Bloom, Stella, and Flora in BelievixBloom, Stella, and Flora. We see them everywhere, on almost every Winx ad and product. To mention a few, there’s the Mission Enchantix cover, the Believix in You! cover, the Believix doll ads, random web ads, etc. These three have become the faces of Winx Club—Bloom, the leader and the show’s former focus; Stella, the comic relief/fashion guru and no doubt very popular worldwide; and Flora, who’s often called “the cute one.”

What about Musa, Tecna, and Layla? You don’t see them nearly as much, though you see Musa more often than the other two. They’ve been featured individually on a couple of ads this season: Musa on a City Girls doll ad, Tecna on a Love & Pet doll ad, and Layla on a Love & Pet mini pet toy ad. But usually, they’re only seen in a full group picture and rarely representing the whole series.

This kind of favoritism happens a lot in magical girl series. The leader, of course, is always the show’s mascot, and the character (or characters) closest to her share the pedestal. The other characters fade to the background. Some people start to see them as expendable, and the producers might use a publicity stunt—like Tecna’s “death” in season three—to boost their fame.

Do you think Musa, Tecna, and Layla represent the show well? Are they as recognizable as Bloom, Stella, and Flora?

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38 Responses to “Playing Favorites

  1. I noticed this in the back of my mind. Bloom is understandable and Stella is because she’s blond and fun-looking and looks good on objects. God, this feels like Barbie or the MyScene girls.

    • I used to love the My Scene girls but now I hate them. And I totally noticed this, too. I’m fine with it, as long as they don’t do it too much, like an all about Tecna page with them + Tecna on it.

    • I think they might like Flora because she’s the Fairy of Flowers. That’s a power that anyone can agree is nice unless you’re allergic to pollen.

  2. It’s a shame, Musa and Tecna are my favs 🙁

    I just don’t get why Flora is included, She’s a great character and all but From the episodes I’ve saw in the show she doesn’t play the greatest part (maybe because the group keeps getting bigger!).

  3. hehh
    stella bloom and flora are the main characters because… err maybe they were the first to be seen??? no wait thats a dum reason o.o

  4. They’re on my Winx Club purse, too!
    Layla is newer, so many people won’t feel as close to her as with Bloom or Stella. Bloom and Stella, I think, are the main characters. They had one more whole episode’s worth of audience bonding that the other girls, who aren’t in the first episode. If you watch the series for the first time from episode 1 (which I didn’t, so I was immune) you have a whole episode just of Bloom and Stella, giving them time to grow on you before throwing in all the insanity of episode 2, which is too chock-full to give you one-on-one bonding time with the characters.

    Stella gets her place partly because she brought Bloom into the world of magic. Also, since fashion is a major theme for the show, who better to put on display than the most fashionable of them all?

    Flora is attractive to young girls. I don’t know why. But it’s true, I have never met a girl under the age of six who’s favorite Winx girl wasn’t Flora.

  5. I like Flora, but she has had only one decent plot thread in 3.5 seasons and a movie. (That was her “needing a boyfriend” plot.) This season (4) she has been covered the least IMO. She is likable though. Very sweet. So I can see why she is included.

    I like Tecna too. How many times has she saved the day? How many times has she come up with a way to solve a plot problem? She is a standout being so different. I think should get more attention.

    To tell the truth, at this point in my Winx experience I am a little “Stella-ed out”. I have just had enough of her in the show and on merchandise.

  6. Flora can be seen as a role model of the group. So it only nataral for her to be a favorite to a youger age group

    Flora did get the spotligh back in season three when the plot involed around going to her realm to save Fargonda from Valtor’s spell where she almost dround saving her sister.

    I think also this hints to how the girls earned their enchantix too minus bloom. Don’t forget Aisha earned her enchtantix first and bloom who is the viewers favorite earned her dead last.

      • That may be be true and let she did fully earn it till the end of the movie.

        My lil cousin asked me the other day when bloom was going to earn her enchantix since she never watched season 3 when it aired on tv she just has the dvds.

  7. well… bloom is the leader and the main character, stella is her best friend and introduce bloom to the whole magic world and flora is a good friend of bloom too and she represents the sweet, girly and lovely side of the group, you have the 3 sides: the power(bloom), the beauty(stella) and the love(flora), besides I LOVE THEM 3, especially FLORA, she’s so beautiful 🙂

    • No se, lo siento. Lo busqué, pero no pude encontrarlo. Lo siento tambien. ¿Yo dije eso? Sí, lo hice. Estoy divagando, lo siento. AAAAAAAAAA!!! Creo que soy una persona lo siento. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


  8. Hmm. This is absolutely true. Another one I caught was that in the Season 1, 2, and 3’s opening songs, isn’t the blue eye that opens and gives out sparkles Bloom’s? Another example. Okay, I understand for Season 1, but it could have been different for Season 2 and 3. Season 2 could have shown Layla first, but they show her after Bloom, as usual.
    A little off topic. I blogged about how Bloom and Blossom of the PPG are so similar. For those who’ve noticed, Blossom is again the central face of the PPG. Figures.

    • True, and it might also be because they’re also a “brains, brawn and beauty” trio too. Bloom is the brawn, Stella is the beauty and Flora is the brains (because she is strategic in her attacks).

      • Maybe it’s just me, but in every cartoon I’ve seen with a “blonde, brunette and readhead” group, it was always girls and they were always a “brawn, brain and beauty” group too. And the blonde one was always the beauty.

  9. i believe that all the girls should be treatd equally.
    even if bloom’s the leader, layla should be treated as one too..
    People often dismiss tecna and layla from the winx club only coz layla’s skin is brown and tecna has short hair. That’s totally wrong!!
    Even Rainbow treats Bloom as if she’s the only one in winx club!!
    what kind of justice is this??
    Every winx has some specil qualities and inner beauty.
    In seasons 1 and 2, faragonda refers that bloom is the most powerful only coz she has dragon fire!!
    dont forget the power of nature, water, animals, sunlight, music and tecnology is even more powerful!!
    I dissaprove of this “favorites” system!!
    I think rainbow SHOULD dismiss the favorites system by not adding any more fairies and giving each fairy special and powerful magical identity.

    • I totally agree with you! I think every winx girl should be treated equally, not just Bloom, Flora, and Stella. Some girl’s favorites are not bloom, flora and stella. If I didn’t watch the show, I would think Bloom is the main character and Stella and Flora were the only ones acually in the winx and the rest were tagalongs.

    • “People often dismiss tecna and layla from the winx club only coz layla’s skin is brown and tecna has short hair”

      I disagree with this. I think Tecna is dismissed because little is known about her and Layla is dismissed simply because she came in season 2 instead of season 1. I don’t think it has anything to do with skin color or hair length. Of course, you could be right.

      I hope Bloom is pushed to the background for a little bit in season 5. Actually, for the whole season. I’m not saying make her useless, but just keep her out of the limelight.

  10. i like musa the best because she likes music and i like music too and also she is very very beautiful. whatever you say bad about her i dont care i like musa and that will never ever change she is always my fave.
    i also like stella VERY much she is cool,she cracks a lot of jokes and makes every one happy.She is also the most stylish and flashy of the winx.You might have noticed even she has leadership qualities

  11. Well i like Flora no matter wat even that she is the only member that is not a priencess but i love the others too! there is no difference for me for the winx members they are all powerfull, beautifull, and smart even stella is smart only if she wants to be. people cant stop saying who is the strongest to the weakest like for example i saw a web page that says TOP TO LEAST POWER = 1) Bloom, 2) Stella, 3) Layla (aisha), 4)Tecna, 5) Musa, 6) Flora, 7) Roxy. it’s all wrong i mean like seriosly just becoase Bloom is the main character doesnt mean she is the strongest, only cause Flora has the power of nature doesnt mean she is useless she just hate hurting people and anything that is alive. They should treat everyone equally and i agree with AKIRA. Tecna, Musa are both strong and beautiful as well as Layla. and i dont think Roxy is going to be a member of the Winx Club she is still a begienner and still didnt earn her charmix level.

  12. I hope that seasom 5 focuses on the others a little more brcause they’ve pushed all of Bloom’s plotlines as far as they can. Family, check. Dragon Flame, check. Wedding,s**t.
    Here is season 5, everyone bows down to Bloom, as usual, and she earns a trasformation for ‘ true love at a wedding or somthing’ at the wedding and defeats the enemy,ON HER OWN. While everyone ducks and covers,and cue happy ending. If you please, I’m going to write a stroy about if the Winx grew a pair and fought for once. Bye Bye!

    • Flora was never actually stated as being a princess. They made a mistake and she said that in the second movie which has viewers confused but I’m pretty sure the only princess were bloom, stella, roxy and aisha.

      • Nope, Flora actually stated she was princess of Linphea in the mission enchantix dialogue during chapter 5. If she wasnt a princess Stella or Layla would have said it anyway.

        • Videogames are not cannon Crystal a new charcter introduced in this 5th season is the princess of Linphea

  13. and look up flora it was stated in a interview with creator and producers that she the third strongest

    • as far is who’s stronger than whom here is how it goes, bloom and layla r the strongest because they are the leaders then stella and musa then it would be tecna and flora because roxy is not that strong yet, and there is no possible way that flora’s vines are stronger than stella’s light remember s2 when the girls went to because they were the strongest, bloom’s fire,layla’s morphix and stella’s light, and in the s2 2part finale Layla and Stella act as leaders

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