So, I was writing an article on the couples this morning, but then I saw that Winxipedia had beaten me to it. Oh well. I still have my own opinions about the couples. However, there is one thing that Winxipedia mentioned that I am in total agreement with:

Flora and Helia are caught! They can’t hide that they’re the cutest couple EVER!!

They’ve never once argued! The only trouble was getting up the courage to tell each other their feelings. After that, their relationship has been perfect. They are the cutest couple and the most likely to last! ^-^

Then, there’s Layla and Nabu. Remember how much Layla hated Nabu when they first met? Now it seems like that never happened. They’ve been the most lovey-dovey this season. Nabu even proposed! (You go, Nabu! Woo!) In one episode, these two discussed the possibility of living on Earth together (though their parents may not approve of the future rulers of Andros moving to Earth). Either way, Layla and Nabu are the second cutest couple!

Tecna and Timmy have had very little attention since the first two seasons. I suppose that’s a good thing. It means that they haven’t suffered from drama as much as the others. But I think these two need more attention. For now, they’re a boring couple. Kinda cute, but boring.

Most of the drama this season has revolved around Stella and Brandon. When I first heard about Mitzi trying to break them up, I was furious! Not that they’re my favorite couple. It’s just that with the whole monster incident in season three, they couldn’t break up! Brandon loved Stella no matter what she looked like. For someone as vain as she is, that means a lot! I knew they would stay together. I’d say that Stella and Brandon are the most enduring couple.

I’ve already devoted an entire article to Musa and Riven. Need I say more? These two are complicated. (For a second opinion on them, visit Winxipedia.)

Speaking of complicated, the last couple is Bloom and Sky. These two have had quite a ride together. With Diaspro and the whole Brandon-Sky switch, I’d say they rival Musa and Riven for the title of most complicated couple. In fact, they’re so complicated that their relationship is almost annoying. With how much they’ve been through, you’d think they’d be over the drama by now. Someone like Andy showing up shouldn’t even be an issue. (Bloom isn’t going anywhere, Sky. Stop being a drama king. ;p) I’d say that keeping little secrets (like Andy and Diaspro) has been the biggest issue with this couple. They need to tell each other everything so they won’t have anymore nasty surprises.

Anyway, it seems like most issues were solved (with the exception of Musa and Riven) by episode 13, but who knows? There’s another half of season four to look forward to. Anything could happen between now and the end. When this season ends, I will rate the couples again and account for any changes that may occur. But for now, these are my opinions. You don’t have to agree with me, though. Please feel free to tell me your opinions on the couples. =)

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  1. I wonder, is Diaspro still in league with Baltor? Last time I checked, Baltor was still out there. It would be nice if there was a true evil villain couple out there.

    • I think musa and riven are super cute and awesome the way they both sturbon and don’t listen to anyone and riven is super HOT

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