked into joining Valtor and the Trix. (I found a picture of the Carolina doll. They added wings to it.)

Here’s my opinion:

  • The time line is vague. Though Valtor is the main villain, the show uses clips from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom in the background, like when the Winx transform into Enchantix mode. I guess it’s an alternate universe type of thing.
  • They didn’t make the actors look enough like the characters. The Specialists are really off. (And Bloom is wearing way too much makeup!)
  • The acting is decent but, of course, overly dramatized since the actors have accommodate for being far away from the audience. The only actor I didn’t like was the one playing Miss Faragonda. She made her a bit ditsy, if you ask me.
  • The skating is amazing. I’m definitely a Carolina Kostner fan now, but I was especially impressed with the actress playing Icy (go figure).
  • The songs are absolutely beautiful. I can’t even pick out a favorite!

There’s another interesting side story related to Winx on Ice. Layla and Nabu enter a skating competition against Icy and Valtor. (Again, alternate universe. Professor Griffin actually cheers for Team Trix!) Layla and Nabu win, of course, but what surprised me was when Layla picks up a rose thrown onto the rink and gives it to Icy. A princess is gracious even to sworn enemies.

Anyway, Winx on Ice is enjoyable, and I definitely recommend watching it if you can. I just wish I could have seen it live.


A May 19th article on the official website reveals that “Winx Club on Tour” will return for a charity benefit at the Teatro Quirino in Rome. All proceeds from the show will help fund the reconstruction of Teatro San Filippo in L’Aquila, following the deadly earthquake there in early April. If you’ll be in Rome on June 5th, why not stop by? No subtitles, but it’s for a good cause.

Advance tickets are available at these websites:

Viva Ticket (English available)

H**lò Ticket (Italian only)

Internet News

Has anyone noticed this? On the Winx Club website, if you drop the “Luoghi” (Places) menu, you’ll see that Domino is called “Sparks,” its 4Kids dub and English movie version name. Yet the other names are correct according to the original version (Fonterossa = Red Fountain, Torrenuvola = Cloud Tower, etc.), and the header on the linked page still says Domino. A simple, but strange error, don’t you think?


Have you seen this picture?

Someone tried to pass this as a model of Roxy from the second movie. But this is obviously Photoshopping at its best—unless someone at Rainbow thought it’d be fun to put Roxy in a Tecna pose. Other giveaways: identical gloves, blockiness around the hair (Tecna’s wing airbrushed out), randomly-painted stripes, strange outfit, etc.

Nice try. I doubt anyone really believed it, but if you did, now you know the truth.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Roxy is in the second movie, though, so hopefully we’ll have some real images soon.

Internet News

I visited the official Winx Club website again today, and, for fun, decided to translate the May 11th article, “Roxy: una nuova amica!” (Roxy: a new friend). Yes, translating is fun. 😛 With the help of and, I uncovered an interesting mystery behind the Last Fairy on Earth. I’ll let you read it yourself. Here’s my whole translation:

Hello, fairies and Specialists!

As you know, we have just acquired the Believix power! It is a higher magic level: stunning, extraordinary, and super-sparkling! What is the source of these powers? If the people of Earth believe in us, then, and only then, is our magic released! The first to believe in us was Roxy, a girl from Earth who we have discovered to be the Last Fairy on Earth! Here are some facts about her!


Residence: Gardenia. She lives with her father, Klaus.

Hair: Smooth, long, mauve color.

Occupation: Helps Klaus at the Frutti Music Bar, a trendy place on the beach.

Good Luck Charm: A t-shirt with the imprint of a paw.

Mysteries and Shadows: Who is her mother, and where is she now? Who knows … maybe it’s from her that she has inherited magic powers!

Special Power: She speaks and understands the language of animals, because she is their fairy!

Never fails to….Accept all strays and help abandoned animals.

Strengths: Is determined, courageous and loyal.

Weaknesses: Is impulsive, a little reclusive, stubborn and rebellious.


There are some tweaks and a correction—it said “Frutti Magic Bar” instead of “Frutti Music Bar”—but that’s not important.

What I focused on was the question about her mother. Since Roxy is a fairy, she obviously must have a magic parent. Klaus is no wizard, which means her mother must be magical. Why didn’t she tell Roxy about her powers? Was she captured by the Wizards of the Black Circle? This could lead us to another search for the past, like with Bloom’s story, but this time, The Winx could use the Tracix wings to help them. What will they reveal?

More things to ponder until episode fourteen!