Roxy fans, worry no more! Looks like she will play a role in season seven after all! Rainbow just surprised us with some brand-new shots of our Fairy of Animals! What do you think they mean?

One of them looks like part of a transformation sequence! If she’s gonna help the Winx, she’ll probably have to fight. Will she get a new form?

Another scene has balloons in the background, like at a party…or a graduation!

Whatever these pics mean, it’s clear Rainbow wasn’t done with Roxy. Will she finally become a Winx, or will she take over for Daphne as adviser? The video description adds to the mystery: “Even Roxy joins the Winx Club in the new season 7!” Joins the club or joins them on their adventure?


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89 Responses to “Rainbow Shows Off Roxy in New Season Seven Video (2:58)

  1. Wow, I just watched like half the video without realizing that the images were repeated haha xD I’m so psyched for season 7 now!! Hopefully the UK will air it in English so us English speakers can understand if they won’t show it in America.
    ..or you know, Rainbow could just open up a US branch and yeah.. but idk about business stuff so.. it’s probably more complicated than it seems.

  2. Wow, they remembered Roxy was alive. Color me shocked. She fits in with the season’s premise stupidly well, so it would be criminal to regulate her to background fodder. No chance of her joining the Winx, but hopefully she has a meaningful role to play this time around. And I mean actually meaningful, not season 6’s method of giving her a couple token scenes and promptly ignoring her once again.

    • It’s not likely she’ll join the Winx, but it’s not impossible. They’ve been keeping her on the radar for some reason. She’s probably either gonna become a Winx after this season or completely disappear.

      • Considering that the highlights are there and Iginio wanted Roxy to become the 7th Winx during season five perhaps he’s finally going to do it? Didn’t someone come up with a highlights theory last year for season six? Like how as long as Roxy has highlights she’s going to be in an important role? It’d be nice to see Mirta get some action too, have her become the ninth Winx (because we already know Daphne’s the eighth and I don’t think the lucky couple will settle that early, unless they like to move their relationship as fast as a Disney movie) aren’t illusions just as useful a power as animals and the five elements? We should get another Mirta arc at some point.

        • Except there aren’t 9 Winx…Roxy isn’t a member, but still holds potential, and Daphne isn’t a Winx.

          Spoiler Inside SelectShow

          –– As for Mirta, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see her as anything more than background filler again. She was a somewhat pivotal character in the first season, but after that she really didn’t hold much weight. Her importance was pretty much solely vested in showing the audience the willful transition between positive and negative magic, and explaining a little bit about how a magical being has the ability to choose their path [fairy or witch.] Other than that, she really hasn’t done anything for the story, you know?

          With Roxy, I personally don’t want to see the main cast keep on growing [it gets tired after awhile] but for her, it would make more sense to have her patched into the Club. –– There was an entire season devoted to developing her character, establishing her importance, and giving her some stride with the storyline. It was a really poor, and unnecessary decision for the writers to drop her almost completely after S4, but it seems as though she’ll finally be a hard-hitter in S7. And what better time to bring her into the limelight than an animal based season? Long story short in that regard, Roxy was created to intentionally be an important character with lots of development, while Mirta was created as a ‘one hit wonder’ so to speak. I don’t think it would hurt anything to develop and integrate her more in the show, but it just might come off as being a bit arbitrary considering every role she’s had since S1 has been either a mere cameo appearance or a quick one liner.

          • I see your point and I’m aware of the Daphne/Thoren thing moving faster than Philip waking up Aurora after meeting in the woods or rather the bs called dreams. I just like to consider Daphne, Mirta and Roxy honorary Winx because they’ve done something actually helpful more than once that isn’t just “here’s what I need you to do, and do it this way instead of your way” and hopefully Roxy will lose the “honorary” part of her title and become seventh. It would be nice if Daphne or Mirta could become the official eighth (Daphne’s closer in this regard as she’s done the second most for the club) I also think that Bloom really wants to add more members to the club, not everyone in Magix of course but just the ones who have been the closest to them of their outside friends or their sisters, probably why Daphne won’t join because then it’d lead to a if Bloom can have her sister why can’t Flora argument amongst the extremists.

          • On the website of one of the licensing agents (can’t remember for what country), they briefly listed Daphne and Roxy as part of the group. They’ve edited them out since, but you have to wonder if that was an accident or not. They do have inside information about the show.

          • I’m pretty sure Daphne’s the eighth at this point, she’s the only other fairy/nymph to have helped the Winx for a significant amount of time and there’s plenty of groundwork for Daphne to lose her “honorary” status especially since she’s the mentor of the group a lot of mentors will often step in when needed to fight and step back when needed. She’s never really stepped on Bloom’s toes when it came to deciding battle tactics. I noticed that there’s something important Daphne does for each Winx that could have had something to do with fixing trauma from season 4’s final fixing whatever problems they have that leaked into season 5. Putting her as a guide is a great idea and will restore the ‘human’ Winx rather than the idiots we’ve seen for the past two (in show) years.

          • I doubt we’ll see Mirta again at all. It would have made sense in season 6 for the Winx to ask her about the new witch at Cloud Tower since Mirta actually went there and knows witches other than the Trix, and she could ask Lucy for witch rumors… but she didn’t appear in season 6 at all. Which made me sad since I like Mirta. I guess the animators decided she graduated along with the other season 1-2 minor fairies.

            I’m really happy to see Roxy will have a part in season 7, I’m hoping for the mentor role that Daphne had last season, hopefully with a cool new transformation and a cute pet. Though it’d be cooler if it turned out Artu was one of the magical animals already. C’mon Rainbow, when your plot connects to your other plot in new and surprising ways that’s the coolest thing!

  3. I like Roxy. I hope that she will play a big role but personally I dont want her to be part of the Winx Club and join. Because some of the Winx already dont get much attention (Musa and Tecna) and if another person joins, the attention will decrease and I’d be sad

    • I feel like the lack of attention to Musa and Tecna was more of a Nickbow thing. They got more attention in past seasons and even in the recent movie Mystery of the Abyss (which Nick wasn’t involved in). I think Rainbow can handle all seven of them. Nick just didn’t know enough about the show to do it right. They should never have helped make Winx Club, if you ask me.

      • I agree with you, especially about the Nick thing.:) I think that they could handle it too, but I’m still not sure if they will.

        • Well, that would make sense. but I think there must be more than that to convince Rainbow to give Roxy the 7th role of a Winx

        • Odd lots does make for good symmetry. Also Roxy’s earned her spot as the seventh Winx. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Winx have a positioning like the JLA’s magnificent seven especially since the Winx are Magix’s JLA. Bloom of course is front and center, Aisha to her right, Tecna to the left, extending on the right we have Stella taking GL’s spot and Flora in Martian Manhunter’s, Musa would stand in Flash’s and Roxy in Hawkgirl/Aquaman’s depending on who you prefer as the seventh member.

  4. I agree rainbow was able to handle all seven girls during season 4 I’m sure they will do it again I’m just hoping for the best cause I really did enjoy roxy, maybe we will finally see her enchantix or whatever hehe super excited

  5. You know, every time I see Roxy I’m reminded that my first OC was a fairy of animals with pink hair. xD
    More on topic, I seriously hope this means Roxy will have a bigger role this season! It’d be criminal to leave out the fairy of animals in a season revolving around them!

  6. Sorry for this long unrelated rant
    I wish rainbow wouldn’t forget about the other fairies, remember Katy, the other fairy of animals.
    Or Khadija or even mirta. They used to fight and defend their school, now they just scream and wait for the winx to save them? Also they still have their basic forms, did no one get enchantix? I know this is said a lot but I miss S1-S3 winx. Where they had their basic forms, I admit enchantix, believix, charmix etc was just a waste. Also I liked when Aisha was single, she was all girl power then they just set her up with Nabu who “died”. I mean I don’t mind nex or Nabu but why does every girl have to have a boyfriend.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Bloom and Sky are just as toxic
    Nabu and Aisha was well new, it was a nice flowing relationship
    Brandon and Stella’s relationship is nice because he understands her and how to put up with her childish ways she sometimes has and she accepts him not being royalty
    Tecna and Timmy are just there, it’s like they were placed together for her just to have a boyfriend
    Flora and Helia, well kinda boring but their love is sweet.
    Aisha and Roy, too rushed
    Aisha and Nex, it was different, and he has a sweet and arrogant side which she can put him in his place
    If I could I would put Aisha with Sky or Riven
    Bloom with Riven or Helia
    Stella with Brandon and leave the rest single.
    The Tecna and musa hardly get any screen time to begin with, and when they do they have to share it with their bf?
    Then we get Roxy, just for us to know about her and like her for them just to put her as a minor character

  7. Finally, and she’d better get a new form! Rainbow can handle seven fairies, Daphne was a test and possibly eighth? Now Roxy had better get a new form, possibly a pink one since Flora’s wearing green?

  8. I missed Roxy so much! She’s my second fave Winx after Bloom (sorry Bloom haters). In my mind she will always be a winx, regardless of how she gets treated by the producers. I hope she gets a lot of screen time and a new transformation – I’d love to see how her magic’s come along. I also hope she gets a role of some kind – maybe a fairy animal guardian, of perhaps and advisor to the Winx, as suggested before – some kind of important status.

    • That would be nice especially since each Winx is an expert on something and depending on how you flip it, there’s a total of 9.
      Bloom’s expertise is that of being “the new kid”
      Flora’s got the expertise on how to be nice
      Musa is the grey morals expert
      Tecna’s the genius
      Stella how to have fun
      Aisha helps them adapt to powerless situations
      Roxy is the Earth expert
      Encyclopedia Daphne (anyone else remember that article?)
      Mirta is the darkness expert.

  9. I don’t really care for Roxy and hope she doesn’t become the 7th Winx. The group is just fine with six. I would like to see Mirta though. I hope Daphne is still around cause I love her. So sorry everyone I could careless about Roxy in Season 7.

    • I am not a big fan of Roxy either but I don’t mind if she becomes an oficial member, I’d like Mirta and Daphne to join too, I think if the Winx Club keeps growing they should be better organized, there shouldn’t be a single leader, instead they should be leaded by the five founder members and Aisha, and the other characcters shall have minor roles.

      • They’re working towards that idea but a little differently Bloom Aisha Tecna and Stella are top dogs then Musa acts as the reservist with Flora, Roxy and Mirta caring less about leading while Daphne is the mentor. They really do need to be better organized and personally Winx shouldn’t be a club, it should be an Organization like the league, this way we get rotating casts every other episode (with a Veteran Winx at the helm just for familiarity). Especially with that superhero take. Daphne is for all intents and purposes the Martian Manhunter of the group so she should be the one to hand out missions since Mirta and the original seven would have their hands full with keeping the universe safe and keeping Bloom in check.

        • I think they gave this “next step” in SoLK, when it was suggested that the Winx Club was sort of a new Company of Light[which kinda is the JSA of Magix], but they got stuck, especially by giving Bloom too much atention.

          • I was thinking that the company of light was the JSA since it’s all a bunch of seniors or middle aged people. Bloom’s Superman so of course she’s going to end up too focused on but at least they remembered every Superman has a Wonder Woman (hers is Aisha). Now the Winx children will probably be like the Teen Titans when we get there (or say Winx Jr is already making the Winx children Uoung Justice)

  10. One of the images from the video (the third one you chose as an example) looks like it comes from a transformation sequence! I hope it is a new transformation for Roxy!

  11. Yes! I’m so glad that Roxy will be playing a bigger role in the upcoming season 7 like she should be. However, I’m disappointed to see her still wearing her old outfit. (Personally, I kinda like her second outfit, the Frutti Juice cafe/school uniform one better.)I wished they had given her a new one…maybe they will now that Nickelodeon isn’t handling it anymore. I still have doubts that Rainbow will let Roxy become a 7th member, but if that little scene in the video really is for a new transformation, I think my heart will stop. LOL

    • There’s a load of ground work for both Roxy and Daphne to become members, even if Daphne’s their mentor. If Power Rangers can make their mentors rangers what’s stopping Winx from doing the same? That’d be some new twist.

  12. OMG, that really does look like a shot from a transformation sequence! But to me, it seems to be from her Winx transformation, just slightly altered. Although I do hope she gets a new one because I am a sucker for transformation sequences. I don’t even mind the Winx gaining two transformations per season just so I can see more sequences (sadly they are not that imaginative anymore).

    • To me the only horrible transformations were Sirenix and Mythix. Everything else looks decent, Bloomix being the one that Nickbow outdid themselves on, making the Winx look like kickbutt fighters and older women at the same time.

      • I was talking about the transformation sequences, not the outfits. The only outfits I hate are the Sirenix outfits.

        • The 2d Sirenix sequence could have been better, Mythix, would you stop making us dizzy please? The 3d Sirenix wasn’t so bad.

          • And i wksh we would have gotten either a cg Bloomix or 2d Mythix, cg bloomix would have been more tolerable i think.

  13. I feel like this is the 2nd chance for her to join the club. Like, when the new season is going to be on tv, we should start petition or something like that, or just be loud about her, do some twitter campaign to let Rainbow know we want her to be a Winx from season 8.

    • You cant force the writers to do what you want.At the end of the day, Winx club is Mr Straffi’s dream and vision therefore he decides on who should be a member and who shouldnt. Forcing his hand would not only be unfair to him but to some winx fans who dont particularly like Roxy as much as you do. Just let things happen…. Doing a petition would be highly absurb,especially forcing them to make roxy or daphne official members…your messing with their creativity…Just have faith in the creators of the show, and just enjoy the season 🙂

      • But Roxy was supposed to be Winx, it was Straffi’s desire. She didn’t become one from season 5 because Nick’s decision was that six fairies is enough. Besides, how does any petition force the writers to do what we want? By petition we are showing that this is what we would like to see, but it’s still their decision if they will listen to us or not. So it’s not unfair at all. Your point is really weird. When there was petition for Nick to take better care about Winx, do you also think we were “forcing” Nick to air rest of the episodes?

        • I think you’ve missed my point. I have no problem with petitions. Its good and well to ask for a new season of winx, its even understandable to the winx fans to demand better quality from the creators of the show, but what bothers me is when people want to dictate what happens in the season and who should be in the season or not. Imagine now if a petition was made to exclude the trix from this season, or diaspro or make tecna’s hair longer etc( these are just examples by the way). I mean no offense but decisions like that are not for the fans to make. If mr staffi had previously stated he wished to include Roxy in the season, how about everyone wait, chill and let him work his magic (pun intended).
          My point is… BE PATIENT. good things come to those who wait. Im sure mr straffi is aware of the wishes of the winx club fans and just have faith in the guy. Instead of demanding for things, how about we see what the season has in store for us. Im not sure about what was weird about my comment:/ If its meant to be then it will happen. There are some things that we have no control of and you just have to deal with that sometimes. Mr Straffi has proven what he can do with the winx season ( season 1-4 at least),so how about we see how episode 1 of season 7 goes before planning any petitions. I know its difficult, im a fan myself remember, but ive told myself that im waiting before making a brash decisions. Good things have happened so far so how about being more optimistic and wait for the season to actually air.

          I dont know how many times ive said “wait” 🙂 sorry for that. Its just, i dont know…i have faith in mr straffi and i believe he has the ability and vision to make this an awesome season, therefore im giving him the space to do that. I understand some people may not feel that way…but personally ive decided to give him a chance…I know its not my place to ask, but some patience from the winx fans would be great. There’s so much to look forward to in the new season now- time traveling, magical animals, rainbow taking full control again, tecna’s ponytail 🙂 and now Roxy, could we just enjoy that… for know?

        • To clarify the pertition point you made, this is how i see it:

          I have no problem with creating a petition as a tool of communication between the creators and the fans. The petition to get new episodes from nickelodean, i have no problem with that. Anyone who was involved in that petition big ups to you guys, your awesome and thank you. I have no problems with winx fans asking for new seasons or better quality, no problem at all. These are the things the team should already be giving the fans, thus the petitions.

          However for fans to actually involve themselves in the actual scriptwriting and dictating character involvements and the actual storytelling of the show, is pushing the boundaries. we have no place as the fans to dictate the events that actually occur within the season. That is up to the creators. You have to realise that as much as youd want the story to happen in a particular way, u cant do that…you have to let the creators take the reigns, have faith in their abilities.annnd if thats not enough….., you could always start a winxclub generation x and then make the story however you will ( and pray you dont get sued by rainbow 🙂 ) but until then, at the end of the day, winx club is still Mr straffi’s baby and he only knows what gonna happen from here on

          Sorry for the long post…i feel we misunderstood each other somewhere and i wanted to clarify things.

          • Thank you for your long reply, my will be very short :). While I agree with many of your points, I still disagree with the main case. Petition is petition. We wrote about what we would like to see and it’s Rainbow who decide if they will listen to us or not. The whole country could sign under the petition, and it would still be Rainbow’s decision, so no, we are not forcing them to change the story. Also, in the world of tv and movies, it’s not like “i created this show, i can do everything i want with the story”. It depends from us if the show will have good ratings, more episodes etc. For example, you may want to kill a character in your story, but if this character is really popular, channel and producers won’t let you do it. That’s how it works. By petition like this, it’s just showing how much we like Roxy. It’s not like Rainbow should be like “omg, they created stupid petition, now we must do that, even if we don’t want to”. Nope, they would be like “people still really like Roxy. Do you think it’s a good idea? Maybe it’s not too late. Do we have a good storyline for her? What do you think?”. That’s it. I don’t really have anything more to add to this discussion, because for me there is nothing wrong with petition like that.

          • I think you both have good points about this. It ultimately boils down to the writers. Are the type who listen to their fans’ suggestions, or are they the type who prefer to follow their own visions? Rainbow seems to be listening to the fans a bit more lately. Honestly, I hope they ignore some of the suggestions I’ve heard, but some of them are pretty good.

            In lieu of a petition, the amount of views on the Roxy video might prove fans want her to stick around. I did some quick research yesterday. Unless I missed something, it looks like the video is the third most viewed on the channel this year. Clearly, we fans are excited about seeing her again.

      • That yellow animal looks like a lemur and with the animal theme I bet we’ll see children, teens or adults named Chris and Martin in the season because it’s just too easy especially since Animal rescue is what they’re all about. Want to take a guess at a possible name for that lemur since I said Chris and Martin?

  14. To be honest, I don’t care about Roxy. I want to see Mirta and Lucy again because I really like their friendship.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think they will play an important role in future seasons.

    • Maybe they will especially since with the superhero take on the show they can have the witches become kind of like Cadmus for the Winx (someone has to keep them in check and make Anti-Winx if necessary) and Lucy might not agree with how Cloudtower goes about it so she allies with Mirta and finally comes to Alfea as a fairy but still wants to make sure that Bloom going out of control never happens ever again.

  15. I doubt Roxy will ever become part of the group, but I am glad she has a bigger role in season 7. I really do hope they can find a way to work her in because I would love for her to be an official Winx. I just don’t have high hopes for it.

    • Remember Iginio wanted to do it and I think he wanted Daphne and Mirta to be in the club too with all the groundwork there is for them. Perhaps Daphne, Mirta, Eldora (emphasis on the Eld) and Roxy enlisted as part-time members and Daphne was the first to accept Bloom or Tecna’s offer of full time? Then Eldora though she’s unfit yet Bloom doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe season seven will show Roxy accepting full time membership and maybe in some future season Mirta.

  16. I’ll be very honest- I personally don’t want Roxy to be a member of the group. Not because I don’t like her, not at all. I am just thinking realistically. The Winx girls are all in their early to mid-twenties, while Roxy is still in her teenage years. She is too young to be amongst a group of older, stronger and more experienced fairies who are too busy saving the universe to occupy their time with an undergraduate. Roxy would just get in their way, and she’d certainly be aware of it. I’m pretty sure she’d rather be around those her own age, who are just as new to magic as she is. As shown in this video, she is still close to the Winx, but her main priority would be to learn, and be strong like them rather than constantly rely on them to protect her like in Season 4.

    • That was more true in season four than it is now. Remember: Roxy’s been studying at Alfea all this time, not serving drinks at the Frutti Music Bar. She’s not new to magic anymore. She’s pretty used to it now. This will be in her third year, which means she may even graduate at the end of the season.

      She’s not as strong as the Winx necessarily, but she’s strong enough to hold her own. She won’t need them to protect her. If she earns Enchantix this season (could happen, but not likely), she’ll definitely be okay.

      Also, while I’m sure she does have some friends her age at Alfea, she’s still been mostly shown hanging out with the Winx or the Specialists. I think she’s still considers them her closest friends. And age difference doesn’t matter that much in magical girl shows (this applies to Daphne, too). There’s almost always at least one girl who’s older or younger than most of the others. For example, there’s Sailor Chibi-Moon in Sailor Moon, Mew Pudding and Mew Zakuro in Tokyo Mew Mew, Itsuki and Fu in Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Hana in Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan!, and Cure Muse in Suite Precure.

      • I’m sure both Roxy and Daphne have friends at Alfea or elserealms (Diletta, and ex-bff Politea) but consider the Winx their best friends now. Daphne and Roxy both have good reasons to consider the Winx their best friends now. For Daphne it’s about trust, she couldn’t trust some of her old friends as far as she could blast them, but since Bloom’s the “best little sister ever” she knows that Bloom will always make the right choice in her actions, then she’s also been shown warming up to the Winx becoming kind of like their Peter Pan, grows old but never grows up in a sense. She’s also done something that not a lot of characters in the show do, ACTUALLY TALK TO TECNA regardless of the issue. For Roxy, yeah Alfea’s nice and all but she probably just wants to be with the girls and guys who have always been there for her and wouldn’t really want to leave the only other “Earth Girl” she knows, infact I bet there’s a reason why Roxy’s and Daphne’s outfits were some variation on Green/Pink/Purple/Blue, it reflects who the two are closest to somehow. The green is for Aisha (because they were “outsider members” Blue for Bloom since she’s the most like or is a sister to someone in the group. Purple is for the fact that they share some common form of near or exceeding Tecna’s level of brains and the pink is for what they share with Flora, their sweetness, notice how their outfits are always devoid of Red and Orange? They just don’t have too much in common with Musa and Stella. Of course that coloration could just be coincidence but if there’s a reason that would be it.

  17. not a big roxy fan maybe she’ll go back to earth and stay there to run the endangered animal shelter until she’s ready to be the queen of earth fairies, i wonder what her fairy outfit would look like as queen

    • The dress is probably something similar to a combination of Bloom and Daphne’s Magic Kingdoms dresses but in her color scheme. Also dumping Roxy at the rescue park? That’s a sad fate for her she could become a zookeeper without knowing about magic and wouldn’t have a chance to use it. Why would you just want to let a character with so much potential go to waist?

      • sorry to me she’s a bloom wannabe as season 4 shows that’s why they got along so well because she reminded bloom of herself when she was younger

        • Maybe that’s what they’re going to fix in season seven, make her less of a Bloom wannabee (though that’s not a bad start, not exactly a good one either but hey it’s a start) and more her own person by fleshing out her animal magic and connections rather than her Earth Magic connections.

          • i wouldn’t mind if she was the one to find the magical kids in the WOW spinoff instead of the winx

  18. I’m so happy she’s going to have more of a part this season. She was barley a character in the 5th and 6th seasons. And I think it would just be wrong not to have the fairy of animals in a season devoted to helping animals! I hope she gets a new transformation. Also I hope they make her current one more clear. I know there is still confusion on whether she just has the basic magic winx transformation or believix. It would be cool if she got the animal one or even at least enchantix, if that’s how her transformations are going to go.

    • My theory is this Roxy, Mirta and Daphne have always been on par with or one level (consider Harmonix to be a parallel to Sirenix as Mythix is to Bloomix) behind whatever the main six are ergo Roxy started as a Believix (because there’s no way that’s her Charmix outfit, it’s far more complex than Galatea’s plus I don’t see any Charmix fairies flying around with socks and heels.) and is most likely a Sirenix by now possibly wearing something pink or yellow, don’t know which. It’d be nice if Daphne and Roxy join now but we probably won’t see that happening to quickly, yet i wouldn’t rule it out.

        • Not necessarily Daphne is a Sirenix and didn’t go on the quest with the Winx because of having it before the Domino destruction. Who’s to say that Faragonda didn’t allow Roxy to secretly stay on the same level as the winx? It could happen but the rule would be that the Winx never saw her.

          • That is a bit too far-fetched. There’s a section for every franchise on TVTropes called “WMG” (Wild Mass Guessing), which is for sharing these kinds of theories. You might want to visit that for Winx Club.

  19. I always thought because of the mention of the nine nymphs of magix in the first season, the winx club would eventually grow to that capacity and take over their role. With the original five, then mirta and aisha, roxy and finally daphne returning to round it out. Not to mention it would of been a nice arc for daphne to become the guide/ most experienced nymph with Bloom becoming the leader. I honestly thought that Mirta would join the club due to her coming to alfea at the end of the first season and learning how to become a fairy. Not to mention that they gave her a… not so random and bland outfit like the other fairies at alfea if that makes any sense. It just seemed like perfect foreshadowing and the idea was kind of brought back again during the third movie when it was mentioned that the winx were the new Company of Light but I think it was dropped, especially when Nick became involved.

    • It’s quite possible that the Winx will become the new nine nymphs, especially since Mirta’s Charmix outfit is similar to the Winx yet stands out enough, just like Daphne’s Sirenix and Roxy’s Believix do. Rainbow actually listens to the fans (somewhat) so maybe they’ll say that they’d always intended for Roxy,Mirta and Daphne to join the club but didn’t think right after their season as the “spotlight gal” was the right time for the former two and they just needed a mentor gal to fill up the group. Who knows if season seven reintroduces Roxy, it could also reintroduce Mirta especially since the villain’s shape shifting powers could be considered a form of illusion magic, that would really help and nine Winx would make nifty new nine nymphs (want to say that nine times fast?) of magix and give Mirta some battle practice because she needs it. This is probably the idea lurking around somewhere and they would all have sparkling new dresses in a rainbow of colors (The Main six and Daphne will have their original colors,Mirta would be indigo (because her black accents aren’t actually black they’re midnight blue) and Roxy white to complete the spectrum)and of course big cinema screen wings on their backs that could encase you in a hug if they felt like it.

      • Well i dont think mirta will ever actually be a part of the winx (besides roxy anyway) but they probably will join them on some missions. Also those ballons you mentioned OP (i think those are what you meant) on closer look they are actually planets

        • I think she will, if they can allow two pink heads they can have two redheads, plus it’s not like she’s copying powers either since she’s the illusion fairy. All they have to do is figure out a way to reintroduce her to the show (her connection with Flora is a good way and her dark magic experience is another, I’d go the Flora route to make it less Bloom-centric just as this season appears to be going back to Roxy centric especially since Flora’s looked at as kinda weak in someways but this area is where Flora shines, openly accepting a different path as a friend and convincing her to switch paths, even if Bloom helped a little bit there). Also the second image of magic orbs do look like planets perhaps the raided ones?

  20. Since some of you are talking about who should and shouldn’t be part of the club let me say this: I kind off wanted there to be a spinoff. Let say the Winx finally settle down to live there lives there could be a new group off faries whose adventures we follow. We would not have to go to far. Roxy (animals), Galatea (music), Krystal (nature), Mirta (illusions), Selina, maybe a new fairy, and some other minor/background faries (Lori, Carol, Evvie, Alice, Clarisse, Amaryl, Nova etc.) could be part of a club. Some of them are already developed and most interacted with the Winx. This is something I would like to see.

    In season 7 though Roxy could be a guide like Daphne. I think its about time she earned Enchantix (would not mind if its another trasformation). If she has a similar role to that of Daphne’s and she transformed into Sirenix. The Winx will be spending time on Earth so its a perfect chance for Roxy to make a sacrafice to earn Enchantix. If she joins the club though then great for her I would not mind that either. There is just one thing though, Can she (and Musa) please stay single? Not everyone needs a boyfriend/fiancè/husband!!!

    • It’s true that not everyone needs one, but what if the character wants one? Roxy wanted one in the comics and the original six showed her what not to do because she was going to force herself on Manuel. Also Roxy does not necessarily have to be on Earth to make a sacrifice to earn Enchantix just rescue someone from Earth. Stella, Tecna, Bloom and Musa weren’t on their planets when they got their Enchantix (even if Bloom’s incompleteness was a cop-out)only Flora and Aisha were.

  21. I just remembered something, if that image is in fact from a transformation sequence, wouldn’t it be impossible that it is a new transformation? The last time we saw Roxy transform, she had her first transformation/Charmix. However, going by the show’s supposed rule that a fairy has to earn her Enchantix before being able to unlock other transformations, Roxy should still only have her first transformation. I know it is said/hinted at that her first transformation was in fact Believix, but I doubt it really is because it doesn’t make much sense (not that everything in this show does…), at least I don’t think it’s a “real” Believix transformation. So IF/when we see Roxy transform, what will it be? Will they just skip her Enchantix? That would be disappointing… Also, does saving an animal from your own realm count as a way to earn your Enchantix?

    • No,animal rescue would not count for Enchantix unless it was an endangered species, even Chris and Martin Kratt can’t rescue every animal they meet and educate us about. Also I think the in show rule is no matter what your power is, you must save another “humanoid” being and be completely selfless. As I have previously said it would be easiest to level both Daphne and Roxy with the winx this season and start them off equal too or a level or two below the Winx. When it comes to Roxy there was far more evidence of her being a Believix than a Charmix and she’s always been promoted as Believix. If she were a Charmix there’s no way her wings would be that huge plus the outfit? That’s flashier than Galatea’s, who has the flashiest Charmix so far, too bad we couldn’t see Krystal’s Charmix as a slightly flashier version of Flora’s since Galatea has a slightly flashier version of Musa’s (as in no irritating shoulder straps or organza pieces that appear have minds of their own.)

      • I don’t really read the comics but know about Manuel and some other things. What happens in the comics is very different from the show. Winxers always agrue wheather its canon or not cause there are some parrels but not many. For example don’t the Winx like other guys besides there current bf’s? So Roxy may or may not have a bf. That is always up to Rainbow. I just prefer that she (and Musa) don’t.

        I should have explained myself better about the Enchantix. Roxy doesn’t have to be on Earth to earn her Enchantix but it would give her a better shot to make her sacrfice because as far as we know there are not that many Earthlings in Magix.

        • The comics aren’t canon, but sometimes they migrate into the series. For example, King Cryos of Zenith was introduced in the comics. He was Tecna’s father originally (yes, she was a princess), but of course, they’re not related at all in the TV show. He also looked very different (more like Tecna). It’s possible if Roxy becomes a Winx (or even if she doesn’t), Manuel could be pulled into the series as well.

          • I think they want to make it more like the comics now so bringing in things like Tecna’s royal status or Manuel could happen. Who knows?

          • Honestly I wouldn’t like Tecna to have a royal status in the canon, I think three princesses [five, if we count Roxy and Daphne] are enough, maybe even too much.

        • if season 4 was her believix wouldn’t the next one be butterflix because bloomix came from bloom’s dragon flame and mythix is only for the legendarium world

          • Butterflix would be the most logical but anything could happen between now and then. I think they’ll at least level her with Daphne for the first six episodes (Sirenix) then she’ll get the Butterflix with the main six (it’d be nice if Daphne would too but i think they’re going to just give the main six butterflix unless they’re keeping Daphne and Roxy’s designs secret) Now that we’ve reintroduced Daphne and are reintroducing Roxy, it only seems fair that Mirta should be reintroduced as well. Maybe season eight since she was last seen season 3?

          • i think daphne was only suppose to be a one season shot kinda like mirta or else spoiler alert

            Spoiler Inside SelectShow
          • Just because that happened doesn’t mean she’ll be settling down right away, Oritel still wears the crown, Thoren doesn’t get it until he either passes or abdicates the throne, and Daphne has only had her body back for one year, no way she’s going to tie herself down that wuickly, plus she has a job at Alfea teaching history, say isn’t her sister and her friends supposed to be teachers too? They seemed to have alluded that Aisha remembers she is (gym training) now what about the others what do they teach? I’m really hoping season 7 has them as teachers so it’s possible Daphne will still be around. Also Mirta had 2 seasons of major roles (even if season 2 was kinda filler, she like Daphne was sometimes included in the fun of the group like being part of the Dance showcase with Aisha) plus a season 3 cameo as well as appearances in the movies, possibly Mirta’s still around and like Daphne she’s only a part time member, Roxy is supposed to be a full time and Nick cheated her. Who’s to say season 7 won’t undo a lot of Nick’s bs.

  22. I love that Roxy will be featured in this season (it would be odd if you she wasn’t, to be honest) but I’d rather not see her as in the Winx. For me, at this point, it’s season 7. The last time they added an official member was season 2. I see her as an honorary member because she was part of the focus of season 4 so to completely abandon her would be a negative especially with her huge following. The photos show sparkles around Roxy so that gives me a little hope that she’s got a sort of updated transformation.

    • Season 4 was supposed to be add a Winx it was something that was supposed to happen every two years (in show that is) in other words Daphne and Roxy were intended to join the team and stay there. If anyone’s honorary it’s Mirta until they can make a good story for her or some other entirely new girl or guy. Basically by the time the Winx hit 35 (and holding) they should be an organization.

    • I think this season we will find out once and for all if she’s a Winx or not. It’s the perfect time to resolve it. She either will, or she will disappear or die or go into a coma or something else so they don’t have to deal with her anymore.

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