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Will’s gotten through the official Winx. Now it’s time for the honoraries, starting with the fairy who almost join the club: Roxy. Take it away, Will!

“Winx Girls: Life Of Roxy”

~ By Will N. ~

To the U.S.A. readers that celebrate: Happy Independence Day! We’re celebrating with the (unofficial) seventh Winx. (4Kids anthems not required! LOL!)

Roxy, the animal fairy, started out as a sarcastic but somewhat wise teenager who spam-adopted half of the Fairy Pets in season four. She was hard to track down even via magic trails. When the Winx finally found her and told her about being a fairy, she thought it was a joke and that the Winx were somewhat insane, even commenting to herself that she thought “wascally wabbits” messed with their heads.

Oddly, it took her sworn enemies, the Wizards of the Black Circle, to convince her that her guardian fairies were right about fairy existence and her being one. Once she actually admitted the truth about magic, the Winx earned their Believix.

Soon, it was time for Roxy to master her magic. It started with someone secretly mentoring her through her dreams, but Roxy wouldn’t know who it was for awhile. When Roxy’s magic was strong enough, she was able to transform into her Charlix — thanks to my anonymous friend for coming up with that term — to teach Gantlos a lesson about animal abuse.

Eventually, as Roxy learned about herself through her magical journey, she was able to free the Earth fairies and unwittingly sparked a war that she succeeded in attempting to stop. One of the casualties of this war was Nabu, who had just ended Duman’s threat permanently. Some good did come out of it, though, as she learned that Queen Morgana was her mother. That was part of what ended the threat of rage against humans, who didn’t know any better about magic as they tend to get caught up in their own cares. When it was all said and done, Roxy brought her mother home to Gardenia after installing Nebula as regent, since Roxy is still somewhat too young to rule.

In addition to being a capable fairy, she also worked at her father Klaus’ juice shop with the Specialists to the point that one year later, she got accused of making Sky go back to his two-timing cheat ways. It was just kid sister/big brother shenanigans after spending most of that year as an observer, after telling Bloom how cool it was to have her as a big sister figure. When the Winx actually started to be shown as having student teaching jobs while being in graduate classes, she started to have a bit more prominent role as being in their class and helping them undo Trix magic on Daphne’s students and Miss Griffin.

But her true time to shine since being at Alfea came in season seven where she started behaving similar to Daphne, and was seen with her a time or two, as she guided the Winx on animal missions and updated them as a mission control type. But she only participated in the first time travel and Alfea Defense Brigade mission, despite wanting to take on the Trix alongside Daphne. But Bloom really didn’t want Roxy or Daphne taking them on for unexplained reasons, likely fear or not wanting to leave Alfea defenseless should something happen to the main Winx.

Magical Achievements

  • Blasting the daylights out of Ogron in ep. 4×13, albeit aided by an artifact that used to terrify her: The White Circle.
  • Being able to almost push Icy’s animal Frostbite back, which strangely impressed the coldest of witches, before Frostbite’s power was boosted to knock her down in ep. 7×25.
  • Using an expanded form of Aquatelepathy (animal control in the good way) to get a snow bird’s eye view of Omega.

Commanding the Alfea Defense Brigade alongside Daphne is a personal achievement. It’s about time somebody gave Alfea their backbone back. Daphne even patted her on the back for that.

Another personal achievement is being wise enough to comprehend the higher level forms mechanics, despite being somewhat lower level. Without her, the Winx never would have never brought back magic to Earth through the heart like they were supposed to.

Question: What level do you think Roxy should advance to that is not Enchantix, if she ever is able to go beyond her supposedly corrupted form?

Next month: Mystery Sister Central.

Musings & Rants

Back to the Five Love Languages. Here’s a reminder: the Five Love Languages are ways people express their love and what makes them feel loved the most. The languages are Acts of Service (Actions), Words of Affirmation (Praise & Compliments), Receiving Gifts (Gifts), Quality Time, and Physical Touch (Affection).

We talked about the Winx’s love languages already. Are their boyfriends’ love languages the same as theirs? Let’s find out.

Sky: Quality Time

I was gonna pick Actions at first. Sky has done a lot for Bloom (including saving her kingdom), but I don’t think that’s his main way of showing his love. Quality Time? How could that be right, especially since he’s stood her up a lot? That’s because he’s busy being Crown Prince of Eraklyon, but he tries to spend as much time as he can with her (and his friends). He also gets mad when she hangs out with someone else, like her ex-boyfriend or a unicorn. (Oh, Sky…)

Brandon: Gifts

Have you noticed how many stuff Brandon has given Stella? The enchanted egg in season one, the compact in season three, the possible engagement ring in season four, the lei of environmental doom in season seven — and I might have missed a few. (Let me know in the comments.) Maybe he knows she loves nice things, or maybe giving gifts makes him happy. And even putting an ecosystem in jeopardy isn’t enough to curb his generosity.

Helia: Praise & Compliments

It’s no surprise a poetic guy like Helia loves hearing sweet words. He’s sensitive like Flora, so it’s also easy to hurt his feelings. Kind words boost his self-confidence. Harsh words seem to work, too, for some reason. They make him wanna prove himself and earn the praise he wants. That werewolf smackdown in “The Curse of Fearwood” (S6, EP17) came after Flora scolded him for improper plant care. (I still wonder about his backstory. What was his childhood like?)

Nex: Affection

Nex is affectionate? He may not look it, but that’s how he’s shown his love the most so far. For example, in “Legendary Duel” (S6, EP24), when Aisha confessed she was worried for his life when Icy attacked him, he responded by taking the fairy’s hand into his. We’ve also seen hugs, a blocked kiss (darn it, Squonk!), laying his hand on hers, slinging his arm over Helia’s shoulder, and more. Standard stuff? Sure, but not for every guy. Nex seems to love receiving affection, too — like getting kissed by a Cry-Cry!

Timmy: Actions

Timmy’s the only one I’m not sure of. Quality Time? No. Even before his relationship with Tecna got rebooted, he wasn’t a “let’s hang out” kind of guy. Praise & Compliments? Again, no. Surprisingly, he doesn’t pay much attention to compliments. Gifts and Affection? Have we ever seen him give Tecna (or anyone) a gift? Has anyone ever given him something? I don’t remember. And he’s not affectionate, either (although he can be sometimes). The only thing left is Actions, and I think it suits him. Like Tecna, he likes to help others with his technological know-how and mechanical skills.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Also, what is your love language?

Musings & Rants

Another Nex post? Yes. I said I’d talk about the boys’ love languages next (since I just talked about the Winx’s), but this has been bothering me and wanted to address it now.

I’m just gonna say it: Nex is the most misinterpreted character in Winx Club. Period. Most of the popular opinions don’t line up with Rainbow’s intentions. Some of them aren’t even canon.

I keep saying the fandom ignores Nex’s positive traits — and his purpose — and focuses on his flaws, exaggerates them, and even makes some up for him. The last misconception on this list is proof it’s gotten out of hand. Love him or hate him, I think you’ll be surprised.

I can’t cover all the misconceptions about him in one post. For now, I’ll talk about three of them.

1. He loves Aisha for her looks, because he wants to be better than her, for no reason, etc.

This one means Nex is shallow and has no real interest in Aisha. He pursued her for selfish reasons. One blogger said Nex just wanted to “prove he is the ultimate player,” but he fell in love with her along the way. (Since when is Nex a player? What has he done to earn that label? 😑)

The true reason he’s in love with her is right there in the show and supported by supplementary info. Remember that season six article with his character description in it? One of the lines said, “Nex rimarrà molto colpito dall’atteggiamento forte di Aisha e gradualmente s’innamorerà di lei…” Translation: “Nex will be very impressed by Aisha’s strong attitude and gradually fall in love with her…”

There you go. It wasn’t her beauty or for bragging rights. He fell in love with her personality.

Not enough proof? I point you to the first thing he said about her, “Wow! She’s no joke!” Or in the Italian version, “Wow! That girl means business!” He was impressed by how strong and no-nonsense she is.

Aisha’s season seven character book, released in Russia a year or so ago, also supports this. On one page, she says (my translation), “Self-confident and determined Nex appreciates my strong personality.”

TL:DR; According to Rainbow, Nex fell in love with Aisha’s strong personality, not her looks or athleticism.

2. He’s sexist/misogynist.

According to Tumblr, Nex has “a penchant for misogynist language.” The word penchant means “a liking for or a habit of doing something, esp. something that other people might not like.” He must have said a lot of misogynist things to earn that accusation, right?


I know where this is coming from, but it’s been taken out of context. In “Back in the Middle Ages” (S7, EP8), Nex said, “Just like a girl, insist things go their way, whether it makes sense or not.” No, I’m not gonna defend the line. I didn’t like it, either.

But the reason I say it’s out of context is because of something Stella said in the other Middle Ages episode, “The Fairy Cat” (S7, EP9): “Aren’t men in these times supposed to be knights in shining armor?” Then a few seconds later: “Centuries pass, but boys are always the same.”

Was Rainbow trying to show us that Nex and Stella are sexist? Of course not. I think the writers were doing another “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” parallel. Another recent one was Tecna and Timmy’s date prep in “A Perfect Date” (S5, EP21).

But Rainbow keeps forgetting that Nex is new. Stella can mostly get away with lines like that because we know her well. But when he says it, the fandom doesn’t think, “Huh? That was out of character.” Why? Because they don’t know what’s in character for him yet! So, they interpret it as a newly-discovered character trait — i.e., “This guy is sexist!”

But I think Nex’s line was out of character. Aisha loves to prove she’s just as good as him (or better), and he loves that about her! He responds by challenging her (which he knows she likes), teaming up with her because he’s confident in her, and encouraging her like any other ally.

If Rainbow wanted us to think he’s sexist/misogynist, then that behavior wouldn’t make sense for him. Why doesn’t the fandom consider the writers’ intentions when it comes to Nex? Why doesn’t anyone ask, “Is this really what Rainbow wants me to think about him?”

When Rainbow wants us to know a character is sexist/misogynist, they make it obvious. It’s practically the character’s whole identity. Case in point: Rainbow already got their “Aisha dates a misogynist” plot out of their system in comic #71, “Aisha’s Courage.” Her boyfriend, Silvan, treats her like garbage. He calls her “child,” gets jealous of her success, takes credit for her smart thinking, and suggests she couldn’t understand important matters because she’s a woman. Aisha breaks up with him at the end.

That’s Rainbow’s version of a sexist/misogynist guy. Nex is nothing like that. And before anyone says, “Neither was Riven, but he was misogynist” (you were thinking it, weren’t you?), Rainbow made it obvious in his case, too. In his season two profile, he flat out said, “I don’t trust girls.” His behavior and dialogue in the show reflected that.

TL:DR; No, Nex doesn’t have “a penchant for misogynist language.” (That was the only time he’s said something like that. Since when is one time a “penchant?”) Given what we know about him, we can assume that sexism/misogyny isn’t supposed to be part of his character.

3. He’s secretly a villain.

This is what I was talking about in the intro. Years of overloading the negative side of the opinion scale have led to this. Now Nex isn’t a hero anymore. He’s a villain in disguise. Some fans even compare him to real villains like Valtor and Darkar.

Let’s dissect this, shall we?

First of all, what is Nex’s motive? If he’s secretly a villain, he must have a reason he infiltrated the group. Don’t you think after two seasons, we’d have at least a hint what his evil plot is or who he’s working for?

Selina being a “secret” villain

Second, villains in Winx Club are pretty obvious, even when they’re incognito. Rainbow shows us scenes of the villain grinning at the screen behind the heroes’ backs, cursing flowers while the heroes aren’t looking, mixing homesickness potions in the middle of the night, etc. But Rainbow hasn’t done anything like that with Nex. In fact, when he has done something unpleasant, he’s done it in front of the heroes!

Wouldn’t he wanna be on his best behavior, so they wouldn’t be suspicious of him? If he is a villain, someone needs to remind him what “secret” means. He’ll sabotage his plan at this rate!

Finally, Nex has had some moments that might show a secret side of him, but they’re the opposite of what the fandom thinks. For example, remember the scene in “Winx Trapped!” (S7, EP11) where Squonk kissed him? Instead of getting mad (like you might expect a heartless villain to do), he melted.

Even Timmy was surprised. When Nex saw him staring at him, he made a muscle to try and play cool. Timmy didn’t seem to buy it, though.

Their reactions tell us a couple things. First, Timmy already thought of Nex as a guy who isn’t moved by mushy stuff. If Nex is secretly a villain, wouldn’t he want people to think he’s sensitive, since that’s a typical hero trait? But if Timmy didn’t think Nex was that sensitive, that means Nex hasn’t bothered trying to maintain a squeaky-clean image like a secret villain would.

Second, Nex wasn’t comfortable with Timmy seeing him act like that. Why? What if his tough guy side is just an act, and he really is more sensitive than he lets on? If so, why does he hide that side of himself? Is he just trying to be cool, or is there a deeper reason?

TL;DR: Rainbow hasn’t given us any reason to believe Nex is a villain, secretly or otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Something else the fandom says is Aisha would never date a “macho” guy (as they call Nex). First of all, why are they praising the idea that she should be judgmental and never see the good in a guy? (Or is just because they don’t see the good in him?) Second, a tough girl like her may be exactly what he needs. There’s a reason he’s attracted to her strong personality. Could it be because he knows he needs to be humbled?

I got a real-life example of this recently. My aunt and uncle came to visit a week or two ago. He’s my mom’s brother, and she and my aunt joked that he used to be macho — they actually said “macho,” and it’s partially because he was in the military — but he’s softened up somewhat since marriage. To be fair, I don’t know much about their relationship, but my aunt said she did a good job with him! 😂 (I hope they don’t read this. 😅)

Going back to Winx Club, I think there’s a fundamental problem with the couples. Most of them are made up of a flawed girl and a perfect or barely-flawed guy who acts as her emotional support, but has no room to grow as a person himself. Thus, he doesn’t gain anything from dating her. He’s just her cheerleader.

That’s not true love. It’s bad character writing and bad relationship writing. If one of the partners is shallow, the relationship is shallow. To quote the article “Writing Romance: Why Perfect Men Make Boring Heroes” from, “If he’s already perfect, what’s left for the heroine to bring to his life?” And one more: “If a man has no room to grow when he meets the heroine, are they really meant to be together?” has another article about shallow love interests (and best friends). It includes a list of common warning signs that a love interest (or best friend) is shallow. Unfortunately, all of the Winx’s boyfriends (including Nex) tick at least some of the boxes, but a few guys tick all of them. (I’d say the only guys who aren’t shallow at all are Sky and Riven. I’ll let you read it yourself.)

I think Nex has the potential to break out of the shallow love interest trap. Until then, the misconceptions will probably continue. My hope is Rainbow will give him a character growth arc and/or backstory in season eight. That might finally shed some light on what Rainbow intended for his character.

Musings & Rants

Is this random? Yes. But believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. 😅

Have you heard of the Five Love Languages? If not, here are the basics. The Five Love Languages, coined by Gary Chapman, are the five ways people give and receive love. Your primary love language is what makes you feel loved the most and/or how you often express your love to others. Chapman focuses on romantic relationships, but the concept applies to families and friendships, too.

The Five Love Languages are:

  • Acts of Service: When your loved one does something kind or helpful for you
  • Words of Affirmation: Being given compliments and encouragement
  • Receiving Gifts: Self-explanatory
  • Quality Time: When your loved one gives their undivided attention to you
  • Physical Touch: Also self-explanatory

To make these easier to remember, I’m gonna call them Actions, Praise & Compliments, Gifts, Quality Time (simple enough), and Affection.

What are the Winx’s love languages? It’s hard to know since they’re fictional characters, but I made my best guess based on what we’ve seen in the show and what Rainbow has said about their personalities.

Bloom: Quality Time

Bloom loves spending time with the people she cares about. That’s all she needs to feel loved: her friends’ or Sky’s attention. Ignoring her or being a no-show hurts her and makes her question their love. Think of all the times Sky couldn’t come to see her. People have called her “needy,” but maybe they just speak a different love language than she does.

Stella: Praise & Compliments

I was torn between this and Gifts for Stella. She’s also affectionate, but that’s not her main way of showing or receiving love. But as she said in season seven, she adores applause. Call her beautiful or compliment her outfit (or anything about her), and it goes straight to her head.

Flora: Praise & Compliments

Flora has the same love language as Stella but for the opposite reason. While Stella loves being flattered, Flora lacks self-confidence and needs the ego boost. Kind words help her feel brave, strong, and wanted. Also, how did she confess her feelings to Helia? First, she wrote a letter, but when she didn’t have the courage to give it to him, she finally said, “I love you!” straight out. (Side note: We know that Stella’s insecure, too. But she hides it with humor and vanity, while Flora lets her negative feelings get to her. A little way they’re the same but different.)

Aisha: Affection?

Aisha was harder than I thought she’d be. One way to guess a person’s love language is to think about what they do the most — i.e., how they express their love. Based on that, I ruled out Gifts first. Even though she appreciates them, she doesn’t give out many herself. Quality Time? She hates being alone, so I guess time with others means a lot to her. Praise & Compliments? She appreciates a little flattery from time to time, and she likes to encourage people. But I finally went with Affection because she’s surprisingly huggy. If you go back through the series, you’ll see what I mean. I’m not set on this one, though. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Musa: Actions?

I couldn’t figure out Musa’s, either. The reason I picked Actions for her has to do with her relationship with Riven. Whenever she’d threaten to break up with him, his actions after the fact were often what brought them back together. In other words, she seems to be a “don’t tell me, show me” type of girl. She appreciates affection, gifts, and compliments, too, but actions seem to be the way to her heart. Again, though, I’m not sure. Tell me what you think.

Tecna: Actions

Tecna was hard, too. I ruled out Affection and Praise & Compliments, since she grew up in a realm where people don’t express their feelings much. The reason I finally picked Actions is because of her powers. Tecna loves to feel helpful and useful. Isn’t that what technology is for? It makes our lives easier. She’s always willing to put in the effort to create gadgets or do research to help the group succeed. They often ask her for it, but she does it unprompted, too.

What do you think of my choices? Agree or disagree? What would you say are the Winx’s secondary love languages?

Next post: their boyfriends’ love languages.

Footnote: The reason I didn’t publish this post earlier is I couldn’t find pictures to illustrate these love languages. If you can think of some, let me know. 


This wasn’t what I planned to post today (I guess I’ll post it tomorrow), but why not? Random fact: Nex is the only one of Aisha’s love interests who’s been to Pixie Village in the show. I’d love to see him interact with the Pixies more, especially Piff. The contrast between this big, bold guy and this tiny baby Pixie could make for some funny and sweet moments.

Here’s a cute story I came up with. It’s only 100 words (I think that’s called a drabble), so it’s a quick read. I’ve got some better stories about Aisha and Nex planned, but for now, enjoy!

“Say My Name”

~ By The Oblivious Prattler ~

“Has Piff ever said your name?” said Nex.

“Nope,” said Aisha. “I’ve tried to teach her, but it’s too long for her.”

“No, it’s not. It’s just five letters.”

“But it’s three syllables, Nex. She can barely do one.”

The baby pixie stared up at them. Slowly, her gaze shifted from the fairy to the Paladin. She opened her mouth.

“Ne… Ne…”

The couple leaned forward, wide-eyed.

“I think she’s trying to say your name!” said Aisha.

“Ne… Ne…”

“C’mon, Piff! You can do it!” said Nex. “Neeexxxx! Neeexxxx!”

Piff shut her eyes and clenched her fists.

“Ne… Ne… NECK!”