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And we’re back!

I criticized WoW a lot in part I, didn’t I? Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty of good things to say about it, too.

If you don’t mind, I’ve got one more complaint. It’s not the only other thing I didn’t like, but I don’t wanna spend this post ragging on the show again. Let’s end on a positive note this time.

My last gripe (for now) is about the animation. I don’t mean the art itself. The backgrounds were gorgeous, and I liked seeing the Fairy Couture style come to life. I didn’t think the Winx’s expressions would look good — because I don’t think they look good in the stock art, to be honest — but I was wrong. (This Tecna face will be burned into my memory forever.)

What I didn’t like was the movement. Rainbow’s improved a lot since they tested this Flash-esque style in a couple episodes of season four. Everything was still wobbly and marionette-like in seasons five and six, but season seven was a big improvement — not perfect, but visibly better. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants


World of Winx.

Yeah, I know. “About time, OP!” It’s only been about a month and a half since it premiered!

Sorry, guys. If you need an explanation, see my post from a couple weeks ago. Also — and I hate to play this card again — I’m a college student. The semester just ended last week. I’m finally free again — at least for about a month and a half.

Enough excuses. Let’s get started. What did I think of WoW season one?

I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it kept me hooked (pun intended) long enough to binge-watch all 13 episodes from 3-9 a.m. the day it premiered. I’ve never done that before with any show. (I regret nothing.)

What kept me from loving it? One thing was knowing it’s not canon. Boy, does it show! I’m not sure it fits into the main timeline at all!

The Winx are friends with Roxy (or at least Bloom is), but she’s not being hunted by The Wizards of the Black Circle? And she still works at the Frutti Music Bar? But she knows she’s a fairy, she’s good with her magic, and she can already transform? (She said something like, “If only we had our wings,” in one episode.)

And in episode one, Tecna said the Winx had already been on Earth for months. Where’s Love & Pet? Where’s their band? And no one knows they’re fairies, but Earth has magic again?

Why is the room spinning?

I guess it doesn’t matter. WoW‘s a spinoff, so it doesn’t have to follow Winx Club‘s timeline. The most it can be is an alternate season five, but even that’s stretching it a bit. In the end, it’s just a nice, little distraction for older fans. It’s not worth fussing over.

If we’re gonna pick it apart, we’d have to do it to PopPixie, too. Pixies have transformations, The Tree of Life has yet another function it doesn’t have the main show, Digit and Zing are boys — forget it. Read the rest of this post

Internet News


By popular demand, you can now download episodes and movies from Netflix to your smartphone or tablet to watch offline. Only select titles are available for now. Thankfully, World Of Winx is one of them, along with Winx Club seasons one and two and the first spinoff, PopPixie.

The default video quality is “standard.” You can change it to “higher” in your app settings.

Is there a catch to all this? Maybe.

You may only get to keep the videos for a short amount of time. The first time I downloaded “The Talent Thief” (1X01) as a test, a message showed up under the runtime info that said, “Expires 48hr.” Strangely, it went away after I deleted the episode and downloaded it again. Might be a bug.


No, this is still not one of my World of Winx reaction posts. It was gonna be, but I started off talking about this and found I had too much to say.

I feel like I haven’t been honest with you — or myself — these past couple years, so here comes the truth. I’m thinking about leaving the fanbase. Forever? I’m not sure. At least a few years.

No, I’m not tired of Winx Club yet. I’m tired of being surrounded by folks who’d rather look back than look ahead. Nostalgia has spread through the fanbase like the zombie virus, and I don’t wanna get infected.

When I say I’m looking forward to next season, I mean it. I’m looking forward. I don’t wanna dwell on what happened 3+ seasons ago — or even last season. If it’s got nothing to do with this season or the next, it’s old news.

This quote by Robert Tew sums up my feelings: “No matter how much you revisit the past, there’s nothing new to see.”

The past isn’t how things “should be” or “should have stayed.” It’s just how they were at one point in time. Yeah, it was great. So what? The future could be just as good — or better.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Seasons 2-4 were once future seasons. (I still remember the hype for them.) And Winx Club itself was once a future series that no one knew would be so successful. What if you hadn’t given it a chance? You never would have seen those moments you love so much now.

If you don’t stay open to something new and different — even if it’s not what you wanted — you may miss out on something better than you could have imagined. I learned that this semester.

When I was signing up for fall classes, I had my heart set on a specific professor for Business 101. I rearranged my schedule dozens of times just to make sure I’d be in her class. Why? She was the only professor I knew from the business department. I wanted to learn from someone I was already comfortable with.

I got into her class — but guess what happened? At last minute, they switched her out for some random adjunct. I was ticked. All that time and effort for nothing! Thanks a lot!

I thought about changing my schedule again, but in the end, I kept it the way it was. I’m glad I did. That random adjunct was the best professor I’ve ever had. He loved to shake the foundations of what you believe and really make you think, critically and creatively. I wish I could take his class again.

Anyway, back to my Winx dilemma.

Bottom line: I don’t wanna reminisce. I’m drawn to what’s new: new stories, new characters, new realms, and new concepts. That’s what I wanna talk about — how things are now and where they can go from here. This show still has so much potential.

That’s why I’ve decided to stay. I talked to some of my friends in the fanbase, and they reminded me I have a place here. You guys tell me all the time how much you love my blog, and I truly appreciate it. I’m glad my thoughts mean something to someone.

Expect a lot more posts about the future in…well, the future.