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I visited the official Winx Club website again today, and, for fun, decided to translate the May 11th article, “Roxy: una nuova amica!” (Roxy: a new friend). Yes, translating is fun. 😛 With the help of and, I uncovered an interesting mystery behind the Last Fairy on Earth. I’ll let you read it yourself. Here’s my whole translation:

Hello, fairies and Specialists!

As you know, we have just acquired the Believix power! It is a higher magic level: stunning, extraordinary, and super-sparkling! What is the source of these powers? If the people of Earth believe in us, then, and only then, is our magic released! The first to believe in us was Roxy, a girl from Earth who we have discovered to be the Last Fairy on Earth! Here are some facts about her!


Residence: Gardenia. She lives with her father, Klaus.

Hair: Smooth, long, mauve color.

Occupation: Helps Klaus at the Frutti Music Bar, a trendy place on the beach.

Good Luck Charm: A t-shirt with the imprint of a paw.

Mysteries and Shadows: Who is her mother, and where is she now? Who knows … maybe it’s from her that she has inherited magic powers!

Special Power: She speaks and understands the language of animals, because she is their fairy!

Never fails to….Accept all strays and help abandoned animals.

Strengths: Is determined, courageous and loyal.

Weaknesses: Is impulsive, a little reclusive, stubborn and rebellious.


There are some tweaks and a correction—it said “Frutti Magic Bar” instead of “Frutti Music Bar”—but that’s not important.

What I focused on was the question about her mother. Since Roxy is a fairy, she obviously must have a magic parent. Klaus is no wizard, which means her mother must be magical. Why didn’t she tell Roxy about her powers? Was she captured by the Wizards of the Black Circle? This could lead us to another search for the past, like with Bloom’s story, but this time, The Winx could use the Tracix wings to help them. What will they reveal?

More things to ponder until episode fourteen!

Musings & Rants

Maybe seven isn’t Rainbow’s lucky number after all.

Not since Mirta in season one has a non-Winx fairy had so many minutes of fame. Roxy practically owns this season. She replaced Bloom as the “who-am-I-what’s-my-destiny” character; she matched the Winx as a Believix fairy; and she showed Winx attitude, determination, and style in the fight against the Wizards of the Black Circle.

But Rainbow may have decided that’s not enough. In the episode fourteen preview, the narrator separated her from the other girls when she said, “Le sei Winx e Roxy—” (the six Winx and Roxy). The Last Fairy on Earth is just a tag-along?

The Winx Club must have tough membership requirements. But getting accepted wasn’t as hard for Layla. Even though she felt like an outsider, she quickly found her place and was even using the trademark “Magic Winx” phrase by S2, E10. All she did to earn it was spend a little time with the girls at Alfea then lead them into a cave of doom. Well, Roxy has done similar things—in fact, she and the Winx have already had several brushes with death.

Didn’t Bloom tell her in episode nine, “From now on, you’re one of us?” I’m not sure what that means in Magix, but on Earth, that’s a promise you are and will always be part of the group. And what about the magazine article teasing “una nuova e meravigliosa amicizia” (a new and wonderful friendship)? Rainbow wouldn’t hype Roxy this much only to have the Winx leave her in Gardenia with fond farewells, would they?

We’ll find out, of course (the season continues in September), but no matter what happens, she will always be a Winx in this fan’s mind. How about you?


The fiercest, most thrilling battle yet between the fairies and Specialists and the Wizards of the Black Circle—that’s episode 13, “L’attacco degli Stregoni” (The Attack of the Wizards).

The fight stretched throughout Gardenia. Helia, Timmy, and Flora challenged Anagan in a forest. Then Timmy followed the dark Wizard into the city and joined Tecna. Riven, Brandon, Musa, and Stella took on Gantlos and Duman. The shape-shifter (Duman) tried and failed to confuse the Winx by masquerading as their beloveds. It was Nabu, Sky, and Layla against Ogron atop a train speeding into the station where Bloom and Roxy waited with Klaus (Roxy’s father) and the injured Artù. Eventually the Wizards were gathered there, and Bloom delivered the final blow.

Yes, the Wizards have been defeated…I think.

The outcome wasn’t clear. After Bloom shot at them, the “camera” jumped to her and Sky, standing in front of a cheering crowd of humans. And the next scene suggested an end even more: a celebration at Frutti Music Bar. Roxy and Klaus served drinks, the Specialists and the Winx got back together (except Musa and Riven), Musa rocked the house, and Layla photographed the whole evening.

So, with the Wizards of the Black Circle gone and Roxy a full-fledged Believix fairy, what’s next in these last eleven episodes?

Remember the three, mysterious fairies in the opening? We’ve only met one of them; she appeared to Roxy in a vision during this episode and convinced her to use the White Circle’s power. What are the White and Black Circles anyway, and who is Nebula, the spirit/fairy/witch who possessed Roxy in episode 9? Could she be more trouble than the Wizards were—if they’re really no longer a threat? They could have vanished before Bloom’s dragon energy ball hit them.

Still a lot of unanswered questions, but I’m guessing based on this ending that Rainbow planned this break. When will Winx Club return with new episodes? It might not be until September! Wow! That’s quite a wait! At least there’s a preview for episode 14. You can watch it here. (Listen for the narrator saying, “Le sei Winx e Roxy,” which means “the six Winx and Roxy.” Ouch. After everything, Roxy’s still not a Winx? That’s cold!)

Musings & Rants

Once when I was translating some text from the Winx Club website (using a site called, I noticed that Artù is Italian for Arthur. Big deal, you say? Well, it might be.

Remember the story Ms. Faragonda tells the Winx in episode two, “L’Albero della Vita” (The Tree of Life)? The fight between the Fairies of Earth and the Wizards of the Black Circle dates back to the age of King Arthur, or, as the Italians would say, Re Artù. How do we know? The slide showing a hand raising a sword out of the water is an allusion to the Lady of the Lake, who gave Arthur Excalibur in some versions of the legend. And Morgana the Fairy Queen is named after another character in the myths: Morgan le Fay. (Le fay is based the French la fée, which means “the fairy.”)

So if the two stories are related, could Artù’s name be important? Maybe Rainbow was just sticking to the King Arthur theme, and Roxy gave her dog that name without knowing the significance. Or Artù could be him reincarnated—the Wizards cursed him, and Roxy, being the fairy of animals, has the power to make him human again.

Anything’s possible in fantasy!


Along the revelation of the last Believix wings, we fans also got a long-awaited treat in episode 12: Roxy earning her Believix! Her transformation is shorter, less detailed, and less flashy than the others, but who cares? Like I said in another post, it’s about time, isn’t it? I guess Roxy’s officially a Winx now!