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Rainbow’s currently working on a fourth, full-length Winx Club film, according to an article in Yahoo! Italia Notizie. It’s not clear what kind it’ll be. It could be another with CGI, but it could also be the live-action movie Mr. Straffi’s wanted for years. Last time he talked about it, it was in the screenplay phase.

Many blogs and fan sites are saying this will be the last movie, but I think that’s a mistranslation. Here’s the line they’re pointing to:

Netflix trasmetterà anche la library della Winx oltre ad aver commissionato una nuova serie d’animazione di 13+13 puntate, e distribuirà negli altri paesi anche l’ultimo film delle Winx (e’ già previsto un quarto lungometraggio in sviluppo).

The “l’ultimo film delle Winx” part is about the third movie, Mystery of the Abyss. Netflix currently streams it in the U.S. and several other countries. In this case, l’ultimo film means “the latest film” or “the last completed film.” The news about the fourth movie follows in parenthesis, which suggests it’s separate from that part. So the article doesn’t say the fourth movie will be the last — just that it’s “in development” (in sviluppo).

How do you feel about a new Winx Club movie coming?



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52 Responses to “Rainbow’s Working on a 4th Winx Club Movie

  1. I called it! I called it! I’m so psychic! *gloats* Ok, you don’t have to be all that psychic to suspect they’d continue milking the cash cow.

    I feel hopeful. Since they’ve stopped using the lower quality cg in the series maybe they’ll have to go back to the excellent cg from the first two movies. And I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that season 7 has a feel to it like they’ve got new writers and directors and they’re better in many ways than the team that did season 5 and 6, so if these guys write the new movie it’ll have great plot. Of course if Straffi himself writes the movie… I think he wrote Mystery of the Abyss, which was not the greatest. :-/

  2. Not terribly excited since Mystery of the Abyss was such a big bore and huge disappointment. I’ll still watch it though, I watch everything Winx no matter what.

  3. Another one, hopefully it won’t be dull like Mystery of the Abyss was. It felt unnecessary aside from Tecna and Musa not being useless. We can assume that Butterflix will be the form used as there’s cgi designs of that floating around if it’s another cgi flick, if it’s live action though it might be Bloomix or Believix since those are catch all forms or we could go all the way back to Charmix (if he wanted a new canon with more heavy writings). I think in development would mean cg, and it’ll be ready by the time s7 airs the grand finale (like Sotlk, MA and MoTA after their respective seasons).

    • that would be nice if the movie retconned a lot after season 3.

      I hadn’t thought of that. What form for a live action movie. I’m guessing something after enchantix because the outfits are less revealing. But to be honest I felt the believix wings were too big. seems impractical for a live action.

      I’d vote for harmonix only because they looked like they were wearing real cloths. Almost looked like formal party dresses.

      • I think Enchantix would not be that hard to achieve, there are tons of cosplays out there of Enchantix that are extremely beautiful, but I don’t really think they’d go that far back. Actually, nowadays all of the outfits are not hard to make and look just like the original, have you seen the Winx Power show? The early Winx stage outfits are quite on point. And I am pretty sure the wings would be computer generated, since ever since Enchantix, the wings have been quite large. Except for Harmonix.

        • There’s good cosplays for each transformation, though i would vote for using Harmonix or Bloomix since those two are the most realistic looking, but Believix has a wider range of usage so they’d go with whatever had the most usefulness. Charmix looks are definitely spot on in the stage show, just a litte more sheen/sequins on them (especially Bloom’s and Flora’s gloves getting glitterfied over the more glossy look of the other four. Enchantix though you’d have to add translucent plastic heels on the base of the sandals because it would be quite uncomfortable to go around on barefoot (especially if you were to stub your toe) with only strings wrapped around your legs. Harmonix does pose a problem with swimming (how would the heels stay on in the swimming/flying scenes?) and Bloomix is more armored and fits in with the vidgame & comic craze that’s back in now. Here’s why Armored looks are superior to non-armored ones, so I suppose that Bloomix would be the form used in live action. The wings don’t necessarily have to be cgi if the Winx aren’t flying (just have springs in them for a light flutter) and you could easily use scaly materials to make the spandex look armored (because you know that spandex would be used) and some gloss & sequins on the gem parts of the outfit and tiara.

          • I believe the wings would be computer generated just because there would obviously be flying sequences, the Winx’s wings are slightly transparent and it would obviously be more practical than put wired wings on the actresses’ backs that would probably be heavy and still not look too realistic, just like cosplay wings do.

          • Then that just raises the question of no matter which form is used how do the shoes stay on in flight scenes are they also cgi during those scenes or are they velcro to whatever unseen part of the costume there is or the socks in the case of Believix. Sirenix and Bloomix we wouldn’t have to worry too much about since ballet flats are fused to the legs as is but the others present flight problems.

          • @Obvious : You know what?? I don’t mind the bonding with cute creatures. As long as they don’t say ” They’re bonding”, it’s fine. What I do mind is the dialogue and action. The on screen time given to each character.

            And I never said that I didn’t like some of the concepts they used in the recent seasons ( the world pillars, the emperor’s throne, the Legendarium, Fairy Clock Room) .

            I just don’t like the execution of what could’ve been really great seasons. For starters Nabu should have come back, he wasn’t dead, just drained of his strength, the Winx should have taken on Tritannus together and his motives should have been better explained.

            Roy and Nex?? They really shouldn’t even have been in the seasons. Riven and Musa?? They shouldn’t have broken up!!Any guy who’s willing to declare his love in front of everybody is high on my list. Eldora?? Jeez, if she knew that Bloom had magic, why not tell her?? And the greatest disaster?? Retconning Daphne’s story, and marrying her off to Thoren.

            I mean there are so many plot holes!!Even seasons 1 and 2 didn’t have such bad plot holes. Seasons 5 and 6 essentially destroyed everything of the first four seasons!!

            And therefore I really can’t appreciate them.

            Season 7 seems much better, but I’m really not hoping for much.

          • So you’re actually mad about certain events in the later seasons? That’s a completely different issue. Personally, I’m glad Nabu didn’t come back — contrary to popular belief, he was always dead — and I’m glad Riven and Musa finally broke up. And I like Nex, but not Roy. But none of that has anything to do with the quality of the series.

            We’ve never had control over what the writers decide to do with the story. What’s canon is canon. You know what I hated the most in the recent seasons? Just like you: Daphne becoming corporeal again. In her spirit form, she was my favorite character in the show. Now she’s a sad little Winx wannabe, and I can’t stand it. But I can either accept it and keep watching (even if I don’t like it), or I can drop the show. I’ve chosen to keep watching.

            You’re obviously upset the story hasn’t progressed the way you hoped it would. You can’t change it, so what are you gonna do?

  4. God, I hope that the fourth one would be a lot better the third film. Personally, the plot and the recycled animations from season five episodes annoyed the h**l out of me.

  5. Honestly speaking, I’m not looking forward to it at all. Season 7 is a disaster, so I really don’t believe that the movie will be any better.

    • I disagree that season 7 is a disaster. That was season 5. Season 7 feels better than season 6 and every time I say I’ll wait, I end up watching more episodes. Just the way they are treating Musa and Tecna alone is a reflection of the old Winx. While MotA wasn’t the best movie, it had a good feeling behind it. I watch it just for that. Any movie that comes now needs to have that same good feeling.

      • Yes but the story lines are just not well developed as seasons 1-4. They don’t face any difficulties in gaining transformations(Butterflix), they require fairy animals to give it to them ( Tynix), they always rely on objects to help them get by (Stone of memories) and they seasonally abandon their bonded pixies, selkies , fairy pets etc. They gain transformations that we’ll probably only see in one season. The conversations still seem forced, and they shouldn’t even be at Alfea, they graduated in the first movie!!!.

        I’m pretty sure that we won’t even see the fairy animals in the next season.I’ve seen the first five episodes and trust me , they’re mediocre at best.

        • You seriously expect a lot from this season @MIKO. Give Rainbow some time to rebuild their long lost “standard” you talk about. To me, they’re trying as hard as they can and we can certainly see that in the episodes. The girls seem to be interacting a lot lately and have somehow regained their individuality. The action scenes? Comeon! Some of them are even better than Season 1-4. I’m just literally saying under my breath,”fight! fight!” while watching every episode. Unlike the selkies or the fairy pets from S04, the fairy animals all have their own traits and nature of behaviour which is very interesting to watch for me and for anyone who pays equal attention to the filler as well as the main storyline. I don’t think we should criticise Rainbow yet, or ever at all as a matter of fact. They’re everything they can to make us feel like watching old Winx again. And believe me, the episodes DO have a somewhat more mature and grown-up side in the serious parts of the episodes which kinda give me the Season 1-3 vibe. To me, majority of the S04 was pretty childish, but of course some episodes were more serious than ever (yep I’m talkin’ bout’ Nabu :'()
          Anyhow, my point; Season 7 doesn’t seem such a big disappointment, in fact it ain’t at all. It’s good. And I can clearly see the dawn of a new and better era of Winx. Yep, “better”. We all admit that the old Winx had one or two mistakes at least in each season, either it was about racism or it was a plot hole leaving us in wondering forever what it could mean. The new Winx seem much more better (exclude Season 5-6 from the “New Winx” term :P).

          • As soon as i saw that Musa’s sequence was used over Flora’s in the intro I knew that the more mature writing would be returning (because Musa is the most mature of the group so you can bet whenever she’s in the intro prominently the season will be heavy) but without abandoning the more fun approach of the recent seasons, you don’t have to dress drab to be serious minded, even darker shows have to have a little lightness. Not to mention I just love the butterflix look, they actually look like real fairies this time (which makes the lines in the movie enchantix song “finally i’ve become a real fairy, a butterfly shining so bright” hilarious in hindsight).

        • Just because they graduated doesn’t mean they have to leave Alfea we’ve gotten handwaves to it being perfectly fine for graduate students to return and take advanced courses before (s1 mentioned a student did such). S4 called them student teachers, which is what they are they are also taking graduate courses while teaching Winxology at times we don’t see class sitting in, and just because we don’t see them teaching doesn’t mean they don’t, we just see them on their adventure days rather than their grind days where you would expect to see someone teaching, the closest we got to that was 6×11 and 6×22& 23 with Aisha and Musa teaching their portions of Winxology would be.

        • I don’t think any season will live up to those “standards” again. But to be honest, I recently rewatched seasons one and two, and I was surprised by how similar they were to seasons five and six. Perhaps we’ve built the early seasons up in our minds, since that was our childhood for most of us. But maybe Winx Club hasn’t changed as much as we think.

          I had that same feeling when I rewatched Digimon Adventure. As a eleven-year-old girl, I thought it was the best show ever. As an adult, I noticed a lot of awkward dialogue, bad animation, and cringeworthy scenes. I didn’t enjoy it as much, but I still loved it.

          • @Coco Well to each their own I suppose. But I wouldn’t call season 4 childish , it was anything but childish. And I never said that season 7 is completely bad, I just said that I wish they would face more difficulties in gaining transformations and wouldn’t rely on objects to help them.And their pixies and selkies just vanished, and weren’t seen after season 5 and six respectively, so you have to see my point as well.

            Plus I was delighted to see Roxy,

            And who names a creature Squonk???Or Critty, Shiny or Flitty…hmmmm???

            @ Obvious: Which dub did you watch??Plus I disagree. Seasons one and two are nothing like five and six. The story line was better developed, they actually faced difficulties ( Flora trying to turn the pumpkin back into Mirta and their charmix , Bloom regaining her dragon’s flame, that episode in season 2 where they had to go to CloudTower, Bloom making a mistake about Diaspro and the Winx losing their powers because they got into trouble, they had to rely on their skills to get out of trouble in the wildlands, and of course the famous Alfea battle in the first season ), Plus Daphne helped them get out of Cloudtower after they got the information they required, and only because there was a fire .

            So, no seasons 1 and 2 were nothing like seasons 5 and 6

          • I watched the RAI dub, and yes, they faced bigger challenges. But there were still aspects of it that did remind me of seasons five and six.

            For one thing, there were several episodes with little or no action that only seemed to stretch out the plot. For another thing, Charmix (the original) was a relatively easy upgrade to earn. Also, remember the Pixie Pets (and the Pixies for that matter)? Both were cutesy creatures that didn’t add anything to the story. And there were scenes I felt moved very slowly and seemed dull.

            The advantage the first two seasons had is the Winx were still new. So even unnecessary episodes — like “Miss Magix,” for example — were important because they provided character development. But now, several seasons later, we know the Winx so well, that kind of episode feels like filler. Also, the show itself was new, so we didn’t have any “standards” in place yet.

          • I know what you mean Oblivious Prattler. But if you compare for example the season finales, Seasons 1-4 had this action and I thought it was awesome. Season 5 and 6 had very poor battles

          • I have to agree here s1 and 2 had little filler because we were just learning the basics of who (in this case Mirta, Daphne and The then six Winx) what (both parts of Charmix as in how level one and two work and what they needed) and in this case location location location. In the recent seasons that kind of episode does feel redundant now that we have eight Winx (even if Daphne’s just a semi-official member) with full development because we know everyone so well that there’s not much new you could do with them except for Flora and Tecna, but even then it’s really tricky since they are the more reserved of the group and are praised for being that way. If season 7 does have more Tecna and Flora episodes (but most will be who popped up in the opening, that predictable, i wish it were less obvious though like in the first four seasons and you had to play a guessing game since all Winx were shown brief pieces in transformation or battle then) so maybe we will see Mirta again soon (as that gives both her and Flora much needed development while Tecna gets solo eps, the other six have enough, especially Bloom and Musa not much we can do with them really).

          • @ Obvious: The pixies played a big role in season 2!!! They had a piece of the codex remember?? And I can’t believe that you really think that overcoming your shortcomings is easy, because trust me , it isn’t. And all of them had to overcome their shortcomings to gain their Charmix, and I don’t know how you can say that they gained it easily.

          • Which is harder: overcoming a weakness or risking your life for someone? Aisha almost lost her sight, and the other girls almost lost their lives to earn Enchantix. Overall, Charmix was easier to obtain. It was more like Bloomix (although Bloomix was even easier).

            As for the Pixies, yes, the Codex part of their story was important. But the Winx didn’t have to bond with them. They could have been friends with them through Aisha, and the story wouldn’t have been much different.

            That extra detail only served to give them more screen time because they’re cute, and kids love cute creatures. It’s the same with the Pixie Pets, which were completely meaningless and only existed so Rainbow could sell plushies. Plus, since season two, the Pixies haven’t been much help to the Winx but have still appeared because…kids love them.

          • I would beg to differ here. The old seasons had so many moments which the recent seasons sorely lack. Also, each of the Winx had a well-developed, three-dimensional personality instead of being the embodiment of a single trait (Musa being merely interested in music, Stella in fashion, Tecna in technology etc.)
            I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 AFTER I watched Season 4 because although I joined the Winx fandom in mid-Season 2, at that time I just read the synopsis of those episodes instead of watching them. And when I watched them, I felt like they were so much maturer and fun.
            One such episode which comes to my mind is The Black-Mud Swamp (RAI version). The Winx don’t even transform in that episode but I simply love it because it lets Tecna shine without being devoted to her. In that episode, the Winx reach a river which they have to cross. TECNA is the first one to use floating rocks as stepping stones and tells everyone that it’s fun. When the others are having trouble maintaining balance, she even advises them not to stay on a stone for too long. Then later when Riven falls into the river, TECNA is the one who grabs him and saves him (pulled to the bank by Timmy who is turn pulled by Bloom and Sky).
            When I watched that episode, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Tecna getting so much attention! I can never ever imagine these sorts of moments in recent seasons. At the most, I can imagine Tecna saving Timmy but not any other Specialist.
            Also, the dialogues were much maturer. In Alfea College for Fairies (RAI version), Stella wants to pay for Bloom’s dress but Flora stops her because that might hurt Bloom’s feelings. In A Friendship Sundered (RAI version), Bloom says this to Riven:
            “No buts, who do you think you are? And just so you know I choose who I go out with, and I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last guy on earth. You’re just a ridiculous, arrogant, pathetic windbag!!!”
            These days, the Winx seem unable to carry out any complex thought processes.
            Also, the Winx used to have real arguments among themselves instead of the forced Stella-Layla arguments we have every season these days. I can remember each of the original five Winx arguing with every other at least once (yes, even Flora and Bloom).
            So, in my opinion, it’s not just in our heads, but those episodes definitely were better.

          • I’m not saying the original seasons weren’t better. I believe they were, too. What I’m saying is some of the things people complain about from the newer seasons were always there. The dialogue and the action? Yes, that’s definitely declined over the years. But things like the Winx bonding with cute creatures and things like that — that’s not new to the series.

            That said, with the exception of season five, there’s always been something in each season to keep me interested. The old days of Winx Club are gone. If we’re gonna keep watching the show, we need to accept that and recalibrate our thinking. Almost all cartoons were different back then. I can’t think of a single, long-running show I’ve watched that’s still just as good as it used to be. Shows just age that way.

            Honestly, I try not to constantly compare the new seasons to the old ones because there is no comparison. You’ll never appreciate anything new if you’re always comparing it to what came before. Instead, I try to evaluate each season on its own merits. I think that’s what all of us who intend to keep watching should do from now on.

            You can say Winx Club should have ended by now, and if you think so, that’s fine. But I disagree. I love these characters as much as I love the show itself. As long as they’re still around, I’ll keep watching.

          • @miko Anything compared to Enchantix and Believix is easier to obtain. Let’s not forget that even though Bloom went all Green Lantern on Icy’s behind she too almost died in the process of that (which allows backdoors) and then really came close in the movie to that. Believix is actually the hardest. Why? It’s easy to say magic exists when you’re used to it but trying to convince someone else with no idea? Remember how it took what was presumably a month to convince Roxy? And another two to convince Gardenia as a whole? Even putting your life on the line would be easier than trying to convince the public to be open to magic/wonder.

  6. Maybe The Fourth Movie Will Be The Mythix Transformation Or Maybe The Butterflix Transformation.

  7. You know what I reeealy wish for ? A movie in normal 2D grqphics,just like thw show. I wanted this since like … Forever but they always give us cgi :S …

    • Then it wouldn’t feel like a movie as much as i want a 2d one myself, cgi is the in thing and they get closer to Pixar standards with each film they make, mota looked similar to Disney’s Sofia the first in what would be the 2d scenes and had the usual style during the normal 3d scenes. I hope that we can get Pixar level cgi next time.

  8. @Obvious: Then why was he alive in the Magical Adventure?? And why did Morgana say that she’ll look after him until he wakes up??

    Musa and Riven had the most realistic relationship of all the Winx couples. They fought, they made up and it brought them closer. So I really don’t think that they should’ve broken up.

    I see where you’re coming from : Riven was a jerk , but only in the first two seasons. And you can’t deny it, in the 4th season he was willing to change for her sake

    • I’m not gonna argue about particulars. I don’t know myself. All I know is Rainbow has always treated Nabu as though he were dead. That didn’t just begin when Nick took over. I will say this: the movie canon has always been different from the series canon.

      As for Musa and Riven, he may have been willing to change for her, but he needs time. There’s too much he needs to change. Their relationship may have been “realistic” as far as how much they fought, but there’s a difference between occasional spats and verbal abuse. Riven was cruel to her. If this were a real couple, I’d still be happy if they broke up.

      Before he can be a good partner for her (or anyone), he needs to deal with his emotional problems. Otherwise, he’d only keep hurting her, and he’s proven that season after season. Willingness to change is one thing. But he didn’t actually change. At some point, a girl has to wonder if it’s worth it to keep waiting.

      • My thoughts exactly about Musa and Riven, call the agency on him, he’ll never change because he’s as stubborn as a mule. Nabu, when Morgana said “until he wakes up again” that was being poetic for “he’s dead but we’ll take care of his grave wherever you choose to make it.” Riven,Sky,Bloom and most importantly Aisha all knew that was what Morgana meant especially since Aisha had just tried to revive him before Ogron swiped it out of her hands and then we go into rage crazies from both ends.

  9. I always love this show,but lately i have to admit that season 5,6,7 are no longer connected like the previous seasons,1-4 were the action are more connected.
    Perhaps I’m wrong but we know that the story is based on Bloom and her destiny as fairy.I felt that the action from season 5 ,6, and 7 hardly connected.I mean in the third episode frome season 1 the headmistress Faragonda tell them that they will graduate after 5 years,but the girld graduate after 3 years.
    Another thing that bothering me is that the creatures that they were bond are dissapear completly.
    Not to mention that the season 5 it would be followed by season 7 since the theme of the season 5, enviromental protections should be connected by natural habit of animals.
    Anyway I like the ideea of traveling in time and of course the new transformstions.

  10. I really love season 1-3. They do emotional and kind of living like I’m in childhood. But so disappointment that season 4-7 are not so good. I wish the 4 movie is like the 2 movie. I love the second movie a lot. BTW I still have to see the third movie. I’m delaying it cause I have seen it’s trailer and it was so bad nd don’t wanna see it. But I have to. I watch everything even though it’s badest.

  11. Can i ask something, in winx club 3D movie,its just 3 or 4 i mean have mythix transformation in 3D, it is any movie which you hiding

    • lol mythix transformation is in 3d, but its not any movie. see season 6 whole andu will understand, also see season 5 whole, u will understand better.

  12. I really want a fourth movie. It will be nice if you’ll make a fourth movie. Please! Make the fourth movie soon. I love win club

  13. If ever they make a live action movie of the winx. Just wish that the actors playing the winx will really resemble the winx. Like, everything. And let’s not forget the clothes, wish they would invest on clothes and their fairy outfits, wish they focused on that too. And of course the overall plot. Oh and one more thing, the transformation, wish it would not be s****y… 😊

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