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30 Responses to “Poll: Aisha or Layla?

  1. While I like both names, I prefer the name Layla because it suits her personality more (in my eyes). I think it’s also more fitting because she’s going to be voiced by Keke Palmer. Now, if she was going to have a soft voice, I’d prefer Aisha.

  2. I prefer Aisha. I’m used to Layla, but Aisha sounds beautiful. I just hope they pronounce it right.

  3. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it.

    While I love Layla, because that’s the name I grew up with and am used to, I’m also kind of excited about Aisha as well. I’ve been slowly warming up to the name ever since I first found out that Aisha was in fact her orginal name, and with Nick now using it on the show, I’m pretty sure I’ll come to like it and accept it.

    What I know I’ll never get used to is if Nick uses Andros and Dominio in place of Tides and Sparx.
    I’m sorry, but Andros sounds like it belongs in some ancient Greek play and Dominio either makes me think of like, the actual “dominos” that you play with, or “Dominos Pizza.” *I know that’s not how Dominio is pronounced, but that’s what I read it as. I never see that first “I”*

    • Oh, I myself hope that Nick would use Andros and Domino. I think that they sound better than Sparx or Tides(which in my opinion are just too…kiddie like) especially, Andors.

      But I won’t mind too much if they use what the 4kids have been using so far, altough since Nick seems to be following closely the Italian verion, I kinda doubt it.

    • As far as I can see Aisha was never her original name. In both the 4kids and Rai English she was Layla and they both came before Nic. I’m also not impressed by the Nic version generally.

      • Winx Club is originally from Italy. In the Italian version, her name was Aisha, but all the dubs—English and non-English—changed it to “Layla.” Nickelodeon is working directly with the show’s creator, Iginio Straffi, which is probably why they used her original name.

  4. I like Layla but i got used to Aisha when i watch season 4 in Italian (before it came to Rai Eng) so I guess I’m used to either one.

  5. Well, I just love the sound of Aisha and I think it’s a great name that in my opinion would suit Layla/Aisha very much. It just sounds like something to do with water and seeing as that is her power, I think it’s a perfect name for her.

    I don’t think that the name Layla is as nice as Aisha, but I still like it. And since from the start I knew her as Layla not Aisha, I’d prefer for her name to stay as Layla not Aisha, no matter how lovely the latter sounds. So yup, I’ve voted Layla 🙂

  6. The only reason I’ll miss Sparx is the whole Sparx Shipping phrase will have to be re-worked.

    I don’t have a definite preference for either Layla or Aisha myself. Aisha was the original name, but it was only used in the Italian version. But now if they use it all the fanfic writers will have to revise their stories.

    • Yeah, lol 😀 ‘Domino Shipping’ is just not the same! I definitly prefer Sparx Shipping 😉

  7. I like both, as both of their meanings fit Layla/Aisha. Layla means night beauty, which fits her appearance while Aisha means alive and well (and life too, I think), which fits her athletic and sporty personality. So I can’t really say I have a preference.

    • I agree 🙂 I think that Aisha sounds better but since I’m already so used to it, I hope that they’ll keep Layla and not change it.

  8. Wow, I didn’t know that Layla meant night beauty and Aisha means alive and well. That’s cool, however, for me personally I prefer Layla because I grew up hearing that name over and over again. Not to mention that they used Layla for two seasons.

    • Exactly 🙂 And since it would be such a major change some of the older fans who’ve seen the show before may not like it and the ratings could then drop.

      I think it’d be wise for Nick to leave it as Layla, but from the info we got so far it seems that their leaning more towards Aisha.

  9. Layla is the name I’m used to, but I’ve seen a lot of Laylas in different shows. It’s almost become as common as the name Sora. As for Aisha, I’ve been watching the past couple seasons in Italian, so it’s kind of grown on me. In the end, I’m okay with both names, so I voted “No Preference.” 🙂

    And, might I just mention that Layla/Aisha’s wings match the new theme so well? Just saying… ;p

  10. I’m unhappy with the idea of a new dub altogether (though I’ll get over it), so I’m going with Layla. What if someone only saw 1 episode of the 4Kids dub, then saw the new Nick dub and got confused because of the name change? Yes, 4kids lost the rights to Winx Club are they’re also slowly being driven to the ground with bankrupcy [sp], but couldn’t Nick hire the old VAs? They’re all still alive, last time I checked.

    • Oh, my, please not the 4kids voices! The horror, the horror…

      But seriously, I fully support the idea of a new dub. From the two examples we have, they’re going for actresses that are actually the right age, not in their 30s and 40s. Which I think is good.

  11. I think it makes sense from which country you come, and how layla/aisha was called in the episodes you already watched, so i choosed layla

  12. I prefer Layla because I have only watched the Italian version when I watch Season 4. I am more used to the 4Kids version. Only Italy calls her Aisha, so they should keep the tradition of calling her Layla.

  13. I don’t really care, but I originally called her Aisha, and then Aisha-Layla.

  14. They should have just called her Aisha from the beginning as planned. Now, I’m more attached to “Layla” than “Aisha”.

  15. i dont really mind i didnt see the point in them changing it to layla when aisha was her original name i hope musa’s farthers not named ho-bo anymore?????

  16. I grew up with Layla, so naturally I prefer that name. But I wish they had kept Layla because then they could come up with the seventh winx as Aura, fairy of clouds. I’ve noticed that each winx has her first name start with a different letter: M(usa), S(tella), L(ayla), B(loom), T(echna), F(lora), and then A(ura). Then again her name could always be Era but I think Aura sounds better.

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