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In episode two of season 4, the Winx say goodbye to the pixies, promising that they will bring back another fairy. Chatta then points out that that means another pixie will be able to bond. But who will it be?I have two hunches.

One is Jolly. She was the only other pixie without a fairy at the send off besides Ninfea. Also, she’s had her few episodes of glory (then again, so has Livy, and I don’t think it’ll be her).

My other guess is Zing. She has been wishing for a fairy to bond with for a while now. Zing is quite popular because of her silly movie references (which were removed in the 4kids version). I used to think she would bond with Diaspro because Zing was with the Winx on Eraklyon, but I am glad to say that I was wrong (just think of poor Zing with Diaspro…). Maybe Zing will get her chance with Roxy.

Well, Zing and Jolly are my two guesses. Which pixie do you think it will be?


In the past, I have correctly predicted the endings of several of my favorite shows. That’s not to say that I’ll get it right every time, but it’s fun to guess. So, based on previous episodes and loose information from various sources, I am going to give my best guess as to where this season is going next. Read the rest of this post

Internet News

Since I’ve been adding so many updates, I decided to write another post with the newest info in it. I hope this helps you.

  1. Like I said in the other post, the older Fairy Articles on the Italian site are gone. Characters like Bloom who haven’t published one in the last few days now have none. If you wanted to take some of those old quizzes, don’t worry—they may not be lost forever. Layla’s “A Lezione di Danza!” (A Lesson in Dance!) article from June 18th either never disappeared or was recently put back up.
  2. The magazine link on the English site has been replaced with a help video for the game. The footage is in Italian, though. I wonder if they’ll change that.
  3. Bloom now speaks English in her speech bubbles on the front page. Yay! Just for fun, here’s the whole spiel:

    Welcome to the amazing world of Winx Club! Create you[r] avatar, choose the best look and trendiest dress from your wardrobe… Now you are ready to teleport to magical dimensions! Customize your enchanted room and come to Gardenia Park! Lot[s] of friends, lovely surprises and magical presents are waiting for you! Sign up now!

    The Italian one said something a little different, but this is cute, too. Very Winx!

  4. The site address has been changed to, but the old one,, still works and isn’t a redirect. So, there are two ways to get to the site. = Since they added a language code (en), they might be translating the site into other languages already.
  5. Game settings DO NOT transfer between sites yet. I bought some clothes on the English site, but the Italian site didn’t show my new look or coin total. They might not change this, as they could decide to have the games on different servers.
  6. The game has been updated a bit more—there were some fashion and make-up descriptions that hadn’t been translated. No big deal.
  7. There are ads now, but only for the game. When the season four English dub comes out, we might start seeing other ads. (By the way, has anyone noticed that Roxy’s in one of them? Hmmm…)

I’ll add more updates if something else pops up. Let’s enjoy the new site!

Internet News

As reported earlier on Winx-Fairies, the new English site has gone live! Unlike the Italian site, the address is the same as before: The Winx’s profiles have been translated (the old Fairy Articles are gone though), along with the online game. I signed in with my account to test it. Not everything is finished, though. As you can see from the screen shot, Bloom is still speaking in Italian! Oops! Some of the fashion and make-up descriptions in the game haven’t been translated yet, either. I’m sure they’ll fix that soon. There are also no ads on the site, but you won’t really miss that, will you? =p

This, the English promo, and the first reports of season four’s release in the rest of Europe suggest an English dub is coming soon. Will Cinélume, makers of the Singapore English dub, get the license again? Also, will Rainbow translate this site into other languages (German, French, Korean, etc.), like they did the other site?

And what is 4Kids TV up to?

*UPDATE* The old Fairy Articles on the Italian website are gone! Bloom’s profile says she has no articles (non ci sono articoli per questo personaggio). Does this have to do with the English release?

*UPDATE 2* People have been noticing the blank space under the Forum tab. You can still click there and it shows you to the Winx Club magazine 63 link. It still works, but the address is for the English site ( instead of and the page is in Italian. Yes, there are still some errors to fix.

*UPDATE 3* The two minigames “Tecna & the Lost Pets” and “Kiko’s Adventure” have been added to the English site. (The screen shots are in Italian, though. Oops!) The magazine link has also been added, but the page is in Italian, of course. At least the empty space I mentioned in the second update is gone.

Internet News

Has your summer been less than stellar so far? How about spending a day with Stella and the gang at Europe’s most popular water park!

It’s Winx Club Day at the Aquafan Riccione on July 12th from 10 AM to 6 PM!

I can’t pitch it better than the Winx themselves, so I’ve translated the article “Winx Club Day 2009!” for you:

The summer is here, and we Winx are ready to celebrate with you! A fabulous show awaits you at the Aquafan Riccione! Winx Dance in the wave pool, Winx Club show … Music and spectacular choreography, lots of surprises and gadgets for all signed Winx Club! What are you waiting for?

On Pixie 26 and Winx Club 63 is a coupon that will allow you free entrance if you are under 12 years old and a mega discount (18 Euro instead of 24 Euro!) if you are older!

Sounds like a summer blast to me!

The article also has some great pictures of 2008’s Winx Club Day, so you can see what magic to expect! (I don’t know about you, but I think Bloom’s Enchantix outfit is gorgeous!)

So if you and your family are taking a vacation in Italy soon, why not add this to your planner? (And while you’re there, you might want to buy those magazines and get the discounts!) Aquafan is in Rimini province, near the top of the Italian boot. What else does Riccione have to offer? Check out this website to find out!

Have you ever been to Winx Club Day? Leave a comment and tell us about it!