In episode fourteen, Faragonda offers Roxy the chance to study at Alfea. If Roxy accepts, and if she becomes a Winx, then there will be a big change in the club’s dynamics. Since the other Winx graduated from Alfea in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, they’re free to go wherever their wings will carry them. Roxy, however, will be stuck in her dorm most of the time. It’ll be hard to spend time as a whole group, unless the other six return to the school as “teachers,” like they did in episode one. Even though they failed to protect the students from the Fairy Hunters and were sent on a mission to planet Earth, the Winx weren’t necessarily fired. Faragonda may expect them to return to Alfea after their mission is complete. And I bet earning another transformation and restoring magic to a planet will help them win back some popularity with the students.

I’d be happy to see the Winx at Alfea again. The element of a fairy school is something I’ve missed this season. The situation won’t be exactly the same, but having the Winx roaming the halls like before and for one Winx to still be learning might add an interesting touch to the potential season five.

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  1. I wonder if Rainbow will just drop the Winx Club entirely and start a new group with Roxy once (if) she gets to Alfea. It seems possibly since the girls are getting married left and right.

    • Hmm….You’ve raised a very good point, but if that happens rai english ratings might go down a tad!
      For 3 seasons, the movie, and most of season 4 we’ve intertracted with Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Flora and Layla/Aisha from season 2 an most fans are attached to a certain character calling them their “Favourite.” If we ditched each winx member of the winx apart from Roxy then wouldn’t that take a while to get use to?

      • But how exciting is seeing Bloom or Layla go through the craziness that is a pregnancy? I don’t think that would really appeal to eight year olds much. Unless they skipped a couple of years to the future where the story takes place with their kids, it would still be awkward. There’s also the idea of one of the villains coming back and kidnapping their kids and whatnot…

        • yeah that is a possibility, the madness of one of the winx getting pregnant is thrilling, but it would be quite tense if tecna got pregnant, seeing as (Lets face it.) as awesome as she is its kinda hard to imagine her as a mother, still, it would be funny to see timmy’s face when he finds out!

          • Thing is, Sky and Bloom are engaged and Layla and Nabu are engaged. That will most likely lead to marriage-duh. Brandon looks ready to pop the question any moment despite all the drama and Tecna and Timmy are the steadiest couple of all, i.e. they would most likely have a stable relationship of all and get married.

            Tecna is not socially stupid, only technologically inept as seen in season one with the broom. She is a very strong person and by far, the most mature of all the Winx. I think that she is capable of handling a child. You make her sound like she is robot or a child even though she is capable of emotions. How did a very logical person become this hopeless little girl to you people?

          • Oh, I don’t mean any offence to tecna, shes my fave character of winx, I’m just trying to imagine how tecna would find time for saving the world, her job at love and pet, when/if she sees digit again how she’ll be able to hang with her, etc.
            Also we don’t know her parents yet. She about the only winx who we don’t know at least one of her family realations, for all we know she might of been a orphan of some discription, or (If she’s like me) her parents had to have a divorce and its kinda hard to connect with them.
            I do agree Tecna is the most sencible, mature and smartest of the winx (Flora is too) and you are right, but I’m just struggling to find out how she would fit in with the other winx if she had children. I know a child is a gift and all, and that they become the center of your life, but I’m just saying that I doubt she will have children, seeing as poor tecna is the least developed of the club.

            -Pandawinx. 🙂

          • If you read the comics, you’ll find out that Tecna is a princess…yeah… -.-; and you get to see her father and everything.

          • Thats true she is refered to a princess in the comics but its been a while since I’ve read them so I remember much sorry, however I vaguely do remember her being a princess of some discription which I think is cool because practically everyone in TV series is rich/a princess and it has to be said that in issue 25 (Logic and love) at the end she finds out she is 98% matchible to timmy, so yeah she probally could have children, I’m just saying perhaps after the threat of the fairy hunters are gone.

            And when I said “It would be funny to see timmy’s face though!” (Not exact qoute) I would basically find it funny to see any of the specialist faces if they found out, even Helia although hes my fave specialist.

  2. I love Winx too but I think Roxy can manage school i mean she has time to see the girls. But she could put the Winx and the school in danger if she goes and what up with the cotaition marks around tearchers it’s not like there something else right. it’s like there trying to get to fear the tearchers oh scary “tearchers take cover”. i heard that at the end of season 4 Faragonda comes to Earth and goes to the Grovy Smothie and Bloom sings i so want to hear Bloom sing and does know when the English one will come out in Indiana? if so please tell me

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