Looking for Believix dolls this holiday season? They’re on the 2012 Toys R Us Holiday Hot List, and now through Halloween, you can reserve them and guarantee you’ll have them by Christmas!

Here’s how:

  • Fill out the Holiday Hot List form and take it to the Guest Services desk at any Toys R Us store.
  • Pay a 20% deposit on your order (about $4 per doll before tax).
  • Pick up your order by December 16. (You’ll get an email when it’s ready.)

That’s it! No braving lines, no store hopping. Sounds great to me!

Toys R Us sells the dolls for $21.99 each. Target and Walmart have them for less, but around Christmas time, you could burn the difference in gas just looking for them. I’ve done it already, and it’s still September. 😛

And no, I wasn’t paid to plug this. I just thought some of you would find it helpful. 😀

*UPDATE* It looks like only Bloom, Stella, and Flora are available! Here we go again! 🙄

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2 Responses to “Reserve Your Believix Dolls for the Holidays from Toys R Us! *UPDATE*

  1. Now I have to find out if Canada is doing this too. My 8 year old needs Aisha, Stella, and Tecna for her collection. She’s getting Bloom and Musa for her birthday this weekend.

  2. Hmmm, my birthday is close to holloween. I can get them all. Though, my mom would buy it though I dont play with dolls anymore. Even thought I loooooooove winx soooooooo much, I don’t know what to do with those. Maybe they can a “American girl doll” version of WinxClub. (even though it cost 100 dollars) I want a winx american girl doll! XDDD I would be soo happy. I hope they have one!

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