S4, EP25 - Riven CryingRiven has always been the resident “jerk with a heart,” and today he proved it yet again by doing something we’ve never seen him do: cry. Yes, in episode twenty-five, Musa finds him with tears in his eyes. This isn’t a “big boys don’t cry” argument but a “Riven actually knows how to cry” revelation. He’s been betrayed by witches, he’s been yelled at by Musa and almost lost their relationship, and he’s had his ego stomped on countless times, yet the only thing that turns on the waterworks is losing a friend forever.

It’s a little surprising that he and Nabu were so close. I guess it started, strangely enough, in S3, EP 21-22, when he thought Nabu wanted Musa. One of the best Riven lines ever: “Put my girlfriend down now.” After the confusion was cleared up, the two guys were free to become friends. This season, Nabu was there for Riven more than the other Specialists, even when Riven didn’t want to talk. I bet now he’d give anything to hear Nabu yakking about how to treat a girl.

I have to admit Riven has surprised me a lot this season. There’s more to his personality that I think even Musa knows.

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22 Responses to “Riven Gets Emotional

  1. Aw! I find it cute that instead of crying over material poccesions or money, things which dominate the world, he’s actually (For the first time in the series) trying over things that matter.

    Still, I’m geting worried now, fi Layla or Nabu doesn’t come back to life/become a winx again instead of part fo a mob of angry earth tribes in the next episode (the series final) I seriously will stop watching winx………….as often as I usually do and probaly hit myslef with a hardback encyclopedia, lol! XD No just kidding, although Lay’s my second fave character, (First being Tecna and third being Stella) so I wouldn’t be overly pleased.

    • I think Layla will become a Winx again. She is angry and wants to get her revange but in the preview of episode 26, nearly at the end she is hugging the other Winx girls. I also want Nabu to come back but it doesn’t look like he’s going to come back in this season! Maybe in season 5 or the second movie. I really hope he comes back because Winx Club isn’t quite the same whiwout Nabu……

  2. Yes, he suprised me a lot as well. He used to be quite a jerk but in this season he changed a lot! And I still can’t quite get over Nabu’s death……

  3. its not that surprising, to me. Riven has always been emotional, he just never liked to show it. and I thing he was only crying cause he though no one would see him

  4. I actually like how Riven and Musa have been portrayed in season four overall but it feels like their relationship is going nowhere sometimes. They are stuck in this rut because they have yet to experience the normal daily cycle of life with each other outside of Red Fountain and Alfea and their adventures and I am partly sick of it. I do not think that this much drama is very conductive for a good relationship even though it brings them closer. I always thought that it was the little things that bring people closer together.

  5. i always taught that riven was emotional but he didnt show it. all trought out he has showed his emotions in different ways.
    – i love musa+riven!!! luv them!!!!

  6. riven loves musa and there are not only the words that show this….. he loves musa in his way and he found a new way to show his feelings for musa…..and musa is stupid if refuse him…..

  7. What episode is this? I really want to see him show his emotions myself! :D…but it is taking me forever to find it -___-“

      • I thought BECAUSE he shed a tear for her, she also rid the poison and it just came out WITH his tears… xD


        • Oh YYYYYYEAH! I think RivenHeartsMusa is right. It was the poison. :p BALTOR STILL HAS GUYSHADOW! No arguing with that!

          And if you do argue, get a life.

  8. Oh gawd, i remember this episode(botth Ebglish & Italian). Now i have to read about it again, when i’m still getting over my Warrior Cats (User)Namesake? Oh gawd, i miss Nabu. One random question: whats up with these names & their pronounciations?
    Those ARE weird right? I’m not overreacting by saying they’re weird?

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